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Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today. Indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight tonight a special edition of world news tonight to massacres in America the tilling seen right here and El Paso and the horrific scene in Dayton Ohio to the shooting rampage here in Paso inside a Walmart. It's now being called called domestic terrorism surveillance showing the alleged gunman armed with an assault style rifle walking through the doors of a Walmart at least twenty people killed including a young mother her shielding her two month old son from the gunfire giving her life to save her son survivors running from the gunfire looking for places to hide and tonight our interview with the police chief and what he revealed about the possible motive. Sotero suspect allegedly posted a hate filled anti-immigrant message before the attack tap saying he was fighting an Hispanic invasion in the deadly massacre intake dying people killed authorities releasing dramatic surveillance images late today the shooter and his victims now identified and now we learned his sister is among those killed police responding in less than a minute tonight. President trump in front of the cameras rose late today saying Kate has no place in our country but it will work from El Paso joining several other Democratic candidates in pointing to the president's rhetoric about race race at about immigration they say playing into the hate in America tonight will the President Act will congress at with at least twenty nine people dead into into mass shootings just thirteen hours apart a special edition of world news tonight begins now this is A._B._C. World News tonight with David viewer reporting tonight from El Paso Texas and good evening tonight from El. Paso we are here on this Sunday night as the nation mourns. It's not one but two mass shootings in just thirteen hours at least twenty nine people killed in separate massacres one here in Texas the other of course in Ohio. We have been so many of these and the words quite honestly harder and harder to come by to describe the anguish and the sadness on the faces of the families whose lives have been destroyed here here in El Paso Tonight the gunman showing up at Walmart on a busy Saturday morning surveillance images this evening obtained by showing the suspect armed with an assault style rifle families than diving for cover from the gunfire that was relentless inside that store there were thousands inside the Walmart running in fear and I was told just today about the children children who ran for their lives on their own stores nearby were on lockdown as police searched for the gunmen first responders helping the wounded and of course discovering the dead so many lives lost here at least twenty dead at twenty six injured. I talk with the police chief here just moments ago and what he revealed to me about the possible motive why why this suspect group six hundred miles to get here terrified families their hands up in the air running for their lives past asked armed police back this. El Paso ball the first call coming in ten thirty nine Saturday morning joining me there was chaos some shoppers recording this they made their escape posted online swat teams responding to reports of an active shooter and they soon realize that gunfire is inside the Walmart Unions. Go ahead responding to to help support at Walmart and Walmart inside the Walmart thousands of shoppers the one hundred employees it was a busy Saturday morning parents and grandparents and the children buying their back to school supplies all units please tonight authorities say twenty one year old. Patrick craziest was armed with an assault style rifle at authorities believe based on what they've read and and what they've heard from him he was there to shoot as many Mexicans as possible that ball here. No Paso is just five miles from the U._S. Mexico border to community addity from here in El Paso shops here and so do residents of beer by horace across the border. They come here into the U._S. To shop witnesses say the rampage began in the parking lot doc goodman they say shooting his way in he just walked into Walmart very confidently and you know it looked like he was on a mission be surveillance images obtained by Katie S._M. Show the alleged gunman walking through the entrance with his weapon pointed straight ahead wearing ear protection and tactical glasses inside shoppers family members calling their stomachs seeking cover under benches would ever sheltered gunfire with limitless and Kendall long his wife Kiana she seeing people running in young shooter shooter so we we take off running. These people start running. You could hear the different fire right. He starts pop pop. Pop pop puppies going trigger finger. He's going going going be be ran to the back of the store. Heidi get a medal storage container kids people calling their family calling the cops outside the entire area of locked down the entire areas being searched as we speak authorities for time board not sure if there was more than one shooter. We need people to stay away. Audrey Gonzales dollars was shopping with her mother. She said it was a normal morning until she heard that gun. Go off. We heard like shots like three shots boom boom boom one two three. She told her mother to get down and when she looked up the suspect with the gun in his tactical gear just fifteen feet away it just started to shoot everyone <hes> just starting to shoot and what I did. My first instinct was to get people out of their in this senior citizen lady that I tried to help and I couldn't and I just told her to move faster as you could have moved faster pursue. I left her there and I needed to get out because the shooter was getting closer and closer so I was just I just I just told you to get down and hide when they finally got outside. They saw the bodies but gunshots continued in the parking lot confusion and panic back. You WanNa call seven twenty something children. I don't know how many great critical this desperate plea hct searching for her mother Angie Eighty six years old and missing waiting and waiting and waiting. We still have not heard if she found her mother inside that store first responders helping the wounded this woman covered in blood another woman wheeled out in a shopping cart appear cheap and shot in the leg police chief here at El Paso at a loss for words. You have to see it for yourself and I got into this job. I never knew there was an older