House of Cards | Season 6 Episode 4: Chapter 69


Yeah. House of cards season. Six episode four chapters sixty nine is over. But we're just getting started here on the house of post show recap. And now here the guys with takes that are so hot. It's like you took your phone and dropped it into boiling water. I'm rob Stor Neo back with Zach Brooke Zach, our you than the back seat president tonight, and I'm gonna take the wheel backseat podcast here. Right. Alright. The reports of Kathy Durant's demise were greatly premature. Not by me. I think I've heard that she was not necessarily. We never saw the body always predict body. I said something along the lines of that. I think that she wasn't necessarily dead because we didn't see what happened, and it seemed very sketchy and was yeah, I don't while the Walking Dead. But I kind of feel like this is what every episode of the Walking Dead is where episode they're like this person died off screen and then the next step. So they show up. So did you in this episode come to the conclusion the cabbie Durant was not dead before that reveal? I did. I have my prediction was a little bit off and may still could be correct. But right around the time when Claire is talking to hunter, I wrote in my notes, the Kathy Durant is going to be with the shepherds Seth reporting to Bill and he's on the phone giving the play by play throughout the whole episode. And I said, oh, that's why he's giving all these updates because Bill. Actually has Kathy Durand. Yeah. At the point where you know that same conversation where Claire was talking to hunter and talking about how stand wasn't that upset about it? And I said, wait a second. Hold on. Maybe she's not dead. Yeah. Actually washes up so twice. And I think I caught a couple of things as we go through it. That are interesting things. I didn't pick up the first time especially knowing how the episode is gonna end up. Okay. All right. So this was an interesting up. So this is fine. This is like one big party. This episode. Is so much happened at this unil-? Memorial. Whatever it just this is ridiculous. I really liked how it kind of was a bottle up all took place in basically, one setting up side of the Hammerschmidt stuff. But I mean, this could never actually happen. I think if there was a politician's funeral right? This amount of posturing and world current events and diplomacy would happen. Even if. Yes state, right? So if you're gonna Najing like some universe where the US secretary of state has passed away. I mean, there's we're imagining like this party where everybody is sitting Shiva after the funeral and Ladimir Putin. Is there also I guess in some ways, maybe not as hard to imagine. But it seems that there would be a lot of security involved. I mean, I thought that Jane Davis was going to. Stab Petrov in the kitchen at one point. Yeah. Just hanging out by the water cooler in Petrov's just walking around with Seth kind of Kramer, in his way into rooms that he's not supposed to be and there's no security anywhere. It was just like our big free for all which was fun for getting a lot of pieces in place. And I thought that moved pretty quickly, but it was like really out there, not a major security detail. Now, I did like how they filmed a lot of this episode where it was it reminded me of something. I can't figure out exactly what it is. It might have been like can't hardly wait. Oh, where you're following somebody locked bedroom? Probably I mean that might have been where Bill was calling from was the bathroom because we didn't see him Bill internet nowhere to be found. But we have you know, you're following characters in conversation. And then like Seth would walk behind. Doug would walk behind. The camera would would pan over to Doug. And then you would follow drug his conversation happen quite a bit throughout this episode. I thought that was a really unique way to do that. It was lots of style for house of cards. They don't do something. Like that that often? All right. Let's I guess start with Petrov, and what is going on here with Syria. Do you feel like that Syria has been settled yet seems like it we have an agreement that Claire Underwood it's into this was the setup from Claire all along was to get an agreement with Petrov that will stop the shepherd unlimited company from having a presence in Syria. So it's a move against Bill and a net and looks like she gave up a lot. But I think she got a lot in return, which was actually something. I didn't pick up a first time. I watched it. Yeah. I thought she was going to say. Petrov? Look, you're not my enemy here. You're you're fine. That the shepherds of Miami. And I think that's what she's doing at the end of the episode where she brings Tom Yates. And I'm sure we'll talk lots about Tom Yates in this absurd. She she tells Petrov as their green on this deal and Tom gates was the responsibility of your country and he died