Chelsea To Quarterfinals of UEFA Champions League


It's been too long for the first time. Since josie marina was second go round with chelsea chelsea fans out of the round of sixteen. I am beyond excited. This was a massive massive win for the mensa. We will get into it. We will also speak with pat nevin making a return engagement here to chelsea mike up almost one year to his debut here on the podcast and the women keep chugging along. We're gonna talk about the women's team and preview this final fa cup match before international brick mop. Wom you're listening to the official chelsea f c podcast baba's thia monaco swag chris wittingham league leaders. What those the points leaders in the league. I look i will give the neutral observer room to make fun of simoni athletico madrid and that playing sale. That you've been lamenting ever since. I've known you when you chris wittingham but let's give chelsea their proper do because this didn't seem possible problems months ago knitted did and i'm not going to kick anybody when they're down. It's just the way things were going with chelsea in franklin part towards the end. We couldn't envision them winning three zero on aggregate against the league leaders in athletico madrid. It just didn't seem possible because we'd give up too. Many chances not silva entrees christians which wouldn't have seemed like a huge miss two months ago either but the lineup. Because it wait. Where's andres christianson. You need them. It didn't actually and again. The chances are limited. I will say this is going to surprise many in our audience and probably surprise you. Because i'm the emotional one and i'm sure you might expect me. Given credit to the officials. They missed up early on as the new by his reaction. He didn't play the ball. Well too many soft touch try to yank was janika roscoe. Yeah try began. Crossbow down just outside. The box roscoe slips past it and then a little bit of tap and then rosco. Does the right thing in that situation fall down. I know many people were seizing on that. But it was really the tug their in combination. He whiffed on the past whiffed on the tug and probably should have been sent off that changes the dynamic entirely so chelsea dodge one. It would have been interesting to see how that game and aggregate take shape if chelsea and someone sent off and let it go go up. One nil your thoughts on the controversy surrounding the roscoe tug. I understand why jamie carragher at halftime thought it was a penalty. I admire the fact that as the emotional on this podcast. You thought it was a penalty. I think it was a penalty. And i know it's basically me and the referee or the only one that think that but that is so soft it is just i mean. It's like the only reason why it would be a penalty is what he's doing right. He's very clearly. I've been beat. I gotta do something just a little bit tries to go for the slightest bit of contact. You can get away with so i guess in the intent. It probably is a penalty. But i think makes the absolute most of it like. I don't think that that's what you should get sent off for and that's exactly what it would have been right. I think that's what the referee probably thinking is. If we give this penalty we have to send us believe quit too often. Are we going to send him off for that tackle and it just or that. I mean it's not even a tackle to pull the shirt and say even that much of a pull the shirt. I didn't think it was a red. I didn't think it was a penalty in my view as been quite has been pretty pitch perfect under thomas two-goal and that's really one of the only mistakes he's made under it and luckily for him and chelsea doesn't come back to bite them when you make a mistake like that and you don't apply the proper touch to a pass the keeper you leave yourself susceptible to something pretty subjective. There are other officials in world football. That blow the whistle there. Send as took off so when you judge it by that if i say we get ten officials and they make that call. I think more than half come away with saying that's a penalty to atletico madrid. And as the dov so judging by that logic i think chelsea dodged one good for them because they were the better team easily would have been shame. It came down to that. Luckily no controversy. No blog write-ups. No angry twitter accounts no eggs in my mentions chelsea especially with that second goal emerson all. He does a score. I mean and finish. Oh my god. God chelsea find themselves out of the round of sixteen finally and we were going over. The history of this is actually been a sneaky long time. Since we've been here it was up against athletico madrid. We were robbed of a dream. Final of real madrid vs josie marino. Year after he left real madrid tibo while still angry that he played in that semi final and athletico sent chelsea gun and they hadn't been able to get back to those heights. Heck they haven't been able to get to the quarter-finals here they are. It's going to be a very exciting draw by the time you hear this. You're going to be just as excited. It's just going to be around the corner. Six am eastern. I imagined we may see a couple premier league teams because there are so many of them copied primarily fan over here we might see a couple of premier league teams do battle in this round. We'll do the whole look at the lot thing but as a neutral this is a mighty impressive turnaround four thomas to chelsea. Were clearly better than at let it go madrid and i agree in that assessment. How did we get here with this manager. The players headed in them the entire time. The board made the right decision. Did they saw one hundred percent. I mean you're heading into match number thirteen under thomas to google and they've kept eleven clean sheets. They've conceded two goals. And i know it's redundant to say this every week but it is so impressive. The manner in which not only do you win games or draw matches because you don't lose them but the other team doesn't really create that many chances and again. It wasn't until the ninety second minute when the tie had basically gone a jaw eli's creates the best chance of the match. And then you have a goalkeeper. Who's done nothing. All game and produces a brilliant save. It's the manner in which that chelsea control games and as you said and as we've talked about it for months with a set of personnel that i think a lot of people think is you know top of the premier league or that you know maybe there were being replaced by other players in the squad or that there needed to be kind of a level up here. These are top level players that just needed to have a bit more of a structure in place. Thomas has given them that structure. And now you're starting to see players express themselves a bit more going forward. I think the breakthrough for team. Oh verner is coming. I think the breakthrough for key habits is coming. He's driving himself forward so much more of that. I came zero after getting the goal. Play a much better second half than he did the first so i think you're starting to see a bit more expressive nece going forward and you see