202: Functional Medicine, CBD And Sexual Health


He loved try things for joining us today. Hope you guys are having a wonderful day in. Thank you for tuning in on today's episode we talk about sexual health with Dr Amy killin, and she is in anti-aging in regenerative physicians specializing, in sexual optimization and ascetics in who's a super interesting episode, where we talk about the applications of CBD oil, how that can improve your sexual health, your diet for reptile dysfunction, stem cell therapy shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction. It sounded pretty scary at first, but apparently, it's a walk eighty office. Yeah. Walk out on their Bill. They don't have to be. But yeah, lots of interesting stuff because obviously, your sexual health is important to the relationship in, we both like to take a more holistic approach to, to our health. And that's what Dr killings doing for sexual health. So lots of interesting things in today's episode. Yeah. I think the important thing that I take away from this is that there are tons of holistic opportunities to better your health and your sexual health that can be for many people a lot better than just popping pills. So sometimes it takes a little bit more work, and it's not as immediate. But in the long run it could be a lot more beneficial to your health and your sexual health in general. And we wanted to just give a few announcements, we have our sink, Pete Florida couples retreat that is happening in Saint Petersburg, Florida, which is our hometown. On and one of our favorite places and it's happening in October. The ninth to thirteenth Sarah's put together a really fun extended weekend for you guys where we're doing a lot of new things we're going to museums going to the beach learning to paddle board. I will probably be teaching. You did that professionally for awhile. So I won't be learning. But, but you guys will in you'll be doing it together, which is going to spark the relationship like we talk about on the show trying new things getting maybe out of your comfort zone, and then we'll also have therapy sessions interwoven throughout the day as where you'll be able to break down, maybe some things you'd like to work on or some issues you're having as well. These relationship therapy sessions are going to be super low key and relaxed and chill. And we just wanted to be. A fun weekend where you are trying new things at enjoying the time with your partner. All while learning new tools to implement into your relationship, so we would love for you guys to join us. Check out more information on our website at ID, podcast dot com and up at the top, you'll see couples retreat as well as the links will be in the podcast descriptions. And of course, if you have any questions, please send them our way. And we hope you enjoy today's episode today. Show is brought to you by our online. Course. Spark, my relationship, create more passion, improve your communication and build a stronger more intimate connection with your partner in less than ninety days. We've collaborated with fifteen therapists in psychologists to bring you the strategies marriage therapist, teach clients to unlock a special offer only for ID podcast listeners. Visit spark my relationship dot com slash unlock. That's spark my relationship dot com. Slash unlock. Hi, amy. Thank you so much for joining us on the show. Thanks for having me, we'd like to start the show with having you. Tell us in our listeners a little bit about the work that you do in why you enjoy helping people improve their relationships. Okay. So my name is after Amy Cohen, and I am physician, I specialize in anti-aging in regenerative medicine with specialty on a sexual bitter sexual health. So I use a combination of integrative medicine and regenerative medicine to help men and women improve their sex lives. So I really enjoy this because I, I think it's really important to have a healthy sex life to have at no about kind of how these organs work at how to keep them as healthy as possible. So I do a lot of work with men and women mostly on that sort of on the medical side, trying to help them to understand how to keep their sexual organs working properly. Excellent. Will it sounds like we can go a lot of different ways with this information super interesting, we'll talk a lot about that work in will focus in and talk about CBD in how it's being used in sexual health these days and the overall role that sexual health plays in our relationship. So why don't we start with that? What are some issues with sexual health in talk about how that affects relationships are there, there, any number of issues, a sexual health, obviously, there's everything from the sort of psychological components, which are obviously very important for both men and women and being able to kind of get in the right head space as ready to have an active in other sex life of everything down to the physical parts of it. Were your body is ready where you have the blood flow where you need it, where the organ. Responding as they're supposed to. So there's a wide spectrum of, of things that make sex either work or not work, depending on each person in kind of what they're going through. Someone's overall health is going to have a big affect. So besides just taking care of your body working out eating right? Are there any major things that you're finding with patients that they could be focusing on to improve their sexual health? Yeah. I mean certainly like you said it certainly the diet and lifestyle, kind of basic sales, very important sort of low inflammatory diet and lifestyle is really important to get the body ready for any