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The graphic nature of this haunted place listener discretion is advised. This episode includes depictions of violence and disturbing graphic imagery. We'd vise extreme caution for children under thirteen. Piper's interest and Lizzie. Bordon began with the children's rhyme. What started as a weird saying between her and her friends grew into an interest in the case itself and what it said about America. Study in small town politics and shame. And so she booked trip to the Lizzy borden. Bnb to celebrate her college graduation. What else was a Coom loud? A history major to do the tour guide rehashed what she already knew as they stood in the Bordon's parlor the same room where Lindsay's father had died a pair of frightened teens screamed at every creek and grown of the House Piper. Gave them sympathetic? Smile reminding them that this was just an old place they were safe. She had arranged disdain. The guest room where lizzie stepmother. Abby borden had died framed crime scene photos reminded guessed what had happened here. The Antique Furniture Added to the Ambiance Piper State. Up as long as she could waiting for something anything to happen but her eyelids slowly began to droop and the silence until finally she succumbed to sleep. She woke to something dripping onto her face. It was in thick. She wiped it off bringing your fingertips up to face blind piper set up slowly a steady rhythm of metal against bone reverberated in her ears. She wanted to tell the staff to tone down the pediatrics. She stood up and noticed a white sheet on the floor. Amass lying beneath it hyper lifted. It slowly Abby Bordon's remains exposed to the air. The smell of decomposing meat was overwhelming. She turned the body. Over expecting it to be a mannequin or an actor something to match the campy signs that said. Watch your head than the clerk dressed lizzy the gift shop. But the flesh built real coal there was no mistaking the carnage of what had once been. Abby Space Piper. Heard Rustling behind her. She turned to see Lizzie. Smiling as she raised the hatchet again bringing it down on Piper's face welcome to haunted places. A podcast original. I'm Greg Poulsen every Thursday I take you to the scariest. Aereas most haunted real places on earth you can find all episodes of haunted places for free on spotify and every Tuesday make sure to check out urban legends. These special episodes of haunted places are available exclusively on spotify at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network? If you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you listening this week. Joining me on supernatural journey to Lizzie. Borden bed and breakfast museum. The crime scene of one of the nineteenth century's most infamous murders at discover. Why to this day it's haunted On August fourth eighteen ninety two sixty nine year old Andrew Gordon and his wife abby or found dead in their home in Fall River Massachusetts. They've both been hacked to death with a hatchet to the point that their faces were unrecognisable. He was killed in the parlor in the middle of a mid morning nap while his wife appeared to have been attacked in the second floor. Guest bedroom Andrew's youngest daughter. Thirty two year old Sunday schoolteacher Lizzie. Borden was tried for the crime but found not guilty. What are the trials of the century? Lizzy story has inspired everything from nursery rhymes to a lifetime television series the site of the board murders. A three floor house at what was then ninety. Two second street is now a bed and breakfast. You can take a two hour night tour of the home and sleep. In the bedroom where abby borden was murdered fall river was in its Golden Age in eighteen ninety two known as the spindle city for its many textile mills. Andrew Jackson borden invested in several of these mills and was the head executive of one of the town's largest banks a carpenter and coffeemaker turn self-made business owner. At the time of his death his estate was valued at three hundred thousand dollars or over eight point three million dollars in two thousand nineteen despite his wealth. Andrew Gordon was a famously tight fisted mad. He refused to pay for the house to be renovated for electricity and indoor plumbing and was rumored to a cut the feed off of corpses to save money on wood for his coffins Andrews. I twice Sarah gave him two daughters. Who SURVIVED INFANCY EMMA? Leonora and Lizzie. Andrew Borden Sarah passed away when Emma was twelve due to uterine congestion. Andrew quickly remarried in the interest of providing a mother for his two daughters but Emma had promised her mother that she would take care of Lizzie. Both girls viewed their new stepmother thirty seven year old abby gray as an interloper and verbally abused her when they weren't giving her the silent treatment is it any wonder why many of the citizens of Fall River suspected the