BGN Radio #156: Wheel of Suck


Hey there podcast pals. i'm john stolnis. The host of the phillies pod hidden season. One of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation. Look the baseball season. One hundred and sixty two games long. And there's no way you can watch all those games so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week for the bills. Goodness you could ever want and make sure to check out our other. Podcasts including the award winning dirty inning with justin clue and trevor strunk and continued success with justin and endless. Rozier subscribe on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app listening to bgn ridden with brandon. Lee county and jimmy kim scandal. Oh what's going on everybody. I n g kept ski from voice. dot com. with me as always is out leading cremation. Aegean radio episode number. One hundred six are bad brandon. How are you jimmy. Couldn't have said it. More accurately singly. Better deals are that i'm here. I propose to you doing a podcast up so this week where we didn't even talk about the team because who cares. I honestly i wrote about this on bleeding releases dot com after the jimmy. I was like this team doesn't deserve anyone's outrage. They deserve your apathy now. I say that as someone who is an shouldn't be saying that. Because i want you the listener to come to leading renascent takeout philly voiced. Jimmy's work checkout out. Bgn radio here. But i i can't blame ya if you checked out but that said gonna the dot com engage off some craft jerky hawaii. You're dealing with your depression. And you discount code fifteen or fifteen percent off yet. It's reminds me a little bit of like when you make that. Apathy point reminds me like mid to late in the twenty twelve season which was of course injuries last year. That if he really set in zero before you had the dream team expectations were heightened a little bit because they closed out that twenty eleven season like they have much games. At the end of that year there's renewed hope that maybe all these players kinda came. You're under their belt with the team. Would kinda put it together. And i didn't and i just kept losing losing losing and like really turned from anger from the families to apathy really quick and i think that's really what ultimately put a jeffrey loria over the edge in you know firing injury but anyway i quite there yet. I don't so maybe in the future will Having episode like that but They have five game stretch coming. That is really hard. We'll get to that in a little bit. We'll talk a little bit about eagles giants If you feel like reliving that mass we to the nfc's picks versus the newest and biggest thing News wise is that the injury report is really thinning out so there only two guys that just with that didn't practice it all. I know like i said before. Like pleasure cox and anna. Jason peterson practice. There are scheduled days off who the other two referred in. Sean sean. Rising judah illness. Okay so the good news that either reporters thinning out had his excuse for failure anymore. So like they're they're not really all that banged up anymore. they still have a guys on injured reserve. They're going to get zach ertz back soon. Because he's the twenty one day practice window on him I don't know of anyone really really cares about that at this point but their injury report is actually. I mean they'd report itself babbling. You look at the guys on. I are and they're just really. Aren't that many area. Got brandon brooks of got andre dillard. You've got sean jackson style. But there i mean it's really. They're really not that banged up of football team anymore. Yeah helios saying going into last week's game like okay. You can look at this point for optimism but you could also look at that and be like they were two one to start the year when they were relatively healthier in the head. And i'm herb these guys it's like it's not like you know injuries or the only reason they're bad and i think it's a good thing though in looking at this from like the injury. Excuse can't be used. This can't be used to deflect blame off of those who deserve lane here Guess the positive in that sense. Yeah i mean. I heading into the game last week. Your gasoline johnson back miles sanders back getting astronaut. Jeffrey back so there are some thinking that the return of these players would maybe give the offense a little bit juice maybe a little bit of a different look at it just wasn't pared back like you get this performance carson wentz where he doesn't turn the ball over his family thrown interceptions earning on that but kinda plays sort of quote unquote within the scheme system. Or whatever you wanna call it. And the results weren't there just looked a little bit different than has looked the rest of the season when they win turning the ball over like crazy but they just i mean the the alternate effect of that that they didn't make any plays like the opposite. Make any place at all overnight on third down just a truly dreadful offensive performance of the pants were the worst of the three phases of the game. Terms of offense defense special teams But certainly the the offense was was the worst defense. Didn't play well early Special teams was garbage throughout the entirety. That game So it was really just sort of an earned loss to a very bad team on all three fronts. Yeah i think a lot of people and we to we talk about. Who's most to blame. And that's very sports radio to do that but the reality is the same stinks and everyone deserves blame. Like every level like from in terms of not just in terms of the game itself from offense defense special teams but then also like the foundational pieces here stink. The front office stinks quarterback. He stinks adolf peterson. He's had multiple bad games. Rate are in a row right now and he's things right now so it's all dad that's the reality of it and it's depressing. You know you look at overnight on third. Down really against the nfl's twenty-six frank down defense like recently really like you're going to be that poor third down like you're coming out of the bye week in you can't convert down like what are we doing scored seventeen points. It's pathetic And then the defense to me. I mean the giants ranked second to last in offense points per game heading into last week. Seventeen point two only to the jets. You have twenty seven daniel jones for the first time in his career. Jimmy daniel jones did not either fumble the ball or throw an interception in a single game against tim sorts his defense With the eagles like it's it's pathetic man and even just from like in like from an individual player standpoint. How many of these guys are i. Guess exceeding expectations like heading into the season yet. Certain expectation of a player. How many like played above that level brandon brandon graham travis. Fogel maybe nate her. Big nasty nate baby jordan. Alava sure daring better. I've played like the way he's