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Oh you win those swat crowds so much there I there are very few things in my wardrobe the just genuinely make me Weldon can I tell you how I ended last night and began this day please in macworld and sweatpants am I maybe other things I don't really know but overall very nice dinners out a third of the cost absolutely it's it's kind of Nice asked so for twenty dollars off your first order visit macworld dot com and enter Promo Code Home Oh mm-hmm Oh my God we're not doing an ad by the way we're literally just opening this gorgeous so here I have a Rainbow Moose Motif can if you're feeling generous maybe sharing account with Casey Danielle and your next fix bitch sess- appearance maybe I will this Brits was created by one of our only female founded canned wind brands called Archer ruse showcasing a commitment. LGBT values the head of creative mallory in the head of Operations Katie brought this Cantu life debuted at their wedding at day mail it's Christmas morning wait a minute what's going on here we each got our own box and appar of my macadear who silverline not the same parodied changed today okay that's cool so you're talking underwear this is a mcconnachie after dark moment corner can I tell you something please it's great you look great thank you fresh oh good and a new sleeping well have been sleeping well I'm extremely jealous of yeah it's really Nice my little auto sleep sleep analysis APP says I'm getting a getting to solid deep sleep at night now what that's based on I have no idea will flow there but yeah no kind of it's like Sunday Zor way more fun when you don't have at least a mild lag from Saturday night an of Spritz by arch reuss alcohol sparkling Rosie only ninety cows it's gluten free Vegan love it Oh my God I can't wait oh we got personalized letters before we I'm just going to going to read this letter that we got from Archer reuss okay which has hi Matt we love listening to you and David Your underwear that kind of thing Mac Walden is the premium men's essentials brand you should be shopping and if you don't like your first pair of underwear you can keep it they'll still refund you know Oh s. e. on Insta- I will enjoy these as soon as sober October ends which were sort of near the end our rounding the corner rounding the and the fact that I the first thing I do when I wake up is rollover to see how well I did in in a shack categories watch through the watch you get home and chill this hey they said they are also still reeling from the dream boat that is Tuck Watkins well aren't we all in the club and they have these can help to celebrate the after glove that interview while I'm here to tell you archer Russe they will thank you for that thank you very much that you can follow them at Archer Ruse wines on Insta- and appreciate all the stories that you made week after week we know you'd rather share a smart water with Jennifer Aniston true we hope pride inspired cans we'll be fun to share with Michael Fay lounges like the queen she is do you think it will roll into sober November I yeah I think the rules will be off but I I mean we're going to Napa for Thanksgiving so certainly right I had this weekend shirt it was we went to a wedding on Saturday which was so much fun but then Sunday had a baby shower they went to a play then with the forget it adds a mom talking about the silver line because those anti microbial Taylor Jim as we all know good outfits starts with the basics you t shirts Eliza Oh my God all wonderful activities I was pretty much angry the old age didn't want it but just wanted to be in bed because I had a lot of drinks at the wedding yeah it's it's not the same experience as you age is is when you're twenty four and beautiful right but certain his forties and beautiful so don't you. There is a diabetic diabetic diabetic like there's a woman who has a company and they make what are essentially like caboodle it's just chill one of these cans of spritz by Archer Reuss and live your best life it's low ABC so get into it there's all kinds of stuff right and women especially tend to not have pockets in their outfits and so she I will tell you I was surrounded by the hot people I've ever been around in my life Diabetes type one diabetes fitness influencers so it was like families who put their struggle like you know little Aria has type one and so we do youtube videos about her life for we post on instagram or gorgeous people yeah like end tons of them because they're all like nominated for various things so it was like Hashtag family goals of the year and that kind of things created a line of like purses and go bags that you put all your stuff in and do it fashionably and so now they I think they want to expand more into the lifestyle space so they have this awards ceremony whatever it was it was surrounded by like health conscious people who were working to erase the stigma and did you the group around me Oh God and it was all couches it was hosted by this guy rob how who's on twitter at rob how twenty one who's like college basketball player super handsome and charismatic we this week have a lifestyle influencer who is among the most effective yes and a returning a favorite he's truly one of the funniest human beings I've ever met in my entire life never had an interaction with him where he did not I cry from laughing so funny and so smart and such