The Reckoning (feat. Mary L. Trump)


The hello and welcome to the daily beans for monday. July nineteenth twenty one today. The house oversight committee has launched an investigation into arizona's fraud it as arizona downs. Call for the attorney general to investigate possible election interference by donald trump the judge in the crack and sanctions case orders. Lynnwood to explain why she shouldn't hold him in criminal contempt. Current and former police officers are charged in a new proud. Boys indictment for the insurrection and marjorie taylor. Green and matt gaetz are embarrassed in orange county. I'm alison gill. And i'm dana goldberg. Dana hello how are you. How was your weekend. He was good. I'm doing. I'm doing okay. Getting through the days. There's just so much crazy news you into you. Celebrate it some pride this weekend. Funding san diego yes. This week was san diego's pride kickoff. Today was the parade and the whole big celebration. So i was down in hillcrest with Good friends of mine celebrating. So i'm back now and in my quiet home but it was really really awesome. It was lovely. I love san diego's pride. I missed it of missed it. It's so so good. And yesterday. I got to talk to mary. Trump for like an hour and part of that nice is coming up later on in the show. We talk about her new book the reckoning our nation's trauma and finding a way to heal. We have a lot of news that we missed this weekend. Besides everything. I just told you some other cool headlines from the weekend include these illinois becomes the first state barring cops from lying while interrogating miners. I don't think they should be able to lie. While they interrogate. Anyone agreed to colorado lawyers are facing sanctions for filing a frivolous election lawsuit sanctions month guess and pennsylvania north carolina and oklahoma all reject private company. Third party audits like the ridiculous. Good crazy times carnival. That's happening in arizona so very good news. you know. We'll go over that a little bit more in depth later in the week but we do have the headlines. I gave you at the top of the show and we. Let's get to those. Let's at the hot notes. Hot notes right lead story today. The house oversight committee united states congress house oversight committee has launched an investigation into the arizona. Fraud it. They wrote a letter to the ceo of cyber. Ninjas doug logan saying quote we are writing to request information about cyber ninjas participation in an audit which is in quotes of nearly two point. One million ballots cast in maricopa county and the two thousand twenty election. We are concerned about your company's role in this highly unusual effort given cyber ninjas apparent lack of experience in conducting election-related audits reports that the company engaged in sloppy and insecure audit practices that compromise the integrity of ballots and voting equipment and were questioned by the us department of justice and evidence that you another individuals funding the audit have sought to advance the big lie in quotes of debunked voter fraud allegations in the november twenty twenty presidential election. Americans right to vote is protected by the constitution. And it's the cornerstone of our democratic system of government. The committee is seeking to determine whether the privately funded audit conducted by your company in arizona. Protects the right to vote or is instead an effort to promote baseless conspiracy theories undermine confidence in america's elections and reverse the result of a free and fair election for partisan gain. Do you think is. I mean what narrates invalid when they take the ballots and they take them to a cabinet in the middle of the woods. I mean happens all the time right. And let's take up montana. Be totally legit. The committee then discusses those three issues the lack of audit experience the sloppy procedures. And the big lie. Then they make the following demands for all these reasons they say the committee requested cyber ninjas produced the following documents by july twenty eighth. They don't have a lot of time here. Number one documents sufficient to show all and entities with direct or indirect ownership interests in control of cyber ninjas including but not limited to officers board members and shareholders number two documents sufficient to show all the previous clients to its cyber ninjas has provided consulting services related to election auto. That's probably gonna be a short list. Maybe not an existing number three all documents. Communications related to the engagement of cyber ninjas for the maricopa county audit including but not limited to the purpose of the engagement the scope of the work the role of the company and the role of other individuals or entities number four all documents communications related to payment or funding of the maricopa county audit including but not limited to the sources amounts terms and conditions of such funding and any fundraising efforts number five. I'll documents communications. Related to conducting the audit including but not limited to policies procedures audit plans strategy staffing personnel and security or integrity problems that arose during the audit and any interim or final audit findings. Findings please number six all documents and communications related to the following allegations that have reportedly been considered by you or your company in connection with the twenty two thousand presidential election and then they list all of these things all documents and communications related to formal and informal complaints related to the audit received by sovereign inches from any source including but not limited to federal state or county election officials cyber ninja employees or other individuals. I like that just sort of anyone. Number eight all instructions. Directions training materials or guidance. Cyber ninjas employs consultants agents volunteers are representatives