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Film Session | Teen Wolf


good Swimmer oral and welcome to the podcast on the athletic network. It's Friday may I this film session and today we're breaking down? Nineteen eighty five teen wolf. I'm Jay semi thanks to the POWER OF TECHNOLOGY. Task mellows everybody. Let's see. We got the beard one. Trey Kerby House got the International Mana mystery. Taking it to the Max probably wearing sunglasses. Leila's Fran though sunglasses in Dole this morning and last but not least the man making the magic happen it's Janey. Elo dairy is an here. We are before we catch some sweet van wave guys little housekeeping email us your MBA questions and comments to know dunks at the athletic dot. Com will be beach stepping it up next week. I want to remind you to follow us. On social media both twitter and Instagram at no dunk lead at a great job opening up an old pack of basketball cards yesterday on. Instagram. Live with a special guest. Shuman showrooms great. He was really good at that and what I really appreciated. The most was after we finish cards. He got on Basketball Reference. Ogla wherever he went and well actually well actually me after cards. I mean he wants to preserve the integrity of it so I thought that was appreciated. That a luxurious on. Shuman can't let anything go. It's just the way he rolls. Everything needs to be retroactively corrected it. Actually you were the original fact. Check around the basketball games right. How did that feel to be corrected? No it's fine when it streaming because that's his stick stick but really I think you and him need to get on and do some sort of video together and just go back and forth because you and him just online relationship. I think you need to take that to the instagram live now. I think you're right. Shuman is Def definitely been following the self quarantine rules? That guy was white as a ghost. He hasn't seen the sun in like seven weeks. Job Shoe staying inside appreciate that. You know facebook facebook dot com slash. No dunks Inc. Well I guess it's official. We're now on facebook. Make sure you check out. Last night's speech Schill one on one. Podcast lead chatting with Australian broadcaster. Bruce mcnabb about his forty year career covering the world of Sports Liam. About three quarters of the way it listening to it. I'm really enjoying it. I'm an Olympic nerd so I really love the Olympics. Talk Yeah well. The Bruce is is just. His specialty really is the Olympics because he just loves athletics and he loves everything about the Games and you can provide a little bit history there and especially the Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson race remediate though it was great and you know. I think that the PODCAST win for bad fifty five minutes or so but I had to wind it up. I could have been still talking to him now. It was just great. Bruce's got such an encyclopedic knowledge of everything sport. It was so much fun for me. You don't need to be an Australian to listen to that either right that is true. We don't ask for like an Australian log in no not at all. Not I mean we get into a little bit of Australian sport again. The Olympic stuff is anyone. Who's WHO's a sports fan and Olympic fan? I think you'll enjoy that. So yeah go for it. And then at the end we have a little bit of fun with some horse racing whereas whereas where it all started for Bruce. Oh that was great as well because there was to really really famous racehorses in Australia in the last ten fifteen years and so I put it to bruce in a fictitious right who would win and I think the surprise you so they go go check it out Lee Review it or are you a horse racing fan. I know you love all sports but even horse racing a lot of my friends were so by association. I the horses that I've written a few horses in my time In fact I want a horse race once. Yeah no foot you meet a nun owes in this. I was on this like Tiki to his other. These travel company. When I was a bad team we went horse riding on the beach and we had a little rather than only like three or four of us in it but but my nag got home so it was great. I felt like is winning. The Melbourne Cup could go check out. That podcast with Bruce. I haven't gone to the Horse Racing Park yet so you spoiled that for be already. But I can't wait and I didn't I didn't I didn't tell you the answer this you're GonNa find out the response. I mean if Bruce says winks. I'm going to lose it. Man Black Hair obviously widely. Finally if you haven't already please throw your boys here at no dunks of vote for the best sports podcast over at the Webby Award. We were nominated a few days ago and the people will decide who wins the people's vote so this awards no joke we want this webby. I mean this is honoring excellence on the Internet. And that's what no dunks prides itself on being excellent on the Internet. So help us out. I think there's something like six days left to. I believe he can only vote once. If you haven't done so already go. Drops vote the Webby awards. We've shared that link across all of our social media channels or you can go to the Webby awards dot com. Find US under podcasting under sports. General and you'll see us there so your vote at Dunkin. Thanks to everybody that already. I believe the last time I checked still in the lead. I don't know if any of you can confirm that. Looks like fifty three percent right now in the lead but we want to get up to sixty nine so get those votes. Yes yes okay okay. It's like lease horse race on the beach. There's only five competitors both we WANNA finish. I WANNA get sorry to be nagging you about all of these votes but we really got to get up. Yeah so sorry to be real thoroughbred about this guy's all right come on. We're not talking horses here today. We'RE TALKING. Wolves are right. The movie film sessions movie today. Nineteen eighty-five Teen Wolf Lee really wanted this one. And so we tackle it this week directed by Rob Daniel Starring Horse Michael J. Fox in the lead role the IMDB synopsis an ordinary high school student discovers that his family has an unusual pedigree when he finds himself turning into a wear wolf. My first question. I'm coming to you. Jd because you've been phenomenal in previous film sessions breaking down. You know what this movie is about. What does it really mean? You made me think about the movie differently. Jaydee what is the moral of this story? And what is let me? Scroll down to the bottom of my notes here. We suppress your true self. I think that the story like Yeah that's what it is. Don't be yourself it sounds exactly like frozen Elsa that surround yourself. Wow and thought about the moral of that story is to express be yourself at the end yet. Mo- most of the time keep it in contained But that's not the moral of the story. The moral is be yourself in this case. It's do not be yourself and on average. Yeah but at the same the same time. His father is himself at the end. Sort of I guess. He isn't really himself. He knows is his when it suits him. He uses his Genetic ability makes people soil themselves whenever he feels like it. Yeah exactly when when it calls on when when it's required it was required for him to be the wolf for that final basketball game. Actually it wasn't I mean they won the game. We're only one point. Skeets is insane this early eighties sports comedy. Romance fantasy type teen movie. We got that. So we're GONNA have some fun with this. I mean I was. I'll say like we'll go through it here and then we'll tackle those other big questions about this movie. But this we started with the title Card Michael J. Fox in dot dot dot and I was like well. That's a little weird. You don't see that all that often but the more I thought about it in a little more research I did. There was a huge reason for that Teen Wolf was filmed in late. Nineteen