Why Masks Are Effective; Passover And Easter Recipes


From NPR and WB. You are entirely Moseley. I'm Robin Young. It's here and now. So do you have a mask on Friday the CDC call for everyone to wear one in public places to keep from spreading covert nineteen? I saw a woman wearing a coffee filter. Someone saw little white cardboard takeout container re purposed as a mask for president. Trump said. Only where one if you want. Jeremy Howard researcher at the University of San Francisco and co-founder of masks for all profoundly disagrees and Jeremy You know back in February. The surgeon general said masks aren't effective. We now know that was because of fears of a shortage for healthcare workers. You say you have fifty papers saying with the. Cdc is now saying Masks Work. Make your case. Yes so you can see what's happened here. There was a health policy decision that in order to protect the supply of mosques to healthcare workers that We would be told this convenient falsehood. Which is mosques? Don't work So there's a couple of problems with that the fist is. It's very obvious that they do work. Otherwise by would be asking people to provide them to hospitals So it kind of led to a really unfortunately a loss of trust pick healthcare bodies and you point us to countries that have you know really been able to can somewhat control cove. Nineteen Hong Kong South Korea Taiwan everyone whereas asks Taiwan. They're making ten million mosque today. They really invested in this. They have thirty million people five. Deaths compare that to New York now. Basks is not the only thing we should be doing. I think we should do everything that Taiwan's doing including great testing and contact tracing quarantine. But their economy is still distill. Going there. Restaurants Still Open. They haven't had a lockdown. They haven't had a lock down. So it's a recipe for success. Let's follow that recipe. We WanNa make sure we say we're not talking about the n ninety five masks at the health workers need we're talking about you say could be two layers of cotton from a t-shirt to end ninety five is is is what they called pay p. It's used to protect the wearer who might be doing a dangerous procedure that causes stuff to go everywhere That's not what we're asking you to us. We're asking you to what's source control. It means you might be infected. You might kill somebody without knowing it but if you cover your face at turns out that it actually blocks ninety nine percent of the droplets in droplets that carry the virus to somebody else's nose mouse or is in Hong Kong the Consumer Council there has A recommendation of making a simple mask with a paper towel rubber bands. So you can throw them away at the end of the day. There's lots of how to's online here in the US. How you can repurpose a Bandana? But why is it something? That's only protective for other people and not. It doesn't protect droplets from coming in all. It certainly does that as well. It's ninety nine percent effective. The ones going out because they're they're literally on your mouth or else the ones coming in they could be some smaller droplets that are kind of floating in the air as you breathe in they might suck in through the gaps at the other thing to notice is that the focus here is that we can actually stop this thing from spreading in the community. So that's why we need not just for you to wear a mask. Weighed Eight. Everybody in the community. Where a mosque? If we get eighty percent compliance that it seems very likely we can actually stop the virus in its tracks and to do that. We're actually going to need laws. There won't be enough to recommend dacians well and leadership from the government we have in Prague The Czech Republic people are you have masked trees these trees up and down the street where people make masks and hang them for other people to use if if they need them and by the way we've seen people out running biking. There seems to be thinking that if I am moving quickly down a path that somehow I don't need a mask. When would you recommend masks people? End Up infected with Iraq particularly in an enclosed space Nia someone with the virus within six eight so unless somebody's coughing on you and which case you shouldn't be out if you're coughing then somebody joking pasta. Few fade away not too much of an issue. So it's really in shops in public transport if you need to be you know within six feet of of of people while you're waiting in line and stuff like that really need a mask on Jeremy Howard research scientist at the University of San Francisco. Co-founder of masks for all again more at here. Now Dot Org Jimmy. We'd like to ask our listeners. As well please send us pictures of how you are. Masking yourself my favorite was half a grapefruit Jeremy Thank you so much. Thank you. Let's turn to New York now. Where today governor Andrew Cuomo said the number of new deaths from Colvin nineteen has been flat over the past few days more than forty seven hundred people have died in that state so far. Cuomo says the latest numbers may be a sign that the state is hitting the top of its curve north country. Public radio is Emily Russell is in upstate. New York north of New York City. Emily what was more. Let's start with the good news from the governor. I yeah so the good news is that the number of deaths has sort of flattened over the last few days still about six hundred New Yorkers have died just in the last twenty four hours but Cuomo says New York may be starting to plateau the number of people ending up in