received relating to the audit and nine for the period between november six twenty twenty and the present all communications evolving you or any cyber ninjas employees consultants ages volunteers representatives with former president donald trump and he trump administration official any formal or informal representative of trump's campaign legal team or political action committee any representatives of voices and votes fightback america project or any other funder of the maricopa county audit. Ready to on rudy giuliani. Or any of his agents or representatives. Sydney powell lynnwood tatra burn. That's the overstock ceo. Michael flynn and michael dell. They know something that we don't yet with the michael. Flynn thing they go on to say. The committee on oversight reform is the principal oversight committee of the house of representatives broad to investigate quote any matter at any time quote under house rule ten and donald trump key allies by the way could be facing a criminal investigation in arizona for all this bullshit. Last week arizona's secretary of state katie. Hobbs also gubernatorial candidate state's attorney general mark barnevik to urge him to launch a criminal investigation into trump over the potential violations of state election laws. Hobbs made the request after reporting from the arizona. Republic reveal details of the high pressure campaign launched by trump. hobbs wrote that trump and individuals including his personal lawyer rudy and Gop kelli ward and lawyer. Sydney powell tried to influence maricopa officials to stop counting member when we got that text messages. Yeah hob cited comments made by ward etcetera etcetera on friday. Attorney general bernie. Vich wrote back to hobbs. Saying will you give us your documents related to allegations of violations of election fraud. They're like we want all your stuff. Cool bro it's all the maricopa county website but whatevs you. Betcha albans certified. Thanks for asking my goodness okay. Well we're going to to the washington post so this is this is frustrating because when we say there's white supremacist everywhere. They are everywhere. A father and son who are current and former florida police officers and north carolina man has been charged with joining the alleged proud boys members in january six capital and that's according to a new five co defendant indictment unsealed in washington on friday so we have kevon tito is what he goes by tuck. He's fifty we've got nathaniel talk twenty nine and they're both of central florida. They were arrested and released on twenty five thousand dollars unsecured bond thursday by us magistrate judge in tampa and this is from the court records. Now we got edward george junior. He was also arrested thursday. He was scheduled to appear in federal court. Friday in raleigh. And that's according to those court records so the charges bring the number of off duty law enforcement officers off duty law enforcement officers charged in the capital mob at to at least twenty in the defendants ties to several central florida. Police agencies highlight the continued pressure on sheriffs and police chiefs nationwide to scrub their ranks of members with links to white supremacists and far right armed groups. This is a big deal. Unsealed nine count. Indictment dated july seventh charge. The chuck's father son team and george with obstructing joint session of congress that was meeting to confirm the twenty twenty election results trespassing and disorderly conduct now. They're not charged with conspiracy. Unlike some of the other prod boys at least not yet sued george was also charged with the sultan of police officers stealing government property entering the senate chamber with kevin tuck engaging in civil disorder with nathan. Tuck now thursday. Kevin tucker resigned the police department. Good a For for windermere an affluent bedroom community. Noor orlando whose residents include several high profile celebrities and professional athletes. So that's where he was. A police officer windermere in he retired and should have many many years ago. I in waiting for his twenty nine year old kid the other tito tuck to resign from north carolina. All right so. We've been following the michigan sanctions case against the elite strikeforce cracking assholes. We covered the hearing which did not go well for them and at the end of that hearing sydney powell took full responsibility for the entire suit because during the hearing all of the players were like this wasn't me i didn't have my name on it. I had nothing to do with it. Yeah whatever but at the end sydney powell was like this is all me. This is my suits all on me. Come after me. But then she went on a minutes long rant of election propaganda supporting the big lie now before the zoom call and this happens to any in in. You'll know this if you're a reporter you've logged into any of these court hearings. There's a huge warning. In bright red bold font. That says we've seen this before saying you cannot record this proceeding and you cannot make any part of public. Otherwise you'll be violating rule thirty eight and very important rule. So what did lynnwood do he did. He recorded it posted. He posted it he did. He posted to his nearly one million telegram followers. And that's what. He did the bulk of his posting. Was sydney powell's big lie rant now. A lawyer for the city of detroit immediately filed a motion to hold lynnwood in criminal contempt for the stunt. This is beyond the motion for sanctions. They're like hey. He violated this rule. This courtroom we File a motion to home in criminal contempt and within forty eight hours. The judge ordered lynnwood to file a brief explaining to her judge parker. Why she shouldn't hold him in criminal contempt for violating that role. She's like you have this much time to tell me why i shouldn't fuck and do this. So they're all fucked. I'll stay on this story for you as well. Adam class felt. If you're not already following him you should follow him on twitter because he will give you all the updates as they happen. He's they're usually either on. The calls are in the courtroom. So he's a good follow on twitter to keep abreast. It is really unbelievable. How bad these right wing lawyers are at the following. The fucking law like it is really unbelievable. How bad they are. It is what they do for a living. It's really really bad. You have a gift for me. Do you give for meals. And i do. I have a present for you and it's today's schadenfreude. Thank you my friend okay. After three separate attempts to hold on america first rally were cancelled by southland. Venues organizers held an impromptu rally outside riverside hall saturday and ridiculous. Fucking video by matt. Gaetz was posted on twitter. Congress members gates and march green. Calling her marge. 