eighty-four before back to the future but it came out after back to the future. One so back to the future released in July nineteen eighty-five that's an instant smash. Oh my God. Michael J. Fox of course on family ties becoming a star. He's the man in the back of back to the future. So the production company you can tell I mean they rushed teen wolf and drop it in late August of that same summer as a blatant move to cash in on Michael J. Fox. You know instant rise an instant success. And that's I think really why you're seeing Michael J. Fox in and my God did it work. This movie took like a cost like a million dollars to make. They meet eighty million dollars at the box office. This insane all really because of back to the future. The legend seems to be that back to the future was actually filming down the street. Like with Eric Stoltz if If the articles are to believe that I've read and Michael J. Fox is literally sitting there in his wolf costume drinking a milkshake. Because you can't eat anything thinking that Spielberg is down the street making this awesome movie and I'm here in this God awful wolf movie. Mike Career has taken a nosedive and then of course stole gets fired. Fox gets hired and the rest is history. I know but here's the crazy part. Jd To me at the order of production actually blows my mind because the whole time watching teen wolf. I'm thinking wow Michael. J. Fox is just doing a Mardi MC fly impersonation when in fact Fox is actually doing I guess a better Scott Howard impersonation in the back to the future trilogy because it came first blowing my mind. Great Point Yeah. I mean that's the closest we actually get the time travel. I yeah just just though at the time. That's the thing like a family. Ties was a big hit to in in the US so he had to film that Anne had to film back to the future and then and then to move and he's talked about that before we schedule was just crazy how he had to sort of keep on adjusting but also it looks like some of the like the school they use team of looks like the same school. They use them back to the future. There's a couple of a couple of shots like that where you think. I wonder if it was just on the same set with slightly moved around Equipment probably was. Yeah the I mean look. You talked about the schedule. The entire production of Teen Wolf took twenty one days. Apparently that's it. Yeah that's totally. I believe it when you say there's a budget of a million and they had three weeks to make this movie. I'm like that's probably why you can see Michael. J. Fox's arm skin through all of his costume yeah you can see like you can see. Dolly tracks flections. You can see the crew in another reflection shot from the glass case. Yeah it's hilarious. So he probably then in that case shot all the wolf scenes in one. One hit them probably didn't he like he wouldn't have gotten in and out of that. Move COSTUME A COUPLE OF TIMES. A good question. The only thing I know is that they shot the transformation the first time you see him turn into the wolf like in the bathroom right at his house. I think that would last but I can't speak to all that other stuff the basketball scenes. That's a good question. Maybe if they were doing it on a budget probably the weird intro. After Michael J. Fox in Scott Howard's at the line right he's sweating. He's Patrick Ewing. Damn sweaty in this movie. Everybody all of them. I mean they went a little overboard on the Mr Right when they came out there and get some water on. You've just been playing a game. But he. He misses a free throw and he gets truck over by a dragons player and the beavers lose seventy one to twelfth beavers dragons. Let's just start right there too. Terrible names for teams beavers. Have you ever come across a team? That's named the beavers. I guess I guess they are. There are some out there but not great and not a great name for a sports team and then dragons the fictitious name knock. It was just a terrible names. Terrible News first of all shadow Helvetica for the font is at the fought. They're beginning might be show. I saw this movie in the theater when it came out and I was bitterly disappointed when I saw it then but then I was like maybe I forgot because he was so enthusiastic about this movie so I thought maybe maybe forgot about something so the opening of the movie kind of gave me a little bit of hope because it's a really weird almost artsy opening considering it's such a stupid broad comedy like the the weird sound effects I is it a basketball is in a heartbeat. Turns out it's a heartbeat but but then the first shot is looking up at a lamp or a light in the gym. And it looks like a moon right and then Michael J. Fox rises up through the frame. No it's like. Wow Hey this is actually this is like a you know very What's the word the imagery is is is it's dripping with symbolism but it just takes a nosedive as soon as it cuts away from that shot the movie is just like the graph just plummets through the floor but I had hoped for a second or two right right well. Did anyone else have any scenes where they're like? Maybe this isn't all right moving. Well I'll admit it. I was smiling with styles those riding the waves on the top of the van. I was ready. I was ready to hate it again. I was like Oh my goodness I gotTa Watch this Guy. Right on top of Obama again but all it off you now. I love that. He was listening to a twenty year old song in the One Thousand Nine Hundred Social Listening to surfing USA. On don't get me started on that. I mean obviously. They blew the entire music by clearly. The other songs are so brutal in this movie and I speaking to that heartbeat at the beginning. Jd and just overall the whole sort of soundtrack and the sound production. I thought there was something wrong with my sound bar when I started this movie. I'm like things like seem like a wack like the music was so loud compared to some of the dialogue times or whatever sound effects. I was like I thought. Something was wrong with somber. I'm like looking around like flicking around like no. It's Oh this is just a movie especially in that opening scene. It's almost like you only if this is ever happening if you've ever been in Lincoln as surround sound setting and you're only hearing the rear speakers got exactly so all atmosphere's effects is no. There's no nothing and you can't hear. People's lips are moving. But you can't hear what they're saying is Chris. Yeah the dancing happen like that. As well musicologist bopping and the levels were nuts. Dialogue was happening. A dialogue scene happening in then. Here comes the levels and it was just sort of sounded like a synthesizer back and then that would stop me jumped in almost sound. Maybe maybe they're ahead of their time. It sounded a lot like the power generation. My Name is Prince. I am Funky and was painful. It was like Michael J. Fox listening to that dog whistle in the store. Little too much. Well Oh yeah. And why didn't his? Dad React to the dog whistle like the whole thing like of their family being this hybrid human werewolf completely glossed over. Like why how I mean. When did you learn to like control a dad like none? There's none of that. It's just like a poor part where all I thought it would skip a generation by that. Oh my God that's what that's what makes it great like it like one of the kid in high school. Just all of a sudden becomes a werewolf. Paper are a little bit freaked out but not for that long sort of move on with their life and I think that's great. They like cool. We're GONNA win for their school to be fair in the eighties. There is a lot of werewolves going on. We were we were back. Then time we got the we got wolfson. We got Yup Howling at the company wolves. We got silver bullet and a best. Where Wolf movie of All Time? One of my favorite movies an American Werewolf Yeah movie