1379: "Afghaniscam"


Don't take horse medicine curry john. John's devora half twenty twenty one award winning nation media fascination episode. Thirteen seventy nine. This is no agenda. The sir shed broadcasting live from the heart contentious country here in number six in the morning. Everybody i'm out of curry in from northern silicon valley where they're going after roe versus wade. Doing vote democrat. I'm jesse divorce all my goodness. I got a story to tell about that. So there is all there is thank you texas for. Start this little bullshit. Well let me tell you what hap- so we had a little party yesterday keeper invited some of our friends over you know the rejects of society as usual cermark cer- gene. We add dale. Our buddy from Houston lost his bar during co bail. Dale you you don't know deal dale. No it's okay. There was the one who lost his bar in dacoven in houston and the and the schoolteacher came. And i have to give her a lot of props met as a public schoolteacher in austin texas. And she she's going to sit with us and i really appreciate that but she came in hot came in. I can't wait till i can get out this horrible crappy stock. She was completely beside herself. And and it didn't take long because remember. Now we have surging. We got Marks mark also lawyer. You got me keeper. I mean so. We're all like okay. I mean first of all have drink conned out. We calm down so the way it came out was. I can't believe that they're they're not allowed to stop a you know that there's no abortions allowed at the same time the same time that anyone can have a gun anywhere they want and they you know the racist voting rights and it just went and talking points. Wait wait end the crt theory bill. So we're like hold on a second hold on so the first so sad to say and keep saying well. There's no teacher's union taxes but they do have an association and this association is completely abusing these these teachers. So they've put in her head that by the way we could as we continue the teachers association all these unions with a name associated shelia of course and no dues but they get you in other words but their political the completely political so now if you also listen to the talking points on the take on the tv talking points are to first of all the heartbe bill props to sir mark. The immediately showed everybody the the loophole in the bill. Which is an exception for medical emergency at the doctor's discretion. So that's something that is not really discussed on television. But there's a huge gaping loophole. For this which i didn't know either i still don't like the bill but everybody agrees this is just a ploy that somehow i don't know how the legislature fell into this because this is now the this talking point is bigger than afghanistan if you ask anything about honestly i haven't had time to focus on it. Okay gotcha well again to interrupt. I was watching. I turned on the. I didn't do it. Three by three. But i watched the three by three and it was all you know. Meet the press face the nation stephanopoulos. And that's all they were talking about. They had donna brazile on head that cutie little kristen solta sanders and whatever name is. Who's who's a dog mom. And she's on. They're worried sick that she won't be able to have an abortion because she hates kids and she and they're all going on about the bounty which is the one that they really liked the pound. That one home. That's a beauty with that. Let me explain this one. And by the way For those of you wondering yes. It is thursday. The second thursday of the week i guess i opened with thursday's someday you did. Yeah no one caught it so we so mark right there you know. He looked at this section one. Seventy one dot twos one zero. So the ways being presented his and now people can rat on each other a few. see someone. Who's helping someone getting abortion. You can get ten thousand dollar bounty. Yeah no by the way. That's a pretty good deal. Yeah no it's not true. It's simply not true a wait a minute. That can't whatever you set telling me. Adam can't possibly be the case because the news media. I watched it three by three. Because it's a phony thursday today and they all went on about it so they would've explained it if if what you're saying is true. No the only thing that's in there is that anyone can sue someone else and if you're successful at suing then you're then you would be. You can get an award which actually starts at ten thousand dollars. But it's like it's like such a non starter. It's a joke. According to the lawyer ten thousand dollars yet starts at ten actually can be higher. So it's it's it's total bullshit. You have to mount one hundred thousand dollar lawsuit to get your ten thousand dollars. It was stuck in there and on purpose to get this talking point. It's completely unrealistic. It is this was stuck in there on purpose. Tell democrats are behind yes well the only republicans in texas are so dom- that they they got suckered now is it that or there's one other thing i was considering. Maybe an still got suckered. Maybe came up with an idea. Well let's do all this and then we can be heroes and come out and say well you know as republicans. We need to temper this a little bit and then bring the people in the middle more towards the republican party. I mean either way. It's the stupidest thing because you're right. The airwaves are plastered wall to wall. And you know. And here's a story. Anti-abortion whistleblowing site gets a new home with provider for known for hosting right wing extremists to another ratcheting up white ring. White ring Right wing extremists are going to be tracking. You as you're trying to help your friends get abortions and they're gonna report you just the whole thing. It's pitting people against each other and abusing the so. The next one was sb three which is not even a bill. It's one of these things. These these idiots throw up you know like just In trial balloons anywhere goes anywhere. And this whole thing of you cannot teach you about frederick douglass in school you may not teach that white supremacists are are are bad anyways. His whole red lion thing and she's flipping out about i. I will go to jail. I'm going to. I won't teach my children. That white supremacists are bad people in and it was so obvious what was going on like. Oh my god. She's been completely abused. It is disgusting to see her down from her ledge. Oh yeah we got some alcohol. Inner got better got better but i- gene was actually saying to tina. I'm gonna report her it. I felt so bad about what had happened to this poor. Schoolteacher is really really really sucks is really not okay that's happening. These people should be ashamed of themselves ashamed of themselves. Anyway i'd like to reiterate my stance on the shame themselves. They're worried sick at the twenty twenty two. Yeah it's all about. It's all about it but you've let's listen how it's being helped. Listen i two quick clips on this just so you can see about two flips good. So we'll get up. I'll play the play these first. So this is Corporate america jumping on the bandwagon to help with democrat twenty twenty two talking point which is unrealistic and full of crap. Even though i completely am against this bill would they're doing with it is is it's politicking. That's all but it is so well. This is from logan. Greenie of course lifts co founder. Ceo wayne in here about texas sba. The state's controve controversial new abortion law. tweeting here texas. Sba logan green says threatens to punish drivers for getting people where they need to go especially women exercising their right to choose. He says lift has created a driver legal defense fund to cover one hundred percent of legal fees for drivers sued under sba driving on our platform. So hughes these virtue signaling cox on something that can never happen. Oh yeah oh we'll take care of it because you know those those crazy republicans and right wing. Or genentech's trump. There'd be reporting on women going to go ahead and ask anybody on the street in texas you'll find majorities like this. Bill is stupid and one other point. The supreme court did not reject it. They just said we're not going to hear it is. That's another thing that's out there. Oh they didn't overturn didn't but they didn't know said we're not going to hear this because you have no case this is just legislation. You don't have a case where anyone is harmed yet. Amazing amaz screw the mainstream. Adam is a beautiful job. The democrats freak it is it may be over. They may be shooting. they're gone too soon is a little early. It's not twelve months away. It's because they could've done a lot with the constitutional carried well. They got their second round ready. Which is mississippi which may have a case and they think. And that's the one that everyone's teasing is gonna overthrow row and it keeps calling row row row row. Not even roe v wade anymore. Just roses row. Overthrowing go there overthrow round-ups now just overthrow. I roll overthrow. They got they got the mississippi thing in there. And so. So you have your your. They didn't have Brooks shakeel brooks on there. They had she this guy they had. Now they have on the pbs newshour. Now they have two people from the washington post. Oh wait is to make it. So you really have some diversity some diversity in there they talk about it and there's one of them. I have to say michael gershon and before we play michael goodwin. Who is the take over from brooks at least temporarily. Michael gershon actually made a point. That's absolutely that susie said. Oh yeah yeah. His apposite is completely right in his buddy. The the by gay guy agrees one hundred percent but i do have to play this one. Little pre clip. Which is judy calling. Michael gershon michael moore cramming more political path de michael michael. Half at this point. How does how does she correct that. She never did. Did he say excuse me. Excuse me no. Wow he didn't know what to do. He's like a part timer right now if he is afraid of offending jimmy be off the rails for all we know could be so. Let's listen to cape horn on row. the he goes on about this listen to him. I k- part row and health. Now who's k. Part is that black imposts. I also got his own show now on. Msnbc get so they'd have to from the washington post but one is black one white therefore it's a diverse opinions balanced got it that is why there is so much fear in the country about what this means for row because ralph texas and the idea of pitting neighbors against each other colleagues snitching on each other because someone is desperately trying desperately trying to safeguard their health in may perhaps the health of their unborn child is just it's beyond handmaid's tale good because they actually believe there's going to be a number you can call like a like a line you can call think taking the dude barsha no you either use. There's actually something in that. Little commentary besides handmaid's tale. Another another dog whistle a good one There's something in there he said that is just be on. Believe it is one of the finest stupidities i've ever heard. Don't don't give it away. Can we listen again to see if we can kill you. Ask you looking all right all right. It's stupid it's it's great of all time here. We go and focus hand on the buzzers candidates that is why there is so much fear in the country about what this means for row because it didn't stop texas and the idea of pitting neighbors against each other colleagues snitching on each other because someone is desperately trying to potentially desperately trying to safeguard their health in may perhaps the health of their their unborn child. This is just got it all right all right all right you need to. You need to bend over. Because this is well deserved. That was great flip damn skippy. Trying to protect the health of unborn. By hailing yet. How i would like to reiterate. This pointed out i am completely okay with abortions as long as we are also and we get the television rights able to show capital punishment. Executions live on television. I think that is a fair tradeoff. Death for death. We want the rights to produce. Yeah that's the exit strategy that make us multimillionaires but unfortunately there's not going to happen now. So gershon comes on and this guy came. Part has to agree with what he's about to say. And i agree with it too and i think this is one of the reasons that the democrats could pull a stunt they pulled in texas and by the way if you look back on it when the to draw attention to this stunt this is why the texas legislature flew on their private jet all the way to washington. Dc avoid a quorum in at the state house and they all got cove it and they got all kinds of publicity for flying on a private jet to washington and got into news. It was in the news. Cycle's washing around quite a bit. So when this whole thing came to a head it was like cut everything flat-footed in texas. It seems to me. But i think this discussion guy really nails it and this is his commentary and i think it's something we have to consider if you. I think people don't quite understand that. The republican party the social conservatives in the party abortion is not the central issue right now for a lot of them it's critical race theory and immigration and a lot of other hot button culturally. She's so i. I'm not sure of rallies. Republicans in a certain way. I think it does rally democrats. I think there's a broad concern over the fate of row. I think it's going to bring people out in the two thousand twenty two midterm elections. And that's the. I think they're going to benefit more from this argument going forward. How do you say the political. I agree with michael. This is as horrendous. Says it is. This is something that will fire up and already fired up and rested angry democratic party and democratic party base. the question though is in a midterm election. Is that enough fire to go from being angry at what's happening to going into the voting booth because democrats and republicans vote in fewer numbers than in presidential elections but in the midterms democrats vote even less I think you're right about them. Firing this off way too early but they try knowledge anything yet but the mississippi's the booster. That's the booster shot in the mississippi. Thing will come in much closer to the election and a reignite the this fire so this is a this is all electioneering anymore but we have to and it's a shame by the way that people like the teacher are so caught up in this sort of thing which is nothing more than politics. It's hold and they can't see the politics no not at all. And then when i said okay well how about how about if i had time to look at that when the most significant was exactly what dave said onto when these two were going back and forth. Nobody cares about of kazakhstan. Like quite an and it becomes a distraction of the week because of ghanistan. Nobody needs to deal with that. That makes biden. Look bad heaven. Forbid we do that l. o. By i went to all of his speeches his little jerkin him up with some shooting up or something because he's oh yeah but this doesn't last forever. And then i'll make him angry because no matter what you do i mean these. All kinds of that would get you fired. Up in focused will also make you depressed in all right. Let's just a couple of things we need to That we really need to talk about. And that's what's going on your use. The word booster I'm starting to see start to see a real pan a real pattern here with the With the booster shots in. And what what we're seeing. Is that the advisory panels here also in the united kingdom are saying you know we really should go easy on the booster shots. Let's let's let's take it easy And the governments are our overriding. Those advisory boards and. That's why you know people at the fda are there. They're resigning from these boards but also the same and what do they call it in the uk. j. c. v. I that's there. And that's for immunization for twelve to fifteen year old kids so that they're really pushing that but the booster. We have a problem in the united states. Which is which is really interesting. And it's a rivalry between moderna and pfizer. This is just a short. Cbs report president. Biden's plan to start delivering cova booster shots later. This month may have to be scaled back. Cbs news has learned the top health officials have told the administration regulators need more data on maderna's booster before signing off on it booster shots maybe limited initially to those who've received the pfizer vaccine a key fda panel meets in two weeks to review pfizer's booster. So what's going on behind the scenes. And i think they got a lot of this from axios who would probably know because they're they report democrat more than anything is that moderna also wants the approval for this. It should be the same thing as far as i know. But okay it's for. Some reason is not and they want to do a fifty microgram dose which is half the hundred micrograms of their first of the first to modern doses. And the problem is if if The fda gives booster approval to pfizer modern. At the same time moderna would be able to sell twice as many shots because they still have the supply. So they're they want to cut their supply and half give everybody fifty micrograms stuff by the way we should note. Remind everywhere the prices of these shots johnson and johnson. Then this is. The government. Pays this johnson. Johnson shot one shot. One one shot is ten bucks visor shots or nineteen dollars in something. Each and madonna is thirty bucks each day. So this is really this is about money and when you look at the data and everything coming out of israel in particular. This israel is fantastic. The rayleigh health minister said well get used to it. Four shots are coming and the israeli the green passports now. They've been reissued people extra slots not just an extra slot. Six eight expires every six months. Yes yes this is israelis put up with this. They really pushed they get pushed. Somebody about they get pushed around. I don't know how they do it. Okay so so what we see here. is the pharmaceutical okay. I'm going to give it a name immunity as a service. That's what we have here. Immunity is pharma wants to bride down. That's a good one. Big pharma wants to bypass your doctor and give you stuff that you're not sick of the sick. You don't need anything. Keep giving you vaccines and boosters. And i have a feeling john up to four now in israel where they were they really have all of the data so bad so i i should mention that foul. She was on the face the nation this morning. I didn't clip it. But i i watched it And it was a very scripted thing with some. I don't know asian woman that was the post for some reason and she was just reading from a script and it was just. It was bad bad script and she. The question that was asked was is it. Okay i had just. She says as if i had the modern shot is it. Okay if i have my booster be the pfizer shot right reading it and then foul Says well well you know he goes. He says we're studying it. They wouldn't come out and say it but you can see that they'd like to pull that stunt visor would in fact she's all in on it but no they'd right now