'cause she that's all respect she should get were forced to downsize. To a small protest in riverside are now threatening a lawsuit over the cancellation. So the events center was the third venue to cancel on organizers. Anaheim officials say they express safety concerns with the private venue and the operator shared those concerns. Event was also cancelled previous venues in laguna hills and riverside alison. I think it might have gotten cancelled an anaheim because it was too close to disneyland and there's teenage girls in the park that would be my guest for matt. Gaetz can't gates and green. They both spoke a short time each at the impromptu riverside event. You know what's really funny to you. Make you make the anaheim disneyland joke right but i mean what's interesting is something that was in this article that i cut out was because the city of anaheim said you know we're concerned about what was going to happen at those rallies and what was going to be said that could be considered a first amendment violation and somebody said hey. Are you going to treat the girl scouts the same way and my first thought was. Yeah keep the girl scouts. Far fucking away from you know shit. Last thing i want to see is a then mo memo that just says cookies ooh The story goes on. This is a quote. They may try shit this they may try. Shut down our venues but we will take this fight to them in the courts and the halls of congress and if necessary in the streets which is exactly where he had to do this little impromptu protests now hinting lawsuit over the cancellation screening gates stirred the crowd up and then they left. Supporters protested were gathered on opposite side of the street now. The rally was initially planned for the pacific hills banquet and event center in laguna hills but daca canceled their. Because we just want to stay clear of that is what the general manager told the orange county register. We just want to steer clear. Just want to say clear that we don't wanna get involved met shit. It was then shifted to the riverside convention center but officials with the rain cross hospitality corporation which manages operates. The city owns center under contract with the city. They told officials friday night. The event would not take place now. According to reports there were about one hundred people about one hundred people were there and which is which is tough there already fifty people there for another event which is really interesting. Who knows what they were going to see at the time. The videos ridiculous. They didn't take questions and as they were leaving. They were being booed by the crowd. God i also don't know why they're doing america first rallying california when they're fucking legislatures in florida and georgia go home and do you're damn job. I know yeah. They probably don't want to face their own constituents but if this if they drew all one hundred of those people data that is one fourth of the largest crowd molar she wrote drew went on tour. Podcast i just wanna say like every time we charted higher than hannity i had a i did a little dance in my head and now it's like you can't even get one hundred people out to i mean. When was the last time you did a comedy show and only one hundred people. Were there seriously. A bunch of comedians on twitter were like dude. My merch line is longer than that. I wish people could understand like anyone who's performed in any in front of any kind of crowd in any capacity would-be like. Hey if if you do show on the main stage at the comedy store on a saturday night that's five hundred people. We get your in new york. When i prefer new york at the duplex upstairs. It holds one hundred in a very small little room. Yeah that is a pathetic crowd on the streets of riverside. Yeah for like big name congresspeople. Well let's also orange county's all always sort of been we call it being behind the orange curtain it was always republican but we flip the shit out of it in two thousand eighteen. We flip the whole county blizzard and and so I'm not. I'm not super surprised. All right everybody. We're gonna be right back with mary. Trump her second book is now available for preorder. It drops august seventeenth but you can pre-order it. Now it's called the reckoning our nation's trauma and finding a way to heal. It's an incredible book. I have an incredible conversation with her coming up right after this break. Stay with us he everybody. It's alison from the daily beans weekday mornings. The story begins in california the times daily news. Podcast from the los angeles times gives you a west coast perspective on the story shaping policy and opinion join host gustavo arianna in a diverse range of voices every weekday mornings. They cover the critical issues like only team reporting from california can from immigration to income inequality climate change to racial justice native ism to technology the times explores contradictions and hard truths of the golden state and the nation through west coast perspective. Plus i personally put some beans on