the hospital. Each day is dropping as is the number of people ending up in ventilators. So cuomo is saying that these are good signs but all this. Data's preliminary and Cuomo says he is worried that people might relax social distancing with this news he actually doubled down the fine today to a thousand dollars for people who break social distancing rules in New York. Well Will New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said. That's the only has enough medical supplies for the next couple of days. Governor Cuomo has said that he'll redistribute ventilators from hospitals and other parts of the state. Like where you are. What's the latest on that? Yeah so there's there's still really a big scramble right now particularly in New York City for every kind of medical supply from gloves and gowns to ventilators one of Cuomo's solutions to this is to turn upstate. He has proposed having the National Guard. Round up on US ventilators He's called for hospitals to hand over about twenty percent of their stock of ventilators and there has been pushed back to this. Some lawmakers saying this would leave their district's vulnerable Cuomo though says he just won't lose one life because the state didn't share resources among itself one victory for today. Is that New York City. Got a shipment of more than a half a million and ninety five masks from the Federal Government Mayor Bill. De Blasio says that should cover. The city's needs when it comes to masks for about a week and we only have a few seconds. How are things upstate? Yeah it's a big question right now. I'm in a pretty rural part of the state with a lot of seniors so pretty vulnerable population and covert nineteen is spreading here like it is across the country. Testing is still really limited though. So it's just not quite clear how fast it's spreading or where the hot spots are here in upstate New York. We know it's also spreading out to Long Island. We hear a lot about New York City but Long Island South View US. Become a hotspot as well so big state a big problems. North country public radio. Emily Russell Thank you thanks Robin. Let's turn to Asia now. Where Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Obey says? He will declare a state of emergency to bolster measures to fight the corona virus meantime and South Korea which has been praised for its early testing health officials. They are now expressing concern that the country is at risk of an explosion of new infections. Npr's Anthony Kuhn joins us from Seoul and Anthony. First of all. Let's talk about what's going on. In Japan. Prime Minister Obey has been under pressure to declare that state of emergency. What would that mean in? Will it make a difference? I think it'll mean eliminate limited amount of difference and the reason is that the government has no penalties to impose on people. It can only request that they stay at home By basically it's relying on voluntary compliance and in fact Local governments including Tokyo. Already telling people to stay home so I think a lot of it is symbolic I want to talk a little bit about South Korea where you are What's the latest there? What are health officials worried about right now? Health officials are worried about a second wave of infections. They're telling people don't be complacent. Don't let your guard down. Just because the numbers look good. They had less than fifty new cases. Today which is the lowest since February out of a total of more than ten thousand cases more than six thousand HIV recovered and been discharged. They've tested more than four hundred and sixty thousand and their mortality is under two percent which is really good. They're just afraid people are going to let down their guard and New cases going to skyrocket again. Yeah after all those measures were taken What is daily life like? Now I there where you are well in my neighborhood you go out and you see a lot of people in cafes in restaurants although not as many as usual as usual. A lot of kids are at home. Because there's no school Baseball season is on hold. I have to say I think people are going a bit. Stir crazy after many weeks Cooped up at home and the Cherry blossoms here are at their peak and so a lot of people are venturing out into the parks. And there's a lot more movement than before and other than that you know. The the common has just shattered by the emergency. Alerts the go out over people's cell phones telling them where the infected Kate where the new cases are You know it's really a clue into us on what we might see in the next few weeks. You know that idea folks being stir crazy but still have to having to take those measures that's right. I'm actually they. Were trying to transition to what they call. Sustainable social distancing in other words sort of easing up on the social distancing to find a way to get along to basically do their work and have their lives But settle in with the virus for the long term and they had to shelve those. Because they said we're they're just not there yet They're unable to force the caseload down even lower and so there's still still worried that if people let let their guard it'll it'll explode again that's NPR's Anthony Kuhn speaking with us from Seoul. South Korea Anthony. Thank you so much for this update. You're welcome. This message comes from here and now sponsor indeed when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste. You need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot Com post. A job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. And