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212: Don't Talk Just Listen


Seaweed forms. Perfect on Twitter verified on Twitter. Now, he should be. I don't know. I want that blue checkmark. I want to get people get so fucking wound about blue check marks early strange. So I want one now how do we do that? It's like mailmen ID or something. I don't know easy. Right. I mean, I I I wanna get us off the legacy internet's didn't make a difference. But people who have the blue definitely shouldn't have if it's any measure of like. Fame or notoriety. Well, all right off to check mart. We don't know. We don't have anything. We're just here. This is here. We this is what life could be could be getting ready to podcast just sitting here like googling feels on Amazon my phone. This is what life like would be like if we lived in a boarding house that was only for women, but then we were forced to dress like when. In order to live there, and my name is Peter scholar and here, of course, Tom Hanks course in bosom buddies. And that would be excellent. It's a problematic. No, certainly not with their cross dressing and gender sister social construct. I guess it's just a property. It's theft genders genders theft, basically genders thefts. I kind of feel like I'm dressing woman in these sweatpants. Like, these are these are Unical if you're cool listeners if you're not fat. If you're that means you've got a Uniqlo near you. I know. Yeah. Of course, if you don't have a unique near you will it's time to move. Let me tell you brought to you by Uniqlo. No, they they have these. I guess they were like sleep pants, but they're they're really just like Uniqlo fifteen dollar swing at Lululemon. And they'll look at this. This is insane. Like this massive stretch here. Yeah. So so I kind of feel like I'm in ladies pants, right? My hands inside Andrew sweatpants, and there's so much room still. It's great. You still haven't found the goods. I have. I'm look I can't find the skin tag. Which is weird. Oh is that? What the oh, yeah. It's a big skin. Skin tags getting bigger. Sure. Sure. That as an all, right, April Fools. Oh, it's your that's your cocky. I. For the first time in over two hundred episodes. I finally this episode. I finally touched Andrews cock longtime coming voters the skin tag. And he fooled me God. All the more reason why we should live in a boarding house. Where have to dress like women? That's true. This boarding house is my mother's house, which is noon to basically, give me a hand job at my mother's, couched cool. I for all of us. Now, it's speaking of hand jobs while we don't want to get into that they Robert Kraft patriots. Oh, yeah. Talk about. Let's talk about it because it was just so. I only I just do one thing that is so awesome. I think it was great. The the the I don't know the sympathetic person may feel as bad for the women who are literally force gun point to work at those places. And they're not like, you know, how you know, girl. Everybody knows a girl who has a private Instagram or does some shit for money sucks for money hand girl is an SDN and is like a sex worker. I'm not talking about sex sort of talking about slaves sexless say they are sex workers, but they're sort of compelled to work by force. Yeah. I think that were we get lost that the term sex slave gets really lost in a lot of all the conjecture that goes on the sex slaves. Like, it's bad your promise, something like you people come to your country and say as you come here and work for me. It's gonna be awesome. I think the scam is that like if you're in Taiwan and your fifteen someone's like, oh, you can come to America and make like three hundred bucks a month. It'll only cost you, I don't know like fucking thirty eight thousand dollars US, man. All right, cool. It sounds great. I'll repay that loan. Then they get here. That's a that's a mighty big loan. The mighty big one. That's that's kind of how it works. Maybe that maybe Bob Kraft was paying off loans. Because I feel like Bob Kraft could have paid off all their student loans. I love that a six billionaire got caught on the seventy five dollar John ticket y'all's. I love that. All right. So we favorite part about this. Gabby grandmother lives. Oh my God. Balls thrown from carries cream mother lives at the spa, she rents a room. It's really cheap. Just ask questions. No. She lives so close to the spot. So I've been to this strip mall. So times I've eaten Taco Bell in the fucking parking lot of the Taco Bell. Right. That's the kind of place. We're talking about how the place where people Taco Bell in the parking lot. That's where fucking Bob Kraft was going to get fucking tugged off went to bell after he's like, you know, after a quick blow job from a stranger. I need Taco Bell crunch. I need to drive through the Taco Bell drive. Tugela drive through my white bent. Mclaren another favorite part of that was that they said one of the cops the police for it said that one day he showed up in a white Bentley. And the other the next day he showed up in a Brown Bentley. I mean, all right. Got so many cars, I had one of my clients was a he ran a very very famous chain of hotels in the eighties going real boomtime for them. Oh, yeah. Dude was like sue. I definitely talked about on the podcast like. Super rich guy. Rick for magnum. And then he like he has dementia and like his kids just robbed them blind, really fucking horrible cautionary tale to derive blind. I did not I might have been the only person that was nice to the students entire lake elderly life. I think he's still alive at Google that long ago, but he would always just sit there and stare at the wall and tell the wall, but how bad has been Lee was when he had a worse car I ever owned, and like I'm over here, you never mind. This talk to the wall. I'll never own a British vehicle again Oku 'cause I'll never own British over fucking old rich man in like a stained wife beaters talking at the wall. Convinced me, never by Bentley. If option comes up to me, so all right. There you go. Wow. It's like that. It's like remember that one Don the one mafia guy who pretended to be insane pen to have dementia, and then the found they had recordings of him ordering food and stuff. Yeah. Forget who was who's member? The is one of the last members of the Castellano gang or something like that. I don't remember. But it was great because they was like show him walking on the east village who. Oh, you know. Like in slippers. She's like doesn't heck lost all those capacities. But then the recordings is like yell put fifty grand on the Vikings to wet. Wow. Fucking good hustle manny's talking on the phone so much. That's it. You know, God. And he was ordering food from a restaurant. He owned you have people to do that. Right. That's the bottom line and all of this. Don't you have people to do that? Seriously. Yeah. That is a great bottom line for this grubber craft loves the love, the peewee Herman at the height of his powers got caught beating off in a very sleazy place. Right. Peewee Herman lake raw deal. Herman's like child friendly. Fucking whole thing was like that was. That was a bit of a red con because like he was sort of a sleazebag at first Hanley peewee big adventure was like kinda sleazy, and it was like a little weird, and then kids got into it and they made a kid friendly. And then that's. I think that was probably fucking beaten off and fucking jerk booths for years thing. That's okay. But it's the by me, that's fine. I mean, promote like go into sex trafficking voices and Grogan. But I just larger scale is like he has lots of probably had a decent amount of money. The time. This is between big top pee. We and our periods eventually big top. And like, so he probably had a bunch of money time Simmons, Robert Kraft and far be it for me to be a pocket watch her but goddamn goddamn like you have just like when an NFL star or rich person gets caught doing caught like with like severe DWI looks too drunk to like get in your car due to fall asleep in the drive through at Wendy's and shit, and it's like being like Jamal Lewis. Yeah. Range. Like, hey, you have somebody like I would never drive again. Here's the question if you're a billionaire short, actually, no one, no. Maybe we're looking at the wrong way. Like, if you're a billionaire. It makes sense coming from the perspective of like, a non billionaire if you're gonna pay somebody to give you a hand job. No God, you lay just say it like that. It's like oh. You like the dumbest the dumbest sex act because I could definitely I could just definitely do a better when you fly out like fucking skin Amax be actresses, right leg, you're a billionaire. But as I'm saying, this, it is current to me that