it. That you'll enjoy the unique stories and end up coverage as much as i do through interviews and original stories the times daily news from the la times is the podcast. You need understand the world and how california shapes it. Because i'm an issue that's in california is in your town yet. Chances are it will be soon expect. Award-winning reporting hard hitting investigations and la eccentricities. From the biggest newspaper west of the mississippi new episodes of the times are available every weekday to listen to subscribe. Go to wherever you get your podcast and search for the times daily news from the la times. You'll be glad you did. Hey everybody welcome back. Honored today to be speaking to the author of the new book the reckoning our nation's trauma and finding a way to heal she also has another book out called too much never enough. We just finished the book club. Please welcome mary trump. hello mary. Hey how's it going. It's going it's going well. I am back comb. I'm home from the hospital. Everything is looking okay. I was actually running around today. Trying to get myself care. Done how self-defeating is that you're anxious to get yourself cared. It does seem counterproductive. But i did it. And that's what matters de so. I wanted to talk to you today about this new book which is available now everywhere. You get your books. And i highly recommend number one new release and i wanted to talk about. What prompted you to write it because you know you had such screaming. Success with too much never enough. We learned so much from that book. But i know you. And i've had conversations about you. Know what now and so. I was wondering if that sort of what sort of motivated you to go onto another book. First of all great to be back. I think i've spoken with you for well on the daily beads. You've been writing a book. I been writing a book. Yeah it was quite something And also i didn't have a lot of time in which to do it. I think i started in december which is insane and finished at the end of april. So the difference between this book and the first one there a lot of differences. But it had this one was much more research driven as opposed to experiential so that was pretty time consuming as well but would prompted me to write it There a couple of things. First of all i got the idea for it back. In september october twenty twenty and the election was still looming and it had become clear that kobe was not ending. And that if donald had managed to steal his way into the oval office for another four years. It probably never. Would you know but more than that. So you know. That was obviously stressful. Worrying about what was gonna happen either way. No matter who got into the white house it was gonna be bad. And what. I was focused on time was What's going to happen when this is ever over when people start emerging from covert isolation What what is going to be going on with the state of people's mental health in this country so that was the starting point. And i felt like you know because the first book i had a platform and it was really important to me to use it in a way that would Help right I was really grateful that even in you know october november of last year people still seem to be interested in getting my take on things and i didn't wanna squander that so if he gets somewhat i thought of maybe writing another memoir. But that's not that's not useful. Now you know we're dealing with what will be the greatest mental health crisis. I think this country's ever seen were not prepared for it. my fabulous uncle has managed to polarize this country. A way it's never been. I don't think since The civil war and the divisiveness among us is pretty terrified. So we're all going to be regardless of what barney belong to. We're all going to be suffering and now we see where that division is of us right. We're gonna we're. We're gonna be going back and lockdown any week. Now i'm guessing so sh- that's where i started with a and then with all the other stuff by the one that's great but then things like january. Six insurrection happen. Like you know what i need to take a step back. I cannot write three hundred. Thirty million separate treatment plants. There's really no useful way to talk about mental health in that context. 'cause it's it's so complicated so individual so i thought instead you know what let. Let's figure out how we got here. And i not that this is. This is a unique operation. But i realize the extent to which two things were largely responsible for where we are the first from this country's its inception. We're at least going back to rob really. We've never held a powerful whiteman accountable Which is paved the way for donald. And we have continued to embrace white supremacy. White supremacy is essentially a platform of one of our two major political parties at this point and by pretending that that's something that's in the past we just keep perpetuating the various serious problems that we've been facing and never dealt with you know i would say that we have not only have. We never acknowledged asari atoned for the racism in the pharmacy. we've net. We barely acknowledged it. You know and So those things. I think pave the way four autocratic incompetent people like donald to get as far his s. He's gotten an additional. And i honestly i think that the pandemic still hasn't ended for the unvaccinated who who i imagine are largely donald supporters. Because you know we're seeing that the statistics Ninety nine point three percent of hospitalized people for covert or unvaccinated. But a lot of the folks. I've talked to who you know when we were opening up. And you know like you said we're we headed for another lockdown. Probably but you know as we're opening up cd was saying you don't have to wear masks indoors anymore. If you're vaccinated go travel do the thing. A lot of folks were very hesitant. And i don't think that we were given any time to