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Top Chef: All-Stars L.A. | Season 17, Episode 8 Recap: Restaurant Wars


unpack your yes. Stay welcome everybody to another episode of podcast wars. Where Myself Haley? Strong Emily Fox and Antonio Massaro. We'LL BE FACING OFF AGAINST JOSH. Wigley Kirk Clark Mike Bloom and the ultimate test see who comes out on top as the best podcasters in the lamp. Doing this particular Haley as the one who announced the podcast? Is there any reason why you shouldn't be the one to go? Should you podcast bores? I get it. I'm the least skilled person here by far. But I'm GONNA blame Josh. He's the one who should be leading. Wait now he's on the other team. No you know what you're right. I used to go to go. You know I think everybody always admired those captains who hopped off the ship. Shortly after trying to throw one of those are always the most virtuous staff they go down and has really really do. I noticed that we're all laughing and having a great time except for Tonio who seems to just still be traumatized and everything that happened in in restaurant. I've been very nervous about this podcast all week long since finding out what happened in restaurant worse as I know that this was going to. This is going to land poorly for you my friend. How are you doing you okay? Are you all right? Hey I'm so happy to have last chance kitchen baby last chance kitchen every good spoil it for me. Remember watching real quick. Did you call a last chance Kevin? Now because that's all Antonio's investment is in right now came in. Yeah it was. Of course we saw the week before when we've talked about on the podcast last week about the possible chicanery that could emerge from this concept based it's going to be yours challenge. Obviously there's a lot to unpack with the choices that were made with restaurant. Wars is a concept I was looking back through some of my notes from our previous seasons of podcast four and five seasons ago US talking about. What's wrong with restaurant? Does it need to change. What do we need to do? And we've seen in the years since I think a lot of different types of concepts. We've podcast about them doing a lunch service and a dinner service last year. It was early now this year. It is somebody carrying their own concept through. I and making choices. But putting that in an all-star season and we see two very different choices here from Kevin Gregory. How they treat their fellow all stars in terms of their contributions to the restaurant. I think we see how that played out. So I don't know that it's a it's a good thing. The way that have played out regardless of the results the results out of it that we see all star chefs being reduced to essentially wrote roles where they don't have input on the dishes but on the flip side is the the restaurant that let the chefs control. The menu is the one that suffered the most for that decision. A difference there and the only difference I find is that southern cooking feel like is a more understood topic than Haitian cooking so it means sense for me for Kevin to let people do a little bit more with dishes. Where Gregory kind of had to be like sorry. This is what you've gotta do because you don't understand. Haitian cooking like I do where we could see where the other shafts dabbled in southern cooking may not be my forte. But I have done it before. That's fair I agree and I think that's a good observation and yet when they bring out the canapes the first thing Tom says none of these read southern to me so even if that were true which it is letting them have an input on there did not seem to be successful despite the fact that they may understand southern cooking and they spite the fact the cabinet tried to explain it to them. It didn't work right from the jump. It didn't work and I failed on that part of the concept so I don't know I completely agree that there is a difference there but that doesn't mean the Kevin couldn't shut it down the way gregory he absolutely could have and he didn't and he went home for it and that he went home for being standup guy went home for a lot of things. He went home for his own choices. It was the right thing to do. I think to send him home It doesn't mean I'm happy about the way that it all played out. Yeah it was tough is also one of those things where I think as soon as as country happened started like tail spinning. After they visited Gregory's restaurant it was very clear that they were going to lose. And it was very clear to me. A solid twenty minutes that we were watching. Kevin go home to the point. Where like day and like I get why they did it in the moment. It's like you know if it's such a foregone conclusion. Why even send everybody back into the room? But the way that like the episode structured out the way that like art out where we get cut to commercial with Kevin like explaining what went wrong instead of sending them back to the students to make deliberation I think at that point was like Berry quench to me like okay. Kevin's going home. They're not even sending them back to the studio so it was. I guess it lacked a certain amount. It lacked a certain type of tension and drama and instead had a very different type of tension and drama which was wholly unpleasant experience especially as it pertains to a character. This season greatly greatly greatly invite so it was. It was rough rough af to watch watcher and correct me if I'm wrong. In pre in some of the previous seasons of restaurant wars they've the judges have split up to go to the different restaurants. All going to one and then all going the other is that correct related ships in the night. That's happened but it doesn't happen as often as they all go together. 'cause they'd like to do a big thing about like the judges are coming like this is for the judges instead of. It would feel weird to do that twice. I did it during the probably the to service one in California as Antonio's mentioning the The I think the Kevin's restaurant was put. It was kind of a compounded issue there in terms of you know. I think if the judges come earlier in the service things aren't necessarily as hectic and you're going to get a better service but at the same time even though there was a lot going on. It didn't seem like the complaints that the judges had against a country. Captain where that your restaurant isn't running efficiently. It seemed to be more issues with the actual specific able experience. But I'm wondering if if if that impacted things at all in terms of the judges coming at the point where it's a huge line of people that trying to get all the dishes out and then the judges are there. They're the middle of consuming food during a really hectic experience as well. I'm sure that wasn't in total. What happens but I'm sure that contributed somewhat to the I'll just say it. I thought this episode sucked before the reasons that Josh said. I think I don't. I don't know if you could have swapped the order out of order to have country Capco I but I think Josh made a great point when you see the a student conned. Haitian restaurant do so. Well you're like. Oh we're just about to watch twenty minutes of a restaurant downfall and we talked about this with some of the confrontations you episodes ago like I'm fine with like drama and restaurant wars but I feel like this was just so one sided. Probably the most one-sided we've seen since that aforementioned California season when you had Philip just like part of that group that just ran itself into the ground and it's not fun to watch. I did anyone see Philip in the background at one of these restaurants. I'm the trailer and then I didn't see it in the episode but I'm pretty sure I saw it in the trailer and if that's true then. They had Philip at one of the restaurants and they gave him zero screen time. And that's hilarious. Mike when you say this episode sucks I'll try internalized that as you did not enjoy this episode. Did is that because of the the thing the structure restaurant or because of just like the series of events that just happens in the kitchens like was it the structure that you didn't like or was it the the series of unfortunate events both and I think when it comes to the structure I wanna go back a bit to the previous episode and I think it made me realize that as much fun as the previous challenge was I think the decision to have the winning two restaurants be the ones leading restaurant. Words was a poor decision completely. Because because I think you're essentially putting half the cast in line Cook Rolls. That really did not have too much input and so that really is like putting them in an extremely safe position. Even Brian Bowl Taj. Like all right. I'm stepping back. I'm a line cook. This while they did provide fun talking heads. I found there was no reasonable way that any of the four of them had any chance of going home. This episode that sucks you know. I think that for all stars especially everyone should get a chance to shine and I think because the restaurant was gregory. Kevin are leading this by default. It's their babies than it's GonNa fall onto them. Must Some fluke thing happens to fly out when Tom Asks Kevin Okay. Is there any reason why we shouldn't get wherever you? That's when I realized it was a terrible decision for them to have green. Kevin lead the restaurants because yeah probably come down to the restaurant and the restaurant. Concept is from one person in previous rewards. Everyone bruise up the experience together here. It's all on one person. So there is next to nil. Chance Anyone Sands Kev. Gregory or Kevin was going home so essentially in winning the challenge law last time gave yourself at least a fifty percent chance of going home in the next challenge which is just not good from a structural perspective like sudden-death restaurant worse exactly like hey congratulations for doing this. By the way now you just put your head out on the chopping block half half and half chance of getting chopped off next round them. Kinda thought it was going to go home. Yeah maybe well. And they're certainly an argument that maybe she could have deserved to go home. And I'm not. I think the right person went home so I don't say anything on toward by thinking about the California season when they do the two services one of the ways that Marjorie crushes it helps Isaac who wins the episode as Executive Chef. Is that when she notices? There's a problem with turning tables. She basically ripped the people out of their seats and he says do you mind. Thank you so much for joining us. I'd love to give you a complimentary complimentary sparkling wine if you come over here and join us. And she pulls him out of the basically and buses the table herself and clears it out for the judges and we don't see that in the the captain in the restaurant with Kevin and Karen. We see the judges commenting. These tables aren't being bused. It isn't just that people aren't leaving but that's also part of it. All that falls on front of House Now. I think Karen was rightfully concerned about a lot of other issues and one of which was that. She had her own ish that she was responsible for. We didn't see Brian. Losing his mind and running back and forth to the kitchen of time and really having the problems and I don't think it was because Brian is somehow constituted better than Karen. I think it's Brian had less responsibility and challenge. It was basically just executing the dish gregory told him to execute. So guess what it goes wrong. That's Gregory Fall. It's not Brian's fault right had very little to do with it. Ryan was roasting the fish who we saw roasting the judges fish was gregory. Like Gregory took all of the tasks on himself and basically said if this fails. It's going to fail because of something I did. I think Kevin's is a lot more indirect. The something he did was his choice to let everybody else have a role in what was going on. You let Melissa as we see in the car talk about maybe not having a second