no just wait. He told right so we have so. We have a very big problem in big pharma. Land one is. We're having trouble getting these. Advise these damn advisory boards filled with doctors and shit with morals stupid okay. They don't like this idea. They see what's come. I truly believe these. These advisory boards see something nasty and immunity as a service. The new business model on the scene. This is your build back better business model and they want no part of it. The mainstream media is completely all on board of course and they've been giving the marching orders. And i truly attribute this to joe rogan that we need to step it up on discrediting ivermectin joe joe and i were Exchanging memes of him off over the past couple of days of how the mainstream portrays him as the guy who ate the horse paste. I mean it's crazy he camp. He's like. I'm the poster child for this. Then here's a syndicated piece that has centered around two stations. We'll probably have one of those. You know eighteen thousand boxes where everyone saying. You're repeating the same script because this came from k. H. o. u. in houston. Now this is a little segment called the. Why and the why is y. Ivermectin is not the way to go take it away. Late is as the delta ovarian spreads. Why are some patients. Turning to unproven treatments like hydroxy chloroquine and ivermectin researchers can tell you a lot of drugs show promise in a petri dish lab animals. Vince failed to work at human all the time we hear about possible cures for cancer that worked on lab rats. But don't show the same for people without reality of medical research. Is that thirty. One percent of drugs fail in phase. Two clinical trials and more than fifty eight percent fail face three both hydroxy chloroquine and ivermectin showed some promise in the petri dish. Either mechta which is an anti parasitic drug and hydrochloric win and anti-malaria auto immune disease drug appeared to prevent cove in nineteen from replicating and cell cultures. But when it came to clinical trials the results were as good hydroxy. Chloroquine showed no benefit in large trials. While ivermectin trials have been so problematic. It's hard to figure out whether it works or not. Meanwhile there is a treatment for in nineteen that is performed well in clinical trials monoclonal. Antibodies in tests. Antibodies reduced hospitalization by seventy percent in high risk patients and someone was exposed to treatment reduced risk of infection by eighty percents. The key is to get medical advice from a trusted professional not social media with the why. I'm brandy so this is So first of all you heard them say they didn't discredit the many surveys. That say ivermectin is very effective or With moderate confidence. No they said it was so messed up. We couldn't who knows how to figure it out. There was too much crazy. We couldn't fios. Aa goodsell confusing couldn't do it for this part. I'm sorry it just didn't work out that way now. They are pushing the monoclonal. Antibodies which leads me to believe that's on deck for some big pharma. Push well. I mean that's been on. That's been going on for a while. The government brandon though says is expense expensive. I'll price thank you. It's about price well but we still need to tell the slaves that they're stupid. Dr jason mckelway saying patients are packing southeastern oklahoma emergency rooms taking ivermectin doses mid for a full sized horse to leaving. False claims could fight kobe. Nine hundred or so backed up. That gunshot victims were having hard time getting to facilities where you get. The care retreated soon says is now backing up small town ambulance systems to all of their ambulances are stuck at the hospital waiting for the open so that they can take the patient in and they don't have any other lives. There's no ambulance to come to the call nine to come with the call. Miguel says minneapolis. Patients aren't even afraid of ivermectin using it on their livestock. Now they're going to their local stores ignoring the warning signs and figuring out a dosage themselves so some people taking inappropriate dosages have actually put themselves in worse conditions than cocco. Severing nausea vomiting muscle aches. Cramping and that's only in minor cases scariest one that i heard of unseen is coming in with digital loss. Even batterer saying there's no scientific or meaningful evidence that ivermectin is effective against the virus but many store shelves still empty. You'd have to ask yourself if. I take this medicine warm. I going to do if something bad happens. What's your next step. What your backup lamp. So there's a number of studies that come from the national institutes of health. But we before you go onto that this guy at the bill that he cited it on nor gender social one of our people posted the press. Release at the hospital had to releasing this bullcrap. Doctor hasn't been there for a month. Two months no one was turned away. We have perfect capacity now. It's a lie. It is a complete lie and it's been such a center at the hospital. Had to send out a press release saying no and this is the case with all this stuff and we'll go right back to. I'm sorry to interrupt trail go ahead. Go ahead but we have to go right back to january february march of twenty twenty when news reports showed the hotdog all the ambulances lined up in front of all those new york hospitals and the next the very next day. A bunch of youtube bloggers went to those same hospitals. And film them showing. There was nobody there. Those videos were all taken down even interviewed the hot dog vendor guy in front of the hospital who said now now man exactly right. They'd went to be fair he also brought out illuminating lizard. People so it was. It was a well rounded report the data. So here's just here's a couple reports at all in the show notes. This is july. June twenty-first twenty twenty one. It's right there on the national institutes of health dot gov website ivermectin for prevention and treatment of cova nineteen infections systematic review. Meta-analysis trial sequential analysis to inform clinical guidelines. I'll skip to the good stuff conclusions. Moderate certainty evidence finds at large large reductions in kovic. Nineteen deaths are possible using ivermectin using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe. Dvd's the apparent safety and low cost suggested. Ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the sars cov to pandemic globally That's just one. The one that i found rather interesting goes back to two thousand five again from this is from the british metal Bmc what is that. I can't remember this is now well. Here's the study. And this was from two thousand five chloroquine as a potent inhibitor of sars corona virus infection and spread conclusion chloroquine which is a big brother of hydroxy. Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of sars cov to in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells treated with chloroquine prior to or after sars to infection in addition the indirect immuno fluorescence essay described in represents a simple and rapid methods for screening sars cuff to antiviral compounds to. There's a lot of information that was out there. And here's the kicker because the fda and the cdc of course don't communicate but right here on cdc dot gov presumptive treatment and screening for newly arrived refugees. And what do they suggest in their very own documentation. They suggest taking ivermectin. Yeah this is. The bureau is scandalous. Truly scandalous. I know they do that. And i will mention that again. I would recommend people going to iv m. m. e. t. dot com or sixty six studies. Forty four hundred peer reviewed of ivermectin. But then again you go back to the cdc site where they were which has been cited. Where after the cdc put a link to it when they did a tweet saying don't take horse medicine. And on the cdc site they have the sky you know somebody with a horse and then some patient as a same thing very very offensive. But on that. Page if you go to it. There's a link to seventy five more studies about ivermectin on that page. If you read it carefully they never say that. It's no good. No no of course not they just know it's cheap and they don't want to promote it. The indian bar association sue eden the world health organization chief scientist dr sumio swaminathan Seventy one point brief accusation causing the deaths of indian citizens by misleading them about ivermectin. They say because they misled over. Ivermectin that some of the core regions of india withdrew the free handouts of ivermectin. M people died. Of course they did so at least. This was scandalous to do. They have in fact catherine sutton in a bangkok sent me a really clear picture of the of the blister. Pack oh the the the the the fifty cent pack that has everything could save is is now in case you you. You're questioning what the nut jobs are doing with their horse paste. And are they really dying. And what are they doing. Let's go to the numeral head not head not do not job who lives in austin texas just eighty miles down the road. My friend and your friend of the show alex jones as he opened a bag of prescription ivermectin live on the air and eats the ivermectin. Like a good horse should. Oh what's what's all this is going on here here. Let's just opening up for. You didn't get this tractor supply. Because i've been like santa claus taking care everybody hours a day for months. Tejera people overhead shot. Please you know what they're says. This is ivermectin for humans. Want to nobel prize is an anti viral and this year's inhalable or these are the tablets steroids. So let me show you. I was gonna do this anyways earlier. See this she foul cheese this bill gates. I'm gonna kill those prions you bastard martyrs and hit with a bioweapon you monster. You want depress me. You wanna kill me you son of a bitch goddamn demon easy to kill like i'm going to roll over your crap. No just to be clear. He's showing prescription ivermectin tablets. And he's eating them. You'll rogin kick your murdering asked to you'd love to bury 'em to you little monster magnet. He's in this national geographic piece about. Oh i don't usually deal enemies right away. I get them later. Yeah you creep up on with a poison injection pressed up at a lab coat you little. Joseph mingle nuremberg code violating monster. Get damn monster. Aaron cancer proteins like that nobel winning for humans nobel prize winning for humans nobel prize winning for women's nobel prize winning no no prize-winning freedom is what three thousand five nobel prize winning for humans. Joe ruble can joe rogan to. Greg horse is stupid knowledge jones. They're both tom be very funny. Alex goodwill yeah. Yeah he does make the point. That ivermectin received the nobel peace prize in medicine. I think it was the nobel prize for medicines. No such thing as the nobel peace prize for medicine at nobel prize for medicine sorry nobel medicine prize for humans. So you know. There's there's some truth for you. But in the meantime i guess we might as well just roll down all the all the mandates everything that's that's being implemented where the united states is pretty bad second only australia Just a quick little thing here from gottlieb. The fda former fda commissioner dr scott godly who is representing pfizer everywhere on television particularly cnbc as board member now in terms of that september deadline of reporting. Today it's unclear really. May that reporting saying whether or not this is going to be a delay in terms of the authorization of some of the boosters some of the company's products or all of the boosters the way i interpreted some of the reporting is that some of the manufacturers modern in particular could be delayed because the fda may ask for more information. that's how. I read the new york times report. The new york times is actually. They pretty much went into this Madonna thing not quite the way axios did. But it's out there that this is more possibly more about The company's health and their stock price etcetera than the actual Medical benefit of it. But that hasn't gotten through to your neck of the woods. john. Berkeley is on watch. I don't know have you got the notices yet about berkeley conan. Oh let me bring up to speed starting today. Most indoor businesses in the city of berkley required to ask for proof of full vaccination against covert. But it's believed chagall reports. The city is allowing a grace period before enforcement in order to allow businesses to prepare. Berkeley hope department is giving businesses a one week grace period before enforcing its new health requiring most indoor businesses to have customers provide group of flu vaccination against cupid nineteen. Hopefully we'll be able to start before. The deadline on ten michel madison is general manager of seats on fourth and says he is using this time to prepare staff. What's madison says. The restaurant will not turn on vaccinated people away or vaccinated patrons that are unable to provide fruit. We have our parkland and our patio space One hundred percent available to the unvaccinated core businesses. Tuber fifteen to collect the vaccination status of folding in virtually philippe from there. You go This has been going on san francisco and it's a little more strict there the This is these businesses. Have enough trouble staying alive let alone having this restriction put on it. I totally understand that but they may be forced to To enforce no doubt about that will a candidate canada's on the way. I mean i've got a couple of candy by wanted to play this clip here. This is a canadian. Tiffany figure out the non-sequitur in this kovic candidate clip. It's been a vaccination summer for most canadians but as the pace has slowed down the delta variant has kept cove nineteen raging on and in some regions. It's hit hospitals hard. You're in a province. Alberta's gosh when we don't have ice you capacity you know you get into a severe car accident or something like that. That literally means that you might not get the critical care support. You need in order to in order to have your life save so that is the kind of desperation. We're at food. That went from something to something else. Pretty quick we're is disaster and if you get into a car wreck you're you're not gonna find an icu because we haven't got icu's because of the what to do with anything so it's more of the horse paste. Eating people are filling up issue beds. Which of course is complete porsche. It pours paced course crap. Let's go to west virginia. The governor there it. I'm sorry i sorry. This is going to be the whole shaman. It'd be interrupting i. I gotta bring horse pace for a second. Because mimi uses it for For her own consumption on atia is a very well known in its invokes in the documentation that stuff. you buy -pointment is called ivermectin appointment and it's it's into horse paces. That warmer for the horses oral is not some wipe on a horse reduced tidy. Does that warm. A horse. But roy ivermectin. -pointment is the number one cure for rosacea in women and men and she's been using it for ten years. She used to have the horrible rose as she was taken drugs for it. And then cropped up women. It'd happened to the women just out of the blue and cropped up the drugs kinda helped a little bit. But then she found out through the underground about this ivermectin as a Is a is a Saul that is. Rub it on your face before you go to bed cleared right up. I bet also we. I think that The mainstream media has an extra step. They could go in my humble opinion. If they really wanna go over the top because ivermectin pace is pace for a reason. I mean you don't just feed it to the horse. don't you put it up the horses. But i don't know what you do with the horse paste. Well i think we should tell people that they should put ivermectin up there but instead of that's the new no agenda way That were some excuse. Are working on a rogue me. Here is the governor of west virginia. He's going to lay facts on new people and we'll give you a few stance about our. This guy's got some important information. This guy's got dokic bannon token all. I'm talia moat. Motown is in my view on in west. Virginia but west virginia is seeing a twenty six percent increase in positive cases of people that are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks. Was that a gaffe. Was that a gas. Read that one more town. West virginia is seeing a twenty six percent increase in positive cases in people that are fully vaccinated and at twenty one percent increase in breakthrough cases requiring hospitalization for people that are fully vaccinated. We've also seen at twenty five percent increase in deaths of people that are fully vaccinated. Now that's not a twenty five percent increase of the total numbers or whatever. It is a twenty five percent increase of deaths of people that are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks. We gotta get rid of this season work. Well we go talk to that guy right. After they talked to the To the the patriots coach quick follow up cans vaccination status have anything to do with him being released. No no you guys. Keep talking about that. And i'll just point out that i don't know what the number is. I mean you guys can look it up. You have the access to a lot of information. But the number of players and coaches and staff members that have been affected by cove. It in this training camp who have been vaccinated is a pretty high number So wouldn't lose sight of that. Yeah well friend jay. My daughter Kind of her and her boyfriend a couple of slightly freaky they never come over here because is cutting because if you gave your dad jay. We we really he free. 