process that trauma or to even grieve the six hundred thousand plus people that we've lost as a country you know. I remember being given space and time to grieve. Nine eleven for example. We were given that public space in that public time. And i don't feel like we've had that opportunity. And i think a lot of people are suffering because of it. Well you know. How do you heal from trauma while you're actively being traumatized you know thought writing the buck. It's it's impossible and you're right because of how this has unfolded. There has been no space because the problems that stopped on the one hand and secondly even now it's being very very poorly handled The fact that new york. For example. Where i live which was like a nightmarish. Hell scape slightly more than a year ago. And i'm not exaggerating. It was terrifying to be here. Just opened up. You know so on the one hand. I think it's wildly irresponsible just from a health standpoint you know a a covert standpoint but you know there is no easing back in like you're saying so how do you go from. I haven't seen another human being the ear and a half to. Oh my god like everybody's Now everybody's on the subway. I mean luckily in new york well. That's changed a little bit but initially most people still wear masks. People still do on public transportation. Which is great. But i'm guessing that's the case in the rest of the world but it's it's really stabilizing especially for people you know who have social anxiety to begin with even for people. Who didn't you know because we don't know how people are gonna react. We've got people who would describe themselves as is extroverts who were terrified to be around or introverts were desecrated for for being in the physical presence of other people. We're going to be looking at enormous amounts of ptsd depression and substance addiction and and a physical health problems because everybody's been so sedentary eating about drinking etc etc. So you know when. I think by opening back up the way we have which was quite disappointing considering. I thought you know this well. This administration is infinitely superior and preferable. However i really thought that the people in the administration who handle these would be better at it and it was pretty disappointing because let look where we are now. Vis-a-vis kovin but chew it's just another stressor. You know you. You talked earlier about being under all the stress to go. Get your cell scared. And it's kinda like that. Yeah and i mean you add out on top of an already existing shortage of mental health care in in this country. People going into this with with issues already let alone coming out with new ones. But you know you said extroverts. Who don't want to be around people. That's me like the first couple months of of lockdown. I was going i was. It was so hard. Because i was alone by myself. And that's it and i'm a totally extroverted person. Surive off of physical human interaction and lots of it and then now you know. I'm invited to go somewhere and i'd rather not. Because it drains me of of energy i feel like i got into a rhythm where i knew how to self soothe and energize myself as an alone person and now it's too much. Yeah and here. There's no way to know right until until you get into those situations and that's part of the problem for people who haven't experienced these things before. I mean obviously none of us has experienced a pandemic in a lock down and you know a living in a government determined to kill as many of us as possible especially for democrats on people of color bud and obviously i'm talking about the last administration not this one. But it's the it's the unexpectedness it's not knowing what's going to happen. I have complex ptsd. I've had had it for very long time. I know you have. Eds so like. i know obviously. It's not because of coven. It long predates kovin. So i i know what to look for a not necessarily saying that i can do anything about it but like i know one on dissociating and that's some comfort rate like i know when a really bad anxiety attack is coming on and i can most of the time diffuse dad but if you've never experienced that before he you know that it also is going to add to the stress and the terror and think about how sustained it's it's been The levels of fear and anxiety even if they don't result in you know it diagnosed psychiatric disorder. It's going it. It's taken a toll one way or another. Yeah yeah and like you said. I've been living with the p. T. s. for a couple of decades. I'm i'm pretty good at recognizing when i'm having a panic attack when i'm dissociating. When and calling it out doing the evidentiary thing in my head where i left off the evidence to try to talk myself out of irrational thoughts et cetera. But people who are new to that it. It has to be extremely disorienting. I've talked to so many people who are like the weirdest thing happened to me. The other day. I got really dizzy. My vision narrowed. I had to sit down and my heart was racing. What is that. am i in menopause. Like that sounds like it to me. Sounds like a panic attack. Why but i don't have any panic disorders. You know and it's like well you know we've been hit with this fire. Hose of asshole ary next nonstop for four years. So it's it you like you said it has to take toll. Have to take a quick break but i want to continue this conversation. We stay with me absolutely thanks. Everybody will be right back. He everybody it's ag from the beans recently. I made the investment to upgrade my mattress to get a better sleep by also quickly realized i needed to put just as much thought and care into the sheets that i'm sleeping on night after night. I did the research and for the cream of the crop. It's boll and branch. Bollandbranch knows high quality. Sleep doesn't stop at your mattress. 