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At the movies with arch Enam is on the weekly entertained with podcasts, featuring an for today's senior film critic of the Washington Post and me arch Campbell veteran TV news movie guy missing an action, but back in the fold. I recognize that voice. This is your announcer reminding you this is your announcer. I know coming in here like a cowboy trail, I love it. Welcome back, man. Thank you so much. Yeah. Was all by motorcycle. It's right. Mark stern aka Nigel on the Tony Kornheiser show is poking fun at me and joins us. No, not poking fun at you know. Listen, I you got to drive through Texas. And I know we're gonna hear a little bit more about this. I just the the very idea of that road trip. Just I love it. I love everything about it. And I love that you do this later on. I'm going to tell you why I love road trips, and I I drove sixteen hundred miles to San Antonio and sixteen hundred miles back. And and I'm gonna tell you what I do on a road trip that applies to this podcast. Excellent. But I drink heavily is that what you do on the road. Dachary standing the Anna the first minute you that line is that really decorate stand across the line used to they used to have them. Guest drive-thru Dachary, right? Yes. Stations real have discount liquor stores and discount beer shops. And also they advertise Buddha. Oh, yes. I know what Buddha raising my hand is blood. Bloods. Yes. Station louisi- waiver before you eat it. Lee elder era nearest embarrassed. Get your car. What I I. And Hornets tells me she was a baby sitter in nineteen seventy eight the original women. Our women not eight hundred seventy eight now, Jamie Lee Curtis returns as a gun toting Rambagh determined to wipe out the Michael Myers guy, even if he did launch your career and make her rich. But here we go with howler weaned the reboot this. Final this time. Tell you as somebody. I heard something leaving the it last night. Kids favorite line at eight. Dad? Great meaning for you. Right. You know, I did babysit during the seventies. I'm a little bit younger just for the record. Just. Nobody do the math won't be about. About. And I was of that cohort that that movie, you know, how some movies just lodge into your cells because they speak to you on some cellular level of your era there of your personal time I related so much to her character because she was not really a nerd, but she wasn't. But she wasn't a fast girl either. She wasn't like one of the cool kids. She was just this really normal high school student who took her studies pretty seriously. She was you know, she wasn't a she wasn't like a little little Manx. You know what I mean? She just assoc- minks. I just I loved her character so much Laurie strode and the wages lady. Yes. She was relatable is what I'm saying. And so, and then the whole sitters scenario was very personal and. Very vodka tive and visceral for me. And I we were talking off Mike earlier about the whole slasher genre, which I've never been a fan of. But this is the one exception. The movie that just kind of got me on all those lips. You think the audience really was teenage girls instead of teenage boys? Interesting because I notice I don't know about your screening last night, my screening was mostly men. So I don't know what do you think demographically? Well, I mean number one, I think the original Halloween really started a trend in films, which its own sub genre within horror. You know? I mean that that landed spawn Friday, the third all the original was quite good. And then it spawned nightmare on elm street, which the first one was also the, you know, and we think now, oh, they remade at eight or ten time. Right. But those originals were original exactly arch. And and then the the quintessential honor is to be parodied like with scream. Was the kind of imprimatur of like, yes, this is a cultural moment. So so like starting at Halloween Halloween from well. Yes. That johner. You're right. That sub-genre of team. I think before then otherwise psycho like you could say. Aiko sorry. But this started the teen slat that team. It was a part of that whole John us moment in terms of discovering teens as rediscovering teens as a market, but to me, this is truly this equal. It was none of those other sequels Halloween. We're could claim because they didn't have Jamie Lee says this story direct connection act. And I think they did a really good job. I really do Jamie Lee's character in the in the sequel has paid psychological price for what happened to her forty years ago. Now, that's that's an interesting place to go. Well, you know, it's interesting to watch that movie, and I couldn't not watch it without recent events in my brain about trauma about women confronting their trauma and sharing their trauma short and us understanding as a culture how that works in the brain body. And I think she's playing all of those notes, and this is an extreme version of it. She's kind. Barricaded herself she's become a Gora phobic. And she's kind of outfitted her house in a way that you know, it's it's like a surveillance state unto itself with all these cameras and she's armed heavily armed. But I mean, you know, there's she also I don't know if it was Jamie Lee who started the term final girl, you know, the final girl, and everyone if he's the one left standing the one that the killer really wants and after the other seventeen exactly killed we're having sex, right? And so here, she's the ultimate final girl. And I was thinking of, you know, people in the news recently as our final girls like the ones that are left standing to Shay, this is what happened to me. And this cannot this cannot stand unless it can sometimes it does. But no, I thought it was very effective. See I thought it did it did everything right? There was a lot of humor in it. Which I enjoyed I loved any McBride had his hands. As a producer, David, Gordon. Green wrote and directed it. And I think bring back some of the original other actors from nineteen seventy eight will Hatton. That's very smart. They did they pay a really nice way to to the to the original. I thought it is it is there is lots of blood and killing Yeston more than used to be seven. You know, you could count seven bodies, and I lost count after seven a lot. And they were dispatched with just increasingly disturbing into in disturbing ways. Particularly went after podcast. Yes, what my? I say that for my final line. I did not get to see this. I could've seen last night. What were you doing Mark? What else was going? The movies. I and true love the boss red. Five and the screening was at seven thirty. I initially said the different kind of. But I was like, oh, yeah. I'll just leave halfway through and