course and just doing three courses what that meant was a whole lot more side dishes with the country captain dish and as a result we had a lot of issues with timing in preparation if that had been done differently. If we don't have that problem if we don't have the problem with Karen being more concerned about what's going on in the back or not having the time to properly train the staff not having the time to do a lineup and have the staff taste of food if she had been out in the front of the House working in the restaurant instead of in the back worried about her mushroom dish and again that's because Kevin gave her the latitude to be worried about the mushroom dish. So these are all Kevin's choices. And I think Kevin owns that when he says at the end like I could have stepped in any any point. I didn't think that was in the spirit of top chef for me to just take over and run this thing the way it was being right and I think he's right about that in the spirit of top chef but he's especially right about it like you guys are talking about my incurred with regard to all stars right because all stars you want to give these people their own platform. These are incredibly carrots. Spirit like these level of chefs. These people should be cooking their own food. They should have an input on this. They should not just be automatons. That are carrying out your menu and doing it the way you said that said Mike as you're saying away. The challenge was designed basically ensured. That if you don't treat it that way you're going to go home if you lose and that's exactly what happened so I agree. Haley like I thought because of the added which is a very interesting thing considering Josh what. You're saying a by the end of the episode. We're watching the last ten minutes. It's going to be Kevin and yet throughout their showing US Cairns failures in there's no drama in who goes home it is very clearly Kevin so it was very interesting that they chose to show a lot of these issues that Karen was having in light of the fact that they didn't then trade on those issues when it came to the big moment of. Who's going to go home? So clearly Kevin so. I think there are a lot of failures of of Karen. I think we see that when we look at previous restaurant wars. How other chefs have handled the very problems that she struggled with but a lot of the problems she was having problems. Kevin Latte her so in my mind the right person. I just felt terrible to see also feel like Kevin a little bit of hate online. See that really. What's there people talking about the very complex and emily? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this cultural situation. That was in play here We joked a little bit about it last week. That when you have a restaurant that's talking about the history of the spice trade and talking about the port of Savannah and another restaurant that is focusing on native. Haitian cuisine there's very naturally Going to be a lot of complicated cultural issues there. Kevin has talked a little bit on twitter for some of the people that are coming at over this that he talked extensively about in the preparation of the restaurant with the other people that were preparing the food. We just didn't see it in the episode. I think seeing his integrity that we saw in this episode. I think we can probably recognize that. That's true like that. He wouldn't say that he did that. He wouldn't he wouldn't be. He's not the kind of guy that would be co-opting other people's food or doing things like that a key certainly aware of I worry would be very disappointing. Surprise like that would be very out of character with everything that we've ever seen from Kevin as a character on top. You know that just does not align I believe in in Kevin Emily. What do you think about the cultural aspects of this food tells a cultural story so significantly? I feel like Gregory. Got A lot of credit for doing that in his restaurant. Kevin's was a little bit more all over the place in terms of that but there are certainly those issues here that maybe we didn't really get into in this episode for focus on the drama instead. Well he Both in the last episode. And then this this previous episode says you know. This is the first taste of curry for most Americans but that is so clearly linked to the spice trade into slavery. And you everything that you know. We've been talking about even with Eric and is conceived ideas and eaves that he's worked on so I don't know it's a sorted complicated history of food culture in the south. We all know that all of the things that are typically considered southern cuisine are deeply steeped in the complex and really hard truths that go along with slavery. We can't use the two. There's no way of you know separating one from the other that's just the way that this is GonNa be at any of like you know you here which is honor. His grandmother honor the grew up eating You know and I think that comes with Prosperi. Obviously in in his you know I wanNA make sure. I'm earning all these different. My Grandmother's I gotta go all in now. I can't let will not have these things you know. You GotTa Burger everything everyone. He's clearly even precious about the NANNA pudding. Let me just say like you were a caterer of so much stuff last week. One of them being that restaurant to our Kevin is a giant just. This is a microcosm of the restaurant. Just all all fluff and no substance like. Shut up twelve hundred dollar haircut back. You're thirty restaurants to get the hell out of restaurant whereas Kevin haircuts really do cost hundred dollars now to say either three or therefore figures. I wanted to know like who is going to be the first jerk. That's like where's the oxtail and I was like our it's pro. I thought to myself like the person who's GonNa he's GonNa go hard on. This is probably Tom like he go. It's one of those like cj with the Burger and the pickle kind of things where you can either here. Tom Saying at or he says the exact opposite. There's no middle ground of course restaurant tour like like replacement will white guy comes in and says. I want to know where the oxtail was. And then in Kevin's restaurant. He's like well the problem with the restaurant that you build around one dish is if it goes poorly then it all goes wrong. It's like wait a minute. You wanted the oxtail you fuck like. I don't get this painting. We need oxtail judgment tonight. I'm sorry I'm being so harsher 'cause they're gonNA have some fun stuff in his episode but like when the just walk in and they're like will. This place seems to a feminine annoying on his mother. Like it's board to write floral wallpaper last week Lake Lake. Look at this Miami Vice like did you guys want because it sounds like they just WanNa cracker barrel. We're nice and I thought the voice was like Nice. Maybe they just loved great love story on the back of the other menu so much that it was. I I I personally liked all the choices but I am sitting here in my very pink office. That's my that's my taste. I liked the flora. I like the Light Blues. The pinks and I thought it was nice. It would've loved the country. Captain Certain that font yeah totally. Buy that shirt you buy shirt. Every restaurant we go to I because he absolutely does that as well. Josh is actually hand. Landau brought everyone here to the Josh. You are the father of Haley strong. Great moment yeah. My my restaurant wars many is going to be on Comic Sans Whenever I wonder Frat entirely and papyrus Did did Kevin not benefit from writing? Sonnet about country captain. His grandmother much like Gregory did with Kahn Red Violets are blue. Welcome to country captain. Eat My food. There was something going on there. And if you go back and watch you can see in the plates like some of the plates have pieces of paper on them that say like huckleberry Finn or Mark Twain or something anyone else. I'd average descriptions that they loved over. Do Not make this up so grandmother's favorite books. Yes dear Lord. They all have to feminine to me too. Elderly came from. Somebody's grandma. I hate grand by those. How about this for a twist for restaurant? Worse what if instead of Kevin and Gregory? It was Leeann and Stephanie. So Eric goes home. Say Okay here. The two losing concepts that are still in the game. It's up to you as a team to make these work blue like that better. I like that. That's sort of chef. Queer eye of like. Here's some defunct a restaurant concepts make him into something fab. Who was who would be the judges on chef. Queer Eye Mike. It's gotTa be a anthony. Now he apparently knows how to cook. Antony who has it was it ted. The Guy who our number one philly you have to include Arnold from the DC season because he was very much like defiant. You mentioned words in Egger. Which would have been Arnold Schwarzenegger but it seemed like a horrid himself with all be manner can we bring in Jamie from season? Five who in the kitchen is being the charter? Send it send it back helped me. Why during their in Philip Morris Arnold Schwarzenegger for one of these challenges? It's not a tuna. Wow heightening that gave guild it. I don't I don't think the judges were to blame. The judges are not filed. Really like your idea. Kurt this is the thing we we will opine on this consistently. That's where here's a podcast. That's what we do but we constantly say. How can they change restaurant wars? Can they improve? It doesn't need to be made better. How do you fix? It is broken like we've been say as I said go back we've been saying it literally for at least six seasons at this point every season that we've podcast at about we've talked about it This felt particularly egregious because it was on an all-star season because of the way it played out where one chef made a choice to let the all stars show their stuff and the other shafted. Not and the chef that did not the chef essentially who made worse TV was the chef who won the chef who made theoretically better. Tv was the chef who lost. And I'm not sure that the the clash of those things always wear in our reality. Tv watching we have these problems. When survivor chooses to ED advantages to the game. Not because they might make the game more interesting to play or to watch but because they'll make a good TV moment like that may be the best calculus when you're planning how to do these things and yet that is the calculus primarily as TV producers. Which is what these people are that they have to undergo and they make these choices. So we knew last week that this was doomed As a concept that putting these two people right there in the The the crosshairs. That's what we got and on one on one top chef. Yeah we we got it top chef tools. We got it because one chef chose to not let all stars be all stars and not that not not entirely right because Brian Malarkey still got the Brian Malarkey about him. Being the first pick for Gregory hurt offended until until Gregory was like you are frontier house. Don't come near my kitchen. Actually because I I saw his name attached to this fish. The only named heat like we see him doing anything in the kitchen. The entire episode. I mean he was doing. He was students a little. Ask him up but otherwise and I think that's another reason why he got sunshine jump on. Karen is because he's like great. I did this one thing. Gregory has his hands full. And then some let me go work on training the staff and it didn't seem like it's still you know when it came to the concept. I guess the only big drama was like stuff with the servers and I couldn't tell if the server disputes were coming from Leeann could admittedly did have a bit of a rougher treatment of the servers which prompted Stephanie takeover. It was from Malarkey. Training them incorrectly. Like I wasn't sure who should take the blame? Their stand up for servers. So I have been is good industry on the front and for a long time now. I have made my career and events and hospitality. The career has is not working out currently so if you