when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsored jobs new users can try for free at indeed dot com slash here now terms conditions and quality standards apply offer valid through March. Thirty First Twenty Twenty and today the British Open Golf Championship was called off for the first time since World War Two. The tournament joins the long list of sporting events cancelled because of Cova nineteen last week the Wimbledon tennis tournament scheduled for July was also cancelled and we wanted to take a look at what these changes mean for athletes. Johanna Konta is the top professional women's tennis player in the UK ranked fourteenth in the world and she serves on the players counsel for the Women's Tennis Association. Welcome thank you for having me. I'm happy to be here. I WanNa ask you as a tennis player about Wimbledon What's your reaction to this cancellation? I guess it was. It was one of sadness but also expecting the decision. I think it. I think it's the right one. It is what it. Here's to tool the government guidelines. We have in place right now in the UK and and you know the top priority of of any event right now is to keep the not just the athletes safe but the fans and the people who work who make the event happen so obviously I didn't think it sinks in as much as it will once ended. Jim Beginning of July is here and unfortunately we're not playing at Wimbledon The French Open has also been rescheduled for late September. I'm just wondering what this means for the practical level for players. You're training timing all of those things I mean. I think obviously the majority of us don't have the opportunity to be playing right now. I know in the UK. All the clubs. An- national tennis center is closed. So you know it's it's tough because that is across and that is something we have to be able to be. Ready to then competes Creativity definitely tested to the Max and that's credit to my fitness trainer. And I can also myself. I've come up with some creative ways to try and get the kind of movements that I need to go through my buddy and train through my buddy also. I have no outside space here on the apartment in London in the city. So I'm making use of every square inch of my living room currently but I do consider myself in a fortunate position though as well. I mean I have access to a biker have access to some weights a lot of people are plays may not even have that so I feel very fortunate with that. The other big impact really a are the players earnings. Are you concerned about players? Lower down in the rankings. Maybe not as high as you who these cancellations of these tournaments are really going to cause them to struggle financially I mean one hundred percent I think right now everybody's hurting in the world and that's not specific to the tennis community. I mean it's it's really really unfortunate or really scary time and I think it's a scary time for everybody. But obviously people lower down in the rankings will will feel more acutely however think like with everybody right now for example here in the UK everyone is looking towards the government their local governments to be able to to see what financial relief they can be eligible foreign. And I think that's just as important because I mean we are contractors we are we are self employed And unfortunately we fall under the same rules as small business. And so it's just comes down to the fact that everybody's hurting right now re-lane so yeah no. It's it's a really sad situation. Yeah you mentioned Government help but do you think in some way organizations like the W. T. A. Could help players. Who are struggling. Is that something that tennis players have been talking about the ATP the ITF. They are all really working incredibly hard to be able to find a module with which is able to work to try and help play as especially the lower ranked players. However it's a nonprofit organization in the sense that it's also a member of the sociation and so it's very hard to help everybody and so we are all trying our best to really try and help the people that need it most. Have you been talking with other PL- tennis players or or what messages would you have for other ones who may be struggling at this time may even mentally as well as financially be struggling at this moment I will I mean obviously you with the play account. So we're we're in touch right now. Weekly and even the broader play AGGRIPA. There's a lot of. I guess upbeat messages on Instagram and on social platforms. So I think everyone is trying to really help each other and for me personally I think trying to be in the here and now is helped me a lot in in different ways and I think right now if I were to look too far ahead I think that gives me a little bit of anxiety even now for me. I'm just practicing trying to really make make the most out of the here and now yeah. Very good practice. That's Johanna Konta. She's the top professional women's player in the UK. You'll Hannah thank you so much for joining us. Thank you very much. Well Tanya as you know we are always in the here and now and for more we want to step back from the news of because This is also a season of transition. It's spring Then Passover begins on Wednesday Easter Sunday Ramadan. Later in the month and AMAC has made many of us rethink how we celebrate with food. Yeah that's right including here and now resident chef Kathy guns to joins us now from her home in Maine and Kathy you say that with the coming Passover and Easter celebrations. The key is to keep it simple