Mitch Albom


Approach. Listener's support W N Y C studios. Two three four five six seven got it. Okay. Number one getting clocked in the face. Number two, not being able to create anymore. Number three, losing the ability to play the piano. Number four. Forgetting the words in the middle of singing a song to a really big crowd. I've performed in front of a lot of different size crowds and rooms and there've been a few times we're about to come to the end of the line. And I'm like come on brame come on brain, you know, seeing along with something come on rank up. Okay, there it is. And I find it. But I just have this crazy fear of stopping in the middle of a song. Oh. You could go. That. Number five. I am scared of any horror movie. Number six. I'm scared terrified. I'm not being able to defend somebody. I love if they're endanger. One of the kids that I was raising when she was five years old developed a brain tumor, and we bought her to American basically adopted her and and she lived with us for the next two years, and I have never felt more of a failure or weaker. And then when she was in the hospital or towards the end when she was dying at home in in in a little bed, right next hours. I blew through it now. And I hope I'm never in that situation again. Number seven, the health of the kids that I'm raising at the orphanage in Haiti. Number eight suffering a really bad sports injury. Number nine losing my value system. You go out into the world and your value system gets tested because you don't have your parents walking around behind you saying, no don't do that. Number ten. That there's really nothing after this life when you die. My name is Mitch Albom. And these are ten things that scary. The ten things team includes Amy Pearl Daniel, Matt Sarah, sampack, Emily, teen polish human Joanna solitaire off a Melissa -chusetts music and sound design by Isaac Jones. You know, it scares me. That one I'm hugging. Someone just to be supportive. But I don't really want hug them that they can tell. What are you? Scared of tell us at ten things podcasts dot org.

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