all the rest of it. And I was like you're not gonna do this. Like he ain't going to do that though. So doing that. So with our it. Spoiler alert. Spoiler alert podcasters get knife eight. There is a lovely riff about is kind of like cereal, you know, all of these murders. Cast plays a role in this in a very clever way. Yeah. There's a lot of clever twists and Judy Greer plays her daughter. Oh. And who's also been marked by this. And whose life was was was completely consumed by and changed by it. And there's a granddaughter. So there's this wonderful sort of matriarchal line of fierce women, you know. Yes. Fan of three generations that and it's poised to be of this year's version of it. As far as audience goes be huge huge. He clearly did the audience. Enjoy it last night. I got good vibes. I mean, it was if they didn't go crazy like because this premiered in Toronto, man. The the buzz was really good. I mean, people were like God that was so good and so much, but you'd see you gotta be careful of that festival bubble because I was expecting this wild reception. It's like, but I think people especially people who really enjoy that franchise and love that. I won it. Completely punches all the boxes. You know? I think it does a very good job with everything. She's amazing. Can I? Is good enough? Good enough. Good enough. Can I ask one question to you? And this is a buck as you were babysitter back in the day. The other the movie and all I saw was the ad for this. I don't think actually saw the movie because the ad scared. The crap out of me much have you checked the children? And then it's like. And then it's like killers inside the house because that's all about a babysitter. Totally and I've ever seen that with my my my brother, we looked at that. And we just ran out of the room by the time. I came straight. What is that called stranger? What's the name of the movie? Oh, what a stranger this critical. That's what it is. Yeah. When scream sort of did. And when Halloween came out, I was out. I was out of the babysitting racket by then because I had already gotten a job job. You know what I mean? So I was that. That was my I went from my Halloween phase to my high fidelity. I should do that. I should just do like my life as a movie. Great halloween. Do that. Actually, I was already starring hype my hours. My hours. Much safer. Yes. Yes. If you're turns out back. Yes. So, but so I didn't have because but you're always a little bit. And we're going to talk about it. I really going to talk about other hor speaking of scream. When I saw scream I was living in Austin, and I had a house out by the lake. It was dark and I had forgotten. You know, I would usually if I had a screening at night. I would remember to keep the porch light honor have a couple of lights on that day. I had forgot. And I had to drive into that driveway. It was pitch black in the middle of the woods out by lake Austin. And I had an even though scream is funny. And it took the it was scary to in the dark winter by yourself scary. That was the first scream so I hadn't put a yeah. I had a moment. Ladies and gentlemen. I had a moment out in that driveway as a grown woman. I was a little bit freaked while I'm susceptible. You know, we all are. So I think it's it's a horror movie for people who don't like are movies. You think Halloween is I would like to see Rosemary's baby again. And see I 'cause I wonder how it holds up. I remember being just thoroughly creeped out by that. I feel like I watched that recently. And it does hold up. Hold up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. With Gordon then of course, the original exorcist that one. Well, and you know with both of those and with Halloween to one of the things I appreciated about Halloween last night was the score that John carpenter on music that he wrote which was so simple and kind of tinny in a way in a little bit. You know, it's just a little since Trach right on the edge of cheesy fitness perfect. Sown s yes, yeah. It's a psychotic. It really. Is. It was the runner up for the song this week. I'll just say that. I'm wondering last night. I was like I wonder if if Mark will put that, but it would be hard to kind of do a needle drop that made any kind of sense. Yeah. It's just it's sort of just over and over again. But as a soundtrack theme, I mean, that's really it's one of the most iconic horror movies, really good. And they used it. I thought it really really well. So what's your favorite harvey'll? Yeah. We all liked it last year. I loved it through. And I was thinking about this when we were talking about, you know, we're talking about Halloween before before the show started. And I realized okay, the Red Sox gave me an excuse, but Asher movies. I'm not it's not my bag baby. You know? I just jump scares. And I just because I see it coming. We all get out. Don't go. The guy leaves the truck, right? The guy is son or driving like gotta go and see what's going on on the audience wrong. They grownup stuff there's one, and it's not really a horror movie, but there's a couple in the sound the song of the day is going to relate to one of my favorite horror movies. I'll save that for then. But the one that came to my mind, and it's because it's from much well my youth. I should say childhood, but the lost boys of always love that movie. I love that. You know? I don't know. I don't know why. But really love that. Because it's not it's funny enough that it's not quite as scary. But there's a few scary moments. But I just you know, for some reason that stuck in my head. I mean, you could go way back. We talked about the shining is the one that scares the. That's the one where I'm like. I just can't sit down the exorcist. You know, those are the one I saw the shining. They had played the here's Johnny clip so much that it was that it didn't have any powered, you know, that wasn't when he's freaking out and again spoilt if you haven't seen it. But that wasn't the scary part for me. It was the two little girls memories. Don't explain that enough. And it's so random and creepy that that's the thing that everything's show up in it, don't they? Well, there's little there's there's little girls little girls in it. And the little boy his brother is at the beginning. Yeah. That's yeah. Sean, and it it harkens back to it. But to this day, if I'm in an apartment complex or a hotel, and I look around for kidding a big win again. I know, I know so brilliant. But I but lost boys for me because I can I like to laugh, and I can laugh a lot in that one. That's good. How are you? Well, like, I say, my favorite horror film is the exorcist the exorcist one that's still creeps me out. And I get creeped up when I look at those steps and Georgetown, by the