it's very possible that going to fucking weird sex slaves spot in a strip mall might be its own aesthetic. Maybe that's what he likes. It's sleazy. It's the unknown. It's the sleaze he's doing a common man thing. You got some people build houses with fucking habitat for humanity. Robert Kraft goes and gets his fucking pud polled by somebody who got offered through Tijuana. Someone who arrived in the container. Thank God, you open that the air hold crush. Their whole as a ten thousand bags of coffee. I love I love our to have we have really good transportation humor like like logistics humor because the two people to two guys working in the warehouse right now just laughed because they're like, oh, we got. Yeah. They have a they didn't fill out there. What's that? Call the RFT then then fill out their their hazardous declaration is a more Bill. Lading kind of guy myself. Yeah. You didn't get your b I need that B O L. I need to get the no the tracking off that Beal well for the container full of women. Would you have to fill out a hazardous declaration for that? What what what shield would you put on that? Like, what would it be like contains human live mammals live mammals? Exactly, right. Contains live mammals you'd have to do FedEx air probably FedEx hazardous or FedEx air like it gets cold those planes. And I know God, why is there not an airline that their whole thing is, you know, we keep our cargo area warm. You can put you bring your dog. Dog air. You see this shit like that. Pit bulls malling some girl in the fucking Portland airport and whatnot like. Singer dog air singer was at the Portland airport coming back from NT rally, and he mauled a two year old girl terrain who's. Who's? Way Louis Laci apart it and miss the room so thrilled that fucking Mr. worldwide was there. That's nobody stopped him. He had the power of ten men and that day because he could do whatever he wanted including her child who never heard a tequila child. Right. Mr three. But the question was answered that day. This is a really good documentary like documentary like b roll I documentary scripting, we're doing. Who would have known who could have imagined that day who could kill a child such you cast day we found out. Day. Our questions were answered mister three oh, five did speaking of deaths. No. You know, what that's why we will one day will end up in the national broadcasting hall of fame once broadcasting's extended to podcast hod casting museum. I mean once podcasting kilter, so this is the thing I didn't realize make it rose noise. Sorry. Right. Still working on the second tonsilitis thing. So if you take a reasonably big size youtuber, and then you compare their viewership with CNN now, I didn't realize that big YouTubers consistently house networks not only consistently. But like. When somebody's when somebody has a million views on YouTube. That's a million measure people where he is like a million people viewing CNN is like a rolling average. It's like I didn't realize how bad those fucking companies are like in the sticks right now. Oh, yeah. So yeah. I mean, everybody underestimated the internet's very simple. I think that I mean, especially music companies we all know that went off to go into that. If you didn't if you don't know what a music company is. I mean, we never talked. The first victim the first real victim of the internet was fucking like vivid video or whatever the fuck. Like, they got nailed and then music video bike talking about porn company. Yeah. Then like forced to make music instead. Really good. Poland pillow. Last week. On the patron thing out. Really? This is what porn stars doing losing money. We talked about the phone number play. It. This woman. Probably like Christy canyon. Not really very good should ask. You should call chicane should Facebook a call on by. Now three like, hey, it's how the hell is this hoses? Kill all my killing your heart on right now, man. We got to go through and fines saying, I know. There's like tons and we had a find every fucking like eighties. Nineties porn star that has failed music career. Now, this fucking many John Doe the shoes to wind like heavyset real. Oh my God. Hell, yeah. Covering bad ballots. Yeah. John Doe hung himself part in part because he was of sucked male voices. Vana was dating a member of house of pain at the time. She is working on a music career. She those stories van is crazy because she got in a car accident because she was up for seven days, or whatever she was making ten grand a week is that point. God damn. Yeah. So she's working every day. So it was real. It was probably really steaming, you know, but she was working every day, and she was making like X amount per day. But she was making like crazy money fifty grand a month. Something like, I think a lot of people do that shit. They're just like I'm gonna do this for two you're gonna work. Every day straight like scenes a day for two years get out of fucking allocate twenty five percent, whatever I make like my mental health therapy for the next thirty years. And then I'm rock and roll. Yeah. Oh god. I think of all of the careers to money out from that would be like the easiest one. I mean, you don't have it. You don't have a choice on getting money out. That's it. You gotta like you got to walk into it with the plan or walk into it. And then like walkout fuck. I am broke and shit. And like we have to like give Robert Kraft. A hand job thing is like the industry is totally different. Now, there's no real contract players. It's just like, hey, I do this thing. And I ask young women to me at this motel hotel, you know, at the W on sunset, and then like, okay. Well, here's the deal. You know what you're doing? I'm going to pay you. And then you're going to act surprise when I tell you what the porn shoot that kind of thing like backroom casting couch, which I was horrified to discover was all premeditated guy, the K Faber so good in that. Like, no matter what. And it. Extends to right now to anything. That's dark is only going to get darker. Sure. And that's fascinating. Because you'd never you can never tell where the floor is more worse to anything bad as get worse. Oh, yeah. It's wild fucking says you pass backroom casting chair. Folding chair and see if they can you know, how they usually when he's feeling lazy. He'll just fuck on the couch when he's done a lot of shoots that day. He'll be like, you know, so you're prepared to make a thousand five thousand dollars a day. But she's on a wobbly folding chair from the sixties and then try to fuck on the chair. And if it breaks he gets really mad. I like I was gonna to need that chair all day this five more times to fucking break. Even backroom wobbly creaky chair. I feel like we're speeding towards the normalization of fake snuff. And that's what everyone's in fake. So we've been heading to there for a really long time. There's a guy. Yeah. This is a guy named Jamie Gillis who used to do that used to do all the fake snuff. And he wanted to do and Tom Byron member of extremists soci-, it's him in this guy, robs a car, and rob Sakari ended up going to jail because frontline did a documentary on them with this guy max hardcore, and they did a real rape scene. Very good. And the crew were so disgusted. They left with the girls before and they're like, but we love each other. And we're just going to do the scene, and it's all love, and then we're just gonna like afterward. We're gonna like shower and go shopping, but like they look very disturbed after where he just was obviously hamming for the camera and landed of landing in jail for two years, Tom Byron being very smart. Said no, I'm not going to be in the camera. I want nothing to do with us in not going to jail, but they lost their business. Anyway, extreme associates sounds like like cool tag team from like the mid nineteen nineties. Are you familiar with Greg the hammer Valentine? Yep. Absolutely. I when I really wanna upset Gabriella show or a photo of Greg the hammer Valentine she gets really like immediate revulsion with Greg the racist. Valentine. Chest because he had sold the be Madison Square Garden and wrestlemainia get sold, by slapping, my rock and roll, man. My manager to me heart. I don't take that lightly. You understand to cure dog? Me for the last time. Over fight. It by Tino said tenant selves little scheme to set me up at a garden, and it didn't work and now Boston Garden here. It is. This is the bait as far as soon as the bait dog to kit, you you nasty individual nasty black person the ring around what time cited fish. All right. Well, wow. Sure is a different world. Bucking fuck. God dang. It's almost like people could get away. We'll say shit like that. And then now you super