emotional violence became physical the heat soaked into Abbey Skin and she felt her body was going to burst. Summers and fall. River weren't meant to be this hot but she did her best under the circumstances. She always did her best. Her Stepchildren refused to speak to her most of the time but she got by. Lizzie had recently moved from referring to abby with a strange cold an informal reading of mother to refer to a slightly less disturbing but still distant MRS borden. It did not even matter that both step children were allowed to make decisions usually reserved for the Lady of the House Abbey had been built to endure hardship. She could withstand this. She had a decent allowance and she truly believed that she had Andrews affection even if he refused to wear wedding band instead he wore a small gold. Bring that Lizzie. Had given him as she did not comment. It wasn't her place still abby resolved to endure the stifling summer heat and the icy stare of Lucy's gaze as she went about her chores setting the household to rights. She may not have in charge of this family but she was still a part of it. Abby asked Lizzy if she was willing to set the table looking much more like a child but a thirty two year old should couldn't Maggie do it. She asked referring to the families. Irish made abby politely explained that bridget was working outside. She never understood. Why lizzie and Emma so insisted on calling bridget. By their previous mate's name but it made her extremely uncomfortable. Lizzy nodded her head. Curtly her smile was sickly as she went to the cupboard and got the plates and cutlery while lizzie worked in the dining room abby tended to their dinner. Swordfish wasn't the most desirable meal in this heat but it was what they had. Andrew was frugal with the accounts and he would appreciate them using leftovers rather than heading to the butcher. She sprinkled some dried herbs on top. Before letting it warm over on an open fire. A clatter came from the other room. Abby left the comfort of the kitchen to ask your stepdaughter what happened. She rounded the corner and came face to face with lizzie holding a knife upraised pile of shattered China on the floor. Abby took a deep breath she calmly asked Lizzy to explain what had happened. Lizzy said she had seen someone peeking through the windows. She meant only to scare them off at knocked over the plates and the process abby. Step closer to Lizzie. Removing the knife from the other woman's hands reassuring her that it was all right even though she felt something other than fear radiating from her step daughter's body Epi used her apron as a makeshift basket. Picking up the pieces of broken ceramic off the floor when abby had collected each and every piece. She tried to address lizzy again but her stepdaughter was gone. Abby put the jagged pieces into the Dust Bin and went back to the kitchen. Lizzy was prodding. The swordfish abby asked her to leave well enough alone and continue to set the table. Lizzy stared at her for a long moment. Her Eyes inscrutable at dinner. Abby could not stop thinking about Lizzie expression there was calculation behind. Her is dark to light tired from the heat in the trouble she encountered in the household. Eight like the dying. She shoveled food into her mouth. Grateful for each and every morsel. It was only when she had finished that she noticed. Lucy's is daring her again. A soft smile on her lips lizzy had barely touched her plate. She moved her fork around the ceramic. Taking small bites here and there. Her is never left after dinner. Have you tried to embroider? But she's still feel lizzy gays. She asked several times. That something was the matter. Lizzy smile saying everything was fine. Abbey was forced to go back to her work but then pain wracked her body. Her stomach royal as though someone had punched at dagger into it Abby gasped grabbing the handles of the chair for support the dagger withdrew slowly and stabbed her into the stomach. Again she screamed. Lizzy was by her side asking what was wrong. Abby could not breathe around the pain much less get words out. She gestured for Lizzie to help her to bed her stepdaughter did so urging her not to worry but there was a vacancy to her speech and she was calling abby mother again mother that one word the word she hadn't heard months struck. Fear in your heart lizzy was not herself tonight? Abby wanted to question it but she couldn't move without her stepdaughters help. They made the journey to the bedroom. Together ABBEY'S FOOT. Caught on the door and lizzy pulled too hard sending her sprawling onto the floor. Abby stomach churn acid clawed its way birth. Wrote Lizzy took her time helping happy. She chided for not being more careful. All manner of terrible things could happen in this house. If one weren't paying attention as much as she wanted to cast arms off of her be needed too much right now. She held on for dear life as