played but like maybe be some doubts that he would But he's been he's been maybe a little better than some people anticipated. See like y off six players at slaves kind of a stretch. I mean this game is coming up was worst game. yeah that's true he's overall. He's been good though. Josh josh sweat is another one. Who's legit good player at least in terms of the role that he had. Oh yeah ethics at as as a rotational pass rusher. I think he's As a sack or quarterback in his last five. It's been a while since he's made an impact aubrey with that for sure. But then you look at the number of players that have not lived up to expectations. You can triple that number also like everyone. Yeah it's just like you said it's structurally it's coaching staff front office. It's individual players. It's just an and of course. The quarterback is is the big one but across the board. They've just really under a tree. Underachieved to an extreme degree. And i put this out like Have pulled up in front of you right now. But like the teams that. They've actually beaten like the quarterbacks that they've actually got here. The quarterbacks have actually beaten so they've they've staved twelve wins since the start of the twenty nineteen season and seven of them are against the following quarterbacks case keenum luke. Falk mitchell trubisky. Eli manning joint haskins mcmullan's benji so more than half. Those winds have come against quarterbacks. That aren't starters in the nfl did you take away. Those easy wins and they're they're five twelve one. It feels right to like at what point in the since the two thousand nineteen season like. Did you really feel great about this team. Obviously we won last year although they started out poorly. Yeah and they'd come back to washington but you know for interactivity lasting optimism like when was that and that's why it was crazy to me when i got the sense that this organization thought like everything is fine or things are trending in the right direction. It's like are we not living in the same reality. it's like no one feels good about this operation like a lot of people while you know talk themselves into things and i will never blame them for doing that. I've been wants to be optimistic. You don't you wanna give yourself a chance. You don't wanna be like well you know heading into the season. Everything's gonna be terrible. I so i get that there's a lot of optimised out there And i'm not trying to criticize those people as much as you know the organization to have that mindset that everything is fine not actually realize how bad they are. That's that's what frustrates me. And that's what makes me want to check out. Like when i see that kind of attitude i feel like there's no. They're not going to be changes. I feel i mean obviously there. Argument is if it's a disappointing season. But will they be meaningful will be significant as they should be because to this point. They haven't been i. I just really wonder like okay. We all believe howie. Roseman is gonna be back. Great the front office would have been terrible. So he's gonna make more of those. We're gonna do another seasons. That doug peterson i of feeling you know. He's the least secure. And that's frustrating. Because i feel like all the blame on him would be the really unfair but also Maybe he's back in like where they take away his play then carson. Wentz can't go anywhere because of his contract basically and he's terrible right now and and really you know ever since the concussion last year and i wonder if that's still bothering him i don't know that but i kind of question i've gotten recently actually an answer to it. Obviously but it's been quite a lot of people are asking so but those are your foundational pieces. I just don't know like we're the optimism is with them. There's some delusion last year or evidence delusion last year in the changes that they didn't make other there was some recognition that the offense wasn't performing at the level that it should have been the nevada last year of course they fire micro and they fire carson wash which doug one of those guys as we saw that not process like it is part of the Part of the problem here. Yeah but at least at least jeffrey. Laurie seemed recognize it. Those guys is warned. Get the job done At their respective jobs so those guys get let go. But that wasn't enough. And also the the the antidote wasn't or the the fixed the problem wasn't just add like seven more offensive coaches to throw to the vix like that wasn't it so that that was part of the delusion in my opinion do or just enough wasn't done to fix the what was really just a stagnant boring ass offense the last two years and initiator of course everything is kinda cratered. So it'll be interesting to see. Sort of how. Jeffrey loria used this season. As a whole and sort of where he places the blame Going forward because again like you said it's it's everywhere across the roster. I felt like the one question that was really good Earlier this year was Doug would define the identity of the offense. And i'm just gonna read the response real quick here so he he said i would define the identity as using the strength number. One you've got to go. You've got to go off the strength. I think of your quarterback and then you build your plans around that so obviously the identity you wanna be able to run the football plaque pass the qb movements and then As less mentioned earlier in a press conference the screen game. You've gotta mix in screens effectively in your system. You ought to be physical upfront. That goes without saying you. Want to be dominant. their control. The line of scrimmage all that and that's where the run game comes in. But i think you're seeing that you've seen the identity a little bit kind of rear its head up in these games and then it goes back down because we haven't been a successful on first down into too many second longs in third along situations which get you out of who. You are a little bit as an offense. Those are things that we have to focus on continue to work at and going each of the mindset at with that mindset in that conference level of your recall when he got asked that question. There was a big sigh before he got it. Like you kind of want to think about it and then the answer is bad like first of all. He really comes back to this. Were not good enough on first down stuff far too often like that's not like i don't think he's using as excused. But your offense shouldn't just be good because you're good on. I now it's a big part of it of course but like Answer wire not on first down then to sell like but all the things that he mentioned as far as what he wants. But like the identity of football team. Quarterbacks been bad Able to run the football they actually have run the football but he won't do it Black action pass ineffective because teams. Don't believe they're gonna run the ball lot. Qb movements he has not gotten carson wentz out of the pocket as much as