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I remember when i was getting ready to flee from a an abusive relationship and right before that happened. The abuser went into the hospital for three weeks almost a month and over those weeks i was like. Hey it's really nice here right now. I can bring my cat in doors. I wasn't supposed to do that. I can use a gray towel instead of a white towel. I can go and see my friends and have lunch without birth having to draw a map and check in and so you you start realizing that but at the same time it felt but it was also very terrifying and i that was inexplicable to me but i imagine some sort of the same things apply here. Yeah and it's all still unfolding against this backdrop of very disturbing political instability. You know we. We've been so betrayed and we're so tired and it's it's it's incredibly destabilizing and disheartening and praying and although things to realize that it's not over we can't let our guard down and how how do you negotiate all of those things at the same time and i'm not sure you can because it's all it makes it even harder to draw the line. Okay what is what is what is a reaction to what's really going on the world and what is the the knock on effect of the isolation and the stress because of coveted and what is legitimate psychiatric or psychological problem or physical problem. You know so. We're still in this really amorphous. What's the word. I'm looking for Society your whatever i mean. Our lives are still really amorphous. Sorry to be so eloquent but because nothing settled in you know that was one of When again when. I was first writing. The book proposal was in october. So is before the election and it was sort of a writer own adventure and you know i needed to make it clear to a perspective publisher that i had a good idea either way but the truth of the matter is if joe biden of laws lost. Ibm tahiti. or something. And i i remember you. And i have a discussion early on when this was still when we were still in the middle of it and how devastating it was to our psyches to have such an uncertain future because you brought up uncertainty not to be able to make plans not to be able to sink. Look forward anything. We had nothing little literally zero to look forward to and you know. I think that that kind of in combination really sort of just adds to the you know the. It's like a snowball effect. You know but you know this book also talks about how you know that. Trust relationship whether you have it with another individual or whether you have it with the institutions that govern your country how we have to heal in order to build that trust back that we have with these institutions that we've relied on for so long. Well yeah it's a terrible problem not to have faith in things you've always had faith and one of the worst things about the lasts for five. Years is the ease with which that instability became was injected into the system Which again though leads us should us to believe that it's been going on for very long time but a lot of us have the luxury of not having attention and that's another that's another aspect of this that i'm pretty sure most black americans under have understood this forever so i think it. It gives us an opportunity to recognize that but it also gives us a chance to We we imagined. I don't think rebuilding is can't rebuild something. That's that's if the foundation is essentially sand and swamp. So because in why do we want to rebuild that anyway. We want to rebuild this incredibly unjust society We want to rebuild something that doesn't work for a huge minority of us or do we want to start over and say listen The american experiment is great. But it's never been realized this is this is never been a democracy so maybe we should start there. Yeah i agree. Pulled a political ease of doing that aside. An you know considering everyone who's gonna make it as difficult as possible to do that. Because the you know the white men white supremacists they want that status quo. They're they're terrified of the quote unquote great replacement. It was the number one motivator for for the insurrection and charlottesville and for all these You know militant extremist white supremacist groups out there. And so it's it's gonna be it's gonna be tough road and in this new book. Do you start to address how we can do that. Yeah but i'm gonna keep that a surprised. no yeah. let's not. Let's not give that away just so that you know that's in the book. Everyone that you need to get to everyone you know. It's the most vague sense. What i'd say is we've got to stop bullying budgets Yes i concur. Well thank you so much for spending time with me today and talking about this. And i want everybody to to to go and get your copy of the reckoning. Our nation's trauma and finding a way to heal mary trump's her second book here. The first one too much never enough. You're very familiar with. I think we've just wrapped up the public playing of our of our book series which we we actually wrapped last october. Which was right. Around the time you were deciding to penn this new book and so i'm so glad you did and you're right dude fast track. Well done because. I started my book and march of last year. And i don't even have a proposed already on this thing. That's that's really that's more what it's usually like. I think from bribing the proposal to publication. i mean sorry to the final draft. My first book took almost two years. And i do not recommend it to anybody of i'm still recovering. Yeah i was gonna ask. I know not to ask how you are. But i kind of like genuinely want to know if if you're if you're recovering from from your from your adventure of completing a book in the fastest time possible. Yes yes i am but you know it said save amorphous and i recovered and my recovered govett it and my workup for the fact that like an idiot i decided to move like a month. Finish the book. I landed in a pretty cool place. That so i'm not complaining. Yes yes you did. And why don't you just add