'cause out man we can't we can't be around him so Vit- big vaxxers. Next she's got kobe and and how you feel about. It was the unvaccinated that gave it to her is that is that how it goes because that's alive to can tell the teachings now that's the t- yes you've probably wringing her hands she's so corentin or it's sick. He's worried sick days people. This is really bad. So here's here's what you should not do as this was just a funny story. Meanwhile a new vaccination card fraud scheme has been busted. More than a dozen people are charged with forging vaccine cards in manhattan. Da says the suspects include hospital and nursing home workers and in hawaii a separate incident. Twenty-four-year-old khloe mrozek busted at the airport. Where police say she showed a fake vaccine card. Authorities tipped off by the misspelling of moderna on her card. Hashtag madonna with two as was later trending on twitter and now there's a new variant of the corona virus. The world health organization is monitoring the new variant. More research is needed to determine if it's any more contagious. Yeah so that's feels so planted to me that someone had this fake and so they busted a ring and so this this vaccine ring of which one lady who had misspelled modern vaccination card cards work. I mean what Of course in some states like florida. That's not going to happen. At all. florida's governor meanwhile continues to vow to fight school mask mandates and more in two weeks. The state plans to begin issuing five thousand dollar fines to schools. Businesses are government entities that require proof of cova nineteen vaccination but in the rest of the world. These mandates are going to be a are becoming a real problem Google mandating contractors long from one of our producers long story short google youtube and contractor accenture have mandated the backs to work in the office by the seventh for people seeking exemption including myself They've asked to fill out a leave of absence. Request with no further explanation describing what that entails you can only guess they mentioned accommodations for medical and or religious reasons but have not said what that would mean. I'll keep you posted as this continues to unfold. Also gotten word that apple and facebook in austin are mandating the vaccine as well. I think that this is also a very good way for companies. Who have their business has changed and they may need less employees. I think it's a great way to trim employees without having to pay unemployment tax. Because you can just say. Vaccinated or terminated and several of my friends now have termination slash vaccination deadlines looming on october november. and it's. there's no no exceptions. No exemptions too. Good way to do it you're right. This is a very because this is what the new year. The new normal is less people work. That's what these stock markets so high because they cut their turns out that a lot of dead wood companies work other people to death. Since you bring up the new normal mean. I have a mini cut. Reminding us it's never coming back. I want to be straight with you then will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future. I repeat there will be no turn to the old normal fully foreseeable future. Some people you we are just going back To the good old world which we had everything would be olmeta gain in how we used to the old-fashioned insist is. Let's say fiction grin happen vaccine on its own will not end the pundit just a reminder reminder that's what the elites are saying and those are the elites his this play my cove in canada clip which is a run down. I got from the. Cbc canadians have loan masked up and sacrificed. We've bought time for one of the most successful vaccination roll outs in the world but still according to the latest pandemic modeling from the public health agency of canada. It's not enough. The bottom line is that millions of people across canada remain. Unvaccinated trends are are wrong direction. Pieces of going up hospitalizations in someone. We've seen this movie. Before average daily new cases surging now to about thirty five hundred a day kovin hospitalizations rising to about fourteen hundred overwhelmingly patients who aren't fully vaccinated. The number of canadians who still don't have that protection about twelve million including four million children who aren't eligible but the modeling isn't about where we are about where we're going and vicar dope shows us. If health officials are right. It may come down to this either more vaccinations or more restrictions if these any country related to the to the to the royal british crown there. They've gone off the rails. Australia is erect. Yeah australia. This is the premier of new south wales. We have to do things differently. Managing pandemic we can't pretend that the rules that exist for health system a guy to sign in the middle of the west bit of a major outbreak in a pandemic. So we just want to make clear what people can and should expect over the next few weeks so there's no surprises and also the confidence that if you do the right thing. There's no reason why you'll end up in hospital austrian side that because sometimes obviously delta dillashaw doesn't provide the symptoms in and people don't even either have the disease until it's until it's The symptoms are made available. I say this that if you style. Chances are you weren't nate hospitalizations. This is so reassuring if you stay at home and you're vaccinated symptoms are made available. I say this that if you stay home and you're vaccinated chances. Are you need hospitalization. To consider is being and to feel confident that the health system is there to take care of you. I don't even think that's a gaffe. I think she means exactly that because she knows the vaccinated unvaccinated. It's just as contagious for both. However again and even push back on one of our producers as it. Show me the data of severity of sickness. Because that's one data point. I can't find it keeps getting said. Well you made. You may get it. You may transmit it. I mean you may get. You may get sniffle. You won't be as bad. You won't have to go the hospital unless you live in west. Virginia you have to go to the hospital which wrong with them. You might have died if you in west virginia so it must be something with them in particular So now in new south wales they've implemented the tracking app and it's a contact and tracing application. And if you have been paying in another ping democ down under then you have fifteen minutes to take a selfie. Show where you are Yu-gi-oh locations so your. Gps coordinates are sent along with it too. They know that you are following the rules in and doing what you should be doing. And you recall one of our producers sons. Got a He got a the father. Got a contact alert on the app. Four days after his son apparently was exposed to something in day care and but the but what. The app did was sending messages to him with The wrong first name so he said okay. I'm just gonna ignore it. See what happens. Well we know what happens. Update and i have it here. He shows these These messages this is an msw health reminder that according to our records you should be at home in isolation you were required to respond by visiting. And there's a link to let us know how you are. Thank you ns w health so update. The police came around yesterday to check if we were isolating. The cop called me from the car while i was taking a dump. It was not interested in eyeballing meet to check. I was home. He was in uniform but not in a police car. He was being driven around in sydney in sydney trains. Vehicle for some reason. The impression i got was he was just ticking. The boxes say that he checked on me but he really didn't care again. He knew nothing only might phone number and had the incorrect name that they had for my son more theater so says as we've discovered delimited three text ignored because he shows the three on screen. Then they come in check but they don't even come to check they. Just give them a call so again. It's like no consistency. it's bullcrap it's not is not really theater. It's theater well. You know the thing that if you were mainstream media editor you wanted to get your reporters to do something interesting. And all reflects everything. We've talked about find out why so many doctors and nurses in particular nurses in particular aren't getting the shot we talked about on the show all the time. They're walking off the job. Yeah getting an with with no no unemployment benefits no benefits no safety net. Nothing and they're not getting the shot. Why why so many in healthcare these aren't the boneheads. Eat you know that ivermectin crackers. These are people that are trained in healthcare. Why are they not getting a shot specifically find outlets interview of you know. I love that. Sweden has banned travelers from israel. The israel the most vaccinated country in the world. Now working on four shots with boosters. No longer welcome in sweden starting september six due to the record-breaking rice and covert nineteen case so yeah There was one other. I had here that. Oh yes so i. I can't find any real confirmation on this. You know the keys as they call him. And that's with es The truck drivers have have closed off the entrances into new south sydney. Certainly but new south wales in general all of the roads leading the just blocked it. That's still going on From everything i can see on telegram groups do not seeing it in the mainstream and so the the reporting i'm getting. I'm not sure if it's a complete. Is that new. South wales is considering Different vaccination rules for truckers to. They may not have to get vaccinated so they think that they will get the truckee to open up the roads by saying well. You guys won't have to be vaccinated. you'll be exempt. I think they got another truck all day. Our damage he knew. I think they got another thing coming if they think that's going to happen. What happened to our truckers. That didn't do anything. They didn't make it happen on the thirty. Or if they did. It was unreported. Completely and i i think i would have seen i can see a freeway from your needs to happen is we need to the needs to be more visuals of this happening in Australia no online with needs to be pushed more. I think the truck drive the biggest problem with the truck drivers right now in the united states. They are making out like bandits. They are making so much money. The ones that are driving. He's just insane so they really don't feel like doing that In france though people pushing back on the vaccine you know the the the sanitary passports as they call it passports. Sanitaire to their hand. They're they're just storming into malls without showing a literally are just walking in a huge crowd of people might have been five hundred that i saw maybe a little less and they just walk in the cops are standing there in front of the shopping mall escalator and the people. Just move forward in the cops. Just backup up the escalator at people. Just move for numbered completely outnumbered and done and that's probably where we're going to have to take it everywhere in order to we're we're not france and it's not gonna well no us but you said to me that the american people when it comes to their their the business of america being business and other taking away people's business by mandating them out of jobs something's going to have to give. This is not happening in every country the way it is in the united states so i agree some might give but the thing is i don't know i i have different not complete. Okay i mean the the only thing we're supposedly good at is boycotting with our dollars and our feet. And i'm not seeing it. I'm not seeing you know. So i look at. I won't fly with airlines. That are mandating vaccines for their employees. I was like. I'm not going to use financial. I don't want financial institution anymore. Really they're not gonna use financial institutions that mandate vaccinations or or the platform people financially. I mean we have to certain point. We gotta start doing that or these. Just take over our lives. I mean it's making people go crazy. Let's this is dallas city council meeting where they get three minutes. I have all three minutes. You can stop whenever you want. This is someone who called in during the they did a. I guess you could do it in person. Also on zum stein. My name is alexander stein. I'm calling from highland park. And the reason i'm here today is we need to take a page. Mayer johnson. Out of new york spoke and we got a mandate vaccines. Because right now i am losing housekeepers left and right because listen every time the services a housekeeper to my house and they test positive for current ivars. I can't have them work around my kids. I have two trans kids in my house on puberty blockers and you realize they are vulnerable. Immuno-compromised we need more people vaccinated. I voted for joe. Biden's happy that we're getting more migration to dallas but until we mandate these vaccines. This guy is so good is the best troll. I've ever heard no phony. No he's troll. He's trolling listen to him. He's doing a good job. It gets better to trans attack. Get creative in the new york. Giving one hundred dollars plus free hamburger here in dallas type urban. Kfc we give free tacos in the latin martha the latin markets. I'm telling you. I've had multiple housekeepers die from the delta area and that is so hard on my children in daleks because what nine year old when they lose their favorite housekeeper when they lose pusa recipe when the service sins the next worker that housekeeper doesn't make recipes for my kids are going through a total terminals. We haski creative and we had to go into the gay community. Like you're creative idea. Since you're the first openly gay mayor of dallas we ought to do mayor. Johnson's free johnson and johnson. Busy gay meaning like the double entendre. Also like a drag clean storytime where we can have a free vaccines. We're can have drag queens reading children and then we could just have this open air market of cleanliness and not a bunch of people with germs. Had governor abbott. Is that everybody's going to get sick. Dive delta let's get vaccines and vaccine will work unless you are vaccinated so we need to stick needles. And aren't we need vaccine mandates. You shouldn't be able to shock. You shouldn't be able to work and you shouldn't be able to go to any of these sports especially high school football without your vaccination and we need you being a gay icon like yourself in the gay community. We need you marriage is. You cannot protect these people without the vaccine. Not enough people are getting it and now everybody that doesn't have the vaccine is making me sick. I don't deserve to be sick. I followed the rules. I'm do everything right and until you make vaccines now. He's just stretching busy camp believe he hasn't been cut off yet he just goes and i think we need more of this. Show the mirror because this is executive possible but that guy is talented. He's he's not a comic he might as well be he was ever class clown of his office and he's a snide he's also prick and something so the snide son of a bitch love it but so you can't have more of that. There's just not that many people that are capable of doing what that guy did bright. Well i don't think i could handle it. He kept going man. He was dressed burn. Fire people like that are official. No agenda joke writer. Marty higgins He can do that. It doesn't the forty five seconds. Just let the guy round out. It's so good mandatory. I'm gonna keep on losing housekeepers left and right. And i just can't do that because that is so hard on my family. It's not fair to my family. So until vaccines are mandated. We're gonna keep on having people get sick. We're gonna keep on having people die. And i'm telling you i can't i can get it's easier to get my nine and eleven year old on puberty blockers. It is to give them. We have to make it. Okay for five year olds. Twelve year olds to get vaccinated. We need more vaccines now. Vaccines are the way out of this. Till you make it so. We can't live this society without a vaccine. You're gonna have all these people with their fake vaccine cards their anti masters addicts ruining everything for us. And let me tell you something. I'm not going to stand here. And just let everybody live their life. Well i got my vaccine. And i was sick for two weeks after my vaccine and i did it. Because that's the greater good and sadly we have a bunch of people that aren't willing to mandate these vaccines so we have a bunch of cheaters. So pleased mayer. Johnson johnson johnson and johnson in cedar springs. Thank you karen. Hughes thank you karen hughes. Meanwhile and this last. I have one more to come. This stoppers again. We gotta go back to this guy. What do you do. I d- city council meetings everywhere. And they do this. They give it usually as two minutes. I'm surprise it was three and two well. Dallas everything's bigger in texas. Yeah i guess so What do you do what do you do you know the thing is the problem. I think you have a liberal mind. Has this problem. And it's worth discussing do you. Are the guy really just a trolled. Just playing with you. Because it's like what if what if he does have to trans kids that are on puberty blockers and you kick him off is not. What makes good isn't that. What makes it so good. Yeah that you're in a be between a rock and a hard place you don't know 'cause the guy played is straight up. Everything he said is true. I got. I got the vaccine shot. I was sick for two weeks but everyone should and he just goes. It's really. it's everything that we've heard in this political cycle of cova clear what that is from people. This is the schoolteacher. This is the schoolteacher. She could have had a ramp like this. And that's what makes it so genius is when you put all the things together. You just listen to a like. Oh my god this is. This is crazy blood hominy. Let's bring up Additional small point which is how many people do you think. Listen to that seriously. I was looking at room and there were a couple of people who still thought it was serious. Like a minute and a half in poor man who can't keep a housekeeper. They didn't say that they said he sounds like you. Serious which is what makes it good. So there are two things to wrap it up for me. the Blood donor study estimates. Now that so this is Let's see who did we make sure In journal of american medicine jama published on thursday that according to their blood donor estimates over eighty percent of american adults now have corona virus. Antibodies typically in the medical community of of of your of lor. We would be celebrating what we call her. Immunity eighty percent. Data is that we are. They have i think we. I think we've been there for a while. Yeah they'll be some more pockets. I think coming up to to stretch this thing. I'm convinced of it. My thinking is still take it to april next year. But in the meantime they're gonna come up with therapeutics visors one of them. They got the pill they got the prep pill dacoven pill and merck's going to be the other one because merck is two guys i think are partly responsible for the development of ivermectin. So they're gonna come or something to be didn't zinc it is it'll be zinc maxon seed. Don't come up with better than his zinc mechanism. But they'll all come out. And then the transitional take place and then because of the therapeutics l. dealt back off on everything and we'll be back in to build back better normal awesome time next year. Thank you and thank you. Note there popping that early to john. I'm telling you you are right. They're doing it too early. They are forced to do it. Because of hani stan and it started. I think it was thursday or friday. The crypt keeper herself. Nancy pelosi was in austin texas. Why was she in austin texas. Good afternoon everyone thinks much joining us here. I'm we'll depraved k. A. and austin we're going to go live now to a news conference happening here in the capital city. Where house speaker. Nancy pelosi is joining austin. Us congressman lloyd doggett to discuss healthcare legislation related to the build. Back better act. They'll have more information about those proposals in. Just a moment will also come back in a little while with reaction from republicans life behind your back for someone so this is super interesting. The bill bag better plan which was being muttered over a year ago. Which i think this show identified as one of the first in the world that this was a global meam and Into quite a while half a year at least for people to kind of catch on that this was not just the usa but now we find out that the three and a half is sorts of brand branding exercise the three and a half trillion dollar Bill the reconciliation bill which will not be named of. What's really in it. That's now being called to build back. Better act and i have three quick clips of the president explaining it spooks hurricane. Ida's another reminder that we need to be the next hurricane and superstorm are gonna come and they're gonna come more frequently and more ferociously. I've been working close to the governor and our colleagues in congress and both parties on my bill back better plan that will modernize our roads. Our bridges are far system. Sewers and drains systems and power grids and transmission. Line to make sure they're more resilient. I walk through the backyard's here so many telephone lines are down so many telephone poles are down so many of the of the way which we transmit energy is lost because all wouldn't telephone poles underground or secure costs more money. We got not just bill back to what it was. Put the same polls up. We got a bill back. Better out back more resilient early and we gotta make sure we do the same thing across the board. Now notice nancy. Pelosi is an austin talking about the healthcare aspect of the bill. Back better plan. That's their bailout. They are going to bail out these hospital systems which fired everybody in round one. 