to blood all that there is until you firsthand see that might description of it as far as a riddick would be unserving as far as what that scene looks looks not about twenty minutes after that first shot was fired. They had the suspect in custody. We have one subject and even custody police apprehending the suspect just a a few blocks from the scene leading away in handcuffs right. Now we have a manifesto from the individual that indicates to some degree. It has a nexus to potential actual hate. Crime authorities say the assault style rifle similar to an A._K._47. And several magazines were recovered at the scene at tonight law enforcement telling A._B._C. News Patrick Crusius Crusius is from Allen Texas six hundred miles away from El Paso nearly a ten hour drive late today the police chief here with us but he he came to a paso six hundred miles right. Was it the makeup of this community. Was it your proximity to the border. I think both I think both tonight. Authorities forties and local officials here warning. Something must be done. This individual came not from within the community outside of it in this country. We we have a gun violence epidemic but we also have a hate epidemic and until we confront that hate until we confront want the week gun laws that we have. We're going to keep saying this at the centers where families are gathering and at the hospitals the English families. It's still anxious for news leader. Jim Morowski is just nineteen years old pleading for help asking if anyone has I've seen her brother-in-law Andrei. They looked all night but they haven't found him in tonight. The are still looking out there but he's heard from. Here's the call it comes after her family already heard the unthinkable her twenty twenty five year old sister Jordan a mother of three was killed. They believe she was shielding her. Two year old son from the gunfire persisted leader telling the Associated Press from the baby's injuries. They said that more than likely my sister was trying to shield him. So when she got shot she was holding him. She fell in him so that's why he broke some of his bones that he lived because she gave her life that little boy among the youngest victims here ranging in age from two to senior citizens and the toll here staggering twenty dead and more than two dozen injured what drove him was it. Hey apparently so tonight. The Justice Department says they're going to pursue to the best they can hate. Crimes charges domestic terrorism charges here yes sir yes sir <hes> manifest so pretty much <hes> validated that there is <hes>. Hayden what he did so the writings in this so called manifesto match what he's been telling much police chief Allen with us here late today the chief chief along with so many other leaders in this community were universal in their language here today in their own messaging saying something more needs to be done to protect communities across this country free and of course we are thinking about those families still waiting for news on their loved ones tonight and unlike so many other mass shooters. The El Paso gunman survived this attack. He was taken into custody tonight. He's now charged with capital murder but federal authorities tonight have made it clear. More charges could be coming including hate crimes. They're calling. This domestic. Terrorism based on the gunman's admits own words posted online. Here's A._B._C.'s chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas Tonight tonight. Federal authorities are contemplating hate crime and domestic terror charges against the man accused of killing all those innocent people in El Paso Walmart. We're treating it as a domestic terrorism case and we're going to do what we due to terrorists in this country which is deliver swift and certain justice the F._B._i. Suspects the victims were targeted simply because they were Hispanic. Police are increasingly confident didn't that the shooter posted his hate filled anti immigrant greed on social media minutes before carrying out the massacre. The killer rights are waging a coach award to stop what he called the Hispanic invasion of Texas the state charges capital murder and so he is eligible for the death penalty <hes> we will seek the death penalty while his alleged writing saying his weapon of choice an assault style rifle that he studied the most efficient and damaging way to kill people. He wrote that he had been planning planning the attack at least a month in advance that his hateful beliefs were in place before president trump took office. Yes forthcoming with information listen. <hes> basically didn't hold anything back particular questions arrests and he responded here. Thomas joins US live tonight from Washington N._P._R. We also know the the suspects alleged writing see also captured would be worse than dying David in those writings he bragged that he expected to fight and die in the attack but he gave up with no fight. Police say no force was using his capture. He looked docile. Compliant upon arrest even submissive David Thomas with us live tonight as well peer. Thank you and ask this community. Munity here was dealing with the massacre and the horrific toll unfolding before there is then the news of yet another massacre just thirteen hours later this time in Dayton Ohio a lone gunman attacking a popular area for nightlife in downtown digging surveillance showing people running from the gunfire there that killed nine and injured sixteen and tonight here. We now learned that among among the dead the gunman's own sister A._B._C.'s Alex Perez is in Ohio tonight downtown Dayton erupting and chaos gunfire fire piercing the night just after one A._M. Got Shot Far. We got off people down medic. The area called the Oregon district packed packed with restaurants and bars down Neier Shaw. This surveillance video shows people running for their lives and police engaging engaging with the suspect had a vest on earmuffs and just started blowing bullets everywhere. I'm safe. There is casualties everywhere. At least twenty twenty seven were hurt some shot multiple times as they fled as Iran and I realized my cousin wasn't Saturday when I look back is how I was able to see that people were accident. Axel Palmer from being a lot of us can't get to our cars because there were bodies scattered all over first responders treating victims on the street at at least nine people five men and four women were killed just hours after the massacre in El Paso. The alleged shooter identified as twenty four year old Connor Stephen Betts is killed