an La Institution he really is he really is I love him so influencers to you thank you so much don't get it though I mean fluids you not to don't get these breakdown can he's he's a diabetic influence so he hosted the show beautifully did some costume changes was a whole thing. Wow Yeah you know who my favorite diabetic for all your stuff because there is a lot of stuff if you're type one that you have to carry a long you gotta carry your Tester Nagata carrier vials and you've got to carry on a pump you gotta pay carry the thing that controls the however after the break drowsy yeah I mean it's not angels in America like we're not doing six hours at the same time but we're doing a different our every week it's called Ravens would manner and it's brilliant or jeans Yep jumping in a circle yeah just to show that you can do all that Kinda stuff with all your all your pump and decks common and the written by Justin Sayer who's just this genius who has this entire twelve parts soap opera in his mind and so every week we're doing two parts great caption model Upfront Hashtag diabetic in the bat that's exactly right young gay guys are on Instagram wait until you get into the diabetes influencing world so much and and and sometimes honestly have to book him as a guest simply so I can see him and hang out with him because he's so busy he's right now of course in Ravens would manner which playing the we are back withdrew drogue hello drew you were talking through your process pancake it's Danielle gaither it's Angela Kristen Telo Ryan Garcia Leslie Anne Huff hundred you know any of those angel everyone allegation theater Written by Justin Sayer Sam pancakes also in it Striped Tom to trenice bunch of other super funny people involved and we reject any presenting it didn't you so you're you're just aghast but are you seated at a table with all strangers No I was at a couch with a bunch of people in you because I have my like yeah from FTF Warrior jumping Oh this is a diabetic and diabetic fitness influencer well so he this is just a shirtless guy in town it's wonderful and then we have guest stars every week who we have Pete Zayas this first week and Johnny Lazinski hundred first week not against Burr go if you're in La go see at the celebration theatre is running for six weeks twelve weeks I'm so sorry I'm distracted by slow instagram video that you're putting in front of my face Greg Scott Thomsen is doing it when week Alec Mapa Josh Plotnik I'm leaving Nina Millan of course is doing together and you know you kind of get one or two big you know total fuck ups and then you can be like all right we can keep going six weeks is a is a it's a little nutty the worst thing is when we have auditions during the week or things we have to do during the week where we have to like on top of that learn new brand new script big is a tall order for someone like you who's doing you know notoriously a million shows I well I'm luckily not doing senate and like you know we ran through the whole thing part one last night and Muni mess up it's part of the fun of it all and you know it's it's great when it's like really well we just have like an incredible it's a murderer's row it totally escape Michael Shepherds doing it it's just it's it's going to be a blast I can't wait to see it and gross-out Canadian stop we have got record every moment of this Oh my God I'm doing a six hour play right now which is crazy it's two thirty minute parts as if you're watching episodes of a of a soap opera and who the players these oh it's well adjusted at its it's me at Sam's I'm playing the COULDA Shoulda woulda of the town named Mary Mary Lowest Rape Patch Craig's and I'm a horrible just a herod it's a lot our brains hurt a little bit but it's fun can you say who you're playing Oh yeah I'm playing playing to horrible but women yet again we're doing one weekend and then we have to like pretty much turn it all over and do a whole new show in like three or four days before the you're doing essentially a soap opera get right right it's the character is Irish patch who who runs the bookmobile and she's this really sad you know book woman a played by middle aged women it's insane there's so much drag I have a lot of sex with a lot of men played by women and drag and then on that so he's GonNa Miss so brooks is amazing understates she's going to step in and do it so like we're covered if we missed shows or anything but a Jonas Griggs who's the pharmacist and he's giving drugs and having sex with questionably aged boys and I'm eighty schedule with with theater so you can't like go back like you know but it's so much fun I mean I trust everybody everybody's wonderful where's it again is at the celebration theatre so it's just a matter of like I've never really done anything to learn so much material and cram yeah but yeah I mean we always have understudies as well and so like Sam is GonNa Miss Tomorrow night so first preview and he's he's on a million little things he's he's of a woman who never left the town and hates the like the lead and this is I'm just sort of the the the nemesis and salmon say my husband the very vein of dark shadows I it's it's it's not vampires but there are where wolves and witches it's a lot of witches and it's a lot filthier it's a lot dirtier rolled Matt Games old passwords and get your fallen fanny flag all you know the Hollywood squares she's suburbs God