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Kirk. It's here. Yes. I want people to get in on this conversation. We're having earned the break. But before that we were just talking about it with you mean, Bill Plaski and windy bringing the fire telling people how it is. And you look at the comments on my Instagram and my Twitter. Yeah. Is it just me getting pretty clear when horses a Laker hater, he's just telling you the truth. Yeah. And enough said this before you really wanna know how. Everyone out there who's got children and their kids. Right. We all think that our kids are bailed apples of our is. We love the, but you go outside of their people. Tell you how they really feel about your children. I'm telling kids who play sports and things like that. We all all my son is the best or daughter. She's out there soccer door. And if you like know his son is really not that good. You know, what I'm saying is just you hold your children too high for steam, we all the Lakers at a high for like trust me. I like the Lakers brand, right? As a as a warriors fan. That's the one thing that up always admired about the Lakers to brain the years in which the success crowning. It's the crown jewel of the NBA. It is. And that's and that's great. But I feel that some people out there are furred Laker fans. Don't understand that for right now. The last six years has have not been good like you are not a good basketball team right now. And when people tell you that you don't say all we'll look at banners. And this for right now, this is what it hurts right now. And I want you to remember right now that it hurts when the successes come back around us that much suite. Of course, it's that much. We we had to go through six years of not making the playoffs. So that when you have that success? I think LEGO fans will now appreciate it a lot more because you've been spoiled. Yeah. You've been spoiled through show Tanya through the magic was on here. The other day said the same thing that you just said I'm trying to remember who that was man. But you're right. It was former athletes. Yeah. You get you get spoiled to a point where this is all, you know, it's the same thing that we talk about now with the Boston sports scene right to high Boston sports. You get a championship. You know? Whether it's the patriots or socks that just beat the dodgers. You know what I'm saying? Or you mentioned the Celtic ruins. You know what I mean to stop Boston Boston-based? Telling me that before we get to the raiders, and what Jon Gruden sane and sleep was going to come in here. In the next time. We have sleep reminder Lakers talk with Alin sleep was coming up right after this shell starting at seven pm Lakers. My Lexus outta Monica until iota Santa Monica problem. Members of the L A car guy family of dealerships. So you, and I were talking about restaurants like, we were talking might you into barbecue place. What blood so let's those. Yes. And you thought it was out of control. It's amazing. Yeah. So amazed. Okay. I love talking about food on this show. Clearly as you heard because there's people out there that can help us though. Oh, yeah. For sure. So I was saying like, you know, like, I I've lived in LA for a number of years. I had a previous stint here, and I've been in and out of town a million times over the years. And you know, when you always ask people like Mexican places, I mean, everyone's got their own little pockets, right, right? But you always like oh CASA Vega Vega. You gotta go to school like it. Don't get me wrong. But like can you someone else recommend me like a legit cool Mexican restaurant? They ain't gonna pay a million dollars for trying to go authentic authentic. But they've got drinks too. Okay. I don't want. I can't just go to like, the mom and pop place that don't have drinks. I need to our hall to go with this breed on its akilah aside. L Elserino, right? I mean, we love we love thereto. But I'm saying we just said, mom and pop. Mom, mom and pop. No. You know, what you're going when you get there? But so does I don't every corner. Right. Right. Right. So I want mom and pop I want and call in if you'd like or tweet us or whatever Instagram or whatever, but I want like mom-and-pop with alcohol. Okay. Mic Margaritas or or like, you know, just beers. Whatever I need like a real bar. Okay. Not just not just can get like a bottle of beer because they sell it. You know, what I'm saying like on a real bar? Chantey? Yeah. They got the. But I'm saying I want I want variety. You know what I'm saying? So what you told me a place in Playa vista? That was that was fire, but it wasn't authentic. But it was a nice little restaurant. Okay. Mexican sole SOL. Right. I went over there. I went with mother-in-law for birthday went over there. Food was slamming fire. You know, when they bring out the, you know, the cook the Karna saadah right there on table saw. Right. Neg on me. Yeah. You know? I like that. So Erwin tweets me right now, salsa and beer north Hollywood. He says spot Sawssen beer that. Just sounds good. That's cool. I'm down with that. You know what? I mean. You know, Richard is on the one ten what Richard. Hey, you got done. I got a recommendation is not really mom and pop, but it's really good. It's gala gets on Olympic boulevard in K town. And now, okay. Hawkins food. Oh, okay. From what? Authentic walking. And they got a really good selection of Miscou to okay? Now, you're talking my language right down on Olympics right through that. So that's right down the street ads right down the street premiered. Mason in Burbank. Mason go, whoa. Next. Next time you go. You gotta do salt and beer. You can't get a reservation. You can't get in the door. It's amazing food and they have a full bar. North Hollywood to salsa beer what? Hey tweets being says Ernie's taco house near universal. Yeah. Because I want the mom and pop, and I want the the drinks like I don't want Ainhoa rather vague. I'm just saying like I've