in Russia. Yeah. How are they going to sit in that is? So I thought that when she did that she was accusing him of this. But it sounds like that this is part of the deal is that that they are accepting responsibility for this death as part of this deal going through did you pick? I didn't pick up the first time. I got that. I got that. Because that he gave he said like oh twenty percent. That's quite a taste. And she's like, well, you know, hooked by friends up and stuff like that. But then the big thing was like, you take the heat on Tom Yates. Yeah. And that was like a gangster movie called her a gangster earlier. If she like gangster, and Ellen suit is that what we would call her. Suit. I guess so I guess you could call her to that. So what will they say? Well, we'll they do. I feel like that. If the shepherds have Tom gates, his body, and Mark has really ability the sort of summit it. I mean, it doesn't matter. If Petrov says like a we did it. I mean, I don't know what like I kind of feel like she's still in a bad spot. Yeah. I guess it's going to be that he was killed by Russian spies, maybe on US soil, and and then there has to be more diplomacy as a result of that. I mean, they can have his body and say, oh, yeah. We poisoned him reason. I don't know why Petroff would be that concerned with like the guy who wrote Frank Underwood's by graffiti and road speeches for the White House. Yeah. And Petrov is this the last we see of him is this for Petrov can't be they can't bring him back. Just for this one time occurrence, I think we'll see him a little bit more throw season. Do you think we'll see him more? Because I don't know what business we have left to do in Syria other than seeing Bill shepherd's head explode. Yeah. Well, I mean, maybe the shepherds try to make something happen in Syria too. They have some attack and Syria or something to to stir up trouble and keep their presence there. Just to reiterate only four episodes left here in house of cards for the series. Yeah. There's a lot to do. I was thinking about that today. There's a lot still left on the table with only four episodes left. Yeah. We've really have a lot of things hanging out there. And I guess of one of the chief ones that we've talked about which we thought was settled storyline. Kathy Durant is out there floating around and potentially aligned with the shepherds where is she going to come into all this. So my prediction is that. She's actually working with Nora who we saw on the set. And I don't know if I have no ours last name, but she's one of the secretaries of the people in the cabinet, and she's the one who pose Claro side and say she doesn't trust the other members of the cabinet. And she says something about how Kathy Durant is fluent in French. And then says something declare on French. The end of the episode we see Kathy Durant, speaking French somebody. But I feel like that Nora was a Claire Underwood loyalist, and I feel like the Kathy Durant is anything but more patrol mo- patrol is right. I mean, she's gotta be with aligned with the shepherds. No. Yeah. So, you know, maybe Nora the shepherds and Kathy are working together, nor do you think that there's I don't know why Norwood speak French early in the episode, and then we seek Kathy Durant. Speaking French for no reason at the end of the. Road. So is Nora helping to get Cathy Durant's husband to her. Yeah. I think that's who she might have been talking to the end of the episode. Do you think that Nora is trying to throw Claire off the scent by talking it's coming to her talk about moles? Yeah. Yeah. That's the that's the best way to do. You got to Q somebody else of being a mock. This is classic secret Hitler. Yeah. Her twenty four. Yeah. I've actually never played secret Hitler. Oh, you're in for a treat. I passed. Everybody was all about secret lair like twenty seventeen in early this year. And I don't think people are really planning anymore. I think it's still out there. I think it's still out there after some searching go ahead, and do some searching we're talking in the last episode of which was recorded last night for anybody who's curious about the timetable on these things that we were talking about Doug versus Claire, do you feel like that we got closer to Doug versus Clare in this episode or Doug and Claire coming together, we gotta tease of Duggan Claire coming together that it could be clear running with the Cory Booker lookalike Brett Cole in twenty election. But then Doug finds out about the secret will and that Frank Underwood left him everything, and that's gonna throw a wrench into all these plans. Yes, we surprise when we found out that. Brett, Coles or Republican? I think they set that up in the last episode. I missed that. I missed that in the last episode. Yeah. I mean, I don't think the parties I curious if the policy in the parties like how those really align. It doesn't seem like they kind