Seven demands of Faith


what show ever born gone overcome make the world and this is the victory that will come world even our faith which comes by hearing and hearing the word right divided here with paul tori and conviction by revenue seattle. Many some of them makarios change at during this annoying tech teaching you will telling you strengthen you and equip you for a royal life in the be transformed as listen for the bless your hot desire is to know you and to know your will for the lives in jesus name amen. Please be seated hallelujah. Are you going to have faith in god. Powerful now tonight. This morning i'm willing to about seven demands of fish. Seven demands that we must have believed how faith in god say in code so they are seven demands that you need to apply to make your fifth come alive a man number one. Faith demands obedience to define destructions. Hallelujah bruised up. Eleven this number eight to ten faith. Demands demands obedience to divine instructions divine instructions. Nobody hurts hallelujah. Hebrews chapter eleven fifty by fit abraham when he was caught to go out to a place where he should after received for eric dance obeyed and he went out nano win away. He went nine by fit. He's join in the land of promise. As a strange country dwelling in tackles with isaac and jacob the haze with him of the promise for he looked for a city which has foundations whose builder and maker. Is god. a man hallelujah. so faith number one manslaughter. Obedience to divide instructions when the bible said go for stop must believe it should be the ultimate answer to your problem and it ended the bubble demands from you because where bible is aware of gordon so to believe me that you must believe his weight and his instructions. Hallelujah amen. the fasting is we must be willing to goes brushes. If you know a big goes in stressing me that you cut yourself from his plans for your life because he has plans for you. I corinthians nine hundred that i have not seen has an head now has it enter the thing that god has prepared for them. The laughing so one got us. Prepare something for you in kumasi. Any say let's go to kumasi. He's hitting me. I'm going to talk about it. We already missed. What has prepare for you hallelujah. so divine instruction is the fast to exercising in your feet. That is what the bible must be your source of reading and listening to the word of going hallelujah fit. There are so many instructions in the bible is dry. Twenty eight verse one. Dasa hack into the voice of the lord and observe to do all this commandment going to give it to you. Then be above only prosper. So if you don't obey his instructions his voice you cannot receive. Goes blessings and plans for your life. Hallelujah a man so there are so many things that go but if the father you have so many. Take your plan for your child before the become matute. So if you insert your son to such an do certain. He doesn't want to give you the harrison's hallelujah so everyone of if we want to receive what our blessings in goddess then you might be willing to obey divine instructions one on a divine instructions for christian is to be willing to pay you. Tight is an instruction. Bring me my tight. If we do find it difficult to bring your tied to teach then you have to pay fast inspections continue because he said when you our review of or for your sake up your windows of heaven and pour you epilepsy. Would you are looking for. But you said that. So you have decided to choose which one to believe or not believe. One abraham was split. Your parents leave your friends leave and go to another place to make a blessing. He has to pay a live. Many over you still stuck to your boyfriend because you've been going on the same term fornication mind mind instruction if you want go to divine instructions not at pastas instruction get his goal. You wanna bless him from is notre so it goes as top. Do stop stealing and stealing somebody employ in office. And then you are in charge of some two. And then you are stealing from the company has given a commandment lewis you've been. No no stealing. That shot knows to and why stealing you disobeyed divine instructions and so the first step for your faith to receive. What has you know have destroyed it. Are you going to obey divine instructions. A man so the bible is full of instructions. And now your father and your mother is divine instructions so that be with you and you don't respect your father. You don't respect your mother when there's a divine instructions for you. It means that god can be involved in your transformation of places. But i see you obey the instructions from a man number tune. Fed demands adjustments from familia comfort zone. Fed demand would assessments dust mites. Best nine he brought up eleven the by faith. He saw joan in the land of promise as a strange country dwelling in tabernacles with isaac and jacob. The hess with him of the same promise someone who was living in his house very well established what he has lived in the house if his fumbling for almost seventy five years. God this to another place and then what was living in tabernacles not have been the whole building. I promise has to adjust himself. Adjusts if you adjust. You can see the hand of course hallelujah. Anytime gordon sticky to a big up. And if you make you feel electoral inconvenience by who are comfortable with. Hallelujah is coming out of fidgets. They were happy living easy for four hundred years. It co kambas. What do you call it. A menace now. Certainly they have to live a place of kakumba place of golic and they found himself in the wilderness. It didn't mono- everyday. Meanwhile i'm talking to a land which flows smoke and we have been read the malkin on land yet. So