can't even better world for I think it's time to cancel Greg. Valentine wanted to say when he's like, you nasty and lack person there's got to be there must be so wild tapes floating around archival tape of court testimony of some guys saying that RIC flair walked up to and said do you like your job, and whoa what really bad fuck like? It's just a bunch of dudes like fucking injecting testosterone into their neck and then taking cocaine and being like wild as you can see the outtakes must be splendid. Best part about those promises that all of them are done live. And so it was such a high wire act. It was lot live on TBS at four in the afternoon. I remember coming home and watching them live from the sport Atari, Atlanta, Georgia, and which was like in Nassau Coliseum mass. I remember where they say tonight, I'm going to turn this place into Nassau mausoleum. It was really good. But that was really cool. And I wish that more people at one time. I remember this is when we share Nassau Coliseum memories. Right. I remember my one of my uncles or maybe said, oh, you know, what? Yeah. One of my uncle said that they were Nassau Coliseum to see the scorpions and one of their friends, and he's like, I can't wait to see the scorpions and it kept saying school up little kid. And I remember what's wrong with that guy's voice. It's mentally ill some forgoing Howard Stern rules fan. Love the school up. E-ends the scorpions so good literate right down the street from Nassau Coliseum tonight. We turn this place into the NASA mausoleum. Hod times a my family speaking of like high wire acts and fucking like live shoots let shit. Did you sit down and listen to I know I'm going to say two names that we're losing much listeners been did you listen to that Alex Jones? No Rogan I saw and to people. I don't like listening to together. Definitely not impressive. How this dude booking goes off on one? I I listen to it might is driving around yesterday. And it was like, wow. Fucking a. This is this is next level. Dude is a an a plus fucking promo cutter dog on about Alex Jones. Yeah. I don't I don't think a lot of it's fair. I mean, I think he's really I mean his best is as made a brand that is so unsustainable because he has to maintain that level of energy offshore all the time. And there's only a matter of time while I was gonna say it's only a matter of time before he says the wrong thing. But he said a lot of that time has long passed. Right. We're at like fucking coronary. Now, I mean, it was just screaming and yelling the whole time. No, he did do screaming and yelling, but he would talk. He would do this thing where he would talk reasonably lucidly, but still like really like, and then he could ask a direct question. And then just skirt it do like a really awkward skirt. But then he would just fucking ramp himself. My dad worked furred so sorry. Sorry, midler Knowles, atomic power plant. It would go from reasonable to somebody told my dad this to cyborgs are real. And there's a body farm in China, that's growing tendons. Just like, man. It's. Impressed. I was nothing. But impressed by the time that she was done like holy fuck. All right. Cool are doing that. Should I get like really amped up and start screaming? Should I do this podcast standing up? Maybe I've done a few episodes like five through thirty or forty. I think I did standing there. Okay. I find getting feel like I'm doing business when a sit down on the desk, but I'm realizing now that the way I have the microphone now is way better than the arm. I have on my desk just should just use this. I was actually I wanna replace my arm to. Yeah. Yeah. We're just a little little inside talk. All you podcasters out. There know what the arm is. You know? By van is on fifteen bucks. And it makes you feel fficials not bad. But it's just like I think I'm over it. Yeah. This can this is much better. I real mic stand. If you look a man, I feel like I could do anything bossa. Now, do you feel about I've no thoughts about you being able to do anything fucked up? Not bad. Fucking play support. Listen to me. It's true. I heard. And then I'll relax and everything will be great. Girl. On Peter north final chimes in girl, man. Hey, don't call me that what a girl. Love it. You know, what Donald Trump had a speech? Should I we would you like to hear it? You're gonna play this shit and Harriet, let's do it. Listen to me. It's true. Okay. I heard you relax, relax. And then I'll relaxed and everything will be great. It was. It was just. What he said in front of three thousand sharing fans. No, Donald Trump's the first sitting president to ever say the word. What in the book? All right. So this is like his Mussalini moment for sure. Because he's swore the first sitting president to ever switch. I really yes. George Bush with fucking finger one. This is. No. That was that was like that was like that was feed footage that got leaked. Yeah. It's always been like. Yeah. Like, be world's true. Fucking was Obama was fucking called Kanye west some shit. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Well, there were talking to them like two men talk in what was inevitably hot mic somewhere. And he said the F word of Conair west, and whatever, but this is him in front of this is a president who's still doing rallies? Like he's running for president, which I love feel like he probably is the strap in. Trying to take you out with bullshit. Okay. His voice is really weird. He does very straightforward. Sounds like it's weird because he's doing what is really close to what L at Baldwin sounds like when he does an impression of him. I I wouldn't put it past him to be totally like I got. Okay. So to play that game. I'm going to sound like. I'm gonna play tweet each's. Bullshits for its both shit, folks. Ordeal chess, we're gonna break down the fifth wall. You say I've worked done years. You say say say any baby for my baby needs formula. You. My my father has been in turned driving. This turned into a prison camp evangi, Hugh, Hugh, Cuban Cubans are paratrooping into my my hometown. Do say, oh, you know, those fucking kids from red dawn have been all about Trump and other alternate universe. Whole that whole high school. From. In that movie, the one black. I am entire movie gets shot in the first five minutes. The teacher. Yeah. And the chances of teacher black teacher being in that that city Kelly met city. Here's a little unlikely. That's something to ask John Milius about when and one of his lesser movies. I guess he was really Milius was really popular for pockets. Bummer. She's a shot is shot. Apocalypse Now, Fresno were Coppola was Apocalypse Now. But he was he was like the cinematographer right now, I think he just he did script work. I don't think ever shot anything. Oh, yeah. He did script worked for pockets now. But then did veterans. Rated veterans seventy four living in Saint Louis. Really? You've got all that money and time many wanna live in Saint Louis. I mean, he's like dudes like fucking mad hick. One of us into any like, Ruby Ridge stuff. Oh, for sure absolutely lawn lawn. We Howrah Lon Horiuchi lawn and a big thing on are you cheat on when I researched Ruby Ridge for friend of mine, and then forgot to send it to. What is your life? Weird talking woman, and she's like, what is Ruby Ridge the American experience and make this local Jesus. But I was like, oh, yeah. Well, big the centerpiece of the whole thing is law, though, the trial of Lon Horiuchi and how he was acquitted even though he basically just shot through a door and kill the mother. Yeah. I mean, he he was shooting for a baby. And he missed is basically what happened. Yeah. Kind of. Yeah. It makes you wanna buy. Whereas now, I know one knows he could live next door from you know, how much if you didn't want to go knock wild as lon- here. Depends asking. This thing where you've got women asking you what Ruby Ridge is. This is the reason why we need to do this podcast better. And reach out to Randy Weaver and get Randy Weaver in the whack pack. I could tell you what Ruby Ridge is or home. My main man knows at home doing nothing and have in have Randy Weaver. Explain his life to you guys. The first date of bumble ear like had a nice rest of your Knicks wine bar opening night opening night and fucking foods coming out as great you sprung for like sprung for the tasting menu. And then you get Randy Weaver on FaceTime, except he won't use FaceTime to go through a satellite. Uplink now. I don't think he has the internet and he does heavily VP end. So I would really listen this everyone listening. Yeah. I know I'd be like platforming racists ad be like platforming somebody who's like with really not cool view. I get that understand like