on top of. Hey you know what this isn't enough. Let's move as well. I hope sebastien. And the whole brood is settling in. And i'm glad to see that this book is out and ready to go and i'm looking forward to reading it. I haven't read it yet. So i'm but i will and i'm sure i will devour like i devoured your first book so i appreciate your time. Mary trump thank you so much. Thanks ed scr beer. Everybody stick around. We'll be right back with the good news. Hey everybody it's a g for the daily beans. We put things off from time to time but procrastinating about our health just adds to stress. Then that can snowball and make our health worse. So if you've been putting off seeing a doctor or if making an appointment feels like a chore or causes anxiety plush carries here for you. They make it super easy to schedule. Appointment to see a doctor. And you can prioritize your health hassle free plus care provides virtual doctor appointments through your smartphone or computer. I just pick a time that works for me and bam book an appointment right online. Super simple with plush carrot can be diagnose treated and even have prescription sent to my pharmacy of choice if i need to all within minutes. 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You wanna suggest you do that by going to daily beans pod dot com and clicking on contact. I'm gonna go ahead and kick us off with a submission from hell. Let's do it h. e. l. pronouns. She and her hello ladies. My husband turned me onto your podcast during the dark corentin days. My commute is long and my brain needs food. You do amazing analytical work in you. I think if you're find the cat segment may be mislabeled. The feline function is called keto flaged. Our kitties do it. With varying degrees of success below see examples provided by over nick a varying varying degrees of camouflage lovie is our old man the alpha menagerie. He's in charge of keeping in line or hiding from two dogs and a kitten turned eighteen. Pound menace adopted by one of said dogs and a lizard. None of these photos probably rank above eight on a ten point scale for invisibility. But he tries hard. Look at the kitty sitting. Next to toothless from disney's how to train your dragon like you can't see me look. We're the same god since really funny. Oh dot yeah. I can barely see him on the on the pillow there. He's clearly visible on the pink couch. Oh my god so cute. Mike goodness thank you so much for the mission. This next is from anka. Our dear pronoun she and her just before a g went on vacation. I went with my youngest daughter on a road trip from silicone valley area up along the northern california coast than the oregon coast than to portland for a few days and then back south via crater lake. Oh my god. This was the best thing we could have done. It was great in that one. I not my dear husband wasn't charge proving to myself all in my family that yes i actually can organize the shit and be just fine to after a horrific year of online learning from my high school aged girl where the failings of lousy teachers were magnified making for a terrible academic year. She struggled through the best she could but it did take its toll on her emotionally so this trip was like a breath of fresh air to her bruised and battered psyche. I don't even know how they did it. Ag honestly and we were able to spend some lovely bonding time together and create some fun memories. I have no idea why haven't thought to do this before. But i suspect. I will play more in the future. Highly recommend to everyone anyway. I guess it's kinda sorta a good news submission but feels more like a quote moment of gratitude. And i feel like screaming at the top of my voice just because mission. No pets of my own for pod. Tax family keeps me more than busy. But i am submitting the picks of some adorable cuties available at the silicone valley humane society. Oh and picture of my latest creative endeavor levy ladies and has clearly been painting rocks in. They're actually quite beautiful very sweet and oh there's three cats you can see that are up for adoption beautiful. Layla and piper look just like boobs by the way and then there's alice oh my god they're so adorable and those will be in the show notes. You can adopt them if you're in the silicon valley area and i love the rock painting my god daughter and her mom my best friend paint rocks and then just leave him in people's yards since so rod. No my goodness. I love these. Oh my gosh. Asylum is a human rights. Immigrants are welcome. Water is life. I love these sciences fact. Oh these are good. Love is love justice for everyone. Black lives matter in this house. We believe and we believe is in rainbow colours. I love it so much. God and i'm looking at this photo and dying inside from the cuteness okay. from mk. from atlanta pronounced. She and her high. I've been listening to the pods. Since the beginning of moshi she wrote. Here's a pod. Pet with holiday. Cheer no need to guess. The breed jackson's the cutest most misbehaved loving dog. I've ever had thanks for everything you ladies do. Look at the lead look at the flips on the feet and they're like ballerina means and then also she says. Ps any recommendations on how to celebrate my twenty fifth next month so if anyone wants to write in with any recommendations on for m. k. from atlanta on what you can do on her twenty fifth right aman. Send him to us. At daily beans pod dot com and click on contact and we will take those recommendations. Read them on the air for you. I'm k- her all right. I got this one. This is from high teeing for syllables pronounced. Hi good. i did that right. Hello lagoon. Monotony glorious feminine implore. Last week a listener suggested donating frequent flyer miles to women in texas. You might not be able to access safe abortion. Just inspired me to tell you about. An organization started by some amazing friends of mine in new york city area. Rigid