way, do you know, and this is so inside local the gas station. That's right. And the left of that guesses should be taken down. I I think probably putting up more apartments. So we may lose the exorcist steps. Really? Declare some kind of landmark or something. There was some discussion of the exorcist steps recently. I hope we don't use them. And it's a cool thing. I've I've run the stairs. Once in a while when I'm feeling. Yeah. It's it's a really cool thing. But those the house at the top they've had to erect a big brick wall overrun of it. Because so many people. You know, look in and throw stuff at it. Like holy water. Yeah. The exorcist mean. Yeah, that's one. One kind of a cool thing. Like, it's like I like it when we're in in December. You get all the great holiday movies. You know, they're always on TV. There's all the ads for him. So I like this. I like this time of year. Well, and let's let's also remember the mummy ribs. Took the well. What was the office this grew Reginald loving ours? Did you hear that posters for sale urge that I heard that got a Kickstarter campaign Kickstarter? One. Frame frame. Michael's? Again. As an original. You know, the originals we honor the original. Of course, that was so original because it was about him and his soul mate. Somehow had a connection to him absolately. So the basics as the fundamentals is say the mummy, we're not talking about the Tom Cruise movie from about the nineteen thirty two. Yes boras. The only one the mummy mummy, the mummy of mummies. Should we talk about beautiful? Boy, I was very much looking forward to this. Steve Carell who is really turned into such a good actor Denison grad. Very happy to have EuroPol. Timothy shallow, Matt pal. I still have never I don't think I've ever met the young man. But but you like his work. Call me by your name van also Maura Tierney. And they she is the stepmother, and he is the father of child of a young man who gets addicted to drugs and the family tries to deal with the addiction. And it's based on a book by a writer whose name I don't chef is actually to books it's based on both the each of them wrote a memoir, Nick chef and his dad David, and they this is sort of an Malcolm of both memoirs, apparently and. I would not recommend it to anyone. I it's hard is in the right place. And I just got worn out by it. And then I was disappointed in the ending and the end because they didn't quite. They to me they weren't able to tie together. So they did that worst thing you can do in a movie they go to black. And then they start throwing all these words up there all these sentences all these stats, which to me undermines the experience of you. If you can experience that what do you need all of this stuff for it was? I would not recommend found it hard to deal with and. Contradictory. Yep. That's a good point. Yeah. I didn't. I didn't really like it much either. Although I do think shall amaze performances. Amazing in case. There was any doubt. He's a good actor. I think this will put any not that there should be any doubt. But he really elevates. What's there? And I don't think what's there is like you said I thought it was repetitive. And it's just a study in misery. And I gotta tell you as much as I do admire Steve Carell from what he's done in terms of stretching. I don't this was a good performance. I just don't think that I don't think the character suited his range limited after all which is perfectly fair. But. It's just didn't think it was his strongest. We went from like to do eleven. Yeah. Again. It was repetitive. And it was cyclical, and it's just it's just watching very difficult situation kind of cycle cycle through. And you know, the filmmaker tries to kind of. Earn interest by scrambling the timeframe and doing lots of kind of visually pretty things. But it doesn't really do anything to change the fact that this is just a, you know, it's it's it's a story we all know way to Americans no way too. Well, but it just didn't offering thing new, and honestly, I don't wanna give anything away. But the fact that that that the young man did write a memoir should tell you something. Which is good news. But I wanted a little bit more about how he you know, or why just like what? Yeah. I just needed some more other than just watching it happen. I needed more insights into what were what were the motivating factors both in terms of the addiction. And ultimately, you know, maybe getting free of it. You know? So I just yeah. I wanted more. I since we're going there. I was thinking will he turned his sons pain into copy? Well. Yeah. How the sun felt about you know. Well, yeah. I mean, I do think there's an interesting sort of subtext of the whole thing, which is that this dad, you know, he was a writer for Rolling Stone. He's hip you can tell that he raised his kid to be cool. You know, it's like you're going to know all the right music, and you're going to have all the right taste and all the right things and part of the part of his reaction to the diction is wait a minute. This isn't the script. You weren't supposed to do. This pot is okay. I did drugs. I'm hip, I'm cool. But this is this is going you can tell he's been projecting his own ego onto this kid all his life. And that's part of the issue. And I did think that was an interesting sub theme. You know, I thought that was really fascinating. Because I think we all tend to do that with parenting. Well, as not a parent, but I would think. Yeah. Like, I'm gonna make you be the cooler version of myself. I'm such a cool dad mom that you won't possibly perfect for you. Screw me over, you know. So I. I loved that part. Like, I thought that actually, but they didn't really I almost felt like it was accidental. You know, like they didn't really delve into it with any kind of just I would not work. I wouldn't either arch by the way Timothy shallow may just to give you an update on what's coming out for him next. Yeah. The king he plays. King. Henry the fifth. Oh, David Michaud. If i'm. Then and this is next year. Then Little Women directed by Greta gerwig. Oh, good. And then this is not they've concluded principal Tigra in this. But a rainy day in New York directed by Allen apparently shelved show. That's last. I heard was that they are not going to be releasing that? Well, there you go. But if you're at you know, what really termi not turn me around on him. I thought I've always thought he was gifted. But there was I think we talked about this on an earlier pod was there's a little movie called miss Stevens. That I think is available on streaming. Check it out on Amazon and or net flicks. If you can it's called miss Stevens with lily Rabe who I think is fantastic. And I wanna see her more often she plays a high school