some you're gonna cancel me that I I get it. You know, it's it's fine. We look at the world differently. I guess in that way. But I would love to get Randy Weaver as gas podcast, it'd be it'd be whatever shit. We would be so worth it just to do it. Oh, he's done interviews like total Hicks on YouTube, and they have views. We've never explored the idea of going through somebody else to get the book rights. Wow. Interesting. That's I think have all the guests. We could have on the centerpieces really are Bograd, so great Andy Weaver Weaver. Rush, Scott Irish be phenomenal. Cry. If we I don't even know if he's alive cry. We've got Scott Irish, I just all I wanted to do was go to California for a week dedicated week with Tom Byron and try to find Scott Irish wherever is that would be great. If I got California found out he lives in like, like, burn Louisiana Lewis is somewhere. Okay. We're going to Louisiana then. But yeah, finding Scott man, God if somebody could just bankroll the documentary for me that would be amazing. Anybody? Great pitch. A you know, what was I gonna say? You're gonna say now there is courtesy wa Vida. He was on. I've tried. I couldn't get close kazillion news there, and every he was I ten minute walk from my house doing this frigging green red berets shit. Guardian angels. And no one wanted any part of it, which was sad and kind of funny. He was coming. I told you it's coming back from his honeymoon. How cavern? Really sorry, babe. We gotta make a left instead of right? Yeah. Exactly. Oh in Bernie Goetz to got. Although Bernie guesses like a radio show or some shit. So I think he does. He's just really he's like a really pro marijuana guy. Yeah. You realize that all these like all these guys are going to want to sell something for sure. Well, new strain of Bernie Goetz we that. I'm gonna wanna talk about. That's how people like Geoff Tate had his want his vintage of wine. Jeff. How does wine you selling wine at some point? It'd be the same thing. We'd be like, oh, I've got this new the cell. Randy Weaver's selling like, you know, like the alternate outdoor pants. Go the waterproof pants. I wish I had when I was under siege by the FBI, siege pants. I wish I had. I was covered in my wife's blood. All right. Speaking of color fast. Fest, blood resistant, blood ridges and bulletproof. Awesome. Here's how we're going to do it. This is all right. Everyone's gonna everyone strap in everyone's going to be a part of this. Everyone listening you're in on this. So we're going to continue to do overnight drive. It's gonna come out every week because we've been we've been fucking good out kudos to us or put one out every week for like three straight months. Want to buy a cookie or a cake? What the hell's happening going? Okay. So we're going to do overnight drive every week the same overnight drive that you know, in love, then we're also going to do another podcast, which is basically just overnight drive. The exact same thing. No format. No, whatever. But it's going to be entirely. Survivalist problematic style content, but it won't be much different. It'll be very similar to this. It'll still be like a jokey he haw kind of fucking thing. But every now, and then we'll just talk about sovereignty allot instead of Robert crafts, dick. We'll talk about lake Janet Reno's, dick. So we'll do that for a while. And all you listening to be in on it and get the joke or else or else. Yeah. So we'll come up with some codenames. It'd be. Fuck would you say last night loud? Love you can be loud of an I'll be fucking. I'll be mad dog loud mad dog. It'd be great. We'll do that will will stenciling will be broadcasting from beyond a VPN like from a bunker somewhere. And that's how we're gonna get these guys. We're going to do a secondary survivalist themed comedy podcast. And then that'll be that. So everyone everyone listening you can be on this now. What is still secretary marks? Kenny G. Right. I love that idea. I was just adding installs adding any emotional music to really build it up. All right. So we'll survival cast coming soon viable cast coming soon. The trick is then when you have like your fucking friend who won't list overnight drive because we Randy Weaver on warranted. It's it's not overnight drive. He was on. Being luck. Yeah. He was on loud. Low of he was on the fucking ramblers who's on who's on. Bo is that you. Boese you. Yep. We'll have to figure out what the name of that. Militia that Timothy Timothy McVeigh was a part of the second take the name of the CB jacket and cammo and tight, gene. Armie because that opens up a whole new world to us bow fucking wild three percenters on basically, what I'm asking people is if you're going through tunes, and you find another podcast that sounds a lot like us, but they're talking about some real wild shit so Kay. Just relax just going to be called go with it. Right. It's going to be called. When requests when customers refused to pay. It's going to be called emergency no flop landing. That's really good. It's going to be called, you know, what should be called. So her locker. I just wanna do a barrel. Roll. That's it. There you go. I totally forgot about our ours planes deland, dude, I really hard for. I've got a backpack that has velcro spot for like morale patch, you know, people putting fucking punisher skulls or whatever fucking said bullshit. I looked far and wide for morale patch that was just the fucking plane in silhouette. So there's people making things like it. But the dice. Oh, my God that dude in those stolen Seattle plan sky king. I'm just a broken guy. You know, I don't know. I really felt that was it there when I just wanted to kind of a barrel. Roll right now. So good. Unbelievable. Good. God. No, this is the this is this the guy. What is he doing? This is the go. From the from the ground. What in the heck living off the Puget Sound Ned Flanders somebody worked at Boeing for forty years or the Microsoft, well does he think he's doing? Come really close. Businesses of yours Jerko what your pilot's license. All of a sudden, silly Salamon burger Jesus love sky king, which she gets Selley sewn burger on the survival cast get them on the battle role podcast you're on the barrel. Roll Bowral learn how to say barrel. Roll that's one of those words that I like my mouth doesn't want to create a barrel your balance one where like L colo- coup colloquialism fluke loyalism that when I can do I can cook. Yeah. You're you're onto the barrel. You're on the barrel. It'd be great assaulted songbird got on the the ba- we're going to call the battle role as the name of gets works me. What is it would be really solemn burger was on the barrel. Roll because oh, I thought this was a this is a flight podcast realized what you guys were about. We're about it. Yeah. That'd be great new k sell your on solely. How do you treat your heritage back to? Listen to me bullshitting your risk. Forming. Now, we're into it fucking place apart. That you remember when they play the cockpit cockpits transcriptions from when he was on. We're going to the Hudson. This is what they edited out. Ax and everything would be great. And then he's like were about to go into the river. What we're about to go into the river. Mike. Mike's open sully now, he's watching porno, John Doe porn. That's what really happened. So those bird strike. May we can do some really good conspiracy content on the barrel. Roll. Oh, I love my OJ Simpson. CT we really fucking happy. But it doesn't know the OJ Simpson was CT suffer. And that's what caused them to kill conspiracy barn, but his father, and this is why available on Wikipedia, and because it's been confirmed and everything Cincinnati was a a really well known drag Queen in San Francisco. And ended blew my mind and handed of dying of as in the eighties. His father crazy and for guy with that much hubris Machiko that probably really fucked them up with the we call that baggage. Yeah, we call that a lot of message and not defending OJ Simpson by any means, although a brilliant comedic actor which we've established especially I refi referring to the first naked gun. Oh, my God, I referred to that one of the one of the greatest scenes ever. And. But you know, should we? All right. All right. Hang on. Should we retool the barrel roll? And then just just get controversial people's. We can get OJ Zo. Jay's not coming on the second the white survivalist podcast. No, definitely not. Definitely not. Fucking like, there's no you don't get OJ without a few thousand dollars. Always always. Now. Oh, that'd be too much. He's man. All right. Okay. We'll stick with the what if we do like interviews sort of like what if he's signing. What is like a card show? They don't have card