of picked. Picked parties, and they almost I think for some of the comparisons for the people on the show anyway, pick the opposite. Just two people. I mean, the party almost doesn't even matter on house of cards. I mean Claire about like upper call making my vice president that'll be a split ticket. That'll be fine. Think about that. Nobody worry. I'm sure somebody listening knows. But I don't know if there's ever been a split ticket. That's run. I mean, let alone one. I'm sure like, but not in the lab, I think there was like some flirtation about when John Kerry was running that John McCain was going to potentially be like they have some connection, John Kerry and John McCain. I'm not exactly sure what it is. And there was some talk that maybe he was going to run as part of it. But no, he did he did not ultimately, do it may might be the closest that we've got anything like that in modern times. Yeah. I mean, some of this talk does make me sad that we're not going to see any future seasons. It does. They keep going with this show. And we could see we could see this mix ticket running together and the twenty twenty election. Yeah. I mean it used to be Frank Underwood. We'll talk about Underwood twenty twenty four Underwood. Twenty eight. Yeah. Onto a twenty eighty two. I think he was going to be thought is going to be immortal did not work out not work out. All right. So Mark did not have a great episodes. Now that was a bad, Mark, Mark. Yeah. Mark might you know. You know, he feels like he's running the show. But he's not he's off the Mark. He is off the Mark. Can you refresh my memory? What is the history between Mark usher and Jane Davis. They worked together and against each other. They were never a company. Right. No. I don't think they're just trying to remember that like what she's like they're like Xs right now. But I think Mark has a sexual history with lots of characters on this show learning. Yeah, he's he's real player. But I think that they've just always had like an on and off adversarial relationship, and they think that they're that you puppet masters behind everything. Mark Sheppard is definitely not a puppet master anymore. He might have been in last season. But now he's like truly the puppet. Yeah. And Claire is letting him run the show, but then also just doing whatever she wants. And then Seth is just like barging. I do love Seth. And Mark right now. It does feel like one of them is going to have to go before the end of the season because they feel like they're playing the same role for the shepherds. So they're going to get rid of one of them. But yes, Seth barges into that meeting in reminded me a Kramer coming door. I yeah. I do I love those interactions. Where Mark is like, that's it. I've had that. I don't want you around here. Do you understand me? Like, I hear you. I got it. No dent has happened. Nothing is changing. I hear you message received. But I'm not going. Yeah. We we work for the same person. I don't work for you. Yeah. It is interesting that he's able to just get into these meetings. I mean, he has no official position in the White House. Now, he's not even like a lobbyist. He's some strategy guy. Four the shepherd found area shepherd company. Yeah. And giving this episode. They just didn't want to have to pay Diane lane and Greg Kinnear. And so it's like you guys just be on the other end of the phone, and we won't even show you guys talking. Yeah. That's how limited we have. You talked about this with this show before in terms of budget where it does seem like they have certain characters for a certain number of that besides. And so that might be maybe we bought another episode of Greg Kinnear by not having him on this episode. So you are you are able to move at one spot in. Of of five episodes in twenty two minutes. Bet they're six five episodes twenty two. Yes. The twenty two minute four episode one more full episode for for Bill Shep knowing that shepherd either episode, not even dunk in. Now, we not running on Dunkin this episode, we did not run on Dunkin in the episode. What is going on here with are? They going to frame this press secretary for something coming up here with Tom Yates. I dunno. She's she seems very frazzled by everything. And there's talk of an affair coming up in the in the White House. And I don't know what I thought maybe that was where we were going with this. But then with all the stuff with Petrov. It's like, okay. She was having an affair with Tommy eights, and then he was killed by Russian spy. So they're going to try to say, she's a Russian spy or she was working with the Russian spy or is that was. Just throw us off the scent and Claire told her at the end of the episode like no, you're you're going to be right here. In your whip us. It seems like the kind of thing that Marcus sugar is going to leak out. He's like that is exactly the kind of thing we need in this White House that we