ZBT #204: The Phantom Warrior Standard Handbook ft. Army Ranger J.B. Spisso


All right first order of business cake fuck out of studio like you can't stay like there's no way you can stay you. GotTa go home. I'm not feeling well so you've got to go home. I'm not even getting like you gotta get out. YOU'RE GONNA make everybody else sick yeah well. Misery loves company so that's the Noah doesn't it doesn't love company Anthony at all. I got Brencick already. I know but you shouldn't be breathing. Is Everybody's microphone. I had no idea you're this sick yeah. It's pretty gross my eyeball. It looks like your eyeball. How are you doing by the way but let me get my? I'm going to get my eyeball cut open. You should seriously go home and we'll get somebody to cover for. Are you okay. I think you should leave joke game and you need to get out honestly league kate. If you do stay Dave sees you. He will be fucking furious. I already passed by him in the hallway. This morning and I looked real chipper so I trick them. I'm in all right. You're grown woman. You could stay but just know that I want you to leave because you've done all right here. We go. We have some sickness in the squad and we also have four rounds in the magazine round number one. There's a woman who unwittingly helped assassinate Kim Jong UN's half half brother and she said that she did it to be a youtube star and there but for the grace of God go round number two study by Duke University found that employers think veterans lack lack social emotional abilities and are less likely to hire them for certain job whatever nerds yeah right those fucking pussies the number around number three senior army leaders are triggered that soldiers that are violating the phantom or your standard handbook. Whatever the fuck that is we're going to walk you through some of their concerns round number four we have an interview with an NHL motivator who used to be an army ranger? 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That said that Mr Sweat was in the hospital yet a stroke I mean it was just resod Assad terrible timing but his grandson said that he went to the hospital whenever he was there and played the interview back so he could hear it and he said that he loved it. He loved film like that. He was famous. He said really cool so thinking about a ninety seven year. Old Guy just had a stroke going through so much stuff. I'm bringing a little smile on his face pretty equal pretty cool thing to be a part of how he's doing. All right mine was full of activities a lot of football good time had by all yeah it was a bi week pharmacy. You got to kind of just enjoys backing enjoy the other games. Yes I saw firsthand that Jack Mack was threatened the two inch of his life for a given on a bad gambling bad gambling tips yeah can't do them. That's he said instead of saying guaranteed say guarantee but he did say trust me which is just the same as same guarantee fickle. That'll get you me caps broken my friends my week. It was good. It was my mom's when this episode comes out October first and my mom's birthday so it birthday weekend went down there. Oh I didn't know her. McCartney had the same birthday October. I once kit really kicking off the spooky season but I got her she. He likes to ride a bicycle. I'm not like a regular mama cool mom. I got her Kumaon Bicycle outfits so I've got a little pair of tights in school little Columbia Vesta you know the Puffy the navy blue vest than on the basic ladies wear. That's I was like ooh. She's GonNa be crushed and there's GonNa be all over her little prancer sizing remember that video. It's but she's the best I had a cold. So I like went down there for her birthday and instead it was like mom. Can you be soup probably made her fucking mom year that you went down there because you're sick and wanted her to take care of you. Those moments now because McCartney's not like in super cuddle mode owed anymore because she's seven if she is feeling sick and she just wants to like snuggle up. My heart swells like I'm the grinch no yeah swells up as students I got off the train and we got a little bit of fifty five and up Kuni students. We got there we took as I was taking off my shoes. I turn around. She's putting the ingredients chicken noodle soup on the counter and she was like she was Mike. Parr excited. That's awesome. Also we went to this fancy ass restaurant Saturday night for dinner and of course everybody else at the tables getting like wine and cosmic choose like but heavy pleased bottle bud so she's still love it still sticking to her guns happy honestly about you're going to say we're at a fancy restaurant. I ordered a hot dog pig chicken fingers. Yes and step above a hotdog big birthday weekend for you to their chaps big birthday weekend. We had Cardi's birthday party. I was a great right time had by all of them and went to the museum came back watched a couple movies. You've got to have as many snacks as she wanted. She loved it. It was a great time got her scooter. It's Scon- mail for her actual birthday tomorrow so she's going to be doing a little scoop goofing. He's pump. She'll be pumped about that for sure. I had a great weekend. It was a nice little DAB weekend nine. Your men's shoe continues to ball out yeah. Football life is good. It's nice to have a quarterback WHO's young I feel bad for Nick foles though imagine going to sign that that contract coming down to Jacksonville and you're going to be the man don't even last one quarter until your clavicle completely shatters and then you have this rookie sensation that the entire league lives and even non Jaguars fans are like super interested sucks for the fullest family yeah bounce back. He'll find his way during during football all right. Let's get going with the show and as a leader. I'm going to give kate in between rounds an opportunity Virginia to clear nose and cough if you need to thank you. Do you need to get ideal. I'm sorry all right here. We go all right guys around one city as yeah. Hopefully I'm saying that right. She lives in rural Indonesia Indonesia and she described being recruited by men. She believed to be pranked. TV producers who had her carry out a prank where she rubbed baby oil in strangers faces aces ha you guys know that trick where you walk up to a stranger and you rub baby oil on their classic yes classic in an interview on Sunday cities said the CD city editor saying it correctly sees the men told her she could become a youtube star by carrying out the pranks for viral videos in fact the men are believed to be North Korean secret agents and we're recruiting Ostia to assassinate Kim Jong Nam the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Hoon she alongside Vietnamese Woman Duong Long Taihang Killed Kim Jong Nam at Kuala Lumpur airport in two thousand seventeen by smearing liquid on his face similar to the pranks CD said Jade carried out several times before four however this time the liquid was the nerve agent. VX which swiftly led to Kim's death and the arrest of both women according to CD she had no idea the substance of the poison his and she could have been killed as well but for her decision to quickly wash the substance offer hands. I I can totally see somebody falling for this low. Oh Yeah you have somebody like set up because you have these type of youtube videos all the time I mean my favorite one is the one where they do the shampoo on the guy's head over at the action. Actually it's like this big muscle bound dude and he can't stop watching it keeps getting more frothy and frothy and frothy you would see this and the way that they set up the rest of the story story. You're like Jesus this brilliant tell us what's next kate yeah so and these two women she thankfully. She