what do we eat now. can we continue to eat. Kakumba no need for old testaments and that is one of the kids in the midweek says not willing to do. Sometimes you'll be forced to leave your parents and just leave you someone who is not your parents and you must be able to adjust your lifestyle to enable passage to take you to another level of your destiny but many people don't know how to adjust their fit. The no no no. No i mean. I can understand this person but it is goes on a ticket you through the process so you must be able to used to drink tea every morning but president assad now. He doesn't drink every morning by you. Must be able to adjust your your current lifestyle once a day. You use three times. Slacks life is not. It's not only be only your mother or your father who through all quotas send you different people to training and so if you're not willing to adjust typical of to take you through the next step of your life and that's a man this you another chris. Sal you could go to go to drink by by what you become a you go out to stay alive. It's time to test. Its say so is. You're fed that there is something i had of me to be able to address. You used to pray to print. It's to receive what god has for you. Continue to live the same life day was ask was living in the tent in tabernacles in the wilderness trump who was living in his own house by by faith he was able to endure the assessments. He he and his tutor rob said they were hess has to the promise. Promise something is going to receive. He was supposed to receive the lunch so he i don't in the land of promise astray john country. In strength country dwelling tabernacles goes spin my own house to live how. How's foul bedroom apartment night after that is sometimes when you travel outside your country you realize that sector lifestyle that you were doing in the same lifestyle in foreign land. It's an adjustment to enable you to fulfill certain days or the purport process in that for relent. Hallelujah one you how to assess you can see the hand of god amen with you because you sleep you wake up at ten be because you live with your mother and your father by what does somebody has to take you in life and help you. He said no. No no no no is the way you know just meant nope no blesses which for you that is one go to the army. You go to the trae you to move your mind from the ordinary way of living and call a civilian after the military lifestyle. Yes because they want to make sure that you adjusts to the system otherwise you cannot. You know winning two tasks that has got to be shouting shot. I said because. I said the echo of your voice is going down is that you run out of the comp- so when you get there assigned bought sale make noise liquids. Yes you are not but this is where we are training you. Then have the food out to get food the bring the ford and give you two minutes to it and we are moving to calm on certain us. Doc to one you fall down in. You died hallelujah. This assessment some of it is difficult to marry you because what we marry. You bring you to your husband house. You are not willing to address you. Want a husband to dust. you know. Said he's the head you have chosen to put him as your head so you do what the head likes. Not what you like lettuce if you are willing to us. No mono mario i'm telling you mario trudeau not one. You slip want disturbance. But hey my ring and i don't want to disturb you shopping. So why should i do. What do the reason why. I brought you to this house. You must workup jessica activity. Who's who's out about. Who is that. How i dust mites dust. What do come to church. We have to train. You tend your man mindsets so that you got adjusted to what we are preparing you for toward from you know. Happy to address and one who are going through our desmond. Don't cry it is part of boss. Only a preparing you for a good blonde. Because babo said that by he. He was in inept strange country dwelling in tabernacles with isaac. Who has of the promise. There's ten what for. He looked a city. Okay so you cut see. Abraham how to moses has to adjust to read about who has debbie was living inside this house by he funds. The kiss palace has to test to be able to fit hallelujah. Many of us are not willing to change and that is where we can see the blessing of god. But i believe that today go is. Prepare you for lessons ahead of you. It took some people to train. You your mother or you're not give you the kind of training for your future policies. Not you're not to but why you serve your aunt she will saw to on. Is that this man bam cookie cookie to marketer by tastes and biden. And if you don't know how to go to markets markets. You don't know how to you don't know how to by tomorrow but you have any idea. So why are you still have to buy. Somebody's wealth because they are not trading somewhat has to you and you must be willing to adjust to land it. I know how to go within in the house because my parents at eight or twelve to step my grandmother very hard woman. She treated me an hour. That in cia documents and i realized that the more resistant. The mope was tense in the house. And there's no heavy me. He told my mother. My mother was the only daughter is coming for your son. Is that if you don't come. And i don't come to my stop because my it way through this with your and is a common wash utensils the and took him to this room. Yes we used to. I used to go to school from one end to another and one you cut it what we call it home to go to the and i go to school. I your mom go to carry a deploys for me. I just you meet all the ladies. You are south. Because i do. I learn how to address and one. Just the my lifestyle to monica she. There was so much peace there was so much love heck