want his hiring freelance call me but I feel like the service get a lot of shit and in these restaurant. Whereas episodes and a lot of the anger gets taken on them and that's true in real restaurants as well The servers are the Inbetween. They get shit from the customers and also the kitchen staff. I worked this winter on a dining experience right down by the falls where every weekend we had a different restaurant come in and cook and so we had a completely different serving staff so trying to get a serving staff that has never worked in an experience like this before trained in one evening is show difficult and you you find what works and what doesn't and you are able to work that out and volve your strategy and work with different restaurants to figure out what works best for them. That's not in restaurant. Wars and yeah. Of course people aren't gonNA remember every single dish on the menu especially if you have country asking where they have like four hundred sides like or the hosting like. Oh yeah which table is. You're trying to get somebody. Remember your table numbering matic in one evening late. There's reasons why servers when you get hired at any restaurant doesn't matter how long you've been serving or you're in training for a couple of weeks. Is it takes a while to learn this stuff. You can't like sorry that's that's too. That's a function of restaurant wars. You have to deal with the fact. That service aren't going to know everything right off every single season. It's like Oh gosh all cable. Those hours ago expedite expediting issues every single restaurant and every single season a restaurant was. I think anybody. Who's at every single name every Riad Nash Restaurants? And then you have to. You have to learn how to deal with that as long as a cook as a chef as a restaurant owner as a server and that's why servers make the best customers at restaurants because they're always like. Oh yeah sure no problem you know like servers are trying their best. Okay great take because I think like another complaint about restaurant. Wars systemically within top chef is that it's like every season villain nizing as a section of the restaurant industry doesn't deserve bad everyone else there and I'm sorry like Oh oh. Yeah you want these teens. Who are making three dollars and twenty five cents an hour to be like no their pop level? Haitian food like I'm sorry. I wonder if anybody and the answer is probably yes but I wonder if anybody actually have used the episode through the Lens of these servers are horrible every time. Maybe it's just because I've watched a lot of reality TV. Or because I've managed things even outside of a restaurant before bed like I watched this episode and I don't see that as the fault of the servers I see that as a lot of people just think servers are idiots. That's like look at that and wondering why we haven't filed social media in terms of restaurant wars and it's like I watch this. I see it as a function of situation restaurant or is just gone and also a how the chefs train the minimal training. They have that falls on the shafts. Chris Remember your sensible and not everyone else's excuse me of that before something else. I noticed with Kevin's restaurant. They were having issues in bussing well. They needed their entire serving team to bring out the dishes right. So if you're bringing out an entire tables forty five plates at once and you have to go back and keep doing that. It's hard to bust your tables a very difficult when you're trying to run on that time and I'm sure I'm sure for the most part. These tables are coming in at minute. Increments and there's probably like three or four tables sitting at once. It is hard to have four table set once and be able to like get through it. Yeah and I'll I'll speak to the line cook side of that too like I've done events for you know the last couple of months where it's all weddings and it's all the same servers that we all know in love and maybe the Eurasian is slightly different and there's always infusion there's always something happening there's always a last minute switch because some little kid is there and needs to eat butter pasta instead of like the main entree. We didn't find out until two seconds before we played everything. Refire a million things or you know even to Gregory's point where he's trying to cook the fish in Milwaukee's going come on man come on. Is this for the judges and he goes no. I'm sorry I need two minutes to really finish this like that happens all time where you're like. I'm not gonNA serve them raw fish like this needs to be perfect. You'RE GONNA have to wait another minute and a half before you can bring it out and these restaurant specifically this again from my recent memory of this fan of last season is whenever there is a service issue hop chef. I think again this. Basically his most recent two seasons does a good job of using it not to highlight. How poor the services but how the chefs reacts to it. And they're friendly. Yeah Yeah and I think that's that's very important you everyone's been in these high stress situations if you work in a restaurant you got it this episode like it was hard for me to watch because it's like every event and restaurant anxiety dream. I ever had like screen for me. See Yeah so you when you work in these work in this industry and I'm like you get other industries you have dreams where you're running to every table in. You can't get to anything and I'm sure the same is for you. Emily where you're trying to cook dishes and you can't you just can't catch up. Josh can speak to this. I when I first started by job working as an event you know sort of back of house professional I dunno line cook basically I would jump out of bed in the middle of the night thinking I needed to get something just confessed on a sleep together. I used to when I know that she has a daughter daily Straw when I used to go to tables. Tell us a lot of time just like run it off because certain grain in my head deliberately all like you do that so well and I would joke like I say in my sleep in the one nine eastern was like he'll you're taking orders in your sleep last night so the question. I guess you know pulling the two people on the panel is restaurant. Wars like your least enjoyable traditional episode of. I hate it. I hate watching because it doesn't because like sure it's like a restaurant and they should be able to do this. This is not how a restaurant is get more time you get. You have time to find you. Hire your own servers. You don't just given servers and like of course Karen spilled the wine. She's like all amped up. Like I know. How does your Adrenalin? Not just like here in spot where you have to set up like five tables buy. Yep In there have done that. I have lifted the tables set every single table and like just hope that I wouldn't finish it before the bride and groom they're saying you know what I mean like absolutely and you're doing it heat and you're doing it like in the morning and at night and you know these events as like I'm sure they`ve. They did this to like their sixteen hours. Like nonstop yeah. Up maybe once at the end because you didn't drink day during that. Yeah absolutely crystal. I think what is us? Stick a fork in it. We'll be right back after these messages. And take that fork right now because we're back so then let me ask you Haley. So what was your take then on? What we saw of the Walian was handling expo. Like do you think it was the right. Call to switch over to Stephanie Dave. With it so like agreed of the way. Leeann was handling that situation. I wouldn't say it's agreed because I get how Leeann got into that spot. You just get so frustrated when you feel like you understand something and that things should be clear to everyone but it's not so we've got training that's specific job. So Frustrating Win. A plate goes to the wrong table because they then the kitchen has to remake this late and then that pushes everything else back so I understand. My land was frustrated. But it's hard to as a server comeback from that come back from being yelled at to be able to trust the people in your kitchen and if you have another issue you don't WanNa go back to them and those issues need to be fixed. They need to be corrected because restaurants are like the the duck analogy where everything's like chill on the surface but like the little legs are going like this under the water in Mullarkey said like comforting chaos basic comfort. I deal with the chaos back. Exactly he was spot on that. So I think having Stephanie move over there was the right call and I'm glad that Leeann just accepted it in. She was like not the super pleased about it but she was like Stephanie. Was The star of this episode. Yes I'm fully team Stephanie. Now for the rest of the season well say I love Stephanie. And you know this but I think she did so well because there were so little pressure on her gregory makes yeah and again that goes back to when you have line cooks and they're just gave orders to like. Hey Cook this food and especially because they did not come up with the concept of the restaurant. It's very easy for them to be like okay. I'm just going to make my food and I'm perfectly put her whole heart into it and a reason why. I Love Stephanie. So much is because she such a team player and she has so much respect for the people around her and the way she took on the dishes that she did. I think just really shows how much she loves Gregory and loves this concept in really cares because I feel like we've seen some line cooks in the past are like salty that they weren't in the lead role and so that they don't put their all into it. We're Stephanie put her whole heart and soul into this and she made sure to check with Gregory to make sure like is. Is this your vision? Because if not we'll fix it we'll figure it out how in the trash no go for it incident. I'm fine I think what's interesting to me. Is that there is like the baked in drama at the start of like the draft of like I can't believe regular didn't pick Melissa. I can't believe Gregory picked Malarkey in really like the secret weapon in the end. Is that Is that Gregory? Get Stephanie as final. Pick right and I think that the two of them work together really really well. I think that Stephanie and have we seen it already. This season two of them in in in great concert together literally. They were literally in the good the concert final couple of weeks later and I love that Stephanie. Like that we didn't that we saw did not react in a way that was like I can't believe I was pick last like this is such bs like she was just like. I am so happy to be with. Gregg wonderful totally and I think I know we're talking a lot about how was this like a restaurant wars. That's fitting to the talents of the people. Especially if it's all stars why not give everybody a little bit more of a directive in terms of agency and free rein to do their thing but the structure of the game is not players fault. That's a that's something that onto the plane of the producers and I think given the situation that they wound up in I think just over the course of this conversation. It's it's been maybe a little bit law so far you've said a bunch of times like Gregory's choice So so I know the recognition is put it more finely like. I think that Gregory crushed this challenge in the sense of like He. He took it on. He had his vision. He helped people execute vision. Mo- arche you are just like buying name associated with the dish disparate. Your Front of House. Leeann like baby struggles a bit. Stephanie is really empowered to rush this dish. That Gregory has a real vision for and she nails. It seems like that was among the very best things that everybody eight and I think Stephanie is able to do so well in this episode because there is a certain amount of pressure off but I think what I also observed is empowered her to to rise up to a moment of pressure. When Leeann is crumbling with with Expo at Stephanie? Sees