11 Trivia Questions on 8 Bit 80s Songs


Do you love. Eight bit nintendo versions of all your favorite popular songs than this episodes for you because I got eleven questions for you on eight bit eighty songs. This is trivia with buds. Burn. What it be and welcome to another episode of the Trivia with Buds podcast I'm your host Ryan Buds. Thank you for checking on my show and thank you for helping me spread the word. We have record number downloads going on right now let me read you just a couple of stats. We are overall at eight, hundred, sixty, two, thousand downloads since the show started around two, thousand seventeen, which is very exciting. I think we'll be to a million by the end of the year easy which will be very, very cool. We took the whole month of July off for me to kind of recalibrate and get back into the podcast recording mode in May. We had forty seven thousand downloads in June. We had forty one thousand downloads in July we had twenty six thousand downloads with no new episodes and now in August halfway through, we are already up to thirty three thousand downloads. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for helping show, grow bigger and better every single day. It means the world to me if you want to interact with everyday jump on my facebook, live at seven pm Pacific and play different. Rounds at Trivia, just like you are with your friends at brewery except you don't need a DVD, you can drink as much as you want at home and you could play along with the Trivia Fund every night at seven. PM. Pacific. I hope to see there on facebook dot com slash Ryan buds or slash trivia with buds also streaming to YouTube dot com slash trivia with buds as well. These days. All right guys. Thank you for listening to this intro. Thanks for telling a friend about the show and get ready for eleven questions on eight bit music from the eighties. Here we go. All right for all of these, I'm GONNA play a portion of an eight bit version of an eighty song and you'll tell me the name of the song and the artist here comes number one. And number two. Good. Right and here comes number three. And and Song Number Four. Bit Song. Number five. Number six. Here's number seven. Bill. and. Don't forget about number eight. Couple more to go. Here's song. Nine. and. And Song. Number ten. And your bonus question for a bit music songs I want to know the name of the song who it's by and what movie it was featured in. All. Right. Those were all of your eight bit eight hundred songs I. Hope he had fun blasting back to the past with not only the. Feeling of those songs but that also digital eight bit Nintendo we Arcadi Kinda version as well. Hope your ears are ringing too much. We'll be back in just a second with the answers. We are back with the answers to eight bit eighty S. we've done this on the show I think once before this is the second time I've prepared a batch of these and you can find these on Youtube. If you search eight bit music, you'll find hundreds and hundreds of channels and pages that have these. Old School sounding songs, and they have modern songs and eighty, seventy, seventy eight and you want. So go look for it. All right here was number one. And the answer there was shocked the Monkey by Peter Gabriel shock the monkey by Peter Gabriel number one here was number two. Number two was come on. Feel the noise by quiet riot come on. Feel the noise by quiet riot and here was the third song. Just. Like Heaven by the cure just like heaven by the Cure I. Hope you are rocking out in your car or on a treadmill right now, listening to these portions of these songs again, number four. Lick it up by kiss, lick it up by kiss I don't do nearly enough kiss Trivia on the show and I'm GonNa do something about that. Very so here comes number five. Lucky star by Madonna. That's my favorite Madonna songs. You don't hear it as much as or other hits and I think it's good. Number Five lucky star here was number six again. She. Blinded me with science by Thomas Dolby. Me With science number six here was number seven. That was Rio by Duran. Duran Rio by Duran Duran and number eight. Rock with you by Michael Jackson that's actually late seventies song. So it is a little bit earlier than eighties, but I wanted to include it because I thought it sounded so Dang awesome number nine we had rush. In. Tom Sawyer there you go rush in Tom Sawyer that was number nine and number ten. Jungle Love Oh we. Think I. WanNa know you know yet number ten jungle love Morris Day and the time. And number eleven this one you needed the name of the song, the artists and the movie it's from. Song was danger zone by Kenny loggins in the movie top Gun Mary. Goose. Gang playing some almost naked volleyball. That is the last one there to if you're playing along with that one at home and that is today's episode you guys. Thank you so much for listening. Remember go search eight bit music on Youtube you'll find a bunch of different channels and you can sample tons more eight bit music I. Love Him Eight Bit Universe is one of my favorite ones if you want to go check them out and We have one more thing for you. It's called the fact of the day. The fact of the day before today is that snakes unable to close their eyes they can't blink and they must sleep with their eyes open. You know somebody like that in real life where is kind of open while they're sleeping? Isn't net creepy go tell them they're creepy. All right guys. Thank you so much for listening to the show. Thanks for telling a friend about the PODCAST and we'll see you next time for more trivia, with buds cheers. In your. Own. Mark.

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