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Good Morning America. This is the table trunk tests Matiz here describing what's going on in Washington. I like to get it from various sources this morning. We have Lee Smith who has written a new book and the plot against the president and I want to hear his take on. What's what's going on? In Washington. He is famous writer for the New York Times the Boston Globe and the slate and various other issues. Good Morning Mr Smith. How are you good morning and doing very well? Thank you so kindly for for inviting me to speak with you and your listeners. Thank you you now. You wrote a a new book. The plot against the president and I've you've referred to WHO's actually a a coup. Oh an attempt to I guess an American President Tell us about it. Well I mean. I think that this is still going on now. Yeah this is this. Is what the impeachment You know the the impeachment process. so-called impeachment process is about. I mean they'd been trying to been trying linked to topple this president since before he was inaugurated This was an operation that included intelligence services services Political operatives from the Clinton campaign again a intelligence intelligence officials from the Obama Administration and of course most of the most of the prestige organizations in the US press including the New York Times Washington bows CNN and NBC And they've been trying to get rid of this president again since since since they won based on this outrageous outlandish conspiracy theory but somehow he is He and his circle is advisors. We're tied or actually rushing assets now. How does Congressman Nunez Tie in and all this humid references Roya? Yes the side of the book is the true story of Congressman Devin Nunez uncovered the biggest political scandal in us. History was the congressman. And I recognize that there was something strange going on and the march of two thousand seventeen. He saw evidence He sorry evidence of a spying campaign that Obama officials had indeed been spying on On president trump on on on on his transition team. So that's really what kicked it off and then and then Congressman Congressman Nunez lead on this front for four year a year basically. He was out there on his own With his with his staff and this is really the heart of the book. This is how they work to get that information to the American public. Have they worked to get that evidence of spying on the trump campaign then the trump transition team and then the trump the presidency to the American public. So it's a story that needed to be told because it's we have a pretty good idea of what the bad guys did spying on trump and his and his advisors. I wanted to tell a story. About what the good guys did have those guys. blots brought these crimes and abuses to light and and that's that's what the book is about and the spectre general report. Have you read it. I have indeed been. Tell us the points that holiday season is it. Well I mean the key the key points that is You know you've heard people describe at there are on missions or a emissions in the the In the warrant to spy on trump advisor Carter page and their mistakes. I mean he actually sit down and read I I. I laughed because it's so outrageous. You sit down and read before hundred plus pages of this report. You realize that what we're looking at is we're looking at a bureaucracy. Accuracy a federal bureaucracy. Federal law enforcement that has run amok. These people are Are Are I have established a pattern of lying to one another to the inspector general we have dozens of figures here who who have who had lied consistently and repeatedly they lied to obtain the warrant. They lied to each other and then they lied to the Inspector General about what they did again. The point of this report is to explain what happened. He she has neither He's not a prosecutor the Inspector General. So he's not out there to ask tough questions to get indictments right. He's out there to lay out. What happened through interviews powers are extremely limited? What we're waiting on now? What we're looking for now is the investigation of the US? US Attorney John. Durham who is the prosecutor and he does have these powers. I'm the kinds of questions we'll be asking. We'll be different We'll be different in character. Because he will be looking to make indictments he's not going to be satisfied with many of the explanations that that you'll find him the I G report nonetheless. I think the idea report is a very serious important piece of work that documents. What happened at the the FBI? And why this institution that Americans depend on for our security our safety and many Americans and looked up to it rightly so so for decades there needs to be serious changes. They're serious Serious reform measures taken at the FBI. Now they had the other day Deputy Director McCabe WANNA video from last year. Say absolutely not it wasn't me. I didn't leak anything then. Had Him on yesterday or the day before and saying what is head looking down on. The floor saying apologizes. This is all right. I mean I I mean one of the problems. Here's we sit at different people. Different people from the trump campaign have have have been You know have have been in a in a great bit of trouble for doing the same thing. George Popadopoulos four National Security Security Advisor. Michael Flynn Roger Stone. All of these people have been rung off for lying to the FBI Mr Stone for lying to Congress did the former deputy director of the FBI is likely to get away with doing. The same thing thing is an outrage and I I believe that this is why many people hope that the work the investigation of Mr Durham catches inches. These culprits and fines ended in of a conspiracy. Here which is what the FBI was about if you look at the number of people and if you look look at what they were doing there was quite clearly an active an operation to first undermine the trump campaign and the trump presidency so when we call it a coup. It's no exaggeration at all. This is precisely what they were news sites that they were plotting to do now before we signed A. How do you see this playing out? I mean I looked at it as Brennan The CIA and Co me being the orchestra leaders would go above them because somebody's above them is calling the shots I think it's pretty clear. That ad I think it's pretty clear that Barack Obama we President trump spread assessor at a pretty clear idea of what was going on starting sometime in the late summer of two thousand thousand sixteen which is Which I point out in my book the plot against the President that there are indications that Barack Obama didn't know what what was going on whether or not the whether or not the Department of Justice will be looking for evidence a a against the former? I don't know I can't say that I think your assessment is entirely correct Iraq. Obama knew what was going on out and Let's talk that's matching your book one more time before we signed the plot against by Lee Smith. You after which is you while Lake Erie much. Thank you for coming on and I'm sure people could buy it on Amazon or Barnes and noble etc etc.. And we'll talk to you talk to you soon. I look forward to it. Thanks so much again for inviting me to be with you today thank you. This is the cats roundtable. 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