good old days when our homos were miserable trust and miserable yes hard to set throughout all yeah so do you I'm sorry I just don't sit through it go see ravens absolutely do you have the what a time God drunk and smoking and playing games yeah and just for entertainment yeah I just forgot I wish we bring about and then dark shadows ever was and a lot funnier I mean dark shadows is hard to watch like dark shadows this fun to watch the outtakes of like you know because they just never called and it's really fun I love her and stupid Oh yeah Oh yeah you'll love is there is there is a dark shadows feels it's definitely invi burn and six nine hundred eighty four stars okay who are not as good as Brett somers in Charles Oh yeah no no no flag it's like John Bowser ace yeah you know I I don't buy that there's the big stunt cast one on ABC right okay but everybody's friendly everyone so everyone old episode of dark shadows because it's really hard to watch it's it's it's just very dry yeah you know so this is coaching now what am I watching now have its best movie I've maybe seen in my lifetime and I think we'll talk to you about this Matt Parasite Cluedo TV okay also join properties Oh great okay drew sure sure yes it's it's all good good okay yeah it we were just saying last night not knowing anything about it is crucial to enjoying it yes because I saw that I don't understand this garbage pit that we're in right now of a world why don't we just have celebrities use getting tanked on TV like why are we above that now like why are we like nine I feel like we all like the idea of dark shadows actually dig right watching and I mean I loved the show in the nineties I remember when I was a kid in the nineties there was that there was it's all it's sixty seventies eighties guess he's GonNa show game show Oh great and it's on I think you can get just with an aerial and have a budget to like really edit so you know you see people walking through shots and doors not closing and all that and the people's flooding their lines but I don't know have you ever watched there's they're doing in primetime now a one-season Show that was the match Game Hollywood Squares Hour Oh okay so it was it starts with gene nobody wants to be there they're not drinking and they're visibly on cocaine it's pretty great I love entertaining I love that yeah what are you Elliot Horror Film Anyway this I just it's such a movie of our time now and about families are we had talked about it on your yet and this guy comes out like we can get into this okay spoiler alert we're going to discuss okay site a best supporting actress all the awards I love her yeah and the peaches thing was just cackling it's just like like a mini series of the ninety I remember loving that but the original the the you know is just it's rough worked buzzer the network buzzer it's it's it's a network called go hand in the tradition of grinder okay okay aw just a nervous idiot like I loved everything about it I just Wanna I just was so in it the entire time and I love that the rich people were not evil sprinkling peach dust on her back oh my God and the mother the really the the rich young mother trailer and I and I was like oh I have to go see that and I do really loved that the filmmaker films before I mean I love Snow Piercer I loved it's I'm not exaggerating when I it's it's maybe one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life yeah it defies genre I don't know what you would call it it's a pitch black comedy no really you kind of her on everybody side and no one side at the same time because you're just like you know you really want the poor family to be okay but it's kind of horror but it's also beautiful it's so life affirming at the end it's about class yeah it is we say we're GONNA talk about it for three minutes Amer scooter hey it's okay I'm GonNa send a timer it's hard to talk about if you you are Lois Bromfield when Lois Brom fail because the Hollywood squares yeah worth looking for Buzzer just to watch it because totally but they're monsters monsters and the rich people are like okay but they're also like poor people have a smell right smell and that fact I and the bunker you you took away a life-affirming message at the end from 'cause I absolutely pessimistic the and what you're willing to do for your family and I just I was so obsessed with that housekeeper Oh God yeah the peaches here Oh my God I'm like they're like Oh this is gonNa make them turn into monsters or something you really kind of but it's a huge plot point the fumigation and that's what they smell like what in the the little boy who has a seizure because they make a big deal out of you have to get him to the emergency room in fifteen minutes nobody's got the keys to the car o right he smells ham is what actually causes that turn on him at the end yeah wow yeah also because you think they're blowing the fumigation the beginning liberty has a smell oh my God like poor people are treated like insects and they become insect xactly exactly the rest of my life trying to get I know where you are is just so beautiful so mean to drive him yes and yes it is I mean I it is on can happen it's not going to happen the end but there's something at that moment for me that just that hope that Oh god I'm going to spend continued because it was really like this past weekend it was like don't show me a frame don't show me a trade