rubbed it on him and killed. She quickly washed her hands. She he moved on she thought it was part of the prank. Whatever she was later charged with Kim's murder but the charges against them were abruptly dropped earlier this year before either of them gave evidence and both women were allowed to return home in her interview CD described to producers training her with the baby oil smearing prank paying her as much as one hundred dollar one hundred twenty dollars per time vastly more than she could earn in her regular job as a masseuse so you're barely scraping by? You're barely making any money these guys come to you and they're like hilarious thing. One hundred twenty bucks a time you go smeared on and they have for actually doing this to people with regular baby oil money to Kim they they have her doing it to him. Actual righteous kill but they had her doing it before that to multiple other people with just non non fucking poison. She said I was nervous about about doing the pranks at first in case someone reacted badly or hit out but I was very happy to have the work. I questioned my anyone. WanNa Watch this sort of thing but they told me Japanese audiences his love it. Have you seen the Japanese game shows do the perfect setup. It's the PERP those game shows talk about going down to rabbit hole. Oh yeah remember the viral one the other year where they had those. It's like forty eight stairs made of ice people try and go ice stairs really hurt and everybody was like I tried. When I lived in Japan really yeah get out? It was one of the ones where the ball bounces back and forth and then you have to jump over the little thing I tried out for it didn't make those things are fucking doc in difficult man and now before I was a fat piece of shit now I could definitely not do it but then I was limber used to do obstacle courses all the time I was in good tape still couldn't do it but I wouldn't you. I mean I can see this a believable. I would believe this. Is Somebody said this to me. Now I would do it like one hundred the only dollars a pop just for rubbing oil on somebody's face. That's good that is good money but now afternoon this probably wouldn't wait a minute but also did you guys think this is actually funny like not not her killing. This guy is not hard not the murder part the part where she he was smeared it on other people as a prank. Do you think this as a prank it's funny. I think if it's a harmless prank sometimes they're funny but in this part of the world I just remember in this part of the world to there's like acid attacks that happened like terrorism type of global environment. I don't think these kind of pranks are are good to pull on people normal prank. I'm fine with but I could see if something got rubbed on your face. You can legitimately would panic what what the fuck is happened. I would probably punch the person yeah I would lose. My immediately are trying wash it off. Probably also I'm just thinking now of the people who did get into smears on their face like reading this story a month unplayed and being like mother of God God just waiting by but speaking of those people they were fine but her last prank went differently she said this time she had to carry a specific target and another woman before they were just having her pick a random stranger this time she was given a specific target and another woman Hong also trying to carry out the smear so she had a this time they teamed her up with that other woman in the end long reached Kim before cd did and she did not end up touching him though both had the poison ready to use the the women's handlers have little concern for what happened to them afterwards it was like all right thanks bye and CD's said Hong ended up smearing Kim's face just before she could reach him they fled in different directions after the attack both went straight to different washrooms to clean the sticky liquid off their hands an act that would certainly save their lives. much of the Kim jong-nam. I'm story remains unresolved and the murder trials pretty much over but they wrote the decision to end the trial was never fully explained but came after Malaysia was lobbied by Vietnam nominee Indonesia so Malaysia's where it happened the other two countries where these women came from were clearly they were duped into doing this. and instead Malaysia has named four North Korean Korean men who are wanted over the assassination but they've never been found and I think Kim Jong UN's brother like who clearly called for this hit on his brother Kim Kim Jong Nam I isn't he the guy who's going to Disney all the time and spending all the money and hooking up with all the ladies and being like just ridiculous Fella. I didn't know that so I think he was jealous listed as he's like stuck in North Korea leading regime educated in London. I believe like he went to school but can you imagine being these two women who just think they're just out for a casual goof trying to go viral in Japan and next thing they know they kill a fucking dictators brother and they're on trial in Malaysia. You'd have to be like what in the fuck man you'd be so like you could go. I don't think that Malaysia takes murder lightly probably not not really they frown on even I I just well actually Malaysia steak depends on where you're at and what you're doing but yet so a pretty crazy thing that these women I don't. I don't know the whole story is just nuts but it makes you think like it's the that plot seems like a bad double. o seven fascination plot seems like a parody of I seven movie and it worked yes crazy but also to kinda surprising when they said Oh that's your target I would think he's well known enough that they would recognize recognize who that was and they'd say way way no shot I mean you'd have to I bet in America or in Malaysia. I bet you could show Kim Jong names picture to five million people before the first person knows who he is. I thought he was more well known than that I will say orange though they have you rub it on people's faces in random spots and then like all right now for this last one. WE'RE GONNA fly to Malaysia and give you a specific target like that would be like red flags start to pop interesting why all right let's move on to around to around around comes to us from our friends at military times just based off their resumes and cover letters veterans military services working against them when they apply for jobs in certain fields a new study says the study conducted by Duke University Sukhois School of business found employers believe veterans are less suited for jobs that involve social emotional skills and interacting acting with people than their non veteran counterparts employees then rated candidates on a nine point scale detailing how well they thought candidates would succeed one if they thought the applicant was is not at all likely to succeed and nine if they thought the candidate was extremely likely to succeed the study found that veterans were rated much more suitable for low feeling positions agents such as a dishwasher and prep cook then they were servers okay Duke University. This is classic Duke University Right here. I'm this isn't the Thaddeus Duke. It's a very west point attitude if I had to say I don't know that we would ever demean veterans in such a way Oh yeah good point army would do veteran applicants received a rating of six point eight six for the low feeling positions in contrast with a five point three four million rating for serving positions. Meanwhile the disparity eighty was far less significant among non veteran applicants. The study found non veteran applicants received demean rating of five seven six for low field positions in five three rating for serving positions when veterans resume