he should have. in fact jack mclean asked him about that I believe on wednesday. Doug even admitted yet. We got to get out of the pocket a little bit more Destroying game has been absolutely horrid like not even like it's like not effective. It's been like outright bad. I mean like team seat common. And it's never even they're not even like even completing these screen passes like a defensive lineman covering up the running back almost immediately and carson wentz either have to try to make some foolish running play out of or he's gotta throw it out of bounds thrown at the feet or whatever screen. Name has been absolutely awful. Which you know. Maybe you can blame on sir. The lack of continuity along the offensive line. But i think the bigger issue there is just that that a very organized offense right now. What you kinda need to have training and you want to be physical upfront. They certainly haven't been that real at times when they've got the running game going. Okay fine but i think for the most point for the most part like their offensive line. You have injuries and stuff there to smith you playing that a little bit. But that that has traditionally been like the one aspect of the team the calendar for them to be good and they just haven't been good this year so really the a like all the things that he named after like not additionally like not big sure how to answer the question. He named has been really bad this year. So great. I mean like who could have seen this coming. The eagles not hiring an offense coordinator like doing the simple basic thing like the expected thing. Everyone wanted an not working out. Not that like maybe do that. And everything is fixed with that. Move but my point here is. I think a common theme throughout the coaching staff decision. There you just highlighted getting ready grow and bringing in the new guys And then even through the front office moves a common like tre tre threatened line trendline one of those whatever. A common theme is that common like he gets mind. Okay there's hubris here like it's just like they think they know so much more than they know they don't realize how much they don't know it and it's like yeah you know what will sign a third defensive tackle to a ton of money even though weirdest to We don't need we don't the andrea or stuff on digs aren't established wide receiver. We'll just rely on the draft. Even though we've never really hit on that position ever under howie roseman. That's fine like there's so much arrogance here and it's like it's in a way you know. It's like winning the super bowl. Like undid all the humbling. That i think moving howie roseman out of the front office. Once kelly human it's directly undid all that it's like. Oh yeah actually. I knew what i was doing all along. And i need to be humble. I'd like i've just you look at all that you look at the coaching staff moved. It's like oh we don't only off the corner with like seven other guys in. Have this weird setup. it's like what are you doing. Just do the simple expected basic things. Sometimes i hate to say that because like that's so generally in the second round that's yeah exactly it's just like what are you doing. Like don't don't over think it like they just over. Think it so much and i. I don't know where that comes from. I don't know if that was from a point like we just wanna looks a little bit smarter than everyone else. It's like and i and i get. I hate to say that. Because i think sometimes you have to make daring moves in sports and be aggressive and i think the eagles credit when they doug peterson more aggressive than any other head coach into than seventeen. I was smart and that were in the health and the help the super bowl. So there's you know there's a time for ingenuity but it seems like they take it too far and it seems like they don't really know what they're doing it's like they think they know but they don't think that's fair. Jimmy i wanna tell you. Sit right there jimmy. While i tell you about. First of all the estimation nfl show is doing that again with rob steps. You can take that out. We do the debrief podcast. It's fun we get to talk about. National landscape talk eagles on their a little bit. We also talk about the other shows and to make a point here jimmy. There's so many other fun teams out there in the nfl. And it's like i'm jealous. You tell us. I looked at the miami dolphins. And they're awesome man. Like how can you not like the dolphins like specifically talked about on the show this week. Halley the dolphins are like. They were honest with themselves. They're like hey we're irrelevant. We need to tear the same down and then we can take a couple of steps back. Take a step back to a couple of steps forward. And that's what they did and other going be the playoffs. Probably they might win the afc us and they might have like a top five pick. The texans are terrible. Yes oh. I just wish that you've got to be honest with themselves is my point so check that out. Go review subscribe You guys doing a good job of that but also check out right to still on crack turkey. Y going to write to sell on. Dot com just kept kobe. Dan fifteen if a bunch of great meat snacks. Nami snacks gear. Everything their local based company westchester. Pa a bunch of different flavors og hickory g abner escobar would usually so many good ones that they've the south opponent turkey jerky again. Right dot com Bijan fifteen at checkout get fifteen percent off jimi baseball truly. It is awful. I'm phillies writer. Justin clue join me every week. Along with john stolnis. Liz rozier and dr trevor drunk. As we discussed all the ways the phillies have hurt us on our podcast hidden season. As well as historical anecdotes and rar emotional ramblings on our other shows continued success and the dirtying subscribe to the good fight and you'll get conversations with insiders analysis of breaking news and stats stats stats together. We'll survive whatever baseball can throw at us back here on. Espn radio episode one fifty-six one next to me yeah so first of all let's get to. I guess the upcoming schedule because it really just brutal over the next five weeks so this upcoming week. Of course there. In cleveland at home. They faced the team that the they're just owns their soul in the seahawks. They play in green bay than they have the other team that owns their soul at home in the saints. And then they play in arizona against the cuyler. Murray led cardinals Than they wrap it up against To nfc east opponents I in dallas in at home against football teams are very quickly. alicia run through. Gimme win-loss predictions. At browns may be win. You know what really. Wow okay oga tonight into at that site the seahawks loss. I've lost the browns by the way. So you've lost seahawks loss at packers loss loss saints loss loss at card. Although yes you know. James winston might be starting to drew brees. We'll see but not matter at cardinals loss loss at cowboys. I