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This episode of the fix five kicks brought to you by tweet naughty. Get automatic phone the tweet dot com and you park healthy in thirty aubrey shipping in a lifetime ward or you can get there through the link on our website southgate negro dot com and what about podcasts yeah. No one should listen to that well. We're going to anyway. I'll i would welcome to the deadpool podcast. Ask you may must have been bad. I am phil joining me as always the mistress of heaven aim nano me. I don't even need to say many check. Show newt's roots germ off hundred one day on a friday your damn ray that's hellfire l. fire what's left of her her liver to slivers so much schizo affective all right so seems like it's been a while this way throughout the end or has his lethal the report crisis special kinds of girls still over the flash. It's been thirty years. The fish are so today we are talking dead poll forty forty-one nobody can hear space span and fell space jailbreak prison and break but covers all sensor yeah this one's weird except for like where they couldn't censored they made i swear they're censoring hiring women. Even though there are half tops on all or nothing no inbetween. I locked my nolan nothing for anyway. Yes we're smacking christopher priest. It could be worse. It could be handsome. Tom cruise well. I guess it's apple american. Tom cruise right now. <hes> something charlie <unk> bleak which by the way i should listen to on no says agency issue he does and i didn't add it out what it goes from sorry. It's late foreign truckers anyway <hes> yeah this. The oldest issue is june two thousand intel because thousands is debatable frag or wide. Lucas won't release police star wars on d._v._d. Beyond us how chat house fight poor kids. I don't even know they don't even know each remastered and get the worst upon was never wasn't always island's. I'd never leave their land either echo meanwhile whoa he got enough money from disney in the rest of the plays again he shit much money. I wouldn't anything don't like built swimming. Pools eat voter movie theater bowling alleys and it's just like you don't have it can get the word damn straight anything anyway weird choice food sanborn. Is he like calling people out. What is this disavowed just like <hes>. It's a space thing. What can we are the star wars this was this was like in the prequel now shut up remember those days those days because i actually went to all three of those movies in the movie in i thought you'd never saw i thought i raised some form of memory with alcohol. I didn't organize why there's only one show jeez star wars officially according to my bring my head would not of seat with oh good lord the back to the state prison break alien orgy. Whatever ever yes if you remember last issue how long that was <hes>. Yes heavy heavy dead polls escaping the f. satellite skyward recalling men. I guess you know use barons emas. Stop so there's a plan in the lake. Why late having that pool crossovers never make any damn sense. It's i don't get it. Get it like anti here. He says the pads stuff. Get it and i just miss. That's sure enough. That will get a bunch of us. Spaceflight space fight that full escape and ship shooting at him. Oh she'll wait isn't a quaver quaver. I know libraries just wait. This is such a two thousand actually our opinion but no the works good but as in like that black mix that brad boyd makes everything <unk> yeah but not just that poll thinking something big and invisible visible puff daddy's talent how sh how twelve year old is going to fight him <hes> <hes> us all away mm-hmm constrictor and titania back on earth bring bank. It's not even real titanic spoilers and now it's like we have like two more issues he's too. We find that were <hes> this imposters rocking. The cleveland is like no one may yeah. I mean boobs do distract so you can't blame. How far do you think this delivery guy free realizing and get a tip got into <hes>. Oh i'll consensus in the refrigerator hadn't the last will and get damaged in their later. Eh these almost as bad as alcohol vis a look. Some aliens toll portishead portishead pointing us that fixes the body. That's how this works. I don't think any of this works. Why it breaks down your body august star trek he namedrop star wars so kick on statuary. Go with it but you hours hours no even female. He didn't seem out to join an energy clouded and get him back in exactly that season once next generation uh goodbyes how she gets here again out twice while we see her actually slack bedroom. I remember my rewatch season. At now. We see everything twice 'cause he. Lopa yesterday's enterprise in that alternate time line and then she cheat she show well. The actor shows up as <music> spoiler alert next generation. It's the best version in that off and in the very last episode the big very picard is gonna be freaking awesome. You scratch your watch it watch. Should i still need another a paper. Another streaming platform can come be my first day on the jolly roger f operation ration- i might have like a card mini series. When that comes up <unk>. We're doing yes aerob- rob and charlie and everybody everybody pretty much than our is star trek martin. It got so many lay people. We'll come back so maybe cool yeah. We get charlie who wanted in. If if if you have the time we could get out. We'll just make him new pre-recorded <unk> prerecord of winter lines right charlie. Oh i the contact and after this i wanna rob southgate at fully loaded sombor. Yes that is concession. I can't forget along the way i lost my nipple for nothing. I need rob. Southgate founder