The Palmarian Church: Clemente Dominguez Gomez


Due to the graphic nature of this cult's crimes. Listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of abuse and exploitation that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. Eight year old Joni had hoped her visit to south western Spain in the summer of Nineteen, seventy six would introduce her to a world of wonder but the disenfranchise town of El Palmar tra- left much to be desired. Joni gripped her mother's hand. As they tread the cobblestone street locals called her mother names and hurled rocks at her face Joni clenched her is shot and kept walking trusting her mom to guide her to the dusty field ahead when they reached it, Joni opened your eyes to take in. The scene beneath stars, hundreds of pilgrims waited all around at the far end of the meadow. A group of priests appeared like Pallbearers. They moved in unison carrying a short fat man in a golden gown on their shoulders. Joni stared as the priests Word Clemente Dominguez Gomez, mere inches from her without warning the seared dropped to his knees Joni, watched his body quake and thrash and Thrall D- She convinced herself that this was one of his infamous visions when he lifted his face to the moonlight she coward. His face was a mess. His eyes were missing and is sockets were filled with flaps of skin. He raised his white gloved hands to the sky revealing STIGMATA wounds like the ones Christ endured at his crucifixion blood streamed from the man's palms down his forearms and Joni screamed in terror. Hi I'm Greg Poulsen and I'm Vanessa Richardson and this is called a spotify original from podcast. Every Tuesday we look at a colts practices, their leader and their followers. You can find all episodes of called. Sinatra the spotify originals from podcast are free on spotify over every listen to podcasts this week in a one part episode we're diving into the Paul Marion Church a secretive cult that splintered off from the Roman Catholic. Church. In the nineteen seventies, the group's leader Clemente Dominguez Gomez believed God chose him to succeed Pope Paul the sixth the Catholic Church rejected him but Gomez continued his mission and eventually raised enough money to build a massive. Monte. Million Dollar Cathedral in Spain. Up Next, we'll put clemente. Dominguez Gomez under the microscope. This episode is brought to you by Casper you're most life changing sleep is about what's underneath with a Casper mattress? You'll get the cooling supportive company you need for the most refreshed feeling every morning only at Burger dot com. Clemente Dominguez Gomez was born and raised in Seville Spain the city that houses the Tomb of the explorer Christopher Columbus as a boy in the nineteen fifties. Gomez must have frequented the pioneers gravesite because of this influence, he likely crafted stories that his wayward father was a famed adventurer too. But when his mother suddenly died during his childhood Gomez quit idealising his father in part because his dad married a second wife who reportedly didn't like Gomez. Raising someone else's child and rarely spoke to the Poi- unless ordering him to do chores. Gomez father was rarely around when the boy complained about his stepmother it only pushed his dad farther away. This utter rejection may have sent Gomez spiraling towards disaster. Vanessa's going to take over in the psychology here, and throughout the episode please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks Greg University of British Columbia professor of social work. Edward KROC wrote a compelling article on Father Absence in it he said that children with absent fathers report feeling abandoned when their fathers are not involved in their lives. In addition fatherless children have more difficulties with social adjustment many develop a swaggering intimidating persona in an attempt to disguise their underlying fears, resentments, anxieties, and unhappiness. Finally, Father Absent Children May struggle with mental health issues like anxiety, depression and suicide. While not everyone without a father figure experiences these outcomes Gomez grappled with the effects of feeling abandoned. He felt he had no home and often ran away for days. When he was home Gomez struggled at this time he was likely discovering his sexuality and bullies kicked him teased him and shouted at him for being queer. As a teen Gomez began contemplating suicide. Luckily, Gomez, eventually had a change of heart. He decided to fight through the pain and was overjoyed when he finally found acceptance in his twenties, Gomez is rumored to have found refuge in civiles underground gay, community? At Night Gomez drew crowds in by performing bars a female impersonator, he wore outlandish costumes and called himself love voltage Oh. In English the name means but she felt. It was perhaps the first time Gomez felty belonged. He realized if he put on a big enough show, people might love him for it. The problem was that under right wing dictator. Francisco. Franco vagrancy laws declared gay men and women to be criminals. So even though Gomez had finally garnered positive attention society said that who he was was wrong due to the stigma of his sexuality Gomez packed up his wig and looked elsewhere for meaning while he wasn't religious he was desperate to fit into the social norm he thought Catholicism