that and Stephanie feels like the power within her based on how things are going based on her working relationship with the captain of the ship. This point in time. I'm GonNa take over and that's a huge. Because what if she steps in and sit up doesn't so I think like I absolutely agree that I whisper. Challenge was better. Thought out for an all-star season. I think it really sucks that. It ended up being on one on one basketball essentially with like a fleet of three other chefs on each team on being in low-risk positions within the Absolutely not one on one basketball. But it's essentially goes every team. We had three teammates each obviously boat but like the structure of it is so clearly like it's a death match. It's one on one and sucks but given the structure. I just feel like Gregory deserves amount of Kudos for handling that situation the way he does. It's very very complex. Boy Antonio is in like tell him like you obviously got the win. Like here's an extra five grand or I was going to say. I was wondering what everyone thought about the fact that all four of them got the wind granted. It does mean that finally someone besides Gregory Melissa and Kevin have won and Elimination Chat L. H. But it was sort of like they occasionally do this. The team itself wins but I agree. It was a bit surprised that Gregory himself did not get like fire so many boxes. How realistic that. Everyone gets an open table subscription to a restaurant. And all like she's like she can actually to grand or issued the cash prize or give that as a second year of somebody else's interesting like if this basically does come down to. Oh now this is sudden death restaurant wars and if the chefs acknowledged that it's like well you odds are wanting to going home then. There needs to be something that I think equally on the line for the potential winter. Like you know what? Guess what? You're now four extreme but but usually on a plane right. Now you're going to Italy ahead of just hang out there for us so or or something but it was like you need to sit better. It and I think what what you were saying Josh about like you know Stephanie and step it up I think one of the unintended or potentially intended consequences of the structure of restaurant whereas this time is that the Menus Entirely Gregory's and heavens and going Gregory Kitchen. Stephanie didn't have a lot of flexibility there in terms of the dishes but I think that does allow like she now had that opportunity to see more like logistical and kind of process driven as that she could help the the kitchen out. So it's like I can't impact the dishes. Where are the places Reich? I can impact so in terms of expediting. She saw this issue. Come up and it was like the perfect opportunity for her to step in at a little bit of calmness to the situation. It's restaurant wars in name but in reality what we saw was a lot more like finale style presentation where it's One v Wine and like we have all star chefs performing in supplicant roles. And we don't see issues with expediting or things like that highlighted. In the finale those get highlighted in restaurant wars because seemingly they're part of the equation and people occupy these roles these traditional roles and yet the traditional roles really didn't matter now they mattered. I think who went home but they they didn't really matter because these people were never on the block as you guys are saying and yeah. I mean all the things that that we all have said about how it matters that the servers come in in the servers are who they are one of the things you deal with it restaurant wars. Sometimes you're going to get servers. Who really are pro and who were pop. Ups All the time and who understand what they need to get right in their head immediately when they walk in the door and what they don't are how best to roll with the punches in some are fresher greener and haven't had an experience like this and that's just the reality is sometimes you're going to get service staff. That has that experience at sometimes. You have one. That doesn't every one of these chefs has been on top chef before sort of rate or treat any of these service staff negatively wrong. And I love that Stephanie. Step we saw confessional heart from her saying like nope. Nope nope we don't do that. I think it's interesting either way that we headed in the editor at all like I know we needed to show like maybe there was some drama and there was a possibility that someone from. Gregory's team could go home if they lost. Maybe it wouldn't be Gregory but top chef chooses what they show us last year. They showed us the winner of top chef. Being Shitty to the wait staff choice that they chose to make and I don't know why but that's something that made the show and so we see what what what what is. What is there but we see what they choose to show us. It's not like these people didn't behave that way but we don't see a Free N. is apologizing to people a lot. We don't see if she talks to the servers after their service and says sorry. I really got caught up there. We don't eat at. We only see what we see. And as a result people form opinions. And I think it's important to keep that in mind as we're also keeping in mind the stress and the role role of the servers. In this like anybody that being negative in these moments like it's just a moment and we don't really know what the full story is there and speaking of the full story and not knowing it. Yeah Karen is setting that up all on her own and we saw how that was different with Malarkey that there were others. Malarkey was out there. Sorry and Karen was not Kevin. Kevin was helping hair in helping Karen. So there are these choices that are made that ultimately do impact though the full service and certainly as I said the big one. That's that stood out to me is that Karen is back there in the kitchen or a much longer time seemingly than Malarkey was and as a result. Gregory's team gets to do everything they need to do. With the servers they get a more extended training they get to bring the servers back and have them taste the dishes and really talk about the expediting process. And it's still. It's still goes poorly despite the fact that they had all the time to do that. They still have hiccups so there is no great way to do this. I think you're right like happens. They're expediting issues in restaurants. Never mind restaurants every single night. No matter what no matter what the chefs could be there for like fifteen years. And they're still going to be an issue. That's why you check your tickets like you know and something else. They didn't really think about before now. Is that none of these servers have probably been on television before we all? Want TO BE ON TV. Okay good bikes. Are You surprised at Philip? Didn't get up and start working on the staff. I think he is. He didn't try for UPROXX. He coulda pulled a drink out from underneath the host nation. Mustache on top of his mustache. Marcio I'd like to be on your staff today. The woman if the host station with Malarkey. For for Gregory's Charles. She looks really familiar. Yes she she. I don't know how he never been on television like man. I can't figure out why she looks familiar. I feel really validated right. Now I'm going back to sort of while ago. I just want to continue to heap. Praise Onto Gregory. Because I mean this might be. I think just by proxy of the structure this challenge. This is probably the most dominant restaurant work performance in recent memory if not of all time because he succeeded and nurses so many fronts in many ways just effortless that speaks to what I was trying to hone in on last week with my my thoughts on Gregory is that like there's just a level of confidence to him where he was just like a cucumber. Hug Anybody on this cast. I think it would be him I. I'm not hugging anyone anymore. I'm I'm like I thought. I thought the energy that he brought to it was just like Berry self-assured very clear vision literally like telling Malarkey right away with your front of House. And that's why he drafted him. He doesn't need him to touch food literally. Like you have to touch a plate. So please don't touch nothing malarkey plates y'all GonNa say go touch those other teams place though you can touch that now. That was some bullshit that was crazy. Like do you think it was bullshit that like that. Kevin and Karen were show madder. You think it was bullshit that Malarkey chose plates. I was bullshit that Malarkey guts and only choose place but kept the plates. Take like I'm surprised that neither party was like okay. I can have those places. I thought both parties use lates is what I understood. Yes yes what happened? I mean Kevin and Karen pulled them down off the shelf and set them at a place setting to see how they would lay out right and then malarkey stumbled upon the place setting and said. Here's our plates. Standing weren't standing there. Like to core showrooms where that's that they set those apps. So you can see time being like being mad at Malarkey for this as much as I would love to be mad at you for things like I. Just don't think this is like one of those ones where he was being malicious at all. Like I I've been to. A bunch of these showrooms are set like that. I could see anything like that. Looks great but I'm supposed to your plan to in Tony. Somebody who said it but I'm surprised that after it was called the attention that he didn't like my bad. You have them I. Those are the best plates allegedly. He's like their owner on this restaurant. Supply Place of apparently. They're being advertised like only one good pair of plates. That's worthwhile. I think those plates did with the feeling of both those restaurants and I think I don't know if we it's not like we got anyone saying like oh I can't believe they use the same place as the restaurant. Mike is that it matters like you. Don't notice with heaven. Yes Mr Kevin. I cannot believe they have the audacity to use the same plates and these are way too. Feminine Kevin. Gillespie at the when they were getting the place he just told Malarkey. Oh I looked played. Actually that's my and then it's like oh it's all yours. Sorry and I run. My record. Dishwashers in the back. In hours early and then Leeann starts yelling at the dishwashers for getting them out in time poorly and I did think it was sorta like. I won't say over her but like I am. My rooting interest in her is like just decreasing her. Have a lot of skin if you pick up like in terms of penny on skin of her teeth. I maybe maybe going with Alan. Maybe it's like tiny dome teeth or growing skin as we speak. But there's definitely dot dot dot. I'm going to finish the thought. Connect the dots. Everybody because that was better said I really appreciate what you were going for the regiment? Listen I think she's I think she's fine. I just think from a personality perspective. I am not necessarily connected with her as much as I have everybody else in the final eight including most recently limited. So it's probably more about me than it does about her but no you're right my team. You feel like we've been through and it's hard for us ever reading interest in her. She has flounder. Has She shattuck lovely end if I was dragging her weeks ago? Three like I'm so stressed out for you and I just want to be put out of my misery. Suggested a home so that I feel keeps talking about her like she's on her last legs like a family pet or something. No I have. I said it when I when I drafted her. I've upset it along the way I've loved Lianne on my television for a very long time. I that she's I think she's tremendous. I love the way she talks about food. I love the way. She interacts with camera on. So all that is still intact for me. Except it's now paired with like she just has had these moments that have been Less savory sweet or or or bitter sweet you know there's been a lot of you strikeouts for her and yet she's she's still hanging in there so just the way that I engage