kind of actively in for healthy aging, general, hormonal balance is something that I ran into quite a bit. And so I do we do a lot of work with hormones with women, you know, as we age, your hormones are always shifting and changing, and the hormonal balance can can change markedly both with age with lifestyle. Factors changes. We do a lot of work with that as well. And of course, you know what you're eating and how you're working out in such is going to affect your or moans as well. So that it all kind of ties together, but hormones is a big one night amount of nitric oxide. People are getting really important, especially for men in let guys don't know this. But as you get older, you stopped making much nitric oxide in oxide is really important to be able to have a wreck shins blood flow that you need to have. So that's something that I work with men about a lot, a lot on is, how to get more nitric oxide, a both in their diet, as well as up laments things like that. You mentioned that alone inflammatory diet as well. Can you expand a little bit on that because I've heard a little bit about how can be bad for autumn Yoon diseases, and I'm wondering if that's kind of similar research? Yeah, exactly. So you know inflammation as we as we talk about in the medical community is kinda the root of all diseases, or at least the root of most diseases these days and inflammation is basically, your body is, is reacting to something but is reacting to. Like a stress coming know, the comes and goes, your body, kind of, in this amped up state, where you have this. Inflammation. That's ongoing. Your body is always reacting to it, and that's why you so you have this ongoing inflammation. So this causes everything from athletes closes. So, you know, in your blood vessels, your building a plaque to gut problems to brain problems Alzheimer's is linked to, to, to inflammation. So really almost all medical problems are so alo- inflammatory diet. Basically means eating foods that are not going to cause you to become inflammatory, so that's different for every person. But a lot of foods that are commonly associated with inflammation, or things like gluten dairy soy sugar is very limited for pretty much everyone. So it's different for every person, but knowing what foods are gonna cause you to have got inflammation, which can lead to all different other types of inflammation, can be really important. Tomb thing for the way we go through life is how we're taking care of our body in, we have a relationship podcasts. And we talk about a lot of things communication and, and sexual intimacy and doing with the in laws, and they're all really important. But if you're doing those from a place of chronic inflammation of being tired, not feeling. Great your hormones are all out of whack because of what you're eating or because of aging, then it's going to be that much harder to have a difficult conversation with your partner, and it's like this baseline, right of our overall wellness and the better our diet. The better sleep that we're getting. Than the more exercise were getting. Then when we go into all these things that we were talking about on the show, we're going to do, so with a more clear mind with less stress just feeling better. So it's like it's like this thing, don't talk about it or not a health and nutrition show in that sense, were relationship podcast, but in a sense, like, if you're not taking care of that, baseline, all the other stuff that we talk about so important still gotta do it. No matter what your nutrition is. But the more in line, you can get your overall wellness the easier. It's gonna be to tackle all the things we talk about on the show. So I think it's really important to kind of highlight that and it might be a no-brainer for some people like, yeah, of course, but I think a lot of us were busy. We're trying to improve our relations. Ship in, we might not be thinking about our sugar intake as a way to improve our communication, with our spouse necessarily that it's a great point. And I think that the things something you mentioned that I also talk to my patients about our stress and sleep as well. And how imperative it is to have control of these things, just for, for general health, but also for sexual health. So for, for stress, for instance, when you have high stress that you're not you're not sort of reacting to it. Well, and you have these high cortisol levels over time that are not supposed to be high all the time. It's supposed to kind of go up and down. But if you're always stressing, you have high cortisol it affects all of your other hormones, so all of a sudden your testosterone is not me being made properly. So all of a sudden, you're not interested in sex, or you can't have sex because you don't have to stop thrown or it all these things play into not just general health sexual health and sleep is the same way a lot of your sexual Moser actually made at night while you're sleeping. So if you're only sleeping for. Dollars at night, and you're actually not making growth hormone, you're not making testosterone as of the other hormones that are made at nighttime, then you're not gonna be interested in having sex in part of the relationship that you are gonna missing out on essentially so had his CBD player role in this. Does it help with any of these hormones or chronic, fatigue, or any of these issues that people can be coming across that are preventing them from having good sexual health? Yeah, it's a great question up, so CBD we're hearing more and more about it just over the last few years, it's been around, obviously, for thousands of years, but it's really been the last twenty or