'cause there was nothing to do they furloughed them and now. The hospital systems are collapsing collapsing onto themselves. With with with the with no people to work and people who don't want to work not just people who don't want to don't want it here to mandates people who are tired of it. They're tired of the end. It's mainly i would say. Nurses the most important factor in a in a hospital system is the nurses earful. Am i operation from a nurse. How they keep you alive and one of our producers and i have two more those bill back better clips but it's all about infrastructure. We can laugh about it. But i i wanna play this. Do you remember the hr lady we had. This was back in june and she was doing success Succession planning for oil and gas companies. Remember here's the clip. And just think that she may not only be working for oil and gas companies. To this day i am running a global gas and oil recruitment firm and the reason that this is important is because of what i am seeing as an executive in this industry happening right now as a result of the kobe. Vaccines in it's something called succession. Planning basically what it is companies need to plan for. What's going to happen as their staff. Move on rather they move up the line. They retire and succession. Planning is something that i help companies with professionally by offer them Recruitment services a low. Come to me. And say hey. We're going to need one hundred guys tino staff this rig so on and so forth and so we'll provide them that service will what's really interesting. What's happening right now. And it's actually mortifying not interesting. Executives are having their hr staff and their managers superintendents mormon. Go through and look at the staff that have received the vaccines and they're planning to have to replace them all within the next three years. Remember no no. I don't think so. Imagine that's also taking place for hospitals and might have been taking place in june now whether it was. They were only looking for people who had the vaccine or not. I dunno that lady could be full of crap. I not i think at the time i did look her up. She is. She does do what she claims to do. it seems to me like the the may be all kinds of work behind the this. This is your great reset and it's being done by the. It's not just one global command. Is everyone taking advantage of the situation. These hospital guys. they're ready. They are ready to get bailed out. They want universal health care except you get it from the private hospital system and the government pays them directly. And that's just to keep you after you've gotten your immunity as a service vaccine in case it doesn't work and then all the other stuff gas and oil while gee maybe it's because of the build back better plan which apparently means we're going to put the entire transmission grid. Everything in the world underground has few days of hurricane ida the wildfires in the west and the unprecedented flash floods in new york new jersey unprecedented other reminder storms never happened classes crisis are here. Ooh he had another one of those l. problems. He did it again here comes. He's extreme storms. The crime crisis here need to do better prepared. We need to act on. Congress returns this month. I'm going to press further action on my bill back. Better plan gonna make historic investments in in electrical infrastructure modernizing. Our roads bridges water systems sewer and drain systems electric grids and transmission lines. Make them more resilient to these. Superstorm and wildfires and floods are going to happen with increasing frequency ferocity. We're reminded that this isn't about politics. Hurricane i did care if you're a democrat or republican these guys have done so poorly on ida only thing that's happened is we've got new orleans on the news and meanwhile producers who are in louisiana who have had no food supplies. No electricity probably no potable water for at least four four days. Now i think They say that they're not going to get any kind of reserve of service restored for at least three weeks because there's no one working anymore. There's no one who can do anything. They're all seen home going on my problem. They supposedly brought in a bunch of people from out of state. Well i'm getting very distressed emails from producers and we don't know what there's nothing there's no news no fema. It's only only new orleans that's what they host who sells generators seems to be the there's your investment for the future bill back better. Put a generator. Now's you can't trust these people. I want to say a couple of things because it keeps cropping up about this idea of doing underground everything never more about that. When you're ready to play it. I we have a significant piece of legislation both infrastructure bill. A budget thing reconciliation bill that calls for significant investment and being able to deal with what is about to come another words for example when you guys are putting backup those high tension wires again and that's working. I can put up the same exact system and got us going to have to build a better and its resiliency. And so i just want you all focus on and as you take a look and i'm gonna presume the send you copies of this. Take a look and see what we're what we're suggesting makes enough sense to you. Not whether it's not money or not or doesn't make sense. Does it make sense for example coming in seeing all the polls down. Well you know. I mean we build back better. I mean we know it's underground. Health cost a lot more money but guess what it saves money long term. Oh no that kind of stuff that goes across even you. The high tension across the mississippi like it did once in the delaware river which is held a lot wider mississippi. Where it's you know. And and so we have to seems to me. We can save a whole lot of money in a whole lot of pave pain constituents pain before we build back we build it back in in a better way better. I love the part where he wants to put the actual high tension wires the really big mama's he wants to put that under the mississippi river but is at eight eighty. What is the voltage on those things. It's unbelievable the Sir sir ben protected the megawatts. He'll he'll weigh in on that for sure. Give an inch information. You know the thing about if you put that underground it besides one backhoe just hitting it as shorting out of the world that will light up the back home. i'll tell you melting boiled the river. Any it's just stupid but even the regular stuff that they put in the neighborhood which they do and brown here. We have a half of the half. Our towns of the east bay are arrive. Tap telephone poles and then there's a lot of areas where there's all underground and the underground wants always have internet issues because they put the internet cables under there and the water seeps in and it just grew up on the internet in areas where they have the underground cables as opposed to the like in front of my house. I've telephone poles which. I don't mind but sonic comes in with the with the gigabit line and they say string it on the pun the polls they pay per view talking to gain about this. You pay a purple fee and you hook thing on her. Hangs and you know you got into maybe a bundle with somebody else's than it's just a. I don't know with easier to easier to repair. Just throw the repair. You can't repair something. It's underground without digging up the road which requires control and approval by the government. Yes that's true. You don't need to go to the poll. I still just can't get over the actual high-tension wire and i'm i'm hoping august number. That's gotta be gigawatts of of energy that's running on that shit or megawatts for sure. Can't just put that under water of i mean i don't know much about it but it seems like a very inefficient way of working and that is an ain't that the truth though man in amsterdam you want anything done. You have to wait months for them to be able to get permission to dig up the road to for anything additional. You are so right. New services can't roll up quickly. Unless you know you have to fiber. it's total. Lock it but it is here where we live. Everything's underground go. Figure stupid hickson hill country gets too stupid and they want our power. You can't put a t- there's no woods can't make it wooden telephone pole. You can't stick in the ground khazal sand texas over. Yeah that's exactly what it's like out here. I'm glad i'm glad you know what you're talking about As a just a cursory note we have the the unemployment benefits ending the ended. Yesterday i think in the united states which means people will start have less money at the end of the month with unemployment. They may want to go back to work as we drove back. From dawson airport on friday. Picking up the keeper sister staying To the weekend so we stopped i. We stopped at a dairy queen. This was dripping springs which is outside of austin. Their ice cream machine was broke. Which is i thought that only happened. Mcdonald's which by the way. Have you viewing following that the mcdonald's i'm going to actually have something to say about that Sleaze please i mcdonald's machines or breaking left or supposedly they have been forever for years. They've been breaking well. Have they really been breaking. Is the question that came up on of all the shows. I watched a complete episode of gut field. Okay so gut field had cat. You know the discount easy as temps. She's very funny. I don't think he's and a couple of it. Turns out that almost everybody at on that show had worked in the restaurant business or at a mcdonald's yeah that's that's yes and she point and she's the one who initially pointed out he says you know when you work at mcdonalds. I guess she worked there. She says you have to clean to a bunch of clean up afterwards and and these machines are such a pain in the asked. Clean that you know. It's better that you clean them one night and they say oh it's broken and never use it for a week if you can so you don't have to clean it anymore. Really intro whole thing is an employee scam while you know that there's a lawsuit now pending an true legal law investigation the company that makes them apparently they had rigged them so that they would break at regular intervals to keep the maintenance contract going. Well it's a double whammy did can be anyway so that whatever the case very queens airs okay. But here's what. I did care about too. Then we went across the street to go to burger way stopped dairy queen. That's all they do. I know mcdyess bird no they. They sell burgers. they do. But it's not a burger place like mccoy's ice cream. Exactly yes ice creams larry queens and that was broken and then we go across the street to water burger and they and the lady said well and there was a huge line at the drive. Drive-thru bike around around the building and stree- long as we go into the dining room. I say burger. It'll be forty five minutes. We don't have enough people. oh okay. Water burger doesn't have enough people paying. Now it's mo- out here the paying twenty two dollars an hour for wait for waiting on tables plus tips. Water burger I'm not sure but They've all had to up their game. So anyway What we talk about. That's i guess as we had ice cream machine bitching and moaning about your drive back. That's right that's all. i was doing. Who cares here's my plan and assigned to call on the dude's name ben and bernadette because you know the dudes and do debts we need to and i'm not advocating for anything. I'm just saying if i in a perfect world. I could envision making sure that. I'm not instigating anything. I could envision people taking over hospital management. Just going in and saying sorry. We're taking over your hospital. I could see this happening with school. Boards it already is. I can also see the dude's name ben and do debts named bernadette disrupting transmissions of mainstream media. I've i've said this is going to be. They tried a little bit with the With the ransomware. And we've got to stop this. It's the messaging it has to stop. We need to take down satellites website role rooms. It's not a lot of work not we're able to take. Everyone runs on microsoft. Come on. that's unfortunate fact. While there's a lot of issues with microsoft that can be anyway. I've always said the dude's name. Ben who's gonna save us and we'll see if they do because we're gonna need some help pretty soon a you don't know what do you know this is. This is going with cliff here brock. You get teachers something. Except i'm infected in the opposite direction. We have no one left to do anything normal before we take a break. I want to read a note from our one of our homeless producers from saturn lizards. Remember saturn lizards. Who did the crazy as video vaguely here. No it's local. That's why i need wishes me. Happy birthday he said. I was in austin for you for a few weeks. I flew back to jersey to spend time with my daughter. And i'm going to colorado to camp and get high rocky mountain high. This what you do. When you're homeless you see and possibly crashed my air airplane into the ocean. He's doing john. Donvan dungeon john denver. Joke a meeting up with a friend. I made an awesome. He's going to travel through colorado with me. This dude looks like tommy chong but with a lazy. I even sounds like him. People were even calling us teaching sean. I didn't like austin. I slept in the streets. That's no big deal. Because i'm used to it but it didn't feel safe. I was hanging out with this other dude named easy. He told me he kept getting mugged and jumped. When i got there. It seems the homeless. Don't mess around with the tech fake liberals with money but they have no problem messing up the new homeless people or robbing them. I saw no interaction between the two. It's two separate worlds by the tech people. I noticed those phony liberals walk right past you and make comments but it won't look at look at you when they do it. These guys walk past me and one of them said everyone's pissed at. They're turning that hotel into a place for the homeless. Be look pissed off about it himself. Austin has the worst. listen carefully. Austin has the worst homeless situation of seen in all of my travels and he's been east coast west coast south everywhere. I'm sure you know i noticed. A lot of them were high in psychotic. I only see for that from time to time and other places they watch you to see what you got. Good we in austin though. Bought some from the brothers off sixty because they had the good ship. So can you believe that all of this virtue sailing and they still can't take care of their homeless in a proper way the homeless eating each other. So yeah i see problems. I really do. Yeah in the wor. Yeah and that guy himself said awesome the worst case scenario. And that's what's affecting your brain gano. It's proven industries in san francisco. And i'm not as down on it as you don't get out of the house. You're not allowed anywhere in anymore. You got you got no card. Don't don't pretend like you're going anywhere divorced act. Don't give me that way you're staying home. Staying fit with no ham. Radio renewed license and with that. I'd like to thank you for your kurds and say in the morning to the man who put the sea in the climate license ladies and gentleman john c. Back in the morning to you mr adam. Curry also in the morning to all ships at sea both underground subsidy or or substantive. Water dame's the oregon feet dna nowadays. Tonight's out there in the morning to all of the romano trolls. How you doing talked about the trolls all morning. We'll see if there's enough for them to count on their so hard to count. Will you let them scurry very difficult. We have twenty three zero eight today. John good number. That may be close to the record. Are you look at the record at twenty three sixty eight zero three sixty eight. That's the troll room. You can find it at troll room dot. Io and that's where you can Troll it's a chat room the very basic you can even use your own. Irc client if you know what that is to connect to it and there's always people in their well. They're not really people there trolls and you can chat with them. Hang out troll. And there's also a livestream which is courtesy of no agenda stream dot com and you can listen to the show live recorded. Live straight to tape no mess. We do it live and you can do that for many other. Shows dare kneel before the rock pre stream that nick the rat on wednesday nights even saturday nights Just go into dot out. You'll see it's great. If not where you can always do is follow us. A no agenda social dot com if you just like a more social Social media type necker experience only ours special because we use the federated montana network with mastodons servers Nanjing anyone can connect to it. And there's no algorithm and you can give complete control over your own experience and you can follow me at adamant no agenda social dot com. John devora at no agenda social dot com and you can sign up and follow us from pretty much any mastodon account anywhere in the world. It's a great system. It's what twitter should have done years ago and let us thank networks for the album art for episode thirteen. Seventy eight one of my favorite titles. You're boy. Amy is what we titled. It just made me laugh even seeing now and to have the networks vacs match which was also a possible title candidate as the art just kind of brought it all together is we had some discussion about the art was to call out for darren o'neill's happy fifty seven. It was a good piece that i almost use it in the newsletter. To but then again. I couldn't pass up Capitalist agendas girl writing a microphone fantasies. Well it's the newsletter. It's a little different than the album. Art and There were a couple of things that you like. You didn't like this piece initially because you thought