Lizzie later down. Let's see was smiling and satisfaction. She placed a cloth over. Abby is in the darkness. She heard the door shut but she didn't trust that. Lizzie was gone instead. She waited her stomach burn. Tender throat was sore but terror distracted her from the worst of the pain. Someone was breathing if a corner of the Abbey removed the cloth from her head and stranger is but there was nothing she fell into a bit. Pulse sleep the next morning lizzy was standing over Abbey's bed. She asked how abby had fared the night and be told her she was grateful to have survived. She could've sworn that. Lizzie grimaced for the briefest of moments. But it was gone in a flash lizzy was back to referring to abby as Mrs Borden. The night had been like a fever. Dream some strange mirage of sickness and kindness. That didn't quite align. Abby visited her doctor but he told her the fish was the problem. She had the summers complaint in her mind. She saw lizzy cold stare. She begged the doctor to examine Andrew. He had been struck down with the same illness and to refuse to be seen too expensive. He groped with both men saying that abby was overreacting. She had no choice but to capitulate once again. She was overruled in the boarding house. Treated as an inconvenience rather than a member of the family for dinner. Abby decided to avoid fish entirely she went to the butcher and bought a fresh leg of mutton the lamb had been slaughtered that morning. No one could have come into contact with it. Abbey spent the evening preparing dinner. Never taking your eyes off at the button for more than a minute. She did not see Lizzie around the house at all when Lizzie did finally make her presence known. She complained that she had been up the night before with the same ghastly affliction though not as bad as abby had. Epi DIDN'T ENTIRELY BELIEVE HER. But she wished lizzy well saying that. She believed tonight would be better. Lucy's face was hard but her words were soft as she politely agreed with happy and then offered to take over dinner. Preparations Abby declined. She nursed the mutton stew for several more hours before calling everyone to dinner. The kitchen was a flurry of activity. While everyone's served themselves abbey was proud of herself. She had protected the food from any tampering. Andrew offered to get abby serving. She agreed taking a seat at the table and waiting for him to pack. He placed a bowl in front of her lizzie. Entered the kitchen a second later carrying her own bowl. Abby dog into the rich and media soup she had gotten the taste. Exactly Right Lizzie heaped. Praise not too happy cooking. Abby looked up from her poll her voice shook. She thanked lizzy for her kindness. Not Trusting Lucy's words Andrew added that Lizzie had healthily prepared. Abbey's bowl for her. He had just delivered it. He's blood ran cold. She'd already eaten half the bowl. She jumped from receipt. Sending your chair flying backward. She took several steps forward trying to get to the door. If she could leave the house she could find. The doctor added collapsed. Two feet from the front door was the collector. Tung and lifted abby APP pulling her arm so tightly. She was sure to have bruises later. Lizzie smiled warmly at Andrew as she told him that she would do everything to give abby exactly what she deserved on August third. Eighteen Ninety two Lizzie borden requested about ulla pressing acid from a fall river druggist named. Eli bence a deluded forum of hydrocyanic acid this quick acting poison is transparent and colorless making it. The perfect weapon for would be killer. Lizzy explained that she needed the process acid to put on the edge of a seal skin. Cape which had been given to her by her father but bencze told her he could not dispense the truck. Without a doctor's orders lizzy insisted that she bought the poison before but he stood firm. And she left empty-handed Liz animosity tortures stepmother. Abby was a matter of public record. She wants chewed out her dressmaker for referring to the new. Mrs Borton as her mother calling her good for nothing thing. The borden sisters believed that Abby had married their father for his money. A view they felt was confirmed by his agreement to help. Abby Sister Avoid Homelessness when he purchased a share in her home. The borden sisters greatly resented this transaction. Even though they were given the same psalm. Lizzy constantly urged her father to move them to the affluent hill district of Fall River so she could entertain guests the way the Lady of the house should even though she wasn't supposed to be the Lady of the house at all. The always frugal. Andrew ignored his daughters demands. But he also did little to support Abby Lizzy enema. Were free to use their weekly allowance as they saw fit well. Happy was expected to use her lot at funds on household expenses. Andrew never bought abby ring but Lizzie bought him a small gold band that