Season 2 Episode 4: Understanding "Elephant Speak" and the Animal that sounds like a... Chain Saw?


Hi, guys earth ranger Laura here, just before we get started, April is earth months, and here earth Rangers earth Mont is for the animals, especially the big majestic ones like orcas and polar bears, right wrong. This year. It's time to stand up for the little guys. So right now when you fundraise for bring back the wild campaign, you'll also be helping to protect adorable little prairie animals like the black tailed prairie dog and the burrowing owl. Go to earth. Rangers dot com slash earth months. And check out the cool bonus rewards that you can earn. Thanks so much. Enjoy the show. Hello and welcome to the earth. Rangers podcast. I'm earned free to Emma Olsen born, June and earth Rangers. Lever? Simply become a poli go. That's a person who speaks a lot of languages. Was today's episode is all about the different ways animals communicate some news tuck, some use visuals some new sound and found even you sent or chemicals. Do tell other animals, and humans what there's been key? Like, take my old feline friends or scratch, your I was watching him run around after his toy mouse, and I couldn't help. But wonder what he was thinking. He couldn't tell me, and I couldn't really ask mostly because I can't speak cat Flint times, though. I do understand what she is saying. Like, for instance, when he rubs up against my legs when we're in the kitchen that means or when he jumped onto my lap and nestles my hand that means pet me when he is the hairbrush that means don't even think about it. And when he says. That means I love you so much. You're the light of my life. Okay. Maybe not that last one. But I do understand scratch. One's body language. The we uses touch and some of the sounds. He makes so we are communicating. What are some of the ways your pets? Let you know what they're thinking looks like it's time to investigate animal investigations resigation squad. Let's back to Laura public school and asked him brilliant earth Rangers how they think animals can communicate with us and with each other. So I I was thinking maybe they make a movement will dogs way. Pales hail. Well animals can also kind of dues display that can be type of communication. Duck calling. And so they also use like noise is to communicate my dog can ring bells at the back door if she has to go to the washroom. A kitty rubbing, you means that that you're their friend. Yep. When I'm away. It's the Bing sim buddy else. My dog howls because he misses me and my brother. Good stuff. There are lots of ways animals can communicate with us. And with each other vocal communication is often. The first kind that comes to mind you've already heard a lot of animal calls on the earth Rangers podcast in the past. And you have gotten really good at guessing them. But this time I have got a real stumper for you. Check it out. And. Listen up earth Rangers. We're going to play a sound clip of this very talented creature, and you'll have to guess which animal it is at the end of the episode all reveal this impersonators identity ready here, we go. Yes. I am. Not even kidding. We're trying to trick. You I promise an actual animal made those noises. Stay tuned to find out who it was. Earth rangers. Let's look a little more closely at how animals communicate there are four ways. Through sound like a wolf's howl, touch like babboons, grooming. Each other to help with bonding visuals the way of peacock proudly displays its tail to cast a mate and chemicals or sent like when ants Crete firm on trails to follow each other and some animals like the elephant use all four methods of communication. Okay. Your eyes and imagine urine elephant margin across the Namibian savannah with a little baby elephant, you're walking your heard feeling the warm sun on your back. Secondly, out of the corner of your eye you approaching your calf you need to and get that line to leave your baby alone. What do you do you rumble loudly? Scare the lion bits. And if that doesn't work you sound the alarm and call you heard over to surround your baby. You've scared off the line import Cav is so afraid you wrap your trunk around your baby's body gently your path understands that it safe. Aside from noise in touch elephants. Also have a sophisticated type of visual language, they use you can tell a lot about what an elephant is thinking and feeling based on how they move or stand. For instance, if an elephant is angry, you'll see flapping ears and kicking up dust elephants you run towards each other trumpeting excitedly and then touch trunks. Are you? Guessed it, really happy to see each other. And what about sent elephants have that one covered as well. Elephants. Have an excellent sense of smell they sniff the ground, and that tells them where other elephants have been and where other elephants are located. Want to hear one more elephants? Sound listen to this? Did you hear that? I'm betting you didn't let me play that. Again, this time crank up the volume and turn the base all the way up to eleven like your dad when he's listening to reenter. Goes again. Okay. Put the volume back down to regular. Did you hear this time? Not really a that's because sometimes elephants communicate with infrasonic vocalisations. That's basically the opposite of ultraviolet which means that the frequency is so low that human ears can't hear them, but elephants can and they use them all the time. Those infrasonic calls travel over many kilometers and can be used by elephants to communicate across long distances. Elephants are amazing. Let's give our brains a break for a minute. I've got a joke for you ready. A policeman saw a lady with a hippopotamus walking down the street. He said, ma'am, you need to take that hippo to the zoo. The next day the lady was again walking down the street with the hippopotamus. The policeman said, ma'am, I told you to take that he about to the zoo the lady replied, I did take them to the zoo. And today, I'm taking him to the movies. That was a good one. This joke was actually sent in by our listener Meredith