it was too narrow because it was a mocking a magazine or actually mucking a phone with the swiping back and forth. And you thought it didn't take up the page correctly didn't really portray the phone right but the idea. Maybe yeah there was a. I didn't have any argument but the but the art was so good in the small touches like the black. I that was good. That was was good. The vat which would is kovacs is at. We're calling it. Backside backs i and then it was other stuff. I personally liked the black balls from correct the record. I thought that was but that wasn't gonna fly under any circumstances. All's what else was there was something you really liked. It didn't heinz fifty seven. We talked about Just as as an option could we birthdays and special occasions. We usually use that. We didn't so it's okay extremely vaccinated. Kiss ma now. Who did that one. That was tonto. Nail was okay. There was some thought there was something else that we looked at. I see on page to hear anything to. I just looked it was something i thought that was well. We thought the joe rogan experience was cute but only for us. Because we're not going to do that anymore as you know as you know with a horse Our show at the joe rogan to nothing and there was a lot of art. The this is the one that was it was. I wouldn't say it was all mediocre but it didn't have like normally we get to one of these is like oh there's four good pieces are we have to choose from it. Wasn't there wasn't for good pieces to choose from. I i just. I like the grow in the microphone. Like from a capitalist agenda and i like networks piece big ben networks one because it was more thematic the cap the girl on the microphone just pure cheesecake. It wasn't it was good cheesecake though. He's very well done. you know. I didn't think fifties heinz fifty seven was gonna cut it. Because it just wasn't i would mike is. It wasn't as pure are as the girl at the black guy well. We are very pleased with the outcome. It's it works again. I got a lot of people saying best art ever. It happens all the time networks. Congratulations thank you so much for the artwork for episode thirteen. Seventy eight if you would like to see all of that. You can go. To noah agenda generator dot com. You can contribute. Anyone can be an artist on the show. You got just as much chance. You'd be amazed. How many first timers coming with something boom. So good is keeping them going. That's really hard. that's what i think. Even ness works in the as heart is very hard. These new guys won't be around in two months and that's just from his elephant and that's just from the delta variant let alone the artwork if you're using a podcasting two point oh app which is saving and extending podcasting from the evil throes of big tech like they tried to do it. But it's not. They can't really pull it off by stealing it. Thanks the decentralized nature. Another one i think is in the app store and that is cast a matic and that is for ios. Only for you a toy. Phone people. And i heard someone say that i thought was kind of coop casta matic now. also has streaming value for value and chapters and many other features. And it's in the app store. A lot of people are always hesitant about stuff. That's next test flight. But this is actually in their made it. We congratulate them Check out more apps it new podcast apps dot com meantime. Let's go to the one at the teas of our time. Talent treasure where we thank our producers who are completely and solely responsible for producing every single episode of the podcast We're going to thank some of our executive associate exects off the bat. And why don't i start with a saka. Six six six six dot six six. From joseph heister and joseph says joseph rights while listening live on september second my dangerously delightful wife emily donation of three hundred and thirty three dollars and thirty three cents in my name. She's the only person i've ever been able to successfully hit in the mouth and for that reason alone. Why married her just kidding. He says. Emily is the amazing mother of our two beautiful human resources. Jacob and jacqueline jack lean the no agenda has been the grounding to an out of control electrified world. We all live in now your show coupled with the no agenda network has provided us valuable resources if counter argument as well as mental health we live within the blast radius of washington dc. I like that as a term. I live within the blast radius of austin and we are inundated with fear politics since education and critical thinking are a scarce commodity the deconstruction you provide in the community. You built our breath of fresh air. We cannot thank you enough. I've been meaning to donate for over ten years. Finding finding every excuse to do. A sex is the best you could do then just not committing after driving down the road hearing my two year old mumbling i. I'm kara john's john. Dora i realized. What a douchebag. I really am. Luckily emily helped push me over the edge. Please accept this donation of six six hundred sixty six. If you could spare us penny we'd like to ascend to knighthood under the name of sir emilo sive by got the penny. Amy elusive please deduce. Wow lots of stuff. You needn't here today. Sprinkle little karma. And if i may ask please play the long forgotten bought dinner. Gilligan's island song. I've only ever heard at once on the show. Never heard it again and i am sad to report that i looked for this. I remember the song kind of i was unable to find it. I don't know who did it. It's i think sounds like a. I don't know who did it. Am i feel bad about it. Because holy crap wasn't that a good one who sit down into the to who of this one though it's another installment of i can do karma maybe phone boy confined forming my dinner with the o. Butts yeah it was the gilligan's aisles. It was a. I think it was under show i ca. I can't find it. I can't find anything under dinner under island under gilligan. Under oh botts next on the list is anonymous five seventy ninety-three no jingles karma. That's the way we like it. A happy birthday. Adam made this year of having a of living under the ferment. Be the best one yet. Thank you very much judged firmament vermont i absolutely we have once again proof the firm exists i get to it in the second half another shorty cer- kevin of the burning river. Five hundred seventy dollars. That's good Happy birthday adam. Thank you for your courage. No note no requests our that love that a harris. I'm sorry sarah hamry hambro another short one. I'm gonna let you can read the long. Thanks three ninety seven sixty two. She's in seattle item to you. John an atom just donations do acknowledge network september seventh birthday networks september seventh birthday. Please credit him with the donations. Switcheroo awkward now hold on a second networks works. Let's leave credit humid donation. God happy birthday nails for nels. Now snow sales not sure of his talent quote unquote. She has d. Dushi him so him. So all i'm sure okay. Let me read this correctly. awkward not sure if his talent deduces him still please manually deduce him. You've been deed douched love from your biggest fans d. s. h. That sub segment of the show going very nice very nice. William ackerman checks in with three thirty. Three sixty-nine listener and douche since early twenty twenty please deep dish me expand deep. Douched shop is called paradox. And we sell glass. Cbd crate him and vape supplies at our three locations. In the greater portland's we do not follow fewer brown's illegal mandates and we welcome naked nostrils in our shops and individuals. Living outdoors are exempt. Anyway so just identify as such. That's good that's good loophole. And by the way just a just make make this On the show because we don't talk about it enough mimi's always complaining about. Where's the dead homeless people. Well where's the dead homeless people and be. Why aren't they requiring the people to get vaccinated. They're out and about was because they don't want to lose them. Where's the outrage. Don't you get the outreach. To the dead the homeless. where's the dead. The dead homeless. He's annoying things when the truth is right in front of your eyes yet cannot be spoken. Our business and industry as a whole is constantly under attack by the state and the feds and now the fda is going after crate him yet again. Pushing the world health organization and un to schedule it internationally. Visit protect dot org to submit a public comment and opposition. It means a lot to all the people who have found relief through this natural plant product in place of opioids especially relevant with the afghan debacle. I still have. I've yet to try them. But i do hear a. We've talked about it. In the past a lot of people who no longer qualify for opioids or just wanted to not take opioids. Really found a lot of relief in them. So that is you can make tea a special on it. Yeah well we should try it. Why don't you try it and then we'll say you try it. Thank you for everything you guys do for humanity and sanity in a world gone mad plug you guys to anyone everyone who's receptive at my business with my family infringing request sixty nine dudes all load while fees little. Go yay. Give you the whole load. Today the whole load is received. I will look for l. alexa. Delgado iu continue. We'll see lee north from papillon nebraska with three three three fifty seven. Let me see. I don't think i have well. Maybe you can look for his. And what i'll do is i'll roller next one because This next one is from the one and only nussbaum nussbaum news only work the grand duke himself checks in and says happy cake day. Adam had many great talks at the hot pockets tour in the dc event. And the austin. Meet up i'll be in texas soon. We'll give you hala beers always. Cold coffee's always warm here at the in the hill country yes or nussbaum you just let us know there's nothing from an alexa about lee lee from mean the problem. Is that the problem with a lot of people they they don't it's just no it's just it. We don't have a lot of these emails because they don't use their names in the emails they don't put it in the quotes or anyplace else in. It never shows up different at the same here with there's nobody to name North anywhere my email so well so All three of these executive producer. Alexa delgado lee north and thomas nausbaum all came in with three thirty three dot fifty seven signifying my birthday. That is very very read. Tyler selby's next and Tyler is also throw. He's three thirty three thirty three classic and chico party town california this donation from my beautiful wife. Tina selby who turns thirty three. Oh now the thirty three On september seventh stunning to me. How many people turned thirty three on this show executive producer credit to her and please add to the birthday list. She's on it the light of my life and pregnant with our first human resource reverend l. Thirty three's a magic number and a big happy birthday tina from john. Happy birthday tina. Espn ct doesn't badges karma aubrey barnes in ogden. Utah three thirty three producers ships for my smoking hot husband. Isaac barnes is switcheroo. I believe he's the absolute best thing in my life next to listening to the two old dudes podcast twice a week. Old dudes dot com. I consider somewhat competitive with the no agenda. Show wait a minute to old. Dudes dot com. That's not us. Oh maybe it is. I could be wrong. Let me let me tell these. Add him to birthday list. September fifth a little house buying karma to top us that we got that for sure got karma i have here Alex mcintyre from the twin cities minnesota three hundred thirty three. That's your Executive producer number shadow to my lovely friend. Ashley for starting the douchebag in train however the buck stops with me after being called out as a douchebag this past thursday by my considered friend marina by figurative. Men's needs to be made however two marinas dismay my friend tasha and i were never officially douchebag. So if you'd be so kind as to bag us then deduce do shelves for a first contribution that would be greatly appreciated. Russian salvaged a what a russian sell a russian sell a cell as it. Sounds like after being holed up at my house for over two months of the start of this plan dynamic. I started to truly questioned the cova narrated narrative or as four says. I'm not buying it. I had a pivotal moment in april. Twenty twenty where. I sat on what i feared was a potentially contaminated park bench and walks to guy with this dog approach me. I viewed the stranger in his dog as a possible threat to my health and safety which then realized how was overrun with irrational fear. And all of this cova craziness was messy with my psyche of come along way since that turning point so thank you both for being a part of my journey to never viewing human beings walking diseases again but that for that. I'm incredibly grateful that my friend marina and her brother john hit me in the mouth last year. I can honestly say this show has permanently altered the way i perceive in deconstruct media sources. So thank you both for your wit candor and courage. Keep it up i request. Screw your freedoms shut up slave jingles to counteract all this mandate hogwash as well as jobs karma for tasha marina and everyone else in need of employment change. Thank you very much for your courage. Grew your freedom. Flagpole jobs jobs jobs and jobs. That's i associate executive producer. Is jacob long in lindenberg for pennsylvania. A two six nine six nine two six nine six nine love is lit to our mouths hitter sir. Jd sixty nine forever. Shot out to art tuesday crew. Jim bob reuss reba in hunter s. Pau per parson hunter s. parson. I guess that's when somebody's name. Keep an eye out for an na. Meet up coming to twelve mile radius of say. It's sometimes hard to read these sentences coming to the twelve mile radius of delaware. Make west virginia the no agenda state highway dude. A awakened fest two. Oh two by psych code will. I am wearing my essay on west virginia. My alma mater and wearing my salem college hoodie. And when i say motown. I'm talking about morgantown i think's possible west. Virginia's a good vibe man. I've been there nothing wrong with sir. Oh talk who's next. The duke of northeast texas and the red river valley k. Five easy seventy. Let me three to five seven five seven flower mound texas. Happy birthday adam. Here's a little flower mind. I've been to flower mound once. It's a big mound. Where he gets is a bunch of dead indians. That's no morgantown. Happy birthday adam. Here's a little something for the show in your birthday now. You can afford to take part in the doctor. Fouled she action figure kick-starting body. Such thing. i need one. I'm surprised there's not already a doctor fallacy action barbie doll doctor dr snow carmi seventy-three so sir otahuhu duke northeast texas in the red river valley k. Five cs z. Seventy three degrees. Five alpha charlie charlie and by that by that by terry niebling one of our favorite numbers. This is our third associate executive producer for today's show. Two three four five six. Hey guys after waiting to many months for my joe biden tax return. I was pleasantly surprised to see more than expected deposited. Thanks to the human resource credit. You're media. Deconstruction is not only kept me sane throughout the past years provided hours of stimulating conversation with my smoking hot wife because couples who know agenda together stay together. I also want to call out. Aaron abramson i should do these all in order. I guess almost second. I also want to call out erin. Abrahamson eker news. Nick blacks rudd. There's bags it's been a while boys. Aaron hit me in the nose. I'm doing my voices it's good it's been awhile. Boy is aaron. Hit me in the mouth in two twenty twelve shout out to the camp thirty three reeducation bus blacks get-well-soon. You know we'll keep this short. Loves lit seventy. Three's please don't find that exit strategy djing requests sixty nine sixty nine dude boogie boogie and do you see that juiced. My wife wrote this love. You guys t. s. n. St huge scott karma. What does the. Why are there so many sixty nine jingle request today. That's three random number theory reason. Nothing sorted on nuts nuts forever. Ever of the watt in linwood michigan to ten twelve A forty second anniversary shot out to my bride. Kathleen to afghanistan Rather peaceful forty two years forty two years and they never had fights ever of the watts. Good work i'd say kevin matt's is next another one in north sandwich b. c. two hundred dollars and thirty three cents. Thank you for what you do. Adam for those of us learning dutch. Could you please help us with the correct pronunciation of this phrase. Justin trudeau is is in potter. Dental notes l. u. l. at the and try again Powder dan tad. It was hard for me to hold that in. They wanna translation or the pronunciation. You got very close. John justin will get no he wants to translate pronunciation. I think i'm guessing that the that the translation is something lewd or you wouldn't be giggling. Yes you came very close john. I'm proud of you. Just i'll do the whole dutch pronunciation just through though is imparted lual. Justin trudeau is in part to go again. Well it's good and there you go. That's how you pronounce it fantastic. Thank you very much kevin. Matt i'm not gonna translate. There was no request for that. It was only request for pronunciation sir. Looking at as we speak sir lightly control room remo have they know sir. C. h two hundred dollars and two cents to oh dot two donation due to adam playing my shitty three by three jingle once but not not once but twice. Yes that's when i pull the wrong one. Evidently associate eight c h. H made this anyway. Says i laugh every time. If jcd could say matt as douchebag so i could ice oh it out and send it to him until he donates. That'd be great. That is all matt. Is a douchebag nice sal hauser of the three twenty one from india atlantic in the atlantic florida. Two hundred dollars associate executive producer but this donation is for alex salazar. Okay now the switcheroo authored low at now. This is sir salisu. I'm sorry sir. Salazar alex or alec already been put on. No wait may no no. It is this thing. it's a family member. It took three years of trying to convince them to listen. Now he's on the hook on the best podcasting and universe jingles. Beaches are open while normally hi sir salazar with. I think it's i think this is meant for alex. Alex is a family member. I'm pretty sure. Don't you think this is one of this is one of our nights saying. Hold on a second you know. This guy's finally doing something. Cooky make sense so decide now okay as for would just the name that will be listed. We'll be Alec salazar yes. The beaches are back up. And i am really high and he finishes with love. You guys mean it was bad. I know that some couple of weeks which arose that came in somewhere on those later. never mind bill walsh. Meanwhile not the football coach and wayland ontario canada or welland. Welland two hundred dollars This two hundred dollars is in canadian dollar arrests usual. Please read 'cause it's been up. His under sixty dollars in our