alliance arranges funds travel for women who are seeking abortions but do not have access to their states or locations. This is awesome although it is terrible that such an organization as necessary. It's wonderful that it exists. I can't leave. It took me so long to think of sharing this with your amazing community of listeners. Seems like a cause that many of us would be to support the bridget alliance website. Is bridget alliance dot org. That's b. r. I g. i. d. a. l. l. i. n. c. dot org now for pet tax submit. Another photo of do we. What do you think each we. Each league wait floor monster or monsters so over the summer heat on my oh he is also big chidi as a very big kitty. He's got big man face to so cute. We can't will a giggle because of that first time you don't know what a man cat faces are good times all right. Finally from tim he him they them. Hello beans queens. I've been listening since the kitchen days. And i've heard every episode. Thank you for all you do to keep some perspective truth insanity in our world. Thank you tim. Like many people twenty twenty was an absolute shit. Show for me. The worst of it was that we lost my mom in july of that year. I'm i'm writing to you on the one year anniversary of her passing. My mom worked for the arizona department of insurance and ran the health policy division for a while she did. Many great things advocating for people who weren't being treated fairly by insurance companies and she helped punish and regulate those companies. I didn't learn this until after her passing but she was one of the people who worked to have all newborns automatically covered on their parents insurance for ninety days from birth before that any children born with disease or defect would forever have a pre existing condition. Oh wow thanks to my mom and others that changed. Despite being eighty and born and raised in conservative arizona mom was a liberal lion and taught us well. She was a proud supporter of planned. Parenthood and took me to register to vote the day after my eighteenth birthday. I'm in love with her on her last day. Not really being able to get out of bed and feeling very weak. Mom asked for her mail in ballot and made her choices for our primary election. We mailed her ballot that day and she was gone the next morning two months later when. Rgb passed. i sent my brother a single word. Text fuck he wrote back. At least mom didn't have to see this. Mom was a huge fan of rgb. And even captain rgb finger puppet around the house that she could chat with her from time to time. When we later recounted this exchange to my mom's closest family member and friends she replied to our comment about mom not having to see it with no. She was there to meet her cheeses. I'm not a big believer in a concrete notion of the afterlife. But that thought makes me happy because i know they would get along and it refrains what is tragic. And what is good an attempt to do the same and actually make this a good news submission. Yeah with the fog. Here's what's good about all this. She was my mom. She was my mom and she changed the world by thinking about other people and how they were treated unfairly and what we could do to change that. She was an amazing grandma to my son and he got to spend enough time with her that he will always remember. Come twenty twenty two every last person. Better get out and vote if mom could do it on her. Last day and help flip arizona. Then everybody can please. Everyone honor her memory every year and vote. Her birthday was in november. So every time you vote. Consider it a gift for mary my mom. I thought i was going to keep it together until end. Tim thank you so much for that submission. I'm so so sorry you ostrich. She sounds like she was absolutely incredible and obviously raised a very good human. Oh my god all right to call my mom. I spoke with mine earlier today. I needed it to goodness who everyone right now. I mean seriously. If your mom is still alive she someone you talked to. And she's passed on. Just give a call telling you love her dad's to uk my friend some okay and if you have anything you want to submit to us if you have any stories pleased on them in by going to daily beans pod dot com clicking on contact and if you'd like to become a patron three bucks a month that gives you access to all of my shows all the shows that we do you can do that in the same place. Daily beans pod dot com. Click on contact. Tim thank you so much for that. Incredible submission and much to you and your family and to your mom. She sounds like an amazing person. I remember when my mom took me as as a kid. Whenever time she would vote she would take to the polls remember. I used to be like these wooden boxes with like cloth curtains that you'd have like and now we just have sort of these cardboard stands in my cheap but I i really. that's a mission really really touched me and i am. Thank you for putting it down and sending it into us. Do you have any final thoughts before we get out of here. I think that is a good a good message to end on so no not today. I can't top that either Much love to your mom. Mary and everyone in november. Remember to vote as a gift to her until tomorrow. Please take care of yourselves. Take care of each other to care the planet and take care of your mental health. I've been alison. Gill and i've been dana goldberg. And them's the beans. The daily beans is written and executive produced by alison gill with additional research and reporting by dana. Goldberg and aimee. Carrero sound design. Editing is by desharnais mcfarland with art and web design joel reader with moxy design studios music for the beans as written and performed by they might be giants and the show is a proud member of the msw media network. A collection of creator owned podcasts dedicated to news politics. Injustice for more information please visit. Msw media dot com.

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