standout individual performances all over the pitch. I'll let you go first in terms of the one that most stood out to you while there are so many out today and we had debates about pretty much every player in our texturing. But let's start with the main in the match because it's not sexy but i think although you could make an argument for a man of the match in this case and golo kante particularly that first half phenomenon phenomenal. What a brilliant player. He doesn't get enough credit for how wise he is for how smart he is for. How well he sees the game. Unbelievable i know he's got an unreal motor and that's what always draws you to his game. How is someone this small strong. He's so good area early. I mean these women super players that are dame your dollar that he's tough he is the embodiment of what you want your team to be as a supporter. He just keeps his head down. Does business not flashy Maybe ladle it to the right side of the field because he was wide open on that chance. I would've gone nuts for conde goal. Although emerson's scoring was hilarious pull assists by the way good for him because that game was actually not going pretty well for up to that point so good to see the confidence going. We saw in this game where the king would he. He was different player. Yes after he was quite honestly i kinda keep her that is probably cursing himself out for not saving that it wasn't an impressive finish. The past. the buildup countered the defense. It started at all. All great team was phenomenal there. You're joking can you be considered a disappointment. And your teams player of the no one's created more chances for chelsea football club ten goals and seven assists now and i don't believe those seven assists include the penalties that he's one but this chelsea side so i think team oh i want to highlight something that thank god. Cbs included it in their highlight of the goal. Because it is absolutely how this goal starts. It's a free kick here in chirpy or setting up to cross the ball and team verner puts in a sprint. That no one else in the chelsea side would put in and honestly. I don't think most players would put it in because it seems like a waste of energy but he is so fast closes down trickier and it's just the slightest bit of deflection that allows all the not travel over the chelsea defence but ended up right at the head of angola. Kante any heads down for a to start the counter. That only comes as a result of team. Verner putting in that work and then gets on. The ball lays it across the penalty area. So the hockey can finish. It finishes the move that he starts but for me so often. Creativity and that kind of thing is talked about but team. Oh verner when he doesn't score goals that's what he gives you. And that's why he continues to get thomas tickles. Trust in starting each and every match for chelsea took me to church. Chris wittingham one of the many people affiliated with chelsea better playing better under thomas two-goal but a nominal out of you. I really liked what provided in that second. Half because you saw players are relatively unselfish player. Obviously very creative. We make an argument most creative player and we haven't really seen them express himself that way. At least most creative player on this chelsea rosser right and we were trying to figure out exactly why he was in the lineup. because he's getting dispossessed allowed and he's been struggling to find himself on under thomas ducal bowl with mason mount. Here's an opportunity for king t h because if mesa amounts available. I'm not sure we see not just for position for petition. But when when you bring in set pieces and that's mount shop amounts not in there. We got to put restraints in there. I'm not sure to over. Extend the defense in that manner so kings. He has shown that he has a role here and we were struggling to find out what exactly his role would be under thomas circle and then he gets a call under him and he becomes a totally different player in that second half and he's going for goal and you realize oh we have someone that can maybe having a tenth outside the box although ruediger was feeling so we saw a couple of james's feeling himself and you wanna talk about players bombing. Ford ruediger has found another another level. Under thomas sukhal. I love watching him. The ball v going forward. I can't believe i just sat down. It's upside down world here and it's really great. to see. habits is finding himself. These players are improving. And now you start having the confidence because seen him with team. Oh you've seen him with kai you've seen him with the tired defense. If you have a player that struggle say christian pulisic and maybe this assess jump starts his season because he's been struggling to bed as he's been healthy which is almost as encouraging crate. Play on the field quite honestly because that was the chief concern. We all know. The talent player has within. He's shown it at the very top level so if everyone else's finding their form you start now having the confidence said it's only a matter of time before pulisic's coming like you were saying it's only a matter of time before team. Oh scores goals. We'll set getting slightly frustrated. Team will cutting it outside. I'm gonna ask them about it. Do you think i can coach. Willie take offense. Took side occasionally. Because if you're an opposing keeper you gotta be a little happy. Every time decides to cut it outside. Because he's he's forcing impossible angles on himself. And it's it's a. It's been a couple of weeks we've hinted at it. He'll always go outside. But when you not making defenders and giving a kings eh an absolute gift of an assist on a silver platter team do whatever you like. Cut it into a circle. I don't care what dyson teams up. They're not getting chances. We still haven't scored more than two goals under thomas bowl parts really confusing but here we are as we inch towards the international break with one cup tile to go in the fa cup chelsea seem like a team that are poised to win hardware. And that's exactly where they should be. I get angry at myself resounding surprise incursion that because that is the standard here at chelsea heartbreaking. Move of letting go. Frank import then. My lip wanted to work out with frank. But it's a callback to the way things used to be. They weren't getting results. Thomas cole's getting results and you see it's only a matter of time before he gets more guide. Continue buying stock in chelsea. Afc nope we draw. Biron talked me after that even now like my attitude. We'll be bring on because i'd utter fate. In this defense. Chris byron decks should be really compelling because i think particularly if you get that first leg away from home where you may be stealing away goal and limit buyer then all of a sudden you head back home with a chance but i think it's just it's hard to imagine over one hundred eighty minutes. Yeah chelsea to let go do lead lolita. But they didn't really put in the kind of endeavour that a team like barnard impress. Press you and make life difficult. My question kind of becomes an and we actually