money is one hundred zero eight. Sorry that's how bad it is one hundred sixty in Was one sixty two. Gye said joins sir. Saturday and his band the west clark. Seven for the world premiere of the second episode of sir saturday night in the morning where his guests will be. Sir sir sir sir sir seats center post of absence six pack On this episode sir. Saturday and sir sir seat sitter. He's tongue-twister discuss geopolitics. And then chase the dragon around it. All goes live after the episode of the no agenda. Show at sir. Saturday dot com. You love you want it for christmas. Love bill saturday so there you go. I told you no agenda. Stream is is interesting. He's all kinds of crossover here from the app. We have so many shows that are running. All net is and that is our last executive associate executive producer of the listings. I wanna thank each and every one of these people for helping to make the show a success make it possible and make us wanna do it and a apologize to cynthia's halter who i've Mistakenly did not do or make good on thursday. Show this thursday though. That's today the second one. The sunday i will do it here it is. I hope this email reaches you guys that you can make good on my donation from episode thirteen. Seventy one he. We're still trying. I've been trying to reach you guys for few weeks. Apparently our emails just can't play nice together. Finally we connected. Sorry about that cynthia. Thank you for all you do. She says i had a lot of thirty. Three's appear in my life recently and figured that it was time to donate. I humbly request that you d douche me incentive goat karma my way deducing always happens. I can get my here. We go spend deed. Do addition please call out my friend. Hans owl as a douchebag incredible work. Cynthia sculptor adam. Thank you for pronouncing my name correctly. No one ever gets it right in the states. Where you're at the right podcast. Cynthia thank you for your courage. You've got and thank you all of our executive producer and associate executive producers for this episode. Thirteen seventy nine of the no agenda show without you would not be possible. And that's not just treasure that your time and your talent as well if anyone else would like one of these executive or social she executive producer ships. It's not that hard you could find out how by going to dot org slash and not for nothing. The best podcasts. The universe with the best producers. We thank you all are formula. Is this we go out. We had people in the mouth just by the way You know megan. Kelly wanted me on the podcast. Megan kelly show was very excited about that and You remember what happened. That's what happened with the with the booking It was during our show. Well she said so the booker. She has a professional book. And she's very kind. Very flattering or. She does this before. I left for the netherlands in. She said well you know. What days can you do in august. I said any any days except thursday and so she said how about thursday. The came right back with the thursday. I'm like no. I can't do that to win back and forth. So what could you do it from europe. Yeah i can do from europe. Just give me a time. And we'll just not a thursday or sunday for that matter so okay we'll get back to you so yes they finally get a reply. Just let it sit there and now it's like well. Can you be available on tuesday at eleven thirty eastern which app cool. I'm ready for that And this will be about thirty minutes and here comes the disappointment on. Megan kelly's new show on sirius. Xm gonna get any audience. That's what i'm saying. I have to do it. It's like an audition. I guess. I got to audition to get onto the real podcast with her. That's not going to bring in any one. Well what are you might as well do it. I'm just going to do it. And just say. Is this an audition meghan for the real podcast. Probably work on that. Maybe not a good idea. Salter probably think about that. You're thrill here you're thrilled to meter. You've been a fan since she was at father of her podcast. She's podcast fan of the podcast. No no no you got it. You have to be a fan boy. You have to be a fan of everything and be a podcast key. Thinks of herself as a low. Life is a podcast. And that's what she's trying to move. Sitting serious is a step up. I'm telling you. I know these media people you do too you know that she's needs flattering. You're right my gosh meghan. I've been a fan ever since fox you know and your work on cbs. It was really groundbreaking. Nazi nbc. We're to work. I don't do any of these suggestions. You gotta help may i. Have you gotta be telling me what to do. I need it. Might need you whispering in my ear. Thank you pete caucus for the following domains now fording to no agenda show outbreak dot info. Kobe twenty-three dot info kobe. Twenty four dot info sars cub dot com and sars cov- for dot info thank you. That's working ahead brother. I like it. We are truly from the future. Visionaries only viciousness. Listen to our show canary visionaries. It's true they are. We have just the people from the future you were asking about. Ferment i is what is that well. I'll play this clip. And then you'll now explain what the firmament is fifteen million dollar failure in the debut of firefly aerospace's unmanned alfa rocket thursday's launch and california's seemed okay at first. But after reaching supersonic speed two and a half minutes later the rocket you can see exploded well known is investigated so this explosion. If you look at it is not just an explosion for those who follow the firmament. I theory of which i am a student. I am not a body or teacher. i'm still a student. i'm still learning. The concept is the earth is a flat disk and we have a A dome over the entire earth. That is the ferment. And what happened is the rocket was trying to get through the firmament. This is what they've never actually gone to. The moon can't get anywhere and so what you saw was the explosion when it hit the ceiling. When it hit the firmament. That's that's what happened there of show you got at this firm you can look at all the ancient drawings they all show kind of the same thing this show like snow snow dome like a snow globe. O that rocket just proved. I'm not making a big deal out of it but show me show me get past the firm and i'll stoffel so we're talking about nutty things. Yes i do have to buck. Short biden clips. Oh goody that are just kinda goofy okay. I got his dumb comment for making sure. This kind of relief is equitable for those hardest. Hit the resources. They need have to begin to them. Let's do that the resources or the need to. We're going to be getting that to you. People soon you'll resources you need. We'll get the people from fema who are not in new orleans are people are people are not doing well and then we go to Just this just a little short is a very short ramble. We know for a fact if underground. They're secure costs more money. We got not just bill back to what it was. Put the same polls up. You got to build back better. I kept but the same polls. He's polls bad build back better. That's all that's all. The guy does have trains good no polls bad. He pulls back underground better bill. Back better man has been a lot of crazy social justice warrior stuff about this black lives matter the. Nfl has now announced what social justice messages. The nfl will allow on helmets. This season. are you interested. They never used to allow anything any messages on the helmet or on the body or on your face paint or anything else but now they're allowing it why well the players will be able to choose from the following messages for their helmet. Decal and racism. Stop hate it. Takes all of us. Black lives matter inspire change and save their stories which isn't even english. What does that mean. Say their name. Tell their story say their name say her name. Additionally babbitt wanted to put ashley babbitt. On somebody you're on kerry weaver gary weaver. Now you're talking. Gary webb so i have a couple of afghan. Yes i just wanted to give you the last two Additionally the phrases racism and it takes all of us will appear in the end zone and less another yes unless another 'cause like the salute to service game being promoted. How about that. I don't watch football for political messaging. Hello i'm not gonna watch football anymore if they're gonna keep doing this. Let me do two more before you go to afghanistan jamaica all the us embassies. They were flying the pride flag along with the. Us stars and stripes air jamaica. Is there people outside the embassy and they're mad and they're saying that flag is not allowed. It's illegal it's cultural imperialism. And we don't want it. You know the jamaicans jamaican are not on board on the lgbtq ip to two and they also made very clear that the that the us embassy does not have the legal right to do that so they want that to come down. See how that goes. And then this was the the The noodle gun of the day. As far as i'm concerned if you could not have a more poetic politically correct company than apple. And here's the note. Tim collins got from apple employees amongst other things in the note And this is just the second demand calling for the company to transparent liveable equitable and fair compensation across all of apple in part by auditing all promotions and performance reviews for gender racial disability and hetero normative biases that may lead to or have lead to wage gaps and a lack of opportunity and compensation within the company in each part of it. The workers further asked apple provide a transparency feedback. Loop into how. These issues will be addressed long-term within the scope of inclusion and diversity in you locked in loaded in joy your policies. Tim cook what you dad was. You just read the death. Epithet epithet epitaph epitaph yes for Epithet to to some extent it through You just read the death notice for apple. I think so too because the they cannot stop it now now now. They're going to have to do all kinds of what they should do with. People like that. Who ever sentence should track him down and fire him but they can't do that. Because there's you know it's an cooper president might hurt someone's feelings as an aside you know. I'm very close to somebody who worked at an apple store dude. It's it's crazy. They're ask anyone who worked at an apple store what culture is really liked besides all the clapping and the standing in line like little good soldiers. Everything you say to your colleagues scrutinized how you say it when you said it. They also time you entirely for how fast you process order. They are a slave form of epic proportion. They just have nicer clothing. If you call that nice clothing well the blue shirts. Yeah that's that's new uniforms and uniform and it's not all that great kids apple retail is hard ass business and they take-no-prisoners the whole thing is like the whole apple of empire is guy is always crumbled from inside out. It doesn't have the outside. Nobody can compete with apple. Let's face it okay. Well done a better job of marketing. A better job of everything. But it's gonna it's always from the inside out rot starts in the core. Are we shorting apple as of today. No my no no. But i'll tell you what i've said this before you short apple when the stores start to close got it and not not by. Don't mean close and then build a bigger one right there in the same spot. I mean close just one store. One one store closes in one location. Don't return with another store. Dan you start to think about it and then you did is going to be bad when it happens. You got to wonder how those guys still have employees so afghanistan. So i have this new theory. I'm gonna ride it up. we left. We left all the armaments there For the for the afghans defeat. Fight to chinese when they do their belt and road. This is a this was a scam. Yeah you mean because the because the taliban out saying china is our main partner. And here we go. Let's listen to some clips. Victor davis hanson. The guy from stanford harvard earth to hoover institution. Yeah he's a good guy. He's a smart very intelligent guy in here. He is discussing the taliban arms Sorry i'm not. i'm not seeing which clipped. This is supposed to be under. Victor under victor. I got if you look at all the military a that. We've given israel. Since the founding of jewish state this is about eighty five percent of that over seventy year period. We're all worried about the aircraft carrier gerald ford twelve billion dollars the most expensive aircraft carrier in history. We have had seven of them for the price of money for the price of weapons that we've left in afghanistan. We talk about abrams tanks. The the weapon depot that we left in afghanistan has equivalent worth of three times of all the abrams tanks. That we've ever we've ever deployed we've ever had in the army and then finally we're all upset about the f thirty five fighter. The ninety million dollar boondoggle. Some people think it is. We could have had a thousand of those for the amount of equipment. We left in afghanistan. So this is the greatest loss of military equipment in the history of warfare by one power. It's absolutely staggering. And yet we take it so nonchalantly the people responsible for this should be either fired or resign. They've done so much damage to the united states and they've been powered a pre civilizational Terrorist band into making them into a considerable. You know militia that will cause havoc for the next twenty years. I'm looking at some of the stuff that was left behind. I wanna just read a few of them. They left behind and by the way thirty three. Am i seventeen choppers thirty three blackhawks helicopters Forty three md five thirties. Little the little helicopter on. Are you familiar with it. Yeah of course they left for. Why did they leave these. They were trying to get everybody out. But why did they leave behind. This is simple questions should be asked. Why did they leave behind. Four ce one thirty transports us. That's the that's a very valid question right there. Why weren't those packed with people in flown out. They they left behind twenty three embraer. That i'm going to stop because this is a republican party talking point and i gotta push back a little. Also victor davis hanson. I saw this segment. You can't trick me. I know where you got it from you got tucker you cut it out. You just pretend like it wasn't tucker i. I does from tucker that clippers. Because it was because he tucker was interviewing him clearly on here not see anyway. No it doesn't say that on minuses. Victor davis hanson. top running. i was running out of i. Got other tucker's it's not the point. First of all. He did make a mistake. It's not the ninety million dollar Joins georgia yeah. But he's he messed that up. We do not leave so we do not take stuff from the theater of war. We left all the stuff in iraq. We left everything there. Because there's one simple reason. Besides the chinese thing may be true maybe not. I'm not so sure we never want to bring stuff back. If we're going back to war we have to make new. Hello that's how the military industrial complex. We'd never back this point. We brought stuff back in droves from world war two. Let's talk harry complex. The new one since iran. We know bringing stuff back. We didn't bring stuff back from iraq because we needed to start isis isis. Needed the gear. But will you agree that the military industrial complex doesn't want us bringing stuff back. No i i know. They like to make stuff. But you don't leave for c. One thirties agree. One eight cessna. Two eight you. Don't leave twenty two thousand hummers. Twenty two thousand hummers forty two thousand trucks. So what does your point. You're outraged no. I'm not i'm telling you. This is a setup. these left behind on purpose. Of course the whole thing is a setup scam bitch about the republicans. The republicans are the one moaning and groaning about this. Let's listen to this clip. Here's the bbc irritated about this and this is a that's under the clip afghan ripping caliban bbc. It's been a constant refrain from western capitals since the taliban captured kabul nearly three weeks ago they will be judged by their actions not their word sand for all the talibans words of reassurance to women since they seized power their actions today were perhaps a more accurate indication of their intent. Doesn't women activists took to the streets of kabul demanding the right to work and for women to be included in the taliban government but they were met with violence by armed taliban militants. These women explained together with a group of our colleagues. We wanted to go near a former government office for a protest. But before we got there. The taliban hit women with electric tasers and they used tear gas against women. They also hit women on the head with a gun magazine and the women became bloody. There was no one to ask. Why hubbub negative for the purpose of gathering today was to get our rights the right to education and the right to work. We gathered yesterday and today to defend our right to education and our children do something this gathering was not just for ourselves and even though it has been nearly three weeks since the taliban seized power. They've yet to announce a government and they've yet to overcome the last open resistance to their rule in the panjshir valley north of kabul so and afghanistan's neighbor pakistan which was one of three countries to recognize the taliban the last time they were in control in the nineteen ninety s the head of pakistan's intelligence agency isi gentrify hammeed has been in kabul for talks with taliban officials. This whole thing was set up by palm peyot and trump but mostly pompeii or. I don't even know what trump is aware of this. This is the end is all done. Is all my god that you know we. We always leave our stuff behind into the when the chinese get mad about it. The chinese put together figure out. What's going on here. They're gonna you know it's gonna be what no it's just an accident that we left a hundred sixty. Two thousand walkie talkies behind is only an old. We left three hundred fifty eight thousand assault rifles behind. We just we had to leave. They were forcing our. We've got nothing to do with it. It's this biggest scam that i think they've ever been pulled off. Afghan play. this clip is another one. Afghans it says soils weapon. Cnn upon row of sophisticated assault rifles at boxes of pistols ammunition vision equipment videos posted by the taliban online in recent days boast of what they say are there seizures of the assault rifles in the afghan city of herat and at kunduz airport armored humvees by the dozen some mine resistant ambush protected. Vehicles called 'em wraps costing half a million dollars a piece. Even a small drone these are the potentially lethal spoils. The taliban are believed to have captured in recent days from defeated afghan forces weapons made in america supplied by the us to their fallen afghan allies. Go on we have everybody's in on the on this thing. You're including tucker. Carlson and i do have talkers. Flip here. This is actually greenwald on discussing afghanistan and gra- glenn and tucker are in cahoots Here we go with green wall his