was might montgomery does care for me was more than my parents said. I fell in love with hair. Everything i needed to give. It is through that. I came to rest due process. This my dusts has to do anything house. I wash i wash. Why not get them to those. This is like my ankle was when i came to the first place. That's what legal was sutton. And because of my does training at an instructive mongo. I was able to fly. And in all because i was rookie to cry and the only one i knew across my uncle who was like my grandmother. It was the offer. Montgomery da to an interdisciplinary. I'd be able to stay and then finished my calls to become oil today if our no willing to adjust. I wouldn't have become today. But i believe that from today. You are destined to everything hallelujah. Willing to this effect is that you must be willing to test. Because if it's not. Bill is about your expectation. What you hope to become and so along the way you miss thane up force you to address. If you're not winning to us you can't go there sometimes. You are driving but you have to your comment spot and must be foster joined. The trucks role. Must be willing to. I guess this is me. I don't travel within. That is a template. He does not come from the old that the village one truck. I still have an sit one tax cipla in it. Usa does behind. This hallelujah are you. Are you willing to adjust. Amen not close fed demands looking for gotta be foundation so godly foundation so godly foundation. That's for he looked for a city. What has foundations food bertha. Is god hallelujah. Isaiah chapter twenty eight best number sixteen isaiah twenty eight sixteen therefore the load go behold. I live on four foundation as a tried stone shows on us to assure foundation that bill limit shah not make his isaiah twenty eight with sixteen. Therefore that said the load go. I live in zion for foundation as tone at triads to at pressure on stone as off foundation gordon describing it. I say that channel. Mickey's what did you mean by having luke godly foundation. Now if you believe in god for anything you keep watching and knowing defenses or different people assume but a good husband believe in a good husband. Okay that thousand mandel come propose you but how do you know that this is one that god has planned for me hallelujah. So the bible said that abraham was so dawning on stangeland he was also looking for where the foundations be made by god. He was put in his camp anyway so remember his son isaac he did whole they were fighting. He moved on a place in fact. When are they got another place when he caught an nobody came and said this my rehoboth. So it's not that you are looking for goes will for your life you mitt. Different kinds of people or situations looking for be different jobs. Now keep coming but you must ask. The fed full besson look at got live foundation. Because god have a place is stone pressure on us to and is foundation. That means that passage few is already but god will build it for you barton on the give. You a foundation delusional. If you can't look for a foundation. Why am i saying i was looking for a wife you now. I was looking for a wife. Join lighthouse no meridian. A young handsome accountants. My apartment mattis reading my bed. My everything is ready. My whole body's ready. What does the left is the right woman to stand by me. I said pessimism with a calico blue colours sip of what have to look for a foundation of boats. So many we might came into. My life are started talking to one. Then i realized that. No it's beautiful. Medicare doctor great future but the foundation. I was looking for foundation. Not the building are looking for. What a godly foundation are looking into that in. What is built already. Because see chris you must live by script bobble the city and said you was giving you my back. A house completely built. He said he was looking for a gotten me foundation. That is that important. So as i was moving moving found this beautiful girl chattan. She took it to me. I said do. I wake up at dawn and go for a go and go for broke us and when i got to admit which is. Hey what just didn't know. It went from village. Which is what is i don. I realized that she was no watkin. She was not doing. It does a student but the hey some can't pray someone who can see what he's somebody who can go walk us. Postal never knew that. I was because i was looking for a godly foundation at foundation of coaching. Is that found a lawyer who was well established lawyer driving olca traveling abroad every weekend and got doctor on on on on unemployed. Want you to choose what you choose but the youngest one man come to propose you know interested in the is interested in in the type of guy tries right. I'm gonna taste in front of his chest. You're interested in this town of the foundation. What is because god has build the foundation. You are that bottle completed in the better way for you. Yes fsr is looking for something that's already built at fifth person is looking for a foundation. Because if i cannot i found this guys. I'm so that you are blessed personnel. Ready many of board. It doesn't come in the food package. It comes in the foundation. And if god said said. I have a little zeile at foundation. Stu tries to rescue cornerstone. Breast cornerstone is you suppress loss cornerstone. You're looking for at what is that. What has an ice in. The building is nice but found if the foundation. Despite what can rachel's to men of your certain foundation interesting foundation. I'm interested what got stacked something. One asset view our choosy to reject somebody. Who's driving a nice car. Because i know it's not as rich as but he also looking for a godly foundation and not knowing boras plunder together