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Full Episode: Monday, January 13, 2020


Good evening thank you for joining us. Queen Elizabeth moving quickly quickly across the growing minefield today announcing a new direction for the Royal Family in hopes of staunching. A devastating wound this in the wake of Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Megan again shocking. The world with plans to step back from their royal duties how they were driven to this point and now what the future holds here's ABC's James Longman two of the most famous siblings in the world. William and Harry walking through life together inseparable as children laughing alongside their mother Diana sharing in the grief at her funeral. They grew up in the spotlight leaning on one. Another standing standing side-by-side each other's weddings eventually welcoming children of their own. Their bombs seemed unbreakable but now a cowardly hardly their family divided both love each other dearly. But when you get married your family you've got different priorities and in all honesty. I think that they have grown Kapala most. The Duchess of Sussex went public with their bombshell plan to leave their posts. A senior royals loyal bombshell during fall out from Karen in Megan's royal exit if the Queen this was calling denise sparking an international frenzy the British press dubbing. It makes it now. All Eyes on the Royal Family Career as an unprecedented summit cultural by the Queen took place today at Her Majesty's private home in Sandringham Prince. Charles William and Harry all in attendance Meghan in still in Canada with baby archie. He's a father now he's priority is his wife and his son and what I think we're seeing here is. He's putting them I. It's still early days but for now it seems. The family has reached a tentative agreement to Queen voicing support but admitting it was not what she wanted issuing this statement although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working members of the Royal Family we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued lead part of my family. Harry and Meghan have made clear that they do not want to be reliant on public funds in their new lives it has therefore been agreed that there will be a period of transition in which the Sussex is will spend time in Canada and the UK to number people that know the queen very well and the reality is. She's absolutely as a practice. The property tax just get this resolved just ahead of today's meeting. A glimpse of unity prints wouldn't even Harry releasing their first statement since the announcement pushing back against rumors. That William Bullied Harry out of the Royal Family for brothers who care so deeply about the issues surrounding mental health. The use of inflammatory language in this way is offensive and potentially essentially harmful. We're Harry and Meghan have ended up is a fall cry from how it all began a royal wedding watched by Millions but it's not been the fairytale once mentioned they have been given a lot of freedom by royal standards but there are some things that they just have to rules that they have to abide by. I think she has found that restricting. Difficult now won't found the couple's decision coming off two months of rumored rifts inside the palace and growing tensions outside with the impress all this seemingly pushing the patch that breaking point. In retrospect some say they were clues pointing to that ten nine days royal tour of Africa last full at the time the couple opening up to why. TV's tone bradberry in a documentary. Harry and Meghan an African Journey Ari addressing ongoing reports of tension with his brother William. How much of that history Stuff stuff happens but we're brothers were. We'd always be brothers in that same documentary. Megan spoke to Brad about how private struggle to fit in. It's not enough to just survive something right. That's not the point of life. I've got to thrive you gotTa feel happy and I think I really tried to adopt this British sensibility of a stiff upper lip tried. But I think that what that does internally is probably really damaging now in a new TV documentary. Broadly reflects on how that trip was just the beginning of this ongoing Saga Saga. My best. Guess is they wanted that. I think to be a bit of a pressure relief valve. I think they wanted it as an indication of if they made the announcement which we've now seen that there would be some. I'm preparing the ground. Do you think at that point that two months down the line you know the turn of the year Harry and Meghan. We'll be announcing that. They want pretty much that they won't out doc some would say perhaps it's a clash of cultures. She came with a different background unit. She was American. She was a divorcee. She was independent financially independent. So what's GonNa have to be a readjustment on both sides. Their relationship with the British tabloids has been fraught from the beginning just a few months into their budding romance. British tabloids descended ended on them some with racially charged headlines in country like this one from the Daily Mail that read. Harry's goal is almost straight OUTTA Compton. She's been subject to incredible online abuse as has kate Middleton but I think there is this component of race that Harry addressed even before they were married. Something Meghan would address in their engagement interview at the end of the day. I'm really proud of who I am and where I come from and we have never put any focus on that. We've just focused on who we are as a couple. Some racist coverage played apart but the relentless aggressive coverage on all aspects of their marriage. Eventually it took its toll unfortunately are also certain classes of people who will dehumanize women who dehumanize people of Color and Megan ticks off. All of those boxes in October Tapeh Harry announced he was suing the sun and the Daily Mirror for alleged phone hacking soon often Meghan father lawsuit against the man on Sunday and its parent company claiming illegally leap published a letter. She had written to her father. And you continue and constantly see here. Nativity Commute Roman. You can feel powerless and lost. I feel different confused or like you don't belong in response. Harry got personal. My deepest is history repeating itself. I've seen what happens when someone I love is commodity to the point. They are no longer treated or seen as a real person. I lost my mother and now I watched my wife falling victim to the same powerful awful forces Harry's late mother Diana knew the problems of life in the role spotlight all too well in a television interview with Panorama in nineteen ninety-five. She described the suffocating nature of being royal to pressure on on us. Both as a couple with the media was phenomenal. I misunderstood by a great many people. Donna was beloved but the public's fascination perhaps fueled by the Paparazzi meant that she was hounded relentlessly Harry doesn't like the press because of what happened to his mother and who can blame him But I just think that in terms of the press. We've done what we've been told we've stood where we've been told to stand. We've only taken pictures when sleeping in public and these days there is so much press. There's everything that you see online and on social media and have horrible things being written about them absolutely. They have have theft written about them. Yes that's true now. It seems the couple is trying to take control of that own narrative their website Sussex Royal Dot com launched after last week's announcement laying out new parameters for press coverage of the couple's engagements but given the Queen's statement. Today it's unclear. Just how much of that plan will actually really be put into place. These are complex matters for my family to resolve some more work to be done. But I've asked for final decisions to be reached in the coming days For Nightline I'm James Longman in London up next how. Amy Schumer is breaking free of the stigma of infertility when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you. You need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot Com post. A job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using using an intuitive online dashboard. 