How Do I Deal?


Hey their coach energy here. The single parents life coach I am that life coach who helps both single dads and single moms with understanding life and relationships, understanding their purpose in life, and ultimately gaining their power and control of their life back. You are tuned into the I. Give Life to live podcast. Right here on apple itunes Google podcasts, spotify anchor, and so many other channels. Make sure that you subscribe you. Share you download. You've like you rate. Give me that five star rating. If you do believe that I share some valuable content and information for everyone at some point to be able to benefit from that is what this channel is all about and today I am sharing pieces of conversation that I've had with clients of mine. and. It's more so talking about how do ideal? So, one of my clients have asked me. Know with with everything. That's going on Energie. How is it that? You're N- you're not being affected. or at least if you are, it doesn't seem Phil Look. As if you're being affected with its entire virus, that's going on and the up and down issues with the economy, the closing and opening out of the government, the closing and opening of the states. The shutdowns of. Businesses. The doors closing of businesses. How is it that? It just does not seem or look. As. If you're being affected, so. You know I had to give nothing but the real. And I explained. It's all about. Being flexible, and. Trust and believe. I am also being affected by everything that's going on. I'm being affected by the economy decides to go up or down when the government decides to open or close. When the states decide to go on lockdown or not, when the states decide to do A. Round of quarantine or not. I am absolutely being affected. That's the one common theme. That I can say about this entire situation that we're dealing with right now. Is that it's affecting every one. However it is affecting everyone differently. Some people. Yes, more than others I can definitely acknowledged that. Some, people, it's affecting and mostly their financial life other people. It's affecting them in their emotional life emotional health. Mental Health Mental. Wellbeing And it's also affecting people physically in multiple areas physically. Whether, it be just within themselves their own body. As far as with them, not being able to. Maybe get out as much as they used to. Get their workout going for just move more than what they may have been doing. From, being in lockdown or a soft walk down, or whatever is going on in your area? And another physical. Means of power, a lot of people are being affected. Are being stuck at home with someone who's abusive. So we're all being affected to some degree and yes. Some more than others, so one thing that I made sure to mention to that client was. Don't think that it's not affecting me. But. Do understand that I am controlling to what degree? I allow it to affect me. And I broke it down again, going back to what I was about to start explaining. I broke it down by stating that. I learned to be. Flexible I've learned to live life being as flexible as I possibly can. I've learned to be able to bend without breaking. I've learned to. Know How to go with the flow when. I can't necessarily do anything in that moment. But, I learned to go with the flow. In the meantime until I see that moment until I see that opening until I see that opportunity that allows me to step in and. Do my part as far as what I can to. Make that change make that shift make that decision that will be best for me my life in my family and my household. So. I didn't always I wasn't always. That flexible. I wasn't always in the mindset. Of being flexible. Yes it I used to be one of those where Oh if something happened. then. That's it. What do I do? Oh, my gosh panicked panic panic. Then I learned over time high and it did take time. But I started learning. By I. Just being aware of the difference and the situations that I was going through. Learning and seeing and paying attention and being aware of the different situations. When I. Maintain that little bit of flexibility that I had back then. Versus when I did not. have any flexibility at all back then. And usually, of course, it was a little bit easier to to exercise that flexibility. On smaller issues, you know not not so. Dramatic issues I'll say. And so it allowed me to just Kinda get a glimpse of Oh wow. I handled that situation albeit. Wasn't as huge. As maybe something else that I may have gone through. However I handled this particular situation. This particular way with. More. Patients being more calm. Understanding. What's really going on to the best of my knowledge? And not taking it on. So, personally. And man that difference and filling. That difference in the experience of going through that particular situation. was totally different. And So being a believer in. I do have control over. How I allow myself to be affected by the things that I go through. I started applying it and just testing it out. I test it. I tested out how? And if it would work. On. Other issues different issues. Money issues emotional issues relationship issues. Family issues. You name it. Car breaks down type of issue. A bill is due. That was unexpected type of issue. Whatever. A health, issue So I started testing it out. Testing out that. Quote Unquote Theory. At the time, it was a theory. and. Actually align myself to see if it works. And Oh my goodness it did. So I started implementing it more. And more and more. And sometimes I would get it right sometimes. I wouldn't because I was in a learning stage. I was learning how to do it. I was teaching myself how to. I was trying to figure it out. So I was running tests. You know technically behind the scenes. I it was I was running test. So anytime that lifebelt mean one particular issue. Okay, great opportunity for me to try it again. Okay. I did something that may not have worked in this particular situation cool. Don't worry. Life will give you another chance to try it out. So another thing life dealt me I had an opportunity to try it again. And so I did. And I tweeted mind. What do you say I tweet? I? What's that word? I tweaked my method. Each time. and. It's just like with anything else see. This is one of the reasons or a perfect example of how I can say. Or, why saying? Life and relationships. We make them more difficult than what they have to be. Because we have everything that we need within us. To be able to navigate both life and relationships much better than what we have been doing. For typically do or may have done back in our past and our more. Youthful as are more immature days. Because, all I did was used a method. Of Trial and error. Of let's test and see. Let's tweak it go. And just keep trying again and trying again. It's the same method that we learn as kids that we are taught as kids. that. We even teach our kids. Whether. We're teaching them this method directly or indirectly. Intentionally or unintentionally. There people are taught this method. One way or the other? And so I applied. What I knew as a basic. Life? Method a basic foundational principle. If you will. And I applied it to. The situations that I would go through in my life. And started working. I