might help so he Applied to a seminary but was not offered admission on the heels of this personal defeat Gomez petition to join the military. However, an epilepsy diagnosis him from enlisting over the next two years he accepted a handful of temporary jobs but none stock eventually Gomez, secured work as an office clerk, but it didn't change the fact that the first two decades of his life felt like a string of major disappointments. But in March of one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, eight, a miracle occurred that reshaped Gomez entire existence. About forty minutes outside of Seville in a tiny farm town called El Palmar Day Tra four schoolgirls witnessed a dazzling apparition. One afternoon the four girls cut across a field to make it home in time to help their mothers finish the day's chores amidst the dust and green. They swore they saw the Virgin Mary hovering above a flowering mastic tree. The virgin was spectacular and a flowing gown a warm light beaming from within. The Children Race Thome to share their stories of the vision with their families before they knew it travelers from all over Spain made the pilgrimage to El. Palmar Day, try to see the virgin mother. Among the faithful travelers making the holy trip was curious twenty, two year old Clemente Dominquez, Gomez he'd read all he could about the girls visions, but he still wasn't sure the apparition was real. Once he arrived at the field he realized it didn't matter if the vision was real. What mattered was the story data loan attracted the thousands of pilgrims. So Gomez decided he discovered his own myth to spend to do. So he devoted himself to studying the Bible he attended dozens of lectures by various priests on apparitions Stigmata, and the end of days in time he knew he'd found a way to prove his life something. Gomez likely figured he could use the Virgin's appearance to swap out his lousy life for one of the utmost importance. Gomez left work and visited the field nearly every day to observe the pilgrims. Befriended Manuela alone. So corral a Catholic insurance manager who was also obsessed with the vision under the mastic tree. Naturally, the two men hit it off and met almost daily at the tree. They spent so much time away from their desks that they were both fired with nothing left to lose on September thirtieth nineteen, sixty-nine Gomez told, Chorale that Christ himself appeared to him in a vision. Then in December Gomez began to see and hear messages from the Virgin Mary. A million stars were out the night Gomez said the virgin mother presented him with his mission she demanded he rid the Catholic Church of Heresy And unbeliev according to Gomez. Mary told him to abolish progressivism within the papers tree and uphold the most conservative Catholic traditions he claimed she wanted. Him To strike down hidden communists and freemasons within the churches ranks she promised if he helped her spread, God's true word she'd honor him at the end of times. Corral was floored and Gomez had his first devout follower Gomez likely felt no remorse for telling the lie he realized from Corrales, reaction that the best way to collect followers would be to create to commotion. So Gomez staged a series of mystical ecstasy's near the tree with such charisma that anyone looking for a miracle founded in his performance day after day, he returned to the spot of visions. He shook his body rolled his eyes back in his head and appeared catatonic to signify his soul had gone elsewhere. While his efforts attracted attention Gomez, didn't gain many followers at first. He knew he had to kick it up a notch one night under a tree unbeknownst to witnesses. Gomez ripped into skin with a racer played lifting his hands to the sky he claimed to receive stigmata and called for sanctity. Gomez was a showman and it didn't take long for his plan to yield results according to his witnesses only the most devout. Catholics suffered stigmata Gomez proved to those desperate believers that his mysterious nail wounds were real. The blood was real day couldn't deny his holiness. Gomez's lie seduced hundreds who then shared it with thousands and so mark the beginning of the Paul Marion Church and his assent to infamy. Next Clemente Dominguez Gomez declares himself the true pope sparking vehement judgment from Catholic authorities Hi It's Greg. 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In the late nineteen sixties Clemente Dominguez. Gomez bold a group of religious pilgrims into thinking. He suffered stigmata wounds much like the injuries inflicted on Christ on the Cross. Before long he recruited a following of a few hundred religious zealots just spread the word that another vision of Mary would soon come again, one evening in nineteen seventy over forty thousand people gathered to witness the Virgin Mary's rumored appearance. Gomez seized the engineered moment and gave himself over to an attention grabbing display of spiritual rapture. His eyes fell back in his head. He lost control of his body and thrashed about he claimed he had yet another encounter with the holy mother. In the crowd were enraptured by the spectacle and word of this latest episode spread like wildfire within weeks, pilgrims lined up to join Gomez. He taught these new disciples that the end days was approaching. He claimed they would only survive by devoting