drama teacher who takes a troupe of her kids to a drama competition and Timothy Shalam is one of these kids and his performance within the performance is one of the best things I've ever saw. It is really amazing. I've read about these. Theatrical shirt ever did. It says I'm looking here on a limited release in September of two thousand sixteen. So it's definitely available on check it out. It's a really neat little movie. And he is he is superb. Dow two things I was gone two weeks and longer. It really does that's part of my plan. You can't miss me. If I don't. Oh, no. And I started talking about a star is born all month before it opened. And because I had the wonderful experience of that screening where George Stevens junior interviewed Bradley Cooper afterwards. George was just snowed. I think by the old school techniques of a star is born. And then of course, I heard your podcast talking and talking and talking about it. And it seems to have hit a nerve that that story seems to seems skeptical though, I love the old school touches I loved a lady Gaga of who is so fascinating. And so a charismatic, and I love the closeups of the of the story. I think the second half doesn't carry the way the first half fos. Yeah. That day new mall. I was when I was on my road. Trip. I was thinking, well, you know, I liked the Judy Garland version because in her life. She was both characters really good behind. You're right. She really was he was the rising star. And then she was the falling stuff. Panned of. I don't know. I'm just I'm interested that it's hidden nerve. And I liked it enough. It's not my favorite movie this year. But. You know, I salute when something strikes the nerve. And this certainly has. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think it's really special. I still I still love it. Yeah. And for me, the the measure for me of great movie is if it stays with me, not just the next, but even resonates a few days after that. And this is like two weeks after I was still rolling through the artistic debate. That was you know, throughout the film, and and just certain moments in it just when it when it sticks with me like that that that to me, that's my own bellwether for. Well, I also I think they were very smart to bring it out early. You know to do the test screenings like a month before. And and I don't think there was an embargo. I mean, I think they were just throwing it out there. Tell us what you think. Right. Yeah. And and I think that's that's a smart get that were going and the music. I think the fact that the music is good on its own album is selling and that shallow song is just it's just. Transcends the movie, and so that that just adds to the mystique and the allure and that kind of popular will the song to that is I guess Jackson main Bradley Cooper's character, Jack and means like signature hit. Maybe it's. Yeah. Let the all time. Yeah. They never play that in its entirety. You really only see like a verse of that. Like when he's up on. He liked picks guitar at the track. The whole song in that. If he did I don't remember it. I need to go back and watch it. But I I have downloaded that song. And listen to maybe about fifty thousand times, which one is Jason is song. I'll have to look that up. I meant to look at. But anyway, I think they did a really cool job with the music as I did with Juliet naked. I think both are good examples of music centered movies that really did the music, right. You know, I wish Joe Juliet naked. I think is out of theaters now. And it may be streaming Cran. What agree now, I just it's a crush. I wanna summer crash you'll see it other movie. I was really looking forward to is first man. And as you know, I was gone the last couple of weeks. So I went to a retail screaming at a Cineplex in San Antonio regular civilian. I wanna be a fly on that wall quarry of una plex. I think it's got sixteen theaters and the three o'clock matinee was eight dollars and eleven cents that with us. And here's what I want to remind us. Did you do like Harvey Korman and blazing saddles student fair. I'm sorry. I didn't even have to ask. No, you're old when you don't have to ask for your senior discount. So you know, you get there and they're showing commercials. I got there at three forty five start. I got their set down by three thirty. So you get there. And they're running commercials commercials for TV shows, and then three forty five calms, and they run the thing, you know, turn off your cell phone, and don't talk and don't be a jerk. And then I set through five or six trailers, plus the student commercials for Coca Cola. You know, film students get like fifty five minute. But yeah, it goes it just us long. Let's here's the front of think of the trailers. I saw the nutcracker Mary Queen of Scots Ben is back aquaman, Halloween, Robin Hood. And I think there were a couple of others and there were about twenty five people in the audience at three o'clock on what day week day a Friday. Okay. Three o'clock on Friday. The youngest. Now, if we were diverse there was all kind of of ages there, and no Mark you always say, there's always one in the audience. Yes. Usually they sit right next to me. Well in a might magnet. The audience was so enthralled that you could heard a pin in the last thirty minutes when the moonshot begins and you go into space, and you know, some of those scenes are dead. Silence. Real silence. Thank you. So compelling. I mean, you're. Seat could feel the audience holding their breath and the experience gave me goosebumps. I'm so happy to hear that. So great. It is one of my favorites this year. It's great. It's a good movie. It's a really good movie and deserve your attention. Absolutely. I know and it's not getting the attention. It's really not it didn't open Ticu Yalies up to expect -tations and some people think that that stupid talk about a false flag operation. Exactly flag controversy which was actually it was so Indiana that I didn't even mention I just I refused to even dull Jit over effected. Effected if it affected this movie in any way, I'm going to be really angry because Kanthi thrilling global American achieve. American flags flying. Everybody in the world is is captivated by this. And I we talked about this last week, and I'm not spoiling a pot here because we all know that Nealon all walked on the moon, the dramatic. I thought for me. I heard you say this. And I thoroughly agree. It's the footstep and in the looking up to see the footprint. That's it's like the flag is just like, okay. We did that afterward. You don't need that for that scene. You could have it. But you don't need it. And for this to become a thing now is utterly absurd. It's just infuriating and Neil Armstrong. Was he was a Gary Cooper