did include volunteer work at humane society where they calmed animals when stressed veterans were ranked similarly to their non veteran counterparts for their social emotional emotional skills. This study is weird. What do you blame this on Kate? Just not knowing how to word things right. I think when you get out I think maybe if they're just looking at resumes here because I know my resume was a mess. When I first got out I was like using all these terms and words that didn't yeah I had to send my resume to a good buddy of mine who's kind of like a mentor and he's just just completely overhauled the whole thing and said all right? Nobody understands what any of this means so we got word it in such a way that people in the civilian world can understand and how it blamed the bumper stickers and t shirts. I think that the people who constantly wear disgruntled veterans or they have uh serve so you have to stop being pushed you you little bitch piece. I think that's what it ruins it because it's it's like the same thing that we talked about last week with the military spouse how it's one that ruins it buying enlarge like so many veterans get out of the service and they are completely normal functioning human beings but the ones that are really amplified on social. Media are the ones who that's that's their entire being is so you're saying the triggered veteran. You're saying the resume didn't matter it was that as soon as the people reading judging these resumes saul the term veteran a picture stone you for the flight folks like yes especially whenever you're dealing with somebody the ED institution of higher learning like Duke like a little more white collar of a school that has like a private school that is known for being a little bit pompous at times whenever you see see that and the basic general principle of what somebody that goes to school like that would normally think of veterans what whether it's uneducated on. They don't have the ability to go to college. They'd get out there damaged goods because of the things that they've had I think that plays a huge role in a research study like this well I think to the part where they said volunteering on tearing is what made them get a better higher score a human being relatable and seeing that they volunteered the only good job. I got after immediately after getting out was through volunteerism led me to a job at comedy central but it was through that path because I wasn't getting anywhere with my resume. I'm going to tell a story about your washer and Dryer job. No Oh my God I almost work for a ramp company national ramp. I almost wish you had for maybe two months or something. Oh my the stories I would go to all those veteran job fairs that were supposed to be and I know the intention is good but I remember going all these job fairs where there would be like a breakfast S. beforehand. The one was here in New York City. I met to Kota Myers many years ago at it and before we were allowed to roam the guy who was running. It gave a speech to to the people there who were hiring all the different companies and he was like if you don't hire a veteran today you're literally taking food out of their mouth and it made us seem like these like polar little and it was so embarrassing and so demoralizing to me by went to a bunch of those back in the day. When I was desperate I could not find a job and I think a big part of it was that my resume just fucking sucked didn't know how to where I was like hard? Worker knows excel like I just didn't know how to do a resume and that and do a seventy-second the second flex arm hang what I did in the military like the Dogo translated over. It really wasn't that translatable. I didn't come out with a specific. What what is it? They say the movie taken specific set of skills. I'm showing your so short there. I think you did well. That's I just didn't know how to translate those buzzwords and stuff but it's true. I'd imagine I just look at this study to and I it's obviously biased. Put also the people that are using you know. It's a good probably better than I can't talk right now. Duke Man Fuck you. That's all we have now. It's probably a better Jesus. Why can't I come out with this thought? You should have had higher education. Oh my God i I know what I WANNA say. They can't find the words. I don't know it just seems like these people would get at the scores even if they weren't veterans they they pick people that have the skills so my God what else on side note any veterans these problems American corporate partners when I couldn't find a job knows having trouble with my resume. ACP program American corporate partners they hooked me up with a I had just finished communications for them but I couldn't figure it out. They linked me up with journalist at the Wall Street Journal who became my mentor and we meet eight with me for coffee would go over my resume with me was so helpful and they pick whatever your major is and college or whatever you're trying to accomplish where you WANNA work. They'll we'll find you a civilian mentor or veteran mentor who knows the ropes who's really good and well well-versed in their job and they'll help you navigate it 'cause sometimes that's the biggest hurdle so check them out American in corporate partner. I think that's all you need is just a mentor. Someone who's I think preferably done it before so I think preferably would look for a veteran who has made the transition successfully into the civilian world and just meet with them and talk to them as you said that was all the difference in the world I think if you are getting out of the military you're listening to this. Just find a mentor someone that can help help you alone but we can also agree that there's a lot of veterans who are emotionally stunted like you out of the leadership principles that you learn and the four five branches of service with a civilian. You can't tell somebody to shut the fuck up. You Buddha's bitch and just do what the fuck I said that can't be near ship model and I think to a lot a lot of times like the resumes have it too. It's like it's their only identity and I think maybe seeing the volunteer work shows that okay. Maybe you're not just overkill on the military thing. There's other stuff you do to might help because you're right. There is again. I love lurking on bumble every time I come across veteran profile dude I know even when I'm saying like I I never mentioned it online. It's something when you get to know me I'll tell you about it maybe but it's every single photos them in the military their whole profiles about their time in the military and it's like hard past dude you'd McConnell now. Can you imagine like even like somebody immediate like having a show that was just all about the military cal girls that'd be wild it but that's a small part of what we do every day. We do all sorts of other shit. Do It's like yeah so you know I think being able to show that there's more to you and it is a huge in your frame of context and everything for life. It's a huge deal but you have to show that there's more to you than that and you can't let that be your whole identity in round three comes to us from our friends at US Army what the moment I love when they post something straight from a safety brief or even before you start school war and this is just absolutely perfect because there is a command that you could tell I would bet that this concern either comes from I would guess a lieutenant colonel or a sergeant major where these concerns come from because they're out of school. They're doing like a battalion level brief or something like that and they have these bullet points of things that are going wrong. The most commonly violated standards of the Phantom Warrior