themselves to prayer ritual and penance according to his particular provision Gomez established a super conservative doctrine declaring his followers. The chosen few destined to save themselves from hells depths the sears growing flock bought every word in nineteen, seventy, two, twenty, six, year old Gomez convinced a devout elderly follower to donate a huge sum of money so that he could purchase the field in. El. Palmar. Detroit. He guaranteed her the Virgin Mary would continue to appear there. The wealthy followers spent the equivalent of over two hundred thousand dollars to buy the site with this Holy Land. Gomez established a base for his church. He called the group, the Pole Marion's he had intentions of building a grand. Cathedral. But in the meantime, his faithful worshiped in the field which gave them their namesake for the next two years. Gomez ordained a handful of priests and bishops. However. Since he wasn't recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, his ordinations meant nothing this nearly changed in January of nineteen seventy six when he was officially ordained by Vietnamese Archbishop, no didn't took yet while archbishop took had the religious power toward Dane priests. He still needed permission from the church itself to do. So when the pope heard that took, it ordained Gomez, they rejected his ordination outright. For one thing Gomez priests had no formal theological education most just wanted to be ordained quickly without attending seminary but more importantly took hadn't bothered to get. From the Vatican beforehand, this act was considered illicit. So Church authorities quickly excommunicated. Gomez and took the Catholic. Church. Things got worse for Gomez on March Eleventh Nineteen seventy six when authorities discovered Gomez with sixteen of his clergy men wearing traditional priestly garb without authorization from the Catholic Church Gomez and his men were arrested though it seems like a small offense this illegal act of defiance against the Catholic Church, landed Gomez and the priests in jail. Gomez and his Pomeranian priests were only detained for a night. They spent the following three weeks in France banished or hiding out from Spanish authorities. When the group got home local newspapers lasted Gomez for disrespecting the church concerned about the bad press Gomez decided to head back to France where he wanted to build a new colony Gomez and his closest followers filed into a van and made their way to the French countryside. There he installed bishops and went door to door recruiting. Unfortunately someone already had hold on the region. Most of the locals already studied under a French mystic Paul law. The PALMERI were no match for laws influence within weeks even one of Gomez's newly ordained bishops abandoned Gomez and joined pool laws. Spiritual army since Gomez wasn't drumming up any support, he knew it was time to return to Seville with his tail between his legs but on the priests long journey. Home Disaster Struck. The streets were slick that stormy night in late May nineteen seventy six, their driver faced a perilous road through a windshield lacquered with rain gamez sat in the passenger seat while his closest follower corral and several other Paul Marion bishops prayed in the back though their driver had experienced with inclement weather. The storm was monstrous. Suddenly the priest behind the wheel realized he was about to miss his turn he slammed his foot. On the brake and cranked his wheel to the right causing the van to hydroplane, he struggled to regain command, but it was too late. Then spun in circles to a cacophony of horns blaring hot white, light flashed in front. Of Gomez, like lightning all of a sudden his head went back broken waves of shattered glass washed over him. He felt warm blood slip into the corners of his eyes as rubber burned all around. When the van came to a halt. Everything went quiet a moment later. Gomez. Felt rain tap his face. He looked up to the sky to Orient himself. But saw nothing except blur of the blackest red. Then he passed out. Days later Gomez woke in a hospital room in San Sebastian. Northern Coast his doctor said when the van's windshield shattered splinters of glass pummeled his is the damage was severe. The surgeon said they acted fast to completely remove his eyeballs to avoid infection the hospital staff informed him, but he would never see again. The tragedy sparked a major change in Gomez. Not a good one. He began to believe his own lies suddenly it seemed he had real faith. He believed his blindness was temporary a test conviction. Once he'd proven to, God he could withstand actual suffering the virgin mother would restore his eyesight when Gomez finally returned to El Palmar, detroyer his disciples nicknamed him the blind seer too many. His survival was evidence that God protected him. When he neared death's door following the accident the now thirty two year old Gomez doubled down on growing his church. He s corral translate his conservative teachings into a spectrum of languages to spread his message throughout Europe in every language Gomez created an air of superiority, his flock could latch. Onto it was now US versus them the chosen versus the wicked unsaved. The Paul Marion saw everyone as an enemy not only did Gomez preach against the official Roman Catholic. Church. He also