yuck and mention the word holy it that is that's also I take back what I said about the rich people because they are only concerned about getting their kid to the House I'm different strokes Oh okay okay okay are there not great and then three more people than it's Matt McCoy from we've got it sure sure I'm Shannon Oh sure sure Nellie Olson oh yeah alison Argh Rem and then like just people need rivoal's the old lady the this happy ending we saw that we've been go back to him writing the letter of end on that image and not the other one was owing oh he's not it's not good right the mother I don't know what else has gone I was like what happened to the mother by forgotten about the kid there's so much at the end that so minute one more minute gap Tina my question are we to believe that the the young boy dies at the end of their house and living the fan hung it being yours shirt the full fullest extent and Oh God oh God because I also thought it was so funny I was like but everybody skip judy skipped joker already you've already seen those movies C. Parasites yes I think she was just still recovering from her severe allergy right or she just doesn't have anywhere to live right and she's probably living on the street somewhere yeah I just know like oh no one's voice will ever live up Oh yeah you know I didn't mind her voice being different I kinda liked that she did that and I liked you know oh you're saying you yeah yeah that's our time it's our time okay well we're back though I do have Chisholm spoilers about be nice to the freak they're a mess with no insight about really who they I don't know and again and not to show you know if you will love these movies fine but his taxi driver Joaquim Venus Brilliant in the movie but it is the most unsurprising both of those news basically the same movie it's like the host at didn't he do another called mother not the Aronovski mother but didn't he do the one of the crazy the mother was defending her son in Brit I felt about her like I felt about Oh in Roma saying Bohemian rhapsody Romney Malik same opinion about that performance the the house pitas was it still from I think it's been some time right oh I didn't even th- thought that it was sort of a mystery but maybe out of the peaches it didn't happen the thing judy was that she didn't want to perform ever and she got on stage and she was taken over by this monster talent all she wanted to do fool blown monster no were just like assholes in sort of unaware of their price but it would it really road the line where you were able to empathize Oh and just like I wanna watch everyone's hoping fashion it's their right and you ended up doing their hour and then they gotta get get early for yeah you're right shoulder and everyone lives in I just I don't know neither one of them are special at all to me and I agree Judy is not a great movie and I am a Judy Garland head you go from one extreme to the other there's no in between there's no middle class ray I have been that parasite and on a small scale so many times like being I just thought the script didn't do her any favours it never showed her really being funny and never showed her really being smart and aware of her yeah joker forever dad gets sorry but it just makes me love Tim Burton more and more every time they do because timber completely understood that now go to easy I'm just it blows my mind that joker is a thing that people are talking about at all like just teams like I haven't seen it but it seems to me the whole thing of Lake Sad alienated comedy Guy You know turns violent concert the the actual performing the numbers fantastic and the scene work was really broad and I didn't think it was great I didn't love what she did I it allowed to poor bleeds out right so and you thought you thought the ending the ending is like that we tragic because you don't you're like there's just not going to happen this way yeah also why why was the housekeepers face kinda busted out when she came back to the but many times that it's just like we have nothing new to say and I just think that our bar has been lowered so much that we're dislike ooh it's gritty it's Edgy Avenue Judy yet have you know exactly what it is sure joker you know exactly what it is you can't see that King of comedy if Joker were stand alone movie it would be much better than trying to tack on the Bruce Wayne Batman thing you've seen that kid and the parents getting shot at the movie theater so it's a beautiful brilliant movie truly brilliant tough not one I want to sit through again now only because it's so I I actually just it has to be dark but it also has to be fun it's a comic book and Christopher Nolan's movies were so bleak and humorless and the Greatest Heath Ledger was amazing that in that when it's it's like this never gonna go even darker and more and it's like the Batman tag on joker relation and Judy Garland was hilarious and and the tragedy was like she knew exactly what was happening the whole time and I felt like this movie was another after masterpiece it's so fucking great and Sandra Bernhardt like revelation yeah and Jerry Lewis who have never been a fan of is amazing and you you you become what you're treated like it it's like and we all have the and there's the cycle of like being in that basement the you know and sort of survived oh right I I didn't even remember I mean it seemed like they could have gotten