talked about this on an episode a couple of weeks ago is ken chelsea be more clinical on the break as they were today. The scored on the counter. Its goals on the counter-attack today against athletico madrid. So can they bring that kind of precision to really the only be two teams in my view. Are you kind of need that for manchester city and buyer munich. So if they do draw either of those two teams in this quarter-final can you bring that kind of clinic on the counter-attack. I think that's what it's going to require. But if keeping clean sheets as they are now. It is remarkable. How quickly you go from you know. Can this player plug defensive issue to now. The system is so reliable. That if it's georgina of its context its coverage of zuma beach christianson. If it's ruediger if it's tiago silva quits you'll confident. Now with whoever gets picked at the very least are going to be solid at the back. Oh paper mike. Getting scared again. He quite envision got nervous. It'd be a one one and was lucky enough that a an official swallowed is whistle and chelsea move on. And you're right. I got stop doing some being tricked by the lineup. Very clearly doesn't matter who we put out there. The system has a bright now has not been figured out by opposing teams. And it's been figured out by those on the rosser varying degrees of acumen and at varying degrees of form but the players are unified. How great was that. Cut away at well number one every cut away to needed outfit to you and i both coming to the realization at the exact same time. Well he's going to be a manager to make sense to celebration. George and mount. That was slightly dangerous. Not just because social distancing but those steps are narrow. We've been there. It doesn't matter who's out there wearing that blue shirt for chelsea right now. They're locked in there all holding the rope and they believe in you do not want to run into a team like that in the knockout rounds of the champions league. I don't care if you're buying chelsea got something cooking right now and they'd much rather have another team. Don't do a thing where you look at the table and say fourthly stephen premier league because that was a legal leaders that were just taken out. I'm not saying they had that attitude. Because this advancement in. This tournament was based on merit chelsea. Were better than at let it go much better deal better chelsea or not that same team that they were during the festive fixtures. Things are different. Now you better bring when you play chelsea appreciating this confidence that you have that you've now kind of gone from well athletic jitter a scary proposition. When you're drawn to their even scarier proposition by the time you get to the fixture to now bring on the rest of the lot and really again as i said so. You're looking at the draw right now of teams you can draw any of them at this point so it's liverpool manchester city. Psg buyer munich borussia dortmund porto and real madrid. I mean in years past if it's real madrid you're thinking well. They're just too strong. They're going to get to the final jeevan. How great would that story be to against his former team or borussia dortmund against his former team There's so much narrative that that can be on offer. His final draw obviously primarily teams in there even mailing sar. We'd better have contract mike which that says. He's not allowed to play anything. Mike i'm telling you there's some big bopper and a lot of fan base is rooting for bordeaux be careful because they've been out that they were they were better than you pay over one hundred eighty minutes. This is a great now cow round and with no protection. Nobody's everyone's a little nervous headed into that draw. It's out of barn munich and rightfully so friday morning six. Am he's can't wait for that. Let's talk to pat nevin now. We obviously consider him a friend of the pod. Because we do that. We talked to people once. And we get the sentence. jerseys. I think pat evans. Dj at my house now so we talked to him about his. His book and pat is brilliant football. Mind and we ask them about some things that we were discussing here. How these players. Changing in this particularly player that i was really bummed. The nazi hope. He's doing well i read. It was an illness. Andreas christiansen we get into that with pat nevin. Who is making a return engagement here please. Not just because it's chelsea legend. Not just because it's a friend pod. Please go out and support this man's book the accidental football it because he is a fascinating story teller. Share some of those stories with us next. Get the latest chelsea news straight to your phone download. The fit stand app. The official chelsea. Mike and i have had our say on at chelsea's to-to win over athletic to advance in the champions league. Let's now hear from the chelsea manager. Thomas toco speaking of chelsea tv. That was going to ask you about the noise from the stands tiago. Guiding traffic wasn't yeah. You should be on the pitch of at least he gives some support from the from the from the stance. Notice it in the end. This is like this. If you want to have a special results you need a special atmosphere and you need a special approach and the group has to be strong. This will never be different when you reach highest level in football and this will never change in no in no division and in no game of football that if you have a special bond you can achieve special moments if you have a special moments that makes the bond even tighter and closer so this is it and we have a little bit of luck. We are super strong. Force it and and we. We never give in this very impressive. It was a fast. Start of the game wasn't expected to be quite that open. They were trying to press us. Hi which increased Increase the speed. There were hardly any interruptions in the game but we said before we used to play a high intensity. I intensity games from premier leak. We thought that this may be advantage. taught them because they are not used to play in this intensity so we catch them day. Try to to press high. We could escape the pressure. More more Could could use our speed and and make them suffer a lot so this helped us second half they changed to formations and we needed to adapt in many situations. But but we never. We never lost the face and Everyone some moments needed to suffer. But this Is is good too because we are ready to suffer and nobody loses dispirit and in the end the city served win this amazing that we do it again with a clean sheet fantastic pad. It's good to have you on again. And it was about a year ago that we have on the show and we were just finding out how to do a podcast remotely and under new circumstances so almost like a full year to the day. Here we are discovered zoom. We believe he did it on skype. So it's good. Have you back again. We came away with that interview experiencing. We desperately wanted to have you back on the podcast. So here we are have you back. We'll get to promote your book sir to you about what's going on at chelsea did you watch the grammy's and know you're huge. Music