he wore on his finger until the day he died two days. Before the murders of Andrew and Abby borden the borden household became afflicted with a shared stomach issue. Abbey's Dr Seabury Bowen a shorter that it must have been an issue with the swordfish. They had been served for dinner. But when only Andrew Abby and Emma became sick the following day after the meal of Mutton Stew. Happy told Dr Bowen that she believed she was being poisoned. Lizzie herself expressed your fears to a friend named Alice. Russell alluding to mysterious threats against her father by unnamed men. I feel as if something is hanging over me that I cannot throw off. It comes over me at times no matter where I am. I don't know but somebody will do something up next. Liz prediction comes true now. Back to the story. One of the reasons lizzie. Borden became a suspect in her father and step mothers murders was her odd behavior and changing stories over the course of the investigation in August eighteen. Ninety two she denied hearing or seeing any signs of disturbance even though she was in the house posited theories of criminals movements and frequently suggested that the police would never catch the killer. Lizzy had made similar comments after the theft of jewelry and cash from her father and stepmother the year before the police were baffled. That Emma lizzy and the family's maid Bridget Sullivan had not heard the thief enter the House. Even though accessing the couple's bedroom would have required moving up the stairs and across the whole second level. I'm afraid the police will not be able to find the real thief. Andrew reportedly said Andrew Gordon dropped the charges and covered up the investigation but rumors of tension. Within the house still swirled lizzy wanted more money than Andrew would give her and now he was spending it at her stepmother Adelaide. Churchill had once known a life of luxury but now she was forced to watch from the sidelines as her neighbors enjoyed the kind of wealth that had once been hers. She did not begrudge them their pleasures. But she couldn't stop herself from watching through the windows. Adelaide had been the first one on the block to admire Lizzie. Borden seal coat. Two years ago she spied the gleaming animal's skin through the house windows and felt a Pang of envy in the privacy of her own home she draped an Afghan around her shoulders pretending it was as soft and sleek. Because Lizzie is new coat was she was sure. She looked foolish but she felt important. In that moment special parted the glimmering world. She'd lost access to long ago. There was one other avenue besides spying that would give them more access. Since the two were neighbors she was dropped by for a casual conversation. Abbey was perfectly delightful to speak with the daughters however had a way about them that made you feel as though they were sharing some joke about you. Adelaide left most conversations with Lizzie. Feeling like she missed something. Vital today however lizzy stood in front of the House pulling the fabric of her dress with nervous hands. It looked like she needed somebody to speak to Adelaide. Could be that person if only for an hour to. She stepped out of her own house immediately. Hit WITH A hot summer heat. Lizzy must been sweating to death in her dress but she was. She didn't seem to notice. Atalay damned her brow with her handkerchief. Asking lizzy was all right. All color dream from lizzy space. Her grip tightened under dress until their fingers. For Hard white she turned to Adelaide slowly. Adelaide felt like she was watching a phantom speak to her but LIZ words proved she wasn't the Phantom someone else was oh Mrs Churchill do come over someone has killed father. There was a frankness to the words that worried Adelaide while. Listen look devastated. By the circumstances her voice was so calm she could've just as easily but asking Adelaide over for a pitcher of lemonade. In any case. Adelaide wasn't the police. She couldn't make the situation better but she was gripped by curiosity and really the poor woman should not have to be alone at a time like this so she headed into the House with Lucy. They stayed in the kitchen together. While Lizzie called for the Doctor Adelaide wandered toward the front of the kitchen. She checked to see Lizzie was all right. She was sitting at the table drumming. Her fingers against the wooden surface not nervous. Just waiting Adelaide crept out of the kitchen through the sitting room and into the parlor legs were dangling off the couch. She took several steps closer and gasped when she got a full look. Lizzy had played the savagery at work in this house. Half OF MR Bordon's face was unrecognisable. Crimson red blood dripped over his face. She could see the large slash marks from some kind of Blade Mingling. The bones with each impact. What was left of his pace was oddly. Serene his head was laid gently against the pillow as if