shows. Autographs. Do the sure as hell Nakhon OJ OJ edgy when I love to fuck fucking steal sports memorabilia, you wanna come to a whole fucking. You wanna come the Jacob Javits center? Hey, we're to kind of the sports zone at the mall. They want to sign these bills jersey looking for like a wildlife -bility, maybe you can come in fucking raise our premiums. Probably do it. They can't leave. This can't leave the state of Florida or Nevada yet make money in an anywhere, but Nevada and Florida because of the any money has any he can any money makes their anywhere else will go to the Goldman family because the law civil suit to them those scheming, Goldman family mean Goldman's gone damn what was wrong Goldman that cool. Probably not now is like a really cool pin me of cool guy. Google bad things. Ron Goldman did. Yeah. People are I p Miller, you know, actually, the bungled wasn't that cool. He was on a dating show. Yes. It was really good. But yeah, actually secret tape of Ron Goldman that has really been surfaced until right now. Yeah, I got it right here. And just the race yourself. True. And then I'll relax everything will be great. Run run respect. And that I got that footage that recording was released during the trial. People have turned on OJ different OJ would've won. My watch is telling me I need to deep breathe for a minute. You wanna you wanna take the podcast for a minute. I'm going to sit and breathe. That's fun. Like, sit at home. Right. I think about them the weirdest stuff that not really weird stuff. But you think about things that you've heard in your life that suddenly come right into your mind for no reason? Yes this morning. I thought you're only thought you were breathing. Oh, well this morning. I thought about any fucking watch tell me what to do. All right. This is the fucking mad dog here. Oh, okay. Man. We get it. Right. You were going to be like, all you. You'll come down. Then I'll come down. It'll be fine. But see your wanna do a barrel. Roll. Yeah. Let's fuck the girls men just like the girl now. Fuck the watchman. So I was in the show was in the shower this morning, and I was thinking of for whatever reason John Heche member test. He told a story on I think Pia episode of pm magazine, which was something that used to come on after the news during the week. And my parents would watch it this guy. Gary Collins was the host, and he'd also I got in trouble for because there was a carry-over segment on karaoke and the guy singing karaoke into the microphone said give me some beer, and I immediately emulated that and kept saying give me some beer. Gimme some beer, and I was probably like five years. And my mother said you can't say that stuff saying that my father was like. Give him a beer. Don't you? Give the beer too late to late sips a beer when I was like a total little have. Have whole early ten sips now it's like a peer into like. Well, I would be as dad was wouldn't be very good. I bombed be it'd be fun. I always add to be a fun dad, but I wouldn't necessarily be good because I like all the funds as like, hey, let's go to Burger King. Let's go hang out looking son or daughter. I always think about that. 'cause I'm like, yeah. I'd be. I'd probably be a fun dad or I may be like a weird strict on foreign -tarian but that in barrel. Roll words, I can't say, but no matter what when you have a kid you don't sleep for two and a half years. I heard. Yeah. Fuck that. I don't know. What if I don't sleep for the next two years? I'm not gonna tell you what I'm gonna be like in twenty twenty two no idea. I had a friend who had. When I really want friends anymore. I had a friend who a friend who had a young daughter who was very cute. But my friend was tire always very tired. And she was a hard worker, and she would she like worked full like, you know, worked fulltime job and everything, but it's just really tired all the time. And I thought that actually when we were hanging out like what because I know that I've read about sleep DEP. And like, I always go to one and wake up at six. So I'm like always like in some sort of sleep deprivation, but imagine that. Yeah. Like, it was like this person's probably sleep DEP to the point of like mild insanity to really trying to hold it together. But when not only. Yeah, you're totally fucking sleep-deprived. Nothing's making sense let shit, but then when you were awake your anxiety levels are probably through the fucking roof. Now, of course, because it's just like it's been quiet for ten minutes. What what is my kid into? And then you go like fucking. Can pull the piping out from under the sink or some shit pulled the pipe out. Awesome. Oh my God. My child is a pipe, and it's not a good pipe. It's not a pipe. It's not one of the pipes that belong under the sink. It's there's there the pipes. And then I looked behind the pipes. That's where I found the pipe and God damn if I didn't see pipe and do not want to know what what you do with this particular by. First of all you put marijuana in it. And then you light it. And then he is like a glass. Hi my kid bought at shining star. Star the head shop in Albany. Kid. I had a corncob pipe. That to me. Did you have a button nose into is made out of coal? Maybe that's why they gave it to me to put on the. Vividly. Remember having corn Cup? All right to get mystery after get great. Oh filters Mr. Grado filters. Hate fucking smoking's. Disgusting. You had we went to the bar last night. Dudes walked over to say, hi, and he smells like smoke. And I want to punch him in the side of the head was so gross bomb should people. Just give on one of my. I think smoking's fucking gnarly. I'm sorry. I know we're fucking hemorrhaging listeners. Like, we're talking about things if you smoke, you know, smoked yes summer, and it was like if you smoke you now super gnarly. It was like the worst one of the worst car smell like could smell myself in open air, smell myself, totally fucking miserable. Again. I think one of the reasons I stopped going out altogether and became weird hermit is. Because like I just won't be around people smoke when you can't do that anymore. No smoking or people who just smell like smoke. Yeah. Yeah. Before I remember when people to smoke in bars, it was the worst thing ever on. And it was just normal. It was like, oh, yeah. Well, this we're gonna go to the place where people didn't. But that's just how we're going to deal with it. I grew up in a very anti-smoking households. And when I would say over there pitches house. As parents smoked and my father would put up such a fucking frightful fit about how smelled when I come back to the former I think he might have said something, but but the amount of secondhand smoke. I n hailed as a young kid was probably pretty bad because both boys both beach boys always had sickness air infections, like sinus, infections, the like that. I still my father smoked knows it can I still like get every now and then get like bronchitis or some bullshit like I used to get every year. Religiously one thing I noticed that since I stopped working at the chemical factory. My voice is coming back like I'm full voice right now. And it's feels really good because I inhaled so much mica. And like it was so dry there. All the time that my voice is be like the last episode. You hear me I'm just like really scratchy voices, really high and Senate like fucking Juno from Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice? Wow. This reference K mart and be in the in the movie Beetlejuice belie special. That's right. Does that right? Little cultural cross cultural thing, I wonder how KMart felt about that. Okay. To dimension Kamer still exists. It's got to be gone now. It's gone. All right. What what I'm saying? Though is fucking cool. Yeah. I don't wanna smoke them. And I don't wanna be around new if you're smoking them. But like. Pipes are neat. Neat concept. Seeing what's the Gars? I don't ever want to smoke as gar all watch them. Roll us gar all damn day. It's wild you go to fucking net. Spot in the Bronx, people just hand-rolling cigars fucking a very cool game really like well made hand rolled cigar with fresh tobacco there. There's no no chance like I. Wound fuck around any of it in any capacity. I think and plus I think the time of looking cool smoking cigars has gone stood us at a bar, and it was like sixty three probably like pull it off. And no one cares. Remember there was a trend where women would smoke cigars outside of bars. Remember that young women like twenty five thirty five. What's what smoke cigars at the cool thing to do especially in Canada, really weirdly and just kind of moved its way down here in Albany. Of course, like all right? As long as we're being problematic as