bridge to over twenty years. Now i've minister mistake by choosing by not the foundation but for looking for that doctor america the lawyer. But he's he's she's into some tennis. But i tell you a fit person fifth placing look for a lee tissue. You are because it's a is a is on dishes. That was that you can't guarantee that to be built for you. Why god has led a this process. Cornerstone i lost to one. That will hold you and not think. Come move a strong foundation. Hallelujah is a fifth person. Look forward a courtly foundation if you if you get a new job and you're going to pay you so much by its affect your ability to save coach. Thank you very much for the show. But i can live my life without court. Minute of your tuesday's doesn't any truth. Since it will affect me my bill to have it will not give it a chance to go to protect and took the job. I would have been maybe rich in so many ways. But i choose to look for found dishes to build my life for twenty years. I've been pasta. Yes and i'm impacted of many people and that is to meet. The ghettos drove my life to both houses on we were the has kept is legal here. This fund the plenty of five million dollars. It's five hundred thirty five. I'm going to is not a top selling in this area of five hundred messages. Not doesn't a time we were we were. The panacea is improving record looking for foundation. How by this time yes. Many of my mitch are cheaper. Tickets officers of the banks in the country this back lesbian. I was senior editor for forest. Could have been a good if it's about now if our needed i didn't want to build my life on something. That has no relevance looking for some of dish rather to seven people in the corner chapas and pestis then to be a cheap upper bunk. And i. that's that's all about my no. I was looking for cutler foundation. Because shoe found this hallelujah somebody. is accepted about a fifth person looking for godly foundation. And the thing that will take you away from court letting go who wants to marry you. Want to sleep with infest. He doesn't have found issue. Brother you can't go don't rush appointed. He's living you because he doesn't have the foundation and no one who wants to marry you. He's ready to wait for you. And what about price. Because if i want to marry you. Sister i mean out until the fullness of you not only three minutes of enjoyment so i rather grim cost to do mind into my idea. I will really bora bora to go and episode four of you in my house view because from modern doll two minutes of his too bad that tender buttons. Or let's have some fun. Two minutes a lady. I wanted tomorrow. She's see who come for we can and then he will go and i say look we are looking for. We can funnel. I'm looking for food tom. Wife food. Tom weiss the phone. I took one now. I said hey touch all your we continue. Hallelujah you look for godly foundation. That can and you can sell that. There's no in his life. You must rejecting where he doesn't have a foundation on his pocket he's talking about that knocked script but newark cassatt. Better means no one script is a sign that he doesn't have the foundation alleluia number. Four seven point two. And i haven't phone fat demand forgetting your past so forgotten pass fed s in must always look for something bigger and greeter. Forget you pass. If you don't learn to forget your pass you can receive the blessing of course because faith is the substance of these hopes for. You're looking to your future. Not your past you go so you must be willing to forget your pass. Hebrews chapter eleven. V eleven fifteen hebrews eleven fifty watch. It truly had been mind that the mice are few of the country from where they came out. They might have opportunity to have retained an attorney. Who thinking by a former boyfriend and you are struggling bellinger struggles you say quote and then as a struggle it jack and monitors don't wanna come in now you remember from about this time two to say i have to go back to got. It made that your mind of where you came from. If your mind is do four of where you came from. You always feel like we by this time. By this time it will egypt's ubt co koumba by now cairo's by now golic by now. The minds were still full of the past is of looking for the future christian. A fit person. Look for tomorrow. Not pass when mind is full of your pass. Gold can listen. Bob will say that. I think hebrew chapter nine also ten ten. Tend that to go back to tented now. That tussle lead by it but if the mantra pack my sosa have no pleasure in him. If you drawback effect person draws no the difficulty you are going through. You can cook. I won't go back. I will not retreat. I'm looking forward for something good to for i'm looking for what's even though i'm struggling to the i will never go back. There is nothing buck that is well. Bitcoin buck for hallelujah. Bible said announced that i by his faith. You're fed is your live by tomorrow not your pass and the who draws back you been member of a pretty good method that you have a brighter future for you and because never know yet seen it and who are going to some small challenges you said no no. No no no no. I'm too to so. I'm going to back the bible. Say that if you drawback is god said if you drawback my so interesting you. Because i want to see that there is something apropos and i'm waiting for you to come to that fit for point to receive it. The woman was bill issue black for many years. He had tried all doctors. It didn't wake by. He did he say that. Have given a look at head. There's not a person who who's working. If i can go enrichment him of his comment something she was not willing to resign to the pass and said after all that outside of there was have given that no tell you can't give you