he was only sleeping. She stepped back into the kitchen was. He looked at her expectantly. Adelaide shook her head. There were no words for horror this great instead. She asked where abby was. The poor woman must be reeling from the death of her beloved lizzy shrugged saying that was visiting someone in town. How strange that Lizzie had been the only one home but hadn't heard a thing that she'd been taking refuge from the heat and the barn not far from the house. Other neighbors came to sit with Lizzie through it all. Adelaide notice that Lucy's eyes were dry as if she were simply hosting a luncheon. Adelaide could still see Mr Bordon's feet hanging over the coach. She could almost swear that one of them had twitched but when she looked again all was still someone else asked but it happened to APP. Adelaide started to speak but Lizzie beat or to it. This time. Her story was different. Abby apparently came home after visiting a friend Adelaide watched carefully the other woman's wide stairs spokane innocence. That Adelaide was starting to doubt Lizzy was close with her father. His death should have been a significant blow. Lizzy met Adelaide's gays her own stare. Unblinking she asked. Atalay to see. If Abby was still resting upstairs Adelaide caught the barest slip of a smile on Mris Lips. She rose from her seat slowly to prove to herself and Lizzie. That she wasn't afraid she walked across the sitting room and through the parlour door. Mr Bordon's Halawai watched her as she moved through the space. The other dangling loosely. Audit socket stared off into nothingness. She arrived in the foyer. Out of sight of Lizzie. She took the opportunity to wipe tears from eyes in front of her was the staircase to the second floor. It loomed ominously daring her to ascend. She did not want to go up the steps. Something was horribly wrong. They should have heard from Abbey at some point before now. The death of her husband was too great loss. Adelaide took the first few steps slowly pausing. Every time there was a creek it occurred to her that whoever killed Mr Gordon could be lying in. Wait upstairs waiting for his next victim. She strained tips. Overtimes looking for some sign of life on the second floor. There was nothing to see it. Adelaide took another step. I don't laid called out to Abbey. There was nothing but silence. She blinked an Abbey. Was there waiting at the top of the stairs. Sad dark. She seemed not to realize Adelaide. Was there at all. Adelaide rushed up the next few steps about to call out to her neighbor. When Abby wordlessly turned heading into the guest bedroom puzzled Adelaide pursued her but happy was gone. Adelaide size surveyed that rule looking for any sign of possible exit that she looked at the floor. Abbey was lying face down beside the bed. Adelaide rush to reside Abbey's battered face was drowned in its own blood. She'd been left. They're dying as she had lived alone forgotten by her supposed family. Adelaide ran down the rest of the stairs and sprinted past Mr Bordon's body to make it back to the safety of the kitchen. The gathered women asked what she found. She waited for a moment. Here is meeting lessees. If she had known what had happened to her stepmother she was getting no indication of it now. Atalay told them that there was another dead body. But it was Lizzie. Response that would haunt Adelaide even more than the horrors she'd seen. Oh I shall have to go to the cemetery myself. A The only testimony lizzie. Bordon gave under oath took place on August ninth through eleventh. Eighteen ninety two denied console. Since it was a close inquest. She spoke while still under the influence of morphine which had been prescribed to her. Tacoma nerves even with this caveat. Her testimony is puzzling. Her account of the morning of August fourth constantly changed from when or where she saw her father and stepmother to how much time she spent in the barn behind. The House for final alibi was that she had been in the Barnes loft eating pears and making sinkers for fishing when she entered the house again. She claimed she found Andrew murdered in the parlor. The time line of when Lizzie moved from the barn to the house was the primary matter. Trial the Bordon's irish-made. Bridget Sullivan was the best witness. Either side had to prove their case. Bridget who Lizzie and Emma insisted on calling Maggie after their previous Irish immigrant housekeeper said that she was washing windows at the time of the murder at Abbey Bordon's request. But Bridget may have known a lot more than she led on. The police claim that when the arranged descend out for a sheet to cover Andrew Gordon. Spotty Bridget said will need to be for abby. Bordon's body was discovered. Bridget would eventually testifying. Lucy's behalf before leaving fall river stumbling on land. She would never have been able to afford on her own. She never returned to her former workplace in life but