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Roger Stone 4-26-20


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Loan experts are available to help you twenty four hours a day seven days a week at rocket mortgage dot com call for cost information and conditions equal housing lender licensed fifty states and MLS consumer access dot. Org Number thirty thirty. Good Morning America. This is the cats round table. John Cats Matiz here. What's going on? Well you know I went to school. I was you're innocent until proven guilty. This gentleman here has been proven guilty. And he's innocent. His name is Roger. Stone I know him for a long time. I kick say with good French because we've never got to dinner together. A Roger deserves the ability to tell the truth. And what's going on? Good Morning Roger Stone. How you Roger John? It's great to be with. You WanNa tell you just last week. The New York Post had four different stories about incredible news breaking interviews. You have the cats round two so you are setting the world on fire. I'm delighted to be here. Well you know I don't you know I don't have to worry about a paycheck. I don't have to worry about making any executives happy. I just worry about telling the truth. Well it's a great forum to do that. I must tell you my the last sixteen months of my life really the last two years of my life. They've almost been Kafka ask. I have to pinch myself believing that this can happen to any American. But when you are targeted for strictly political reasons by a vengeful political motivated special counsel and when their allies in the fake news media have a two year drumbeat telling the American people Roger Stone will be indicted for treason Roger Stone. We'll be indicted for espionage. Roger still won't be indicted for money laundering. Roger Stone will be indicted for cybercrimes. Roger Stone was the link between the Russians and the trump campaign and then they indict you after all of the the Invasive run through of all your emails all your text messages all your phone calls for two years. Finding no evidence of any of those things they indict you for lying to Congress about the trump campaign's interested wittily wikileaks which was a matter of public record announced by Donald Trump himself on a hundred and forty two occasions in September and October. It was a hit job. I think most Americans know that And then what they do is they break you financially. The financial costs of defending yourself man. I spent two million dollars. That was not mind two million dollars. I raised from sixty five thousand great Americans and trump supporters across the country Or I would never have been able to afford a lawyer but they also get you so that when the New York Times smears you on page one or wine. Cnn says you're about to be indicted for tax evasion. You have no way to respond. You're not allowed to comment even on social media. You're not allowed to go on the cat's roundtable or any show and defend yourself. I just to me. It seems un-american but but that is what I have lived through And then you know I I learned when I get into the DC circuit. Jury system. That I'm not going to be judged by a jury of my peers. I'm going to be judged by people who admit in their jury selection process that they despise donald trump that they want him removed in one case is all supporters are racist assigned a fair trial. I did not get a fair trial. I'm not sure I could ever have gotten one in DC but it. It wouldn't matter if I had Clarence Darrow representing me I. I'm not sure I could have been acquitted given this. It is so hard to believe that our country has gotten down that situation. Where things like that happen in In Federal Court. It's just so very hard to believe but it happened. It happened to you. I mean the FBI. Tell people how do you? I mean you've never been arrested in your life and tell them how they came to pick you up. I'll never even had a parking ticket. I've never even had a speeding ticket. So there's the press speculated for a year that my indictment for treason. Treason was imminent. That I was colluding with the Russians. John my relatives were mowed down by Soviet tanks in Budapest in nineteen fifty six I. I'm half on Gary in half and Talion I ate Russia's just to be clear so but this constant drumbeat muller focuses on Stone Muller's surrounding Stone Muller about to take down stone. You know every week week after week. And then I January twenty fourth. My lawyers spoke to the special counsel's office. They know I was represented. They know I had an able lawyer on the morning of January. Twenty fifth. Seventeen armored vehicles arrived at my home at six o'clock in the morning. Twenty nine heavily armed swat team clad. Fbi agent surrounded my home. There was a government helicopter overhead. There was a canine unit of dogs. I guess in case They thought I was going to flee which was unrealistic. They brought a battering ram up to the front doors. If I wasn't going to open the door they bang on the door saying. Fbi come out your ends up just like out of movie. I Open the door and they say are you on your show and I say they said we have a warrant for your arrest and we have a warrant for the search of these premises. Please step outside and put your hands behind your back. They handcuffed me. I'm wearing a Roger Stone if nothing wrong picture of my dad and they march me out to the front of the street. Stand