yeah. Is it the only good where Wolf movie? There is amazing. Maybe maybe Harry Potter for no spoilers. Right right who trey? Who was your favorite like eighties? Casted character in this movie. Because I thought you know for the eighties it was like it was spot on right because he had the friends named Bouffe. And you got the totally Eighties Movie Dad. And you got the side kick goofball styles and you got the sexy girl Pamela. And you've got the you know the bad boyfriend Mick. Like and the coach like did you have a favorite wasn't styles. Oh No one hundred percent not definitely no. I'm like I'm watching this. Just trying to think of it through new eyes rather than the thirty years of history is styles. Cool or is he mclovin right. He fooled nobody actually likes but they just deal with him. But I don't think so. I think he's legitimately cool. Yeah which is crazy to me I would say the coach is probably my favorite character. Non Michael J. Fox edition for this entire movie. You know he's in there for. He's got a few scenes steam. He's Kinda got a classic line that stuck around throughout the years. Yeah couldn't agree more. He is the that's the one decent bit in the movie. It's I mean it's not great but at least it's a bit and they stick with it like his whole non sequiturs his advice. It's like Oh you want money. Oh sorry I didn't notice you're going through puberty lake. I haven't been hanging around. The loch logic says weird scumbag and any loves gum Roy and he doesn't care that they learn either. He's just as almost because he has to be the coach on the side. He's trying to the very first game of the season. Walks appealing a hardboiled? Egg Aka never play cards with the guy who's first name? Yes that's so good. I was actually shocked because I hadn't seen this movie since I was probably ten years old. I think I watched it with Dwayne Kelly like back in the day on. Vhs are growing up in Strafford but when we establish coach in stock and then he right away he's like I need money and like the. Irs is breathing down. His neck was sort of shocked. We didn't get like a secondary plot point where he's making money off team. I thought that would come well. There was no money to be made. Ca Styles is making no. I absolutely love styles. Dolinsky you tell me when it goes out of the party with that dude because you look about it. Think about it write. His friend out of nowhere has just said. Hey I'm aware of and styles. Hey I can't be your friend anymore. I don't WanNa hang out with a will instead. He really wants to support him and push him up and basically say hey. Let's make you the star selling t shirts. He wants to get him ever ought to make money off. You really doing it as a friend he's doing he's doing it together as a collaborative and that's what I think about it. It's like good styles. He knows how to Mike Buck and he knows how to take advantage of an opportunity but he's not just doing all for himself. He's doing because remember when he's selling t shirts and schools we're cleaning up so he's leaving the prophets for sure any sort of cool at the party when he's at the party. No doubt I mean like water. Host is taking turns up you know. He's got his little disappointed to see all those other ones they. But that doesn't that doesn't knock it out he's written on the host. I'm going to do it and I just couldn't help but stop thinking about Mouth from goonies as well those to foss talking cool dudes classic time for the cool to the cool was guy in the eighties. Okay while we're while we're at the party who the hell is the older woman wearing lingerie holding the top hat now? It's just a random girl just in grade ten girl you know older styles so much older and I know everybody's like old in this movie. Even the teenagers are all like the actors were all like twenty-five but she looked way older. I think Lewis was the only age appropriate character the only age appropriate and then he and he he appropriately get scared when team of comes around and we know we don't see him again. Yeah but we don't ever get really a follow up to Louis being scared really right. I thought that was weird to like. I mean okay. You should be scared. That guy's turning into a werewolf and nobody said but also there's no real follow up to that at all like he's he's a little scared of everybody just moves on. Scott himself as a little freaked out at first. It's like what am I going to be doing stealing babies for the rest of my life. But then his dad tells him it's all right man where wolves there are a lot of benefits. You can do things other guys can't that's the only benefit. There is literally nothing else when you want it. You can have power and also where wolves are people just like anyone else. And now they're not man there wearables but Scott gets redel by it and then in the next whatever I'm aware wolf now and apparently being aware wolf makes you more skill that everything. I don't know I would think that bringing dog DNA into your body acts opposite way but you know where old people just like anyone else. What do I gotta get to the transformation seed and then and then his dad's transformation seed to which is incredible. But just one more thing. I did love styles. One of my favorite scenes was when he's trying to score the que. Get Tony's liquor and he's getting shut down and then later we get Scott trying in a lot of him going in there with like a keg of beer please like But with JD. Really Weird Camera. Shot there in the liquor store from Scott's perspective and then we see his is turning red and the voice gets demonic and stuff like that and the guy running the liquor store freaks out and gives them a keg but that was a weird weird shot. That wouldn't see really again. I don't think it was weird. I don't know I guess he was feeling creative for sure and I can confirm having gone to high school in the eighties. You definitely need to bring a keg to a high school party. You cannot get into a party without a cake. Had Experience Very realistic? No sarcasm no sarcasm. Well that's funny. You said that I read the director. This takes place in Nebraska. I think of her does that. The director went to Nebraska. Read this so I don't know if it's true to talk to teenagers to get an idea like partying so what you were doing. You Know Southern Ontario they were doing Nebraska. Have a keg to show up to a party. Mega checks out keg shaving cream what else. There is more than I expected at a party. I would say up yeah. I think that's true. You see a couple of shots. Lot of sunglasses indoors people wearing them at night we get the at the party. We get Scott booth ending up in the closet. That was that was the thing that was thing during my time even still going on seven minutes in heaven something like that. High School. Well no probably like grades. Seven eight like pre high school there. Yeah yeah that's true. I guess there may be a little old for doing that. But anyway he They're in there. They got this long relationship. They basically been friends forever to the point where she'll go play basketball with Abu One. We got the two of them in the closet. Scott and boof making out and Scott I guess accidentally he does clause booths back and just that shirt is torn to shreds which was sort of a look at the time if I remember right. Yeah but her relationship with Scott slashed the wolf. I found so weird throughout the movie. Because she's like. Hey stop being the wolf. I like Scott but then like a sentence later always like. Hey Yeah I'll still dance with you wolf man. I don't like you. It's really weird. She didn't like say like really put her foot down and she came pretty quickly then because he was like. Nah I'm going as a wolf and she's like all right then we'll still dance. It's fine tasks. What did you think of the scene? Not long after where Scott returns home and starts