television. That's stressful for me. But I still lovely and I think the the normal show almost any other show like this. I would say like the the type of content we've been getting from the roll her out but also chef. Nicolas one top chef. So you know people who have had like harsher looks have gone on to win win the show incurred. I really don't mean that as example to to drag you literally mean that is in like we saw variance. Avery moments with him along the way so I wouldn't. I wouldn't rule. Leeann out but I also if you're not like a big Lee and person to begin with the way that she's been coming across. This season is not going to necessarily do you any favors in terms of a routing and it seems like more and more. I've just like every time we see. Lien. There's some associated with associated with Malarkey was the episode where Malarkey was helping her like salter under salter overall dishes and then they got paired up for the music challenge. Now they're on the same team here it just seems like we're perpetually getting this strange malarkey like I talked about. Who's like the duo on the season? I mind doesn't go to Gregory and stuff and he goes to Malarkey on the APP. Yeah it feels like very opposite end of the spectrum having like Gregory and stuff man who paired together and keep getting hurt and it doesn't help that Leeann Malarkey go together like skin and teeth. It's who'll I'm used fit. Primal archies definitely. Yeah I hate this so you guys. I said a lot of weird staff on the podcasts over the years. But that's that's the worst thing I've ever heard I to quickly remark on This is only for the fifty thousand dollar patrons who who can watch the video in the ones that on my couch but there was a moment just now. It's over where there was like some Golden Light Falling Antonio there it is there it is just is neither here nor there but I just wanted to bring it. I know it's here out there. I'm one of my favorite moments of the episode. Had nothing to do with skin teeth in it was not just that Gregory Pick Brian. Second Padma interrupted and said we just feedback on. Why that just let me throw something out here. Like definitely hates Brian Malarkey right like I feel like she absolutely like between all the time she I mean maybe she admires the fact that they can have a bit of like rat a tat report back and forth and she just has like a disdain for him so much so that zero point she does. Break like the quote professionalism. It'd be like okay. Hold on for a second really really brame alert music right there records Greg for a second and Ethan. I have been watching. This guy's Grocery Games termine of stars or something like that and Brian Malarkey is on it. And there's eight seven other contestants in a storyline. In both the episodes we have watched have been Brian. Malarkey so annoying and one of that one of the people. Yeah like when one episode Alex Gurney. Shelly is showing with Brian. Because her next to his and he's just like all other episode The challenges like you have thirty six dollars for the day challenges and you can spend all your money in the first challenge if you want. But you won't have any money left if you're not in the top anyways so brian was at the cash the check out and he was like show over but then pull radishes and like you know whatever and a anyway then. Marcel Marcel Vigneron. Quite possibly one of the most annoying people on top chef ever was like odd Brian Malarkey he's small and I was like. I am in some weird little with vortex. I think he worked really well for this challenge. Like I think the fact that like he was dressed like beach. Dad Complete with the rolled-up pants and keep and despite working front of House for some reason and laugh with wearing aprons. I studied the rest. Robert built out again as much as they might. Make Fun of the judges disparaging country captains because the con- aesthetic from the blue accent wall down to the Apron is being more by. Everybody had a clear. Pov and it was done so well. Is it worth asking? If Kevin had taken Brian Malarkey I Kevin Win Restaurant. Wars not necessarily take. It's a gregory decision of how allies Malarkey was a lot of things we've been hearing about my Malarkey is that he can't add it so having somebody on your team who can't at it when you already haven't been able to edit what's going on. I feel like that's just asking for like rabble. He'd be like be like company. You should make twenty courses. I think you could like totally get that done. A great idea where it so was there. Any Saving Kevin's idea to let the chefs be the chefs. Was there any saving that or is that the scenario law paring down dishes if they didn't have to make as many think it could have been smoother on a lot of a lot of. He wasn't allowing them input on the structure. It was like you can. You can let me help you make these. Let me help you. Blend your ideas with this this cuisine. I'm thinking but the structure you can't touch this is how it's done. It sure seems to me like he was letting Melissa have input on the structure. Kurt in the car the first way through when she is saying. I don't think we should do a second course and Kevin saying well if we're not doing a second course we're going to have to do more on the third course because the third courses just this country captain with a couple of side dishes so we're cutting out the second course we're GonNa have to do more side dishes now granted. That's him saying I think the structure is going to have to change. But that's letting her have input on the structure in my opinion and I don't know that conversation. We just saw snippet of it but it seemed like it was Melissa. That was saying no second course and I don't know Gregory only did three courses to and clearly he didn't do three courses in the way Kevin did so i. I don't know I don't know that I don't know that the two men I understand that I'm probably going to be on my own in this but I don't know that the too many dishes were the failing. I think it's possible that they still could've executed. How many dishes that they had. I think the problems were that they will too many dishes. That people had too much input on and then they didn't. They didn't take the time necessary. Maybe because they didn't have the time but maybe they didn't have the time because people were so caught up in trying to develop these dishes instead of making things simple like Brian Volta GEOS dish was. What's shrimp and grits right shrimp in creamer corn? But they commented on how it was essentially more of an entree dish and Kevin said like when you're serving shrimp and grits or shrimp cream corn with the country. Captain like this. It's typically just Bola graving shrimp on Pop Lila Brian. More to elevate this dish. And essentially it's more like an entree a guarantee you that if you could eighty six the dish itself sure fine. That's better but if we just made it like bowl grits shrimp instead of an elevated. Brian Will Taj essentially making another entree. Then maybe it goes better. I don't know I don't know that it's Kevin team. Did what twelve dishes is that right and there was the mushroom issue as well. The cookery was as bad. Apparently in the mushroom issue was again. You could deliver just something very basic there but Karen's trying to do something a little more complex and there were issues that she I think she she sort of over cared for it. She would tell you that she under cared for it but it was that she's so it doesn't take a lot to make the relish that she made that is almost AMIS. Prep like really like she's just chopping if few things in combining them the mushrooms were a little bit more of a prep. She's not she's back there in the kitchen when she should sound terrible she should be focusing on the job that she was assigned the way. Brian Malarkey did. Instead of being stuck in the kitchen she stuck in the kitchen because she feels she needs to execute her version of the dish not because she has to execute a dish period. How many dishes Gregory's team do? How many ten. Let's let's cow seventy eight eight eight versus twelve but one of the dishes of the twelfth. Was pickles cucumbers. I guess one of Gregory's was pickles so I guess that's one to one. Gregory's team did a Salad. Kevin's teen didn't like I think that the conceptualizing the menu is a problem but I do think that he let them have an input on the conceptualizing of the menu. So I think that I just. I don't know how he wins. His basic was to let them be chefs. That was I mean. I still think there's a world where their service goes better and they can still win. He's country. Captain was the big downfall in my opinion. But that was my question for you but but that came from the fact that apparently the stuff he's last time wasn't there also right but it also came from a lack of time. He knew the day before that it was bad but he says multiple times. I just didn't have the time to develop flavors. I needed to get back to where it needed to be. I'm confident that chef Kevin of his calibre is not going to be undone because you give him like a different kind of curry powder. I am confident that he could figured out how to make that dish work but he just didn't have the time to do it now. Granted he didn't have the time to do it because they were doing a lot of other things. I understand that but I think if the things had been simpler you could still have done as many things. I think. The problem was in part that they were doing these elevator versions of these dishes. I mean this is not an attack on assault on cod patty the patty. I had a lot of PAT. Hey a lot of them. When I lived in south Florida Jamaicans have a lot of them in their cuisine. I'm sure you guys have had him in New York as well. I know they're everywhere. In certain parts of the city they're pastry crust is everything and I saw Stephanie. Working on that cross. I saw gregory tasting telling her this needs to do this. This needs to be better. I saw them working that out what she worked out. That's not a difficult to execute period. I mean it is I. I think what you're saying is a flying and out of line. Antonio you you thought you might balloon on it that it wasn't. The number of dishes attacked him. I agree I don't think it would if the there were. There was very specific. Executional issues with many of the actual yoga dishes. That were served. I think if if restaurant wars had been opened up to have if you had the right if you had diners attending both and they had a rate them comparatively than I think their individual experience of wait times and food Coming out quickly that might have impacted the but in terms of what the judges were. Judging on the comments we heard think they commented on while these are able to turn that quickly but I think in terms of the substantial comments. We saw that felt like they lead to the conclusion of the episode. It was it was about the food. Yeah so now. I agree on a percent there. Well I think it's telling for example you talk about this car conversations when when Melissa is telling Kevin I think I don't think we should do a second course we should just do this Leeann is giving her feedback and Gregory Scar on desert. And she's like I can do Pineapple Ice Cream. Pineapple Gregory like Rum Raisin rain ice cream like he basically tells her exactly what she has to do and he shoots down her ideas and says this is what you're doing so pamphlets that was it was but that happened to fit for when ideas didn't fit instead of letting the chef have the latitude to just make their own. It seemed like Gregory said. No this is what you're doing there and use the expert in Haitian food right and Kevin is the expert in this particular restaurant concept and not just southern food. It's southern food of a particular time and place when the first course that comes out of country captain as Dungeness Crab Salad with egg yolk pudding. Who Else Brian Full. Taja as much as I despaired Judge Kevin. I would agree with that. Does Not