don't need like something that it'd be like triumph the end salt dog. He's like that's exactly what we need in this White House for me to poop on for to not happen. So what Mark muster is doing again. It's very unclear the motives of a lot of the players going on in this. It's fun. But we didn't know which end is up. Yeah. It does seem like, you know, this character. Kelsey stewart. The press secretary is she's something bad is going to happen. This is not going to end. Well, I can't imagine that she just lives happily ever after in this world. What's going on with Jane Davis and Petrov we talked about how I thought gene Davis was gonna kill Petrov. What was she so worked up about with him? I don't know. She was really angry. She had some good lines. She told him that. He's it's weird that he's gotten taller since he hasn't Opole Ian complex that was a good line. Chemical. Exact communist and a handmade suit as a pig. But yeah, I don't know they have some sorta history. Obviously, I mean, Jane Davis has been involved in. I think she came on the last season. She said she had had it and she'd been involved in the Middle East and in been involved in Russia. So. I don't know. We don't we don't know much of Jane Davis his backstory, but I'm assuming Petrov must been responsible or something bad happen. Jane in the guests. So, but yeah, there's no love lost their between Petrov and Jane Davis, Jane Davis friend or foe for Claire Underwood. Jane Davis is friend to only Jane Davis. So right now, I think that she is friends with Claire. But I don't know. I don't know if that's going to be for the these last four episodes if she's on her side. Okay. Let's go back to Doug. And he was all over the place in this episode trying to find out what's going on that both him. And Claire I think is a sitcom sorta way they both thought the other one had poor Kathy Durant bumped off. It turns out that neither of them. Did we see that scene where Claire is talking to brother hunter? And Doug comes over and tells the story of his dad and how he died behind the wheel and Doug had to grab a hold of the wheel. And then Claire s and later on the episode was that story about your dad true. And he gives a non answer. Yeah. He says I mean, I'm assuming that means that was not true. But he said doesn't even matter which I think that we've had we've had similar lines in the show. I think Frank Underwood has had stories before where he says, I think he might have even told the audience like that doesn't matter if that was true or not. So this might have been Doug continuing on the Frank Underwood legacy. But if that was true, that's a pretty tragic story and probably explains a little bit about why Doug is. So messed up tap into your twelve years old. They have to do that. Crazy. That's what Claire said is is true. Then that explains everything should. And if it's not true that explains everything. Yeah. That's also not taking a side. She's either way that explains something about Doug. Yeah. And he did say that his dad went the same way as Kathy Durant. It sounds like he had a heart attack behind the wheel. So I don't know if we ever actually got any evidence that. What happened to Kathy Durant? We just know that allegedly. She said she had a headache. And then died on the way to the doctor's office. Let's collect the will. Seth tells Doug about Frank Underwood left, you every what is it everything? I still don't think we know Frank Underwood's money. Yeah. His jewels is like his buried treasure. I mean, the only thing of it'll be that valuable secrets and now formation. Yeah. But yeah, it's some mean it's almost like a macguffin through this whole season where it's what did Frank Underwood leave? Why is Claire so worried about Doug? Yeah. Well, it's interesting that we had that line in the episode about believe it was Claire who said the dead, never stay dead. Yes. And we had a lot of mentions of things about the dead coming back to life, the dead rising and lots of talk about death in a couple of different ways sureness episode. So I do think that are. They're thing that the dead. You know, they might physically be dead. They are still gonna have an impact and we are seeing Frank Underwood. But, you know, Kathy Durant being quote unquote day and is going to come back into the patriots. Right. Claire has to kill Tom Yates twice. Right. We have eight who still causing trouble even though he's dead. He had Hammerschmidt and Jeannie in talking about Rachel who we haven't heard anything about Rachel and a long-time Zoe. We've learned the ads early. I mean, we have we have lots of dead characters that are still playing a role and even the at the funeral the pastor when he's giving the when he's giving his eulogy about about Kathy Durant dying. He also has a line in there about out about the dead coming back to life. Yeah. Very thing. The dead having an impact. So, yeah, let's talk about Tom