started noticing the difference I started seeing the evidence I started seeing it with my own eyes I was able to fill it with my own heart. I was able to notice a difference and the end results however, the most important thing that I noticed the difference end was the journey of. Point eight of being dealt with whatever that issue will problem was. Down two point. Z.. The final results the issue being resolved. What it, however the however the resolution was. Or whatever the of the resolution was? That jarring from start to finish. was so different. Less stressful. Less of a roller coaster of emotions and a lot of going back and forth. It was much more. Dare, I say it pleasant. So. As I was explaining to the client to my client. IMING Delta same cards. However I'm. Choosing. How I allow it to affecting. and. meaning. I'm choosing how I. Am going to walk this journey the day to day. Of this whole virus situation. The day to day of the unknowns, the dame today of. The government. Not, knowing where we're going to go, not knowing what we're doing. Whatever the case is not knowing as apparent and especially single-parent what the schools are going to do, schools are upon us the reopening of schools. The next school year is here. We are less than a month away from the typical start time from what was the original start time? No there are a lot of school, counties or districts. That are giving parents the option. To either go in person or do digital. Digital learning. So there's a huge decision to me. and. Based off whatever decision I. Make Four. It's not just for me. It's for my family, my household and is also going to affect. The other families and other households, the other students as well. Because, either my child will be there in person or not. That's just another body. That's beat breathing that air. That's in those classrooms. So not gonNA. Go into detail on that with this particular episode, because I do have multiple episodes that are. Available and more to come. That I will I go into the common issues of Keno whether. The common issues of parents having to decide. To send their kid to school or to keep them at home. For digital learning, so make sure you check those episodes out, but getting back to you. How do I deal? And how is it that it just seems got? It doesn't affect me or not. That I'm not being affected. That's the beauty of. What I! Coach my clients on. What I mentor my aunties on. Is. How to gain. Your power and control of your life back. Because when you have the control back over yourself. Then life and that relationship if you're in a relationship. It's. It's a whole new world. That's when you are are in that power seats. Saying. This is what will be. This is what's best for me. This is what I will accept. This is what I will not accept. And there's so much more to it. It's it's very powerful, very enlightening berry. Mind opening. So for anyone who just feels as if you have lost control of yourself. Lost Control of your life of your house of your kids of your relationship. What ever? Then reach out to me and let's talk about it. Let's figure it out, but see. Where did things get off? because. That's all that happened. You just got off drive and it doesn't mean that it's not a situation that cannot be fixed. That cannot be. Put Back. In its rightful place. And however else you WanNa, look at it. So if you are that person if I am talking to you if you are. Resonating with what I'm saying. Then reach out to me. You can find my contact information, or you can just simply contact me by going to my website. Coach Energy Dot Com. Energia Spelled N.. Why? visit me on my website and reach out via the. That are in there. If? You want to do something a little bit quicker. Wherever, you are listening to this episode. Comment below, leave your. Reach out to me below in the comments or send me a direct message. The platform that you're on. Pinochet's just get my attention. Let me know that. It's something you are ready to do to step that you're ready to take. And you can always email me as well. My email address is in the show notes. Or the description of this episode, or all my episodes actually I so wanna just send me an email v discreet I gotcha. Send me an email and just briefly describe what's going on and you what you need what you're looking for. But if you go to my website, ultimately, it's just as easy as clicking that book now button. Or Book Online Button For that consultation. and. There's no obligation free consultation, so you don't have to worry about anything as far as for that particular call. Let us discuss what's going on. Let's see. Ya See where we can go. Let's see what type of game plan personal gain plan that we can come up together for your life. And you know, put you back in the driver's seat. That's that's how I'm able to stay flexible. That's how I'm able to be bendable without breaking. That's how I'm able to go with the flow. During the time more in the meantime of finding that opening or that right timeline to make a decision making moon. That's best for me and my family. Is By being in the driver's seat and having the power and control of my life back. That's how. You can have that to. You can also control how. This virus situation. That's worldwide how it will affect you. You also can. Have Control over how? Your relationships will go from this point forward. You have control over your own happiness. You will learn how to have control over your own happiness from this point forward. And just so much more Mike it's. It's so hard to put in words. The The filling the experience. I don't even WANNA use a turn filling. The experience is so hard to put it into words because. It's. It's it's that awakening it really is. And I want you to experience that I want that for you. But I can't wants it more. For, you than what you want it for yourself. So you have to take the first step, and that's all that's that's that's it at this moment? Right here right now. What you're listening to. The only requirement that you have is to take the first step and just reach out to me and let me know that hey. Can we talk. Can. We just have that initial conversation. And that's exactly what we will do. And we will go from there. So once again. I think you all for your support. Thank you for downloading sharing hitting that thumbs up button. Heading that thumbs up button. And Liking giving me that five star rating if you think that this was a great episode or If you have listened to other episodes that have been published. And you think that there was a lot of valuable information that someone can benefit from the make sure you go ahead and download. Give me that five star ratings, so I can get that exposure on these platforms. But this is coach energy. The single parents live coach. Thank you so much for tuning in. You can find me online coach. Energy Dot com from that website. It's my main hub from there if you are a social media person. You can connect with me via whichever preferred social media platform that you want by just clicking that and blame the icon back on my website, and then it will take you right to that page. But nonetheless I think you guys for tuning in. You already know what to do. 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