can't keep up now. You have come to the house we have come to find. You have come to fine. If in what do i expected have not yet come by faith. We saw half. Its we have it. We cannot give up now. We cannot keep up now. There is a god whatever we are looking for in life. you will give it to us hallelujah. Amen now follow up past drive. We have been mindful full of the they came from. They would have risen to return. But you are not returning about your retaining the way you're not returned to so number. Five number five is fair demands. Strong desire strong desire and experimentation of the best of tomorrow hallelujah. You're looking for the best of tomorrow. The best of tomorrow tomorrow is coming. There used to be a sarafina song. Victory hernandez was in a free. You don is common to more see the for many years mandela been in prison but they sat kept sinking disown. The kept south african kept sinking. The free dome is coming to. They kept the hope of one. Dismantling will come out of prison the the fifth give up about what they are big drew but there was thinking too so fleet is coming tomorrow. Freedom is coming tomorrow number coming tomorrow. Something good is coming tomorrow. Sitel one buffalo tomorrow hallelujah. Why what what what came from. There's this little once. Been eventing for two waste. Thought two ways. Predessor scientist said margaret gary l. Cut murder get ready. Every like i become even a new way. Because he thought at the point that they'll do this hd nobody's coming by ladies and gentlemen freedom is coming tomorrow on the twenty eighth of this month. She's got him alive. And kelly who said god dot com. Who said your son who set to lead to get married come tomorrow. This committee stomach immoral. Plus tomorrow. keep you tomorrow. Nas car is looking for his tomorrow and not hallelujah. Yes there was a wedding at back. I want to call. The god is one of our buses up sixty one sister one ready yesterday. Free is common to sister. one has died and left her. Many's stiff nobody was to sixty one. She had that. Where did you say your story is. Tomorrow is come in excess. Something get for your d'amato as exciting wonderful for goodness this apple a day. He's able to make sure that the despise soon who were to off the that set a table before you process of your enemies. Your caps are fed. I say you're better tomorrow. come in. that's a better tomorrow. That's a moral comment from my dad. Numbers love to see that my association. That's a better tomorrow. Comment set pattern is in the expectation of a better tomorrow and see you tomorrow. So frightened soap lawyers. With son for your. Don't porno who he saw coming to you. Come see the of code rice up. What food is coming tomorrow to is. I oh yes hallelujah. Expected designed that royce coming. Beat you turn you act. Dot santa tomorrow is louis gives you a coffee. Something hallelujah must have been six. We are closing. Fed demands trusts absolute. Trust 'em full persuasion of ability of goat ability of coach. Now mitt to me. Over to me i no one wanted and johnson at fed passes somebody who believe in the ability of court got is able not among is able. God is april. The god said he is able god is able then. You might go before you said i am. The lot. is that anything. Too hot for me is anything. Is there anything that too hot for me. Hallelujah reminds the best number nineteen to twenty one. What's ebrahim romance for. You're talking about the twist of -bility of court reminds of the four best nineteen hundred. Be not rick in faith and being not rick in faith he conceded that not his own body now dead. What was over one hundred years old that that nest of sarah's womb. She was looking at his wife. Not looking at himself i yes. He's that not at the promise of quote through but a strong in faith giving glory to god west twenty one and four live with it. You are fully persuaded fully. That what god has promise. He's l. boom to perform it. Whatever god has promised abraham said that if got us promise me it's not about me on my wife but port ability to make me have children did hundred. i don't know. But i know the power wa tweets and so he's got nuts with on belief he was to leap sweated that. What courthouse promising. God is not a man that issue. Lie noah son of that issue to half. I said it. And i will not do it. You have faith in god. Faith in god. The thing that has promise you tend to have had me or in the past spoken to you in your life a dip. What software. And i'm not some swat on sending you believe in your heart. That gold is able to tweet for you. Don't consider yourself man for frizzell and the change in the. You'll hear what somebody would come in mary. You the nest spawning after murray. You are certain in the plane. Go into america gorgeous. Able to said god is it. Rebekah woke up in the morning going to fetch water. He didn't do that. Somebody has been prepaid phone murray maritz. She found herself in a different country in the blessed family. Suddenly the richest of some family has become part of life stories. Saddam story among your civilised. Robert has done before but god is going to send a right and montgomery you tony. The class of the richest people in the community. So you talk to the house sadullah. You've got your husband. Have five houses and you want intact of pundits now face. the guy's already packed the said. Mon- i don't know what to drive. Received this comment you by fast. You are blesses. god is april. I said god is able. I said this it's good. It's not a what we believe in him. Have faith in. God believe in the ability of court because this that god is able as stunning. It could be that unless you here. I've been transferred from somewhere. Because god is able to this jack. Jack