Hammerschmidt and gene in the car. And we see it's weird like one seen sort of away from everything with Kathy Durant is Tom Hammerschmidt driving. And it's a little bit of Janine. Like, what are you gonna do besides this? Yeah. It was weird that they had this scene in here. It makes me think it's really important because it is the only seen an episode that doesn't take place around the Kathy Durant funeral. And if it's not that important, I wish I would've saved it for different. Episode either before or the after because. Just I don't know. I kind of bothers me that we have everything all focused on this one event except Hammerschmidt Janine talking about Hammerschmidt investigation and Rachel. I mean, we're still talking about Rachel. Well, is there any importance to this idea about somebody is bouncing checks in New Mexico with Rachel's name? Yeah. That was strange to what I thought that it. I I heard that wrong. And then when I watched it again, it's like, okay. No. That's what he actually said is this just Hammerschmidt being too focused on the past and not being able to let things go or is there. I mean, I don't know. I don't know why somebody would be pretend to be Rachel. I mean at the Chevy money, Rachel. No, I don't I mean, wasn't she she might have gotten paid some money by Doug. But you would assume I mean, maybe somebody found her checkbook, maybe they found her body. And Doug did bury her somewhere in the desert might have been it might have been in New Mexico. Yeah. But that seems like a huge can of worms to open for episodes to go on the series. Yeah. I kind of feel like that. This is the show saying that Tom Hammerschmidt losing his mind. Oh, interesting. I could I could get on board with that. Yeah. I mean, do you feel like I really do this with with journalists went crazy who was the guy that shot? Frank underwood. Oh gavin. Right. That wasn't Gavin. Was it or was it Lucas Lucas? Yes. Good quiz, like a spoke with like did this. Or did this not happen on house of cards in sixties show? You a picture of an actor who's now a leading actor on another show. Who were they on on house cars, we have had some really big actors come through. We have Oscar winners. We have sure guy from Westworld. We have ratio was plays. The marvelous MRs Mazel, so people are all over the place that was her. Yeah. Good for her. I wash a little bit of that up that show people love that show people really like it. Yeah. Rachel brosnahan. Yes. She played a character named Rachel on the show kind of like a Will Smith fresh principal air type thing. Yeah. Okay. That's that's good. Let's go back to Brett Cole where we going with him. Yet. No, that's. Is he gonna be a big villain for Claire? Maybe he's going to start working with Claire we did see them be introduced in person. And I think he's gonna play a role in the last couple of ads much holler that I was expecting. Did you notice how he towers over everybody? Big guy. Yeah. Guy. We'll say the return of another character in the Sepah sewed, Linda Vasquez. Yeah. Yes. She's back. Yes. She flew in from Colorado where she's working in university. And she's connected with the US attorney who's going to be subpoenaing. Yeah. Last seen in season two finale chapter twenty six that was the last season two. It's been forty three chapters thin through Celinda. Wow. Yeah. Doesn't affect she's been gone that long. Her son is at Stanford. I think that was the work of Frank Underwood to get him into Stanford is part of part of. Deal. When when we had her leave the show, I thought she was connected with Frank Underwood getting the liver transplant. I looked on the Wiki. And I don't know if she was involved with that. Okay. There might have been somebody else who was involved that looked like her might've been. Yeah. Might've been Gavin type thing might have been another another actress in the mix. But what I really liked was when she was about. I think we made a mistake. We made a mistake when we did not make Frank Underwood the secretary of state like looking back. We should have made him the secretary of state. It would have been a good thing for the country. It would've saved a sixty eight chapters of house of cards if they would have done that. It's going all the way back to the first episode writes that wasn't quite a sliding door Versii and for Garrett Walker and flee United States of America. Instead, they made this is going back to the squirrel go quiz the guy. I can't remember what they made him. Go be the governor of Pennsylvania. Well, that was the vice president that they may was that. Yeah. Yes, they made the vice president the go do house of cards season one trivia now that would be that would be fun. But we would do very poorly. Do you think we'll see Jackie sharp, again, the rest of the way that would be interesting because she's not that I know of any other shows or in any movies, and it be interesting to get some closure