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Mommy Francia around in reenactment, laughing and telling jokes. Gotcha. Diane downs is pure evil. Everybody says, you sure were lucky I don't feel very lucky. I couldn't time a damn shoes about two months. I think my kids. Kids are lucky per kids have been slaughtered as insane. If she didn't have these cats in the way anymore. She could have her lover. By the time. She goes to trial she's pregnant on purpose. It's a big mystery. What happened to Diane downs as baby with the reality set in that thoughts who gave birth to me Mike came from a monster. According to Diane downs. She and her three children were shot by a strange, man. I never wanted to become a that. Cindy, like her is his downs as wounded in the left arm and was able to drive the children to the hospital that night. Part of me was afraid that dots. Where I came from does. That mean more going? Christie was shot. I three year old Danny was shot in the back. Seven year old Cheryl was shot twice from behind and died on the way to the hospital in the fact that I felt some sort of a connection to. Terrified over the weekend. Rumors began to fly about overlook Vinnie possible suspects covering the story. We're getting Hanson downs herself was wise occurred here is just inexcusable. I knew I could never do something like that. But at night when I close my eyes, I can see Christie reaching her hand out to me while driving that haunts me the most. Diane downs was a case that captured the imagination and the horror of people at the time on Forsman officials say they're waiting for Kristie to remember what happened that night. This is the kind of story, you you just never forgot to nother chapter, and what's been a very unusual crime story. And to really understand it. You have to go back to nineteen Eighty-three when that'll happen. American nine hundred Eighty-three still felt pretty innocent. Ronald Reagan was president. It's morning in America kind of notion. United States is a shining city on a hill. You'd is MRs Reagan's interest in drugs, which has helped fire up the president Nancy Reagan at the time had her own drug program does say, no. Duran Duran had come out with a song that was very popular called hungry like the wolf. And we went and bought an album that we played on a record player. You might. Remember those things. Everybody was watching Dallas. That's the America that was unfolding at the time. Elizabeth Diane downs might her star turn. Diane downs was a twenty seven year old mother who had just moved up to Oregon from Chandler, Arizona. Her marriage to her high school sweetheart Steve Downes, soured before she even left, Arizona. And apparently that was because of her reported infidelity. She was a mother of three children ages eight seven three Cristea, Cheryl, and Danny. She was a postal worker. Springfield was. Not nearly as sophisticated this, gene. They really twin cities, but it's more blue collar. I really like how an rule introduces Eugene, Oregon and Springfield, Oregon and her book small sacrifices. She says Eugene, Oregon is the successful sister of the paired cities, cool slender professional her restaurants serve artichokes, and recalled a pie. While Springfield, Oregon half. Eugene size is the sister who never graduated from high school who no longer notices the acrid smell from logging. Extreme field. Sounds cliche. Bit a lot of people know each other, and they felt pretty safe there. He really was a scary place. I mean, they always say that when there's murders something the neighbors always say something like that doesn't happen here. But of course, it does. It was may nineteenth nineteen Eighty-three when Diane. Took her children out to see a woman that she knew Diane didn't leave until about nine thirty at night. They leave from the friend's house. They're driving down the road. Christie remembers that hungry like the wolf was playing. And she took a detour to do some sightseeing. Diane said like, I had flagged her car down. It was dark. And she had her three sleeping young kids in the car. Bushy-haired stranger was waving his arms, and she said, of course, she stopped and. Ask him. What seems to be the matter supposedly the man wondered her car demanded her keys. She said you've got to be kidding at which time he pushed her aside. And began shooting the three kids. And what she described next was choreography where he fired one more bullet hit her left arm. She pretended to throw the keys into the bushes. And he was distracted. She jumped in the car drove away. She says at that point. She drove like a lunatic to the hospital. She makes it to the hospital. A are drive even though she herself has been shot in the arm believing. She said quick my kids have been shot come out. I can only imagine the shock of everyone at the hospital when up rolls Diane downs with three bloody children. I talked to nurses who were there that night. And they were crying the tears just started to run. I don't think they realized it talking about those little kids coming in all shot up. Shirl was dead. Danny and Christine had both been shot. We're bedlinen winded. Wounded? When I first walked into the ER immediately. They pointed me to Christie when I looked at Kristie. I thought she was dead her pupils dilated. Her blood pressure was non existent, and she is so close to death. It's unbelievable. Get a phone call from dispatch. And I was told her mother and her children had been shot. When I got the hospital. I was directed to interview the mother. Asked him and said, I want car and be kidding. I mean, people really do that in my life. Her demeanor was flat. Not one tear, even though she knew that. Shirl had died. Down. Demeanor to hospital did not conform to traditional grieving mother. Children had just been shot one murder the other two series cleaned to life. It was surreal when I was finished taking care of Christie. Then I sought out her mother and to my complete surprise. Diane was non emotional not a tear in? And then she says really car got blood all over the back them. I've never seen a reaction that at all Thursday night, a man flagged down a woman and her three children on the road from our cola Springfield Friday. The manhunt began in earnest initially, it was panic people in Oregon, we're like oh my God. There is a crazy man on the loose who would gunned down three small kids in car. This is scary stuff. People were locking their doors, and they were feeling very unsafe. Kids weren't allowed to go out by themselves. Didn't go out in the evening, and they take their children, it became clear that the kids were gravely injured and from the police were indicating they didn't have a lot to go on at that point. There have been no sightings of either the suspect or his car early on in the best Gatien. You know, we did not have a suspect. There is still an all points build out for the man, nor did we have a weapon investigators. And some spent cartridges by the roadside the only evidence we had were some casings that profound at the scene we had divers in the river. But the gun was ever found. We canvassed every home up and down knocking on doors asking if anyone had seen any suspicious individuals. They came up with a composite and that was circulated on every news stations Elizabeth down says a shaggy haired stranger shot at her hustle wracking, their brains try to put this case together going to do a video tape for. Inactive. That's when they decide to do a reenactment storm, keep the yours. The US. Mommy prancing around and telling