thirty years that we've been looking at CBD by itself. It's, it's so it's anti-inflammatories. That's one thing that's really important for we talked about inflammation CD in its own ride is anti-inflammatory. So it helps kinda damp in a system wide inflammation, and you can use locally. You can use it for local areas of pain. You can rub it on or you can take it orally, or, and you can also apply in or other ways. As well. But it's helped helper inflammation. It's helpful for improving blood flow. So that something else again you can you can use it either locally with vaginal applications. You're actually you're actually applying you're getting improved blood flow into that area, or you can take take pills, or syrups, things like that. The other thing about CD it can do a lot of things, but it can help with exiled in stress in the way that we perceive, stressing Zayed actually acts on the same receptors that, that some of the antidepressants do that they're called SR is a Prozac. So the serotonin receptors he actually acts on those same receptors so you can have kind of this improved mood in pleasure, which I think, all of us would agree is helpful, just in general, but also were relating to relating to our, our partner in sex in that part of it just to be clear in, pretty sure, I got my information right on this but is not psychoactive. So we, we think of CBD think of pot maybe. Getting high to someone has concerns about that. Can you clear that up? Yeah. Exactly. So, so cannabis which is sort of your marijuana category is made up of two different compounds. One of them is CBD, which is can have been die. All the other one is THC which is tetrahydrocannabinol two different things. But CBD is the non psycho active component in it acts on different receptors all over your body. There's actually, you know, hundreds of papers and studies being done in our happened on the look CBD from everything from helping with anxiety to helping improve a sex to helping with Alzheimer's or ale all kinds of so much research on CD right now because it doesn't have the psycho act of part, but because it is it has other things with inflammation in blood flow and, and relaxing tissues, improving mood, and all these other things, however, you seen this put to use in people that you've worked with in in what kind of results like a specific example. Of, of someone in how they would use this in what then came of that application. So couple of different ways you can take CD orally, like as a as a drop into the tongue or a liquid that you can take you can take that sort of everyday, which has some great just general relaxing effects. I have patients who take it before bed. As part of their sort of evening ritual that really helps them sleep, which, again, as we talked about, before it's can be really important to, to get that healthy sleep just for your whole your whole life that sort of taking it systematically, as one option. The other option is have patients that use it as a, as a sort of topical arousal agents or topical application for both men and women. So there are, there are oil 's arousal oils, in such that you see, d sometimes in combination with other things, too, that are used during sex before sex just apply to the genitals in orbit. Women to improve blood flow, and maybe decrease pain, increase in sations pleasure and things like that. Pretty good. Right. Great things that can come of this, and I like the fact that I actually have not personally used CBD oil, I've smoked pot in oil, fading and, and know the effects of that. And I'm not, I guess, proponent like I'm not I'm not anti pot. It's is, I guess what I'm saying. But also to our listeners. I'm not saying that it's for everyone that you need to go and do it. But I, I love the fact that it's all natural CBD in marijuana in it's being decriminalized, and that's a whole other thing. And I think that's great. Because the reality is, is when it comes bringing this back to sexual health in the relationship, there's a lot of things assessor is anti-depressants and prescription drugs painkillers that people will bring into their lives to improve their lives. Personally and in there are situations where I'm sure they're helpful. But. But I'm very hopeful and excited that CBD in pot is becoming more widely accepted, culturally and used within the medical community in situations like you're using them. And I think it's, it's such a great set forward in, and I'm excited to, to try CBD for the for its benefits. And the fact that, that it's natural. And so someone listening, what would be the first step to, to trying this in personally, use it in their lives for personal use in to bring in to improve the relationship. I mean, they're all different. The resources out there in products. I think CBD in generals, very safe. So, like you said, it's, it's doesn't have THC in it a which it's a psychoactive component of it. So the, the CBD by itself, whether you're taking it orally, or you're using it as sort of a row zal weights creams, are, they're generally very safe. Certainly there's concern to shut your doctor about it. I, but there are a number different products out there that used these, these things. Now, there's a there's a product by Olmecs OSHA that I like a lot, this, this sort of isn't all natural combination of CD with some other sort of natural components that can be it can be great, but there are a lot of other products out there as well. And I think that just doing some research and seeing what's out there talking to your doctor making that safer, you and then give it a shot because these things can be can be really helpful. You mentioned earlier how