by police who said he wore body armor and a face mask carrying an AK style rifle and multiple high capacity magazines approximately twenty. He's seconds engaged. Suspect who was actively firing and attempting entered crowded liquor establishment among the nine victims. The gunman's twenty two year old sister Megan bats who authorities say arrived at the entertainment district with her brother earlier in the evening another victim Lowest Oglesby who was just twenty seven in years old airy heartbreaking Mary like I never really experienced. It never really had to deal with someone that he is so close to home. I just wish she would just wake up in hospital and David at this point authorities here in Dayton say they have not discovered a motive but they have no reason to believe this attack was is motivated by bias or connected to the PASSOS shooting. David Alex praise live from Dayton tonight. Alex thanks to you as well the president of course monitoring developments from his club in Bedminster New Jersey today tweeting shortly after the word of the El Paso shootings came in pledging federal support and later calling the attack an act of cowardice a short time ago before leaving for Washington. Saying hate has no place in our country but tonight president trump's own words are coming under increasing scrutiny. Here's A._B._C.'s senior. White House correspondent Suli Vega heading home from his New Jersey Golf club president trump today vowing action but offering no specifics paid has no place in our country. We're GONNA take care of his chief of staff used the alleged El Paso shooters own words saying the attack was not about president trump. I hate to draw attention to the manifesto <hes> but if you actually go and look at it what the what the guy says is that he's felt this way a long time before Donald Trump got elected president. No politician is to blame for for that but many Democrats running against him say the president is directly to blame former Texas Congressman Beto Rourke who calls El Paso home says there's no no question the president is fueling racism calling those in Africa stations and saying that he'd like to have more immigration from Nordic countries the whitest place on planet Earth today he is an open avowed racist and is encouraging more racism in this country Senator Bernie Sanders calling out president trump point point blank tweeting Mr President Stop Your racist hateful and anti immigrant rhetoric your language creates a climate which emboldens violent extremists just just three months ago this scene at a rally in Panama City Beach Florida president trump at first laughing when a supporter in the crowd suggested shooting shooting immigrants but how do you stop these people you can't this. That's only in the panhandle yeah they'll you can get away with that state and this spring in the Oval Office. The president said he does not view white nationalism as a growing threat. You see today white. Nationalism is a rising threat around the world. I don't really I think it's a small group of people that have very very serious problems problems and now the president says he plans to deliver remarks tomorrow morning right here at the White House. It is unclear exactly what he plans to announce at this time David tonight night the flags are flying at half staff or Exousia Vega with us live from the White House Cecilia thank you and there is still much more ahead on this special edition of world news tonight this Sunday in a moment here the mother who was raising money outside the Walmart here right behind us and what she did to survive the gunman. Her story is incredible and you'll hear it. He just a moment technology. Technology is supposed to make your life easier right. 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We are learning more tonight about the horror this El Paso attack from those who actually survived it among the mother who was actually shot by the gunmen and then who pretended to be dead. It ought to stay alive. A._B._C.'s wheel car also here in El Paso tonight. Mirabella Bella team was raising money for her daughter's soccer team outside of Walmart. When the attacker started firing he shot eight rounds. I had to pretend I was is dead and all I could say as cut. Please take care of my children latine coming face to face with the killer. He was the calmest person ever ever. He didn't say anything just plain hatred and anger the gunman shot lateen in her arm and foot you also wounded Norma Kogas daughter and son-in-law her grandson a witness to the carnage the lady Di their parents getting shot Gretz. Let's hug my mom my mom. My mom gets these things that children their ages. No children in any world should see things like that. I asked that victim what her messages tonight to. The government wants them to know that hey does not cure. Hey David we'll car with us here in Pasa. Thank you will the other stories making headlines Tonight. The beach tragedy in southern California police eight three family members were killed with thirty foot slab of rock slid off a cliff in grandview view beach. The family was there to celebrate after Elizabeth Cox recently breast cancer her sister and niece also trapped beneath tons of sandstone authorities say the clap was caused by beach beach erosion and three shark attacks just two days at new SMYRNA Beach Florida authorities. Reporting a man was good. Well today was standing knee-deep water to surfers recovering from shark attacks minutes apart just yesterday and everyone is expected to recover finally tonight here from El Paso to communities in shock in mourning and coming together tonight in El Paso Paso at Saint Pious Church congregation holding hands embracing one another wiping away tears as they pray this sign reading. We are resilient. We are strong. We are El. Paso we stand together and Ding tonight. The scene of that massacre now silent at eleven pavilion. The community has gathered hand to pay their respects assigns. They're reading Dayton strong. One Nation standing for both of these communities tonight in support ended solidarity. I'll be leading coverage first thing in the morning here for Malpaso on Good Morning America it of course we'll be right here again tomorrow night for world news tonight from all of us here. Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes. Minutes set up screener questions. Then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today. Indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight.

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