Standard Phantom Warriors Phantom Warrior Standard Handbook the Phantom Warrior is their unit name why unit them fake yeah. That's an interesting name. I try with your you. Have Your name be the fake Warriors Phantom of the opera's bad ass this unit at their ball. They all wear a half mask and there's boo key and there's a mystery get everyone well. There are some things going on at this unit that people are not happy about and it starts with soldiers wearing the physical fitness uniforms at unauthorized is locations contacted you feel about that as a leader. Somebody's wearing fucking. PT Gear just walking around the PX like a nasty little shit well I mean you're just making the assumption that they are not where they're supposed to be in other words they could be on their way to pt or coming from PT and they're just I don't see that's not an excuse. Okay can't be an unauthorized location no matter what if you're an unauthorized gap so high read this as soldiers wearing the physical fitness uniform at unauthorized authorize locations. I'm thinking Oh there's that Strip club that nobody's supposed to go to that's where they're wearing their damn uniform legit think it's at in their PT uniform and the p probably I'm just thinking they're probably going to or from and they were not allowed real quick though a quick Google and I'm surprised yes. I didn't remember this because I was in three court Fort Hood. One of the nicknames is the Phantom core hole so this might be at this. This might be three court Fort Hood Anyway. The next one on the list stripped rights. OCP's are stripped OCP's. So that is like the you know the one that looks like the frogman where it has the Cami has a Cami sleeves with the white shirt. That's like thinner so you can sweat through it a Lotta people wearing those around like Nazis those are only authorized and training raining or combat missions their daily use right now. No we're headed you're pumping gas or walking to the PX of the shop at so that's like hey I'm pulling own up to get gas and instead of just plop in my head gear on for the three second walk inside or while pumping gas usually just I'm GonNa fire through Bruce some of these other ones because this feels like the list. If you said one of the main reasons you're GONNA get out. It's probably a soldier sailor airman or marine probably ably says because I got in trouble for walking and talking texting under other activity on my cell phone while in uniform I got in trouble for having not using a hands free device while operating a vehicle to include a motorcycle I got in trouble for playing loud music and Pov for speeding while on post for having my hands in my pockets pockets for walking with a gallon jug for failing to render proper customs and courtesy and for having a civilian vehicle on ranges. This is just a WHO's who you of things that people hate getting. I will say though what's walking around with gallon jugs. I don't get out. I used to do that all the time gallon jug of water all day like hydrated why WII super fucking hydrate I still might be as clear what's wrong with that nothing but the one thing I will say playing loud music in a in your Pov in your personal vehicle Michael like you know better. You'RE GONNA fucking military base. You know there's crusty assault guns and officers all around you. If you're blaring your shit so loud that your humira shaking I used to ride right around my buddy jayme. Oh any of this huge vote of a cadillac that he got the whole system. He spent all his money on a system bomb and I would always slink down in the seat because yeah I knew we were about to get hit the fuck up and a couple of times your car and your jam comes on. It's yeah it's hard to listen to more than a feeling by Boston. When the second you get off base backing you're in a non populated area face Ole Kate here all these are really simple to not do so now get in trouble for speeding on post one time California roll to stop sign in a populated area of Camp Pendleton and my little two thousand hundred CRV or no it was my sorry? Pardon me was my two thousand Hyundai Sonata two cars from the same year very fancy but California wrote a stop sign and like like it's martial law on these bases immediately a car pulls in front of me. Cuts me off stops. A car pulls behind me carpools. I got I got boxed in in by three separate hierarchies happened. They all got out a knife fan of the shit out of me. I was in my car yeah. It was like they how did they come together and coordinate that in fact they all knew they were doing I think all three of them solid and they were like this little motherfucker and they all have the same idea. Wow that's crazy coordinate. It was like a shark smelling WII chops. I mean come on be honest you of definitely yelled at Marines for one or many of these every single one on no no doubt in my my mind that I've gone for doing all those get together. Phantom warriors were the two borders and we can't carry jugs of water so watch out round number four you guys. JBC SPIEZIO also interviewed him. He actually came to us from spitting chocolates ice hockey podcast here because he was an army ranger himself but he he trained the Rangers Ice Hockey team up at West Point no less he's a leadership course guy who now that he's out he takes sports teams and cease we business level people and he takes them through through military leadership and teaches in leadership that sell very motivating fellow. Let's check it out and now on zero blog thirty. We are joined by J B Spill saying that right that's perfect. I didn't know if it was spice. Though that's a spy sell Jabe we're joined by performance coach and co-founder of J. B. S. LEADERS DOT COM and author of the Book Warrior Leadership He retired from the army as a sergeant major in two thousand ten after twenty six years of military service and this is going to read this like the end of a medicine ad because there's a lot of things to read here but these are positive side effects of a life lived ten years in special operations relied. US Army Rangers Panama and Haiti he served in Afghanistan working with coalition forces a military renaissance man of sorts drill sergeants special OPS instructor UCS Instructor Instructor Head Baseball Coaches Military Academy Prep School and then he served at the hogwarts of our Military Academy West Point as general manager the Athletic Sports Complex this guy's been through ranger school cool airborne halo static land inhale the jump Master sear Pathfinder drill instructor advanced scuba diving schools and has any of that prepared you to deal with some of the wildest oldest and most ridiculous human beings on the entire planet ice hockey players. It has all prepared me for you're exactly right ice. Hockey players are a different breed. They are different breed. You gotTa love him though they work hard as all athletes connor being an athlete yourself and you know former Marine I think that everybody whether Europe stayed home parent. your schoolteacher your a bus driver. You're a first responder. You you want to be great at something. So what I try to do is impart leadership on people and my goal is to help individuals become leaders and how you know twenty six years in the military so many incredible accomplishments. How did you get tied in with the sports world? How did that come to be well? Fortunately it was because I worked at West Point two thousand five the New York Rangers came to West Point for a camp they they're picked to finish dead last they came. They came up their our coach. Riley legendary coach coach Brian Riley calls me says hey the Rangers WanNa do a team building event. I'm like what do they want to do. He's like I don't know go see the coach. I came down here to