mean not a win. I mean not locked that they wind off a win. Yeah i'm with you there. That's that one could get dicey. Because i don't know we'll see how they play going forward. The cowboys Just had their by expect them to not be. Continue to be good as the season goes down but And it might not be as big of a joke like you know gilbert through one game at least in we'll see if he reverts kilo daltons coming back this week. Okay low if down again. But i feel like did you watch that full game. The steelers team yet the garrett gilbert gain. Yeah no because like the announcers all throughout that whole game like this gilbert. He's really shown up in here is terrible. You didn't play well on these people watching the same gate. Like i guess he was. Okay early in the game. And that's rather than to nucci though that gave them built equity throughout the course of the rest of the game but he wasn't good night game what do you look at. I think it was eight minutes and then football team week. Seventeen week seventeen their honestly loss. Yeah okay. I got lean on that one. So it's a very brutal stretch I mean if they win this week as you think they will that's That would be a i saw on twitter. Bryan burke from espn puts out like the the win or the the playoff leverage of ability Like they it's such and such percent likelihood if it's whatever i think. The eagles differential is like it was around twenty five percent. I wanna say it was four percent so if they win this game they add twenty five percent. Likelihood of bacon placidly lose and it's weird against like an afc team at that. But i think the difference here is that like really any win at all for an nfc team is like three wins. Like if they went to war games they went two more games the rest of the year just two more they get the five and ten and then that requires all the rest of the teams of i mean it requires the giants to win to win through requires the win three more games and they have but six games left so they got a five hundred dollar as the way and then the football team in the cowboys would each either one of those teams have to win. Four more games and that's not gonna happen like eagles. Magic number from their perspective is really just kind of like win. Two more games shouldn't be that hard to hear his kitten or not areas mccoo. What's wrong name for him yes. Aj aj jay feely. It's kristen roja roach. Realtors father's name was albert. He passed away. My father's name was james. He passed away So we mixed us together. Aj so we named our cat named this cat after data Yes the crew. Putting i so i thought we'd play a game here this week. We'll call it quality the wheel front office. We gotta come up better named with us but for now just call the wheel of bad front office. We can solicit ideas. We'll take ideas for that list. Should we hashtag that on hashtag. Bgn wheel okay. That's get and we need to the wheel of let and basically what what will do is spend the wheel. The wheel will tell us which -sition group We have to show how the front office is screwed up at positional group over the last few years Anyway we'll just we'll just been wheel. It's wide receiver. Oh i think we gotta find a wheel that doesn't take fourteen seconds to run anyway wide receiver. So that's a fun. One to get started on. That was already predetermined. I promise first of all we should mention. I won't call in front of the pod friend of me in front of you. She'll kapadia put out a win conference of the podcasts. Yeah why wouldn't you was my secret. I don't know now. I just don't know what friend of the pod weeds like he's desmond guest on the podcast as far as i know. But he's a friend of both you. And i so i guess he's in front of the pot will come from the pod. He put out a great piece. Was it yesterday or recording. This on thursday morning by the way but on wednesday on the athletic she'll put out good piece where he just rolling hammered eagles on a bunch of different stuff and one of the one of the categories was The wide receiver group. But that. I just made mistake after mistake after mistake. And it's easy to point out like should have drafted this guy instead of that guy. I don't really like doing that so much except with the eagles like they're very clear players that i thought or more talented than the player that they eventually wound up with and like it was plain to see by sort of like ignatius. People like me or you the cover. The team were like national guys evaluate you know. Give draft grades and and you sort of rank receivers or whatever positions those guys in clearly. This player is better than that player. or guys in free agency. That were clearly better fits appetite. No hindsight media's where. I'm going this so like you look at. I mean it's easy to just point to just take turns. Should we in fact. Let's let's do it this way. Let's do and we're just going on the flyer. Let's just do a draft of the worst wide receiver moves of. The eagles have made the last since twenty eighteen. We'll go you want the first pick. Yeah awesome jeffrey. Giving him a guaranteed year for note. That would've been number one of my board. It's a disaster. They basically flush ten million dollars down the toilet and basically subsequent handling of an through that. I'm counting in there like yang on the roster all the season this year disown canoga burning roster spot. Yes for sure. I mean like eat it. He played his first game week ten. He could have gone up and been a not canada roster spot for the first six weeks of the season so instead like there's that's one last roster spot the half or maybe a younger player who might contribute might nap and maybe have them for the future. Whatever but really just the to like the the redone deal that they did with him. Real only saved them like a million two million bucks or something like that but the downside was that he might not be good player anymore. And you're guaranteeing now ten million of money's basically like i said just flushed ten million dollars toilet that they really could use an of course they're heading into a twenty twenty one off season where they are really gonna cap strapped all right so it might turn picnic draft. Yeah okay. we'll sneak it. I will take the layup here. And i'll go drafting. Jj fago iside over decay metcalf yup freeze missouri. I don't think we need to go too. Deep into that one number i will. I will add on that when the team makes a decision like that. Is it so unthinkable that they messed up another a wide receiver evaluation funny to me. We'll get to this other thing. I'm referring to but yes. Make an expert with my third pick. I won't go draft again here. I'll go relying on the schon. Jackson do stay healthy. I can't believe they did this. During the twenty twenty season there are plenty of other wide receivers available on the open market That they could have gone with They could have signed robby anderson. Of course who actually lasted him. Free agency like into