Congressman Peter King 10-4-20


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How are you? John I'm doing fine so far. I'm healthy. My family's healthy. We all hope and pray that the president and the first lady fully recover and we're in the final month of a campaign and wage just have to work together. So right now I'm healthy my family's healthy. I know you are and that's the most we can hope for having our families healthy is number one priority tell us what's going on with the fire department who owes who the money let me start off with a simple statement this whole situation is disgraceful. We found out just a few months ago that the treasury Department has taken over three point nine million dollars from the fire department over the last actually going back a number of years and this money was intended off the FDNY nine eleven health program. This is the program it's needed to examine and treat and monitor firefighters who were down at 9 Thursday. Her very gently and painful and a vicious diseases from being down there and the money was being taken away. Now. It happened was this has nothing to do with the fire department home early. There was a dispute going back years between the the city of New York and Medicare of a certain payments has nothing to do with the fire department and the federal government to the truck department has responded by taking the money that's being disputed away from the fire department and its nine eleven health program. The fire department has nothing to do with this yet. The money was taken away. So it's absolutely disgraceful. I just found out about it several months ago when firefighters Union came to me tell me about it. I got the treasury Department to admit the money has been taken out and what they have agreed to do right now. This is small step. They've agreed to stop taking any more money and it's number one. Number two, though. We have to get the money back. It's been taken in previous years. Early, this goes back to 2004 and of that money two point 1 million was taken by CMS, which is the Medicare service in Washington and not the GMS told White House about two weeks ago that they would find a way to repay the money or as of yesterday. They still have it. So I have sent a very strong letter to see I'm saying this money has to be returned. I don't want to hear excuses that even though they took the money. There's no legal way to give it back. If you're taking money from firefighters who could be dying because of this service on nine eleventh federal government has to find a way to give that money back into simple as that. And so I'm going to keep this fight up. I've gone public with it again because again, they they sent were ever going to repay the money now the same they haven't found a way yet. They're still trying to do it time is running out. This isn't like with a highway bill or a building a bridge or something. Thing else that is just a matter of dollars and cents. This is a matter of human life and it has to be done and I don't know why over the years the city never told us is going on, you know about this kind of money from such a needed program is an excuse. Well now we are on it. There is the United effort and working with Carolyn Maloney on this to you know, to make sure we get the money back. But again, yeah getting the page news is that he's not going to take any more money out. So at least we stop this haemorrhaging of money and now we have to find a way to CMS the federal government has to find a way to get them back and the there's no excuses. They just have to do it. The treasury Department is also In fairness to them. They are putting pressure on on CMS the Medicare people to find a way to get this done and what we're looking at it tomorrow early. It has to be done governmentally. It has to be done and also politically I don't think the president wants to be running for re-election in the U and his administration is taking off. Money from the nine eleven firefighters were sick from a nine-eleven disease. Now again in fantasy if you got a 2004 was accelerated under the Obama Administration in 2016, and it's been continued for the Bush Administration and fairness. Probably nobody at the top going about it. This is the same decision made by a bureaucrat. Thank you for fighting so hard for our city in our country. Now you're retiring who's going to fight for our for our city in Congress. Well, they're getting home alone. He's been doing a job unless I have to get all this hopefully off my successor. I hope like it into Garbarino. He is told me that he will carry on this fight. And again, this has to be a United New York City down State Delegate New York City in Essex County Westchester County, Rockland County. All those are involved in this house who have residents of this constituent service involved have to carry on despite. This is something and also the mayor Be doing one of the major jobs you do more than government should be doing more and not be carrying our petty fights with the administration by painting black lives matter of Science in front of the trunk download more important damage done done. Well Congressman King have a great weekend. Thank you so much for letting us know the truth and we'll catch up with you real soon. Thank you very much. Thank you. This is the cats Round Table be right back.

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