The Impeachment Trial Begins


From The New York Times unlikable this infidelity a today the impeachment trial of Donald J trump begins this afternoon in the Senate Nick Fenders on how it will work. It's Thursday January sixteenth. Nick van described the past forty eight hours inside the capitol. How does it start so it starts on Tuesday morning when speaker? Nancy Pelosi who for close to a month now has has been withholding. The articles of impeachment against President Trump from the Senate goes down into the basement of the Capitol for a private meeting with all house Democrats and the speaker walks in and says guys. Finally the day is here. I'm ready to move forward Our break has accomplished what we wanted it to additional evidence. Evidence has come out over the course of this for weeks. We're going to vote tomorrow on Wednesday to name the team that will prosecute the case case against president trump and finally moved this over to the Senate and so that was the state of affairs for most of Tuesday afternoon but then L. The middle of nowhere as we've got very big breaking news tonight on the eve of a House vote to send President Donald Trump's articles of impeachment or the Senate. The House House Intelligence Committee that committee just released an incredibly incriminating cache of documents from Rudy Giuliani's indicted associate parnassus house house. Democrats released a new tranche of evidence that they had just gotten in recent days from love. Par Nas was obviously intimately involved in. President has an trump's attempts to pressure Ukraine to help dig up dirt on his political opponents. The basically new evidence in an impeachment case after after the impeachment has been completed. That's right here. was what seems to be meaningful new evidence from key player in this drama pouring forward in what exactly is in these documents from harness so there were three things that stood out immediately to us as interesting one. One was a letter from Rudy. Giuliani the president's personal lawyer to the new president of Ukraine. Asking for a meeting Jilani writing quote. I have a specific request in my capacity. His personal counsel to President Trump and with his knowledge and consent. I request a meeting with you this upcoming Monday or for the first time in that letter. We saw Giuliani putting down on paper that his client Donald Trump knew what he was up to and had sanctioned it and that ties the president even more closely to everything that Giuliani was doing in Ukraine. The second piece that stood out were text messages between par NAS and a former Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Joe Biden and wanted the American ambassador to Ukraine. Remember Marie Ivanovich out of the way and and what these messages seem to show is a kind of bargaining. That's going on that. The prosecutor will help Giuliani Parnasse in their team. Dig Up the dirt. What they want if they help get this American ambassador out of the way now? This would suggest that there's a closer tie between the removal of Cavani rich from her post which president trump eventually brings about last spring and the campaign to dig up dirt on his political opponents. Now the third thing our notes on stationary by Parnasse from the Ritz Carlton in Vienna. That mention trying to get the new president of Ukraine Ukraine to publicly announce an investigation into Joe Biden and his son. And this is what Democrats say. The president was after the whole time and the notes suggest chest. The parnassus the guy working with the president's personal lawyer was trying to get that done for him and nick. What are these three revelations really tell us about the larger her picture of the impeachment? Each of these has its own significance for the larger investigation. The weather from Giuliani's shows very clearly that he was keeping President President trump in the loop and working for the president. The text messages show that they were working to try and get damaging information on Joe Biden and the notes suggests further that they wanted to do that by getting Ukraine to publicly announce an investigation into the Biden's that would smear them so to speak and so these don't significantly change the shape of the case as we've understood it they make it a lot harder to argue that it didn't happen and and in that sense. They go a long way in strengthening the Democrats case in. What do you make of the timing of the release of these literally the night before war? The House is GonNa vote to send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate whether by design or by accident. This was terrifically helpful for the House and for the team of prosecutors that are about to go over and try and make their case in the Senate House. Oh well speaker. Pelosi withheld the articles of impeachment for month to try and gain leverage to push the Senate to call new witnesses and evidence in their trial. And so so the timing of this couldn't have been better to make the argument that hey there's compelling new evidence out there to be had and it won't be that hard to get senator's uh-huh when you don't want to hear from new witnesses if you don't want to call new documents Democrats would say then you're helping president trump in his cover up because the argument is that senators senators in taking a constitutional oath to render impartial judgement over to the constitution into the country to try and get as much material as they hand hand to make this way to decision and on top of that because this evidence has now all been submitted into the record before the articles are sent over to the Senate they can automatically be incorporated into the trial. Okay so what happens. Good morning everyone very important day. Hey for us so Wednesday morning speaker. Nancy Pelosi as expected convenes. A news conference in the