pill about this story that this arc is aimless. It's very weird i wa. I told you the first armored readiness. I'm mike after like the first issue or to like him in space still in this thing but then he kind of break it up to i mean preschool rose kinda like choppy because you know what is in another issue to get that <hes> silent issue. We covered a while back then like i don't know like an issue to before the end of his run you get that black panther crossover yeah so you kinda killed momentum as wonder why they were spinning their wheels <hes> look when that whole comes face face to face feelings he asked me or you folks in line for instinct tickets her danielle with of that line but now i kinda surprising as only one i can saying everybody can sing <unk> waste and unwilling into huge <unk>. Everybody's <unk> boys or something for everybody. He got kevin for the mothers. You got the ginger you got howie. You got engine in you got you. He got me. That's all i'm saying i i know my boy beans so so yeah get plenty lines who had poll just opens fire on the aliens amona beat one over the head. You know i will say there is a balance between dialogue and fighting. Yes and that's nice. <hes> <hes> i mean i get it to be something different again. I don't remember people being space pires. Can we get back to titanic in that tangier and many other things on here. Shall we bring back. Will i know oh see. I mean we all the funds. Just kind of like i mean an end to run liquor abruptly they swear like that person was kind of like wears off at the end almasy yeah <hes> and the arts bad but it's just again. It's dead polls. I know but it's like one though it looks like like deadpool ican like former lobo or something big in bulky that that's the thing i know but it looks thank you i mean between you know the last mark and then what comes up after this on royds priests run been the secret you know after he got the lose lose probably steroids it gets better for him there somewhere i don't know and then he has to go break on some prisoner or from satan rescue different different fate. That's another lucifer rasp england. Actually yes yeah is alien. Call for rescue the devil darren wolf with apps on top of that just like aw dammit. I wonder who that supposed to thirty. Will they get it get. It might drop for all day so logo. I mean thirty won't them. Mm-hmm is the marvel version elbow. Let's see how <hes> i don't know like i said i think you know there's a contest to see who can make harley quinn more dead port and former harlequin. I swear a more ran. The monson you see <hes> was there like some other like harley quinn and poison. Ivy series coming up. I guess they eight the late like the first issue or whatever has like the shack. We'll go. They get they threatened. The art was like you know originally had poison ivy drawn like you know they had her when she evolved whatever and here is in crisis but now the new solicited archie looks warlike her sexy self a big shocker. Yeah i know come on his hair suits. Come on guys come on guys. You got to go to push some units. It's who's gonna buy harley quinn and i was avi book. They don't want sexy. We cleveland clinic. The demographics unfortunately that come of it renders writing not nowadays thinker by boy. It's forty year old men who actually can afford the complex now bt. That's definitely what it's all about. I'm so easy books right now. Particular moment somebody better any books any cheaper when achievement the stories are better built right now all the time always own my newsletter. I remind you guys his alternative. We come out outsell. You guys really should on either ordered up at your local chapter ordinary. <hes> last year was really fun. If you're a big halloween person chat chattan support them eventually. We'll have an alternative. We'll have alternate comic books conversation built psalm one that hasn't read topping the alternative so we're late nine youth <unk> should it come up for halloween could've dressed up. No you like buffy. I don't do how you meet a size gwen poll yet. Yes my lights are out. Don't give out he. Hey anyway signed your words. I am a successful breaks out thirty wolf that was an event occurs break to be honest. He puts him like an electric chair to give him his strength back or something sure mm-hmm but then he <hes> his his his ride home gets blown abram panels yet yes <hes> but we are promised all these only up under all these uncensored boxes all these half they could women were alien. Women were they and the name of james t kirk. Were all these green half naked women you stupid thirteen year old boy. You fell for bait and switch insulate. Wait wait. A minute was the two thousand dollars twenty two. Maybe putting hours yeah you know like with honors are deceiving sometimes especially this story con <hes> good word yeah a big again. It's like a lot of these priest issues. It's like it seemed like we're in an wheels. Are i appreciate the the trying something different than doing the dialogue a law but as a cohesive story of story arc destroy not very cohesive. There's not a lot of momentum. There's not a lot that really actually happening matters owners either i mean it just seems like you know he you know just star introduces something and then it's like well. Let's purpose offer. You know it's like well complexities angel. What's the <unk> now. It's like oh well. He's in space. Oh find that out in like four months. Maybe you remember. Yes could've been a thing you know now. Things are happening in two thousand marble also yeah yeah. I was almost like birds like cancellation again because you know you know like a siren point