Scream. Southern Jimmy that screams Brian Vol- tonge right and these chefs are really talented. And I. I agree that they're more likely to have had experience with the generalized southern cuisine. And they are the generalized Haitian cuisine. But I do think that. In General Kevin's restaurant isn't just other. It's very specifically of a particular time. A place how much experience do they have cooking his grandmother's food. I think the answer zero. I don't think they've cooked any of his grandmother's recipes. And so I think that's part of the problem is and I think Mike. You you have. You've expressed to me and tax like it's just the design of the challenge when you come in with the concept already locked because the concept was bought and sold in the previous challenge of them what you're essentially asking them to do is execute on one particular version of a concept and it wasn't like Kevin's concept was new American or something so broad i. It was so specific in his head of my grandmother's food in the country. Cap In seventeen hundred savannah port spice kind of mixture. It wasn't it was like a very niche version of southern food. That even when Brian Volta Gio and Melissa and talented chefs are taking a swing at it. They're not getting in the BALLPARK. And that's Kevin's fault of course but I think his last speech is basically like the spirit of top chef is that I should have let these people these people. I could have stepped in a lot and I didn't want to. I didn't choose to so therefore I think I should go home and I think he's right for that. I just don't know other than changing his decision. Is there a way to fix? I think their service could have gone smoother if the if some of those chefs had realized the way Stephanie did like Hey I'm just going to execute on Kevin. I'M NOT GONNA put my neck out there. I thought Melissa did a really good job in this episode of staying out of the fire for that. Well I think she did a great job in that one moment where she was brought into the fire she was dragged into the fire by Karen. Who is very well different right I was? I was told that my dish would be finished. Apparently it wasn't and it's like ooh this should be interesting and then let's just bonds of like. Hey you gave me the job. I finished your dish. I'm sorry I didn't work out on a minute before we saw Kevin. I'm not gonNA throw anyone under the bus. We saw Karen actively do it. And that's rough like it's tough. I'm not gonNA fall caring for that but like this is what is restaurant wars like. It creates this conflict and I understand Haley and emily especially. You're not certainly not alone. I know a lot of people in the audience. Are this way. The stress of this episode is now we watch top chef like it is not enjoyable to see this play out. There's probably a way to do it better. I'm just not sure that the show ever really figured it out and it's pretty crazy to go back and watch previous seasons restaurant wars. Some of them are very low stress. Like they're just not like this. When was this one was a nightmare and it was a nightmare because of the shaft town level. I don't remember. Does anyone remember what Restaurant wars was like in the first all-star season we'll follow is there so he just crashed everything I feel like it was a pretty unbalanced showing in all spheres one. Yeah I believe it was trying to remember who the teams were. It was dale and Fabio and then I can't remember anything else because I think they did it at the ten. I believe in stead of Eight. So it was like it was Carla del Taco Day. Fabio Richard Blazing trae versus Angelo Antonio Marcel Mike Isabella and Tiffany. That's where Marcel went home. For years before he would decry Malarkey as being very annoying unbalanced to me. It's that's I think. The structure of the challenge sucks his this season and I think sadly one of the two people in the hot seat understands how to navigate this particular challenge to keep himself alive in the game and the other one did a bad job recognizing like what was at stake in the structure of the job. Well we saw the quote between the two captains. They're at the beginning of the episode. Where Kevin said I'd rather go out fighting for victory than playing it safe and I guess my question is to Gregory. Play it safe in in light of what you just said Josh. You basically all but said that he understood strokes charge. I think he played it smart. I don't know if it's sure he played it safe and he played it safe. I think you also played it. Smart People Smarter Not Harder. I think he he. He got what had to happen. He understood it and you know going for like the big move or wanting like everybody else to express themselves as chefs is is a noble feeling. But I think as we see it's decidedly the wrong approach structure this challenge and the structure of the challenge is not Kevin's fault. You know the the approach that he takes just the wrong approach given destructor. Antonio each season we talked about. How could they make restaurant wars better and I think that the short answer is always introduce the twist you just introduced you know? Don't don't introduce nice round. Don't don't do it when there's twelve chefs. Don't have these elements let it be makes me again with the goldfish brain. Have a hard time remembering is like what I enjoy restaurant or is more if it was just the old fashioned restaurant wars versus me ask. Did you like it? Three seasons ago during Kopchev tries to why he says Goldfish Brady has no idea our either. I remember. I remember that one. We didn't like but it wasn't. Because of the actual structure. It was because of the chefs. That was the big John T versus Tatsuji down. So I mean I think whether it comes down to the structure of the chefs. It's it's just gonNA be a little. You're always going to be rolling the dice with this. But I guess I would rather them have just go with a very simplistic structure especially for an all-star season. You know this has been talking about a lot in returning player reality television these days of just keep to a simple structure and let the contestants do what they want to the format. Yes it might be too uncomfortable moments like we saw with Karen Melissa but I would rather be decrying the choices that these chefs made rather than saying it sucks. Kevin was Kinda boxed into a corner due to winning the previous challenge and as a result he failed mostly because of that. I hate to say this. Are they going to next? Season's restaurant wars going to be them saying chefs in this industry. We've undergone a lot of change in the last couple of years for your restaurant. Wars challenge all take out now. Please don't say maybe they won't do it. Is that a thing. We're yes we're very influence. This was this one for whatever reason they both decided to family style and there was commentary about how there were no rules. Restaurant was this year and they were just allowed to do whatever they wanted. I guess I wasn't familiar with there. Being I guess the sometimes specify the number of course you need to prepare or things like that like how many dishes in each and I didn't realize that Gregory's is going to be family style until partway through the episode. Where I was like I thought going into it. That oh because Kevin's going to do family style. Gregory isn't that's going to be a major difference but then I think partway through the episode. They directly referenced Was going to as well as they go. That's interesting so both are doing that. There's no dim-sum despite my wishes that would have been incredible. I- The nightmare. Let's considering saw like dimsum daily being cart just slip out. Everybody thinks car run over a server with Kevin hit and run in some still. I still I wanNA see next season. It's like the worst. Two concepts are the ones you have to create. Let's make that happen. I like that idea actually is better than what we have but I guess the good news the bright sites all this and you know. I think we talked about this last week as well of light. This is sort of theorize all the way back in. I think this eliminating Kevin here is probably the biggest person's limited in a restaurant wars since Kristen. Kish all the way back in season ten some. I'd say the most controversial restaurant wars in history some theorized that maybe a reason why they did that. If the levers to eliminate a front runner there is because of the concept of last chance kitchen and you can imagine that that at least partially digging oftentimes Click IOS head of like Hell Kevin if having it's a limited here he's going to have a hell of a time in last chance kitchen back here and I mean I will flat out say I am not spoiled in the least but I think Kevin's are are returning from last year gidget dollars to donuts. It's absolutely happening unless we send Melissa Gregory out before then I it seems likely to me as well and I've always been pro last chance kitchen. But when it comes to the idea that there's an incentive for them to make their web show more compelling by sending more compelling characters to last chance kitchen when all things are equal or that they don't see the real negative in this challenge design. Because you still get to keep the chef around if you want. That's a problem and I hope that that does not enter into the calculus of who goes home. Mike as you're saying but you certainly would be foolish. Not that they have more than one. Tv show to me. They're making a web show in the web show needs to be as compelling as possible. One of the ways you do that you throw a really compelling chef in there On an star. She's always going to be loaded. That's what I was going to say. That last point is like well then if they don't have a compelling chef to send to last chance kitchen they screwed up the first job trying to do. When do they come back? This is the same this. Sorry so let's slow a segue into last chance kitchen. So you know that's all right. I saw the strategist. Kevin faces off against and their goal is to essentially since Kevin's concept was apparently was lauded as too feminine. To Miami Vice was to create a restaurant off of a memory of his grandmother. Take a memory that was very formative experiences and make a dish out of it and it was very close Kevin hearkens back to his time camping and makes us some trout. Niimi talks about a dish that she made with her grandmother. That's usually a braised chicken with pickled cabbage but she goes for more of like a southern style fry to it to reflect from New Orleans background. Apparently that was not a good gamble But she's happy. She did not earn anything so unfortunately knees time contender is over. But the probably the most interesting thing from a futuristic perspective. Here is Tom Tells. Kevin there is one more battle before the finals begin which is interesting because we have seven. People left usually the finals which constitute the finals as when they go to their secondary location like the final. The final episode. It's usually like your final five to four to three to two at CETERA. The finals obviously are going to be in Italy. I'm sure we'll talk about the super teaser. That idea for the episode of the rest of the season later on but they they mentioned that So it looks like we have seven chefs right now left in the game. We're going to have somebody get eliminated and then I guess with six. They're going to Italy. Or maybe they do one more elimination before going to Italy and then someone rejoins them probably Kevin in their backup to six in Italy. I'm not entirely sure but it was an interesting little tidbit that got thrown out there. Unless there's like a double elimination or the HA's last chance kitchen get stocked three or four people. My heart can't take another double the nation they deb Bull limitation declamation devils. I guess if extra we WANNA extrapolate a bit on the Super Teaser. So it looks like we have at least two challenges left in La. Next week they're going to summer camp. They're doing