Manhattan solid coach and Tom Ready and he's like yeah we WanNa do we want to simulate doing something outdoor the military us about a like a special forces assessment course he's great. He wasn't sure what that was and so sure enough. We did this. You know battle marching shoot for Rangers hockey hockey players yeah in the middle of the night. I got all the guys together I got the cadets together and I'm like they're like way. We're going to like smoke okay professional athletes. I'm like Yup. That's what we're GONNA do so that's what we did and it went terrific and at the end Glenn say either you know called me and said hey you're pretty good at this is like pretty good at what and he's like. You're pretty good this leadership thing he's like I watch how these men look you uh-huh and so I think you should do this and that's kind of what it started and then I did it and then two thousand ten when I retired from the military I just did a full-time somboon ever since eh you just you command especially with civilians you command a certain level of respect and admiration having done all the things that you've done in your military career so it seems as so it would be a natural transition that became something that a lot of other teams did up at West Point as well a lot of other hockey teams sure they probably had six or seven teams that have just come through there and and you know West Point for you know whatever people want to say it's one of the finest institutions in the modern free world you know just recently I met up a young man who was accepted the West Point but wasn't sure he was gonna go and so so as parents called me. I went to have lunch with the kid and I'm like why don't you want to go like you hit the lottery like seriously you got in West Pointer Notre Dame. You can always go to Notre Dame right guy but you got a chance like you went up there and your visit. How'd you feel? He's like I felt like it was for me. There's your answer right right right and as you know the the military the military games aren't for everybody but the ones that are it's it just a wonderful experience. I've fortunate that you know you know. My children got to grow up there. They'll tell you to this day like wow it was a great experience. Just just being a kid at West Point Yeah so and what was it like in your career just dealing with officers in general because you you earn an officer sear pumping West Point's dyers officer senior noncommissioned officer but what was your experience with officers in the military throughout your career you know obviously I started off in the Ranger Regiment so only saw the best of the best right and and so that was great and then I was a drill instructor then went back to the Ranger Regiment then I ended up at West Point is tax yo and depart military instruction and also the first start of the prep school. Also I got to work as well too so I got the see the the cream of the crop the best of the best and I enjoyed it. I loved imparting leadership on people I loved learning from other leaders and you know there was a couple of times that you know look I got myself in. Some trouble in the officer came to my rescue right right be like say do seven K. You know so here. Here's here's the deal you know as great a a retired army officer he's. NYPD detective Billy Hart had a great illustrious career. retired Captain Ranger qualified like you know he probably kept me from out of trouble a couple of times and so you know the the United States military's as you know a so perfectly set up for success right and people are like why is the military so good because it's it's done correctly right writing also with leadership in the military too. Oh there's also it's human beings just like anybody else. There's also bad leadership sometimes and I I think one of the most valuable things I took from it was one leader in particular that I had my unit wasn't great and somebody told me a higher enlisted person within learned from that to you learn just as much from leadership you don't like as much which as you do so pay attention to what you don't like about it and learn from it and and develop your own kind of thing what kind of advice you have so you did this in the military things with West Point athletics kind of shaped the way your career went after that how do you impart you know you. Have this team like the Rangers have come up there doing doing terrible. They're they're low morale. How do you get people motivated to WANNA learn leadership and to keep motivation? That's that's it's a terrific question. Kate and I try to do things right one through motivation and tooth registration and I learned a lot from some bad leaders I had some you know yet. He had some crazy sergeants in the army. Can you do the cockroach for hours right. We've all done that I've been like I didn't learn anything from that and so you want to take the positives out of that I I say my book about how like one simple leader one battalion commander is you know can either take an organization. They should from good to great or from good to average right one commander right one person can do that because of are they a force multiplier. Are they trying to help the organization be successful or they just worried about their next promotion right which we all know that sometimes that happens and so what you have to do is you have to look at yourself and look at your skill set look. I'm a cheerleader. It works for me when I'm teaching leadership especially to executives the well. You're so bubbling up. I'm like okay. You don't have to be me right. You don't have to be a cheerleader but a lot of different ways. That's exactly right. There are a lot of different ways to be a leader if you're STOIC bestowing because if you're fake people knowing it's very right so if you go in and try to be like hey let's go you look great today Connor. No we're talking about soldiers. They have some of the best detectors in the world and they will see right writing very quickly but I mean you're talking about yourself and your personality you certainly we have the personality I can tell lends itself to this type of career. Path was the military always something you wanted to do in your life and then subsequently you obviously an elite member of our military. was that something that you went insane art. I'm going to do this or have my accident or what. What was your path? That's that's great question connor so you know there was a day that there wasn't the Internet okay so let's just go OK nineteen eighty-four at a decent high school student. I didn't know a whole lot about military. Middle Class Kid from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. My parents worked hard. I was like you know what I'm I'M GONNA pay for my own college. What see the army recruiter and like the College Front Army recruiters like great no problem and actually he was filled artillery? I remember that and he's like great for here's a college. which do you WANNA do? I have no idea this big book right and I'm like going through this book communication supply and he starts looking over my high school fitness transcripts and he's like do some push ups did some push pull up bar crosses door. He's like do some pull ups. I do some pull ups. He's like why don't you become an army ranger. I'm like great. What do they do? He goes US jump out of airplanes. Blow Shit up said cells Siamese cool all josh from language. Now you're good. I was like sign me up so then I go to I'm at Fort Benning Georgia like home of the infantry. I'm like where the Al all my complete basic and ait then I go to airborne school and then they show show up it back then it was called Rip Ranger doctrinaire yeah and I am like standing. There's like one hundred and thirty