there in my shorts barefoot and a t-shirt handcuffed and just wait then they go upstairs. They rouse my wife out of bed. She's hearing impaired without her hearing a she could hear nothing. It really dawned on me. What if they shout some order to her and she doesn't hear them or doesn't understand. It makes a false move in the shooter. I mean I was scared to death until they brought her out in her nightclubbing. Inner bare feet to stand next to me. Ten feet away. They took away both of our cell phones. Needless to say I asked to see my lawyer. They said well you'll see him later. I asked what charges against me were. They said that they would show them to me on the way the FBI folks. But the worst part John was the camera crew from CNN. Twenty five feet from my doors. That captured the whole thing. I now know the street has been sealed for an hour muller called the CNN team. Think Clo- anybody else so that's exactly right they deny that but the FBI refuses to turn over all their emails with CNN. In the weeks before I was arrested. There's a lawsuit pending judicial. Watch to get that material which were entitled to but they refused deterrent over. No other media was allowed and I now know for mostly security camera footage. Cnn arrived exactly eleven minutes before the FBI and set up their Camera Fox eleven twelve minutes later the FBI shows up and they're allowed to film the entire public humiliation now. The point of course is all. They had to tell my lawyer that day before. We're bringing charges against your client. We please turn himself in now with government's response to why they did this by the way. The taxpayer pay one point one million dollars for this rate their explanation as to why they did this is stone was a flight risk. Really I don't have a valid passport. I don't own a gun and I have the most recognizable muggy in America. Thanks to CNN. Where was I going to go? I live on a canal but it got to be honestly. I can't swim. Where was I going to go? So then They took me off to To be fingerprinted and most shotted In the meantime they set up tenths and a big truck in my front yard and eight for the next thirteen hours. They made my wife sit in the corner where she couldn't touch her fall. She had to have a female agent. Accompany her to the bathroom and they tore through every square inch of my home just tore it to shreds. If there was a picture hanging on the wall they would cut out the back of the of the framing to see something that was hidden inside. They went through every single book in the House. Take the book out of the Shelf on through to make sure there's nothing hidden throw it on the floor. It was a shambles. It was a disaster. My grandchildren keep calling their grandmother. But she can't answer the fall they're watching. Tv they're scared to death. It was something out of Nazi Germany. It was something you might expect in the Soviet Union but not in America they also raided my apartment in New York they also raided my office in Fort Lauderdale. Same deal rip the place apart. You know what they found nothing whatsoever. That's what they had already lied to a couple federal judges together a search for we have evidence of money laundering by Roger. So don't they did? There is no such thing didn't exist. We have evidence of CYBERCRIME. No they didn't so I I would argue that. They defrauded the court to even get their search warrants. What they had was my twitter feed and my twitter feed was based on public information and a couple of very solid tips. That I got that turned out to be exactly right. The the wikileaks. Disclosures did come in October and they were out. I never said I knew the content or source of them. I didn't so it was. It was a horrific experience. Then take me to the courthouse where they put me in a holding cell with three African American gentleman. I was held there for three hours. By the time I left. I guarantee you all reopens trump supporters. They take me out to be arraigned in shackles. Hand and foot. I plead guilty and then the government asks for no cash bon meaning. I wasn't a flight risk. They knew I wasn't a flight risk. They just proved it I came out and spoke to the press. I gave the iconic V for victory sign. Just try to demonstrate to my friends and family and supporters that they had not crushed by spirit. I said I would plead not guilty when I didn't know at that. Time was my chances of winning. A verdict virtually impossible because the judge would systematically rule out any powerful line of defense. So I believe I was selectively prosecuted. Brenning Komi Clapper. Hillary Vulgar himself later. All these people lied to Congress McCain's frock. But they didn't prosecute them they prosecuted me. Knowstone you're not allowed to argue that the first floor Roger and at some story at a time that is some that is the story of stories and I think the justice system did not work well by you. I hope you find justice A mere future lows. You WanNa help me go sign a petition at free Roger Stone Dot Com. I'm I'm supposed to turn myself into jail and the next week I don't know what will happen. I am praying fervently for Justice John. Thanks for the opportunity to tell that horrific story Pacu Roger Stone and I'M GONNA go sign a petition myself. And and good luck and we'll talk to you again real soon many things. This is the cats roundtable. We write back.

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