april. I believe so. He was just sitting there like waiting for some seem decided he signed like this like ted million like that with the panthers twenty two years. Twenty s or ten million. I think we talked about this on the last pot actually But yeah robby. Anderson was there. He could've gone other directions. Rashad perriman maybe not as successful with the jets but probably would be somewhere else. He was another option but instead they go back to the sean knowing full well that he's not gonna make through a season healthy and right away goes down. Weeks was week three as the bengals or is a week to doesn't who cares doesn't matter he's gone quickly comes back. It's hurt again. He's out again. Maybe for the season we'll say but a clearly a player that they should not have relied on going into the twenty twenty season. And it's important to remember that like the gave on an extension after trading him. it's only discussed. The trade was barely anything. Lot swapped late round picks but they gave him an extensive that almost made it like a free agent. Signing at that point sean jackson has been available for twelve percent of the eagles of snaps. At least he was at the time of injured reserve. I haven't even factored in now of what could available for so by the time he went and i are earlier. This series only available for twelve percent of the snaps possible to him since returning to philly Also he quoted hitler so yeah not great Pretty positive way he quoted hitler. Yes quote hitler. As long as you're saying hitler's jerk. I'm staying away from that one pm. You probably should stay. With hiller no hitler or anti hiller on this no okay that's a that's a stance we have Okay so those are two totally agree. Yeah robby anderson About that needle that sense they showed interest in him prior to what the golden state trade. He was on their radar. Before yes like you. It wasn't like this guy was like some unknown about guy on their radar and they just said nope So yet that stupid. And i wanna say to me that my pick next year is the jalen rigor last justin jefferson dynamic. Because i wrote an article about this on bleeding grenades dot com. You can go check it out. A lot of people are mad and angry. Every time i feel like bring up. Justin jefferson because quote. It's is good. Well is he though we really know that. So far and look. I'm not gonna say i'm down on deal in regular because i'm not. I'm not giving up on him. Saw some good things and training camp you know. He obviously made some plays or a play down the field in week one. But it's not just about like being okay or fine like there's opportunity costs here. I don't think people understand that the way people talk they you have to measure of what you could have had the deal. Breaker pick isn't need in vacuum. And when you look at how well. Justin jefferson has done. I mean he's the top wide receiver in terms of football. Outsiders metrics tv away. A are a second overall by pro football focus. Es four hundred plus yards in nine games this year he looks awesome. There's like nothing. He can't do basically this idea that he was only a slot receiver with ridiculous. This isn't just hindsight analysis. Like you were saying to me earlier. This wasn't that we both said that. Justin jefferson made so much sense for this team. Like maybe he wasn't the perfect fit in terms of a mold but like why did fit matter so much because the eagles had so much they'd nothing wide receiver like. They didn't need a perfect fit. They need a very good wide receiver and they passed on getting one who had a really good profile to make you believe this was like a safe. A safe of pick that you could have gotten average twenty one because it was such a good bet if you made this bat and justin jefferson turned out to be a bust like i feel like you would still feel good about the decision making process is he'd be like there's so many things appointed him being good. That like okay. He didn't work out while at stinks but But with rigor. I think there was more risk I wanna revisit this tweet from daniel jeremiah. Who our roseman wanted to hire as you reported back yet day. That top personnel chief. The joe douglas scott Dental jeremiah said after the draft. The eagles really wanted speed regular provides that i have my fourteenth raided layer justin jefferson mice fifty six player jalen raider. It'll be fascinating Their careers that's basically the most critical. You're gonna see panel. Share might be of the eagles office. So and then there's that video to of like the vikings dislike like incredulous as jaylen regular off the board before justin jefferson. Then they're like get the pick pick pin like the eagles did waste offers Biz run up to the podium. Yeah it's at the podium But it's even crazier to me in the context of like well first of all this idea that denison like wouldn't be having success year. Whatever that's garbage to me and like the idea that regulars definitely good like we didn't watch our roseman drafted er whiteside over decay. Met catholics impossible that the road the right choice for the wrong choice. Then the last thing on this get long winded. But i think it's even more terrible that they passed on jefferson to get regular at this point because they put all their eggs in the basket at getting that number one are getting that answer wide receiver at twenty one. He said they didn't sign anyone in predency. They didn't added the andre hopkins like they could have like. They put all their eggs in the basket. All the stock into get into nailing that number twenty one pick and they did not know that number one hundred at least so far so i remember my perspective watching the draft unfold The team that you really have to worry about in my opinion at Like i had them taken jefferson if he made it down to the team that i thought they had to worry about was the raiders who were picking nineteenth but they took rugs they too bad too. I on picks like in in in the first twenty picks so they rugs with the twelfth overall pack and nineteen weren't gonna take a wide receiver that point so i actually thought eagles might try to trade up into that. Pick the to get ahead of jacksonville. Which badly needed by receiver. Help to twenty. And then they didn't treat out. They didn't do that so i thought okay. Well he's probably gonna go here. Twenty jefferson is and then they took that lsu. Pass rusher chase on Jason so all right well here it is. Here's jefferson like. I'm like i'm like i my curiously typing up. My eagles take jefferson. Pick like it comes across the screen. Rager and i'm like you gotta be kidding me home ready to go fire off. Publish the article. So i'd like lead everything. Start over with without jalen rager. I couldn't believe didn't take jefferson and the explanation that was given on it. Was that us. Speedy outside lane. Receivers are harder to find than these high volume slot types which is what they thought Justin jefferson was so they