capital and she arrives with seven Democratic lawmakers in Tokaj. Today is the day that we named the managers go to the floor to pass the resolution to transmit the articles articles of impeachment to the Senate. The team that she's about to introduce who will prosecute the houses case in the Senate but I she takes a quick chance to spike the football comments about. Why are we going to send the articles over to basically say? Hey I've taken a bunch the heat for this strategy to delay the Republicans have been beating me up left and right time has been our friend in this because has yielded incriminating being evidence more truth into the public domain. But you saw what happened last night right that validated. What I was talking about Um this is why I did what I did? So now you get it basically and we wouldn't be in this situation. Had we not waited and from their speaker. Nancy Pelosi Y- YUP turns to the lawmakers around her and begins to introduce the managers who basically fall into three groups. The first or those that were locked for the job care. Adam Schiff half of California's lead. That's Adam Schiff. The Chairman of the Intelligence Committee who oversaw the houses Ukraine investigation. Last fall and Jerry Nadler care of the have house. Judiciary Committee is serving his fifteenth term in Congress drafted the articles of impeachment and help build the constitutional and legal justification for the charges. The second group are respected senior lawmakers. Who are expected to be on the team but weren't givens shares it last night chair of the House Committee on House Administration so Lofgren California? This is her third impeachment in the House on the Judiciary Committee. She was a staff back during the Nixon impeachment and on the committee during the Clinton Impeachment Jeffries is the chair of the house. Democratic Caucus and is currently serving his fourth fourth term. In Congress became Jeffries he is the Chairman Chairman of the Democratic Caucus and a rising star within the Democratic Party. Also member of the Judiciary Committee demings a Florida and then Val demings. WHO's a former former police? Chief from Orlando who was on both Mr Shifts Committee and Nablus Committee and is very familiar with these facts and effective on the bench but then there were a couple of wild cards as well. He's become listening. Jason Crowe of Colorado is a member of the House Armed Services Committee. There's Jason Crowe who's a freshman Democrat from from Colorado. He's former military but he hasn't been involved in the impeachment debate all that much in the House and Sylvia Garcia is kind of semi Sylvia Garcia. He is a member of the house. Judiciary Committee is from the Houston area. She is a member of the judiciary committee but not a particularly outspoken one. I'm very proud and honored honored that the seven members distinguished members have accepted this serious responsibility. So what does this particular group tell you about what Pelosi is trying to accomplish. Why did she pick them all? especially the wildcards. So Pelosi stated one of her goals and she left one unstated instated as you can see. The emphasis is on litigators. The emphasis is on comfort level in the courtroom. The stated goal was to try and put together a team with a lot of courtroom experience. So you have lawyers and prosecutors in Garcia you have somebody that was part of the judicial system in Texas. She wanted a team. That was going to be ready to argue this case to put together briefs in the Senate the policies other goal here was to try and put together a team that was is regionally an ethnically diverse so you have lawmakers from the coast from New York and California you have lack lawmakers and Latino lawmakers and you have folks from the middle of the country Jason Crowe for instance from Colorado Garcia is from Texas in addition to being Latino so she was looking to to put together basically a team. That looks something like the Democratic Caucus and the country as a whole Rather than a set of coastalss deals or legal elites or like the team of managers the prosecuted Bill Clinton in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. Thirteen white guys. Thirteen like guys yes. Thirteen white men from the house. Judiciary Committee brought the case against Bill Clinton over to the house. Yeah you know Nick. I'm curious is this desirable desirable assignment for a House Democrat. Or is this a job. People run from you know. I think it's a very desirable assignment and you know. Look farther than the fact that many lawmakers put their names forward wrote letters to Speaker Pelosi asking to be included on this team because these seven Democrats that's are now basically going to become the face of the houses case they will be the ones writing briefs but more importantly arguing on the floor of the Senate as to why President President trump's behavior warrants impeachment. And they're going to be all over. TV's across the country. There's the potential here for many of these folks for this to be a career defining fining moment You know Lindsey Graham. Who's now a very well known? Member of the Senate and confidant of the president. His career got its big boost when he was one of those thirteen eighteen house managers in nineteen ninety nine so this is a important historic role in. There will be books written about this as well and to to be a member of that team is to have a role in potentially at least history. But I don't think we could be better served than by the patriotism and dedication of the managers that I'm naming here this morning. Thank you all very much. Okay so once. These matters announced what happens after this news conference pretty quickly Pelosi and her team of seven walk upstairs I to the floor of the House Chamber where matters speaker. Pursuant to House resolution seven