Interview with Kyle T Kadish: Controlling Your Taxes


hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the three x value growth podcast my name is terry solve coming to you as always some new hampshire my piece of new hampshire trivia for this episode is that allen bartlett shepherd junior the first american to travel in space is from dairy new hampshire my town on joined today by kyle kadish of advantage wealth solutions stars is very much welcome kyle thank you very much very glad to be here today i am so glad you are really i know how busy schedule isn't just finding tied to make this happen i really appreciate you finding the time where you are so much in demand i feel were really fortunate to have you here for this interview thank you again an so everyone else appreciates what you bring to the table kyle i just wanna details on it since two thousand four kyle has worked with investors who take advantage vantage of investment opportunities across all markets infocus has been introducing investors do strategies securities and investment structures to enhance their portfolios with a focus on the internal revenue code you structures just transactions and utilizes investments that allowed taxpayers to keep more of what they've created and built deferring mitigating end reducing tax liabilities so i think it's perfect that you're title far seven minute interview today is controlling your taxes very very nice am i gonna do that in just seven minutes i we certainly are but i gotta say whenever i'm hosting a continuing education session bring up the idea of tax is i need a locker room just so people say pay attention when we walked in excited not fearful so we'll work on that definitely 'em so we're going to get started in the first question is who's your ideal client yeah it could be very general in braun just to say anyone that has eight near term liquidity event but more in particular kerry it comes down to where anyone that has the tax liability being free needed from that event business owners a real estate investors are the two areas where most of my clients are in when it comes down to this is sonar it's really looking for someone who's maybe selling in the next six months or so in wits eight mid market valuation which happy somewhere between four and nine million dollars is where we can provide the most efficient ceo of the tax code 'em however while where really makes sense could be anyone who has two hundred fifty thousand or more generating a tax liabilities for them on the sale of a massive so you're telling me that they needed state team at least six months before a transaction would occur not necessarily six months i would say 'em we can conduct transactions and much less time i think that provides all parties in a a review enough of they review period we don't really need to be working with anyone no longer than that timeframe they're working with other professionals to build their enterprise a cell number two what problem are you solving these business owners an individual yeah it really it comes down to the taxation upon the sale were helping them retain more of the pre tax dollars that it can be utilized a post sale again i mentioned business owners real estate on it even a worker individuals who were selling collectible the bulls 'em we really work on me as i said earlier the mid market business owner but a lot of those individuals they will also maybe only big issue home or an investment property in we can actually help consolidate those assets on her pre tax basis after the sale to okay well word two and a half minutes in number three water the typical symptoms that you see people are experiencing or they start talking about that made you laugh yeah i think we all know and understand that we have an obligation to pay some taxes but many individuals i speak with kerry bill they hate too much or it's not necessarily their decision as to how much they pay so business owners have been paying taxes payroll taxes property taxes profitability taxes depending on which state they were in an upon exit they don't wanna give up more of that value that they created over the life of that business sometimes upon the sale and be markup could be forty to fifty percent just because the summer having net number were also not able to help them keep more of that roast but maybe even nation take a little less than they would want to market because we're gonna have greater use of that capital so the company becomes more marketable but i also think i just heard you say that they could take a little bit less because they won't be giving away extra to uncle sam correct whether it's uncle sam or their own state taxes they're they're the states as well that they might be subject to so were not avoiding taxes in any way rather structuring when you pay the taxes and how much you got it so onto question number four what do you see the most common mistakes that people are making when they try to solve this on their own yeah it really comes down to they don't know what they don't know not faulting anyone our placing blame here but a lot of the professionals who might be working with less just using the counter example if and accounting practices a hundred and fifty households how many of them in any given year will be going through way liquidity radio event it's agent men in miss number 'em so you might be only client joining through the situation focused on some necessarily accountants focus on will were able to do is make me accounting more bay score cheaper rent for a major rat instead of these score keeper also with business brokers we could make the more honest and the sale because were closer to the true value of what be clients will have after the sale men question number five what is one valuable frame resource that audience numbers cancelled that right now let's start solving the problem well as they continue to work with you as and other great professional national soon visors like doug in jason they have an idea in mind of what their exit will be they should be working with their accounting and financial advisor now to start harvesting the lawsuits from other parts of their portfolio which can be heard forwarded forwarded to offset that game just a little here on capitol markets in the stock let's just say s and p five hundred historically thirty four time in the names and yes and she has been negative each on any given year so you could sell those stocks in period for those losses until the point in time also games that's perfect therefore my next question to you is what is one valuable resource youth and direct people to will further help with that problem where could they gotta get more from yet yes certainly a through our website my d s t plan dot com slash eighty eight a it's posted attached to their in the scriptures friction up this podcast but that's where we begin the conversation a as i mentioned earlier every situation is different and we want to begin having that conversation see if this makes sense for these business or or or real estate investor and we also had that there's no no charger any fee until the transaction actually happens you leading up to it and then my last question is what's the one question i should be asking you would give great dell each why listen it and then tell us the answer to carry this comes up all the time when i'm having conversations where those business or or the real estate investors why haven't i heard this before i can't answer that but i can say that it's been codified in the internal revenue code for over ninety years my colleagues in the partners i work with have been focused on this per quarter century and it's been proven untested by dui arrest thousands of transactions in billions of dollars 'em that world allowing those tatters shoemaking productive use of any pre tax basis that's huge definitely thank you so much i really appreciate your time today it's been a pleasure should have kyle kadish here on the three x value growth podcast paul jerry brown meaningless break you're protesting a thanks for checking out the three x value growth podcast if you like what we're doing here head over to i tunes and subscribe

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