jokes. Okay. That was a big red fly. I'm Leslie rule. My mother was to crime author Anne rule, and she wrote about three dozen books on true crime. And rules, the grunt Dom of true crime her fictional counterpart, Jessica Fletcher bird or she wrote. And rule is a best selling prime writer. Now who sometimes gets involved in the subject, she writes about real life killers annual died in two thousand fifteen but we spoke with her two thousand ten about this case of the book she wrote on this case called small sacrifices. It was the story that changed my life. Several parts of down story made no sense. At all. What mother takes her kids out late at night in the dark for a site seen scenic drive on an abandoned road. What mother then stops to see what a man standing? There would want people started wondering, why is the mother only shot in the arm? Children have fatal and critical injuries. She taken the time to carefully RAB her left arm enter tell while she drove to the hospital. Would you do that? As a mother, I wouldn't put a towel on my arm. I put it on them as a tourniquet rip it apart. Police are immediately a little suspicious, so they come up with an idea we ask Diane. She do a reenactment force. We simply wanted to nail down her statements, and she was more than to do that. Sitting in the car is Elizabeth Diane downs. She can be seen sitting in the car, and she's kind of primping making sure that her hair looked the way she wanted. It. Diane downs is trying to show. The investigators exactly what happens gave van thrown Kate. So they can understand and get the forensics, right? Hit my cat. Start of the cook and left the car door shut itself. See was giddy. She laughed she cracked jokes. I mean, she's reenacting the gruesome shootings of three children. She doesn't seem at all upset. Okay. She'd hit her cast. Then made the statement this is worse than and she caught herself. So we speculated, of course, what she would have said to finish that sentence. And we always saw this is worse than when I show myself. I can guarantee you that performance by Diane downs may cop stand up at attention and take another look at her story. We went to downs apartment and conducted a search at the residence after she gave his consent to search. We found diaries where she had written almost daily. Diane had fallen in love with a co-worker. His name was Robert knickebocker. Everybody called him, Nick. And she fell for him big time. He was married, but he was separated from his wife Charlene at the time day and was thinking that her married level in the post office in Chandler Zona would follow and what I interviewed Amy said. And I was just so glad what I realized she crossed the county lightheaded outta here that I never considered Fowley, but she was desperate to get his attention Diana's heartbroken. Sure step is were still investigating. In the meantime, Diane was holding court essentially, giving interviews to reporters I was really surprised that Diane downs and her family offered to have a news conference. Very early omen. I'm here just to appeal for people out there too. If they know anything to call in. They said that they wanted to set the the story, right? We'll just out I guess sightseeing. I guess you'd say and the kids got tired they fell asleep in the car. So I decided just head on home. But I saw road I hadn't been on before we like to take back roads. And just went down that road. And there was a guy standing in the road flagging me down. So I stopped. Everybody knew it. Didn't ring true pretty much ally. Everything she was saying alive. She could feel that the focus had changed from this wish year stranger to her if I had shot my own children, would I not? Have done a good job of it. Why would I have taken my kids to the hospital? Wouldn't I have made sure they were dead, and then crocodile tears, that's insane. To think that I would do such a thing. And then bring the witnesses in against myself. That's crazy. There was an camera or reporters notebook that she didn't chase. She gave one interview and full-hair my Cup after the next thinking that this would somehow garner sympathy for her it had just the opposite effect Kristie woke up, and as I say, she may be the only one to get me out of this. What I have brought her to the hospital, wouldn't she the one that? I would make sure is there are too many holes in it per children are still suffering. Danny is paralyzed which she continues to tell everybody. Oh, he's not paralyzed Danny's going to walk again. I don't care if we just have to willing to walk. I think he's going to walk. The doctors say he walked that. I know that your mind controls your body, and if I can love him enough and courage him enough. I believe he'll walk and. Christie, suffered a stroke my experience, if you've had a stroke of that nature usually artery gover, what was a long time before he heard come up. Now, even though Christie lying there in a hospital bed, couldn't speak the nurses noted that every time Diane downs came into the room. Her vitals, spiked went off the chart when she would since mother was in the ram the children were never back custody state of Oregon, remove them, and they were placed in foster care. This is an eyewitness news special report in her own words. Elizabeth Diane downs. Good evening. I'm an Bradley when we got to talk to her said, she could bring her lawyer to the interview that we wanted to do she showed up by yourself. And I said Gotcha. The end Jaeger interview really helped Diane downs dig around grave when this man shot. My daughter. My first reaction was to snap back to my childhood to the pain that had happened to me back, then my marriage, my entrapment by society. This man was bigger than me. He was stronger than he had more power because he had a gun, and I stood there. And I looked at Kristie reaching and the blood that just kept gushing out of her mouth. And and. What do you do? She used the word I or me so many times in the interview you'd never know her three children have been shocked. Everybody says, you sure we're lucky I don't feel very lucky. I couldn't time a damn shoes about two months. It is very painful to still painful, the scar is going to be there forever. I'm gonna remember that night for the rest of my life. Whether I want to I don't think I was very lucky. I think my kids were if I had been shot the way they were we all would have died for Cubans or lucky. A child is dead. Two children are grievously hurt and MC kids are lucky. It's extraordinarily she can work things out in her mind. So that they work for her. She rep so many layers of lies around the she didn't know herself anymore with the truth. The motion of the Bill Diane downs at a pension for one of the publicity, talk and the more. She did. So the tighter the news around her neck became. Even as things adding up. You're still presented with a question. What on earth would cause the mother to shoot her own children? So at that point police decided to go back to the diaries there are pages and pages about how in love with Nick. She is and how she wants to be with rigged to the question is is that enough of a motive to actually kill where three children. When it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com. Get started today at indeed dot com slash twenty twenty. That's indeed dot com slash twenty twenty. There's nothing small about your business. Your passion, your hours your reputation. It's all huge your partnerships even bigger with Dell. Small business technology advisers. You'll get the advice one