transforming into the Werewolf in the bathroom. I guess the the huge positive of being a werewolf as you get to use a blow dryer. I've never really cared about using dryer. But my God the sound on that one as well I was. I was really into that scene. And then boom the blow dryer felt like it. Hit me in my living room. It was super loud. I don't know I don't know what to say. Otherwise about the just look so. It looks so hilarious. I mean it looks so crappy and and just be crappy. I mean. He looked like he was turning into Tom. Cruise from Vanilla Sky at one point when he's got his whole face mangled up. That's what I thought. Because Michael Jackson's thriller came out only like probably eighteen months to two years before and I thought the transformation that Michael Jackson does that was kind of similar to what Scott how is doing you know you see the face and the ease of old bubbling and transforming like that and then all of a sudden these like instantly change transformed into the wolf. And he's like all right all right. This is fine. No he goes. Jeez Louise Right. Those are your whole body just turns into a completely different creature. All you can think of is Geez Louise such a just such a good kid. Scott Guy won't even swear there he's got to say Jesus. I mean you said it like this feels at times like a complete thriller. Rip Off Michael Jackson Thriller Rip. Off that came out in eighty two if I if I remember correctly like really early eighties and this couple of years later like you said like shows up to the dance. Basically addressed smooth criminal Michael Jackson and they basically are doing like the move from thriller at one point yet. This is completely rip off of that. Yeah and everyone in the school knew it as well. I knew it was coming and they knew there moves. It was just incredible choreography to get on the same page so quickly about that. I thought you know 'cause you don't see him at any point saying okay. You know to the rest of the school. I'm GonNa be the wolf and we're GONNA do this dance. Let's rehearse it's just go out there and everyone's like I mean I mean for this. This is great. Yeah Jeez Louise Lee. You could even pick this one alley four steps and then you spasm your body to look sort of like a wolf and you open your mouth and you go around the whole room. That's so okay so back to back to when he's turning into the Wolf Scott is and then we get data revealing. I'm aware to and again. I wish it was going to skip a generation. Sorry I didn't Sun. We get the funniest scene in this movie. When we see his Dad Herald looking like aware wolf and he looks like an adorable chip that killed. I laughed out loud at that and I read that according to the director when the test audiences I saw Scott's dad as the where Wolf they went insane and he said to laughter was so loud. It'll obliterated the next minute of the film so people got a kick out of. Are they laughing? At the rate reason. I mean he looked ridiculous. Oh was supposed to look ridiculous. I mean I'm not sure I don't know yeah. It's a great point a laugh laugh. It's a comedy so fun and his name was Perry was his name. Harry Herald Oh Herald. Oh so Harry and the Hendersons was a spin off of heroin. That's right that's right so the next morning Scott and his dad talk about it. That's where we get to wear walser people line and we find out. Scott is allergic to eggs and we really should have explored that story. Plus that's where I perked up what I can't eat eggs. My God. I felt wolves being famous for raiding. Chicken coops you know. This isn't this doesn't add up. Yeah I know it doesn't did. I mean I know. We'll eventually graded this movie at the end but jd does. Michael J. Fox carried this. What is obviously a hilariously? Lame movie in your opinion. Yes you know. Yeah he's he's the best thing about the movie he's a very likable guy like he is playing. Mc Fly and I guess that's his Goto and considering unhappy. He was being on that set. Eve take killed it. He's great. He's I noticed watching this and I know he is not the basketball player. So don't get me wrong. That's a body double Michael. J. Fox is like five foot four and you could tell the double was like obviously but anyway I thought Fox. I think he's in scenes. He's an incredibly gifted physical comedian. Oh yeah like the carrying and dropping the hardwood supplies like. That's I mean. I know it's silly. It's slapsticky whatever but it's like actually a skill to like still make that somewhat funny and just trying to carry a million things and dropping things and stuff like that. I thought that was perfect and then again over time. Maybe it's not the running and slipping in the school hallway. That's hilarious that is to do. I think it is too. That was one of my favorite scenes in the movie and getting to the carrying the stuff in his physical acting. It wasn't that much stuff right like he makes. It look like it's more stuff paid to reams of material to bag hutches from the from the mister show sketch. 'cause there's they're filled with bags like paper bags when he drops and at role of mass tape that he has to put it in his mouth. And Dick Mr Thorn throws right at him and he catches it reflexes it well. He's got reflexes of a woman we can keep going here. You Know Scott reveals the secret of styles who you guys talked about. He agrees to keep it a secret. Because he's GonNa make some money off this. I was one thing we like soon after that. We get to the basketball. We're finally really here at the hold. Hold on a second skiing. This is where this is where I was like. Sorry styles can't do it anymore can't root for you. He's a homophobic. Yeah only Michael. J. Fox told him that he was aware wolf than if he had been a gay man. Yes that's right drops a hard. Does he know yeah? Oh Yeah Yeah. This was this when you're like. Wow this defeated itself right here. There's some defensive parts of this is by far the worst. I probably I would agree hundred percent. It's it's actually kind of Nice. How shocking it is to hear that word. Now you know like it's just a shows how much progress we've made I mean we haven't were very far from eradicating homophobia completely obviously but to to have the hard F- dropped and all of us be like to be to recoil from it. That's the show some progress true true true. Yeah you like you like perk up. You're like Whoa hold on a hell. Is that this turn. Yeah yeah sorry. I'm glad you brought that you slip that in there. I was going to ask because we get to. The basket was Pamela at the game. That Scott turns into a werewolf. What was she there? She kind of noticed him Lake He. He's got some animal magnetism she's into dogs turns out so there's something about him so she's there because after that other game where he where he growls and then afterwards in the locker room he has that big long hair and his chest after that is when then their lockers together and Pamela looks at him and his like. There's something different about you all excited for her. Okay okay okay. That's why she's that's great explanation. I'll take that so Scott turns into where we'll turns into the wolf. He's you know he's Dunkin the ball. He spinning on his finger. He's running back on defense like he's that Max's Nice Guy doing personally. I noticed that and it just goes. Yeah he goes full Jordan. Full O'Brien here. He goes around the back a million times they just they just replay about two or three box gets about ten times. That's all. It is just from different angles but yeah he's going to really we'd behind the back and then he does. The bucket shot lineup. Yeah Yeah and he's got a he's blocking everything in sight to you can just tell even the body double of course who. I think was a college basketball player. I forget his name. I had in my notes somewhere. I'm not going to go look for it but I'm pretty sure like even