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Amy Schumer is getting intimate by going public. She begins. IV treatment as we follow one couples couples own IVF journey from heartbreak to happy ending. Here's co-anchor Juju Chang. Trust me. She's not going to shock you. She's not going it'd be like yes. She's the daring comedian known for her feminist. Punch lines on inside Amy Schumer or one night. Stand the Fan. I had like a one afternoon San and I couldn't find him but UTAH. Nagy stadium is so big breaking through in the blockbuster film trainwreck. You just walk the way you walk down the street all right. Thank you and recently getting laughs about New Motherhood in her network Swick special growing if you good pregnancy. Like if you're someone who enjoyed being pregnant I just hope your car flips over now. Amy Schumer humor getting personal about her quest for child number two and her struggle with infertility. Schumer had a son last May with husband Chris Fisher but she recently posted a visceral Israel. Image of her Bruce Stomach on instagram writing. I'm a week into. Ivf Feeling really rundown and emotional responses to her candid post pouring in from from those who've been in her shoes one woman riding IVF is the hardest thing others saying so proud of you for sharing so many silent sufferers any time there's a celebrity With a big platform and they step up to the plate with their personal health issue. It does an enormous amount to increase awareness At times it can stigmatize an issue. Schumer's post putting the spotlight spotlight on the often private and rarely discussed journey taken by so many couples desperate to conceive it can be incredibly lonely isolating experience variants and even though the reality is these women and these couples are not alone it can feel like they are and it appears. She'll continue to document her journey. She wrote this follow-up Instagram Post. We're going to freeze embryos hopefully and there was this one today as only she can Schumer finding the funny in her. IVF journey posting video of herself waking up from sedation in the recovery room. I might know the picture picture that she posted to sort of resonated with people especially people who thrive enough because it usually feels very private and secluded head and almost isolated. What you're going through? We followed Aviva an atom for more than a year as they used to try to grow their family. There are a lot more stops on to the moments inside the doctor's office to call the can change their lives forever factor crossing where a team. And we're going through this together and I might be the one who's getting the shots and waking up early. And but he's on my team. He's supporting me. He's even if he's not going through it physically he's going through it emotionally as much as I am pretty special. What she's is going through for for us not just for her for both of us? The couple conceived their son Benji actually but when it came to try for baby number two Adam was devastated to learn he had cancer. Cancer became focused number. One and baby was on the back burner for awhile. Tell us what you're GonNa do with that dog with his cancer in remission. IVF became their best chance at being able to conceive again on this day. They're going through an egg retrieval the first step to creating their embryos. Aw six she sailed through perfect. She's really twenty nine six once recovered. It was time for Aviva to prepare her body for the next step depth to prepare for translate experiment on the day of her embryo. Transfer of feels the weight of the moment. You've probably that I feel like there's a little more pressure on me because my body work. Okay okay so you see that little white spot it's right in the middle of your uterus cavity and hopefully we will immediate. In nine months in the successful cycle. She can be pregnant or just after. The embryo is transferred to her uterus. We usually don't know that until about ten days. Two weeks slater when the pregnancy test is done a few weeks later couple of weights the call to find Out If they're pregnant Dr Ghazi in Colorado. I've been doing this for a very long time. And uh-huh goodness people thank goodness of people but Fortunately I don't have to because you are pregnant. Thank you store. The biggest hurdle right. We have to get through tainted uh nearly nine weeks later the couple gets news that every potential parent going through. IBS drags on Sonogram at eight weeks and five days of snow throughout the process. Ask We tried to be careful and refer to the embryo. Fetus the minute they. I sat there was no one thousand one eight. This having Benji Cunanan View Nano women compete the case after the miscarriage. The couple did not give a year and a half later. What's yours how adamant of Viva's family are doing today? Well since last time we filmed we went went through a successful pregnancy. And now we have a beautiful Baby girl and she's seven months old. Meet Juliet grows does the bouncing bundle of Joy Adamant Aviva and Benji first conceived of in their dreams. The couple made the decision to undergo a second round of IVF after the first first miscarriage emotionally. You feel like you're you're putting your heart online on the one hand you want to jump ahead and picture yourself with the happy. Dan Picture yourself with healthy baby but on the other hand. You're sort of scared to your sort of scared to give yourself that promise and to give yourself that dream without knowing knowing if he'll ever get it when they first put Julia on my chest and I helped her it just felt very surreal to think that we'd finally made it there is. I think we didn't exhale until she was born. We held her arms for the first time. We knew that those over and we've gotten exactly what we were hoping for. Adam Viva have no regrets on what it took to town when I look at her I mean living with her all of it when I think about out through. It's it's all been worth it if we need to. We will certainly do area again. Everything went through because it gives us the best shot of the result. We're hoping for and finally tonight. We're all in it together. Students and staff at Saint Helen Catholic school in Newbury Ohio or waiting for a very very special guest. Welcome back six zero John. Oliver is a pay quite leukemia and finishing his final round of Chemo and returning to school to triumphant applause. His mother telling. ABC News couldn't have ended on a better way to go. John that's nightline you can always catch full episodes on Hulu. Thanks for the company America. Good night hey everyone is. ABC's Paula Ferris. I'm the host of journeys of faith as you know all too well. We are in an election year so on this season. We're talking to twenty twenty presidential essential candidates and other political figures about how their faith and religion influenced their person and their politics. Before you tell me about your religion for show it to me and how you treat the other people you can call God by many different names but we are worshiping the same God though checkout journeys faith wherever you're listening now.

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