on one partnership and reliable PC's with Intel core processors to help you get business done. Call eight seven seven buy Dell to speak with an advisor today. That's eight seven seven by Dell. In the immediate aftermath of the crime was so horrific that I think there was an enormous. Well, public sympathy for this mother who'd had her three children shot down the sheriff's office and said, please arrest me. So that I can prove medicine. So my kids can come home, and they wouldn't. But as Diane tells her story, slowly, but surely that public sympathy begins to shift. Covering the story. We're getting hints that downs herself was a suspect in the case. People are starting to get suspicious of Diane story, even her own father questions early is she telling the truth, and I made the comment. It looks to me like I ended it because children have been shot in the chest. And I am has only been shot in the arm. If I had shot my own children, not have done a good job of it. It was such a shocking story that in little kids they look at their mothers. As if they were thinking, you wouldn't shoot me what you. I go to bed I cry at night. Even now, I still cry. I dream about Cheryl. I talked to her for about two hours on camera, and she didn't cry uncanny that she didn't cry and I'm and I wanted to cry. Downs is now expecting another child. It was a shocking revelation. I got pregnant because I miss Christie, and I missed Danny on this, Cheryl so much. I never going to see Cheryl on earth. Again. Nobody could believe she was pregnant. This is a woman who's suspected of trying to kill all three of her children and succeeding with one of them who is pregnant again. The contrast is extraordinary. You can't replace children. But you can replace the effect that they give you and they give me love. They give me satisfaction to give me stability. They give me a reason to live in a reason to be happy. And and that's gone. They took it from me. But children are so easy to conceive. She didn't have babies so she could love them. She had baby. So they could love her. And she said, I wasn't alone. I had somebody inside that I could talk to Diane just loved the attention. She got when she was pregnant apparently not so much raising kids. When I heard Diane was pregnant one of the first thoughts was well. Who's the dad does the father know who he is? Yeah. Yeah. And that's why won't talk about it. Because he feels privately about this child as I do. She was a letter cured. So she was carrying mail and she picked one of her men on her route who had good wounds structure is intelligent, and it was good looking and she showed up at his door one evening with. Whiskey and Samarra wanna? She told me she knew her cycle. So well that she knew if she had sex with this guy that she would immediately get pregnant, and it was a snap. So that guy did know exactly what he was getting into. Well, Diane is busy talking yourself into the prime suspect chair. Police are quietly gathered evidence downs also says the children were shot inside the car, but Blue's reports claim high velocity blood spatters were found on the outside of the car to site where the vehicle in which child was shot sword looking at it. From the passenger side. I saw blitstein on the lower door frame. Diane downs had said that the shooter leaned into the car and fired at her children. And if that was a case, how did this looks better get on the outside of the car? We believe that Cheryl the seven year old was able to open the door and fell out on the ground and Diane reached across seats and shock her a second time. Then let's talk about the weapon a twenty two caliber handgun. She tells police she does not have a handgun rediscovered that she had bought a pistol. And it was a twenty two when it was a Ruger. Well, bengo. They searched Diane downs is home, and they found a rifle. And there were some twenty two shells in the rifle that had been ejected from some other weapon. I took the cartridges that were found in the rifle and examining under a microscope. And I could see extractor marks on the rims of those cartridges these are unique marks they are unique to only one weapon markings on those bullets matched the markets on the shell casings found at the crime scene. There are so many holes and Diane downs story is like shooting fish in a barrel after the bushy haired man shot all of her children. She got away from him. She waste held to Donald to the hospital to the emergency room. But guess what there's a problem with that? The police find a witness who stated that he actually came up behind Diane on a road, and she was driving. So slowly the his nominee was not even registry. What was she doing waiting for the other kids to die? That's what she was doing. That's how evil she was. Police are obviously looking for a motive in this case. And so they go back to the diaries. When you re Diane downs diary, you read Nick nobody's ever been able to take your place in my heart. My kids aren't any trouble. It lug kids. But he said I didn't wanna be daddy. Diane considered the kids to be hindrance to Nick's arrival. And as long as he said that he wasn't going to be a father to anyone's children they had to go. If she didn't have these kids in the way anymore. She could have her lover that she was having trouble living without. When you look at mothers who kill their children their own narcissism and desired lead another life without these children. Basically overrides any caring, and they may have. Night. When I close my eyes. I can see Christie reaching her hand out to me while I'm driving and the blood just keep coming out of her mouth, and that maybe it'll fake to with time. But I I don't think so that haunts me the most. Police have been gathering evidence enough evidence that they think it's time for another interview with Diane. And in this one the story completely changes. Diane now is stating that they're really to people the confronted her and even called her out by name. I. Police decided to bring Diane downs for another interview. Detectives are no longer being mister nice guy playing hardball. Okay. We're now back on team and sixteen eleven hours present. Here's Elizabeth Diane downs. You know, what I love I love for the perpetrator changes of their story. It was the time that we decided to take on and seriously challenged her on the inconsistencies in her story. And your story stink is whole thing. It's beginning. We no longer have some sort of by the chance happenstance horrific crime on the side of a road. We have a conspiracy. Story had morphed into two suspects and they referred to her by name. Somehow. She said, I think it was somebody that Niimi change about saying that this guy new tattoo knows about you a threatened you have too much. There was no reason for you not to say that at the very beginning. I understand when witnesses or victims add onto their story. They tell you something they've never said before. But to change your story that is a horse of a different color. One thing here. Looking at me face it stone. I have another handle those smoking a cigarette ninety miles an hour and tasting do you know, how this study though in the Lincoln? That's for sure. About what you do. Diane. The only thing and I wouldn't change it. If I put my kids, and I always took today, one of the keys and interviewing somebody is you got to keep the tension up stress them out to the point where the eventually get to the truth, which clearly does not happen, Diane. But that's the goal. Trying to find a shelter kids. If it was. If it