does some few district as scummy and has got to change. Your story forever says something. I've got to tell your story hallelujah. Yes i believe in god. Who can tease you too. Need one crossed by your life. Essential possible by your life. You are one just one percent one right fest in or it doesn't want ripe preston you life while pinpoint that's what business by business right. That's of life has changed. Recip- the chris of believe in philadelphia fought to cost besson business contacts. Joe torre forever. Couldn't life settled. Look i wrong and to run your life. You need to buy you can buy. This received that race of going by seth. Enter those ramps. Somebody oh mom is number. Six group number seven number the months on niaz herein of the of course luria now because fed combi oven and hear about the word of god. It is important that from today. You must soon yourself to always been listening to the word of god that is what is going to build your faith as you came to catch you hear me. That's enya keep listening. Keep listening listening listening listening. Kipp gone to the podcast kept listening. Because the hear the more you're fit level goes up hallelujah. So that is why we correct kris to always be listening to messages because it is. Then you hear people's testimonies testimonies appoint testimonies debit set a testimonies amer meditation. Because what you hear people stories that today you come to touch and have you heard me hooters. Veggie for put to win is getting married. Somebody who assisted why has gotten marriages. It's not testimony. Will compel allows. But i'm wanted for crying out for somebody that he can turn for me. The young word of the you hear that one this people what god has done for them done for percent for the sam muscle. You're prn it. Listen to give audits route here and it is building up your faith and one day. He said here the thing that you hear that it's out of your life of your says i hear it because the hearing your level down but the lord is about to take your story samper who has done it for somebody. He did it. For abraham he did it for isaac he did it for did for debit. It did for tausif. He did it for something he did it for. Everybody read the bible sip gore as keep reading the better. Keep hearing their way. We'll see him. Also written you sir. Richard you and richie you said that the woman was one she had this s was passing by is a hearing. It hearing fit come by here and so seventh and most important point is that you must be hearing here. Keep keep hearing. Don't give up some of you on social media fully water and see listen to the tips. Read the books. Listen to the listen to the podcast listening to get listen to them. You see life filter enough from one level faith to another level of faith and you see that here at ontinue of is seen you are working with the low. Bless your approach my new fit. Lift little your hands and touchy load to the load. The so low seven demands seven demands of my faith seven demands spring the points all seven points. We are going to them. Oh yes yes. All the seven points demands divi instructions divan instructions demands number two assessments assessments. No matter looking for godly foundation godly foundation. Full forgotten. your pass. Forgotten your purse number. Five strong desire for greater petition of your tomato. Tomorrow number six pursue up the ability of god full of the ability of god and number seven continues heeren of the way of code. Lift up your hands and pre pre. Everybody prayed lord increase my faith my faith my faith my faith my faith faith in god i want to fit in you might go. My future is price. I see bright up future. I see my. He transformed by faith. Five or sort of i desire pre our hearts hearts hearts by faith. I've got to have it. I believe i have asked. I say i dissolve out peripheral. I receive it i receivers gone. I thought could finish the practice for me. You took her for god my spout mackinaw simple word. My call the smoking michael. Thank you spilling we'd love you with thank you. We'll give you the glory ask every about every closed. Maybe you are here. You don't believe in jesus but today you can give your life to him. It's faith that the ten minutes your future. Your life is in your home every head. But i want to give my life to jesus price lift up your hand. I'm going to give your life to christ if you are here. Come onto jesus gig give me a call you a okay. Now everybody you feel that your faith in god has come down you want to build you up to see a brighter and glorious future if you are here you feel like you need to mic. You have more faith. Raise up your hand preview up. Listen up listen up. Listen god bless god bless you bless suit therapy. Hold the hands of your people. Jesus you said have faith in god and these are the ones who are to the hands that they won't have faith faith in you want to look forward to your ability to help them not looking at themselves and what they have by helping them to mold that there is a gone who is what can out for the one day. Look around their lives. Today there seemed to be no hope because they are trust and confidence in you can see a brighter future according as they have desire you grant on the the hope and yet desires. What sincere. sorry about that. They desire grunted onto the blood by v grunted onto the let them walk into the blessings that are desiring that there was stunned somewhat and testify that by faith they have become that stories will affect the lives of many jesus name odd man. I believe you were blessed by the message. Do visit as this. An every sunday at a hotel and suits during at age steady and wednesdays at seven and god bless.

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