Contact tracing, temperature checks and masks: airline industry outlines new norms


Now the high anxiety and the airline industry and the devastating prediction today from the CEO of Boeing. Here's Tom Castillo. Calling the threat to the airline industry. Grave the prediction from Boeing CEO. Two Savannah Guthrie. Today sent shockwaves through Wall Street and airline offices. They think there might be a major. Us carrier that just has to go out of business well. I don't WanNa get a to predictive on that subject but yes most likely you know something will happen. When September comes around Dave Calhoun did not say which airlines are most at risk but with few exceptions every airline is flying less than ten percent full on September thirtieth. The federal government's Bailout. Money comes to an end. Airlines are already warning that as many as one hundred thousand employees could be laid off if passengers don't return in large numbers. You don't know who has what how clean things have been least on the plane. Flying in a covert and post covert world expect airline and airport facemask requirements six feet of separation while lining up airport health screenings a new scanner checks for elevated body temperatures at Paine field in Washington state. Now three hundred forty six airports nationwide are calling on the TSA to check every passengers temperature at security the TSA so for not embracing the idea. We have to make certain that those who choose to travel by air make it through the airport and feel as though are as safe as they were if they were in their own home. When we'll airline travel. Get back to normal Boeing. Ceo again with a sobering moment. It might take three five years to get there. Meanwhile Delta United on American Airlines are requiring passengers to wear masks to board. They can deny boarding if they don't but once the plane leaves the gate. Flight attendants will ask not force passengers to comply.

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