was. You're gonna take off for you. Then I'm gonna put this John. The interview went for approximately two hours and towards the end there her frustration level was rising. Yes, you can guy 'cause I know. Sleeping for the next twenty thousand. Got like help you real. I'm not that. I didn't do it. Diane thought that she was too smart for us. And that there was mainly thing that could trip her. Come on, Diane. It's itchy return bad. Breath by listening. Do you do know who did a damn sure do, you know, Brian? Sounds. You're. Reported Brad my arm and yanked my arm out, then shoot. My arm is now threaten you. And I've leaving combined who did it. Time is now seventeen sticks. And Diane is just departed the office including pavement. She ended up storming out. There was enormous public pressure to arrest. Diane downs people no longer bother story. This is the days before the internet. But leave me there's tremendous amount of pressure being placed especially in the sheriff to make an arrest. There was no arrest for a long time because the DA in this case really wanted to talk to the only surviving witness who was old enough to tell them what happened the weight on the arrest was the result of wanting Christine to be healthy enough to testify after the stroke. She had difficulty. Speaking time is on our side, especially with the recovery of Christie. Let's not trade certainty of conviction just for the expediency of getting arrest. At first Christie, couldn't speak at all. And then she was a frayed to talk pay therapists, working with Christy. Ask her to write down on a piece of paper the name of the person who had shot her. He said, oh, put it in an envelope. And then you can put it in my fireplace. And we'll burn it. And that went on for a very long time. And every time she'd write a name down then she'd throw it in the fireplace. When she was ready to talk about it. They would open in when they did. Of course, the slip of paper said, my mom. Dan, Lewis indicted and once that indictment came down. It was time to depair visit. Diana's arrested on February twenty eighth nineteen eighty four nine months after she shot her children. Sinn Diane immediately after the arrest, and even there were photographs of her she was acting like the time looking adoring Lee at the deputies who were escorting her didn't seem shocked at the same traumatized. Still was bathing in the spotlight was afforded to harass. This. She's been out free for so long. She was uncharged suspect for nine months. It was like something out of a bad made for TV movie, you have the defendant in the murder trial walking in very determined to prove she's innocent and very very pregnant. She's been charged with one count of murder two counts of attempted murder and two counts of assault in the first degree. We have to convict this woman. They know she did it. Finally after months and months and months and no resolution there isn't arrest and Diane downs heads to Troy. And she's hugely pregnant. So it's an unbelievable spectacle. I mean, imagine the dichotomy she's accused of killing her children and she's pregnant with another one. Well, the visual. I mean, it's just counterintuitive. She looks like lady Madonna with her blonde hair and the blue maternity dress and the big belly and everything about our screams, motherhood and softness and nurturing the idea the Diane's pregnant in visibly pregnant during the trial is not particularly helpful for the prosecutors. What was the jury supposed to think who wants to send a pregnant mom to jail for life. The courtroom was packed every single day. It was kind of mayhem every morning. There must have been a hundred hundred and fifty people mostly women lined up to attend the trial. Diane downs was one of the first stories of mothers killing their children to make national news. Remember, this trial was before the other notorious cases that would cover. This was before. Andrea Yates, Houston mother says she killed her five young children, drown them. Apparently it was before Susan Smith. It was a drama that gripped the nation for weeks a distraught. Mother who claimed a carjacker had kidnapped her two young sons. Whoever has my children, please bring him home Smith. Has been arrested, and we'll be charged with two counts of murder in connection with the virtue. The Diane downs. Case Diane downs faces the issue of her daughter Christie who survived testifying against her. That's a big big piece. The other two cases did not have. The soon as the trial started. We all wondered will Christie testify every day. It was kind of touch and go would she be able to do this prosecution had their doubts about putting her understand? It's tough to do box. Accusing attorney Fred Huegill would paint a picture of a woman obsessed with a married man who didn't wanna have kids and who wouldn't see her when children were around. The murder trial was actually depicted later on in a made for TV movie made off of annuals book small sacrifices woman, does she devours based on a true story small sacrifices starring none other than Farah Fawcett in her heyday. For faucet. Did a excellent job of capturing Diane downs. One of the things. I will never forget is when they played the tape of the song hungry like the wolf and her reaction to the song was very similar to Diane's reaction in the actual trial. This is the music that her children were shocked by and she is sitting in her chair. Bopping her head and moving. Her foot. I n list dancing tapping our toll. She was enjoying it. The jurors just turned around and just stared at her. It was chilling freaky out of place. It's insane. It's evil is what it is. What? During the trial the police and the prosecutor play the various interviews. They had with Diane Chrissy was lying in debt. Turco? Glad. I kept telling her role on her stomach. So that she wouldn't. She was drowned it she. You too. Jurors were able to listen to the flat emotion as she recounted the sequence of events in the shooting. There were no tears. That she felt good might not. Kennedy. The prosecution begins to present its friends evidence this crime scene specialists from the Oregon state police, Jim PECS paraded this reconstruction. They had a mockup of the car for the red Nissan that Dan was driving and they had ragged images have Christie, Cheryl, and Danny could Mark where the bullet strike was in the vehicle where the blitz better patterns were found cartridge cases were found. A key piece of evidence is the blood splatter found on the outside of the car because Diane had said there was no shooting on the outside PECS, also, analyzed blood on down car door and rock panel and found that Cheryl downs had been shot once outside the car, then there's that ballistics evidence that prosecutors say links shell casings found at the crime scene with bullets found at Diane's home all the bullets had been in the same gun at one time. A twenty two caliber semiautomatic Ruger the murder weapon that's never been found. Prosecutors call in that driver who was right behind Redcar. Just like Diane's car on the night of the shootings. The red pulsar was moving less than ten miles per hour. Prosecutor Fred Hugo says down drove slowly. So the children would be dead on arrival. Prosecutors have blood spattered they've got ballistics. They've got witnesses, but nothing is more important than the testimony of nine year old Christine as a lot of witnesses that will be called in this trial, including her daughter Christie the day that she walked in and sat down on the witness stand. You could hear