type? He was the strong silent America, right sixties. And and you know, this is played out against the backdrop of the Vietnam war and everything else that was going on polarization. I thought it was an incredible movie. And I was so proud of the audience. That I set with after wonderful. Through forty five minutes of stuff to see that. God, that's cool. And it was worth the journey. Right. Yeah. That's so great. Commercials. And then twenty five minutes of trailers, it makes it tough. I'm all we can I hope people can get over whatever they're not getting go. See it's the kind of thing, you know, it is we always talk about those all rounders like you can send people to this. And just say go, you know, and I just think that kind of movie, you know, it's just it'll if you're old enough to remember it'll bring it back in a way that's valuable, and if you're too young to know it then it's a beautiful primer. And what happened was an inclusive American moment. I and I remember because I'm old staying up all night with the group of friends watching the picture because it's seems to me like they landed at like one AM or midnight the middle of the night because I remember getting out of bed to see it. All I was my parents got me out of the crib and held in front of the TV watch this. But I mean, I people ask me how old I am. And I said, well, I was born in nineteen sixty nine. April. I was around for Woodstock, and I was arrested. You know, but it's here. Cronkite talked about the JFK Texas play. Because we do. It's remains to me the most significant achievement of humanity. I mean, the great the we did it as Americans. But this is for all humanity that we put a put dudes in a little washing machine and there four days a week to go to another planet. No attention to the flag plows. That's totally relevant. That's totally relevant. Well, and most people who were talking about it haven't seen the movie that. Yeah. It's usually the case. These people looking for a little click click bait and a little purchasing the pundit wars or whatever. Yeah. Silly speed beat. You can read and review. Nothing is not click bang up watching this movie. Kill you. If you. You can read and one of these reviews of Washington Post dot com. I post stuff at arch Campbell dot net. Send us your wise cracks too at the movies twenty two at gmaiLcom at the movies twenty two gmaiLcom, and we come to you from chatter, it Wisconsin Jennifer streets in northwest, Washington. Dc chatter. It's a restaurant. It's a bar. It's a podcast studio. And it's a money losing hobby, or I dare friend. Tony corn is talk about a Kickstarter campaign lifestyle last choice. Truly is it's bedecked with Halloween. I've never seen so many holidays decorating, natural, Nancy view. Yeah. Really is fantastic. You gotta see it, by the way as decide note. Tony we got this on the show earlier this week from Brian Polian. Who is the special teams coach for Notre Dame? He sent in in official Notre Dame football helmet. God with the gold like legitimate Notre Dame gold flecked paint on it. It's behind the bar were done. It's literally one of the coolest things ever. Yeah. So come by and see that an order like six meals just just to help the cause. So so I'm bereft on streaming. I'm brian. Do you have anything to hang your sole goal is over for this season? And now he's Saul. He he became sole. He became Saul in the in the closing moments of that. And you've been wondering. Yes. Going to happen. You could see it bubble up. He was selling cell phones out of the back of his car legally. You know, he's like he can't help himself from being who he is. You know? And you know, he's we know Kim is just right at the edge racy Varna who I just I can't sing praises in is he gonna drag her down. Well, she's not in breaking bad. So I think one of two things happens either. She says I'm going away because you're just toxic. And I don't need you any my life at all. And she just leaves completely or one of his games up getting her killed. I hope to God. That's not the case. I mean, that's that's what we're all thinking. Well, certainly he does get involved with some. I mean gusts. You know, running that methane pyre is is a tough guy as we found out with the German guy thought he could sneak out of this construction site for few days to see his wife, and he found out that the drug dealers who were funding the whole construction operation. We're like, yeah. No. You can't. And it's going to import for you so spoiled that for everybody, I'm sorry. It's been out over a week. You know, there should be a time. Limit for the somebody fries. Tell me they blew up the death star. To, you know, fill see it. Okay. Well, and you need to be really of familiar with breaking bad. But if you are, it's just brilliant. I had such deep doubts. This is gonna work. You know, it's like Joey Frenchaccent. It's like, no you're just trying to scam some money and just keep it going. But boy, they really did it correctly. They did a Jonathan banks. I can't get enough of him either. Everything he does good. Yeah. He really isn't it and this has really given him an extension of his role, which was so good. It was and you wanted more of that, you know. And so you got it. It's it's all across the board. I know you you never got into that universe outside the boy, it's fans on this one. But I'm happy for all of you. Yeah. So you got nothing watch. Now, there was a British version which exactly yes with a sexy vicar of. Saucy? Yes. To write that down. Back to Avoca between things to you know. I'm like, I'm waiting for all my fate like the counterpart trailer sits out in the counterpart seen it. I'm so excited. That's coming. But that's not coming till December. I'm waiting for my crown to come back. I'm waiting for my Babylon Berlin to come back my catastrophe. I'm kind of in that show that the that the listener turned us onto injustice wonderful, but it only six episodes. Yes. So now, I'm kinda like you're like, I need more. So I'm something called the Romanoff's by Wigner who is the guy that leaner, the guy that played Buzz Aldrin. Oh, Corey stall Corey stalls in it, and among many others as a cast of I can't this is on is this on Amazon prime. Doing old school. It's not been Jabbour. They're they're renting out by one by one. I I don't know what it's about. But I wanna watch I do because spoiler alert I interviewed Diane lane last week Niamh. She asked about me. Should I got the feeling? We can talk about that. You're right. Probably about she's in one of these episodes of the Romanovs. Oh, she is fantastic. And so it's basically the loose theme. Is that you know, there are people who think that they are descendants or maybe sometimes are descendants of the actual Romanov