also well in many ways So many of us are used to celebrating with friends and extended family. I was looking through some voter graphs at our Seder table which had twenty seats at it a few years ago this year it will just be my husband and myself at home but we are going to video chat with our two daughters in California and their partners and we are all going to make multiple soup. We are all going to have a glass of wine together and we will all light a candle and say a and read some of the Seder together. I think the most important thing right now is not to ignore the holidays. That even though there's all this stuff swirling that we really we are allowed to celebrate and we are allowed to keep rituals and traditions going. Yeah and I want to think about Easter for a moment. You know there's dishes that are the center of a lot of Easter traditions. But you have a recipe. You wanted to share for that as well I do. I have several. I mean traditionally people make a huge rose big leg of lamb or they roast a ham. I'm saying take a look for something smaller this year presumably. You won't have a crowd. I have a beautiful recipe for smoked ham or pre cooked ham. Where you make an orange and shallot glaze. It's kind of thick and Gooey. Ford ingredients that you throw on top of a ham and let it heat up and you keep it super simple but but still celebrate Tori just because you don't have a huge ham doesn't mean that it's not Easter and also there are a million and one ways to use leftover ham and lamb but also a beautiful plate of S- paragraphs to celebrate. Spring would be a very simple and beautiful way to celebrate holiday. Yeah Kathy You. You also have a couple of other recipes. That could work for any of the holidays I do. I have a salad that I absolutely love because it's colorful and it's bright and it just screams holiday you slice a few different types of citrus. Really whatever you can get. A Tangerine orange a blood orange and then some fresh fennel bulb very thinly sliced. And if you can find fresh mint scattered on and make a simple lemon mint vinaigrette. There's also deviled eggs for the holidays but for dessert in the Passover tradition. You're not to use flour or any kind of leavening so I always make Pavlova which is a meringue cake which you could use for Easter or Passover that uses lots of the Nila centered whipped cream. And any kind of fresh fruit. You can find or strawberries. These are simple recipes. That will really help. Spread a lot of cheer on a day when you might be missing being with family and friends sitting at the same table as you are. I can feel our website breaking issues. Because we're GONNA have all the recipes there and when you mentioned it's just so funny. I was an older neighbors home helping her the other day and on her counter Cathy. She had this really old recipe for torn from a newspaper. It was from a women's group in Arkansas and it was asparagus. Deviled ham not deviled ham deviled eggs and so these things are just so traditional. But this is a time when you know if you're you know standing outside in some areas of the country waiting six feet behind someone to get into a grocery store You may not be able to find some of these things true enough and you're just GONNA have to be open to as I've said before seeing what there is and making use of that I also really want to urge people whether they're celebrating Passover Easter and even if they're only seeing friends and family on their computer screen take off. Your sweatpants set the table. Beautiful China Light. The candle let it feel as quote normal as possible in this time. That is anything but normal. Yeah Yeah definite ways that we can make this as normal as possible in times when we're not thank you and there's egg skew. There's wait a minute and there's chocolate rabbits and there's you know Joe Skilley beans and all of those things We are going to have all of Kathy's rest recipes as we always do it here. Now Dot Org Kathy last couple tips for us I think just stay up. Stay healthy make something delicious. Even if it's only one special dish that is part of your tradition. It will warm your heart. Yeah we've been talking about celebrating Passover and Easter here now resin chef. Kathy gun set a time. We know people might not be able to get The things that they want and might not have the people nearby they want to have them with But as she mentioned there are recipes. You can make. We'll have all of them and links to other dishes at here now dot Org Kathy. Thank you and have a wonderful Transformational holiday thank you you too and if you are the owner of a small business or even a slightly bigger one listen up you might have spent your weekend trying to secure a loan under the payroll protection program. This is the three hundred and fifty billion dollar piece of Congress's two trillion dollar rescue package. It's supposed to make loans of up to ten million available to businesses with five hundred employees or less. Those loans are then forgivable if the company spends the money on things like employee salaries. But there have been some hiccups. Jill Schlesinger business analyst for CBS News. And host of Jill on money is here. Help John We know. The application process went live. Friday banks flooded tens of thousands of requests. You tell us how it's going well. Friday was a bad day. And we know that either financial institutions were unprepared or the government hadn't given them enough information or something. But there was a real hiccup on Friday. And you know. I