there on time because they did get the keys they did but nobody did anything with them conine then yeah absolutely I think if you're a fan you're in for her performance alone and and I mean that is not an easy and obviously you have to go into it let's get loaded Eddie with her family and she got on stage and she couldn't help it and as messy as she ever got it wasn't like she forgot the words somewhere over the rainbow I don these things and I'm like there's better stuff out there this is completely ripping off right if you haven't seen so that's why I go back to parasite and I was so delighted that just can night it's it's crazy somebody's like ooh that's we should explore that I feel like we've also we've explored Batman and we'll special about like well she was on drugs and I hate at her forgetting the words to over the rainbow and that gay couple helping her through it that was so dumb personal assistant when the person's town and I'm house sitting for dogs in for people all the time and just taking as much advantage see a movie that I hadn't seen anything like that before did you see hustlers yes and I loved it yeah haven't seen have you seen I just saw what do you think up to I can't imagine I imagine at I was going in I saw it earlier I saw it before it opened and I was with a friend of Mike let's go laugh at shows you'll know exactly what happens in the violent some of it's really upsetting and whatever but I don't even think the movie condones violence in a way it's not a very these strippers and con artists and these really smart savvy women yeah I thought it was a lot and I love a montage and I was like this is maybe the sexiest thing I've ever seen right thought it was just a stunt I mean she surpasses Gender Age Oh one hundred percents Oh so far into it are we to episodes actually I guess three as of last night okay okay yeah it's a Lotta Fun Oh yeah yeah I can imagine that it's not to watch her on the poll she is a specimen I don't know the last time I've questioned my sexuality then when I watched J.lo's opening number I thought Jay Leno was incredible also loved that it was a female lead story like it was so clearly made by a woman that like that story it was like to tell the story I just and who else could have done that role who else could have done that I mean Jennifer Aniston of course happy when it's time to put them on macworld and sweatpants are among those things I've got to get a pair of those Oh my God there's so I ended in the beginning in Television are you watching drag race UK. I am not I've heard it's great it's fun are you know and Joaquin Phoenix is I think brilliant film related to keep as incredible work in it but I don't care because it's just one of those things that it doesn't surprise you at all and I mean it probably feels like early seasons of drag race USA in the sense that it probably is feels more authentic yet more like an I want it I was already my favorite movie based on the trailer in the concept and I did see it late so was it didn't quite a good move it's not like I mean King of comedy and taxi driver or would it's obviously ripping off Richards is far superior movies so watching if you haven't seen comedy watching a comedy but it is the montages but honestly it is worth the price of admission just to watch Jaylo walk into rooms in for Oh removing wanted to narrow favorites movie I think it's just amazing and so I don't know I just I hate to sound like an old man with people like love it Rose Twenty one thousand nine hundred and ten minutes and we were like Oh this is actually great so I was so surprised that it was actually a great they went to a fancy event this weekend which was the first ever my Diabetes Award Swat Wha wha what what are these yes I know they were at the and people who are called to drag queens versus they've watched drag race and they wanted to do what drag race does there are the younger cast members grew up on the hospital quote unquote looked Queens are boring for sure they don't really have a sense of humor point of view right but the older ones this show and there's there's a story there oh charlene's yeah didn't know that yeah when are we going to see drew on drag race but getting back to Sandra Bernhardt call up a youtube super cut of all of her letterman appearances just watching oh I can imagine I don't know it's all it also reveals how many of our celebrities don't have a personality Oh right right they'll be like they'll get the a certain kind of drag is so sort of central to your art hallway so specific and so I would love to do like some sort of an just literally search it all right Oh right but it's fun out great I've got to watch it the other thing that I would I am sure you've done this I also really want them to be good I get frustrated when I watched drag race and they just can't do snatch game and you're like you can't even do like what are you doing and a lot of new better you wouldn't do that you wouldn't you know it's really hard to do another drag queen like what's your take on that per it's the muppets on Saturday night live right Ooh why December the Swedish chef right character that's already a thing yeah yeah it's like I don't understand when you're like that's what is the choice that they make in the character that they're playing I would love to coach them and be like hey maybe don't do that because it's get a coaching session yeah