not This wasn't a situation where they got evaluation wrong in terms of like the harder stuff like the players. Mentality like andre diller. For example i think was questions about you know Can he make. There's no question about Athletic ability of questions about his mentality and making the nfl So that's harder to do. But the the actual player evaluation is the easy part and this is a guy like from lsu small school hireling some like d two player. That's a little bit. Maybe harder to evacuate as easing evaluations. You can probably find national yet. National championship team like it should have been valuation for them. I usually like i'm not. I'm no expert. I could see like he could play on the outside. he wasn't just solely a slot receiver. Today have more success in the slot than he did on the outside when he was only nineteen years old. Sure of course he did. But i can still do both. And he's tearing up the league now as you mentioned so i thought that was just a total by jeff jefferson. I even think that they thought jefferson was the better player but they just sort of focused in on that one really nice attribute that rigor has which is speed. And i think as a result they messed up at tech. This goes back to the overthinking things to me. Like justin jefferson right now ranks a second in the nfl tied with decay. Metcalf funny enough at eighteen point three yards perception. Plenty enough of a big play threat. Yeah absolutely he ranks fourth at six point six yards after cats reception. Wouldn't that be nice. Someone on on the eagles can actually catch the ball and then take off with it like he had been everything they needed. Obviously they didn't take him so whatever. You're not coming back. He's letdowns done. But like i absolutely fair to compare these two like i've seen so much pushback on the thing you are you. Can't it's early in his career. You can't say. I'm not writing them off but like it is absolutely relevant. That jefferson is looking great. And i don't mean to like harp on this on rigors part like i think he's a good young king kid from what i now. He's only twenty one years old Will you work hard. He wants to get better. Like i'm not questioning any of that. But like you have to look at this and it's a huge indictment of the front office. Is that our our only picture. He's now ivan ivan to more pets. I'll use my snake to. He's already getting asked about justin jefferson. Which my opinion will too soon for that like we can you and i can talk about it. Like fans can talk about it and You know we can compare those two players because that's just what sports is but laura the start asking this guy about another player that was drafted after roy. Ten nine games. it is career Many of which he had been al injury. So i thought that was. Maybe a little bit unfair to the kid do that. He already deleted his twitter account. Which i think is actually good for him to do sort of maybe block out some of the outside noise and and just focus on what he has to be player But it's a is already feeling sort of what i would call the difficulty of playing in this market where he would may be experiencing the same level of pressure a heightened expectations in a lot of other cities. So i think i don't have another pig got got keep it. Let's keep going I mean i'm supposed to. But i don't even know what i'm going to this point I was ear pick now. You already took it text. You know the one out jefferson. Oh i guess. I can loop a not trading for establish wide receiver in there like deandre hopkins stefan digs. I kind of talked about that in their out a loop that in let's finish up with your two picks so i only have one more since you took. I'm gonna say meal stretching exercising the fifth year option on nelson angler. Sure i mean you paid him. What was it was it nine nine or nine point. Four million baby nine and a half million to to get a one last season. A bad season Out of nelson is a very bad season out of nelson agholor. Who by the way Is doing some nice things for the raiders. Now i think he's on still has but prior to this prior to week ten anyway. He was averaging over. Twenty yards per catch has a handful of touchdowns of big plays So it's just a what other players go somewhere else and have success Nothing excites eagles. Fans more than than to point that out and there's some good examples that this year with a aguilar. I haven't really followed super closely. What city jones and rizzo bug was have done in jacksonville and carolina respectively. I don't know like. I haven't watched them actually play but i knew that they both made some plays along the way so user they've been getting hammered known aguilar to corners a little bit this year. Are jimmy monte break here. Road trail tours. The grade nine six nine two nine five nine six nine on june nine. Buy a house. You cowards back. After this espionage presents the sp nation nfl show five weekday episodes to get you through the grind of the nfl season with your favourite espy nation community leaders. You'll get reactions to what happened on sunday. Film breakdowns fearless takes local expert analysis fantasy football advice and so much more. There's a little something for everyone on the sp nation nfl. Show be sure to subscribe on apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast app to be sure you don't miss a single episode that year on. Espn radio one. Fifty six for final segment. Do me time once again for our. Nfc's picks so don't have dropped for that saw one of my own looking at the records. Here jimmy i gained the giants i can. We discuss. joe. Judge marc colombo. Were you can get into that in that game while they don't have a game this week have well. We'll we'll just let me read you this weekend. Shut up anyway on teen fifteen. I gained some ground new fifteen fourteen so leaving tentacles all season the nfc speaks against the spread. What i notably was. The accuracy of those records is a eagles straight up enough. Six and three. You're four foreign ones. I gained ground. Clyde the dines winning all right so now let's get into the giants since the cost to them and this is the team they lost to the team that you're about to talk about right now. Yeah i mean. They reportedly while i guess initially reportedly will first of all before we get to the reportedly they judge fired mark colombo who is their offensive line coach Then reportedly is the into a fistfight and judge fired and because of that then a bunch of giants reports came out. This is i mean you can tell from their wording. It's all clearly coming from the team that there was no fistfight but there was some kind of like heated back and forth I guess joe judge had earlier in the week or the week before brought in the former patriots offensive line coach at never know how to pronounce his name. It starts with the day super italian name. But he's well respected them with the patriots for a super long time and colombo did not like having that added offensive