denigrated Liberal Activists Gomez envisioned a Spanish Vatican and Palmar detroi-. When he dreamt of the Finnish church, he saw towering Pallister's elaborate arches, ceremonial vaults and ornate domes inside he dedicate jeweled alters to Jesus Mary Joseph, and variety of saints outside there would be five meter high walls surrounding the sacred house to make this vision a reality he collected tens of thousands of dollars from well-to-do believers and force church members to construct what he called the Cathedral Basilica of our crown. Burgeon, of Palma. Even while still under construction, no outsiders were allowed inside the cathedral though the sect flourished the prospects of the Cathedral weren't enough for Gomez. He had his sights set on bringing the papacy to Spain. Then in August of nineteen seventy-eight, Gomez got the news he'd waited for Pope Paul six who shepherded the Catholic Church for the prior fifteen years had died the night of the pope's passing. Gomez confessed to his most trusted bishops that. He'd sinned Gomez said he slept with a young man on the eve of poeple six death however, he said it wasn't of his own volition. He told his priests that Christ appeared to him demanding he sin. So he could fully forgive sinfulness in others. He claimed, Christ, promised him the papal crown after confessing to his bishops. Gomez assumed the title of Pope Gregorio the seventeenth of the order of the Carmelites of the holy face. He said, the name was divinely bestowed upon him by the Catholic, Church didn't see things the same way they elected Pope John Paul the second and ignored Pope Gregorios claim. Still, the newly self appointed Pope Gregorio had several orders of business. He couldn't wait to address. He immediately canonized the recently deceased Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. He also posthumously deemed fascist leader Ho San Antonio Primo de Rivera and explorer Christopher Columbus. Saints? Pope Gregorio marked such actions by hosting wild long parties where food and wine overflowed. The blind seer reportedly had relations with a bevy of sexual partners both male and female. As. The apparition of Christ had already given him clearance to Sin Brig oriole experienced. No shame. Gregorio enjoyed hearing the gasps from his acolytes when he regaled them with tales of his exploits, he was desperate for attention manic in his pursuit of it. If he said one thing but did another, he could keep his congregants focused on him. For this reason it seemed Pope Gregorio left no detail unmentioned not even when it came to relaying stories of sexual and continents having spent decades mutilating his own body to convince others he had stigmata Gregorio became desensitized to the practices danger under the hand of their sadistic anti-pope, the Pomeranian church glorified self mutilation as a means of penance. It has article the psychology of sado-masochism Psychiatrist, Neil? Burton. wrote. The status may derive pleasure from feelings of power authority and control and may harbour a conscious or unconscious desire to punish the object of sexual attraction. Sadism can also be a defensive strategy. So following his sadistic impulses, Gregorio endured his seat of ultimate power among his disciples. But the pain he inflicted on, them was more than emotional. It was physically abusive. This was most apparent in nineteen, eighty two when a young disciple decided to follow Gregorios. Footsteps. The boy deeply desired purity and wanted to be ordained in the Paul. Marion Church one morning after a stirring sermon by Pope Gregorio the novice ran to grab his Bible. Hell bent on finding a passage, the blind seer mentioned when he flipped to the Gospel of Matthew, he came across the quote if you're right eye causes you to stumble Gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. Without hesitation the boy snuck into the kitchen of the home. He shared with other devout followers and grabbed a knife on the way back to his room he repeated under his breath, but it was better to lose an eye than to be cast to hell the young Paul Marion dug into a hallway closet and shut the door in the blackness. He punctured his eye and muffled his scream writhing in pain. The Deputy Lt hadn't gone far enough. There was something else he needed to gouge out and throw away something dirty and evil in anguish. He lowered the knife to his genitals in one fell swoop the boy castrated himself finally chased he hailed and blacked out it was hours before any other follower noticed he was gone. It was precisely the type of devotion Pope Gregorio had always longed for earth. Up Next Pope Gregorio Act promiscuously while requiring his bishops and nuns to lead celibate lives. This episode of cults is brought to you by simply safe. 