a pin drop in the court room. The entire case was in the balance here. What would she say? Hell -ffective would she be? I honestly didn't know how she was gonna do who shot you. Saone page four that projections and occurred in wide current anyone in your life. You're almost like a motion your ghost your living. Ghost among people that are alive. So you just. Adrift? Entertainment executive satement Menendez and his wife for slain in the family room of their Beverly Hills mansion by pillars using twelve gauge shotgun say, we're murdered kill gangland style in cold blood homicide detective say it could have been a mob hit contract killing. They tried to make it look like a mafia hit by the meek capping they told the police that was a mafia hit for some said they discovered the bodies when they arrived home several hours later. Never seen. Want wax replaced wax said something that I've never seen? My dad helps you know, I think that possibly Ron I would've been home. Maybe my damn one. The police felt it necessary to start investigating that organized crime aspect, and they soon realized that was a dead end. They they knew that the brothers and done it. But knowing it improving, it are two different things. I remember it was the morning after. The murder I pulled up to the house, and then all the sudden my car door slammed open, and Eric jumped in and scared the hell out of me frantically set to me that they needed my husband's legal help. I said what's going on here? What he says MRs ride? My parents were murdered last night and said, he was not sad not crying. No emotion whatsoever. Who would think of legal advice of the day of your parent is murder? As she shot, Danny? And she shot me. Christie downs was asked by prosecutor. Fred huby. Do you know who shot Cheryl Christie said quietly? Yes, the prosecutor struggled to keep his own composure who the young girl sobbed, my mom, he'll be asked. How do you know that Christie? She said sobbing, I watched the jury was also emotionally bruised by her testimony, many of the nine women were crying. There wasn't a dry in the courtroom. It was just miraculous that she was able to get up there. Be so strong and a witness to the truth right in front of her mother. As for the defense. They suggest that the ballistics evidence could have been planted and that Christie's testimony was coerced. This is an uphill battle for the defense. But with the jury never know what's going to happen. The jury still has to believe that a mother would in fact murder her own children. The moment of truth came early Sunday morning word came the downs. Jury had finally reached its decision spectators jammed into the courtroom the twenty eight year old Springfield mother was escort quietly through the courthouse to hear fade. So the trial itself lasted about six weeks a total of five hundred pieces of evidence. And so we finally got word that there had been a verdict and Diane downs is going to find out what the jury beliefs about her guilt or innocence about what happened that night. The jury comes back in animus guilty. A jury deliberated guilty verdicts on all five counts of murder attempted murder and assault. That was so intense. The whole press row was trembling and Diane took it more calmly than we did. We would happy with the verdict. We were pleased with the verdict. You get a monster off the street and putting her in prison where she belonged for the rest of her life down showed. No emotion issue guarded back to the sheriff's van and had little response. When asked about the verdict. Diane downs is taken out of the courtroom in handcuffs and heavily pregnant and everyone wondered and worried what would happen to the baby. She's nine months pregnant and passed do now. Ten days after Dan's conviction. I accompanied Diane to the hospital after the birth. I went into delivery room. Diana was holding the baby and oddly enough, she let me hold the baby as well about the only thing that I thought was we've saved this baby's life. She's got a chance for normal life. It afterwards. Caseworker arrived and took the child and that was the last that Diane sare. Guyane showed no emotion when that child was removed, Dan names her Amy Elizabeth and within hours after giving birth. She's back in jail to a waiter sentencing. Diane downs was diagnosed with three personality disorders history, onic, narcissistic, any antisocial personality disorder. So Diana was associated path. They have no regret. They have no, compassion empathy. That's insane. To think that I would do such a thing. This is someone who believes that. There are rules in society. But that the rules don't apply to them. I can only think of one other case where a mother killed her children in order to be with someone else and a romantic relationship, and that would be Susan Smith. It's just so rare. Diane was sentenced to life plus fifty years. Diane surviving kids Christie, and Danny or actually adopted by the prosecutor, Fred and his wife, JoAnne. Very very unusual. I don't think I've ever heard of a prosecutor adopting. The defendants children he adopted the victims. And I think that's really heartwarming. After Diane downs was sentenced she goes to prison. What nobody knows that within hours after being born that baby that Diane named Amy Elizabeth is whisked out of the hospital and secretly driven to a hotel room. She met a brand new parents, the Babcock's Jackie stayed home. Mom and her new father, Chris who's a chemist? And then they went off and started their new life the Babcock's called her baby. Rebecca, and she's known as Becky when the adoption agency contacted, you you must have been surprised when they told you we have a baby for you. It's Diane downs as baby. Well surprise. Yes. Obviously, you knew who Diane down. Oh, yes. We saw this more as a child needing a loving nurturing family, and we were willing to do that. What you remember about the first time you set is on her crash was adorable. She was the typical little perfect baby. From the moment that the Babcock's brought their new baby home they were determined to keep her biological identity. A secret they had just adopted this beautiful baby. They were thrilled to have her. And no one needed to know who the birth mother was I think we kind of maybe subconsciously watched for any signs of anything unusual early on. We never saw them. In that can be true with any person. You don't know what their genes how it's going to be manifested. Basically, we just raised her like, we would a regular trial. But when Becky was in preschool, the unthinkable happened the station called me and said an Diane downs escaped. What what do you mean? How could this be? Diane downs. Convicted child killer had escaped from prison. Just wear. Diane downs is headed is anyone's guess. I was incredulous. This was one of the most notorious female inmates in the state, and somehow she got an over the wall. After Diane was sentenced, she'd went up to the Oregon women's Correctional Center in Salem wife. Plus fifty years, a judge made it very clear he didn't want her to ever be outside of business. The Saturday morning and the station called me and said an Diane downs is a scape. What what do you mean? Some people never change. And Diane downs is one of them. She scape from person who was convicted in nineteen Eighty-four four for murdering one of her children and wounding two others broke out of the state's women's prison at around nine yesterday morning. I was don't founded how can this happen? Her escape was not a surprise. She's extremely evil