from Owen sound on -tario. Thanks Meredith and your name has been entered into the draw for an earth Rangers shirts. If you guys have a good joke to tell send it our way, you still have until the end of April to enter the contest. I'm not sure about you. But I could really use some fresh air. Let me put on my hiking boots. And I'll meet you outside after the jingle. There. You are. Me. We'll find out what we can learn by listening in on some animal conversations, but first let's pause moment and take a deep breath. I love the smell of forced in the morning. It smells like. Did you hear that? That's a Sparrow sounds pretty nice, right? What do you think might happen? If there was a falcon close by the little spare would wanna let his Flint's know that there was dangerous for head birdsongs change when other animals are around. So the Spero song might sound something like this. Let's listen to the regular song again, then the alarming song. Can you hear the difference? That's regular. And that's a long. Very different, right. We can listen in on this communication ourselves and understand the meaning even if we don't really speak bird. Unfortunately, that's the limit of Maya understanding of forest talk. I wonder what other things we can learn by keeping our ears open in the wilderness. Hey, do you guys hear that? It kind of sounds like an owl, but. I think it might be my friend, Brian Brian. Hey, how you doing great? How about you? What are you doing in the forest? I'm just looking for ELLs. It's the breeding season right now. So I want to see if there's any around cool. You know, what Brian is someone? We could definitely ask our force questions to Houston of tors to people now gone Quin park. Yeah. Do you mind? If we ask you some questions about four sounds go ahead. Okay. What can we learn from keeping our ears open in the forest can learn all kinds of things you can learn about how healthy the forest is. Because a healthy forest. We'll have a large diversity of bird species, which all make different sounds healthy forest also has a large diversity of insect species. So they all make different sounds so healthy for us is very loud forest. Healthy force is allowed for us. Cool. Are there animals that are easier to spot with their ears than with our eyes? Yes, for sure there are birds for the most part are really easy to spot with your ears. You can also hear insects a lot easier than you can see them dog days. Catos are really good example. They're a little insect that are about an inch long. And you hear them in the middle of summer and the dog days of summer that really loud buzzing sound, but he'll almost never see one. Now, I know that you Hutu out, but if you ever tried to talk to other animals, yes when I used to work in all provincial park. I used to how for wolves as part of the wolf held program. You mean, you can actually talk to them. Well, you can you can get a response from them. But yes, essentially, how does it work? Well, we gather about two thousand people together where wolves were in previous nights. And everybody is completely silent. And the lead howlers which are natural stuff will howl for the wolves. And hopefully seventy percent of the time. We get a response that is so cool. How can we communicate with a wild animal if we ran into one like if I saw FOX how could I let it? No, I was a friend. Well, if you're around a wild animal, you generally want to be as still as possible, you don't want to make any sudden movements try to make sure that your your fingers aren't extended for most animals as soon as you start moving. We tend to scare a lot of animals, and so if you want to watch that animal for longer just stays still as possible and hopefully. That will prolong the experience. Gotcha. All right. Well, thank you so much for answering questions. Brian. I will leave you to your happy hiking. Bye. Now, it's TIME TO REVEAL the identity of the mystery voice. You heard earlier let me play that sound for you one more time. Right. Let me give you a little hint. That's not the only sound in this animal's. Repertoire, here's some more interesting. Sounds critter makes. Did that help probably not? But it's time to guess. The answer is the library. This Brown colored ground dwelling bird lives in Australia. The amazing ability to copy another birdsong the sounds of the forest and even noises from human life around them. Phenomenal at mimicry these complex are Belier birds communication. Some scientists believed that they use their songs to defend their territory from other liar birds, but the songs are also used in mating season, male lions sink complex songs to impress Email. Well, that's gone bananas. What do you think? Dave. The most. Beautiful. Yeah. What he said. Earth ranger Emma will be right back after this quick message. I'm the belugas off the same to the spirit bears and the great bear rainforest earth. Ranges are protecting cannon. Hey. Hey, wait who who's protecting us? Yeah. What about the little guys? I was just can't this earth. Mike when you start bringing back the wild campaign. They're also to protect small prairie animals. You're talking become an earth ranger today. Stand up for the widow guys. Hello, Rangers captain conservation here that was our new earth month commercial if you live in Canada, you may have seen it on TV everyone else. Check out the link in the show notes. Earth month is a very important time for those of us who love the planet and all the animals on it. Sometimes the big majestic animals, get all the attention. And even though we love poem bears AM one after all this year. We stand up for the little guys puddle in the show notes. We're going to earth. Rangers dot com slash month to find out more. Thanks, captain Willard Rangers. I've learned a lot today. Now, I'm gonna head deep into the forest to how the woes I hope you'll join me next time when we take the plunge in my brand new second hand submarine to investigate the world Wales banners Rangers thanks for listening and keep ranging. Jeez. Best robot ever dot com.

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