on her. She was a great character and just kind of dropped off the map. Yeah. I don't know. She had the affair with Remmy. Yeah. And I think that was kind of the end of I don't think they bring Remmy back. Now, I think Remmy is again afford him anymore. Yeah. He he's the biggest star to. Yeah. Yeah. Who would have thought who thought way back when Kevin Spacey out Remmy in? Yeah. The you've got to you got another Oscar contending movie coming up this weekend to he's he's hitting all the right now. It's an Hollywood. Okay. All right. What else from this chapter? So we did have we talked a little bit earlier about all of the death. That was in this episode and the references to death Petrov does say to Claire you concern because death usually comes in threes says more than threes fours and five wars and five and then I start writing down all the different deaths. That are coming to pop their heads up in this in this show got. Yeah. It's we've got Kathy. Rachel, we've got Frank's death looming over everything we have. Potentially Bill shepherd's death coming. So then we have Kathy's death being not an actual death. Yeah. I think we're gonna have a real bloodbath here in these final couple of episodes. Right. I mean, I hope that we just get real craziness. Give us four hours of absolute madness. Yeah. Make it really worth our time. Now, I think this is going to be a fun ride to the home stretch. Yeah. That I learned the word his debts today. I don't know if I pronounced that. Right. But let me cluster f. Yes, no shot that thank you to Petrov for explaining that to us. Did you like that Kathy ranch? It's leave behind all of her wine, but she still managed to get her hands on some red wine in wherever she is. Yeah. That was a huge bottle on the Petrov wanted to open. He's just troublemaker. He's like come on. Open this bottle of wine on the diplomatic immunity. I like this version of Petrov he's got a beard. He's really laid back. He's walking around talking to people causing trouble. So I hope that's not the last Petrov. Yeah. I he's gonna go back to Russia. We're not going to Russia. I think we're going to have a full scale war with the I like I could see this being a series wrap for Petroff. Yeah. All right. Well, I will have sown. Maybe somewhere later on. Yeah. What's this actor doing? He's not anything else. Yeah. All right. What do you think? So offer says that Claire left Tom gates in her house or in his house, which we were wrong in the last episode. We said he wasn't at Marcus house. Where do you think that he kept the body with you just put him in his walk in freezer, like a great like wine cellar or something like that? I mean, Tom eighths didn't look like he'd been kept in like a nice temperate climate. He had been frozen in carbonite. Oh, maybe. Yeah. Marcus. You're just has a carbonate machine. You just drop them in. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Let's look ahead. We're at the halfway point anything in particular. You have your eye on coming up for chap their seventy. I don't know where we go from here. I mean, I wonder if we do see like a Russia starts off with the Russians taking taking respond to -bility for the death of Tom Yates. I could see that we've got Kathy Durant on the run without a cell phone. So that will be fun to watch as well. Yeah. I mean, I think we gotta watch for the shepherds reaction to this deal that they Clare made. Yeah. I think that we've got to see more of the shepherds we didn't see them for the whole all episode. We didn't see Dunkin we didn't see Cruz. So we've got to be going back to them and then accepts owed. Yeah. I think we're gonna see a lot of shepherds after a quiet episode here for them in chapter sixty nine. Yeah. Definitely. Okay. And question wise, we do have one question from Johnny diesel. Vera. Yes. What is Johnny say? Well, so he apparently writes his emails in kind of livestream as he watches the episode because his first question says are we going to see a flashback to Cathy Durant because Jane Atkinson is listed in the opening credits and that his fourth questions as well. I guess my first question has been answered because she's alive. What does this mean for going forward in the show? Yeah. Well, she's going to have a role to play and whether it's going to be like a classic house of cards. We're now Clare has to figure out a way to reach her and get her to not do whatever. That's like a very house of cards start line. Yeah. It would be interesting if she'd let Claire doesn't know until the very last episode of the Kathy Durant is still around. And then we see all of these characters from the past like rear almost like the Seinfeld finale. Plus show of greater. So do you think we'll Kathy Durant end up being convinced by Hooker by crook by Claire Underwood to not do anything or will Claire Underwood frac, Kathy Durant down and rub her out or will Kathy Durant? It'd be able