of US big guys and I'm dislike little kid and five foot probably one hundred seventy pounds and I'm like what did I get myself into. These instructors came out and they were grenade or invaders. They wouldn't Ghana Grenada says the first combat combat since Vietnam right you know and they're like we'll go or if any of you make it like Oh my God like I believe him yeah. He's like I don't care if any of you make and then it started and I said well I'm not going to quit today right and that was my mantra and that's what started the mental toughness like they can get rid of me but I'm not going to quit and you both have been military. There's days like I just gotTa Make It. The launch right at lunch. Okay just made it to dinner made another day and that was my and then son not you know people just started weeded out weeded out weeded out in like thirty three of us made it and then I ended up at Second Ranger Battalion and fortunately I read my book actually the Guy that took the photo my back on the back of my book I Hugh Roberts. He's retired sergeant major. He's actually the Ranger Regimental Sergeant Major you know he's retired now and he's my squad leader in God blesses you with the right I leader. He was the right I leader because there was some there errors you know there's some there's some crazy people in special operations in a good way and he took me under his wing and he looked out for me and he was one of those squad while leaders that is well respected Grenada invader himself and no-one mess with squad like if some some of the most dangerous rank in the military a specialist a specialist with a with a ranger tab most dangerous interest rate would come up all the bribes on the hallway like you didn't do that to his gone right because then you'd have to deal with you Roberts so you know I I thought I was just GonNa go for years. Go to college. I wanted to be a high school teacher teaching coach hockey and baseball and sudden. I got promoted two years in a sergeant voyeurs warriors in on the Staff Sergeant. Wow you know seven years in e seven right and I'm like okay maybe I can do this. Mc squared away to let rank. Were you when you when you were in Panama. What were you okay so jumped into? Panama sex jumped independent. It's funny I served with an e seven who when I first met him we ended up being really good buddies and worked really well together but I remember the first time I met him. He didn't think think too highly of me because he didn't know me yet and he said to me. I was jumping into Panama when you're shitting your pants and kindergarten sir. So why don't you shut the fuck up and we can figure figure this out so that was a welcome to this guy type moment but what was that like. Were you know fighting in Panama. Yes so you know. Obviously we have this like. Take Our C. One thirty ride so you guys have been on a C. One thirty like you know seventy jumpers jumped were rigged up from Fort Benning and and built for Comfort C. One conference we you know we were like they were like trying to stay on radar so we flew the long route to get to get the Panama next thing you know we jump up four hundred sixty five feet. AG L. I remember jumping out. I didn't even check canopy because I notice I'm like there. Were traces already gone. I'm like okay. This is for real you know and then I hit the ground and get on my get out of my shoot route and I'm trying to put my weapon in action and so I had like two seventy to eighty two laws shoved in my weapon case I'm like law no got to my car being put that together and you know got right in the battle so and then I put my ruck on and Chernoff inputs rock on my strap breaks lovely lovely. I'm like I'm public. Military contractor got the Little Jerry Rig that thing put my I put my rough on. I take like five steps to get my envy agee's ready right into Constantino are hung up like you know Sonam like I'm going to be the last one at the Assembly area which you've never wanted to be right right so I'm like all stressed out and I finally get similar. Actually I was actually the second guy so I I set up and when the rest got what a loser ah you know so but you know the Rangers were it was it was a great learning place for me and I gotta I tell you though like my first time out of the Rangers. Diy Drill instructor now's my first time in like the real army regular army they call and I didn't know worth what the Hell I was doing and fortunately actually I had guys there that were that helped me out a guy from army marksmanship unit on a guy that was you know e six in eighteen years in Levin Charlie mortar guy and they like took me under their wing because I was at the boss right and I'm like I don't even know how to do this regular army stuff but it was such a great learning tool for me and then I went back to the Ranger Regiment was between start and then ended up at West Point and I had again I do a little bit about West Point. Not really we know I had some lieutenants that were west point some captains and that sort of thing great experience in your time with the rangers and that really clicked. You knew you were getting out now. You had done over twenty years at. Did you know at that point like I'm really on to something here. This is definitely going to be my path or yes so after my first tour like I four years in the military like I said okay. I'm pretty good at this. I think I can do this. Yeah and I was getting promoted quickly. I'm like all right. I think I can do this and and then I just is kind of stayed in I never you know really that really wasn't my path and then but it worked out for me and then obviously twenty six years later and and then being able to transition it to be a professional leadership in right culture coach for businesses and people and and what I found there is how many people really need it in our star for it right in your life coach. CEO's and C. Suite executives and professional golfers professional poker players for athletes and it's like it's somebody that I can go to that not going to judge. I'm not gonNA take their job and the better what would you say was the biggest challenge that you ever faced when you were in the military well you know I think I went to see her school. Survival evasion resistance escape and I had gotten sick while I was there I ate some raw goat me and and and they they weren't GonNa let me go on the evasion last part and I was like you know they send you out. You know you're not gonNA come back it. Just you know it's just the way it's going to be like. I'm not going to get a chance to come back. Nobody recycles series now so so I was sick and it's out there at Camp Bro Fort Bragg and the doctor. TMC that night was the Delta Force doctor and he hits all already been to combat everything else and I'm like doc. I E can't send me back. I was a staff sergeant. I said they said the Rangers won't Send Me Back here. So you know shot me up with some drugs. He's like okay. You know you're not gonNA be able to eat for a while and and then sure enough on this evasion remember Rowden long but was eight or nine days and you get captured near in this compound and right and that's right really had to like dig in and be like okay. This is gone on for a while. I know what's the volunteer course but I need to suck it up. What did you tell yourself to get through it? I said let me while there was really no food so I'm like let we just make it another minute like you know sense of time something like okay. Let me make it tonight. Fall then make it today the next time and I think that you you know anytime you're doing anything difficult you know if you shorten your window you narrow your focus right and you both know sometimes combats. It's a little easier because you've narrowed