long as fucking swinging for the fences. Probably just in general, really, you know, we're we're we're exploring the fuck and edges of it. Watching a woman smoke a cigar. Really? He's about as appealing as watching them woman. Use a chemical toilet. Like it sounds fucking horrid. So really? So, but if you watch the news a chemical toilet, you get to see the bottoms before she sits down and she's sitting down there with the ball. But as a chemical toilet. I know. But I would rather do that than hold a associates has number two. I'm not saying women can't use chemical toilets. And if you have the option to sing that watch a woman use a chemical toilet or not what you woman use a chemical toilet, which which way you had it here which way the wind blowing. Well depends on. Jewish the wind. Blowing is a very important. Vindication. I would probably I would be pro her using it. But I think that when people get tipped over while they're inside chemical toilet. So mean door door down is really fucking funny. I do love when chemical towards blow away there's footage of shit spray. Geysers? Oh, there should be. There has to be compilation of people getting dict with when they're inside a porta potty my guy. I mean, I've never found the end of the YouTube compilations just just googling like you to come relation of like snow falling off roofs. You'll be for half an hour. Never see the same shit twice. I love it. I there are there are many if you're into like festival music festivals. There's many accounts of people fucking and porta-pottys that worked up like you needed that bad that you can't wait until you get to your nice house or even the car you have to be like, oh laid between between fucking MGM, tea and LCD sound system. We're going to have have seven minutes of a horrible arduous fucking post-apocalyptic sex. That's very close to post. Fucking on any little milk and cranny can be like, oh and people are pounding on the door because everybody's the piss and shit. Gross. And then for the woman, if you're behind her probably the only position that really make sense in that thing she's looking down at blue toilet paper shit floating in kiss IRS lost. Yeah. So really she can just lean forward impute when she's. To grossed out. And then he'd be like. Wow. It's a kind of a dumb, dude. He'd be like, oh, she's supposed to be really into. It is losing control of functions. I mean. I've been some really horrible places on earth like a fucking porta potty in the sun in a m- at a music festival. I got a parking lot of music festival. I nine hundred of them lined up ready for people to piss shin. He'll words fail me. Yeah. I think that's like fucking get like enlist fucking Khalil Gibran fucking write a poem about how fucking horrible. That is. Like, I I can get there. Khalil gibran. I my mind. Sorry. Because I thought and then I fought for a minute that you were talking about a good Bron Hamdan. The who was the backup quarterback for Matt Hasselbeck in two thousand five on the Seahawks. Also, a very underrated poet as an underrated poet on. And off the field. Chemical toilet in verses of Rumi. God go, Matt Hasselbeck? Saul mad is what's wrong. Are you ready for the game? He's real-. Why not why big game coming up versus the Orlando, streakers, whatever the buccaneers, right? Well, it's a long trip. First of all second of all. I saw good Braun Don having sex in a porta potty last night. Why do you never had sex in a porta potty? We'll know. Oh, you haven't lived got it try to have a positive. You know, what we're going to need you to do. We wanted you to study a bunch of tape for this game. And really be good at it scrap that in try this totally different way. Yeah. Pearl Jam and presents the United States America. Applying a free concept tomorrow. Downtown seattle. There's going to be about eight hundred porta potties line. Many take misses the missus down there. And well, you know, two people do when they they love each other very much. What do you mean? Do I have to spell it every scouting report? It was right. You to really have to spell everything out for you. Fuck. All right. You have to have intercourse. I mean sex while breathing entirely gaseous piss and because the ATL it's raining. So then he's like he comes back the next like it comes back the next day to the the Seattle Seahawks compound, all refreshed and ready to go as well. Let's he's held on never you again coach and they high five and then the the credits roll my my girl's hand slipped. She fell into the fucking chemical sludge. Yeah. While she. Shoulder. She and presence. And she was mad because she missed the presence of the United States America opening said my God they played lump. And she wasn't there for it. But. Then he made it up I made it up. But would it be really when he was really worried about was that he felt compelled actually use the porta potty. And sometime. Yeah. So like, you know. You're watching wrestling with YouTube over here. So. Honey, the concert starting hold on. Find out of the how weird. Sister sister. Oh, sister sister. Wow. Honey, honey. Okay. Oh, he'll. Oh, sure. Gross in hair, isn't it. Yeah. Let's go chop rapid up tell show. You know? What's interesting somebody when that album came out thought that was the best thing that ever heard. Oh, yeah. It's wild. I put them up there with like the bare naked, ladies, here's people love that. I had a roommate who was super into the bare naked ladies. Wow. Really really into it into their b sides. Yeah. Yeah. Like fucking a dead head for fucking bare naked ladies, people L head this a big crossover with the jam band community and bad in like bad pop music. Yes. Woo. Because I was really, unfortunately, I do sound for scribbled cover band locally over the summer and never had that experience before fucking awful. I'm never do it. And then there's the poor dude who got stuck doing every weekend every week is like begging people on our sound guy chat to take shift, and where do definitely not no. Guy chat. Damn now. It is a chat to be like, hey, this is new broken. This is broken. Hey, any of that shit? Any of that shit meat is fucking making it work just during iron. We'll make it work. I don't know. This is one dude who always thinks cables are broken, and I was not broken not broken test that that's not broken thought. It was broke. You know, you guys can just by twenty dollar cable. And then problem south, no arguments cable. Cable. Now, broken do big. Minute it on the problems. They're all broken. No. I think that's what it is. They just doesn't work or whatever like left it on mute aren't wire. Pretty good. So we just jumped around a lot of different subjects that was. There was the lightning rounds. John tash, John. You're fine. I am I am. I was in the shower this morning, even though I music on the showers sometimes, and when I know that either my roommate's up or nobody's home because vacuuming vacuuming out of fucking sink, which while that got a lot of mileage I knew that was going to be a hit. I can just tell it was awesome for me. Because guess what happened after? Or to help vacuum at the same. No, no. I just had to hear it. Worse than ever. And it was like ten minutes. I don't get it. I never get. I'll never get it. But I was thinking I was remembering that John tash had did a story pm magazine. And he said, I wrote the theme song for the NBA on NBC. While right after he said right after he made love to Connie Celica. He called his own voicemail and sung it into his voice mail. You wouldn't forget it. And he says Reiner was right after it. But he was really intellect saying right after making love, and I thought, wow, that's like a unnecessary detail. I thought I thought that as a kid I remember seeing a one hundred percent. I'm kinda goes probably like nut ten no. I got it. Got it pretty down people will fucking up kids. You know, like, whatever does fuck for fun. I'm not totally hundred percent. Sure. What happens? But I'm definitely like think that there's a lie. There's some things that you shouldn't say on PM magazine with Gary Collins, it seems like a weird thing to bring up here in this pm magazine forum. But he's like, yeah. I remember when Richard Marx set some sort of record. Oh, he played like one song for to promote his new album. He promoted he played like like four concerts in one day hazard six times. He played leg. Right here waiting did like four concerts in one day or something. And they said, Richard. What are you going to do now? And he's like I'm going to go home and make love to my wife. Nice. Very good. But he was he's complaining how exhausted he was. So like if you're that exhausted. She's probably at home been like, no don't do any favors. Men. Hazard is not in there fucking top songs area. There. It is. All right. We're. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for coming to this press conference guys. I. So I'll take the first question. So how long was it like buying four concerts in one day? It was really really tough. Pine song hazard over and over again playing this for two weeks straight gentleman the front with the glasses. I would like to us to question to you, Richard. Who has the famous music star. Hey, would like just know what what was it like to play? Fame unless you're famous for point four shells on one night. And and oh serve you turn your phone off. Please it's making a lot of men from the future in the Bronx. Someone else. Someone's the the guy from United Press International stands up, and he says, Mr. marks no offense, certainly we're all here to see you, do, you know, this is and he's like, well, no I've been playing musical day. And he's like, well, this is Ryan van wick he's very famous White House correspondent, and he's been doing some freelance work, and I don't know where you were raised. I don't know how you were raised, but we show re ultimate respect for him. And honestly, we don't care that you played forbade songs today. And and then he turns around to the rest of the reporters, and he says, I think we're at a here, and then everyone stands up and leaves. And he's like, Wayne, wait, I have to tell you my big nugget. I feel like making love to my wife. Oh care. Don't care. Draughts right. I realize fucking asshole marks is a fucking asshole, Mercer Marx's turns out if a fucking asshole, but Wecker and. From Ryan van wacko and go to say, I've been looking forward to this for a minute. You know, as you know. I know Andrew feels about this Amar Khalas from talk talk was one of my favorites of all time, and I begged, and I pleaded this is the first this is this is the first time we've made consistent contact. Yeah. Consistent contact. There are other listeners listener Tyler also talks to him, very cooler. Very cool got cooler very cooler as a Vikings fan, but I won't won't hold that against them. But he was also gonna round Fenwick and also. Talked about this. But. I like to think that might tweet at him about wanted to do something about Mark for Mark Mark Hollis, and then ran van wick few days later. Let's roll the tape. Speaks for itself. Talking about us in the beginning. And it's like. It's like commuting. It's like, oh, yeah. Oh, totally Andrews jerk off motion. Believe me the person. The person. As a guy that follows me on Twitter. The singer and songwriter died a week ago has name was Mark Hollis and he was delayed cigarettes. The talk talk ever took. And it's not abandon them from with because I'd never heard of until guy. Guy was sixty four years old born January fourth nineteen fifty five. Of the nineteen. And of course, you grew up in in in hamming limb. And he saved success success commercials. A-x-i-o-s in critical claim in the nineteen eighties tonight when he was the fan. Home. Hey wrote rooms. Songs for the band and also to the two most songs that they're known for as it's my life and less what you make it. All those other songs. They're known for. Somebody getting less twelve that they did which was called spirit of eight alive in stock. Early work which album state. They did they did like influence from jazz, folk and classical experimental music. Eighty two. Return to connection. Solo career. Beautiful. Love him. Let's see here. Hymns the lead singer of talk talk weighty one the ninety two. People said that they praised for his voice. For your. Please phone do your work. Since they. Sixty four. Repin history right there. The rip cast rips elevated the entire. Says the he's saying ninety two with the with a couple of bands and then in nineteen ninety eight he went on a solo career, then he retired at any return. Singer again. But people said they liked his voice. And that's what that will be know about him. I would actually have to listen to other songs because I'm like, I said, I don't know who the band is. That mentored him. Says he. Two rollers one hit an older brother in a younger, brother. Long as he's ever gone. Hollis was. I hope every time I drove a hundred bucks into the school, which is a defunct grammar school in one in England and wanted to Clinton quit pursuing education before he completed something a level, which I'm sure what that is in another. He said he had taken a course in child psychology at the university of Sussex, but dropped out after a year and a half. Before music career took off he worked in a factory, and as a level toy technician. I banned that Mark formed was called the reaction which the band to two years nineteen seventy seven to seventy nine. Came up with how they came up with the name talk talk for the second band was because he will talk talk talk. Eventually. Go you that one? So. Yeah. But he considered to be historic that. He's saying considered to be new wave of the year. Yes. Stuff that I know are not stuff. I'm familiar with will send you. The records doesn't give of death. But it says that the colts reported by his cousin give him. Just give him patriot. Oh shit. Our? Well, fuck it here. We are. I can't do anything told up. Wow. That was worth the wait, Mike lake. Right. Holy shit. Yes. Can rip Jon Rao elevated best fucking Ryan van Wyk video in a minute. Fucking a. And because we asked which is the most beautiful get ask for things in this life. I guess reach out and you reach for the golden ring, and you grab heart onto it. And then you get this when you reach for shit happens. It's so fucking good. God our favorite user personality. Ever. I don't care who. Did something that we may. Well. We hope to create beautiful. Aren't you kind of feel like I feel like I'm a D right now. I feel great. It makes me feel so good. Any never heard talking is gonna listen to talk talk now to we might even get cool break, his brain pulling art school girls. He's like, oh Ryan it's so hot I'm gonna take pride in she'll polar pants down a bunch of. Great. Me back calling the night. Boy, again, call him my boy, it was not one of their major hits seventh on the second record. Fuck fingle of it's my life. I'll I it wasn't a big hit. Uh-huh. Getting blown and write those. When he when he comes. He goes. I'm going to come zoo gets vibrator, and that's it goes like. Ooh. That'd be great. Right. What is the vibrator that is asked the noise and he's on chatter bait and. Goes. That's what it is. I think. Ooh. Oh, yeah. God. I'm just an awe of RV w right now are men really really bring it home. Here's another one. I had one about the general that Mona from who's the Boston? Yeah. About that. Don't talk jobs once. Another thing that people really liked the weepy voice kit killers, great trails love some. Said killed again. I'll never make it. Loan. Real. Stressed out on one writer. Crew over. Are. After the fourth one of these Bill. Yeah. Go ahead of yourself. Ben Affleck, man. Calm down. From what? Please. Machine. Tell me what happened. See? Though, she died last week when they just pulled up now says actress Katherine Helmond died. Over her roles on the TV show, who's the boss, the TV shows, soap, and that team showed that I always change the name of it. But I call it. Everybody hates Raymond cause was not a funny show. Wow. Holy fuck. Oh my God. Everybody hates Raymond because I've never liked that fucking show. God rival for president. Welcome stupid. We have Satele after each. Yeah. We've been talking about about a year now at least make the fucking very west. I'm so afraid I at this point I'm afraid that he's going to kill himself. Oh, everybody who's talked to me in the past year because he's too fucking jokers have been clowning on me or reclining at this point. I admire him. I mean, I hope he never changes. I don't think. So. I mean now, it's gone. It started as clowning for sure. But that was because one rip video and we're like, whoa. This is way fucking better than any of these other shlo- first appearance we had to go back. The archive was on the fucking guy from. Oh god. That new metal band the guy who died, Chester Bennington. God was that long ago? Right. Damn. All right. He fucking. He did a rip, and it was like a whole the rips were super pathetic for that. He was in what puddle of mud was the Lincoln park like impart impart and he worked at a funny rip. And we're like, oh, this guy's kind of interesting. And then we're going to let it let it I kept seeing when I was doing rips hot and heavy we did a for I kept seeing his name because it'd refer everyone. So he's in the mix along with Gulf Coast and raging rom other people, but then they fall off to the wayside. I think I think