sixty seven I now sent to the desk resolution anointing and authorizing managers for the impeachment trial of Donald. John Trump President House votes along the same party lines that it did a month ago. When it approved the articles to formally appoint the managers and bring the case to trial on this vote? The Yeas are two hundred twenty eight. The nays are one hundred ninety ninety three. The resolution is adopted without objection and that is really the last vote that the house officially needs to take on this matter. It's now up to the managers to to bring their case forward and a Senate trial is imminent nick at this point as we're talking. It is three forty pm on Wednesday after that. Vote to approve the the house managers and transmit the articles of impeachment. So what is the next step so speaker Pelosi and the managers will reconvene now at five o'clock clock and begin basically the carefully choreographed exchange of the articles between the House and the Senate first speaker will sign the articles. What is called as only Congress could put an engrossment ceremony from there? The managers will line up with the sergeant at arms of the House and the clerk of the House and they will process out of the House through the Old House Chamber Rotunda of the capital over over to the Senate to meet the Secretary of the Senate and handover communication. The Senate will receive a message from the House. Representatives ten they are centrally really ready to come to trial the House of Representatives and handover nicely printed copy of their articles of impeachment for the Senate. President UH I have been directed by the House of Representatives to inform the Senate. The House has passed eight seven and so then the next step is basically to start trial only the third such proceeding in American history. Where a president of the United States will be potentially convicted were acquitted of high crimes and misdemeanors back When I believe we all need to do is identify future? We want to see and then do what it takes to make that happen. This is Gail Schuler Chief Sustainability Officer at three m three M partners with customers suppliers organizations to drive global action every every day. We work with brilliant people to advance our shared vision using science to help combat climate change develop a less wasteful economy and create vibrant communities three and believes in the good we can create together to build a sustainable future for all Sunni now that the impeachment moves from house to the Senate what does stat process. Look like over in the Senate walk us through it so on Thursday the trial will begin at starts with quite a bit more ceremony. The House House impeachment manager will once again walk over from the House to the Senate carrying their articles of impeachment. And this time they'll enter the Senate chamber and meet the Sergeant at arms. Who will give stern warning to? The senators will cry out here. Ye here Ye. Now you know. We're firmly in the territory of Old American conditions right indeed. You will warn senators that from here on out as long as the Senate sitting in trial they cannot speak quote on pain of imprisonment and if they do is a serious business. Senators are all expected to be in their desk and then the managers will process up into the center of the Senate and they'll read aloud their articles of impeachment. I understand this so throughout the trial house members will be going into the Senate and doing the talking King and the senators will under pain of imprisonment. Remain absolutely mum which is kind of interesting situation for the settlers it is. It's a very uncomfortable situation for senators. Who liked to do their own talking? Not only can they not speak. They won't be able to bring electronics into the chamber for hours at a time. Wow they will have to remain seated at their desks when they are allowed to ask questions they have to do so in writing and if senators wanted debate say emotion before vote. What they actually do is kick out reporters and the cameras and they closed the doors of the Senate and have that debate in private so this is not a preceding like any that at that I think any of us including me covering Congress are familiar with It's really about the house managers. And the president's defense lawyers arguing it out in front of the Senate which serves as both Kinda judge and a jury just a very silent version of that a very silent one okay so the house managers have the floor. Thursday morning that's right and so. They are introduced formerly to the Senate and the Senate summons next John Roberts the chief justice of the Supreme Court Tacoma over to the Senate. He takes an oath himself and then administered an oath to senators that for the duration of the trial. They swear to administer impartial justice. At that point the Senate sends summonsed President Trump telling him formally that he is on trial in the Senate and asking for his answer. The house managers. We'll get probably up to twenty four hours to make their case spread over three or four days. The President's defense team will get a chance to do the same thing for the same amount of time. Remember remember we've yet to hear from those defense lawyers since they declined to take part in the house proceedings and and then after both sides of made their case centers. We'll have a chance to ask questions and can they do that outlaw. This time know that remains in writing they can put it on pieces of paper and the chief justice will read them aloud. Wow but then we'll get to what may be the most interesting part of this trial. which is a debate which has already begun over whether or not to call new witnesses and compel new evidence? The prosecution and the defense can both put forward motions to call. Witnesses and senators will get an upper down vote and a simple