think that what's very important here. Is that initially? You were encouraged to go to the bank with whom you had a prior relationship and then if that didn't work maybe go to another bank but then it seemed that there were other hurdles that were up and I heard from a lot of people was a frustrating day. I should also note that I reported this on face. The Nation yesterday and Senator Susan Collins. Who Co authored. This part of the Cares Act with Marco. Rubio called me and that was a shock to me but she wanted me to make sure that I said. Please don't be frustrated to the point. You you give up try try. These problems are getting ironed out. Well some of the things. We're understanding is if you have a relationship with your bank checking account credit card even know people The application process might be less painful. But if you don't you know banks are required to do things like criminal checks right and you know look. I don't blame the financial institutions because there are a number of rules that are established and they have to comply with those rules right. So they're not going to just say here's all the money. I do know that from a lot of people who sent me. Emails said that the application itself was pretty easy but they were just frustrated. That you hit the button that you thought was submitting it. You don't get anywhere the SBA does say that right now that there have been one hundred thousand approved loans the value at thirty billion dollars but then perspective. Yeah over the last few years. Sixty thousand loans of the kind of volume that. Sba has done well. And these loans are primarily for small businesses with five hundred employees or less and that is considered a small business. They are struggling. But there's an exception that allows hotel and restaurant chains to apply for loans from the same pot shake shack with nearly eight thousand employees. Five hundred million in revenue last year may apply is. They're concerned that that means the money's going to run out. Yes although I think that that if there were great success in other words if lots of businesses access this I do think this could be the one part of the cares act that could be re funded or more funds put towards it if funds do run out I should note that Wells Fargo also said that they were only of providing loans to existing customers with fewer than fifty employees. They Max out at ten billion nok wanted to because that was a federal rule because of the shenanigans they had with all those problems with opening accounts that were not verified at Wellsfargo Jill Schlesinger. Cbs News Analyst. Host of Jill on money. We're going to be covering this for quite a while and by the way shout out. Are you a small business owner? Have you tried getting a loan? What are the problems will take them up again with? Jill Jill thanks so much take care hospitals. We've been hearing are becoming overloaded with Corona virus patients and so many people with less critical symptoms are being advised to recover at home. We reached Dr Joseph Cabeza on skype. He's a pulmonary and critical care physician at the Cleveland Clinic to give some practical tips on how to care for a corona virus patient at home while also keeping yourself safe and I wondered if we should take heed from what hospital healthcare providers do when they come home. They stripped down. I sleep there. Were clothing to be washed and take a shower immediately. Being careful not to touch anything in the house until they do all of those things so I started by asking Dr Cabeza. Should we do the same things? When we enter our homes. Yes I mean. I think that precaution with a lot of healthcare providers are doing when they get all probably a little bit excessive But during a pandemic it's hard to fall taking any extra steps Really I think the key when we step back and understand the main modes of transmission here. It's really having a contaminated hand touching your eyes nose or mouth. Lots of provide a lot of my colleagues. I mean they're not even allowed to to sleep on the same floor as their family are being told to sleep in the basement. Okay so with with that idea in mind for regular Lehman folks who are at home give us some basic rules when you are at home and You possibly have an infected person or someone believed to be infected living in your home. So the most important thing is isolating that individual whether they are coded positive or if they're having symptoms suggestive of a viral infection. We should proceed as if they are infected and went able. They should have their own isolated bedroom and bathroom. Now that's not always possible at a in every living arrangement but isolation is the key when you have an infected person in the household. This is an important distinction. You say the bedroom and the bathroom. I actually have a friend who is exhibiting symptoms. But every night his wife sleeps in the same bed even though she's isolated outside during the day working in another room you say they should be separated throughout the day and the night yes short of the hand and face one of the major modes of disease transmission. Fifteen to thirty minutes of sustained contact near uninfected person is enough to transmit the disease so if apart all day you know that that's fine but if you're sharing the bedroom Data still enough to transmit it if your partner is infected. How should Someone handle their trash with gloves and masks for instance so the trash you know. Y- wastebasket should be lines with a bag and it should have a lid on