family white Russians. Right. Exactly. This is kind of loose. That's the loose connection. They all share is some connection with that family. Whether it's real or imagined, okay? And other than that. I really don't know they have shroud this thing in so much secrecy like I asked for press. Usually, you get a square press and stuff it was like pulling teeth getting the screener, which I finally did. Oh, you so you have but I don't even want to comment on it. Because I don't know how it fits into the larger constellation. That'll come out in a few weeks. But on ously it's a little bit of a mystery about how everybody relates and how they overlap or they do overlap. So I don't know we're just along for the ride, but it is an amazing cast I- amazing. I she's Diane lane. She's just tremendous. Type about that. Because that that story is coming out in a few weeks. So we can talk about it more than when is the Romanoff's available. Is that out? They started it. Okay. So there's like one episode one. Yeah. Something like that. Yeah. Whatever night it drops Thursday or Friday. That's what you get. Then you gotta wait a week. And I know and I will never try and sway either. One of you to the Walking Dead. But this might give you comfort on some level. The ratings are really starting to dive on this show. I think it and there's a couple of actors that are leaving it after the season. I think the seasons is great as any of them. I'm captivated by every time it's on I just cannot turn away. But I think I think the end is nine the Indies everything has its natural end. That's okay. Can I choose you some Drager Samis arch? I'm looking for something. The Walking Dead. Yeah. I wish I had something. Justice is good. Yeah. But the Romanoff is heard another thing, and I meant to look this up before maybe maybe our production team are crack production team could. Lathering. Apparently, there is a show called the wine show w I n e. Why it's kind of like top gear for wine with everybody is on it. Oh, must track this down like an elk in the wild bringing in hold on with Matthew goody J. Federene any and Matthew Reese, oh my God. This is. Must find it. Do they just sit around and get one? Wow. That's brilliant. Thank read. We've talked about James per floor. Good. Okay. If you need something good is good too. Is these terrific? If you want something good to watch. This is not new HBO. It was two seasons called Rome. And it it's one of an ancient history guy. I need to watch that it is. So unbelievably, well, I'm going to put that on my list, I need to I cannot recommend it highly enough. And I forget oh gosh. Now going to look it up so talk about yourselves for second. But rome. The guy who plays Caesar is a guy that we've all seen before what is his name darn it. Look at this. Hold on. I can think of Caesar. I hardly know be see we can't. All I can think of is Steve corral. Sierran Hines am I pronouncing here in high? He is so good. I Kevin McCabe is in it. Ray Stevenson Zenit. This is all based by the way on true figures from Roman history things to minor characters they build all show around. It's like almost like a Rosencrantz and gilded stern kind of characters. But it's just so well done if you want something good I recommend that. I find that wine wine show. I'm in wine show in the Romanoff's. That's wow. Now, there was another show that was back last night that of course, none of us watch. Because you guys were and I was watching the Red Sox. Oh, yeah. The Connors, formerly Roseanne, right? And okay. So we didn't watch it. But the reviews on it are that the handled her departure as well as you possibly could. They did it with respect they weren't. So it wasn't just mean to it wasn't mean-spirited wasn't like when Charlie Sheen. Right. Yeah. And it wasn't like chef on south park. When when Isaak's left that this was done with dignity with respect. They didn't them using a bad metaphor kick that corpse around. I guess the storyline was something that she Odid on prescription drugs. And so there was that scene that they were dealing with. And it takes place a few months after the funeral and after the death. So it's how the whole family is reacting to excuse me, dealing with it. And from all accounts, they did a very good job of it. And there are some quarters that are saying, maybe the show is better than what I was eating, but I was just kind of dipping in and out. But my my impression is some people do think, it's even stronger. It's more about the characters now than about Roseanne Roseanne was so white hot that gives hard to see past. I mean, she very sense. She was that care, right. Maybe it's more of an ensemble. And what a great on samba Laurie Metcalf. John Goodman, right? Yeah. Terrific casca. Johnny lucky. I guess is coming back in it. And Mary Steenburgen was guest starring it. And again, I'm just getting this as the woman that supply the prescription drugs to Roseanne seen some of the trailers some heated back and forth with John Goodman, and her character. So it looked motion. But I'll be honest with you. I've never been. I'd never watched that show. But I'm going to go back and watch that. Oh, and I also want to say I did get a chance to watch free solo. Oh, my oh. Have you know, greener? Oh, my plan to while. Archie got. It's it's an award contentious Tony every and doing very well at the box. All go the moment. There's a moment closure years March where he he meets the people the there's like all of a sudden out of nowhere is like couple of folks, you know, spending. Just can't even believe that you're seeing you can't there are moments where you just cannot believe what you are seeing. It's wild. So good. I'm glad you caught up with. Yes. Thank you for that. Is it music time? It is music time. I had a song. I was going to suggest. Maybe I'll it to you. Right. A require. Okay. We'll talks ourselves fine. Well, I hope you. I hope you watch Rome. I really I'm going to watch I know him classics keep Trump, but I just I love the way that they did it. They really did a great job of it. And how you pronounce his name. Sharon hines. I always think sh what do you think arch? Sharon, Sharon, Hahn, negative, Cheryl Hines. Cheryl. Hi. Larry, David Zenit. Yeah. It's. By the way, I was making a joke, and I'll I'll test this with you guys. I want to do this in my neck stand up. So I was thinking about how every time anything from ancient history. Everybody's in a British voice. All they do the antics. Shakespeare, and I was like wouldn't it be great? If instead of that, they did like the stereotypical bad Italian voice friends. Oh, man. Leucopenia, and I can't tell this pronunciation, it looks like it's. Really obscuring. Wow. Wow. Even more confusing. All right. How we're going