11 Trivia Questions on The Golden Globes


To eleven questions on the Golden Globes from two thousand nineteen and the history of the show in general. This is trivia with buds. It be and welcome to another episode of the trivia with buds podcast. I'm your host Ryan buds. And when I was a kid I used to read Archie comics anybody else question, Mark. I don't know why I was attracted Archie comics. But I used to see them at the store in that little I think it was the size of they called them digests. It'd be like the Archie digest or the jug head double digest, and it was like a smaller comic book, and it was thicker, and I would see them at the cash. Register with my mom, and I'd be like can I get one of those? I think one day she goes sure, that's wholesome and fun. Maybe I'll raise a little Archie. And she bought me one. And I kinda got into them even as a kid. I knew this is some hokey style. This is like really comics for people that are just like I like drinking soda pop. But I I do I liked part of it because it was so wholesome for some reason, I've always kind of been like that I like stuff that's like very old fashioned and wholesome at different parts of life. Life. So I used to read a lot of Archie comics. I like Joe heads specifically. I would get the taller comics as I got older, and they had some cool ones. They had some like a post apocalyptic once they had like Archie meets the punisher Archie meets the predator different things like that. So I collect those on and off and most recently the last Archie thing I bought was Archie versus shark NATO. She was really fun tie in. And I have downstairs number one. I don't think about the rest of them. But that is a quick little fact about me, I'm gonna start opening the episodes with weird facts about me to kind of go off on tangents and maybe tie into themes and feature topics that would have been perfect. If I said today, we're doing ten questions on Riverdale. But we're not we're. Eleven questions on the Golden Globes. So that'll be a fun one. These are questions about half of them are from the award ceremony just last week into nineteen and the other half are probably from the history of the Globes in general, so hopefully have fun answering these I haven't watched an award show in a while even the Oscars when we first moved out here. I think we had a couple of Oscars parties the first two years, and we enjoyed it and tried to guess who would win and stuff. But I think once you have kids you're like the more Oscars for a bit because I just couldn't even imagine finding the time to be like, let's have all our friends over with our kids and have an Oscars party. It just seems like it would be impossible. So and I also don't have time to watch any of the Oscars movies anymore, which is a little bit of a pain in the butt because I like knowing what the best movies are per year. But I do feel like in the last couple of years there having been a lot of like you after see this Askar movie. I feel like it's a lot of like, okay, that's some stuff. But if there's any Oscars movies or Golden Globes movies that you're? Like buds. You gotta check this one out. Let me know drop me a tweet at Ryan buds on Twitter or an Email. Ryan buds gmaiLcom that'll be cool. Today's episode was recorded at telco at brew port tap house in Elsa. No, california. And what I do is. I put my phone out next to the speaker or near the speaker or just near standing, really. And I record the audio of me asking the questions and going over the answers. And then sometimes I post that as an episode of the show, so I recorded all of last week's round. So over this next month, you'll kind of get scattered episodes from Bridgeport on that week. And this one starts with the Golden Globes. Some other ones I recorded that night or as follows we did one on weird state laws cover songs coming of age TV shows and a confidence around where we ask ten totally random questions. And then you rank your answers tend to one based on how confident are and then being right tends to highest one's the lowest. So those are. To play along with. So we're going to go over those over the next month or so, but today's episode all about the Golden Globes, and we're going to jump into those eleven questions on the Golden Globes right now here, we go. Group four. And. One around one golden gloves robbing one after award for three thousand eighteen twenty best actor award for one number one. On the screen. Character return in eighteen was nominated for best. That was returning. Usable or two. Seen myself here. Never three Aker Jiangmen a with twenty two nominations what as the most weight seventeen three after one point two nominations. What they're after seventeen. Three on your list. Coping lows number three. Question. Number four what female? The award show the Golden Globes thirteen fourteen before I was award show. Thirteen. Four number four. Number five win winning. Who was in the bathroom room all by waiting for earth's? Eddie that rubber bullets on t. Was all revive that all? Number six year. Writers strike one thousand eight thousand. Writers strike the cancellation. Whole year here. Percents. Number. To look at reviewing presented awards. The Senate what eventually star located viewing dress while they presented a war together that doesn't. Two thousand fifteen. Number seven percent. Is today. Blackest never said Senate. Awards. Sorry for her role in one word in the number eight nineteen war Stonestreet. I'm sorry for a role in. Why one word will be eight? Question time team female comedian received a lifetime achievement four working television number nine hundred nineteen just the other day what received the lifetime achievement award for her work. Television number nine. One one word person Christian bale thank for his inspiration in betraying pitching. Vice number ten what one person Christian bale thank immigration for. Protraying advice never auto worker number ten. What year were the golden eagles? I l of what year where the Golden Globes verse. You're kind of gesture much to memorize award show history. What year were going? I how around the one goes or. The number one round at one of the best actor award. Overthrow, freddie. Mercury into eighteen. Number two. Was down or berry. Scenery bobbins returns, raise your hand. You know? Guy. The one day race. Saw. Very. Two. Why are you? And then. Hype? All and you are easily right? Twenty nine Asians. Most of the seventeen Jack Nicholson. Jack. Number four to worship thirteen fourteen fifteen Tina Fey, Amy Poehler. Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio. We went in for nurse claim she running name. Her name was call Renee Zellweger. Here's nomination for. It was Paul Texas mashes hurt the next generation. I highly suggest watching. Her. Reputation. Came out. Two thousand eight. That. Wanted venture award. Jeremy where guy of Selma. Charity number number eight worse. Straight on sorry for her role in. We're all. I think. About a Hawaiian. Ronin YM. Probably. And she owns. Nineteen. Lifetime achievement in television was Carol. Please. Visit. Person depression favors? Hundred eight five. The opposite with his. It was very. Four four four. There at was Golden Globes trivia did that make you want to go back and watch that award ceremony. I'll tell you the only part I really watched was the Carol Burnett speech, which was really good about running and hosting the Carol Burnett show, and how a network would never allow that to happen nowadays because the budget, the costumes and the rehearsals and all that stuff. So yeah, I need to catch up on the movies from the Golden Globes season the Oscar season just around the corner here in February. If there's anything you're telling me that I should definitely watch. Let me now. The big movie I liked last year was probably the shape of water. So that's that's kind of my wheelhouse. If there was something like this year that you're like, oh, it was better than the shape of water. Let me know in tweet at Ryan buds. You can always Email me. Ryan buds at gmaiLcom to. If you have a topic. You want to do on the shell try and work it in for you at some point. Thanks to all my patrons who support this show over on. Patriot dot com slash trivia buds. Couldn't do it. Without you. I could do it without you. But it would not nearly as fun or as rewarding. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you telling a friend about the show. We'll see tomorrow from trivia with buds. Cheers.

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