CD has been around for thousands of years, but just recently like in the last thirty years, or so that it's becoming more available. More more mainstream. Is it just more recently that it's been used to help sexual health, and if so, what was it really used for prior to now in its research? So for thousands of years over four thousand or so years ago, CBD surcharges. TVD. A. N T H D's back, then it was it was the combination. It was the whole marijuana plant the whole cannabis plan was used in all different ancient civilizations. From Egypt in Asia Tamie, but they used it for during childbirth. They used applications to decrease pain during sex used to help decrease pain, Alec premenstrual, pain, and nausea in cramps. They use these formulations as Afridi's. Yeah. Acts so they for many, many years really up until the early early twentieth century cannabis, which again, clued included both THC ANSI redy was used in sort of sexual reproductive medicine a very commonly. And then eventually in the early twentieth century, it was sort of taken. Off the market. We were told that we couldn't use it anymore. So it's just been in the last really decade or so that has kind of come back around again, or people are, like, hey, actually, maybe there are some war some good stuff about this EV d that's not going to cause people to have these weird psychoactive parts can can be beneficial soon would be you mentioned a brand repeatable brand. Could you say that again, like because I'm actually interested? I know there's a lot of out there. What are some of the ones that are vetted? As as not necessarily like I don't wanna scare people as safe because it's all pretty safe. I'm sure but more like a quality in pure so what are the ones that I that I have been associated with is a brand through? It's called omega six AM six, and they have some product called OSA, which just came out pretty recently. And it's a CD arousal or arousal oil, which has eight different sort of botanical vanilla ginger sin. Cinnamon and coconut oil and all these things that are very they're all completely natural, all different things. But it's used for this is primarily marketed to women, but it could be used for men or women. But this is a nice product. I've just seen it in used at myself and it gets, it's probably a good good brand as well. Okay. Topical solution, or that's topical Olmecs, actually makes some other CD products as well. They, they're they've been in this market for a long time. But this is a topical oil. It's actually a coconut oil. So it's, you know, it's completely completely safe and all actual you had to be a little bit careful. You don't wanna use latex condoms with it, because with oil, you have to that those things can be a problem. But other than that, it can be a commute. Lot of fun. Very interesting. It seems like we're just beginning to even though the things have been around for thousands of years were just beginning to rediscover them. You know, because they've been known, and they've been used for years, and it's becoming more and more mainstream. Do you see this like on the ground with your patients like experiencing results in are they happy and seeing positive benefits? Yeah. Absolutely. I think you're right. There's so many things that, that from CBD to others of integrative. Medicines that used to be used a long time ago, they kind of fell out of favor and then they've kind of gotten rediscovered. I think that CD is one of those things that there's so much potential in it and, and there's so much research behind in. We're just learning more and more every day. But my my patients in, you know, using a combination of, of this type of, of product, plus, you know, balancing hormones, plus lifestyle lifestyle factors Nicu's. Those were all imbalance aunts, more sort of invasive procedures, and things that can be helpful as well, all of these things together to, to really help improve patient sexual health. So seems like CD can be help. You get better sleep, which is going to help you all the ways we discuss it can help you with feelings like topically feeling more relaxed or more rows. It seems like it's like super broad. So if someone's lis-. Listening. Why would they go out and get it? They wanted to see certain benefits. What would the avatar be for the person that's going to go? Buy some CBD to try it. I mean, honestly, anyone pretty much anyone, whether you're if you even people who are completely healthy don't have any concerns will probably see the improvements because we're having improvement in blood flow. You're, you're also in theory, CBD can desensitize Hain receptor. So it's in people who have a pain in certain areas from nerves or from muscle contractions, potentially CBD can be helpful for that just decreasing stress and anxiety and your response to those things, it can be helpful with CD can help with those things. And then, of course, Dr inflammation, how LCD helps inflammation. But the short answer to your question is that anyone who is interested in experimenting, I think could benefit from, from trying these kinds of products and seeing if they're, they're helpful, but especially people who were having problems with stress. And sleep and inflammation inflammatory lifestyle. Those are probably the people who are going to affect the most, but even people who are really healthy will probably see some benefits. Do you have any experience working with new moms who may be our nursing or having issues with that or just in general after giving birth, like everything down there? 