line influence in building Was maybe a little bit miffed. That joe judge himself had sort of I guess What's the word. I'm looking for here. Sort of was involving himself a little bit. Too much in Joe judge i talked to some giants be reporters before the game on sunday. And i mean there's just other people in the press box like before like flex screw you man what's not flex anyway They were like they got this crazy. Joe judge wanted to implement this weird. I guess rotation along the offensive line like three or four. Different offensive tackles would play in the game And then like three or four. Different interior offense alignment would kind of shuttle in and out of the game. which never. actually. I was actually looking for that during the game because i was gonna. I was hopeful that make fun of it if it didn't work and they never did. It transpired so i wonder if you know sort of their Fight was a result of partly because of the hat again like as reporter is because he brought in sort of awful consultant as well but it looks to me like in a fight actually happened the way that you see like some of these tax from Giants reporters and national reporters. Like the way they worded. It still kind of sounds like some kind of light happened so my takeaway on this like is dominated by this by the garbage like weird team. That doesn't have their stuff together. In my opinion on the field or off of it even though they're playing better recently But the for the for the eagles to have gotten dominated by this team that like reported beginning fistfights with our coaching staff is Not a good sign. Yeah definitely sign of a healthy franchise dominated by the team. S guitar picks for this week with the football team were one and a half point favorites against the bengals. Yeah In a tough one because the bengals are bad but i had the bengals winning this game outright because i think in my picks i pointed out that the bengals haven't won a road game since i think it was week. Four of twenty eighteen. Of course they tied the eagles this year. So that's the best they've done on the road In that span. But it's been a long time since they've won a game now. Meanwhile you have this garbage. Nfc's that we've Sort of talked about all year. I think they're now to eighteen and one against teams outside of their own division The football team is owned five in those games. So something's got to give their either the nfc either football going win that game outside their division or the bengals or filing a win a row game and for my perspective. I just can't bet on anything. Nfc east right now. So i took the bengals and it's fair but i'm gonna take the football team. Has that bengals offensive. Line is bad. And i think it's still think the washington defense is good or at least it's a solid unit. The very worst and alex smith did some things to get to get the washington back into the game last week. Yes so whatever. It doesn't matter who cares the world's going to end on the team one and a half basically pick him anyway. next up we have the wrong. The dallas football cowboys at the minnesota. Vikings in vikings have just one way in a row within yourself three or four in a row now they will want and five. So yeah. what are they re. I think four or five years so they went through neuro. Vikings are seven point favorites against those cowboys. Yeah so the cowboys have some things going for them. I guess in that. Like i said earlier in the podcast coming off their bye looking to get any back so they have that long rest. And then you the vikings who are you know. They're going to play this game on short rest because they played monday night. But i mean i just can't get past the cowboys and vikings actually like. You mentioned the three game winning streak diploma better and i expect First of all they're in. I think. Mike zimmer is in full on like job preservation mode so he's just going to run the living crap out of doubt and cook as he's done all year down cook is either either first or second in the nfl in rushing yards despite missing a little bit of time. But they're just going to hammer the run against this soft cowboys defense and i think that's the only formula they do in this game yet and an cover that justin jefferson is going to go off on cowboys. So i will do is going to be out. He they just added him to are so. In addition to their poor run defense they are going to be depleted in their secondary as well. That's fund eggs Trae monday sorry. Yep new human Yuck confused for the vikings exactly. Yeah so we're both taking the vikings minus seven there but then to me. It's time to get into the eagles game this week. The eagles the philadelphia football eagles are what here. I lost the out the three other standard three point underdogs. The browns are favored by three. What do you have in this one in terms of both spread and then score prediction. So i know some people think that the browns are maybe a little overrated based on their six do not. They're not as good as their six and three record would indicate and if you look at their point differential. There's an argument to be made for that because their minus twenty eight. You don't see often for a team. At six and three eagles twenty years right at twenty nine browser only one point better on point differential bubbling. Actually look at their games like they got blown out and week one against much of the steelers game but it was one of those two and then they upload your later week sixty dollars for a they got. They got beaten by thirty one. I believe by the steelers zubi by thirty two and one of those games a by thirty one. So they've they've had to really awful games but you know you don't forget about those games but if you do set those two to the side there are legitimate look like a legitimate playoff contender. In my opinion. I didn't realize how good their offensive line is until i really started to dig in am a little bit this week in not only good but like super lasik Every one of those five players across the board has posted all their spider charts in five matches to watching whatever and they're all very impressive athlete. So it's probably a even fletcher coke. Said it's the best offensive line. They'll see this season and Eight they have that going for them. They have those those two running backs. Nick chubb and kareem hunt going for them now. Leave done a good job stopping running backs in the run game this year. They have been horrible. China stop Quarterbacks wide receivers and tight ends whenever those guys have grown with it on sort of misdirections jet sweeps etc But they've done a good job against running backs still hard matchup for them with with hunt and chubb and then defensively myles garrett is awesome dude like he's got he's got nine point five sacks so far this year as four forced fumbles. I just happen to take a look at all those sacks and none of them are cheese like he is absolutely slaughtering Mostly left tackles. Does