interest. Narcissistic? He named this was one of the most notorious female, and somehow she got over the wall and escape. I think she was in this city where the new account areas and the information I have is that she had a code in. When she went up the wire, she threw the coat on the barbed wire. And there's went on over if she was ingenious, and she was really lucky she scales. A sixteen foot fence manages to get through the barbed wire jumps all the way down. And then she hides underneath the car and takes off that top down shirt convicted murder doyen downs left behind her rift Laos evidence over struggle to break out of the maximum security facility the same shirt, she wore during an interview with eyewitness news in one thousand nine hundred three in their holes. Here that would indicate that this was cut or torn on downs. Got a ride with Salem couple who recognized her dropped her off at twenty four and state streets minutes later. Although sightings have been reported since then she's still on the run. She has now gotten to the other side of the prison fence, and nobody has caught her those was dropped off at this family restaurant about one mile the correctional facility police believe then travel there on foot and to tell and that was the last time we had. It was unbelievable that this woman who had been convicted of shooting her kids and killing one of them was now out on the street, again, an all points bulletin went out was she escaped. And this was huge a convicted child killer escaping from prison. There was a massive man hunt. We notify the airport bus train any motor transportation that we thought she might use. There were wanted posters up in fourteen different states, including Erazo where she lived at were authorities feared she might go back to her ex-husband. Everybody was looking everywhere far, and why we established the reward fund and hoping that, you know, maybe the shirts would come out and aid inner captured there were sightings all over the country, thousands of miles away Diane down fallen on lots of tips coming from all and states far aways concert. It was frustrating. His not the panel. Diane. I think we'll head towards a border to get out of the country someplace where she can be lost where she can start a new life to consider dangerous because pretty common knowledge that she is serving time for murder and attempted murder. The fear was that in the beginning that you would try and make it back to her children the prosecutor Fred Huby slept in a rocking chair near his front door with a loaded rifle in his lap. Because Diane had escaped from Salem, which is only about sixty six miles to his house. And no one will put it past Diane downs to track these children down and either take them or kill them. Nobody was more afraid probably than Jackie Babcock. Who was becky's adoptive mother? She really feared that Diana would be coming back to claim her baby who is now in preschool. And when we interviewed her in two thousand ten she told me that living with that fear. Day in and day out was just incredible. That had to be a scary thing in her family. Definitely a little scary. And for each you come back for the baby didn't note, the precautions that we took were to let people know that we're coming in contact with Becky, her daycare person her baby sitter. So you were forced to share that for Becky sewn safety. Yes. Just to let them know not to release her to any person that they didn't know and who we had not given permission in the end. She had not fled the state or even the jurisdiction as most people would do. She was just a few houses away from the jail where she shows up on the doorstep of a man named Wayne safer and good day. And I said why not a couple of hours later came up and introduced herself not as Diane now, just as a girl with no globe. So that was a good introductory for me a warm bed. The husband of a fellow inmate. They wrote out on a sheet of paper where he lived with that dress was and they made a map. Diane takes that piece of paper and runs with it. But she probably wasn't expecting her to get so cozy with her husband days. New grad. My only job is to keep her there people from going out and harming anybody I did turn to her in. But. I didn't she's found refuge in a house. With a group of guys. Meantime, cops are working around the clock to try to find at some point detective, Warren, Glover researches, Diane cell and comes up with a clue that may well lead to where she might be found a clipboard that had some penitentiary station. It was blink station. And when I looked at it in the lighting that I had I thought I saw some indebted writing, and I'll comes down to the little things and not overlooking them. They went the extra mile to find out. What's on this piece of paper? This actually is a photosynthetic copy that was made by the FBI of the map that I found in band is property on the map. You can see a line going through from top to bottom. And I believe that's indicates State Street up on top. There's a address Stu where the house was that. She was founded. Day morning voice. Police were looking for Canada connected by forty of them, and they came up and. Tonight. They seem seeing fam- ten days later guess where law in the bedroom with another man. She didn't do always said the star was just in the room. Like, she didn't know what to do. And finally, she came out, and and we took into custody grabbing BB gun and just go through side by Cobb. But I've been don't do that. It'd be down to wells that if I turn around or put their hands back walks out in his shirt in his boxer shorts at sti- in convicted killer. Diane downs was captured the Salem house just blocks from the prison. I've thought she's the most honest girl I've ever talked to her on the line. The Masan weird. Right. It made perfect sense that she would have pulled up and tried to get pregnant. I mean that would have been her MO scape of Diane downs from prison that forced becky's parents to tell people in their lives who Becky really was. And that's tough secret to keep for years, especially once Becky grew up and was curious preteen with questions about who is my mom. I went to Barnes and noble. I found the book opened to the picture of a face field. There my kids can I love can I did everything in my power to save him. Curragh faucet has come a long way since her days is Charlie's angel and on Sunday. She will star in the ABC miniseries as a mother accused of shooting her three children. There is ABC many series based on my mom's book small sacrifices tonight miniseries came out on November twelfth nineteen Eighty-nine Farah Fawcett was nominated for EMMY for dying on when I was reading the book that I don't relate to this woman. And anyway, so when we were filming every instinct that I would have I would do the complete opposite people all over the country. New Diane downs was now, but there was one person who didn't know, and that's her biological daughter. Gray up. And Ben was amazing. My parents were always there. It was honestly picture perfect. We're constantly on the go. Now bachelor was right by so we skied all the time hiked. My dad taught me to write a by my mom taught me to ride horses. I was just like any other kid, and we were just like any other family. She thinks she's a normal kid just like any other. But she's not. I knew my entire life that I was adopted, but I know in about eight years old, I started asking questions about the adoption. There was just a little part of me that was searching for that blood tie in a sense. I never