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However, once nursing bays over these kind of medications he can be helpful, you know, it takes a while obviously, for people who have had babies for everything to kind of get back to being more like it used to be in. It's never going to be exactly like it used to be. But, you know, it takes awhile for those tissue for the two divisional tissues and things to get back to being where they were. So everyone the first step is to be patient with yourself at, you know, your new, mom, because that is something that it will improve with time. But I do think that CV and other types of sort of gentle products like that in be helpful, once everything is healed up when their religious trying to. Get back to get their sex life back in and get the blood flow back in their sensation back and things like that. You mentioned earlier in our conversation, nitric oxide in it's important for erections, and we just kind of skimmed over that. But I've never heard of that. And I don't even know what foods it's in. So can you talk a little bit more about that? So nitric oxide is something that your own body makes it's made primarily while they all of your body, but especially in the cells that line, your blood vessels, and one of its key roles is, it's a bazo diet, which means it opens up the blood vessels to allow blood flow it to all different areas of your body. So it's important for every part of your body, that when it comes to erection, way, the directions work is your brain, essentially tells your penis. Hey, let's get some more blood flow in the way that happens. Is it releases nitric oxide in the area? You have blood that rushes into the area, but as you get older in that, starting about age thirty five or forty you men and women began to lose the ability. To make nitric oxide. So that's one of the reasons that we start to see erectile dysfunction really become much more prominent in men after age forty so things that you can do to improve nitric oxide. So exercise, a great one any kind of exercise, whether whether it's aerobic anaerobic can increase nitric oxide foods, like a green leafy vegetables, Aruba's spinach, beets are big a really common high source of nitric oxide, pomegranate, dark. Chocolate, there's a lot of foods that can be helpful in there are some supplements as well. That can that can be really helpful. There's a bunch of supplements that will have things like L Janine or Elsa. Tra- lean supplement called Neo forty that I like a lot that, that is been shown in clinical trials increase oxide. But this is important for men because if you can't you don't have oxide, you can't have erection, and that's the that's the end of the story. So if you really want to keep at nitric oxide up as you age, he just gave chasing excuse to eat more dark chocolate. Or spinach. Especially the chocolate tackle that, right? So how much would eating beats once a week have a improvement in it? Like how how much of food carrying nitric oxide to we need to eat? I know everyone's different. And but is it like daily? Everyone is different in age is a big part of it, as well as general health people who back to the sort of inflammation thing, people who have led sort of low implementary lifestyles. So as you get to be forty fifty if you don't have a lot of plaque build up, then you're still making your own nitric oxide, pretty well. And you're gonna need less whereas someone who has been eating a lot of sugar, their whole life, or get made into sugar than they all of a sudden they have plaque built up in their arteries, and they don't make oxide, and they're gonna need to eat more, so it could be some people might need to eat it everyday. Some people it may be every few days. But it's really dependent on other things you're doing as well. Are you exercising something else? Interesting that people don't know about is. That certain types of mouthwashes, listerine, mouthwashes, that we use actually decrease your own body's ability to make nitric oxide, because it kills the bacteria in your mouth that starts the sort of the, the whole process of making making oxide. So maybe don't use as much mouthwash, as you get older. It's kind of interesting. Yeah. Is nitric oxyde something that women have to worry about, as they age? Yeah. Absolutely. It's everyone men and women. And you know what I talk about in sexual because that's what we're talking about today. But nitric oxide is ever is important for everything your whole body from keeping your, you know, your blood pressure from going to high to keep your triplets rides to high to helping your with your athletic performance. I mean, it's literally important to keeping your skin healthy, you know, it's, it's important for all systems in your entire body. And it's one of these release talked about sort of components of health out there despite being one of the most important things. But yes, short answer. Yes, women needed as well and just like men, we stopped making as much as we get older. And how does it affect our sexual health? If we don't have it like obviously, we don't have to worry about erectile dysfunction. But how else are we affected in with our sexual health, if we're lacking in it? So you still have to have nitric oxide to get good blood flow to the genitalia. So even though. Oh, women. Don't have a wreck shows like men. Do we do have the clitoris is kind of like the male penis as you still wanna get lead flow to the clitoris indicate see a lot of the clitorises, actually buried in your body, and you don't see a lot of it? You're seeing a little tiny piece of it, but it's actually a fairly large structure. So getting blood flow to that area is very important. If you wanna have normal responses orgasms, also getting blood flow to