he did up a couple of sacks against the cowboys. I guess they put him against the tarrant steel in that game they wanted to exploit that matchup and then he had a sack or to from from the other. You just one actually from inside forget with game that was against but he is absolutely destroying offense alive and they are not cheap statistical sacks. They are all very wellard and he does a great job of getting the ball out when he does get to the quarterback. So i would imagine they're gonna put him up against gp all day. And i fear for the type of game at j.p. Maybe in foreign this one. So like i think the browns are just a better team and those three things that need to the very good offensive line. The one to running back combo and myles garrett are far more than what the eagles have going for them. And i've i've the browns win. This game was the score. I'm gonna go twenty six to twenty and again. It's not that close all so yeah you covered some of this. I don't think the browns Their six three records. Just when you look at that point differential and also their only twenty first in devi away. So i don't think they're a good team and that's kind of where my not optimism in the eagles is not really any kind of belief in them. As i just think the browns are not terrible but they're not quite as good as we look at that six and three record so you know. I think the eagles are coming off this terrible loss in. I think there could be some kind of bounceback that to some extent. I look at baker mayfield. He's been inconsistent. This year is ninety. Passer rating ranks twenty third among quarterbacks jewish horses run defense ranks thirteenth. We always know. They're good at stopping running backs. He will remind you not so much. The quarterbacks and wide receivers But in terms of like the browns identity which really earlier in the season especially when they're having success was about running the ball in limiting the times baker mayfield had the throw and i think you'll kind of have they might have what it takes to the. Stop that in kind of pull out a win here. I i had eagles losing to the giants in my prediction. Coming out of the by and i said i think they will win one of the next two games and i had them winning the brown some kind of sticking with that guy And again is not anything to do with like a vote of confidence in eagles. Twenty second point as you pointed out in the twenty nine now in devi away. Only the bengals. The broncos in the new york football jets are worse than the eagles. Right now do a great place to be when he spend the second most money in the nfl and your roster when you're just a total garbage t so Yeah gut over logic. Yep we'll also because it'd be frustrating to like it'd be it'd be nice release that they win arab if they just lose and we can kind of all admit. This team is bad and like they can stop actually be tending to contend in the nfc east and have been meaningful It would be better if that happens so it won't happen in in spite of everyone they will win this game. Something like some weird score on the say like nineteen the sixteen people be posted like the michael corleone gatt. Just when i think the one thing. I think the one way i think they can win. This game is baker mayfield ipad. There's no. There's no excuse for baker mayfield not tearing up this year because of that offensive line because of those two running backs and they have good. Receivers jarvis landry previously before he tours. Acl odell beckham. junior earn rashard hanes o. k. Austin hooper. They signed su. There's really no excuse for him to not tearing up this year and he's not a very good season so maybe they get a bad game at bater rand and they can make some plays on defense. So that's their best chance of winning this game in my opinion righty now. The everyone's excited for this week. Seem final thoughts it. We were very negative on this podcast and rightfully so but Yeah but far as final thoughts go As you said by house cowards. Come on what are you doing. Why house some right to sell. Empathic delays discount podium fifteen go checkout libby ballers or your sixers draft coverage on espionage inside out new back back to a for I kills it. Oh yeah yeah so a lot of good sixers coverage out there sixers much more. I can't believe i'm saying this. Because i was at a point with them where i was very checked out on them. But you know the daryl morey they hooked me back in my own thing. Is there because i'm back in on the sixers thing. They had a nice drop their entire east. Maxi up other guys here. I still think there's work to be done. Not hardly a championship get their. They're heading in the right direction. Al horford is gone so that his family to yes. They are support as well. I the thing that makes me jealous and relevant to the is dislike. I look at these smart front offices. And i'm like i just wish the eagles were smart front office. I really do. It's just it's more fun to cover and it's the fans care more to and it's just like it's nice to have trust in them. You know like daryl. Morey makes a move. You're like all right like we know he's good so even if this move like you know how to feel about it right away. Typically not doesn't mean every moves workout. It's perfect but you see the process by. Oh yeah i can see this. This makes sense. It feels like it's been forever since the eagles did that. Something of a legitimately smoggy note united made a trade. But you don't know what the trade is yet a on but like you either the feeling. Okay well i trust that. They did a good deal Or more recently in eagles case. Whoa god what they do exactly so. I wish it wasn't like that and that's my final. Take the end the podcast here on. Bgn radio episode one fifty six. We will be back here next week. The talk about the eagles gas or maybe not depending on play. We'll see any case will be here. Make sure you check out know kissing. Select show everything else. We have year on the bleeding grenades. Podcast feed John stillness has interview with dick per meal to me up on the so go. Check that out so article on bleeding. Greenish dot com. So if you wanna get away from the current team and look back at the past then you can do that as well. That'll be it for this episode. And will you will talk to you next time. Giving hair podcast pals. i'm john stolnis. The host of the phillies pod hitting season. One of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation. Look the baseball. Season is one hundred sixty two games long. And there's no way you can watch all those games so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week for the bills. Goodness you could ever want and make sure to check out our other. Great podcasts including the award winning dirty inning with justin clue and trevor strunk and continued success with justin and liz. Rozier subscribe on apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast app.

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