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Frankly, my dish. She does give a damn. Well, what was your welcome? With Hillary rush for. Your wealth in ethnic. Hey long. Welcome to be your welcome podcast with myself, Hillary rush birds where you are. Welcome whoever you are to pour a Cup or glass in my virtual living room. And you're welcome hair toss in advance for the wisdom vulnerability in this. And every episode I'm style expert and entrepreneur who explores what makes women feel beautiful and so passionate about inclusivity. I named my company dean street society after the Brooklyn street, I lived on with the same vision is today, we're next door neighbors, and you can knock on my door at midnight. When the deep grief heads Monday when our favorite show is on. Or you just got the most exciting news and deserve someone to jump up and down with you. I'm sharing here in depth the conversations that have resonated the most with you on Instagram where I'm at Hillary, rush Vert for more joy and less overwhelm in your style. While business and most of all your life with per my signature, sign off grace and gumption. So if this is our first time meeting, I wanna briefly share my story. And then I would genuinely love to hear yours if you'll come leave a comment below my latest Instagram post, whether you hear this day, it goes live or five years later. I read all those comments, and it's so helpful for me to better know, you where you live old. You are if you're a mama or an entrepreneur how you found me or this podcast helps make everything I create for you better. My parents didn't know my gender. And according to my dad, the doctor had asked the names they had for a boy or girl. So the first words I heard when I came into this world were Hello Hillary to announce that I was and a girl hence the title of this episode, but do not fret we are going to skip swiftly ahead. So I'm a middle class southern California girl. Daughter of a minister slash professor slash author slash speaker. And a stay at home mom torn turned event coordinator, my first career was as dancer and actor in musical theater coming to New York right after college think six weeks later to be exact terrified cry. The entire flight having been cast in a Broadway tour that changed my life followed by years as a singer with the Radio City, Rockettes and all that jazz. If you have ever wondered, if you've already peaked hardy coolest thing you're going to do at in my case twenty two or wondered if you can make a total career shift since that's no longer what I'm doing. I get it. I was looking for my next chapter not over my career, but definitely over the mind numbing jobs. I had to do in between shows like catering and temping. I was researching graduate degrees in theater in London as my planet always been to become. A professor like my dad, a choreographer or creator mentor teacher hint. I find that. Sometimes the dreams and plans, we have when we're younger, maybe they aren't really right for us. When we revisit them, but they often have clues, but will be do love or value. Because turns out I do exactly that create teach mentor just without trap shoes and minus college students so in January twenty seven I sent an Email to a handful of girlfriends entitled prayer for what the hell I'm doing with my life. I told them I was taking suggestions of what I should be. When I grow up and surprisingly, every one of them wrote back something having to do with clothing, organizing closets being a personal shopper fashion. Merchandiser? I had never seen myself as a stylish girl, though, I did have a color coordinated closet way before conduit was cool and mostly as a very poor. Actor I had a knack for shopping on a budget. That would have people ask where I got something and be shocked when I said target or forever. Twenty one saying I can never find anything. When I go there. PS you probably have gifts and skills. You aren't even aware of they just seem normal to you easy to you. You don't even realize that they would be or are such a blessing to people around you whether as a business or just being yourself. So I started personal styling I found my first two clients doing a quick Google search for Brooklyn personal stylist just to see what was out there and stumbled upon a mom's forum where someone had asked for recommendations half, the mom said just go to Barney's, and they give you one for free the other half of moms. We're like, yeah. Can't afford to shop Arnie's. I'm at more like the clothes. I already owned from J crew. And I was like these are my people I had no website. So I just replied Hello. I'm a personal stylist. I don't have a website yet. But I specialize in real women with real budgets, and I've nannied for families in Brooklyn that I can provide references from within twenty. Four hours to women had replied to to book me, I was like tear. God I hear Hugh who would you want me to now something you should know about me is that I will really make things happen. If I am committed to them. I do not know how to cook. I'm just not interested. My old roommate Ryan used to put on jazz, poor glass of wine and wall surround. Our mouse infested fourth-floor hell's kitchen walkup where we would shout at our neighbors through the floor to come up and hang out. That's how in the floor was so Ryan's waltzing around the kitchen where he cooked. He loved it. It sounds relaxing but much to the chagrin of my new husband. I just could not care less. I've never also I don't I don't have an old husband. I don't know what the right phrases. I always on weird when I say that he's new because of these recordings we just got married less than two months ago. But I didn't have like. Three old husbands who all disappeared. Under mysterious. Circumstances are anything that you see? So I have also never been good at this thing called working out for more than a few months. Also has this recording. I am the proud eve of two full weeks of two classes per week