talked about the last time. Sadly i was traveling although i was doing a football game out. Wembley and I live in scotland. When was in england so i had to drive seven urged the game and seven hundred back to this game at wembley for another one of my own teams. I played for the second half of my career. Tranmere rovers left that team new are playing in a luli cup final. I was doing it for tv here. So i've really seen the grammy's tiny thing about it. I will catch up with it and say of call some sleep. Well that's understandable. I'm wondering though being that you're Our music expert here on chelsea mic'ed up go back into our archives and check out our first interview with pat. Nevin was terrific. What were you listening to this year. What were you hoping. Came away with Some grammy awards. Well i'll be honest. We stuff. I listen to hug off. Oaten hell of getting a grammy. Yeah maybe in ten years you know the stuff alison tunes pope. Your tenure rada of icy ball used off recently and the bands. The most you really wouldn't have had tell me about it. you're introducing. Let's use this platform to introduce some people to some new music. What are you. What are you listening to well of my favorite tracks. Not just over yet. Year goal was buying cold llagas on their american. And they think that maybe californian track co mean dream wishes absolutely fantastic slightly psychedelic beach. Boys meets go. Walk up with a slightly mutant inflection. Does that make any sense. Hopefully it makes me wanna listen to it. Lila's l. l. You said go on youtube at. Monday's is such a great dry. If that then basically the corn him stuff i like which is going to be some of the video games. That bahn's i've moved recently bought right here in front of me. Taxi jeremy from wales crags new died really good. Oh my life. goat girl. King creosote with scottish has scorched people. Mint julep none of these anyone's head of a head though but even the ten years from now it would have been a fun game if i if you made one of them up and seeing if i if i could see on. Oh yeah i love their sound mint. Julep totally made up all the time. When i was joseph. Because we lebron's their aunt join holland's time he was in and i would tell them the name of the buns and just refused to believe me that there was a band called the justifies inches of women. Of course we became quite famous under the ko f. and had lots of singles. You gave up. When i liked to code chief sprout and no no and had you seem to kind of fashion yourself is something of a taste maker that the music i like is popular ten years later. Is there a band or musical. Act that you were most proud of ugandan on the ground floor on us. seventeen bond. i really liked. It was twenty of us there on the record johnny and the self abusers. I really like them i. They had the support online as well. Never really quite good. as well. and then five years lee joining us abusers who then changed into simple mines. well plan other gig without other band. Who des cheese in to you too you too. I was gonna fall in new york late when were joy division of while. I'm sure you get into your passion for music in your new book. The accidental football. What can you tell us about this book. And and how people can get to know you through this book. Those that don't pat evans an extraordinary storyteller. And i imagine you tap into that skill in this book. That is a reason for it. Really to have about fun. And i can be not so many things. But so many people who've at written one before that was beacon psychology so tho- wide rates on pepe. More fun lights out and and the concept is quite simple is very much who seder. It didn't mean that. I disliked the other. Footballs but i came from a very different place. I'd be doing a degree I wasn't committed. Wanted to be a football. I love playing more than anyone else but the concept of football life. I really fancy very much. And so what i did is i watched him as a foia all the way through my career and there was a period matang stuff to the chelsea where i was. I was nicknamed for away. We'll do that was my nickname we have done and i was saying well. E equate lake it and be more importantly. I'm the normal when you are a weird to have clearly convinced the you're a non normal. Because i like you definitely some musical theater. The cinema janina been boost. That's normal people do and then they were normal. Maybe i was wrong. I don't know and yes is football but to some degree. But it's not a normal memoir of though you know as in the form of a memoir slaved for except thank and that was the concept of an when i started writing cute not stop and zidan tell anyone was writer. I didn't go to a publisher. that's not my style. I don't have an agent and things like that. So i just wrote a famous about three weeks later a done something one hundred fifty thousand words. We should cradle united states. Half really anyway. I had in the big secret as of not the publisher yet park to and they don't know we'll see how the sales do for book one. I imagine. I don't care if it doesn't to me. It's not sailing. Oddly qena just lake telling me stories and v o find you want to know what is really right but what you tend to hear as what other players tell you. What it's like address them that via to s- reflect him what they see which is unique. Need what you see when you walk into nostalgia concept yet. Classic no gift too much. We obviously took an member. Why said last on the show but the was one moment after insane. And i just finished my second year my degree and i think the chelsea to these into six foot one inch centre forward whose way intersects two inches winger cocaine of ojos black standing naked a bath punching each other. You people are mind normal. People don't do the that grief. Amihai add something. They can use a bokan of who i played with. We were very worried about montalva for weeks. Don't remain was he's pulled through and I've been texting when talking to them today on. He's absolutely out of the woods and recovering well. So that's great news poll. Who was the first ever black clear to play for chelsea. And he's another guy if you ever get a chance to read his book that is special but as a cracker sco blackened with again the accidental footballer from patent. Evan is available in your online retailer from may twentieth. So you mentioned wanna give too much away. You mentioned one story there. But they're your. We're trying to convince the audience here to purchase. The book won't be an story that's not like maybe like in the top five in the top ten of stories that are in this book the chosen ones because it can have insane stories of no heat that there's a heated that when all that stuff's there what it felt like when you were on the and strange things happened like we were very close to bishen to win the talk week with no because the family and then we played two games in two days. Now i knew the hums some american sports but it doesn't generally help them soccer. You know we to gan's in two days and we win bootham and one was a Fain so members confessional when we which we won five