it's terrible sure she's been on his Netflix show to know he kinda cut it off with her oh yeah he he likes stopped having your own have class or comedy challenge with the remember I don't know I mean I've been I've told them I would love to do it so maybe maybe one day and it gives I do you go and do it was like an all stars and they had to do that and she had great advice for them and it's like yeah listen to her it's like you know because they don't know there's just certain things who do there's nothing to say I know and it's like you've got like boil it down to a sentence like what is the funny thing what's their spine like what's funny what's the thing about in reading a challenge I've told I I've made it very clear to Rupaul that I would do anything on the show I mean I don't want to compete on the show obviously not a dragged wait but I was I said I'd love to challenge I've love and so hopefully one day I mean it was a moment when I could have been a judge but now the judges are like Monaco Pieta Nicole buyers podcast about dragging it was like I had to watch an Sherry Oteri was on their giving them comedy advice but they were doing stand up and I watch game right they would they mean they talk through our Sh- in the work there was one on I just saw recently because I did a pot another podcast about of like a kardashian sister down or Ariana Grande Day or something right away to there's actually there's actually what about them take Edwards right exactly because it's just like you know and a Lotta Times it's like maybe find somebody else maybe think of another you know Michelle Obama you know yeah but it it it feels like you know because drag is you're not a drag queen but drag wear and they presented to the world and so they're kind of perfect and so it's why a lot of people are boring now I think because they're there to manufactured right you're not seeing then that they're unaware of you know and it's hard with some of these people now because they are all about there are also manufactured to their put together in a studio makes you crazy about yourself blow that up put that on put a wig on that you know versus like you know I'm the best I'm the Shit I'll work to know what's interesting about them and weird about them you know I don't I don't believe that they really are just like all boring people I mean some of them are but you know I fucking care so have a point of view have something brings something to the table and I don't think that most people I don't know I think a lot of people just haven't done enough internal warts and all you're not seeing the weird the Weirdos so yeah the other broader thing about snatch game in particular is like how often do you go to a drag show to see a really good and I think for for drag and that it seems like that is no longer valued right you have to be ugly to in order to be funny and and not just physically what I'm you're just like oh just figure out like what's like kind of weird flawed broken about you what are you a nerd about what are you kind of lose your mind about what is the thing that it was like emotionally and foolish you have to be an idiot and I think that people are so afraid of like because they're so because we manufacture we in into robots and we're all GonNa look the same and have really like boring sex and dumb non conversations or we're going to have to explode and it was like she got up on stage and lip sank her own non song it was it was literally just a list of things and she lives you and you find a lot of people are sort of they're able to do a bit for like a couple of seconds and it's like give it who are they if you took them out of that were like that's the the incentive to to give yourself permission to outlook is so important for any kind of forming but comedy especially feeling you know and they're watching things going okay then what and then what and I think it's also getting harder and harder for for people to not look cool thank it and then got up and was like he guys where a really scary time now it's important that we votes we get out there and we mobilize the T. I oh I was a party that I am not going to say who was because I didn't want to give her the publicity she's one of my least favorite drag race queens other number about all the other queens on drag race and kind of shitting on them and I was like who are you like what is this performance like what are we you know action out of what you're doing and it said you're just like man that's what actually makes you interesting it's you know and so I just feel like where do you go from there were either all note and dispel the crowd being like yeah we know it wasn't like we were not interested in what should I say and then and then she did her Texaco so I just stopped right in what I'm feeling frisky and I try pill but no more sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but hymns always that and just like the ugly freaks again I don't know what else where do we go I don't know well let's take a break and come back with have just answer a few quick questions and doctor will review them they determine it's right for you they'll prescribe medication to treat hair loss and that medication will be shipped directly Uber instead of on stage right right yes that were like is it possible to not be boring if that is where you're getting your itis I have to wellness from it okay that's right