death seems to be another matter entirely while the boards are certainly. The House is most commonly reported ghosts. Bridget and our loyal cat also make appearances. They open and closed doors. Tromping around the hall says Bridget tries to keep the house to abby. Emma enlistees exacting standards coming up and quickly leaves more questions than answers at a spiritualist comes to call. Now back to the story Lizzie. Borden was found not guilty on June twentieth 1893. Newspapers around the country lauded her acquittal lesson active justice comparing the trial to a witch hunt by an over eager district attorney their prevailing theory. Was that either an embittered. Bridget was guilty or that. An outsider potentially Lucy's uncle John B Morris infiltrated. The House while Lizzie was in the barn lizzy. Ask 'em take her back to their home the moment she was released saying I want to see the old place and settled down at once. But the borden sisters didn't stain their father's home for long lizzy used her inheritance to purchase a house in the hill district of Fall River. It was the exact same neighborhood. She demanded her father moved them to shortly before his death but the swiftness of their departure left more than a few questions. Lindsay's acquittal left the case unsolved but a wide variety of local still came to the police with tips. Perhaps the strangest was the series of psychic mediums. Who claim to have spoken to Andrew Gordon from the great beyond Simon was not a crackpot. It was frustrating. How often he had to say this. He had been consulted by Sir Arthur CONAN doyle. He had been cleared of any sign of fraud by numerous investigators including the Great Harry. Price Still Lizzie. Bordon would not allow him to consult the spirits in her family's home a lesser man might have considered this a sign of her guilt but he was a scientist and he refused to that anything but the voices of the great beyond to bias him. He chose to believe that the sixty six year old woman was just stubborn and private. It was a hot summer night as he approached ninety two second street on the first of June he wasn't technically breaking and entering. If no one lived there Lizzi lived across town and the caregiver only came to check on the property. Once a week the lock was easy enough to pick out the door. Swung open easily stepped into the infamous parlour. His first thought was how underwhelming it was. Sure there was some crown molding let beyond that. It was remarkably small and unimpressive for the home of such a wealthy man. No matter he had worked to do. He brought out his talking board and his candles. He looked around for a way to dim. The lights then realized there were no electrical fixtures at all Simon Shrugged and pulled the curtains shutting out. The Moon Lit each candle intern allowing the flames to find their stillness. Only then did he plays his hands on the pled Chet. It's slid before he even asked a question O. M. E. Simon looked up. He apologized admitting that yes. He should have asked before entering the plan. Chet sled yes replied. Simon Kochta's head of very fastidious spirit. Mrs Borden Mrs Abby Borden. He called her name out into the darkness. Three handles without all at once leaving tiny trails of smoke spiraling into the dark. Perhaps it was Andrew. He asked the plant chat slid again. No the board answered strange. He knew of no one else who had died in a house. Perhaps it was one of his spirit guides but before he could greet them. The Planet Slid Again B. B. Why perhaps Mrs Borton was confused? But he addressed her by first name as she asked he got straight to the point. You never knew when the spirits would be called away and he needed to know who had killed her and her husband. The Planet Slid L. I will that seemed promising but clear. Answer if not as explosive as he'd hoped he waited patiently for abby to confirm her stepdaughter skill. C L L. A. began to slide faster choppy e. a. v. e. It did it again faster and faster. Simon was not easily rattled. He was a professional but there was something in the room with him. He did not like something that had not been there when he entered or when he spoke with Mrs Borden Abby. He corrected himself but even as he had the thought he felt something cold and sharp against a space. He leaped to his feet. He tried to control his breathing in the dark is is straining to discern shapes or movement but when he got an answer he didn't like it. A dark figure was coming down the stairs. The light of the candles flicker dying one by one as the thing step closer closer closer as it crossed the threshold into the parlor. The last candle went out. Simon could hear nothing darkness. No FOOTSTEPS NOPE BRAND. But he knew it was there watching him waiting. Something slammed against his nose nearly breaking it. Simon Yelp does blood began to trickle from his nostrils. He laptop desperately reaching out for the front door that