four and we have gray or we thought we could. Because i think we will what we won one more game that season over the next sixteen games and why had to do was look back consider. Why top because at the time. Everyone in hindsight news. Why these things happen. But you don't think about that same because you've got another kid another game so psychological you never went by in fact it's thrown to look by and when i started looking back a little bit love and need a lot but more sense and classically one of the reasons being a log fating with each other great thing was a fight between david speeding calmly then the next week the fate between Speeding texan and expert was between david. Speedy join guatemalan and then it was one david speeding polka linked. Here kind here. Agro yeah. I mean it's a simple starting new increase at. I'm starting to point fingers. And i'm i'm gonna say maybe one person was partially responsible for all these east very big part david speed because having. I didn't yawn other. Apparently he keeps on saying here like me. I think that's not abusive thing. Totally different people will politically. And you're looking life as an instead of doing what you normally get men wants. Which is one guy slaughtering. Some other guy. I try to do is try to make sense of understanding of why people accidentally the same almost idiot is no with ed pet. I love talking to you on unfortunately going to have to take the conversation being that we are the official chelsea. F c podcasts. I do want your thoughts. Because they've been good on what's happened here at chelsea under thomas to cool but i'm just for the audience reason. Why open this up with wanting to find out. His music recommendations is patrick. Renaissance man patois was a dj. -ing under secret names while he was a first team footballer over at chelsea. He's a free spirit. he doesn't necessarily fit what most people i know. People try to put professional footballers in a box. You were way outside of that box. You're a free thinker. I appreciate your stories and insight with that being said. I'm gonna put you in a box now and ask you about what's going on with football club under thomas teuku You you mentioned too. It's not exactly two games in two days but the fixtures are picking up for chelsea here. This episode comes out after their champions league tie. But they're going into the international one of the things that i find very difficult to explain to just casual fans that have been paying attention to chelsea is how the defense has been fixed using several of the players that were identified by many in chelsea fandom as part of the problem. Thomas suco has galvanized this unit and a lot of players who were shaky prior to our now solid as any recent chelsea defense that you've seen even some of the josie marino teams when you extrapolate this over full season sample. I think gen number some of quite complex and technical thanks. You're right he takes somewhere. He almost makes each individual player project. So christianson is a project and has developed. Who's walked and he had allowed project on. A couple of alonzo has been a project. So he's gone those two players but she didn't have before an end. Get along more of calm hudson and he just takes one player. Attainment seems to a low them flow to thomas. Tickles almost got three or four new players. Even though he's not boy anyone it's just please who've should improve that much that and that's what he's trying to every single player a chance to improve and the possession that he thinks is best when an actual fight the biggest changes. He stuck an extra defender in there. It's not complicated. We used to play like florida. The by now i came to five. Obviously the wing bikes will grow up and down but with no go three center bikes and setting front. No actually that's very difficult to great time on the top of that if you makes you team is in possession. The vast majority in town then he can't breathe don't if the ink the ball so yes. There are complex technical things going on. But it's pretty simple stuff as well so he's managed to take them defense incredibly still one. Opposition player scored against joseph the to whom twelve games. She's incredible but we're not creating is many chances and that's what i'm put another guy there. You've actually no go three seven defenders really to sit in front. That's really a core five. I'm not seem a negative because the ring backs can go on. We've got creative. Liz ahead to venezuela the oldest oldest things and soccer. Everyone used to see. Get your defense today. I so that's what he's done. he's sort of died. So loose gardner zahar part because amy an amine any sport and just about anything in those planet you think about it creates much much easier to destroy than create much easier an anything we've managed to destroy and as good no comes tough bar go create a not as much much mys- why we love hazard. That's why i love these guys. It's much much harder. Knots about that will struggle a little bit with said. I can see real signs. You hopes that we can actually change the about. Because has methodology and stay quite unusual. Because he's playing this system where we've one straight sometimes to attend a two guys behind him on breaks teams in used to them so when we get what can well and when we get the best of hover. Tim oh. I think it could be quite gerry. You know teams find themselves but we do need someone who can unlock. And we've not really that guy yet can hoping it'd be and it may be eventually but at the moment we have got someone who can and those spaces and create something from nothing we hazardous sitter and you mentioned kind of the development of the defensive players. Ri- christianson hudson. It's like finding new players in some respects. I think there was almost more of an expectation that would happen with the attacking players. You mentioned christian pulisic. Obviously from our perspective is very involved with that. Meant to be brought along team over. There are so many players that could be that talismanic figure for chelsea and yet. It just hasn't happened yet in this season. Do you think that's something we might leave this. Twenty twenty twenty twenty one season with an idea at least of who that player is going to be heading into next season and have a beginning. Actually he. he's gonna is gonna why it's not quite an f. It's gonna win with traits. Not half this wayne. Hope acquaint quite soon win back and see the power coming into his game. You have to have it so difficult remember. Some of these guys are really learning the game and ugly because a lot of money just because someone commits a big price in your head doesn't mean you know everything is best to land in the premier league stuff and to land knockin of level an expectation levels of chelsea are incredible as bell. So you know. I have real expectation that have will be quite special van again. Caught selling things played stunning canaan city to fight the plague. Joseph very deep and has thing is to run into space now. I was at eleven bougie melody and level pooh-poohed this high defensive