been there. Okay. Just trying to the numerous affi- exactly the portfolio on the one one. Talk arena in Sherman oaks. They also have one in Hollywood and other places. Great, great, burritos and good beer. Okay. Cactus as a recommendation heard that one. Big busy tweets me L Coyote on Melrose pretty good and says show, I've been Jolo chose fine. Head more of it. It's more of a little bit of a chain. Around here. I've been a solo. Yeah. Okay. Last one. And then we'll get to the raiders will in LA. We'll what up. What's going on George? Also in beer in all thought. It was good. But you gotta try Lord in Carson, brother. It's right down the street from that where the galaxy play stadium of center. Yeah. That if it's got okay. Are if you show up you're gonna you're gonna get hammered. There you go. I need you saying, right. In just to top it off Friday night and Saturday night. The also have a Maserati. You can't go wrong with that. But sweet thank you. We'll show spot up over days in Torrance. Carson are no good. Or some you need just need to talk to your Mexican neighbors. Okay. Because they have a lot of parties and great food. Friday Saturday tomorrow night, though Pesca though, real quick before we get to sleep was coming in the next. Let's talk raiders real quick. Jon Gruden says Derek Carr is their guy career. He's their quarterback. However, they are also going to go to the workouts and workout kinda Murray and Dwayne Haskins. Right. Is that subterfuge? Is that Gruden just playing people or is that Gruden legitimately thinking about maybe drafted one of those guys and thinking about them for the future, maybe sitting them like what's the angle there? I mean, the angle is putting everything on a table. And when I say everything on the table when this off season started, you say how can we get this football team better? We have draft picks which they already have three first rounders. Okay. Then you go out to say who who do we have on our team and our big assets. Well, their car who nice little contract. He's got. But if there's an offer for Derek Carr, do you trade, Derek Carr? But remember to just a preface both quarterbacks have already had pro days have already thrown away and Haskins and column or so these are what we call the individual private workouts team just want to get a little bit. Maybe they like him, but you can have a private workout in really fall in love with him. And this is this is right commonplace for teams drafting in the top team. Right. What I mean like teams? Hey, get a private workout. And you probably go out there to see what they can do. But if you're wild away if you're like, wow. This guy's is Dwayne Haskins column ary. Okay. We gotta draft them. And they're there you also give the allusion to other teams as well. That the that the raiders are interested. Now, if another team falls in love, they gotta jump the raider. Right. So all of a sudden you're playing the show game. Again. It's just it's just part of the game is good. And that's this is part of the game. What you do you? Make sure you cross all your TS dot your is. This is part of the process to make people feel a little uncut. Trouble. Get a little nervous possibly the raiders at four could take a quarterback. That's what you want in this draft. Because you know, San Francisco's not taking a quarterback. We believe the New York Jets aren't taking a quarterback. So number two number three aren't taking quarterbacks and possibly possibly AirAsia doesn't take a quarterback. I one is still a possibility. I know they've got Josh Rosen. But the first three teams don't necessarily have to take a quarterback raiders are on there. And if people feel that, you know, a lot's going on high come draft because actually George right now, actually we are less than one month from the draft. Yeah. Is twenty fifth at five pm here on the west coast. That's when address start so we are less than a month away. I we're back in three minutes with sleep. Woah, Slee was going to come in here. And give us what he's got going on with Lakers talk. That's next y'know shut to everybody. Who tweeted me, all these great restaurants Mexican restaurants. Frank. Alvarez has show the eastside some love Majles. I listen, I was I used to live in Pasadena man for a minute. So more than a minute. So I was you know out there in the San Gabriel valley regularly and in that general region. So thank you to everybody who sent out their best mom and pop Mexican restaurant recommendation Slee was here sleep. What you got a spot where I am. I'm in like that Silverlake Los feeless area. Not that many good taco shop's out there, really they got they got. Got. Area. They got they got great food. Yeah. Thai food. There's actually a really really good Mexican shop. But it's like more much more Americanized. So it's all a lot of Egan dishes say that Kirk but nothing like true true authentic. They got good restaurants there, but I wouldn't say true authentic. Decent little place that serves Cuban food in silver lake that ELS E L code Janito. Very good. It's got. I mean, it's I mean, it's more like the San we not knowing what? Sandwiches, legit the Cuban sandwiches. Legit. It's the only legitimate sandwich. I've had here. Okay. So that plays legit l L coaching ITO, which means little pig. So anyway, sleep while Lonzo ball. I started the show kurkin. I started this show talking about how it feels like he's kind of grown up here where he's taken the reins of his own life. And be like, you know, what I'm the star. I'm the breadwinner, my control what's going on here. I can't leave things in you guys hands your dad or whoever else is there because clearly things working, right? And clearly, they're stealing my money. So I gotta take control my life. And I actually think for everybody was cranking out jokes today about what's going on with the ball family or the last couple of days. I commend the young man for taking control and taking the reins of his own life. You