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Hello all welcome to season to a real talk in real time. This is intro of the food for those of you who are new to the show greetings. I'm Jay Herman Writer Editor PODCAST and bad at three advocates on the girl behind the curtain of real talk central. I'm broadcasting team from Sunny Sarasota. Where like most of you? We're just easing back into reopening the seat. It's certainly been an interesting often. Anxiety fill time for sure but despite how bad things have been I personally found productivity and lots of resolve in a recent post I wrote nothing is set in stone. I about how the pandemic might be the best thing that's ever happened to me and I sincerely hope that. That's not insensitive to anyone basically. I'm taking two lessons away from my four weeks of quarantine and I know there are many of. You have been quarantined for a lot longer. But for me I definitely learned. Worry is not reality into putting unchecked faith in other people's businesses namely big corporations is futile. This time has taught me that nothing really. Nothing is certain and we shouldn't worry about things that we can't control more than that. I've learned that I have a lot more time to focus on building my empire then I really thought like I really gave a lot more weight to using time left over after working on everyone else's south and feeling like I didn't have enough time to work on my own shit and that's just not the case In addition to working on this podcast and talk blog on just days away from launching a new members only site for aspiring creative writers called the empowered soul project. I'm really excited about this. It's like it's been a long time thought that I just didn't do for no real good reason so if you're ready to gain bad as confidence and clarity to share stories be sure to check it out. It will be at empire empowered soul that subject dot com I N. empowered sold DOT SUB STACK DOT COM and. I'll share more detail later on. The official launch is in for a days yet. But I'm really I'm excited. I'm I'm happy to see where this is headed and Without having time alone to focus. I don't think I would be in this position to be launching so I'm excited about that in Have more details for you later. So essentially what I wanted to do in this intro is for those of you who are new to give you. An understanding of the show is and everyone else gets sort of like a refresher. My initial aim for doing the PODCAST was to share my raw unedited on filtered thoughts about by Midlife journey to take you behind the words of my stories so to speak. I found that so often when I'm writing. I have so many ideas that don't necessarily make it to the page. You know like the state in the draft or the notes I trashed. And sometimes there's backstory. That's just better served as the conversation then post so I had this bright idea that I would have record that stuff and release it and exclusively. Call that a podcast. So how did I go from? What was supposedly short voice notes to podcasts interviewing amazing creative people well two things one. I blame Jaffe and Lawrence Apollo for being so awesome to talk to during the NF Summit. Veyre has said it out said it. Before and too I really I just I know too many talented people who have fantastic yet relatable life stories that I want to dig into and I want to share with other people so let me get back to jazz and Lorne The I have summit for those of you who follow real talking recall that I had the pleasure of being a featured speaker for a virtual collaborative of intuitive creative. I N F people so I ended up Jay's IEP's which For those of you who may not know what that means so like. I'm an an IFJ and An IEP and Jay's were on the introversion personality spectrum. I guess you could say I can't do it. Justice check out the website sixteen personalities Dot Com sixteen the number one six personality dot Com. If you want to learn more about what that is because I really can't get into all the INS and outs of the differences in what makes introvert in in. What makes an extrovert for that matter? So go on the site and take the test and find out where you are on the Myers Briggs whatnot so jazz hockey a Creator extraordinaire of cloud and Lawrence Apollo fabulous fabulous author of the NFC writer and the I N F J revolution the two of them together and brilliantly put together our virtual interview series for interns. How how brilliant is to do a virtual? You don't have to show up summit for introverts and just still boggles my brain anyway. It's still funny Interview series. It's still online for your viewing and listening. Pleasure my crazy interviews out there on check it out. I HAVE SUMMIT DOT com to see the series. It's my understanding that all of the interviews with thinking was like almost thirty different. Amazing I N F P J creative people that those will be on the site until the end of this month so I'll make sure that I put the link in the show notes but you can find on F. I N. App SUMMIT DOT com so basically after going through the process of talking to Lauren. Jazz I tell you. I was just so energized to talk