have been swallowed up by shadows. Another cold sharp object cut into his cheek. His skin was slick sticky. He accidentally stepped on a still dripping candle sliding slightly before writing himself against the wall. He groped along the surface desperately hoping he going toward salvation rather than away as the unseen figure bore down on him. Simon stumbled into the front door. He threw it open and ran until he reached so tell climbed into bed and pulled the covers up over his head like a child It was only when he woke in the morning. Rejoicing the comforting light of day that Simon hurt the news lizzie. Borden had passed away that night now converted to a combination bed and breakfast and museum. The former board and home is a popular destination for Ghost. Hunters and true crime enthusiasts. The tour guides have a campy but informative take the information. They allow guests to pose with a rubber hatchet on a couch in the parlor. That is a near perfect lookalike for the crime scene photo. Andrew Gordon on the anniversary of the murders the BNB hosts live re-enactors. Playing the police or an agitated. Bridget trying to avoid reporters. The staff go home after their two hour night tour leaving the guests to linger socialize and ghost hunt to their hearts content. They can even use the houses we board which has an enigmatic history of its own. It's rumored to have been returned after being stolen a few years ago with a note reading. Please make it stop while the national press may have been lizzy side. The tide turned almost immediately in fall. River people refuse to attend church with her and children frequently rang. Her Doorbell will lead to run away. Giggling and terror at having completed their friends days she was frequently overcharged by store. Owners and local newspapers wrote mocking articles on the anniversary of her father and step up his deaths at one point suggesting that Lucy's name was officially cleared. Because the cause of death was really heatstroke. Lizzy seems to have taken it all in stride. Renaming herself Lisbeth and living in fall river for the remainder of her life spending as lavishly as she'd hoped to what her father was alive. She left her Sunday school days. Behind and befriended or perhaps dated famous actress Nance O.`Neil she hosted Raucous Parties Finances Theater Company at her and her sisters Garish new home which they called. Maple CROFT EMMA. Board let the home abruptly in nineteen o five after remarking that she found the newly Bohemian atmosphere in the house unbearable. The borden sisters never spoke again and Emma passed away. Nine days after Lizzie did on June. First Nineteen ninety-seven lizzy sustained would have been worth over three point. Five million dollars today. Her will include a donation to the city of Fall River. In order to provide for Andrew Gordon's grave as well as over thirty thousand dollars to the Animal Rescue League in her will lizzy wrote. I've been fond of animals and their need is crate and there are so few who care for them in her book. The trial of let's see borden cover. Robertson quotes Nathaniel. Hawthorne's The scarlet letter to address. The question of wine lizzy would stay in the town that it made her a pariah. There's a fatality of feeling so irresistible and inevitable that it has the force of doom which almost invariably compels human beings to linger around and haunt ghost like the spot where some great and marked event has given color to your lifetime and still the more irresistibly the darker tinge that sadness it the ghostly figures and late night disturbances. Her lizzie borden bed and breakfast. Maybe nothing but the shadows of a suggestive mind in a place of great tragedy. But it's easy to extend. Hawthorne's words to the House. At Large Ninety two seconds street was always a sight of tension and sadness and the weight has carried on beyond the Boardman's time there. Abby is said to darkened doorway observing to make sure everything's in order. Well Andrew seems to go on about his day. Not Realizing he's dead Lizzie. Bordon died far away from home but have been seen repeatedly with lizzie appearing most frequently in the house's basement cleaning the hatchet she used to kill her parents the murders of Andrew. Abby borden are considered to be some of America's most famous unsolved crimes. But if the spirits at the lizzy borden bed and breakfast are any indication what happened. There is obvious. Thanks again for tuning into haunted. Places for more information on the Lizzie. Bordon bed and breakfast museum. We found the trial of Lizzie. Bordon by Kara Robertson extremely helpful to our research. We'll be back on Thursday with a new episode and don't forget to come back on Tuesday for our urban legend series available. Only on spotify. You can find more episodes of haunted places and all other Originals for free on spotify. 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