the body doubles jumping off a trampoline right that they've placed conveniently out of frame for all these crazy blocks hundred percent. I would yeah okay. So Yeah we get this what you think tasks. What did you think of the basketball in general in this movie? Be At when he's a human or Wolf. The director did not care to make it a quench sequence whatsoever. It was just random a bucket with scored and all of a sudden ten guys around a fast break. It just didn't make any logical sense and yeah it was just hear the hear. The cameras do some stuff. We'll just splice it together. Not a lot of care put into it and not a lot of care to make Michael J. Fox able to shoot a free throw. I you know I understand that. He is unable. He's not. He's not a very talent basketball player when he's Michael J. Fox the the boy and not the wolf but we have to see him. Jump that hard as I tiny guy. He's GonNa put a lot of our to get it. Yeah Yeah Yeah Talk Magazine. Muggsy bogues after jumping true wise. That that room they had wasn't straight I. That was a little bit kink there so a little bit of home cooking there. I think that helped out the the the beavers. That's another question for me. Is You know. We see like Mick. His rival basketball player on the dragons at prominent. I mean you know kids from other schools could come to your problem. There's no doubt about that but it kind of seen like all of the teams that were playing throughout. This movie went to the same school. Yeah it was weird. It's like intramurals or something. Yeah and there are basically no fans at the beginning of the movie but apparently the intramural tournament heats up during the season so everybody comes out to the game. See Ya got everybody's got to be there. See The wolf because wolf is killing it. Not You know not using his teammates at all. Just go and complete Kobe with it and I laughed aloud. What IT GOES TO THE NEXT GAME. We Still Wolf. And he's wearing a headband. I mean which makes sense. He's got a lot of hairy. I'm sure it was getting in his eyes. Even you know even was affecting his amazing game so he goes to the headband trae. I thought you you'll get a kick out of that. Honestly I get it when he was transforming the mirror for the first time there were a couple parts where he was like. You know three quarters of the way to transforming into the Wolf House like that looks a lot like me and I gotta wear a headband. When I play basketball so I was actually more surprised that he didn't have something managing that mainly in the first game he learned very quickly We gotTA talk about. I know we've talked about the sound production and and some of the music the music during the basketball scenes. The this weird. I think it's called way to go. It sounds like crappy. Randy Newman type of song. Or it's like you've got to go with the flow Joe. It is so bad so bad and it keeps going back to like goes away and then it comes back for this. There's so many montages in this movie too. It's just it's infuriating. Yeah well they couldn't get you'll the best around because the karate kid had already on. So you know that would have implied. If it wasn't wasn't in the competing movie at the time they have some really like at the very going back to that. First scene there's this where where Scott takes a shot from wave like half court or whatever and they try to do like a chariots of fire. Rip Off the that that made me furious and sent me down a bit of rabbit hole. Because and I'll say they'll go on a little tangent here in the in the spring of nineteen eighty two three years before teen wolf and seven months after charity. Fire came out. Setv had a great sketch that featured Daryl Hall and John Oates it was called chariots of eggs and I was sure that they used the actual chariots of fire theme by Van Jealous and I googled it and confirmed it. Also the sketch holds up. It was like how does a Canadian sketch show get the rights for chariots of fire theme literally months after it came out but Major. Hollywood feature can't seem to get get four years after the fact well. After a little bit of digging I found the answer. Setv never bothered to get the rights to anything or like us in the beginning. They just use whatever they want. And it ended up Biting them in the ASS because for years they couldn't release anything on DVD or VHS. Because of that. Wow can you imagine how much money left on the table? But anyways here's the thing. It was timely when they did it it was the chariots of fire had just won the Oscar like a couple of months before for best picture by the time Teen Wolf came out. The joke was at least four years old and already a tired. Cliche done basing research. Oh my God and that just sums up how tired and Boring. The music is in this whole thing even when they use a beach boys song as you said Trae. That song is already twenty twenty years old. It's like another baby boomer. Making a movie for Gen-x kids in as like what are you doing? What are you doing man? And they use a Saturday night. Fever the staying alive but the real version they re recorded it probably because they couldn't get the actual recorded rights and they could just get the publishing or whatever so it's just an instrumental version again. A tired old cliche of guy blow drying his hair so infuriating. Jd they made this movie cheap and it made him a lot of money. Third One's laughing so yeah the wolves popular now. I mean he's popular. He's losing some of his teammates trust because they're not doing anything so they should. They should honestly be happy like they've been getting killed. They got killed the first game now. They're winning games. You got the Wolfman you can ride some of his popularity. You're on the team you're around. The Wolf is seen on his body in the locker room. People are going to be curious. They're gonNA have your questions. Judson actually was eating an Apple Jianguo game. I've never seen that before basketball game. There's just because they're not getting shot winning come. I thought it was kind of it was kind of funny that it was eating an apple because I made several references to have heavy was throughout the movie so I thought he would have had something like an ice cream Sundae or something instead of just going completely ridiculous with. I love that actor too. He's in. Yeah Advantage Yeah I. He's so good in that role in that movie and he. I mean he actually really small role in this movie. He's not really that important at all. Can we also point out that the characters name is Chubby? Lee Wasn't being? Insensitive name in the credits is Chubby. Scott Hits Him with a second movie in a row where we've had a guy named Chubby or chums in that's a thing so the wolf is popular. I guess we get to a bowling alley. Seen this part I have a question because the wolf is out with Pamela. Now she's really into him there on a date. Their bowling MIC is there. That's Pamelas boyfriend and the two together Scott and mick or wolf UNMIK wooden Scott says excuse me Mick says. I've handled your kind before your Mama used to steal chickens out in the back. You're honored until I blew her head off with a shotgun. Ed Killed Scott's mom I'm guessing. He grew up on a farm though. And I had wolves any any one of those but we are Scott Ball. Yeah Yeah that is weird. That was weird but you saw you missed over there too. Because before before they went bowling they had rehearsals for the for the school. Play where he's in it and then after Rehearsals Pamela. Scotty get it on in the in the in the dressing room. I I hated every part of the plane stuff though I tuned out. But you're right. You're right they they. I guess they have sex lendable. Hear 'em howling. Yeah Yeah Yeah. The play is hilarious. It's like it's a one woman production of gone with the wind. I guess something like that and there's literally nobody