to share in just Marcus. Sorry arch arches handling this. No, no. Horror movie. I mean October mode read what you wrote. Well, sure. Well, I man lunar rhapsody. Yeah, by Baxter is that who that was Vanni Toronto. So perfect for that. And by the way, it was Jason is bell. That wrote the song from that. We're talking about left at good times. Whatever it's called now. Yes. Other one care on. Yes. Oh, secure on here on or Kieron Keiron. Karen, Keiron cure on heireann Hines to run on names brilliant as Caesar. So this is our soundtrack song of the week. You're gotta get this one in one note, really? Oh, sure rice, they're young credence. Clearwater revival. Right. By the way, the critical commentary on this song. This was releasing. Let's see April of nineteen sixty nine John Fogerty reportedly wrote this after watching the devil and Daniel Webster. I'm sparked by seen film involving a hurricane forty four claims. The song is about the apocalypse. That's going to be visited on all of us. Birth. Yeah. They did read after I was born this. I'm playing the song because this is from the soundtrack of I think my favorite horror movie of all time where wolf in London American world in London which used sound as before the show and was one of the first movies. I counted that was like whether these in soundtrack and a great way you'd blue moon know, a couple of versions of that you had this, and it just it just worked on every level for me. It was it's a lot of comedy. But also, very scary. And I remember seeing that movie and being utterly blown away by it and just really really loved. I think Griffin Dunne is only note from that. Did not play the lead. I forget the guy who played the lead. Hold on. I have it right here. It was David Naughton. Dan. Yeah. So a lot of good stuff. Yeah. Eighties. But just to it's one of those movies that kind of gets lost in the cracks of it's time and directed by by the way, written directed by John Landis. And I think he's deal was that he'd written it like a long time ago. And oh, yeah. He'd written it when he's system on Kelly's heroes. He and fellow crew member were driving in the back of a car when they came across a group of gypsies, the appeared before Ming rituals on a man being buried so that he would not rise from the grave, this realized would never be able to confront dead gave the idea for this movie in wrote it and sixty nine but shelved it for ten years. And it wasn't until he had some success with other stuff like the blues brothers in Kentucky Fried movie that he finally got Greenland project. So just just to kind of a cool rock and roll horror movie from back in the day. Do you guys have fond memories of just me? No, no, no. I remember it was kind of a of an update of thirties. Yes. Or the will. And and it tweaked it with contemporary music and contemporary actors, and it had a lot of humor to it. And and yeah, I thought it was good. I don't think I watched the. I know there are gaps in my movie knowledge because when did it come out eighty one eighty college see when I'm in there like my whole colleges, I didn't see many movies because I was at school. I was aligned and we didn't really have a big we had like a little art house theater in our little town Northampton, but I don't remember going to movies just movies weren't that big deal back then. Ludi crazy the way we are. Now movies were very cool. He's coming into their own in the late sixties and seventies. And you could see things in the movies that you couldn't see on TV. And by the way, wasn't a big part of our cultural life in my at my school for some reason. It's just so I do a huge well in four four younger extras who listen, we didn't always have this thing called cable. He's word coming out that you could see three months later or streaming or anything like that back. Them in theaters. And then they vanish head, but we were going to like art movies. You know what I mean like? What I mean like ring in king of hearts, and I remember seeing my brilliant career, you know, stuff like that. But we weren't seeing may exactly and they would show foreign films on campus. But we weren't going to go see the movie that was coming out on that Friday at all at all. It was just not a part of our life. Those the Truffaut movies when they came out. It was a big deal from France Shino, people would go and watch them and think nothing of the subtitles, good luck. With that. I want to very briefly mention my road tar yet. And why I like road trips because I sit there, and I do my best thinking as I'm driving and listening to the radio and thanks to serious. I listened to a bunch of really odd stuff. I heard a nineteen Forty-five recording of Carmen from the Metropolitan Opera, which was amazing because you could hear the the singers dropping around because they didn't have the kind of microphone. We have. And then I discovered the classic radio channel. That's my fav-. I heard cost Selo in nineteen thirty five broadcast of the Lux radio theater. This is why wanna mention it. The host is sesame demille. I'm not familiar with him nineteen thirty five when they moved to Hollywood and their deal was they would remake movies as radio plays. But they couldn't always get the same actors. So they would cast different actors in the radio plays of these movies. So for instance, they did a production of CASA Blanca with Alan Ladd and Hetty Lamar goodness. And you know, it's just it's so the show I heard was called the legionaire and the lady which was originally the movie Morocco with Marlene, Dietrich and. Gary Cooper, this performance Dietrich and Clark Gable? That's so cool. Ed. So after the show demille interviews the stars and gabled comes up and says, Mr. Gable a thousand hearts are pumping because you are here, and my young assistant gave me a screen test of you. But the studios at your ears were too big. And then Marlene Dietrich comes out. They interview them separately not together, and these misdee- Trich your so beautiful and to such an honored have you here and our audience would be so grateful if you would sing your signatures on from the Blue Angel falling in love again. She says, Yes, Mr demille would be happy to do that would be accompanied by the composer of falling in love again, Mr. Frederick Hollander. He starts on the piano, and then Dietrich literally drops her voice on octave. Noon rule of again. To do never vaunted to can help an all I could think of was Madeline Kahn. Saddle. Hello. How you doing? When you said, hey, Lemar of things at Hannity heavily people. Brooks. For generation. Well, a her, you know, Madeline Kahn's imitation was spot. Perfect. Oh now, I wanna see that again. Genius. That is so. For the trend. When else would you do that when you're dry driving