to testify in some way against Claire Underwood. I do like Kathy Durant board. Does she go off in and just live in complete anonymity? Just enjoy France. And enjoy all the line that she's got a little. So we do have this hanging thread that Kathy. Grant husband has not been delivered to Kathy. Yeah. Like security is not watching her husband is closely as they're supposed to be. So I think if if there is a way to convince Kathy Durant to come back to Claire side. It will be something to do with her husband. Okay. Do you think that Mike urban trout will be dispatched to go and find Kathy and bring her back to the job? I Mike doesn't have to make any tough choices with Cathy. She's out on the riot. You made a mistake. Just come back. These are serious people. Yeah. 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What's your let me check it on a couple of things if you don't have a ball prediction with Claire Underwood will live or die at the end of the series. So my prediction was going to be the Underwood lives. But I don't know if that's that both of prediction, but I do think she's going to she's going to survive the series. I feel like that clear Underwood walks away. Do you think that I mean, we see these shows come back after a short yacht is like do you think that at the end of the end will yield more? The end of the finale, but I could see Netflix spring house cards back in like two years and saying oh, look back. I cannot it's it's twenty twenty. We're going to be heading into the election. I could see it happening. I will go on the other side of you is on that prediction. We'll clear under would be president at the end of the series. Yes. I think we're going to get clear Underwood reigning supreme. And setting up for you know. Having control in the mid terms. And she has vice president is on her thumb, and I do think that we have this this house representatives guy, I want to say Corey Davis. And that's not Cory Booker looking Corey Davis would be would be good. Yeah. Breck hole, which also sounds Brecqhou could be the name of a football player. I feel like solid name. Also, you know, somebody to first names. Yeah. Never trust. Somebody with two first names now. Dead giveaway. So could clear Underwood resigned from the presidency walkaway and be happy. I still don't know what clear Underwood wants. I mean. I feel like right now she's just trying to survive. And we actually did see in this episode. She's smoking, and she tells Doug that, you know, every time she tries to quit something happens. And she's talking about the smoke ING or doing bad things as president that she, you know, it's like we said last time like she's just trying to kick this kick this bad eating habit. Trying to start this diet. And next week. I'm gonna start the diet next week. I'm the start it is she trying to do good. And she just keeps running into obstacles that make her have to do bad things. I don't know. I don't know if you to quit smoking for the end of the series. They'll tell you that right now. Yeah. It'd probably be good for her health, though, would be it would be good for her. I Frank Underwood was character flaw. He was like drunk with power. He couldn't get enough of it. But this Claire have it doesn't seem like it. But. Say Frank Underwood is a means to an end. But what is the hearing say that? Yeah. That was good. And it does it does put a little bit of spin on what we've seen we've seen. Claire Underwood was a character quite a bit over the show. It's been arc that she's had has been pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. But I just don't know what what it is that. What does she want ten years down the line? What is it that she wants to still be president of the United States? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know exactly what what she wants to do. But I guess we'll find out. We'll find out next four episodes. All right. Great work here. Once again Zach Brooks he could fall back on Twitter. He is at Brooks Zee on Twitter. I'm at rob sister. Do you know anything else we need to file here in chapter sixty nine? No, I think we've sufficiently covered the death at a few enroll that we had in the house of cards universe. And we did start with a pitcher, Kathy Durant. The episode. Choose an all white, and we ended with at Durant in dark colors. They did it again. Theory theory, always always popping back up on this show. Okay. All right, right work. We will be back with chapter seventy believe were in the seventies. Yet. That's. Hitting our twilight years in this house of cards universe. It was weird. When the episode ended showed the next couple of Bezos coming up, and you could see the end of the series now on my screen. It's all happening. All right. We've back with one of our four left's house of cards recaps here on poster recaps thick everybody. Good one by. Why?

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