at all. I think it just seemed like what report orla issue the fear something or then. They did that whole thing where they freak gather like oh we're canceling debited that weapon next thing in agent x thing scroll down way down still better than accidents the or <hes> celtics x. The x. men is greater than so drags. I will say there there. You know there's your drought. Something nice not always like i dunno l. allauddin khan extort one day and i was picking up a whole bunch of thought x. Nana's actually effect for fifty cents. You're in storms digital looking for old stuff. I told you about stuff. Go get a hard copy of those. You found that one marine story that's like raided him or whatever go in and i went to all the i had to complete my vigilante ran and by haywire and they actually had another super shots so honored the complete room. I think i have some of the issue one day she these some of that et al without that pullbacks ooh ya uncensored but we can't be we had enough people for patriots asked for money people. Oh my talk about a live read fan fiction theater probably better porn viewing habits <music>. I realized posted at about facebook like i am a noble entity to facebook. Thank our can't recommend like ads. They're we're not allowed to pope porn. Hook ads on facebook at area worth spending time on the internet internet fins anyway anyway yeah this of some the writing and stuff to again. It's like a product of its times looking at some of these ads the ads the ads make you nostalgic in. She can't buy that stuff surge subtle. I'm looking at the marble ads amine. Not i mean magneto dark seduction auction <unk> cover his daughter. Hey man they would severance scarlet which learned and aptly alerted from you. Gotta keep that kalki family land here. You're play star wars jet. I power battles they. I was mad at the star wars particular time academy belichick old like books anymore <unk> better stuff like that but i like the games out you know what i watch the cartoon in house about it. I think i really got into yes. Star wars imagination kid south balls a he's spoiled kids with rogue one stories and whatnot and other merch in their ever growing catalogue character really super in cool <unk> damn near real life. They were found mortgage. It is watching movie anytime you want bro. Now we started my kids kids. Were near comment again for the summer. <hes> and i'm just lake no. You're gonna watch cartoons on saturday mornings. Sorry it's cool live. How i live prison. I was in the m favorite nine page by page was when they blew up. I mean that was pretty good. <hes> analysts lash pay. I don't know i kind of made fun of kinda like the opens fire and then he starts beating the guy over the head with a pistol in that's not how i i use a gun personally but you know to remodel boards each is never roquan. Roku never run out of bullets comic book weird yeah. It gives us a family aikman's terrible that it's not like lou an injury have definitely by x. issue. I'd oil will know cliffhanger really stuck in space which would point ever know if they're going to get back to commissioner not only just <hes> just broadcasting their this issue forty next the next next week. We'll be doing issue only three hundred forty two basically the <hes> wink. The lisbon linked to the forty. Two episode is thought about i anti may make it a little easier. Spam always parks for goods that people it was a fun day with me lex luther slime one bad news one day or just the bankroll right now. I'll <music> got five still be. I mean asking why is he still be a better less than what we got superman all right so let's get outta here so we'll can give enjoy her evening or she'll be drinking in bed but i don't think dreamers anyway send n._s. Your thoughts on this and like we said i next episode we <hes> that poll forty-three so email us keeps lunatics at jimoh dot com. I follow us on facebook. Facebook dot com slash wayne's world podcast if the thumb is like with bali allen motor at wade's world pot and at c. c. l. sidekicks appleseed psychics on instagram. Go check out. It's not lost in space but it is progress. Including the worldwide dot org go go go check that out so that kc show up on your feet and ends go subscribe to our youtube channel and to our new weekly newsletter at keeps lunatics dot home not blog call the voice newsletter <hes> right now <hes> once a week. I put everything that's going to hit the pa with podcast every week so you put it out on sunday okay so pulse outside eddie except fulfills newsletter yup and oppose everything coming up that week what they in everything so i write an dan color voicemails six one four three eight two two seven three seven that six one four thirty eight caves and remember you can check us out live every every episode on get vocal v. o. k. l. dot com and hopefully our facebook page of this word are don't make the learn opium. I think it's not in anyway missile hellfire. Where can people walk the two thousand with you. If you want to get on the couch about ninety advani and of course she has no at love sixty tonight on the graham. Damn straight all right. Thank you for joining us. What's getting everyone creeds world. You raised. I will go back to her rousing drinking. I'm i'm gonna get right off here. In <hes> crop southgate from my sophomore requests off start making a list where you want to say the team list oh yes. Oh oh yes yes if i if i don't message charlie tonight. I'll safe in the morning so everyone loves. The sweet sounds of broad southgate's knelt with it every the site phasing maximum effort no common sense.

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