light which is great for a team of anna is brilliant and those games you know but we don't often teams like that to play. It's so all these players each and everyone are capable of making this giant leap forward. But you're upset ray. No one of those and even christian pulisic and as well you know. He's a fabulous fabulous telling he should be one of the best blues road going to really regularly and it's keenum because of injuries and stuff. I suspect maybe next season before we get in the best may be a couple of seasons that if you're building attendance guy. Bunch of twenty one twenty two twenty three year olds. That's what sometimes happens. And when they were all suddenly of an age with their twenty four twenty five together on the peach then suddenly. You've got something special if people think that's just an excuse. Remember what will it will happen. We'll go that. You're not young. Ludd saleh qena hefty bill. You know let them. So the other one you mentioned before and you're asking about taxes but christensen's maybe even more obese and not in that elk because most people have played possession. Don't even come close to the best football until the twenty six during that possession famously takes ages for them to become quite please nestling. You're just beginning pressing. So may this season to for all of them. It may be by african. Keep everyone together. The vast majority lose together. There's every is next season special. The wisdom from pat nevin now return guests here on chelsea. Miked up please support. Who's been kind enough to join us on this podcast. Make sure you preorder and he pick up after may twentieth. Be accidental footballer. Great stories he was kind enough to share. Some of them on our podcast. A couple of times now. Pat always a pleasure. Can't wait to speak with you again. Hopefully send another full year sir. Yes been opposite very being love coming on the show in a talking to all of you in the us and the so many stories to tell you about by takes over there and there's lots of them in the book. Oh that's terrible cell. But there are i. I'm sure you'll enjoy the well hopefully Numbers keep going way. They are here in the us. Vaccinations come up. And maybe one day we get to see chelsea on another summer tour of the us and maybe a book tour from one pat nevin with a side dj said. It's the first ever combo book tour. Dj set well. We'll go sponsor that event only st vegas. Well they're opening up pool party soon. A pool party in vegas. Dj by pat nevin. Let's get a crack. Introducing puff played the most advanced training after available and used by the chelsea academy built with innovative play truck content featuring mazda clauses from some of football's biggest stars offering. Walter ross clinton lights football coach so the to become to play. You want to start training for free download on the app store now. I would donate a large chunk of my chelsea. F c salary just to pat nevin on the one condition. He might mental sherpa occasionally. Text me a music recommendation. I've been listening to lose since we recorded. That interview. Chris whittingham he's a delight. Now we give proper respect. Probably not honestly we can do episode at day on chelsea's women's team conti cup champions second trophy. They've already gotten a double. Don't tell me that the community shield that very marino of you mike very marino of you. I'm going to be holding up four fingers by the end of the year. Baby better believe that content cup. And i know it was six. Zero people are saying flat track team. Just chelsea phenomenal team. They might be a team for all time and so might manchester city snipping on their heels. We'll get to that in a moment. But we're just an episode removed from a singing the praises of super frame kirby who might be the world player of the season right now. She's been fricken. Phenomenal and good. News is jesse. Must have listened to the podcasts. Because there's no way of knowing that she's been brilliant right. Josie must have been listening to the official chelsea. Podcast because frame. Kirby gets a much deserved contract extension. She's locked up a proper blue. And i have to be honest. This is the stuff of documentary films. This is the stuff of movies what she has gone through it to get to this point and i know that it's kind of become a thing. Where frank kirby is sometimes not even talked about as much as a footballer because of her incredible story but to get to this point and be involved in essentially every goal in a cup final that helps chelsea when yet another trophy to score again amid weaken a three. No win against everton the wfl when as you mentioned manchester city. They're heaping on the pressure in the wfl right now. Both these teams are winning. Basically every match they play only two points separate them in the table and frank. Kirby has just been phenomenal and could probably as you mentioned. Make a case for world player of the year. we'll see obviously international competition. Play such a big role in those kinds of awards. But i mean what a sensation she has been and now we just finished the champions league tie chelsea's campaign in the women's champions and he's gonna take center stage during this international break two legs against volts per coming up while chelsea men are not playing so i think that's kind of the next thing for chelsea on the way here. Is this champions league quarterfinal. But frank kirby what a player absolutely. And i'm really excited about the fact that they have the sage alter themselves but just so improbable right you and i were banning about the idea that maybe mendy is a player of the season on the men's side. That's kind of as improbable as it was for frank. Kirby chelsea didn't really know what they had in. Frank irving knew what she was. Prior to hurt hill minus. But now she's come back in had kerr and harder and all these marquee signings chelsea broad in its really galactic house in blue shirts. It's it's incredible and the gold. Standard of the team just walks on the field and elevates our game. Forget being the same player which is an achievement enough. She's found another gear for am a hayes so massive of nice little bit of revenge against everton which knocked chelsea out of the fa cup man. I would be holding up five fingers one of them got. He's a little trust me. This guy was like roberto carlos. Do this massive really tough all four chelsea in the champions league. These are the best so really excited to see that things before we move onto the mailbag number one. I like the idea of calling chelsea women galactic us great idea number two frank kirby top of the chelsea mike dream guest list. We want her on the pod and number three. Can somebody in the united states broadcast these games. These champions league games. Wsh tremendous job. I know where to find the chelsea women play. It's not apparently last year semi final and final war on cbs. All access now paramount plus. I have not been able to find them. I wrecked my computer with an illegal stream. I shouldn't be admitting this out loud for the for the second leg against. Let's