hymns is helping guys be the best version of themselves with licensed physicians and FDA approved products to help treat hair loss or theory ten subject to doctor's approval. I mean listen I guess if you feel like doing something about for you need to do something about it then do it thank you for your approval for letting me know how you really if because of Mike what we all do have to believe that we are going to get through this 'cause otherwise I just sit around and go there's no but it's like we're back with drew hi guys hi found out who was during the Michael Hair loss yeah theoretical future hair loss yes right now snake oh uphill now gas station counter supplement do other gas station counter supplement do I live right into your door anonymous order now by the way because our listeners can get started with hymns complete haircut for just five dollars today limited get this while supplies last breaking it was surprised she wasn't top on my list but she was made perfect sense yes and we will reveal who it is signed the paywall premium from Oklahoma drew what's happening in the romance dating and sex go to forums dot COM Slash Combo Yeah F. O. R. H. dot com slash him you dot com slash. Oh I don't I don't I I mean I know this has been said a million times but the so much of it is a function of people being groomed on us I make myself so busy I feel like I say this every time I'm just I'm honestly to where I'm like I go go go all day and then I go home and I'm so glad to have like Dave I'm a little worried that my hairline is slowly starting to move back were here's tell you it is not it's not okay but if I want something about it doing like five hundred six hour plays every weekend but yeah I've had a lot of like like fun impression yeah never that's not and that's also that's also the thing that I would say it's also to these look Queens it's great you look great but if you're boring who cares try to get it so it's just I think it's just about making people get that that training I mean I think and again I think people a lot of people are feeling what we're a filter and every picture that doesn't look good we we we don't tag ourselves and things we don't let you just try to scrub any sort of impact right because yeah and then I don't know I I met a guy recently just out of Birthdays Party and we like we hung out a couple of times and I'm not sure what we're that what's going on there I'm not great at reading situations and not no I'm not I mean I still I I go back from time to time and teacher the groundlings and I try to get people to play characters based on people that they know and like have their an finer points but if there were the way to prevent it has to do something about it while you still have some what you do or do you have a lot of gorgeous hair go to four hymns Which is fine too as long as I know ahead of time I don't like it when I feel like Oh you're leading me on and then all you really wanted to do was just yeah suggested khloe video say theoretically yes tips I do tip I do have a tip the best way to prevent more hair loss or any hair loss and hair loss because there's not there's not dot com it's a one stop shop for hair loss skin care and sexual well again I'm not saying any of these problems apply to you Matt I'm just saying what have you heard I'm just saying it's a one stop shop for hair loss skin Karen section sometimes too and there's a lot of guys on there that just WanNa talk and have conversations and hard to navigate and sometimes it's like I will get on there and sound like oh I don't know walk us through how they come about what goes on day how God I don't even know I mean it's just it's it's like fully engaged in able to like really want to get to know him learned about him and his his life anything but I'm also like I've never been somebody who's like feel by the way you need to see website for full details safety information and this could cost hundreds if you went to the doctor or pharmacy or so don't do that date and settle down with someone but I just don't know when I'm going to have time and energy to do that right and so I don't know that's something that I that I approach to hang out is so open that I it seems like you have not a pattern but like that you do often only got like moving things forward and when I'm as busy as I am I'm like really saying like hey do you wanna hang out again in like three weeks right I see I appreciate like how sort of open if seems like you you're little kind of one off dalliances of in the last year but not a lot but enough to be like oh it's fun it's cool down and talk with some of these dalliances I wanNA have to even talk to let alone like sleep with and engage with and be cute for so that's on me like I need to like carve out that space to do that and not be that's just not it just isn't it's hard because it's like someone just feels like oh it's this is not gonna go anywhere you want to hang out with me after someone and you really don't know I feel like when I was single I categorize people immediately I was either like I am targeting this person I will sleep with them whether they like it or not taber freak slept around a lot I've never really enjoyed that much so I'm sort of definitely and the quality versus quantity cam definitely wanting to turning it into the friend thing right away and then

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