it and same for a laundry basket as well. Those of course should be in the room of the affected a loved one. That caregiver should come in with gloves and mask. Anytime when entering that designated room Then dispose of the trash. You could place that bag in another bag before placing that in your common garbage. If it's feasible Could help minimize some contamination from getting outside of the designated areas in the house where the infected loved one they be? Are there any special rules for doing uninfected persons laundry so kind of a similar ideal dealing with laundry and waste gloves and mask for the caregiver? One bringing the laundry to the laundry room washing machine that you don't want to be shaking the laundry that theoretically could aerosolize some of the droplets in some of the virus. The way you'd wash any laundry is appropriate to to disinfect. That after that same trash you take off the gloves. Take off your mask from behind and then Wash Wash. Those hands Immediately if there are if you have access to things like a like an apron are especially a plastic apron those good service extra barriers from preventing any contamination from your own clothing so when available that that would be helpful and then you would remove that In Wash it yourself. Yeah and I guess the same rules apply then when you are preparing folks. Food or taking their utensils after an infected person has eaten. I want to ask you about something. That's a little bit harder. We're all in our homes. Now there are so many intergenerational arrangements where there are large families in one home together. It's a tricky situation. Especially if you have older family members in a home with a person who may have a covert nineteen or believed to have it. What are some ways that folks can protect everyone in the family knowing that realistically? Perhaps everyone can't be in a separate room. Yeah and especially in these intergenerational settings your tend to have at least one or two family members that are considered high risk Just from an age standpoint let alone from other CO morbidity diseases that make make them higher risk As well and you know when you have multiple family members you want one person to be designated as the caregiver. Everyone wants to help out when one of their own loved ones is sick But you really WANNA designated one one of the lower risk of members of the family to be that point person always stepping back and reminding that even if there's virus around or on counters kitchen or bathroom if it has to be shared if the surfaces are constantly white the common surfaces disinfected so counters doorknobs. And if your hands are always clean even if you slip up in a in touch your face it's going to be very hard to transmit The virus and become infected. And I think reminding everyone of that. That point is important because it empowers everyone in the family as it actually a lot of. It's their control As long as you're you're the infected loved one is isolated. You're not having that direct or sustained a contact. Yeah with strict hygiene is going to be very hard to get. Even the most at risk of family members infected two more questions. I have for you winch. Had someone who's infected go to the hospital. The main indication for going to the hospitals would be shortness of breath and that kind of is a general term. But if you find your winded just from walking from the bedroom to the bathroom I mean that's a good gauge. That might be short of breath because significant lung inflammation may be developing And you also may be short of breath because your oxygen level is too low you just. The lungs cannot absorb enough oxygen to meet the needs to do such a small tasks such as walking to the bathroom. That is really the most important thing. Because the way this virus can kill people is by that you know respiratory failure that lands on the ventilator the the earlier recognition of that the better. This is so important. What you're saying because we're hearing these terrifying stories of young adults with Cova who are doing things like sitting up in reading and playing video games but their oxygen levels are like they're on Mount Everest with no oxygen tank. So the warning sign that I'm hearing from you is that it's the shortness of breath more than anything else yeah shortness of breath is going to be the main thing. It's going to be very hard to have low oxygen levels not sufficient for your body's needs to not have any symptoms from it. Now there are small subset of patients who their main site maybe just turning blue their lips turning blue or their fingers turning blue that may be there marker or sign of low oxygen. And especially if you're if the patient somebody WHO's not very ambulatory to begin with They're not going to manifest shortness of breath potentially until late in the disease if they're not usually walking around That might be a little bit tougher. Tease those patients so blue lips blue fingertips those could be a sign of low oxygen in somebody who is not a short of breath. But certainly we find this pulmonary and critical care world. This is almost like a silent assassin. This this virus where it's been notorious. That patients can be very sick. Have very high oxygen requirements but look so well visually sitting in their bed in the hospital on high amounts of oxygen but very comfortably speaking Watching TV texting and talking on their phone and that does make it a bit scary but all these patients have felt some sort of shortness of breath. A prior to