go somebody televise. These matches please. Champions league volks berg. It's during the international break. We're starved for club team football. Can somebody get this done please. Partners at the club gives us a. Cctv want to be able to watch these. So we can talk about them. And would love to talk about them with frank kirby to just echoing your point there frank kirby and obviously dream guests number one. Now that we got olivier giroux take out of the way. And i have great respect for the man but if the hair wanted to send me a jersey would put out a framed that went to you. You threaten the audience with it chris. Let's come through on a promise by the first time in the mail bags History in two thousand twenty one. We've done this in the calendar year just yet so mail time. Let's answer some questions. Well actually this is apropos. What we've been talking about from at bayer. The dan frank kirby belen door. I'm not opposed to it. I'm not opposed to it at all. This is actually interesting because we talked about him some but let's hit on his upcoming games in the international break from at. Us soccer mom one. Why do we see. So much pulisic slander. Even from the hosts are thinking that maybe we were practicing a bit. Too negative about christian pulisic came on today and got an assist as a substitute but is there a chance that maybe this international break and actually a good thing for him. We often kind of are hoping that he goes away with the national team and doesn't get hurt but now a chance to start a couple of games and maybe build up some confidence here with the. Us team this team. That now is really exciting to play with. After yunus mussa was announced. He's going to be an american international part of minnesota's on right they. You're being too negative. I can't believe that that's the first time i've ever heard that my reputation is international. Win like hated by large segments of chelsea twitter. Just because i route so actively for the american i think the last few weeks. We've had to call them as we've seen them and i'd like to say we amplify we're obviously rooting for christian. Because we're american american chelsea fan. But man i get so excited when that cooking who was one of the more informed players in the world of do months ago and i want to see it. I wanted to make the most of these opportunities. He hasn't quite yet. Today was an encouraging sign. And i think part of the reason why i'm encouraged by the upcoming us playing time for the first time in a long time is i didn't wanna see him up there because i was afraid to get hurt. I think everyone sort of agreed that club country. It seemed as though everyone had an agreement. What will whoa let sound risky with his plan. For everyone to realize this is good for the player is a major positive step again in growing confidence within his body. Because i can't imagine what mental hurdles himself has had cleared this season because it's very frustrating. Look got but this is an aside but my pleads for what is artists going forward three to this is a total non sequitur montana. Man this is just an aside but my heart breaks for what is going through right now at madrid. It is tough when you get into one of those cycles. It's very difficult to break yourself out of. I really enjoy that paramount. Plus now them that's gonna take some getting used to jamie. Carragher was was brilliant. Comparisons to ryan giggs christian pulisic. And how gigs had hamstring injuries. And he couldn't see the field for a very long time. Those very frustrating. And then i mean ryan giggs considered like the of the sport. He didn't miss a game for like twenty years after that initial battle with fitness. so i think they're encouraging signs. Here the manager has publicly supported him. He is not like thomas. Sukhal knows how to play the media quite well. He's not marie. Sorry he knows exactly how to give the political answer and keep everybody bought in right now. 'cause you don't want one sour attitude in that locker room. Everyone seems pretty happy for everyone. Success did you see christian space when he got. The assistant wasn't that of just relieved. They were so excited for persson. Getting on the scoresheet. That's what i really see the reactions for everybody no hidden agendas by anybody. Everyone pulling on the same rope including christian. And i know there have been reports about links other clubs and retail. Romano said christian is very committed to chelsea. Hopefully we can put that behind us. This is a player for the future. He is still very young. I have high hopes for chelsea's number ten. I will keep calling him that purposefully. Because i need to remind people he earned that number ten shirt and we hope to get it going for the national team as we're fans and surely you are you. Us soccer mom one. So hopefully this is great for club and country and i think with this national team situation. It's actually interesting in reading about the number of players that might not be able to play particularly the second game away in northern ireland due to travel restrictions. One of them is weston mckennie because italy's in full lockdown right now so it's not quite the full. Us national team. It's actually kind of member early on in the season. We're dreaming of what it looked like with sick verner hazards on the. I like the dream. Us men's national team is just like is escaping our clutches of the covid situation. Right now but look. There's more exciting. I'm really excited to see a potential. Daryl decay combination developing. I'm excited to see how it looks national team setup because it was so promising back in november. I think the national team is making huge steps over here because of the player development. That's happening in program. So i'm excited to see how he looks at. His team hopefully can come back. Having played against jamaica northern ireland a couple of lesser opposition hopefully can get on the scoresheet create chances and look like christian politic again so many gets back in the chelsea team. He can really start to impress. Thomas toco all right now. We turn our attention to the fa cup club. Football's oldest trophy. I say time and time out. I always want to win this this trophy. You're in the competition when the darn thing. I was bummed that we lost last year in the final and sheffield united and portsmouth and amp. Do find themselves. Yeah sure to be relegated. Obviously gotta to be relegated back to the championship. But they're in this competition their entire season hinges on that feel good feeling. There's only one place it can get and it's in this match against chelsea so they can continue marching on in the fa cup which is always a dangerous situation is a talented team. Mcgoldrick's over there. I mean he's ready to hang up on us again. I'm already shaking in a corner. Turns in rinaldo every time we play them. So i'm a little worried about this. You definitely gonna get some rotation here. Yeah christian pulisic may be libya agent route. I i said. I never wanted to go another game without seeing route and i only seen him once since