something there then. Apparently they're going to the Olympic on the one of the Olympic Stadium. And then I guess they're going to Italy after that so I could see like two more ships. It eliminated so we have two more. Ck's before like a final comeback round where one person flies over an meets the rest of them in Italy. So I guess that's sort of what we're looking at so far but the rest of the season but he was just some sort of weird thing that eighty are Tom through in at the last second at the NFL ck this week recent. There's one more one more or less kitchen battle one more final. Like the Final Elsie K battle. But yeah be like Carter whatever. It was strange because they look. They cleared house right like from. The peanut gallery was sent home for except for Eric. Which was I thought was a strange decision. I thought they only did that with the return. We had the alumni in L. C. K. I. Today Not Reset it last season to can't never from all. I'm having a hard time remembering season by season but they reset it year that Marcel and Jan Season Fifteen seasons sixteen after brother left. I don't believe no know what happened. They the alumni so carey and gyms and brother all left. But I'm pretty sure all the newbie chef still stayed in the peanut gallery this time. They just cleaned house so a just they have like their other endeavors to get sore. Joe So Joe Tasso Angelo Jamie Lisa. You know there's all the number five value singing Mike Angela. Jamie and Lisa five will not be dancing anymore because the peanut gallery little sad to have Eric. Just walk out and sit on a stool all by himself. But it's a great moment when Kevin said well. If I'm joining you over there am I sitting on your lap sitting on mine. It was a weird moment though because then again like if you're resetting it here and then Tom says Oh yeah. There's only two rounds lap. It's just a weird sort of like hurt to cut off L. C. K. But I guess that also helps maybe then then Elsie Kate Naysayers and that. There's only a couple around and we're GONNA have a relatively pure like final six onwards. It seems Joe's Peanut Gang Leader. Gen Carol one episode of that and that was awesome. Josh Watch last chance kitchen if only because they show a couple of pictures of young. Tom Coleco I think you'll appreciate it. Great Great Great. Great Great I truly meant to. I'm all aboard last night and I was like no. We're not watching it. What did you watch instead? Screeners for something that I'm embargoed from speaking about ooh related though. Yeah is can we talk about Summer Camp Next Week? And how upset? Stephanie looks in the review is that's probably why reaction would have been too. I think I'm I'm assuming like are they like cooking for. Campers can only use a campfire cook or is it a bravo crossover with their new adults. Summer camp show that hardly idle because I believe that actually premiered if not is premiering like next week so I think that would make a lot of at all. I mean I think you say it is a joke Elliot. I bet you're right. Child here comes here. Comes Southern Guy Coach? You on how to Win Your Vote Malfunction so wait. Until when they do a crossover where they have to cater Dossey in both a good name starchy Saucy Schroeder She was also on amazing race family edition as Taas. I am I the only one that knows the other use of that baby. It sounds like it sounds like okay. That's a bad bad bad name. Don't I hope that's not her name? It's S. T. A. S. S. I S. S. In there as well this is actually fitting for her in some some of her previous scandals. Put Down we have digress. I'm not someone starchy. That's not a thing that we should be saying. It's a yeah else. You guys want to talk about of this episode or should we move into what we have been making this week. I mean again. I wasn't okay. I didn't realize this was a rhetorical question to the panel rhetorical. Qna Let me just remove Mike from the Stream Real. He did before like here I'LL START BY READING THE SYNOPSIS FOR CABIN FEVER Next Week. The chefs head to the mountains. A few hours outside of Los Angeles to summer camp where they are challenged to an outdoor grilling quickfire for Padma and top chef. Kentucky winner Kelsey Bernard Clark before the sunrise is the chefs get to work on an upscale brunch buffet for two hundred MOMS vacationing at the camp using a very limited stock pantry. Moore's and around Koumba to impress the moms the judges Tom Padma and Gail camp gets judged Charleston winterbrook Williamson. That's the only part I liked. I'm glad Kevin does not have to subject himself to this nonsense. Here's the the written? Descriptions of the episodes are always since themselves. I remain positive and I look forward to next week's show. Wow that's what I'll say is I think I think it's safe to say that. The six of us were not terribly pleased with this episode for a myriad of reasons that being said. I've still been loving this season personally like I. I love the people. Maybe in spite of some of the challenges that are thrown their way. And that being said I'm excited to move forward. I'm also maybe moving forward. Positively with the expectation that Kevin is gonNA come back so it's not like he's completely eliminated from the game so from that perspective. I think there's still a lot of great people on here. Gregory I think just cemented himself as one of the all time top chef contestants ever with that performance that he put an at restaurant where so I mean no matter what they may. How many moms they may be cooking for? Hopefully not one million moms but you know what maybe cooking four. I'm very excited about this. Cast even if even if the landmark episode of this season was less than pleasing. In my opinion. I do this every season of top chef. I compare it to the snatch game episode of Drag Race because I always feel like. It's a hallmark episode of the season. And it never is as good as we want it to be. Maybe the chefs should do snatch game. Maybe that's the way to fix then. Have the dairy Queens restaurant whereas in that could win because then I'm expecting Seattle like Mrs Doubtfire Bron Fire. Let's take better over their face. Yeah Good Ideas. One and all run by fruiting. That's a quickfire. What else guys been up to Well just you know the emily reporters last night. They actually didn't turn out great. Only because I was worried that I undercooked them. Even though we love of a medium rare in this household and then Josh was on a phone call so I tried to keep everything warm while that was happening. That's fine regret. What kind of meat blended you use. If any what was your. What was your meat? Mixtures ground beef beans AMMO. He did how did you try to keep them more matching a pizza shop like heat lamp. But I'm assuming you don't have that I see them on the stove and a cast iron then. I put it in the oven. Just Cook it like another two minutes or so. We'll get out and it's still look really juicy and bloody says like you know what I'll do I'll just put it on low on the back burner and over it and that's what happened. Steam Chamberlain Emily you very very personally but I have. We made four burgers and all four of them are not because they've been thrown away except to be thrown away into some. I think you're being harsh on yourself. Baps you made your bones. Emily also like very casually made an incredible vegetable curry. Yesterday mentioned it was frigging delicious. Oh like taking a nap and I was. I took a two hour nap. Who's right at the cat? Slept with me and it was really great. I Made Breakfast tacos yesterday that we can zip eggs. Yeah Eggs Masih Essay and I made breakfast tacos with Salsa Verde that we'd had leftover from takeout And oddly I put some Parmesan cheese on that but it was actually really really really really super good and I ate a minimum side. Like two minutes and ask. What's the protein in a breakfast tacos? At Sausage Egg. It was egg. It was eggs Salsa Verde some Parmesan which is so strange and I actually gave it a special trader. Joe's everything bagels. Yeah we finally hot sauce to it was really really good. We got some this week and we had some avocado toast. You're truly right that it was you knew. Just throw throw in some extra salt and like an assortment of seeds automated like really elevated the deal I give credit to to Zach Brooks for this that Brooks is. The person who is soft burst pumping up the trader. Joe's everything seasoning and he said Avocado Toast game. Changers followed his lead. And I don't eat avocado toast any other way. Maybe like a little spritzing little citrus spritz on from before the podcast search see. That's what I cook. I made a pork chop. I want to redeem mice. Emily made a ridiculous port with what was the speed ferries we'd Berry and Greens of some kind apple turn-up Gerais apple are interesting. Your Apple Parsnips. Puree is very great our way through the freezer a little bit because he got really freaked out obviously beginning which I think most people did and we stopped file like there was no tomorrow and now we're like okay. Maybe we should eat some of the things we've paired rather than you asli or more and more groceries and just putting what we have. That's fresh so he. You know broke into some of the dumplings shaped and made off of that pork shoulder a few weeks ago not been frozen so that was really tasty. I know this week's been all about like yeah. We had tortillas that I took out and we to chips. Oh yeah I made tortilla chips. That was me you made me. I forgot that I did that. Sounds LIKE JOSH? Wigley job and you thought it was a little offended by it but thou grab it you assigned it to me and yeah just put oil on both sides for Tia stack up but time it for. Tia's chop them up into the Agip shaped but among the sheets for what was the degree but it in my family. Three seventy five. And then you take mountain you rotate 'em you rotate them you rotate say that you put salt any salt them. You saw them then you rotate them. Then you take him out and you got search chips. I married couple referred to each other as you're like first and last night and we Fox Domini hear all my years on this earth. Today's the day. I realize tortilla chips Tortilla yeah. Ta Shifts like are like the teeth. Stint of sounded had tortillas were assembled versions of tortilla chips. He don't know already getting trying to. I'm still trying to process that. Babycare is just like stopped short of growth but their main from larger carrots yet. But yeah no thank you something. I've never given any thought to and I'm like okay. That makes complete sense. That makes you feel any better. Josh like is we're using right now. These are flower. I was like no. There is which is why we're making corn chips. And why are you dragging me? There's no caucus feel better flour Tortilla. I fully embrace my stupidity ragging me unnecessarily all right. Well let's move on from us. Then we're going to meet the Mike. Have a little conversation. I've been I this is. This was my mixologist week in Quarantine. I've had crafted a couple of different quarantines. Wow I went with. I like I like this. This sweet drinks and so I had a watermelon vodka and blueberry lemonade which was a fun combination. But my personal favorite peach schnapps in lime eight and I am like it's so refreshing and in terms of food is a big cooking week for me on survivor Wednesday. I picked IDA take out from a local Brazilian barbecue place to. How does that work? Because you're right to minister knocking at my door. Wake me up. He's on the phone with them and like however they're prepared meal and you tell them when to stop. That's that's the one disappointing. Part of it is a big proponent of the Guinea Um but I got the resilience of the pecan Pie C. A. N. HA thinks the Brazilian cut of steak. It's Kinda it's kind of fatty I got. That came with Interesting like regret Hubby got to order one side door. Get two sides. But it was ten ounces on Grub hub in eight ounces on anyway with a Caesar Salad and then these