had questions about my biological, dad. It was mainly about my biological mom. You know, what it should look like what did she do becky's parents really gave her the least amount of information that they had to enough information to answer the curious questions of child not so much as to upset her. I told her that her mom was in jail. I didn't give her any details as to why. And that's pretty much it. I told her I didn't have a lot of background information. It just seemed to come out and bits and pieces. I wasn't forthcoming with the entire story. Once I knew a little bit the curiosity set in and I just went on the search. I wanted to know more. She ended up tricking her baby sitter into giving her her mom's name. I went to her inserted telling her little things that I knew that made. It seem like I knew more than I did. But I left it pretty vague. So she came back with also, you know, who Diane downs in and at that point. I had a name. So with that I went to Barnes and noble, and I found the book. It was almost like some ocean walking down the rows of bucks making. Every emotion. Went through me before I even hold it off to south. Opened ale looked at a picture of Dan down sitting at a table. It was a face to what I've been looking for. And it wasn't a face that. I wanted to see the cold look in her eyes scared me and seeing her hands that, you know, we're just like mine the reality set in that dots who gave birth to me. And it was scary. I slammed the book shot, and I left. I shut it out. I didn't want to think about it anymore. I was too young to know that I should never have dug so deep and tried so hard to figure out who my ballot. Among was. But as a color a little bit older fear became excitement, and I saw that what I can fight it in someone about the book or about her being in the newspapers and not sort of thing, they took interest people would want to know more. They would want to be around me eventually Becky tells enough people that when she sixteen years old a boyfriend of hers, basically sort of tricks her into watching a movie with them he pops in VHS tape the movie small sacrifices. To start started playing, and I couldn't look away I wanted to but did not want to see that. But I couldn't look away. See the baby that Diane downs. Had and seeing her hold it in the hospital. That was me. Broke my heart. It maybe even broke me after seeing that movie her life goes in a downward spiral. And already started being a little rebellious. And at that point it. No holding back anymore. The jugs got more intense. I wasn't living at home that point. There was living with my boyfriend or living with friends I dropped out of school. She was searching for identity. She wanted to know who she was without having to face who her biological mother was. She was Austin. She was alone. Becky started wondering how much am I like, my mom is it nature or is it nurture? How much is the blood? That's coursing through me mine, or my mother's that's an identity crisis of huge proportions. What's in my DNA? What did that mean for me who I have to become? I was afraid that I came from a monster. I was afraid that I had that potential. She begins to obsess a bit on Diane. And ultimately Becky to do something that one point she never dreamed. She would do she wants to make contact with Diane down the woman the world calls a monster. Well, if is going nowhere. I was erase sponsor will I was partying too much jumping from man-to-man is really difficult to accept my genetic makeup Iran from the idea of Diane downs. She gets pregnant at seventeen she gives birth to a little boy becky's barely beyond childhood. And she's raising this child on her own I loved my son, but being young I didn't understand what being a mom was. I would leave him with his aunt and go Runamuck and instead of him having my full attention. I was still out being major my second, son. He was born in two thousand six Becky feels like she can't care for that baby. She doesn't have the means. She's already got one child this time she chooses adoption. This is how Becky came. Into the world. There's a parallel there that history is repeating itself. It was the hardest decision. I've ever had. And I put him up for doctrine because I loved him. Not because I didn't want him holding him was heartbreaking because I knew that. I couldn't keep holding. It just takes a piece of you. And I wanted to connect with somebody. It made me think about Diane. And factually wanted reach out to our I wanted to know how she felt I wanted to know if she loved me if she wanted me she connected with me before she had to give me up for option. I dated a guy who took an interest in the story, and it actually tracked down, Dan or she wasn't prison. Keep giving me the address I decided to reach out to her. The first letter I wrote, Dan, I must've written a hundred times I. Was nervous. It was exciting. It was scary. I wanted to relate to her not as a mother because I had a mother just as somebody that felt the pain an emptiness that I felt in that time. Diane brought back fairly quickly. She's still loved the attention needed the attention and initially responded, positively to her daughter Ryan to her. In the mailbox and saw her letter. It was. Like pin doors box to I open it. I throw it away. Did I make a mistake is she crazy does? She hate me. Does she love me? This is a woman who killed her own kid. What is she going to say now to the one child who has reached out to her? It didn't just tear it open and start reading I sat and I thought about it for a while. I chose to open that letter. Terrorists sixteenth two thousand and six Dera Becca received your letter this evening in wanted to write immediately. But wasn't exactly certain how to begin you. Look like me same chin. Don't you hate it? You're beautiful will that proves it right there. First letter seem to possibly have that connection. I was looking for. I could almost hear her voice in her letters Becky and Diane wrote back and forth. And I think it was pleasant. But then the letters kept coming. And they were strange to say, the least they progressively got more and more insane. Just know that someone very powerful has been watching over you all your life for me and less. There was something that Diane could manipulate or get out of Becky and less Becky would stand up for her and be her cheerleader. She was going to smack her down. And it was just a matter of time in one of my first letters today in I asked about my biological father. I thought this is the only person who can actually tell me who he is. And she didn't want here it Diane reacts angrily. She also starts become a little unhinged and starts talking about conspiracies and plots and basically reveals how mentally ill. She is to her daughter. She started writing back about if people wanna harm me, she said twelve pages of how she's innocent. And this is really did it she thinks this may all sound very militant Matic to you. But the reason my daughter was hidden was for her safety. She told me that if I love my little boy, I'd take him far away from there. That was gut wrenching her own mother had absolutely no maternal feelings and actually very ugly things to say about Becky, it don't know who you are Rebecca, but you aren't our daughter. She wrote back accusing me of being part of. And a huge me of being one of the people trying to harm her. And at that point. I completely regret it everything any contact with her in. So I put a stop to it. Do you have any questions that you wonder about Becky wanted to know who