is in jail is that right? Fuck only be one. Anyway, I like the Gulf Coast video where he pan and those there's a crib. His room. That was really scary. But then suddenly the cream rose to the top. And we're like this is much better than anybody at this. And then try to incorporate him as much as possible. And then I would the scenario where do became very famous and dating wreath. People love that shit. But this is Ryan van Weck with new lighting. He's he's like a bottom bought a new lamp target. Yeah. We'll have to ask Amazon's lots of what this is called because it's like lighting that's from the bottom up instead of top down flattering. And it's he's a, hey, I say, he's a handsome guy. But not. Yeah. Maybe this isn't the best lighting for him. But here we go. I call it. Everybody hates women. Funny show. It was stupid head hundred four going up until whenever. Starting. I think she was playing twenty mother on the TV show. I was called wine of morning, which was released in nineteen fifty five. And then they had number. We believe in a hospital. The news a whole bunch TV shows a Larry HEC Ramsey. Dr max was a movie the snoop sisters, which was a TV show. And then there was a movie that she did in nineteen seventy five called the family. Nobody wanted. Scream, then they did about James dean's life and Sunday six and she played his movie. The noise ran for four years and eight. Title. Don't talk. Just listen. Just listen. There's one hundred ninety six the TV of the TV show who's the balls which ran for eight years, and she was on a whole hundred ninety six. He also made a movie about Elizabeth Taylor back in nineteen ninety five. She also appeared in that one. About soup. It'll. Please burp. One and two. There's a movie called collaborator. She did tells of eleven than she did cursory less. What we did last year was Franken Evo she that was back until eighteen. In up. Sure damn about with the says, she would have been ninety shift until July. Eighty nine. The stolen bed. That. Wow. Mic drop Bom. Amazing wonderful movie. Roles is still not bad bomb. God, you know, can love him so much. Unbelievably this is this was gone. I mean him belching was the greatest moment. But as as other really good moments, but you gotta just fucking you got to catch outsider art where it exists. Many can't create it. I can't and the best definitely the best art. You can explain. Yeah. I think really if you have a commute if you have a band, and you can't really explain what it sounds like, you just know. It's good. Then it's art good. You know, it doesn't sound. Oh, this sounds like forgotten. What? No, that's not art. That's just music. It's different. This is art is the same thing with Ryan van. I can't explain why it's appealing at all. He's the fucking like the Henry dodger of YouTube. It's fucking a. Yeah. It's beautiful. It's like, oh, God frigging like Warhol just just does shit. And you don't even know why you like it you just like it. Yeah. Dodger really it is. It's like equal parts like studs terkel like. Nightmare. But also like like also maintains the beautiful chaos, Richard price painting. But also like has the appeal of like like. Like. A good actor who like is sort of Minnesota via with somebody play. Oh, like kind of like. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Yeah. Veto god. I mean. 'cause Philipson were often always had like a like a kind of like a weird. I don't know why I like this guy. But I like them like, I don't know why I'm rooting for this guy. But I am Mike in an act and like any acting role happiness. Yeah. Yeah. Really upsetting. He was like a really upsetting role. Yeah. Ryan fenwick. Has that that really really close analog come to think of it? Yeah. Think you're something fucking something. But you were fucking nothing. Honestly god. I if I was an agent, it'd be like, hey, we need to have a meeting. Why mill start pitching new for roles? Good. God get him rescue him. Get him in the shower and get him out there. Get a male with them. Involve foil doesn't involve style. Involves styrofoam trae then. Get them going good. But we love him. Make sure you put the foil off the brownie. Otherwise it burns. Okay. Don't put it in the microwave never. So many things circling this looking the weepy voice cooking show. Called don't talk. Just listen with featuring the way chef. Do you cook onions on medium or lower school, ding? Goes. When is. Put it on high for forty minutes. That would be awesome. Don't talk Lewisham. Well. That's all other great art. Wow. All right. After leave it on the refrigerator. It's all. Torque up when the important thing. Make sure keep your oven. Talking. Fuck. Oh, man. Nine and no one lights. This is actually the worst. Because had we done this episode two days ago. Two more days to actually go in film. Fucking of weepy voiced killer cooking show, my mother's kitchen made for that right now. Right now. Boy night will never be sure of those. Holy fuck. What episode is this is up? So to twelve right? Weird. Fuck. I love it. Yeah. You wanna plug, of course, rhetoric coffee pride of Oakland, and Oakland, California is a lot of our fans and we're proud of Oakland. Not only for the raiders go raiders even dyed-in-the-wool Seahawks fan. I'm gonna say go raiders and you're losing your team, but not your spirits. Rhetoric coffees. Teas it's an easy equation. Just. No playing that shit. Oh dot co of the overstock dot com arena changing into dot co. And no one cared. And they're like, no they Oakland's cool river coffee pride of Oakland, California. It's really it's coffee subscription service. Every two we've coffee was delivered to your house, different blends, and you get to have a nice little surprise because you don't remember that you signed up for it all the time and then one day after box neat. Neat. The boxes also useful for keeping gadgets together. I use mine for I keep this work keep my rubbers and sex stuff in on my nightstand here, keep my bullets in mine. Yeah. I keep my always spoke. Rhetoric. Rhetoric coffee killer. Okay. Here's the my coffee. In the voice of the weepy voiced killer. Listen over scripting soon. Forties. Well, see address. Makeover every team weeks who's. Well, go go go. On the books wrong. Talking. Fuck dot com. Also older goes you like old clothes? I know you do do you like do you like going to thrift stores and having to deal with crying babies and fucking peop-? People on probation work in their shit. Look. I don't know. I don't. Wendy's. We're gonna live by sorting through the stuff. Yes. Use the bathroom there. They give you a hard time. Cool. Good savers or goodwill or whatever value village, depending on where you live. It's always a trip. Now, these people are big ship is always one person who like I have to keep my section clean on. I'm the boss here. Yeah. Hey, what was always one Salvation Army was one guy walking around with thinks? He's the boss. He's overpricing everything just like a business trip. You don't have to do with it but mile measured. If you could just wake up and get on your phone and find all the cool fines curated by somebody. Who has a really good tastes. Her name is Jesse. And she runs a store called older ghosts on stream, and you can go and find all those cool fines from the comfort of your own home. And you don't have to interact with the humans, especially ones that smell bad at some store out of the way all cross cross a set of train tracks and some strip mall. You don't wanna be out there? And then since you're out there you eat at that Mexican spot. You swore you'd never eat it. And then he gets sick. Again. It's your only your own ever. Learn never learn you don't wanna go out to the suburbs. And we could stay right. And you're cool. On urban enclave. And then we're cool clothes, and they said Where'd you get that? And they say, oh, you know, I've had this for years when they lie but anyway, older ghosts. Gets Vince clothing also Jesse on the eyes and she models every bit of clothing. So if you're into that cool. Cool. A little added bonus. We're basically in the subject I want to shout out the Salvation Army in colony who sold me a sweater that the tag come off of beautiful fucking. I don't care. You don't care. Hey tip. You could always wears the Marine Corps ship. Lady to work there who wanted to everyone to know her son was in the marines sick. Then one day. I went there. She wasn't wearing it anymore during the Gulf war. Who was like, oh, Adam Adam died. Still have to go to work and Salvation Army. All no. The army called her and they're locked old. Listen to twelve piece by right? Fan club. Starting in the rain. What you want to say? After the show. Thing.

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