out a Pilates studio people, I am very proud of myself for this. So what I mean by sharing this is I'm not that woman who can bake French macrumors runs. Marathons always has a picked up house dashes off DIY projects will home school my kids and hike Mount Everest. I'm not driven to be that wonder woman of which other women claim I don't know how she does. It all my one hundred percent honest goal. When I started business was knowing I'd be crazy for the first few years, but then ultimately determined to build an empire and be a good friend someone you wouldn't have. Date to call at midnight in tears thinking. She's too busy or I'm really proud of her. But wish I saw her more often. Now, when I m passionate about something, I am a force to be reckoned with I will go to the Rodway tour addition with zero experience because I do know at least, I am a fierce tap dancer. All moved to New York City. We've been the whole way because the door. God flung open is so good. I can't say no, no matter how terrified I am. When I have the idea for a nonprofit taking arts education to my friends orphanage in Nigeria all have twelve to some board, a website beholding fundraisers collecting supplies within the air that nonprofit will fail a story for another pod. But all learn lessons that mean when I have the idea for a business as the stylist, I'll have through tears feel like there's a lot of Crinan of guys I will have through tears taking. A job in the payroll department at the real estate company so awful put my theater career on hold save up money, working miserable side gigs quit the payroll job. Thank goodness launch the company keep nanny and on the side to pay the bills and within about a year be supporting myself as what at the time. This is seven eight years ago. Now was an unfamiliar way. Less Instagram'd word that I previously thought applied to tech savvy men in Silicon Valley, not a Brooklyn based girl with degrees in theater and English. An entrepreneur what I've now discovered is when we make those scary leaps of faith. We find out things about ourselves. We would never have known. Otherwise, I didn't know when I started asylum business that there would be so many tears from every woman I helped I didn't know that size doubles zero or twenty two literally had clients at both. We all have the same insecure. Thirties and our bodies, and our beauty that we all suffer from what I call the hundred and fifty percent MIR that one part of your body your arms your stomach that. No. You're not delusional. You don't have banned. Michelle Obama arms and your stomach is not flat. But use it at a hundred and fifty percent of reality. Whereas to everyone else, you're just a size medium woman with a proportional body. I didn't know we have so many subconscious stories from age fourteen or eighteen that affect what we still seem the MIR at thirty four or sixty four Bs of what one mean, girl or thoughtless, mom or blame. Boy, we dated set. I didn't know being stylist wasn't as much about clothes, but confidence it isn't about. What society tells us, which is lose weight by more trends rules, right wrong in out. It's. About the realization that when a woman feels beautiful she walks in differently to first dates to final interviews and she walks out of bad relationships and life situations. She's more careful in what she says to a daughter more valued in the advice. She gives to friends she's more peaceful to be around because she secure in her beauty. And instead of that making you feel smaller it actually inspires you to live just as Joe joyfully that beauty encourages beauty. And that when a woman does not feel beautiful. There's like a weighty Greif film over what she sees every day what she says her potential her relationships, her joy. So I don't really read style magazines. I honestly don't shop that off in or own more closed than the average woman. But. But I do listen to the now thousands of students as my one on one sessions became an online sil- class which will become a book, and I explore what makes women feel beautiful which I think is the most important job. I never knew existed, and I also explore what makes us feel are life is beautiful. As my business grew half the questions I received were however my company, so I started teaching and mentoring fellow entrepreneurs. And after those first few years of accepting. It was going to be crazy. Like any new parent. I fought for what I came to call elegant excellence being successful without being exhausted. I'm ambitious, but I don't wanna be a hustler that word sounds aggressive. I want a lot more gracefulness in sharing that journey has made it clear that it's what's so many of you want to whether you're fellow entrepreneur or. Or a stay at home, mama or a nursing student, and it's what will inspire money of our conversations here, whether how to have deeper friendships or less priorities get more done in a day or Seymour growth in a year from my worst breakdown moments in business or what planning and surprising lessons. We can all learn from them how to shop a budget or the myth of the perfect girl. Boss, starting with a very vulnerable episode one in which I share five of my darkest moments in my body, money, love, friendship, depression, and more. It's live right now. So go, take listen. You're welcome in advance. One more thing, Mr.. PS at the end of every episode all-share something I am loving the way you text a girlfriend and article or something you found on Instagram like that. So right now, I am loving creating this podcast for you, truly. I felt super nervous today. Like when you're going on a really promising for state with a great looking guy who is funny and nice, and you're really hopeful for what this could be the start up. So cheers meteor to our first date and heads up for our aniversary. I love flowers grapefruit gym tonic and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Til next one say.

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