with other creative people and I thought this would be great to add into real talk and because I have no intention of scripting or editing my interviews. Well I came up with real talk in real time. Why might have come up with a show title before that but anyway? That's the gist of it. Is that when I started conversation? We started chatting with my guest. What I record is what gets released to all of you. So it is our rule talk in real time. Also I will say that season one was sort and Loosey Goosey in that. Didn't try and follow a theme per se so for season two. I decided to choose guests who I feel epitomized tenacity. And bad and their personal lives their career and their passion for suits basically folks who forge ahead not in the absence of fear or South dial fell doubt who persevere in the face of it so eventually they crush traditional boxes making their own damn way in just do really cool. I mean what I especially love about chatting with. All of my guests is that they weren't afraid to be real with me. You know and I love that. I love that despite fame and fortune and you know a lot of them are really just doing amazing things in their respective categories that despite where they are in their careers that they want to time talk to me and to that they were just real with me again row talking Roy ties so I'm really grateful for that and you're gonNA love it. I in some of the bonus tracks. I got a couple of amazing singers to US Inc. Cappella you know. Yeah so you're GonNa love that and I'm really grateful that they shared with me and I think you're gonNA love it to also new for season two And I gotta say please. No I gave this lots of consideration. You can expect detailed show notes with every episode but a Mike last season I'm not including a transcription of the show. Okay so here's why not only is transcribing. Podcast a lot of work. Even even using an awesome have like otter author was awesome. It still took nearly two hours to correct spelling mistakes and missing words and whatnot and honestly the main reason is that I would have to create two separate post on the site. There would be one for the transcribed copy of podcast and then one for the actual episode if convoluted on really not going to get into it and I'm not GonNa say I'm knocking that with some side in the sense that I tried to include like when I create opposed for all of you it goes right out to you in your inbox and a podcast transcription for twenty thirty forty. Five minutes to an hour is a lot of copy. And that's not gonNA pop up in your inbox at least not according to subset and I'm cool with that. I think that makes perfect sense but the idea of having two separate immense scheduling in. It's just too much so sorry for those of you. Who emailed me about that sends? You may have noticed that the last show the interview I do with myself. Last season didn't have a transcription. And that's why so that might change in season three. Maybe we'll have to stay tuned so New episodes will release on Sundays so every Sunday without fail. He'll be able to listen to the show and read the show notes on the website at real talk dot sub stack dot com real talk dot sub stack dot com or. Get alerts in your faith listening APP. Currently you can find ro talk enrolled time on Google. Podcast spotify podcasts tune in and stitcher more platforms possibly in the future. Look for Real. Talk in real. Time is the official name of the show speaking of along with the real talk blog and the real talk life lower life letters which is how you receive Royal Talk Content. The real talking grow time. Podcast is part of the new revised real talk central Trifecta Alison Real Talk Central. I know I thought it was pretty genius to also check out rotel control on Instagram at the handle real talk underscore central to follow along on instagram. There will be the occasional exclusive post there. But for the most part he'll find The blog posts in some show graphics really cool south. I hope you'll check it out because I create all the graphics and I think they look pretty good so yep find us on instagram. We'll talk underscore central well. I'M NOT GONNA take up too much of your time. I really just wanted to sort of give a little bit of backstory into talk in real time and to let you know what's coming up this season. Oh and a half to give a shoutout to our season to show producers who move lower our and the incomparable Perry Cornell. I'll have Perry's information in the show notes for you so get in touch with me at be real media co at Jamila Dot Com if you WANNA learn more about becoming a season producer there. Lots of perks in being show producer will talk more about that in upcoming episodes. Okay folks that's all for me today me back here next Sunday for our first guest the amazingly talented Ama- Canley of Jack Jack. Boom she is an awesome awesome copywriter. We're going to learn all about Emma and her fascinating writing journey and some other really just seriously interesting stuff from this awesome awesome person so be sure to come back next week until then be safe people and be well.

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