your focus. You're not worried about everything else going on. You worried about this right then I have to take care of these men and women next May I have the complete subjective that's all I'm worried about so you know if your business professional or athlete and you're worried about something narrow your focus that day right streamlining and then you get off the hope train right like Oh. I hope everything's okay. I hope I get promoted. I hope you know if you're on the train. It's going to crash have some faith but you have to have have some face faith by putting in the work like you know sometimes the best person for the job doesn't get Jock Waco's but if you put in the work you do the work in the dark places like you look all the even the greatest professional athletes Jordan Larry Bird all of them like they were shooting hoops Mario Lemieux Sidney crosby ause we like they're shooting pox like when it's dark literally right so do the work in the hard places and and you know you're always fanfare for that and if you keep after it you be successful. There's so many things for people to get ahead today right right and call me obviously J. B. S. LEADERS DOT COM follow me at my instagram at JBC visa or you know take an online learning courses plenty of things you can do to help yourself right. Stay motivated. Stay fit stay focused. I just have one one more question Russian and then I just WanNa fire through some some fast questions but if you had two minutes with someone who really really needed some leadership advice two minutes what your Spiel to them to get them to where you think they can succeed further easy great question. My answer is be a force multiplier and what I mean by that is do as do whatever's is necessary that help you organization be successful if you're walking by the copier in the in the paper copies out of paper the copier right. That's not my job yeah it. Is Your job happen. You know I carpenter on the floor. Pick the garbage. Can you tell that to people here in. HQ Yeah. You know what I'll do. Whatever I can't printers empty? There's trash everywhere nice impartial of really needs to start major well but that's what you do do whatever it takes to be successful like and if you WanNa get to that highest level like do that. Don't don't ask people to do for you. You do it for them. right and you know West Point. You had classes on a be a servant leader leader means. I'm willing to help others be successful. My last question is much like affectionately. Call Them GRANDPA Jerry because we said he was sold at seven and told me he was jumping into Panama when I was pooping my diapers. Did you ever have to to use that with anybody to let them know like hey listen to what I'm telling you because I've been there and I know what I'm talking. You know that's really not my delivery style. You're right. I've been listening. I've I've been a hard hard ass when I was I was I was known to you know wake the company up at three. Am and put them on the track that guy that because you fell asleep on fire watch old companies going out doing a road march and guys out there in Kevlar and flip flops because he didn't have boots on. I actually talked to my book about how I escaped. The a a young ranger we on the US America and escaped the Young Ranger Busier off one way upside down the other and I thought about that later in a bother me for a while because has you know he probably didn't have a common and so I took the platoon frustration out on him as the between sergeant so you know I never never tried to go at anybody negativity right right. I was tough but you know any leader that demeans that sergeant that said that Ti would have been like if I may have been like Chimera Sergeant I laugh about it now because it's a phony sentiment but back then that only got me more angry yeah right and ultimately we came to an agreement became as I said you know good bodies. Why at the time I didn't like the here and it's and it's sometimes it's what people think? This is like a right of passage as we do that in the military like you have a guy that goes through selection to be ranger platoon now he's in and the sergeants are like f n g the Cherry. Whatever I you know I'm like here past election right right like I need his gun in a fight because his gun save me and I can go home see my kids right right right so awesome awesome like like Amata rite of passage guy? That's ridiculous yeah. I think it's it's it's it's barbaric. It's archaic and old school. Yeah sure a young person's not going to say this is the room I wanNA sleep in or something like that but you know there are standards for that but however you know the sooner you implement a young person into your into your group where that's an office building. Whatever like I know some of these people like they get these interns and in the summer they treat these interns like like I'm GonNa just abuse the interns and the one that could take the most abuse? I'm going to hire them like yeah. Well then the most talented one probably weeded out sure so. What are you trying to hire hire talent like you know this is not as you both know in the military has a selection process that's because they can just get more people right right right so that's why they have? Hell weaker this other stuff you know when I was running osas A. I R. Arnott's Yes. The first thing I did was I took that stupid ballet and like the sergeants almost had a revolt there like first sergeant. Even the officers here like what are you doing and the colonel walked up to me was a West Point Grad and I said Sir like people smarter than us has selected these men and women that come to us yes. Why are we slept in them right? It's a good point and he's like yeah you're right. I'm Mike they're either going to make the course or they're not going to make the course but like somebody had to sign off on these packets right their leader and he's like you're exactly right. I get rid of the bell and then people started understanding. Okay I get it right so there you go yeah I think for sure times being demeaning and yelling especially in the Marine Corps it gets mistaken for leadership when that's not leadership sometimes it's warranted a lot of good lessons and you can find that in his book warrior leadership you can go to his website. MM Say J. B. S. LEADERS DOT COM. Is there anything else what's next for you. What's the big thing coming up while I'm still working with great businesses continued doing that going to do a little bit of an online learning module coming out here shortly so that's going to be great so people can actually see me live and be interactive and I'll teach them some mental toughness and and I just Wanna I say thank you both for your servers? Thanks for having me today short notice and you also can be found on these Chiklis podcast coming up. That's right and I'm. I'm sure there's a few more hockey stories on that show. That'd be good good about Bizzare wit that you can share with our listeners. It's great well. You know W- it he was a little hesitant to go through the swamp but he he he he was good in Biz actually one time Emma when I was working with Pittsburgh he was given Sidney crosby a little bit of the Business House like let's see how long this is going to you know and then you know sit Ghana gave it back to as good but both great people do great things I love working with athletes to and business people because people just want to be successful right right so I'll call him to help. I don't care what you do right. There's hope for me yet. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. Please clap might be said if you wanted to check out more on that dude. GO CHECK OUT OUR ICE. Hockey podcasts cast okay. They're making fun of me. Because I said is occupied. Gas Well. There are a lot of variations of hockey podcasts out there so we want to be specific. Talk you on Spitting Shukla. I'm glad Kay said it because I always said ice hockey to set is often completely honest because I I like spitting Chiklis Dude or fucking talking to Larry Harsh it without even knowing anything about hockey and enjoyable podcasts. You know what else is enjoyable. Lick with fucking death. Is I love whenever liquid has an ad because they're cans are so cool. You can't have a gallon jug of water like we talked about around three but nobody you can say shit. If you're shotgun in a little liquid death to the face he might WanNa go to their website and pick up a can or twelve yourself because liquid death breath is actually really good water. It's actually from the mountain and is rich with natural electrolytes and minerals. There's nothing like a little freezing cold can of water to murder your bitch ass thirst. I can I tell you from my bitch lasry. I love it because it's so much better than plastic. There's been big movement lately. Push towards more aluminum stuff and Dan it's so much better for you and I worry about like oversees all the plastic member all the water bottles we drank overseas and they say sitting in the sun and the plastic all that Shit. You don't have to worry about that with these cans. They're bad at true. Yes that is very true. Liquid death donates five cents from every can they sell to help clean up plastic pollution and bring back clean drinking water to those who needs but liquid death is only available to a handful of stores so you have to order it online just go to liquid death dot com slash. They're offering our listeners an exclusive deal to get two dollars off every every single case. That's liquid death dot com slash ubt or better yet you can click on the option to literally sell your soul to their website in exchange for a free case. Yes you can sign up for a real soul. Oh contract that is legally binding for eternity if that doesn't get you to go to their website which is liquid dot com slash ubt just to check out what the fuck that's about. I don't understand you as a person move on to save alibis cons. We'll start with you. I just WANNA I say I love October man. It's the best month of the year best weather football got my birthday in two weeks. It's actually a kind of a big one thirty five holy Shit I know goodness and also Chaffetz the story about before about the goofing in the shower or the guy was spraying the shampoo on the guy and he couldn't figure out why his head kept getting shampooed. We do that in college in the Locker Room. Guy Be walking out of the shower like all done like throw soap Adam. It was great always loved. That got a laugh so I got Brown's. I'm just I'm Q- lingering. I'm not well I need to I need to hydrate more. I think that's the thing that's it. What would you attribute getting sick to go on I don't know because I was telling you guys I quit smoking. I wake up back on my drinking. I've been trying to be healthier and better all around now. I get sick so I'm going to start doing both again delegate. This in your body just rejected by save round is last week. We talked about having to establish new types of leadership in the way to go about combating suicide because the new survey came out that this is the highest year on record of military suicides. There is an air force chief Master Sergeant Urgent of the Air Force. His name is cliff. Oh right he had some talk on on suicide and I think he absolutely fucking nailed it so we're going to end the show with a clip of him talking about how we need to combat suicides in the military here's a chief master sergeant of the Air Force so once when we when we decided to do his paws very pretty quickly maybe a day or two afterwards a facebook page popped up and this this page is called Air Force wingman outreach anybody buddy familiar so it's probably two weeks ago last I checked thirty thousand airmen have become a part of this community and they are giving veneer testimonials and telling their stories about this topic this mostly about about suicides why and there's some concerns about our mental health system and people have reached out and the system our own air force mental health system as well as military one source has not been responsive or has not Mitt there needs some actually pretty appalling stories. There's been some concerns over the stigma that still exist around suicide some of it from the Air Force in fear of losing a clearance or being being denied if the Knicks or DNA if you're a defender and in some of it from the social stigma that exists not what the air force thanks but what my teammates might think if I have to take a knee if unable to go but frankly if you've been paying attention into airmen are saying they're mostly talking about us. You're talking about leadership and leadership being toxic and leadership leadership not being able to connect and leadership not carrying or being concerned so this is a real opportunity for us to to listen to not necessarily be judgmental judge mental about how they feel but really listen and see how we can best meet the needs of some of our airmen that are and this is all about grit and resilience in some of those things I mean we have some that are struggling and suffering with some real real. We'll tough issues depression anxiety and some of the other ills in in life so I think we have a real opportunity here to listen and be responsive right now and in the future figure out how we can prevent ammon from getting to the point you know you hear General Goldfine talk about it all the time they leave basic training very hopeful and in pretty quickly hopeless and really that's that's us. That's on us to to figure out what things we should be doing better. I have an opportunity to interact with it quite a few of our airman who thought about taking their own lives and they didn't and I can tell you can count on my pinky the number of airmen who said the reason I it didn't work some program or some process or some video or some training every single one of them said it was because of this person the supervisor disc mander this teammate this person that I connected with that show some interest in me and my well being and and that was why I made a decision that I made so we have to do this together leadership myself Jaren Goldfine all Lavar madge com and senior level officials. We have to make sure that we clear out as much as the chaff as we can to allow airman to space to to be able to do their jobs and and have a little downtown and be resilient but the folks who are out there on the front lines leading people don't wake up up every morning thinking about us up here at this table they think about the folks that they have to go in and work with every single day I land supervisors teammates and that's where I think we'll make make the greatest difference ice hockey puck is it isn't isn't it is as you say that's all right sake podcast okay. I'm sorry sorry Dean's pardon me boys who are right also not to be confused with our floor hockey podcast. You're so cool said ice specify pacify kind of hockey okay all right here we go ready. Yes all right and like we said said if you wanted to check out more on that dude go check out our ice hockey podcasts okay. They're making fun of me because I said ice hockey podcasts and there are a lot of you the variations of hockey podcasts out there. We want to be specific. The Ice Hockey One's been checklist. Glad Kate said it because I always said is hockey to ice hockey's completely honest because I like spitting Chiklis dude or fucking hilarious shit without even knowing anything about

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