there. There's there's the director and her. That's it like there's no crew. There's no nothing I mean. At least grab some people who are in the crew of making the movie and just scatter them around like the wings or something but oh my God. What about the character that direct to the The worst character in movie history see. That's why me totally so bad. Totally checked out we get the classic spring dance being right around the corner. An Awesome. You know eighties teen trope. That's always coming up and again we get more relationship between booth and Scott. She's going to go with them to the dance. But only if he's not the wolf and he says he can't do that. No can't do that. God of this dance but then again I said this earlier. Like booth agrees. She'll still dance with him. I don't I don't get that part it's like. Why didn't the writers like really lean into like no I like you as Scott? Not as like this pompous. Like you know Popular Wolf. But she's SORTA likes it. But is he pompous? I mean I don't know he's not really that bad you right. Here's the thing that this is the main problem with the movie. I mean I was going to keep this to the end. But it's not like they sell it as a Jekyll and Hyde type story. But it's it's not the Scott Scott better right like. He's just better at the school basketball. He's better getting laid. I mean there's nothing wrong with with with being better than you were right. I mean it's still Scott. And what are the ones the worst thing that he does he throws a bowling ball? Okay Unsafe Cher. And then he he get sucker punched at the dance and then all he does is rip the Guy Shirt a little. I mean he doesn't even punch him or hurt him or anything. So what's the problem here? I would say the thing. That's a little more dangerous than throwing. A bowling bowl is doing backflips. Removing Wolf mobile down the mainstream. But he's not hurting. Well HE STYLE SAYS. We have no regard for public safety said. I know that things could get hang styles as actually drinking a beer wall striving and banging on the. I don't think it's actually but even if it was where we I mean yes. Yeah you should recycle that at the very least throws in the hardware store or hardware. Now you're you make a good point. Gd He he's not really a Dick as the wolf at all except being a ball Hawk right right but anyways Yeah No. He's figured out. That's the best way for them to win. Right after I just realized Wolf Scott is a lot like J. D. May seem a little prickly on the outside of just a real nice great version of himself. I am aware well if I've just decided to be a wolf the whole time. That's what Jackson said to me as we were watching it. It's like why doesn't he just be the wolf the entire time? What is the point of transforming back to Scott? You're totally right. I don't and you don't have a movie but I mean dad. There's dad just doesn't want him to be the wolf. I guess I guess that's what he's doing. The BACKFLIPS DAD is the one. Who GETS upset? When he saw he took. Yep outside the hardware store and he. He was embarrassing. The family the family name your hundred percent rate. Dad Doesn't want him to be the wolf. Why because people are afraid of the wolf right and that's a threat to him but honestly like let's go back to the garage for his second. Would if Scott had come out and said I am gay right And then are we still going with the same message like you should bottle that up? You should not that party yourself. You should not be that party yourself or I'm bipolar or I have psoriasis. Or something like that. You know what I mean like. It's just like this is something about me that I can't help but we're all going to have to live with. So is it better to tell him to repress that or to be just be himself and that's what the the dad is trying to protect him but I don't know like he should be wolf. It's not like I just don't ask me why but I just watched the nutty professor with Murphy which is not a great movie but it's infinitely better than this movie and it's again this is Jacqueline high type of thing. Where this guy he's. He's overweight morbidly obese but he has this formula that turns them into buddy love. The he's like a slim he's charismatic. But he's a complete asshole pure testosterone and an unhealthy person be around but ultimately Sherman decides he. He's he's a better person as Sherman so he gets rid of Buddy love. And that's that's a much better message to me because there's nothing like we just said first off people are not afraid of the wolf. People are like okay. This guy's pretty awesome. Let's buy him pizza. And then you're right. He's not. He's not a jerk. He's not like this pompous really. I guess I was wrong. You're right he's not maybe outside of the playing on the basketball floor. He's seems totally fine. And to the point where like he's not really even turning his back all that much on booth who we know like him he sort of picked up on that you would hope he has a little bit but he's not even like You're out of my life styles out of my wreck on really cool now like he doesn't do that. So that is weird. Messages agree that the difference between the two is just not. It's not drastic enough. That being said the fact that they use this as as the trope as the angle for the movie gives me my favorite line of the movie. Dad was explaining to To Young Scott when his Werewolf came out up against Rusty Thorne who is the school principal or whatever the heck is translated so he explains back in the day. The day that it came out he said to this day. I don't know who is more afraid that night. Rusty Thorn or mean. He's gotTa keep suppresses gotTA keep a down. But but maybe that's why maybe that's my dad said he never he never really explored that side of him. Yeah yeah that's true so it's where we get the dance. We sort of talked about that. They break out in the dance moves. It's totally thriller and then this is so. I think this soul sloppily written like booth booth. What takes the wolf to the hallway? Right And he turns into Scott. Yeah Yup not from a kiss or anything like that doesn't even before the kiss turned into Scott. No I think that's right. I think she kisses the wolf. Or Yeah GimMe Gimme Scott for half an hour right. But she didn't kiss him as the wolf and then he turned into Scott. She said Gimme Scott and then the kiss right. Okay yeah okay. So then they go back into the dance and what everybody's now sort of like Oh cool. Scott's here not the wolf weird and then gets upset and taught Scott and we'll come back and attacks them and I throw that in air quotes. It wasn't that bad and then everybody sort of turns on the wolf right We man and he takes off in frustration. That is man. Was that just poorly poorly. Written in my opinion it was so damn quick and like everybody. Hey Cool Scott Scott Wolf. And he's defending himself and asks. What I agree is A. It's it's like it was his the the writers first film But I think it was the first draft of his first film because he never went back in and try to fix anything. Just say we need a cheap movie here. You go and that's it. I mean there's no other explanation for Scott Quits. The play he quits the basketball team. Just like that. That's all it took. He's done with all of this because I guess people sorta were looking at them funny and turn on a little bit at the dance after he defended himself. Defended themselves against the bully. Mick really get right to the championship. Game glossing over some things here. But they're down twenty two three early to the dragons. They're playing mixed team again. Scott arrives Scott arrives not the wolf coaches pumped all right. Yeah we're going to see the wolf. Now we'RE GONNA win this game but Scott's like no no no I'm GonNa be myself or not really myself as we've talked about. I'm going to be this version of myself. A little five foot four