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It was par for the course Gregorio only ever thought of himself and wanted to distance himself from a potential public scandal. He placed no value in his disciples who came from all over the world. Many of the international followers merely made the pilgrimage to Spain then returned home weeks later to recruit new members but were so taken with Gregorios Charisma. They stayed in Seville to devote themselves fully to a pious life before joining the conflict many women held jobs. But under poke Gregorio, they weren't allowed to pursue careers instead, he forced them to spend long days arduously digging ditches and laboring on the land. He only let them read his own work rule of the order and forbade them from listening to the news to protect them from the world's wickedness. Gregorio demanded the more devout nuns where crippling boned corsets long skirts and veils to cover their faces even during the hottest Spanish summers. At dawn his priests pick the sisters up at their convents in Seville in a fleet of White Vans and drove them to the basilica to attend long masses and devotions. Pomeranians believe they should accept agony as an active restitution for the sense of humanity. So. The nuns did their hard physical work without complaining. Pope Gregorio created more suffering his sect by keeping their lives unpredictable. He required long starvation periods followed by longer stints of forced eating the Palmeri Pope claimed this was in the Name of Penitence however, it's more likely that Gregorio merely wanted to stay at the forefront of their minds. Bill, the Cathedral was incomplete Pope Gregorio required as nuns and priests to enter its unfinished malls and attend his interminable masses. There Gregorio ordered his disciples to practice what he called, Brazos and crews. These were hours long sessions for devotees prayed standing upright with their arms extended as if making a cross. Finely. After hours of listening to sermons, heat allow them to return home around one thirty. Am when the priests drove the nuns twenty five miles back to Seville every day they screamed their prayers at the top of their lungs to keep the bishop drivers awake. Sadly, it didn't always work despite their best efforts Paul Marion nuns and bishops ended up in several traffic accidents usually they survived but sometimes the late night collisions were fatal. Though priests and nuns lost their lives. Hope Gregorio refuse to change their schedules. The grueling Labor paired with inconsistent food supply and lack of sleep deeply affected the physical and mental health. Paul, Marion's in some the torture even led to psychotic episodes psychologist Miguel, pair lotto treated several of Gomez. Followers Church, he said the young people who get out are lost. They have a big problem with their identity. They've been emotionally abused and brainwashed into feeling terrified of Satan according to Dr Lotto former Palmeri disciples continued to struggle with their mental health for years leading to some drug addiction and chronic panic attacks. While Pope, Gregorio forced his followers to live in austere circumstances key and his closest bishops enjoyed all Seville had to offer the blind pope dined lavishly with his men at the city's finest restaurants where they drank heavily, they often stayed in. Hotels in a way Pope Gregorio practice. Day Do as I say not as I do form of religious leadership but he never attempted to hide his bad behavior. Hypocrisy was well on display as he sat front row at bullfights and more nights than not frequented well known bars the inebriated pope was melodramatic bidder and slimy in his drunkenness. He accosted anyone and everyone hide from the attention. Perhaps he needed others to see him acting out. neuroscientist Bill Gordon wrote a piece called excessive attention seeking and drama addiction for psychology today in it, he rode excessive attention seeking is a brain wiring response to early developmental trauma caused by neglect newborns are extremely dependent on getting their mothers attention for survival the more their needs are neglected during early development. The more the child equates getting attention with survival and safety in turn the more he or she develops the belief system that it is necessary to go to whatever lengths to get attention. If Gregorios, mother and father were unavailable in his earliest years when he needed their care, then this could explain why his attention seeking patterns became locked in. On May Eighteenth nineteen eighty two thirty six year old Pope Gregorios desperation for attention reached new heights when he drunkenly conceived a scheme to defy the Vatican once again. Pope John Paul. The second had announced a visit to a convent in Albuquerque stormies where the remains of Saint Teresa of Avalon were kept. According to rumors Gregorio convinced several of his men to drive there with him and steal them once inside the monastic stonewalls a drunken Brig oreo and his inebriated men clang VIN clamored disrupting the quite contemplation of the nuns. Pomeranians had the sisters attention they called out that John Paul, the second was the anti-pope and they wished he was dead pilgrims who had spent the night of the convent pushed Pope Gregorio and his bishops into the street. Suddenly a fight broke out quickly, the nuns rang the convent bells as a cry for help in minutes abroal that began between a few people snowballed into a riot towns people rushed to the competent to take down the false pope at his man. Locals through vegetables at Pope Gregorio and his group though the Paul Marion's made a run for it, they were unsuccessful the villagers grabbed the bishops beating whoever they could catch. Then they drove one of their cars into the river. By the time, the mayor arrived to restore order the mob had lost itself in chaos. The villages cried Lynch them all. As they chanted, they