of bacon wrapped blue cheese and brie stuff dates which were amazing and I actually only eight. About two-thirds of the horseback that yes about two thirds of the steak and then the next day. I the diced iced up the steak and I put it in a in and soft boiled a couple eggs and through those in. That looked really good. I'm like I'm like approach when it comes to soft wailing eggs. It's the third time I've done it and it's perfect every time it's like the one thing I'm proud of is I can perfectly software and they realize that soft boiled days come from at the grocery store. They sold them separate extra soft boiling. I'm kidding we've just summarizing beamed through some magic beans for my growth parked. My my beef and ground was beans and ground beef or match which I'll be making today. Actually I bought some Kobe beef that I'm going to make us to make the beans and ground beef. Oh yeah somebody gets kind of. It's kind of like a Los. It's the perfect example of the quickfire. Could fire the last chance. Kitchen takes something you grew up with and then put a modern twist on it so it was always kind of basic beans and ground beef. I'm using Kobe beef. I'm using a variety of spices that you don't find most midwestern households trader Joe's. Everything's evening if I had it. I would honestly probably add Saracho got saracho everything sauce from Christoforos which it doesn't taste like an everything Bagel. I don't know what it's supposed to be eating actually continue on. I'm going to go hit it from the 'cause I'm curious I've never actually read the label right there. Why not why the hell not while? We're talking about food. Bills like can ship because I talked about the light that was glowing on Antonio earlier. That was really only going to translate to people watching the video. I e US Mike you reaching for a beverage and I keep meaning to ask you. What's the beverage that you're going for this? Yeah what is that? It's water water bottle. A very glad I thought it was some sort of like being that. You've gotten the sweet milk so you would think going burke quickly. I thought maybe he thought I've been just throwing back. Sweet milk or the curtain are hour and a half. Todd yes correct. Yeah I did. I wanted mask. Constitution is very strong otherwise I would be just ratcheting up sweet milk your water bottle like shaped in like a bottle that you get like a milk jug would bring around in the fifties. Yeah I thought I thought you know. So it's it's it's it's everything you see this on the shelf and you'd think everything. Bagel called this everything ille- because you false advertising. That's Kurt's losing. We've gone going nuts. Do you think you could put that on like your homemade Tortilla jets? You've got a project for everyone for homemade potato chips and great batches marketing Clark. They've really is a terrible name for a product though. It's even worse than what was it. Sonny's lemon ginger sauce. Sweet sweet catch up pickle mustard on the Mayo. She Ashley in there because it's not a it's like it's like special saucer big. Mac. It's not oh is everything I've been putting this on like this is like an everything Bagel God and I now see why I'm very disappointed. Noticed a third of the way gone too and I'm just reading now. This is a tough day for car. No my new favorite song watching Kurt discover life. And it's like it's like it's like I'm forty percent of the way through it and I'm just now realizing I could be putting on everything. Apparently he's screwed up well. Well you're making you're making your famous beef and Brown ramp even beings tonight. Let everything sauce on. See what happened here. We go did and and adding. I did get a meal kids this week which will be the Marley spoon. The Martha Stewart some caramel chickens. Unlike Tyler Lettuce wraps a spaghetti dish. So that'll be this week and then I'll be putting this this reconcile on everything. Who else did things this week? When I make a nice little carrot coconut Su super easy so used a bunch of stuff I had around so I it Yeah it was really good. It was pretty hardy because I put potatoes in. It was delicious so I did with the recipe up my dog just because it was pretty easy so you can check that out at strong picks up the want those vegan right it was yeah screaming because I love adding coconut milk to anything it just it just really nice check. Scher and it's not overly coconut slavery. So is something that makes me nervous. Don't worry don't sweet milk out there. Yeah so we coke no mice. Just you're knocking pack. If I'm on island time like Brian Malarkey was slugging back. Sweet coconut milk. That what that looks at. That's what I'm saying like a classic bottle you take your requisite screen shot right now. Mike can pose with that real quick just I want people to be able to. Oh my God. That's trump no. It's like a stainless steel warburton and Angela hates it because every time I not over and I knocked over planning because I'm Mike Bloom. Big Noise to let you know that it's here My journey around the pan-asian culinary scene has continued. We moved on from Jimmy pop into Tacos number trying to them. Nice Asian tacos Brian malarkey truck. We've found the donkey now. We're going for the drag and we're going to have some tonight as well but that's been fun you know. It's sort of taking a different look at that different use for the same meets that reducing it all these other different different dishes. Korean tacos are like one of my top five things to go for like any sort of restaurant menu like does it. That's the that's option. That's GONNA go Tony. I'm having some issues. I don't know if you can hear me by the way because of the Internet issues. Just been take out primarily trying to support some local restaurants here and continuing to do that. So that's been mainly the focus here. The last week probably will get some pasta this weekend at some point resort adds to I actually after this podcast. We're going on for like a nasal tour around Niagara we have. We placed a bunch of orders this week. So we're going to pick them all up so I'm going to my favorite wineries small talking naggingly. We put an nice order and they're gonNA try and socially distance wave. Hi To my grandmother who is staying with aunt there then. We are going to pick up up like a farmer. Spock's Niagara Falls for vegetables and then we are heading to four eerie. I have a hard time. Judging who is famous in Canada and America or just like solely Canada. And there's a celebrity chefs. Matty Matheson who you know who he is. Why yeah? He's on like all the stuff you wouldn't. If you saw him. You would know in huge lots of tattoos. He's actually he's from. It looks like a combination of Zeke Smith and John Gambling. He's from Niagara and he's doing these. Take out dinners in Niagara you can. It's a lot of meat and staff and he is donating a portion of proceeds to a local shelter. So we have that on the docket for this evening for dinner. I'm really excited covered in tattoos. Yeah like of Tattoos Photos. Are you looking at? There's one of him standing on the beach. There's also one where he's like posing shirtless and he is like no joke. His entire body is covered in tattoos. I admire the constitutional that man. He must drink sweet milk. Like a champion Good now I want them Vietnamese okay. We're good a really good. Offense melted ice tea Haley. I Love Thai team. Haley did you say you did an email there an email. I do believe we did receive an email. There is an email there is let me start. Open that one up so you can send your questions if you have them to either down the hatchet post show RECAP DOT com. Remember for some people or you can email. The two bachelor edgy. Dot Com. Sorry for sending these to you instead of Haley. It's Okay Andrew. It's fine I won't take it personally. It did get eventually. It's an easier email to remember anyhow last week I was reading on Gregory's team and I gotta Say I am impressed and I'm eating my words. I loved how he took control of. The team made them go slower so he can taste everything. He got the best guy for front of House and he wasn't afraid to adjust on the fly when Leeann was melting down. I still think Kevin's team is more talented. But I was surprised how stubborn Kevin was not to not adjust things when he seems to be very thoughtful about this things. It almost seemed like Muslim. Brian new bad idea to do so much but I wonder if they tried to push back and Kevin wouldn't relent or they just stayed quiet and let him sing anyway. That's all I got. You guys are killing it. In all aspects of the podcasting Andrew Broadcasting Live but man to us. I washed my hair for this and everything. Sorry I put on concealed under my all so did I. I didn't I didn't fix my eyebrows up horry. Everyone looks beautiful today and every day. Well what else is that in? Have we reached a natural stop? Well I guess I'll I'll say as a bit of a plug to if we WANNA get the answer for strangers question as to what. The team dynamic was like team Kevin. Hopefully I should have an opportunity to talk with him at some point for parade dot com. I do on my interview with Eric Up. That went out. I believe shortly after we recorded so check that out. I'll be super intrigued to hear from Kevin Manno again. I do not think this is last time. Cooking in the top chef kitchen proper. I'm sure he has a lot of thoughts about what happened on that particular day. So I'll I'll I'll be sure to pimp it out once it ends up falling into my lap words and I am obviously doing the Bachelorette listen to your heart rate up over on this very hour but I also guess it on a podcast. That should be out on Wednesday on the hallmark off. Cast talking about homework movie. Like cats and dogs starring Wyatt. Nash Not Elrod from survivor. Redemption Island says an Wednesday recalled them mellow rod for a reason. Yeah doesn't sound. As good as White Nash. Or WASH WASH. Wash podcasts. Called a Hall. Malarkey Malarkey Chen all of them. I don't think they're going to go for it. I think that Rico. Leave all the hallmark movies with Brian. Shrek deep fake of Brian Malarkey. Famous movies man. Maybe it's just made a face. So he's got some ideas for it just malarkey deep fake. I got concerned. Yeah Mike's that sweet milk we've we've got. We're doing a sweet milk. Deep dive the loss down the hatch. Podcast blessed sweet milk deep dive on sour water. This our water. See One of the one of the shorter podcast we've ever done. And it's features the Brian Malarkey of noises and that it's the most annoying noise. You'll probably ever here in quite emily. Emily Fox freak out as she was second. Handedly watching the episode you were you watch is like. I'm watching loss or it could turn it down so we're doing that over it post show. Recaps killing Eve podcasts. Myself injustice the lease and the everything is Super Marvel. Cinematic Universe rewatch reaches the Avenger area. Everything is not super everything. Everything always unsupervised. That's that's what's up. That's what's up on the post show so I think that's unless anyone else's anything like that no so drivers finishing up we you survivor stuff or the for the next couple of weeks so you heard a rumor. There's rumor we're so where can people find you on twitter and or instrument or untapped? Okay I'm still Kirk Clark with two season those platforms. Thanks to those view. Join me in my very boring streaming. Red Dead Redemption to on twitch. That's a horse rider. I'm out round towered everywhere. You could find that mlive everywhere you can find her. That's right like Omelette but with an e s everywhere you look. There's a Mike Lee type. He's just waiting for us to do the work H. Underscore for Haley. Hala Hala. Yeah you did a little a little like over pronounced. Sorry sorry sorry overcompensate then under compensate underscore strong takes sea. We love you so much US episode. If you WANNA reach US Gotha Haley acronyms and oh by.

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