you like this miles? You're like I got this for the next few hours. Yeah. This is perfect. Can I give you a little recommendation? Yes. Yes. I don't know if we've gone there yet, I do have sleep issues. Sometimes I find it hard to sleep. Sometimes I find it hard to when I wake up to go back to sleep hard to wake up. That's my. That's also. Well, when you when I've had trouble, but I discovered BBC there's a BBC radio app. Bebo rare. Yep. Did you like the theatrical chased certainly do I play radio BBC? It's it's awesome. And I've been listening to there is a series on there. Hold on. Now. I'm gonna look at it. Because it's with Bill Nye, oh van is much phone it. It's night, Bill Nye. Yes. My favorite Bill Nye who should have gotten last year. Yes. Yes. Nine cool. Okay. Was it called Charles price is they changed the list every few weeks. So now's not even on there anymore. But check it out because there's all these different. You know, there's a there's the Saint there's the old. Oh temple. Yeah. Simon templar. Oh. There's this long running soap opera soap opera called the archers that I'm completely addicted to now and they're classics or modern all of it. Million things on love it. It's just fun to scroll down and try different things. It's really fun. What's being see radio? Yes. It is the name of the thing is on. I'm gonna start playing it. You don't need that in your life. I player radio BBC. I player radio. Okay. And I've got a recommendation for you on my automatic my audible app audio books. I listened to of on with great frequency the actual production of jest in when I love that story Colston PC, Ren. But it starring Laurence Olivier, which is pretty cool. And I think Orson Welles directed the whole thing. So it's like, yeah. It's pretty cool the checkout so mania fans to. I love those sounds great arch. So we. Was just so having just drive. Yeah. Listen to Marlena. Clark Gable rolls by then I heard Jack Benny perform brewster's millions. Great is that rates? That's great. So we've got some emails. As you said before the address at the movies twenty two g mail dot com. This from a Patty Tatum we've heard from her before. Hi, guys love the podcast from October fourth the discussion about the Texas hill country just brings back memories. I lived in Kyle which is just outside of Austin. And my son is still in San Marcos beautiful. I think of bananas the Woody Allen movie when I hear about San Marco. If you want to miss, the crowds, but get great barbecue go to Kent blacks in San in San Marcos. They have another location Lochore. I always bring a large order to Louisiana when I'm in from my Amil annual visit quite says used to be. Quite says used to heart. That's quite but now blacks is considered because the crisis family moved up to a new place. Right. And there was sort of a split. Okay. Blacks place, and then, you know, the place. I went Louis Mueller, which I sent you a picture of. Yes, that's sort of the granddaddy because the guy from Franklin came there. And learn at the seat of the master. This all the way from England Dave in bury Saint Edmunds England. Dear an arch and Mark I've been meaning to tip you off to this show bodyguard from the BBC. Okay. Db drama series that I believe net. Flicks has picked up you won't be disappointed, buddy. Okay. Right up my street. Yes. Oh in this. Final one. This is just to me. But I wanna make sure we highlight this look up John C Reilly singing fathom the bowl on a discount rogues gallery, which is co produced by Johnny Depp around the time of the first pirate movie. You can thank me later. Big fan. Mike, Mike sorry. I downloaded album it ten years ago. Like I've had that album. I know I know that song Johnson these things a couple of songs on it. And he's just he's a multi talented guy. Are you looking forward to the Abbott and Costello movie as much as we are low? Laurel hardy set cannot wait trailer. I have not seen the trail. Okay. I I have in the first the only I know we can't judge trailer. But I told you this, and I'll say it again reminded me of Chaplin sort of the setup for it. And I always yes, showcase, I think this is going to be fantastic night of around. I watched this is your life when they did a loyal and hearty. There was some reference to one of their silent films where he goes to the dentist and the inhale a lot of laughing gas. Sues? You know classic. Good ole the Google and ipad. Yes. So, but yeah, I can't wait for that. Can't wait, and I see Riley as the party looks. I mean, the the makeup work. They did. He just looks fantastic. Looks fantastic. Dave on that. Let me look that question. Let me look you guys you guys give me your under the radar recommendations. I'll look that up. Well, I'm going to jump in again and go for I man, I'm just I was just so impressed and don't overlook it's will it gave me goosebumps. Do you know I'm going to? I'm just going to reinforce that for mine. And it's by the way is incredible interesting character Janet is and the way she plays. Her is just it's great. It's like I've never met that person before you know, the kind wasn't quite key little wasn't a cookie cutter back a little bit of she has to now gives them what for. No, you're talking to them. I'm not, you know, I just loved that. It's at the Avalon, which is even it's just like, you know, it's fun to go. See that. An I max if you can. But it's also I think seeing it at the avalanche would be really really special. So that would be my pick of the week. Good mine. This is a movie Liam Niessen. Did I think it was last year? It's called the commuter. I love the. No, I'm gonna stick with in the in the Halloween mood. So I'm going to go. I already talked about a couple of ones I like. But this one isn't really scary movie. But it counts for Halloween. Go back and watch young Frankenstein. Oh back in. Off of guarantees people out there that comes on, and it's black and white and the black and white watch it. Okay, watch it. It's when Mel Brooks had his ninety nine mile an hour fastball. Gene wilder Teri Garr Madeline. Von it's just the scene. Whether Clore spin. When they're with us my boyfriend. Yeah. Put seem we're Madeline Kahn. And and gene wilder are saying goodbye on the train platform. Tappita is it's. So you know to your uncle Marquis, watch it watching. Okay. Does that leave us a our final words closing lines? Will may I quote an Hornets? I'm waiting for my crown to come back. That makes it sound. Like, I've got dental problems. I'm going to quote from Halloween. This week's Halloween just say, we're making a podcast three thousand sound. Got it. When you. And I'm gonna quote, I think it was u n we need is a sexy. Baker saucy may. Hey now.

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