then. Yeah let's start here. Hopefully emmerson i think just based off that finish alone. And he's probably due to well. Maybe callum hudson door regimes very quietly. He locking down that right wing back feeling good with him. He's been really good. Excellent against that lets you go. I thought he was as he played that position brilliantly and offers kind of a similar attacking threat. I won't say is as good but you can get the team forward and got some strength as well on. The touchline needed needed that against static. I think that's probably why he was picked. Because you knew you needed a strong defender on that right side. But i think been brilliant wonder how deep the rosser is. Because you'd like to get some rotation long back line. But with diego silva aggravating an injury in coming up on an international break not wanting to risk re injury or not going to see him out there. We'll see what's going on with. Chris and i wonder if they can tap the academy. Maybe can give somebody start there. Because i know zuma got a head. Collision rudiger's been expanding all sorts of energy as the. He's got older legs. I'd like to see some people get a break long back. Just don't know who's available to give them that break. Yeah unless you're recalling players malone's i mean chelsea of the bunch of centreback. Say look like they're on their way. I mean you. Have you know tomorrow who's out in milan and ambiguous. Sheffield united margate. Who's been brilliant at at swansea as well but those players are unfortunately unavailable. I'm just curious if you're talking about rotation like an chelsea desire to win this competition like d make eleven changes because you've played so many games you're in a primarily dog fight you can probably be sheffield united at home but you probably will struggle if you make any changes even as poorly sheffield united. Have been so. I guess my question is how to handle this. Given obviously the fa cup can be important but finishing top four. Getting into the champions league an international break we're travel is going to be an issue You know before you come back and play some big matches in the premier league of the champions league. I'm really curious how seriously he takes it. But i think sheffield united or a week enough opponent that you can make seven or eight changes and get away with it because sheffield chris. Sale got sacked five nil away at leicester that club looks like it's increasing the real issue getting back up again from the championship. So if you can get away with it. This is probably the match to do so. Let's close out this episode with our predictions. It's brought to you by the play predictor game. You can find this. Play predictor game within the chelsea the fist and at make predictions against fellow chelsea pants win. Cool prizes. chris. Obviously neither of us had draw in that game against leeds united so we look at the aggregate score. We we see who had the score closest what happened now. I called to one which was wrong by three goals. You were wrong by six. Six goals scored. I did in leads chelsea. You miss your exactly that much. Defend yourself. I have to be honest. I don't feel like i was wrong about the game. you will. I mean we all woke up at seven thirty in the morning. Groggy needing coffee our west coast listeners. At four thirty in the morning for the kickoff. And i feel like we're all awoken by an absolutely bunkers. Fifteen minutes of the game could have been like three two after fifteen minutes. I don't feel bad about that. Prediction at all. That game was wide open more. Open the see. Any chelsea game has been it was bonkers just there was no finishing touches applied. But yeah i was. I was still way off. Came does seem so long ago that we haven't actually talked about it here. Thinking was nuts down the weather. I just pitch. You can't throw that at me at the time coming to essentially duck. Let's not do that again. No more leads games at seventy. I'm all right exactly. You needed seven. Thirty am because i'm tired. I knew awoken by the football. Did i'd microdosing this loose amazement. I could've sworn i saw gale force winds blowing in the air. All of a sudden see mason mount baston sunshine it was. I was so confused. And they're also playing on a rugby pitch. Because i mean i share were treating the greens over at l. road united. Have a very means derisive song about ellen road and is being fully sheep. It looked like they let she just eat the turf for this match. I was worried about all the players. Health thankfully player together healthy all right. Let's make predictions for this. Fa cup match. I will go first. And i will see the florida you just so long as you remind the audience that you were six goals wrong on your prediction. Okay here's what i'll call for. Sheffield united chelsea. I don't have the guts to predict a chelsea loss. I haven't seen one under thomas two-goal this game worries me. I'm a nervous nellie. In that way. I was nervous about letting go madrid. I have already outlined the reasons why i'm nervous. That being said. I think chelsea defense is too good. I wonder if they will still be good. If we bring up an academy product. Because i want to see some backline wrestle over there because there. There's some tired legs. That could use a breathing. So with all the warnings. Have i'll give you. I will still say chelsea one blades. Nell now goes off the last time i will also remind the audience wanted for executives in a row so my prediction for this one. Easy win. easy win mike. Have some confidence in the side. Four nil the chelsea in the fa cup quarter-final to wembley after this match. Chris you have them out doing their thomas era by double. That's correct a chelsea football club that have not scored more than two goals under thomas. Oh okay haven't learned your lesson. I've learned mine. Oh no i don't wanna learn. This lesson. goal is fun. I've learned my goals. But we'll see if you replace people were asking me. Why are chelsea scoring the manager. Obviously values defense. Because we're not playing their best goal scores with regularity. I don't think giroux would have scored goals by now. He's shown it with his minimal opportunity under thomas stupid. A guy's the most efficient goal in the primarily data. Well he may be outdone biomedicine. But i think that's part of the reason why chelsea at scoring is because they don't have best goalscorer. The most potent goal score a permanent clip out there because they value the other things that help them get the results. You sacrifice that to be able to have a one male lead up against that. Let it go and mega-deals literal mountain that athletico madrid after climb won't follow you there. I think we've got to build up. Let's get three goals before we started talking about. Can i talk you down to three. No no toll that you predicted against leeds united incorrectly. Four nil. four neal's my prediction. Well we'll see who's right won't be four goals scored in that game. We'll play back the tape. It's not happening so we speak again of gels.

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