Scott. What's going to sweat all over the place? Guys we can do this and he rallies the team to play and the beavers from the editing of the basketball scenes. They start bawling out right so you as the viewer or myself. I'm like okay here. We go and again. It was twenty two three. They show the score. It's thirty to ten for the Dragons. So they were actually out scored nine two seven. I and this is what you're saying. Ideal like any sort of the editing and sort of content continuity in this movie is just shot right there. It's like Oh my God. It turned into basically a highlight tape for number forty five because he gets the exact same chase down block. Played three straight times during this where you know. Somebody's taking jumps out and he just swatted away from behind any like unleashes. This baseball pass the full length of the court. I was like well. You know maybe the wolf should have been dish and this guy the ball little bit. Yeah I mean chubs chubs really going. They buy nothing in that first shot when he got dead to shoot it and that just triggered a run even though they didn't outscore the dragons in that run but they had the crowd behind them. You can just feel it in there like in their home gym like that. You knew that the babies had another run in them and and the dragons just really have to try to hold off. As long as they could. But there's even a continuity error in the scoreboard digital scoreboard. That comes up. And it just it like malfunctions puts up the wrong score there for a second like when you're watching a game on TNT. And they put up the scores. Seventy four six in the first quarter just by accident. The editors just ran out of editing time in in the edit suite. They couldn't just cut that out really. That just shows you. How real realistic. It is their test because that happens in real time so that would just putting into the infant. You've got some someone in grade ten. What about MC had? He not get a check from the game he had like three flagrant. S- oh yeah. He was just laying out there man. It's more physical. Yeah but close line closed on Scott their badge through another time at him and he wacky again. I'm surprised you know we saw in love and basketball win. The REF like gave a tech for just taunting. I'm surprised in this one. We didn't get to one of the rest of the all right. That's a that's a flagrant fail or deliberate intentional fair. Whatever it is at that level one more and you're done because he doesn't learn his lesson Maki just keeps on gallon. Basketball Montage was so long. And it was needlessly too long because as you guys were pointing out there just using the same damn clips over and over again like there's that one. Yeah we're the Dragon Guy. Airballs layup crafts out and put them back in. We see twice. It's like you know what though I Jackson pointed that out to me and we went back and watched them again and again they are not the same shot yes khloe. The one I'm talking about is absolutely the same shot one hundred percent. I want a time. It's like they took multiple takes of the same choreographed basketball. And then they're like well everything else that we have is even worse than this. I gotta put this in three straight times. The director said somewhere in a vault is about an hour of the most embarrassing sports footage ever taken that. Make the movie. Yeah I read that too. Trae said that because we were discussing the secret tapes. We wanted to see more by Jackson thousand dunk contests. Are Bill Wennington. Last dance tapes. We got the new holy grail. It's this tape of them somehow playing worse basketball than what we saw in the movie. More freelance tape. Let's see it. Yeah that's interesting because Scott Michael J. Fox really improved his ball handling. He was dropping behind the back. Bounce passes into the pint of so he must have been working on his game between between shoots again. That's the college basketball player playing the wolf. Man's Michael J. Fox there but in the in the championship game in the championship game now. He's dropping the behind the back band pass into the paint. No I no. I'm saying it's not Michael J. Fox himself. I'm saying it's a college basketball player. That's playing him as the stunt. It's not it's not as we can call the last dance on the right. That's right of looks okay. Scott GETS FOULED EAGLES BACK TO THE FREE. Throw Line just like this movie started. And instead he hits both the free throws and we have this unbelievable you know seller seen or they're raising them up and then he brushes by Pamela. Who's really into? Because he's the hero and he goes to booth and then Dad's there and I hope you guys saw this or read about this. The final shot of the movie. Right as the credits start to roll. You can see a person in the back on the bleachers with their pants zipped. Did you guys notice that all? Yeah and so there was that it right now for a long time. People people like would call it like. Oh there's a streaker at the end of Teen Wolf. I don't know why they said that. And people thought it was also a guy that it's his penis in the back like hanging out. It's not true at all. It's it's a woman who is an extra is just in the bleachers and probably did the classic like Ooh Panther too tight when I sit down on the bleachers suggest. Did the old classic unbutton the top button. There and the Zipper goes down a little bit. It's a little more comfortable to sit. There just ends up. She's like that's what happens there but I can't believe that's in the that's the final shot so great. Those high waisted pants though. I mean they're back right. I mean we're wearing them again. Yeah I definitely remember my mom telling me stories of This era she used to have to lay down flat on her back on her bed and use like Like a pair of pliers to pull her zipper up because the pants were so tight. So I guess if you're watching. I don't know six hours of the worst basketball ever played. You're probably unzipping to get a little bit more comfortable in the bleachers. So that's Teen Wolf. We can go through any random observations or questions. I have a couple I did do. I tried to do a sunglass count for you. We I started to but I honestly couldn't keep up because you had styles wearing shades multiple times including when he was trying to buy the keg when he was driving at night then he threw on those sweet yellow shades when he goes Van Surfing and he wore them in class guy was always wearing shades. We get like four or five people maybe even more at the House party wearing them including Chubby who was rocking jade's inside and then teen wolf when he becomes popular he starts wearing them too. So checkout Louis. There were a lot of people wearing sunglasses in this movie and I think in the Eighties. General your style said sign much swag as well. That's what I liked about him. I mean he was wearing like. What are you looking at? Dick knows? That's my favorite Mar. Next t shirt has to be. What are you looking at Dunk knows? Yeah and that's the thing about stars. He had so much charisma. You know you had the green pants the real tight green pants on the shirt and I I just thought he was a fantastic character and I really think there should be a A spin off movie. I mean have made a spin off TV shows team. I think styles deserve design show. He'd be fantastic as anybody watched teen wolf. Too T. O. Which came later starring Jason. Bateman has somebody wants. Your chops is in that to basically as a matter of thinking. Yeah I did only watch it once but it was kind of like Greece to it. Just never ever had the same sort of appeal as long as you're right. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah not go with bowling. That would have been. That would have been interesting well. But he wouldn't have lost. Woody because you know you seem to strike and it's five in a row and I said he's an incredible athlete isn't wolf credible but hold on teen will too. I haven't seen it but from what I know. It's not it's not Scott Howard. I think it's like a a relative rats. His cousin yes because played with Jason Bateman. Yeah Yeah Fear Wolf your amazing it. All sports is what we've figured out. Did you watch that one now? New did now. I started this Podcast already angrily for making us watch this but as defending styles. I'm just getting more Jedi. Said he lost. His actual character reminds me of your friend. Derek biggest insult ever out of the even though you're sort of right but this sort of flamboyant a bit like like Derek there and also just kind of thing so I thought you would have connected with them a little better than you did gotta hated styles. I even hate his name for out for my entire life. I thought it was actually slow word style. That was his that was his right is nicknamed the others his whatever. But it's just Alinsky I believe is Is his actual name. But yes but you can't tell me when he was trying to buy the Keg and he was saying oh the boss is I gotta buy pick up a keg right. That was my favorite style. Seen any other random observations questions. I'd like to quickly defend make for a second. Just because he s he's an asshole. He's a bully. But you know at the Bowling Alley. His that was his girlfriend who had just teen Wolf that noon and was three lanes owner muddling all over each other. I mean wouldn't you be curious? The poor guy. He was furious in the end. I that's what I'm saying. I mean he should have been directing anger towards Pamela. Who is an awful awful person? Yeah and well she. She cheats on MIC WITH. Wolf then goes to the fall in line. And then she dumps. She dumps Scotty Howard as well at the door turns the lights off in his face and says look. He's my boyfriend. I'm still going to the dance with him. Like wow. She's Code Blonde here. Here's what I think's going on. Yeah when you're the wolf. You are amazing athlete. But maybe you're not. You're not good in the sack. He that's why Scott's mom left Herald. Maybe she didn't die. Maybe she just left that Chipmunk Wolf. That's in now and now I'm interested to me. It's kind of just Pamela really likes Harry guys because she was into the wolf and I don't know if you guys saw mix arms but they look like Leila's well you know we could find out because I did a little bit of creeping. 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Fox's success and family ties in him blowing up there in the eighties cost like one point. Two million and make me grossed eighty million early. I think it was actually when it came out. It was second in the in the movie theaters to back to the Michael J. Fox on top of the world during that summer of eighty five. But we got to score it. We've talked it out. We've talked about some of the problem. Maybe some of the scenes we'd liked trae. Let's start with you. How are you great Teen Wolf? Well Michael J. Fox is clearly the best part of the movie playing against type of Fox playing a wolf who would have ever thought it was possible. Another one of my favorite things is in that final scene During the montage about basketball the music is just screaming. Win In the end. Really makes you think. Are they going to be able to win? This one in the end someone had to give it. Two out of five wins in the end. Not My favorite. But I found myself enjoying how much I hated watching it. Yeah okay all right task while you go next highgrading this go on with five out of five. God's because it's an act of God that this film made eighty million dollars at the box office Michael J. Fox Fan Xiao to Canada played for the beavers. It's all fitting Canadian beaver. There appear to be a Canadian beaver at the end of this film in the back of the basketball scene. But that's it that's it not very good. Okay what you gave it. Five out of five five out of five. Lee WanNa go next you. We you know you really pitched for us to watch. So how'd you after watching it for I don't know? Is that your tenth eleventh time. Yeah I haven't watched it for a few weeks. I guess but I think you know I'm Gonna. I'm I'm taking you back. I was like nine years old at the time and again I was also big Maku Jay Fox Fan. I loved family ties. Loved the back to the future series and at that time we had the karate kid we had Ferris Bueller goonies revenge of the nerds and just slotted in perfectly into that group of movies and then at the end of it Michael J. Fox Scott. How as Scott how it needs two free throws to win the championship? He steps up to the line and knocks them both in you know. I love it so he barely knocked in that second. One Thousand Madman is the relented blackmail when he hit the first one. I ninety seven so I thought it was a beautiful movie. It was so much fun watching it all over again. I'm giving this also five Wolf House out of five but that's a good good writing. Unlike task look bad writing. Okay he loves it. J W I'm turning to the skies and looking at the moon. Full Moon would be the perfect score. But I'm going with the new moon which is no moon at all. It's the there's there's not even the sliver it's zero out of a million. I hated this movie. I would rather watch Airbud more times than ultimate yes I would rather watch Arab. Jeez I reckon I reckon you would be the to style. Slinky's is key to guys but absolutely hit it off her. I'll wrap this up. I am giving this one and a half out of five pointy fingernails okay. Yeah I hated anytime. We saw his His fingernails turn it into the wolf. That always creeped meal for some reason. I give it that because this movie stinks. You're listening some great eighties movies. They're Li this doesn't get sniff the Jock straps of some of those movies like cooties and so one and a half though Michael J. Fox. He's not in this then. This probably thing never it may not ever get made and if it does no one ever sees it and it's not iconic by any means if it is if we call that a bit of a reach but he's Great. I like him. That's a no brainer. And Yeah it was only ninety minutes. It was quick until the point at times linked to quit. Because you're like what we're just glossing over this whole family back story of like were part. Where Wilson or just glossing over people like liking than hating them the next second because he stuck up from so anyway one and a half notify pointy fingernails. It's not a great movie but it's we've had chubby with had jobs. We do need to watch Gooney so we can get chunk in the next one fads in a row. I don't think there's any basketball being played in the duties correctly. So I think it's GonNa make. We Are Basketball Bill. The tackle and we wanna hear from you. Let us know what should be our next movie. Our Best Next basketball movie for film session or do we just wait until space jam to comes out as we found out let us know though right us no dogs at the Athletic Dot Com. Get your questions and comments in for beach. Step in tweet at US Hashtag. No dogs are at no Dunks Inc. What movie you would like to see us tackle next whether or not you were a fan of rewatching Teen Wolf. I think that's the thing back when you're a kid. Sure this was probably enjoyable and silly and fun and looked hilarious but now a bit of a tough rewatch. But that's our opinion you tell us we loved it still so maybe you do to click. You heard it here. I have a great time. Turn up love you guys awesome. Thanks for joining us. In remember there are three rules that I live by. Never get less than twelve hours. Sleep never play cards with the guy who has the same first name as a city and never get involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body. Now you stick to that and everything else is cream cheese at the beginning and got better with A. It's been so long.

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