will father was that was her main question, I'd met your father? Rebecca Babcock has been keeping closely held secret for most of her life. And then she decides I need to let this out. It was a secret that I controlled since I was eleven for so long. I ran from the fact that I was her daughter, and I finally decided that enough was enough the pressure. I felt a being Diane downs daughter growing up switched into power. It's after a lifetime of really living privately Becky decides to tell the world her story. She does a big interview with glamour magazine, and then sat down with me. So what what point did you actually really find out? What happened eleven by new? She had done some bad things. But that was my first experience being on television in was terrified when I sat down with Becky became very clear that this was a woman determined to take her personal narrative in a different direction. And I think felt that the only way to deal with the reality of her life story was to take ownership of it. And to do it publicly. Did you feel ever any kind of relationship or feeling about her as a mother, I've never referred to Diane downs as my mother, she has always had the name biological. I was ready to let the world know that you can write your own story that you can be whoever you choose to. Be no matter where you came from. Maybe somebody else is out. There struggling with being adopted in and finding out who their biological parent is and being unhappy about that. There was a lot. She didn't know about her mother's life. And we introduced her to the one person who had done exhaustive research on all this which was an rule who had written the bestselling book small sacrifices about Diane towns, if anybody could answers some becky's questions, perhaps it was an so glad to me. I always wanted to meet her, and what are the questions I had for annual was who my biological father? Is I've met your father. Really? Yeah. And he's a lovely nice guy. Yeah. Hanson gentle just are fide that she took him in shoe. Barely knew I think they were only in one time. She told me that only her and Diane downs know who he truly is. And that she was sworn to secrecy. She promised. AM that she would never tell anybody. And she took it to the grave the one thing. I think Becky really wanted to learn she walked away de handed the guy I've met the half that I came from the monster. When I hope the other half is is a decent kind. He he really Becky had a lot of questions in particular about what it was like in the moments after she was born how long did she hoped me? I think about six hours as I've heard three I've heard four I've heard none. No, she held you hearing. Diane held me in a sense made me uncomfortable. But also there was something beautiful about it. It was definitely the moment of humanity that I was searching for from Diane have you discussed this. Unfortunately is going public invites not just support. But criticism there were a lot of detractors accusing her of being out for her five minutes of fame. That's the world these days people, take shots social media back in two thousand ten bags. So I had quite a few people reach out and lots of them were very positive. But there were few that we're not always. In two thousand ten Becky Babcock was the mother of a seven year old son. She was a straight a college student, basically she was trying to figure out what she wanted to do with their life. I have definitely had a lot of ups and downs actually spent a year completely bedridden I had to find my own strength to get over it much. Like, I found my own strength to get over Diane downs. I started doing yoga I serve meditating, and I started being healthier. I'm a behavioral health coordinator, a help children and their families. Find counseling I love working with kids. It's shaping our future. And it's, you know, the next generation of leaders what you learn. At a great day for Senate. How a sophomore in high school does jujitsu and knows that his mother's birth mother is Diane downs. The notorious child Keller very indifferent about a lot of things the past is the past. And it's it's going to move on with a good kid. I compare where I was at that age too where he is and my heart overflows with Joey we just enjoy spending time together walking the dog hanging out at home watching the movie even popcorn four into shallow. I'm Becky outside. I'm not Diane downs his daughter, and my story is not sorry victim. It's just hard where it came up. It's been around thirty five years since Diane downs was found guilty of murder here. I have lived for my daughter murderer Diane downs has head to parole hearings and she's up again for parole next year. I still maintain my innocence Kim this woman walked free. Twenty twenty repeatedly tried to get Diane downs. Do an interview for this program. She did send a letter where she said, quote, there's no reason I'll ever do. Another media interview. Dan downs has spent before the parole board twice already the state of Oregon and both times the parole board has rejected her appeal for release. Some would say with good reason. Dan sounds unhinged. I'm an intelligent woman. He'd feigned. My I q. Three point five genius. I'm not a stupid woman. She gets another chance before the parole board at twenty twenty to this day, Diana, some of her family members, still maintain her innocence. But I would hope that in twenty twenty Diane would be evolved enough as a human being say, she's sorry to apologize to her children and Tabacchi and all the people that she's hurt. Sincerely. And then if I were the pro board I keep her in prison for another lifetime. Plus fifty years. I don't think Diane downs is ever going to be paroled. You know at some point the clock runs out in the Justice system at some point. You do lose. The legacy from me is that Danny and Christie went on and had good lives despite how they started. I've heard that Christie is a very good mother and that she has children of her own and she's been married for a good long time. And they've turned out to be pretty darn good people Christine Danny have chosen to remain, very private and live completely private lives. And have never spoken publicly have said, they never want to speak up, Oakley, and I think there's something quite dignified, actually. I did reach out to Christine years ago, and we spoke back and forth on Facebook few times. But she eventually said that you know, so much history has passed, but she's an interested. They wanna live their normal lives without the stigma of being denounces children. And I respect that one of the reasons I wanted to know my biological father was is a part of me hopes to find that normal picket fence every day person. I have the site of Diane downs. And I was hoping to find the opposite. When I was young I worried that I would be like. As I grew up. I realized. Nature is not going to win over Mercer Mason as one of those carrying individuals. He's lived a lot of life in his young years because my. His and he always comes back and says, mom Cain. I've learned so much from. I know do I want to be intelligent. Kim. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash twenty twenty. That's indeed dot com slash twenty twenty Dell small business technology advisors. No, there's nothing small about your business. That's why we offer one on one partnership and reliable business PC's with Intel core processors to help you get business done. Call eight seven seven by Dell that's eight seven seven by Dell.

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