commentary so it's a little weird for the news organizations that repeated uncritically and not just on the left. I i hate to say it but almost all of them just repeated these this kind of happy talk about how afghanistan was progressing for twenty years and then they whip around and are shocked that actually. It's a mess and always has been. There's some dishonesty there isn't there. The whole thing was a fraud and you know you can go back to things like in two thousand eighteen. The washington post publishing. What call the winston papers. There's now a book out by the reporter. Who broke that really important story. They did a good job on it where they obtained secret documents going up to twenty sixteen into the obama years where internally they were saying the exact opposite of what they were saying publicly about the ghanistan just like they didn't vietnam as real by the pentagon papers they were saying to the public as you showed. We're making great progress. We have faith in the afghan national security forces internally. They knew the afghan national security forces were joke. They were filled with literate people. Who couldn't do anything with drug addicts or people who had no interest in fighting would disappear soon. Got their paycheck. The whole war for years and years and years was ally and so while i do agree. Of course their ineptitude how we withdrew the fact that we withdrew because two presidents i president trump and then president biden ensure that it happened is something to celebrate in large part. Because it's the first time. In as long as i can remember as these people what i do know is the deep state that manipulate us all the time that lie to us all the time for their own benefit have finally lost and the media is turning against bided not because they suddenly became fair but because they've been in bed with the deep state that's who fed them russia gate. That's who fed them all the league starting the trump ears and they're angry on behalf of the faction that they genuinely serve x. Put an extra data point that we can analyze this. I got a note from ceramicist dog patch and lower sla bovi about afghanis. And because i'm the one that's been saying that this training is bullcrap. I saw it in iraq and makes no sense if people can't speak english or any of the illiterate general they can't read a right and they can't follow any instructions. Complete mess So the afghan national army. What is that really. And so he looks at the which by the way the durand line which was kind of drew the The border between honeystone of honeystone and pakistan which was just driven just drawn right through tribe tribes like on a year. Now you're afghani now. You're pakistani so a lot of this area is is tribal complete. I'm reading from his note. Now completely isolated uneducated illiterate and many people. Practice customs passed down for generations. They have tribal wars. True blood. feuds kill over land disputes and family insults and protect their lifestyle at all costs. Most are honorable in their own. Sense of honor like killing over insults but certainly some tribal leaders have become enriched beyond measure from intelligence agencies maluku stan. That's india the k. In isis iran. T. t p that's The us to keep the roads. Open are not big secrets. And they recruit the poor boys to do their bidding an eighteen year old with a wife and child that are literally starving. Promise they'll be taken care of if he puts on a suicide vest. Water is choices cost about two thousand dollars. The price of a kalashnikov training. These men is extremely difficult. They cannot read to. How do you use a training manual. Have them watch and record license plates or even vehicles. Some could better identify by horse than by car. The race to be fearless warriors in their tribes yet are mostly young. Have never seen a movie eating at a restaurant or been with. The woman accepts sisters and mothers. We focused on educating the girls and women yet they marry uneducated men such as these and the next generation returns to the standards. It's far more complex than these simple lines. But some things. I do know. In the western educated industrial rich democratic. Weird people. Do not understand this. I got acknowledged that we really have no idea. Just what we're being told. But if this is and i and i agree with you. This is Pompeii oh he's the one that brought in all my colleagues art the longtime negotiator with the taleban going back to going back to zig new brzezinski With the mujahideen keywords. In on this they had the meeting in doa So what is this was the cia who gave me because it can't be it can't be the military so i know cia. Nobody you said trump. i don't think trump is a part of this way. I said trump. I've said i did say trump. I didn't i think i push back on that. I don't know. I said i don't know if trump knew about it is good because i think it's just purely peyot purist on pale came from the cia. Became to guy no. He never left the cia. That's the boy ever. You know exactly heads never do. That's what greenwald always likes to claim. I agree with him. The wall street journal this morning. Then this is being ratchet up so this is part of whatever. This game is part of. It is take out biden. This is the wall street journal. Us spies didn't cause kabul to fall. The biden administration apparently wants to make a scapegoat out of the intelligence community to we. Don't even have to read the article to understand what's going on here. The wall street journal. I republican. Party is pitting is ratcheting up. The fake republic will whatever. You know what i mean. It's it's all fake. The only people that are real everything else is fake everything we have to. I think with good reason. We have to assume that everything is up the news media and everyone in there playing it against the public and we out white it cut through it. It's hard of course it is does where there's two of us so then. It was so when you get this thrown in here. China will be our main partner says the taliban i think that's i think that's propaganda. I'm not so sure this has anything to do with china. China was better off with us there. They could mine piece. you know. Do some stuff because we were protecting. We had the country under control. They have no. I don't think they have desire to put all these unless they want us pakistan as a as a proxy but from what i understand from logan in we run. The intelligence community runs pakistan's entire intelligence community as well so what what is the deal other than making terrorism great again because that's what all the the hill country patriots of talking about about the afghans out at least ten of them were on a watch list but one of them was wanted for terrorism. So is that being imported into our country is that what it's about the deal was done. I said early on that. The cia did deal. That's when the whole thing you know decide. Let's get out of here and they're still there and it was hinted by shep smith and clip. I played last For he mentioned the cia and they don't wanna talk about it now. I think there's enough. They decided they look at it and they look at the situation. Look we got our we loaded up all three hundred thousand of these afghan soldiers. They didn't do crap like you said and you witnessed says than on him says so. These guys can't fight. The taliban guys like to fight pretty good at it. They can hold their own. Let's give them the guns and weapons and see how many of them and will keep a bunch of of an. I've said this before. And then i kinda backed off on. Then you reminded me the we've got a bunch of Mercenaries there this is. This is the main point. This taliban point in maybe we've got two point. Oh these are trained. They're indexing their firearms properly. They've got they've got a spokes whole who speaks to the press. Who does press conferences since when that happened so we got which is really the giveaway spooked him right there. One hundred percent so the whole thing this whole thing is a giant somemore soured and you notice the things. They didn't leave behind. I mean they left all the stuff behind but they didn't leave any stinger missiles or anything that can take down an airplane that by omission. You're so right it's all digits because they're taking all these play some yahoo what's this and he shoots and brings down a one of the blowback. Did the c seven. Did they leave any crackles. Any of those those containers on it. Where's the bombs where the ordinance by the way. There's it was selective what they left behind but they left a lot of trucks a lot of vehicles and they can drive those no matter how illiterate they are. They can talk on a walkie talkie they gave him a lot of those sunglass. Those glasses hundred twenty six thousand pistols went yards did oakley did oakley give him a the oakley gives taliban's glasses how under armor do they leave any under armor stuff. I mean come on. Let's where's where's nike league. Lasser to get three pair of the three pairs and they get and he. Here's a giveaway. Since we've been doing this show terrorists and crazy people in the sand drive toyota trucks okay. They don't drive hummers. You show me. Toyota's i'll believe these guys are terrorists. They don't switch brands like that. They're all well this because it gave them the hammer got they get free hummers. They got they want. Toyota's they trust or they got a bunch of chevy trucks. Forty two thousand dry says give us give us the landcruisers. They don't want the ship. It's not his semi truck perfect gift for free. It's taliban chevy truck month. Everybody todd on track month so this is okay. So the thing. Let's now let's just look for one second and what we can expect. This is a this is a huge problem for by the military. Hates him the rank and file okay. They already hated the pencil. Pushers the general austin's in these kinds of jokes is so media. All media is pushing back on biden. Because i think as you point out is that they always have gotten their information from the intelligence community because they're one and the same yes totally. The here's the clip glitter released of this is a pbs clip. This is called polls on biden. Yeah okay let me go. And we are reminded of what what sacrifice there's been at polls at our hearts president biden in explaining the reason for leaving afghanistan. Said he didn't wanna see any more bloodshed from young american men and women and as much as the american people seem to agree with that. They are saying they don't like what happened here. At the end there was a new poll. We did with the news. Hour did with npr and marriage showing what thirty two percent approval. Sixty one almost two to one disapproval. What do you make of this. Say about the country. How long lasting is this. Well take that last question. I how long lasting. We'll this disapproval. And i don't think it will be long lasting at all. I think it's possible. And it is possible to disapprove of the way. The united states withdrew from afghanistan while still supporting getting the troops out in the washington is a washington post. Poll that is out that actually lays this out quite perfectly seventy seven percent of those surveyed support withdrawal from afghanistan. But when asked do you approve of the way the withdrawal has the president has handled the withdrawal. Only twenty six percents They approved. They support withdraw. But they don't approve of the president's handling of it and fifty two percent disapprove of the handling of it but they support the withdrawal. So that's why. I say this is a momentary blip okay. Let's see now live a couple of things that you're going to predict what's going to happen. I believe you're going to see. The taliban actually gets the few americans left. They're going to help get them out. I think you're right as promised. And so they're going to show that they have their word of honour doesn't mean a few marketing to get beat up by some punks doesn't mean Different but you're gonna hear interviews of the people. Some of them will get out and you okay all right. So what you're saying is the media will actually report and allow a story to come out about the taliban helping. Yeah because i'm doing one thing it'd being reported as another they're gonna what's gonna be one of these is going to be one of these side reports that comes in after the fact everyone's gonna just a relaxed people a little bit because right now. They're going reserved with the historical reporting like the bbc. Report about the women. Getting beat up beserk. So we it's going to get it because you get back off this story. And let let whatever's going happen happen and let our people this the intel guys that are running the show over there now. They've taken over the place the way i see it Let me A couple of things putting so yeah. I think pretty much anyone who needs to get out. We'll get out and there's people all over. I know people very nearby me who are doing that right now. Who are working in all kinds of This fledged deaf. This flights going in qatar united arab emirates is flying in now. That's not reported but the you know now there's commercial flights or at least commercial aircraft going in and they're going to get everybody out and that's not just going to be the taliban it. May tom action not do anything. They may just be given the credit for that. What if us ability to. But i should mention if you listen to some of the right wingers. Hannity dare going on and on about americans left. Dc the same memes. Right right wingers. Americans left behind. They're going to be held hostage now. That would have happened already now. So let's look at this from another angle. What if this is trump. Let's just look at it from a trump angle. What if it is. What if this is trump. That the did this. He somehow managed to Have it some place the military i would say the pull this trigger to this takes place and maybe the maybe it is. Let's just say trump's behind it. What whatever his if. It's his sigh up. What is his gain. What's besides getting joe out. They'll be the only one. I guess just to get biden out. He's got he's i think he's got any real angle here has got to be just pure pompeo cia. I think he convinced trump. That is a good thing. And trump went along with it but honestly get being trump's plan. Personally i don't see it. I mean if i'm of course you're you're asking the right question but you can't come up with the right answer because there's no reason for it. Well the only one is the theory that he runs for the house be And and then joe gets twenty five and then the the actually because joe will get the twenty fifth no matter what Then they only have to get rid of Kamla i believe these kill. I don't know this. We should have a betting pool on not not advocating for for violence. But i'm just saying how. How does he get removed from office. I personally think it does a camel cameras team does it. She only has to get a couple more people joining with her. she has with. I'm putting this down. He's going to resign. Yeah that's the way to go before the twenty fifth is implemented. Yes resigns. she'll take over and they can throw the twenty fifth at her or they can impeach Which i think is what would they would be more fun. Okay here's the scenario by resigned is the republicans take over in twenty twenty to buy it. Did they take over in. Two thousand twenty. Two camera becomes the president. They impeached because now they have the votes way. How do we impeach her. Because of her. Cackle cackle the cackles is a million ways. It's naked dave impeach trump for never a phone call. They can impeach her a million different writers and they also but they have to impeach and then they still have to vote to get her out in the senate. If that have enough is going to be tough. Pass it won't get her out. They won't get impeached for sure right so then then then only two years. I don't know it seems like a seems like a lot of a lot of Open ended shit in that strategy. Well these things is just like you'd be lucky to get by. We need it was trump needs to do something. And i'll tell you why the people i know are going now that you know now it's like not only is trump gonna come back and it's going to fix it and this is desperation to some degree. But also john f. kennedy juniors alive. He's a part of this Mcafee is alive. He's working on it. John mcafee fees not alive and john lennon is also alive. I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding. You this is very serious. Some people actually thinking this johnson's alive. Yes the same people. Yes but that's okay was such a blowhard. When he was alive. I would you you hear from him by now. How about epstein. This is the one. I want no one ever says epstein like come on people mcafee man his to his a telegram channel is great keys mean. They've got all this. You know releasing torrance with in your with the encrypted code and it's like a thousand photos of epsteins island from when when they were building it when they were building it. There's you know it's keeping the nut balls busy while it's not Unaware that the texas hill country was filled with them. Do not not balls. These are my friends. Shut up divorce like these are. These are great people. These are great people. My people out here be kidding me. We're ready for everything and anything. Jon jon can always stay in this in this bedroom. Always welcome any kid of kennedy is welcome here. I'm going to show us little by donating to no agenda. Imagine all the people who do. Yeah that'd be mom. And yes it's show twelve with his twelve seventy nine. Yeah sure. Twelve seventy nine. We do have a few people to thank increase. Somebody wrote a very long note here. You might to look over Is like glasses melanie. Parent in la- lady smith bc. Canada one thirteen seventy nine and switcheroo. Switcheroo is put in or not well is for Please shen my love of my life. Mark who celebrates his forty second birthday tomorrow. Yes and we will do a quick deducing for him as we do that. Martin douched marked. Karen kay onward pete federal each e. One hundred eleven dollars in one said iron eleven dollars hundred eleven dollars. No sense barron ball. I wanted to say something Bob smiley needs some jobs conifers. Smoking hot partner. Who will do that at the end. Barron bob smile in holland. Pennsylvania john rubin hundred dollars. These are one hundred dollars. Michael gaston in charleston. South carolina adam lambert in port arthur texas patricia. Pamela mcclain in fort worth texas. Jeffrey brother I'll argon i wanna buy would say allen away. He sent note actually loma thabit here. Song and bach. I think it's like bow pronounced the bowel. He wrote a note. He'd handwritten note to those to you. John devora from jeffrey dion dog. I was recently introduced to your podcast. It's fabulous when rush limbaugh died. I thought my trusted source of information was gone forever. I now have a new source of information. That i trust thank you. I'm anti mask and vaccine free. And i live in florida. Thank you nice. I love that shot up. Look this is who. i am. Take floor jacksonville. Beach back jacksonville. Jacksonville beach down the coast. He's living it up. Lily patching santee california ninety three sixty four. Stephanie sykes Pritchett colorado ninety three fifty seven jan leclerc l. e. kevin okay Ninety three dollars. These are all happy. Birthday adam calling. The love rana missouri. Happy birthday ta another news bomb from virginia beach and he says an-another to outages. I one matthew genesis ninety. Three ashlin davis eighty-five sky scott of the tall corn in davenport iowa where there's a lot of talk corn eight. Oh eight robert patch eight or eight in santee california music for as zero good hot wife lily patch. 