know, unfortunately, he's been every time. You talked about Lonzo ball since he was drafted. There's all these side stories either. It's okay, lavar ball, or it's the triple be brand. By the way, you know what they did. And what they try to do whether it ends up failing or not, and I think it will fail. It's it's also. Cool to watch something. That's never happened before. Nobody's ever took a chance to do what they obviously tried lonzo's twenty one years old. They love him in the locker room lake offense. There's a ton of lake offense that I think show a lot of supports Alonzo ball. They wanna see him be successful. Unfortunately, there's stuff that go. You know, obviously off the court. Hopefully, this is Lonzo away to kind of clean clean his hands. You get into the summer. Get your body. Right. Forget all that other stuff that the side noise that's been going on. And you could just focus on basketball. Lebron's really wrapped his arm around. You know, I think Lonzo right now, we're gonna see more of that. We're gonna see more of I think it some temptation buildings go on throughout this off season. You know with LeBron coups MMA heart Ingram, I mean, you LeBron has to be here committed in LA. I think last year was a bit different because he couldn't win a lebrons arrive in LA Lascher, George. Remember, it was after free free agency happen he signed in anyone on this. Slaw? Europe. And then he finally came then he started doing some things. But I think he has to commit himself to Los Angeles this off season. And I can't believe we've almost went in almost four hours on his show. And we never even talked about LeBron James had another triple double last night. Lakers beat Sacramento, they don't matter anymore. It doesn't matter. But you saw you saw some glimpses last night of like, Dr they look like, it's no see we saw earlier in the like if you had more time you like mail like last night against the kings and kings of finally started slump. But still though you saw the glimpses of man this team had everything stayed on track. This was a playoff team. And I think you hit something that's very important. They haven't really built any continuity. None. I mean, coach let's use Luke as an example. He was on the hot seat before the season even started yet was never any comfort level coach. None the young players. You coulda gone two months. Three months. All the conversation was what team are you gonna trade them to? That literally was most of the conversations like you're referencing here. Can they go into an off season where it's not just one year deals players feel like they're going to be here for four five years three years? Whatever the case is that's how that's how you Bill teams. That's how you that's how it's sustainable. I guess you could say build a team, basically, just build something. I'm not saying you can't have a couple of guys on one years or whatever this that and the other. But right, you're going to be putting people in a very difficult position again. And by the way, stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Right. Just sign players were more complimentary to what LeBron James is games. I think start there. That's as simple as yeah, they probably outsmart themselves with a lot of those signings. And listen they'll say they'll keep saying every single post game. Obviously, the injuries were big part of it. But this season it just seemed like nothing went right for the Lakers. That's why that's why George you don't care that LeBron had a triple double yesterday at second kings. Because it technically technically doesn't mean anything it doesn't matter anymore there. Out there done he's over. But magic one at tough guys. You know, I want tough guys I want guys around the rim and you need shooting in this league. And so I wanna see the way that the playoffs kinda happened a little bit. You know, how they start to evolve a little bit and see where the Lakers have to draw from certain teams now. Sure. So now you're actually watching the playoffs. There's a story line the scout. Now, you're scouting tomorrow against the wizards Bradley Beal will be the story as in their players Lakers are facing on a game in game out basis that are either unprotected, you know, their unrestricted free agents or their protect whatever the case is that becomes a storyline. Because all that matters. Now is what you're going to do in the off season. Yeah. It's pretty crazy, man. I it's it's while I would have never my while dreams thought they'd be in this situation. Never what you guys think of Jason Kidd interview today on the jump. I mean, he's I've been saying this for weeks. He's been lobbying for the job is very obvious. My thing is it's with any coach coaches. When they when they wanna be seeing they'll be seen and any goes with, you know, Jason Kidd. I finally saw Steve Alford come from out of the woodwork over to help saying when coaches wanna be seen. They know how to be seen in the timing. Tommy like all the jobs are starting to open up the season. They can't come out during the season. But when the end of the season now, everybody's available. It's funny how that works out. And it's funny. They all just come out of the woodworks. Is it time yet? Okay. It's time. Are here we go and jockeying for position Steve Alford earlier, I wouldn't to do. I had three freshman commit a crime in in coach that like it was given a response is a why he's not the coach at UCLA. What what are you gonna Lakers talk tonight? We'll talk a really just kind of big picture about the offseason talk about some of this coaching stuff and Trudell join at eight thirty that down making that, hey, here's must be sleeping revere right now. He's living ease living good. Oh, good for him. Yeah. No doubt. Lakers talk with sleeves coming up next Kirk. Thank you so much. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Yes, sir. All right. We'll talk to your mouth.

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