presenting To the hospital but this is what makes it a little bit unique from influenza which can cause a much more rapid appearance of severe respiratory failure very important information and useful tips. That's Dr Joseph Cabeza Pulmonary and critical care physician at the Cleveland Clinic. Thank you so much for taking this time. All my pleasure. Thanks for having me and we WANNA know from you. Are you taking care of someone who's sick with the virus? What precautions are you taking? So you don't get infected. We want to hear your stories. Go to here now dot. Org Do you know what it means to miss? New Orleans performed by the late Ellis Marsalis on his nineteen ninety two album heart of gold now New Orleans and the greater jazz world know what it means to miss him. The pianist educator Patriarch of the musical Marcellus family died last week at eighty five from cove. Nineteen he taught in New Orleans universities as well as his own center for music in the city's ninth ward. His students included jazz greats. Terence Blanchard Harry connick junior and his own sons including Wynton and Branford. We want to spend a little more time on. Ellis Marcellus his passing and saxophonist and bandleader Branford. Marcellus is here to help us do just that Branford so sorry in a what a big presence gone. How are you processing this The way my father would have its Bittersweet and time for reflection. Yeah well let's do just that. He taught all his kids. But not to make you the big stars you became. You want us to think a certain way and he used music to do that he would always chide me about not practicing and I say if I'm playing in an rb band. What is it that I actually have to practice? And they're not the hardest parts in the world and I did what I wanted to do. You never prevented me from doing it the way I wanted to do. And when I turned nineteen twenty my brain started drifting towards more complicated music which I think is the byproduct is constantly being exposed to complicated music talking about when he was like as a teacher very socratic. If I were to play something and say so. I was that he'd say well. How do you think it was? It's frustrating at first because you don't have the ability to hear the music properly nor do you have the ability to process the information. But what he was doing by doing it too we did. It was forcing us to think for ourselves. Whether the music we're playing was good Whether it wasn't good what made it good with? Didn't make it good. And it was years of that and the one thing that was great for him to help me understand that music just being a metaphor for life in your life all you can do at any given time as the best that you can do at that time and it is not a reflection on how you will be later and that was the best lesson that he could have given us for music and for our lives. We'll talk about your dad's influences. Charlie Parker thelonious monk. Release the album an open letter to thelonious in two thousand eight. He and his quartet played versions of among classics. Let's listen to a little straight no chaser BRANFORD. What's the thing you'd want to say about? Your Dad's playing. It was very soulful and he has this beautiful sound on the instrument. That when you listen to early recordings a lot of musicians had that sound because they will all playing dance music so you had to be able to project and he had that and he could swing like nobody's business you know. This is so recent. He was older but still wasn't a shock. I mean we knew like when he started coughing. The caretaker called US and said Yeah I think this is corona and all you had to do was look up the statistics for people his age and see that statistically everything was against him right at that point but when it actually happened it was such a blow. It was tough to blow. I mean today is the first day that I even feel halfway normal and I think about all of the people like at least a because of the nature of it. They allowed us to visit him one family member per day so I feel blessed. Well you know there are many people morning with you. Is I think you know I've had a word to send to you? A PAT metheny guitarist said to tell you he was the dad of all of Jazz. Kind of pet thanks PAT. I hope that helps that. So you're not alone you know. It's funny I think I am alone. You know much like a lot of the music that I like listening to mournful music it requires a certain level of reflection in isolation to me. I mean some people want to be around as many people as possible and I can understand that but I think that At some point you have to deal with your own feelings about. This is better than start that sooner rather than later for me. Can you think of a piece of your dad's that you'd like us to go out on? Well there's a song. He played on a record that he and I did together. Miss Otis regrets which is actually an interesting song because it's a song about a lynching and they said you know when you do you have any last words in her. Last words like Miss Otis regrets. She will not attend lunch today the way he played it. It's just beautiful. It's although it's just him? It's incredibly expensive. Though I think that would be a good one while we will in Branford I hear you saying that solitude is what you need so we really appreciate your speaking with us. Thank you so again so sorry no I appreciate. It is really a pleasure talking with you here. Now is a production of NPR WBZ. I'm Robin Young. I'm Tanya Moseley. This is here now.

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