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Trae watson Cook in verd- bullard beaubourg verdes verdict verdict texas and villarroel villarroel blow by david. H in san antone loretta vandenberg and provincal louisiana. Indrek joel joel link gelling. And he's in o. Yali gays in the netherlands and last but not least william dole gay in bristol. Ville ohio wanna thank. These people are making this show of big big hit. Hey kids thanks for making it that be your job a make good here for combat rock of the audio of the idaho highlands apparently the hollywood producers He says thinks. I and my wife are nuts for staying. Rv's while building our house and barn. Do we ought to do this one. No we do. We did his original then. We did the follow with brunetti saying he was nuts. Now this is the follow up. I'll start again. Apparently the hollywood producer things. I my wife are nuts for staying in. Rv's while building our house and barn echoing the sentiments of john indicating that this endeavour would surely end in divorce murder or the abandonment of human resources to the wolves to this. I say bollocks my vegas vixen and i can whether the storm with a plumb american says bolic's or a plum yes. Yeah that's why. I'm so wish the brits man they're used to huddling in the in the in the subway. I'm so assured in my resolve that a wager. A bet with dana in the form of dame drive. If when one year's time. I am still blissfully married. He will have to donate an executive producer shift towards my keepers damehood. If not or if my children turned feral pictures of my children. Turn fair. I will donate towards his keepers. Damehood pecan respond with a donation to the show. He promised was imminent three shows ago. That is a slap of the glove. If i've ever seen ah sounds like graves. Lay down the law. 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Keep track of it before when war breaks out and thank you for supporting the no agenda. Show another Accumulation of a thousand dollars. It is so much appreciated. Now we have Two nights two nights for today and they didn't ask for any special stuff at the roundtable. I'm just realizing is plenty of stuff at the table. There is okay can la. Actually we've got a dame talk radio. Joseph heister both of us step up here on the podium. Thank you so much for supporting the no agenda show in the one thousand dollars minimum. That brings you up to the roundtable. The nights in the dame's are here. And i'm very proud to pronounce the has dame erin the breastfeeding mom and sir deaf. Both of you. Welcome to the no agenda roundtable hand for you. We've got her persson blow rent boys and chardonnay. We've got cookies and vodka ship and came breaks. Got onion rings and ice cream parlance and how we got hit suburban cases sock the botkin vanilla in drammen gerbils pablo from new dame and mutton and mead. Paul is good for you. Healthy tastes fantastic. And we've got plenty of it here. Go to noah nation dot com slash rings. Fill out the form their actual take all your information on the back end. We'll get out to you. Sounds bad. But i have good. We'll get your ring out to you. You're beautiful signet ring in your sealing wax for the correspondence and of course your certificate of authenticity. We thank you for supporting no agenda show and for joining the roundtable. Good to have y'all here the see our the meet ups doing checking with them. We got a nice over modulated reports from tennessee. This nobre on the theme region four. No jen of meet up. The people's republic of kim stan knoxville tennessee. Meet up in the morning to you. This is scott the lizard of ours and stay positive while trying to test negative in knoxville. I hey lumberjack right in morning vagabond recon and this is my third. Meet up in the morning sir. Dude named ben again bitcoin. I really love those reports especially these over modulated ones. it has such but vega banri recon is the spook. Oh he's oh totally. Thank you for mentioning that it's it's it's it. Sounds kind of like the resistance world war tuition of looking the report him for not knowing exactly so one day. This will be interpreted in schools as a piece of historic war information and of course during the resistance during the the great vaccine wars. They met at clandestine places. They had a secret meeting. Place called no agenda meet. Ups dot com. And that's they scheduled these things and they and they met and they talked and they plotted against the government as they worked on the overthrow of the mainstream media and the hospital administration in the schools. And it's happening again Today actually at ten o'clock pacific time so that is well underway. That's trails cafe. Griffith park On september ninth on thursday the denver area sunshine appreciate his meat off. Can up kicks off at six. Pm at city park denver museum of nature and science at mead off no i it was a mistake. It's lots of talk about you. Know i'm i pulled the biden. Hey man pull the biden okay. Hold on i'm contemplating. okay. I'm back Next thursday until birth netherlands. The india tango variant. Meet up seven o'clock amsterdam time at beer cafe kinski. Great place or rob is organizing. That he's the night of the philanthropic shareholders federation l. Dude rachi Coming up Let's see september eleventh. Local 4:06 people's republic of missoula victoria bc south jersey september twelfth corona california rapid city south dakota sacramento california charlotte north carolina the seventeenth charlotte south carolina. Datino boston agora hills california. Dallas atlanta georgia. The nineteenth deerfield beach florida. The twenty first alliston ontario adelaide. Australia on the twenty fifth portland oregon on the twenty fifth october. I said drew woolley washington october. Ninth marshfield missouri twenty-second monterey seaside california october thirtieth oregon local thirty three remember. These are important. This is how we overthrow the regime. We have to meet up. We have to consume beer. We must talk about things. This is your no agenda. Meet up call out taken seriously. If you can't find clandestine meeting at no agenda meet ups dot com start one. They're easy they're like a political potty. Go buddy trying to new spin to it. You see geddes kicked off a youtube. Sure you got the isos today. I do i have to a goody goody goody goody goody goody goody goody goody what is wrong with me. i'll write that down as possible without show title and off the deep end. Somebody good kicked in dirty start with ice. Oh bbb i so bbb bill back. Better be favorite. Yeah good good. Good agai isos safe trying to keep people safe nice. The new zealand woman is that Trying to keep people safe. So she's a woman f saif trying to keep people saif. I have Two by the way those both of those were one second another very good I would say right now. Biden is still in the lead for me. So i will give you my biden Counter eyeso- no evacuation you away but wait. I have one more. Have one more testing case just in case nobel prize money. He's just muddies to muddy as mu- evacuation. Yeah i guess so. It meets my to i i i can see evacuation man. The poor guy the elder abuse their burble horrible. What people are doing to that man. He's trying his best to hang in. What is up with this reporting this chinese report like this. This is some messaging behind this. We've got to pay attention to many parents struggle to get their kids to turn off the video games but in china young gamers no longer have a choice. It's a move. Online gaming fans would never pulling the plug on their playtime but china's government is doing just that limiting gamers under the age of eighteen to just three hours of play every week at only on the weekends. This seventeen year old says it's annoying. But i'm in my last year of high school and really should be studying more anyway. Limits are part of beijing's push to strengthen controls over society and stop what the government calls a growing game addiction. That's harming children's health. Chinese media has referred to video games as electronic drugs and some parents like lee. Henshaw agree or you know how energy says the time limit is quite good because so many kids are addicted. China is counting on the country's multibillion dollar gaming industry to enforce the rules gamers are required to use their government. Id cards when registering to play. So they can't lie about their age but this player says people will just by accounts from adults. Thousands of kids went back to school this week and the government is urging teachers and parents to keep a closer eye on their computers and cell phones students will be allowed extra play on school holidays but after sixty minutes it's game over. So this is cbs cbs this morning. So i'm just trying to find the angle here. This is played up on. Cbs the networks here but also in new tang dynasties talking about it and i just longer reports that actually come out of china the chinese. I don't know if there's an angle other than the they want these kids to work there as often school which they do tend to do more than our kids do but i think it's i think the long term i think they're asking for trouble because our kids like our kids in my family for example i th i let him play games any sort of game. They wanted grand theft auto when they were little play and they turned communist eternity. Communists got sick of it and now they still still play games but they they are immune to the to the addiction aspect of it. I believe they still play games though. I think the chinese may be making a mistake. This is little associated engineering. That might backfire on what i'm trying to figure out. Is it just a report about china or is it meant to give a message. I can totally see american parents who don't just ignorant to really all of it internet gaming etcetera. They know facebook in the. You know the basic stuff I can see you know. I think we've got to be is good as china. So i'm gonna limit this. You know it's going to create all kinds of profanity possibility. I don't take our media's that's smart to pull a stunt like that the chinese. Maybe the chinese don't want us. They want us gaming ourselves to death so we serve bunch of bunch of dummies so they can take over the place which were get nair fast. I forgot to mention from producer. The keeper overnight. There was a massive purge on instagram of Natural product to what is it What's the term. I'm looking for the natural medicine. Yeah sure this stuff. Yeah makola stuff like of my voodoo doctor and even people who just posting pictures of the inserts of the approved vaccines but accounts purge done deleted to delete. It really gone complete gone gone gone. Gosh mentioned that much earlier. it's facebook. Yes facebook yeah just gone with functional medicine. That's the term. I'm looking for functional medicine because the bat ivermectin ivermectin. Of course it's all part of it. That's all a part of it I have another china clip onto china. Where the latest government. Crackdown is on. The country's infamous culture of overwork the so called nine nine six work culture working nine. Am to nine pm. Six days a week has been celebrated in the country's tech industry but now the labor ministry has warned that the legal workday is just eight hours. Experts say the government is responding to rising public anger sparked by recent cases of overworked employees apparently committing suicide and dying from exhaustion. Also fuelling discontent is a younger generation of chinese with less tolerance for brutal schedules and low. Pay again the cbs. Yeah up so they're trying to tell us something about china. Were supposed to not like. Oh we're not. We're supposed to not like him. Just stupid nowadays. yeah Anything else for for this particular show. I mean i got one last clip. Good good. And this was taken from tucker. 'cause i thought was funny eric. Prince was being interviewed by tucker on that special. Joey yes on the tucker carlson today and so. This is the story at I guess tucker thought was hilarious kind of mentioned in passing in his book and erik prince's new book. We know eric princess the guy the founder of water and other mercenary operations. Any seems like a really nice guy to be honest about it and so he has a story to tell that he relates about saving biden. It at some point in in the past. And here's the way the story unfolds. So this is your book which is excellent two billion warriors. The inside story of blackwater. Page one eighty. You have this picture. And i don't know if he can come in on this. It's right this right here. And it says three then senators. Joe biden chuck hagel and john kerry the future vice president secretary of defense and secretary of state respectively pose while waiting for blackwater rescue. What does that yes. So they were on a congressional visit to afghanistan in the winter and their. Us army helicopter got lost in a blinding snowstorm and set down in taliban territory on the side of a mountain and the us military launched a ground convoy to get them and they got lost in the black guys launched and they did not get lost and we recovered them. We rescued them from taliban territory. I think that was the winter of weight. You rescued joe biden and john kerry and chuck so are they grateful. You wouldn't think so now did right you thank you. I didn't get a christmas card have yet to saw that. I got to watch the whole thing again. Grateful jerks well. That's the message. That's for sure that was the message of that interview Okay here's a message from the banyan camp. The last one. I've got for today's show that should be more than enough. But i wanna keep our eyes on because the audit still continue and you know things are coming to light. That were not expected. This is now now. It's great now we've got a right wing. Radio guy on the banyan podcast. It's like some magnification. But he's got breaking news. What's what we've uncovered about to break in georgia is all hell's going to break loose. We've got to organizations called opposite intruder. Vote heather mullins from real. America's voice who has been on the ground for us broke the story today on my my radio show basically what we have is coming video. She seen the video. It's not been released. There is coming video where there are basically aiming media about two hundred and forty. What i'm going to call ballot. Traffickers gained georgia. And so what they did is is they went around to. The dropbox is all over the state with each of them. Averaging about twenty four dropbox is each at what they would do. Is they would go there in the middle of the night. This is all on video and they would empty backpacks with gloves on full of ballots into these drop boxes. there's two hundred and forty different ballot. Traffickers dave identified as potential suspects. Here of the to forty. They averaged about twenty three to twenty four. Dropbox is each so some did ten some fifty. Now this is totally illegal. Because the way even stacy's law the illegal consent decree was written. Is that one person one. Vote in the dropbox no harvesting. Let's see if that video actually surfaces reminds me of the video and tapes that we're gonna be brought about trump. that by the actor forgot his name already. That was tom arnold. Tom aren't tv show. It was called the trump tapes. That tom arnold. Oh my goodness whatever happened to that. I'm so disappointed. That's gonna happen this. Nothing was bull crap from the get. Go all right everybody. I hope you feel better. Because i certainly do. You see get all infected by by by outrage in the anger and then you just laugh at it all just like looking at the floor. It all goes away and the spinning over. That's concludes your session. For today from you conspiracy therapists. We do have a cool nick. The rat show coming up next the no agenda stream dot com at troll room dot. Io you'll be this. Is the mike riley interview. That should be really cool mike. Riley got his funding going to do book very excited for mike riley and for nick the rat what a get end of show mixes we've got The clip custodian ways in with the neil jones. Special also sound guy. Steve and i am coming to you. From the heart of texas hill country fema region number six and all the governmental maps in the morning. Everybody by madame curry then from northern silicon valley where i remain jussie toward. We return on the next thursday more media deconstruction. Please remember us devora dot org slash tell produce the show until then audio simone. Come out as a person who does take issue with a lot of aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. A lot of the profit-driven aspects of the pharmaceutical industry as a person has been skeptical of the vaccine schedule currently which is very different from what it was when i was a kid just mass around on while they may not be as deadly some feel they needed to be observed was making fence. Nation faced. Doing what you mean by. I'm just weird fraud on every level matt. And that's how we're getting these numbers in kobe. Because heart attack colvin three vascular accidents stroke lead in the brain. Kovic like everything's coming back. Cove it broken him positive. Pcr kovic no no maxine tonight. I'm sorry i know. People must have the defeated. Well i mean so pleasure in how you describe it. I really have to give credit to because they. Obviously you know what you're talking about but to be able to stay in this way medicated. So clearly says people really hear what you're saying understand it and feel it. You know it's unusual. Here's a critical thing understated world. Let me say clearly. you know. there's nothing. China or russia would rather who'd want more than afghanistan wrong idea. Let me say clearly got to learn from our mistakes me too. I know this. The president has no plans and second mistake. Clearly focused on the fundamental national security interest. United states for american spout china. You know that. I've known she control on time by the time vice president. I'd spent more time when she created world leader. I spent hours upon hours with him alone. Interpret return the page for foreign policy. The future lies and who can back. I wanna make sure that china's own my concerns you to have spoke about. It is make it real clear to china. We'll play rick. Imc no question of credibility from our allies around the world china especially women and girls jerry sponsors for here's the deal world houston shunji existing in perspective. What interesting ads is afghanistan. This point this is where we should be. There's nothing insurance. Rather than that mojo dot org slash and no evacuation.

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