beat Poke Gregorio and his bishops within an inch of their lives had law enforcement arrived a minute or two. Later, the unruly crowd may followed through with lynching the intruders. To escape the fight poke Gregorio, and his men hid in the convent until the National Guard came to the rescue. The very nuns they so flagrantly harassed treated their wounds that the Palmeri had disturbed the peace the authorities let them go. In the end the mayor of all day Daytona Maze likely feared that if you press charges, it would reflect poorly on his constituents though Paul Marion's got off Scot free. After his reception and album HR. Maze Potpara `gorio grew paranoid that there were adversaries everywhere to keep a tight watch on his flock. He prohibited his followers from communicating with anyone who wasn't a practicing Paul Marianne this meant that many members began to ignore their sons and daughters who didn't agree with Pope. Gregorio. Even if a family and live together, there was to be silence between believers and non-believers. One former member said his Paul Marion parents ice him out of their lives. After he left the church, his family refused to set a spot for him at the dinner table and gave him an ultimatum to leave the house within six months beyond emotionally abusing his followers. Pope Gregorio was accused of several instances of physical abuse. For one thing, he continued to encourage self mutilation among its members. In the nineteen nineties a group of Paul Marian priests sought hospital treatment after simultaneously piercing their penises with gold rings. According to the priests, they'd followed their holy fathers example as he'd previously told them that he'd mutilated his own testicles while they believed they were committing a holy act of penance. The sadistic pope just wanted them to feel the pain. He'd known his whole life he wanted everyone to hurt. As the new millennium approached Gregorio shocking behavior flourished in a drastic attempt to gain even more power over his disciples. He declared that the Bible used by other Catholics was false. It had been manipulated by evil people within the church. Gregorio said, he was divinely inspired to write a new poll, Marion, holy, book and wanted to circulate it as quickly as possible. His members accepted his word as Gospel and devoured the newly written teachings while news of the coming apocalypse would be disconcerting to most pomeranians rejoiced. They knew they'd be saved, but it seemed Gregorio at finally begun to reflect on his life in earnestness. By nineteen, Ninety, seven, the fifty, one year old realized that the Virgin Mary would not be restoring his eyesight and fell into a depression, his drunken outbursts and abuse became worse and more frequent. He admitted to having abused several priests and nuns. Between the mid nineteen, ninety s and the year two thousand, the numbers of his faithful declined dramatically. But Polk Gregorio continued to lead his most loyal members until March twenty, first two, thousand, five when the fifty, nine year old leader lost his life in ultra Spain. The rumor was he died during a vision while giving an impassioned Easter sermon but in reality, the cause of his death remains unknown. While his disciples mourned his loss, they anticipated the return of Christ at any moment of course, Armageddon never came meanwhile the rest of the world went on without a hiccup. Most Roman Catholics have never heard of Pope Gregorio. So his death meant nothing. Though. Church never recognized him. The Paul Marion's continued his legacy. After Gregorios passing his closest follower from the early days under the mastic tree. Manuel Corral assumed the Paul Marian Papal title as Pope Peter the second until his death in two thousand eleven. The POMERANIAN church still exists. The Cathedral was finally completed in two thousand fourteen after over thirty years of constant construction. Today the church is under the new leadership of Swiss man named Marcus Joseph Overmach who has called Pope Peter the third. The group targets the elderly and lonely as potential new members. They've recently launched a Palmeri Church website and are active on social media though the cathedral's doors remained closed to strangers inside Pope Gregorios followers still pray to the blessed virgin and await. Armageddon. Thanks again, for tuning into cults, we'll be back. Tuesday with a new episode for more information on Clemente Dominguez Gomez, and the Pomeranian charge amongst the many sources we used we found a pope of their own El Palmar Troy and the Palmeri and Church by Magnus loon Berry extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of cults and all of the spotify. Originals from podcast for free on spotify will see you next time colts was created by Max Cutler and as a podcast studios. Original executive producers include Max Ron Cutler sound design by Brennan Hawkins with, Production Assistance by Ron. Shapiro Carly Madden and Freddie. Beckley this episode of Colts was written by John Levinson with writing assistance by Giles. Hof Seth and stars Craig Poulsen and Vanessa. Remember to follow incredible feats for mind reeling stories of strength focus and achievement comedian podcast Dan comments hosts bringing his signature humor to these extreme accounts. 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