majority wins so democrats Democrats want to call a number of administration. Witnesses people like John Bolton Mick Mulvaney they need the help of four Republicans if they want to make that happen and if they do if they're successful Republicans are pledging to use their majority to try and call witnesses that may be more favorable to the present potentially even Hunter Biden. Joe Biden's son. WHO's at the center of these investigations? That trump Giuliani in parnasse. We're looking for and Ukraine so all the sudden a two or the three week trial could end up lasting five or six weeks Eventually when senators have satisfied themselves they will vote either to convict or quit but remember. Do you need two thirds of all senators to support conviction to have the president convicted and removed from office. You know thinking back to what Speaker Pelosi said during a news conference difference. That time has been on the side of Democrats. that the delay in transmitting these articles of impeachment to the Senate in getting this trial underway. There may may have shifted the ground when it comes to things like calling witnesses or introducing new evidence and the contours of how this trial will unfold. Do you think that she's right. We won't know for sure for at least a couple of weeks until these votes come up but walking around the Senate in the last few days it certainly seems like like. There is a growing number of Republican senators. Who are open to this idea of calling witnesses? Who seemed to recognize after after four weeks of feeling intense pressure from the media and safe from their constituents that it's just the kind of smart and obvious thing to do you know another another indication we've started to hear more conservative Republicans? That are supportive of the President and conferring with Mitch. McConnell about what witnesses they would call to counter witnesses assist that Democrats in the moderates wanted you know that seems to be a nod an acknowledgement that. The chances are going up that we'RE NOT GONNA end up with a speedy narrow trial but one that may be more unwieldy and involve more witnesses. I wonder how much that really matters because as we have talked about many times on the show when when it comes to the Senate trial how many witnesses there are no matter what form this trial takes. There's an overwhelming predisposition by the majority to come to a certain certain conclusion in this case I will preface my answer by saying that I agree with you particularly in an election year. The idea that a Republican controlled Senate would pull together sixty-seven votes to remove the President United States when he'll be on the ballot in November. Seems like a total long shot. But I I think that we are in for more unexpected twists and turns than we think you know it's one thing for Republicans to be able to watch from afar as the house assembled this case over several months as they voted on articles of impeachment to dismiss it as partisan because there weren't Republican votes to dismiss it is rushed and having not proved the case because they haven't been up close grappling with the facts but as it gets closer and senators have to swear this awesome oath to administer impartial. Justice as they have to sit in their chairs silently without their cell phones listening to the arguments from the house and from the White House. I think we may start to see some lawmakers. Maybe the moderates. Maybe they're retiring. Maybe they're up for reelection in a swing estate. This fall moving ever so slightly out of their partisan corners the have defied so many fights in the trump era into the kind of ambiguous use middle and while that may not change the outcome of this particular trial. I think it will go a long way in coloring what it looks like for the American people who after all in just ten months are going to go to the ballot box themselves and be able to render under their own decision about whether president trump is fit to remain in office Nick thank you very much. Thank you Michael Customers from storefronts to websites nights from mobile APPs to chat windows it's their world and they don't just want help they wanNA feel your company is connected to them perfectly magically. Fortunately salesforce. The world's number one customer relationship management solution can help our technology puts customers at the center of everything. You do connecting marketing. Sales Service E ECOMMERCE and beyond on a single platform salesforce brings customers and companies together learn more at salesforce dot com slash daily yours. Here's what else you need. Tendered greatly appreciate your joining us at this White House event. This is very important and and remarkable occasion during a ceremony at the White House. On Wednesday president trump signed a preliminary trade deal with China intended intended to open Chinese markets to more US goods and protect against the theft of American trade secrets. Today we take a momentous step one that has never been taken before with China toward a future fair and reciprocal trade as we signed phase as one of the historic trade deal between the United States and China in of victory for the president. The deal leaves in place record tariffs graphs on Chinese goods and forces China to purchase two hundred billion dollars worth of American goods within two years together together we are writing the wrongs of the past and delivering a future of Economic Justice and Security for American workers farmers and families. Bud what the deal does little to resolve. Larger structural issues such as China's practice of subsidizing key industries like solar energy and steal importing them to the US and undercutting American manufacturers. And that's it for the deal. I'm Michael bo-bottle see tomorrow.

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