the giant, very important, if you wanna have normal, normal lubrication, that's all about blood flow. So even though you even the women don't show, you know, the blood flow the same way that men do we still need it, and so not oxide still important. Actually just saw drawing of the clitoris, and it's like on a picture in it's huge. I had no idea. Yeah. The part that you don't see, like three or four inches deserted like the fork that we don't see this behind the back in the pelvis. That goes back behind the vagina wraps around other thing. So yeah, it's important. I love this holistic of. Coach to our health and sexual health because I feel like now it's more important or or harder than ever because for watching TV like every second commercial is Viagra or Cialis. And insert I'm sure that has its application, but I imagine that's more the default for a lot of people as like oh I'm having erectile dysfunction. I need Viagra in, in unfortunately, it seems like doctors a lot of times to rather than taking this holistic approach of like, are you exercising. What are you eating this? Nitric oxide is so important. You might cure, your dysfunction, is that even possible like curing it. Have you seen that where people rather than taking prescription drugs are, are exercising, or eating nitric oxide? Rich foods and then eliminating these issues. Are you seeing that? Not a younger people certainly as we get older, older and older men. It's less likely that just one thing that can help. But, but yeah, in younger men, mid thirties, early forties, with dysfunction, a lotta time, just making small judgments to diet exercise. Maybe maybe doing some things to improve their testosterone levels, getting hired nitric oxide levels to make a big difference. There's also been called called shockwave therapy, which uses sound waves, which is really pretty new in the US is a new therapy for dysfunction in man. That's amazing that we use a lot of that as well. So there are some of those things in, in, in combination hand absolately take a guy who has had who's had thought function in tournament does not have any more. Can you quickly elaborate on shockwave therapy? Yeah. As others is has called low-intensity extra corporal shockwave therapy in the US the most common those common name is gains. Wave is a protocol. That's one of the ones. That's it's us all over the United States, but it's basically just this instrument. It's done. Doctors offices, you, you come in, maybe twice a week for three weeks at it's thirty minutes treatment where there's high intensity sound ways are sent down into the penis, and it's not painful you walk out of the officers. No side effects. But essentially, what's happening is this this treatment creates this micro trauma in the peanuts? And the micro trauma is simply tells the body, hey, we need to fix this. Let's repair this, this issue. And so it recruits themselves in recruits blood flow in all these things over the course of the next few months, it actually results in improved increased blood vessel formation increase increased blood flow, firmer erections, longer-lasting, your actions was, essentially repairing what was wrong with that tissue. Using these sound waves. Knew that to me, I've never heard of that. But interesting in again, it seems like it's just a more holistic approach rather than like, here's a pill. Now, you're going to have an erection for four hours and, and getting your body to heal itself, which is the whole idea behind regenerative medicine, integrative medicine, your body is perfectly capable for the most part of, of healing itself. It just needs to kind of figure out how to do that. We can give you tools to do that. I love that approach in you've given us in our listeners, some interesting things to think about definitely, it seems like trying to see these like a no brainer. It's like if even if it's just helps you sleep better, improves, your sex life. Then that's an added bonus and are there any other regenerative medicine techniques applications when it comes to sexual health that we haven't covered that that you'd like. To let us know about. Yeah. So some of the other things more sort of more invasive, but can be also really effective are some of the platelet rich plasma stem cell therapies, which, which which doctors are doing now where basically we're taking a patient's own blood and sometimes their own fat or other sources in getting sim cells in growth factors from the own their own patient, and then injecting that back into the sexual organs to, again, too, 'cause this regeneration of tissue in those organs to improving blood flow at improving the health of the digits, basically, adding a binding, those things with some of these other therapies, we talked about can be a great way to help patients, sort of naturally, heal themselves, who would be like the ideal client for that or customer. So I get it depends on done these treatments on healthy, men and women who don't really have complaints or concerns, but have commended we've done these treatments. They've actually felt like they've kind of gone back a couple of decades in sort of their performance in their ability, their responsiveness in there. Sedation orgasms and things like that. But I've also done. These treatments on men who are who have pretty severe ED they've had diabetes or prostate problems, or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and, and really have had years of struggling with addiction, a redone combinations of these therapies with the injections, and that sound wave therapies, and other things, and kind of been able to turn some of that turn the turn the clock back and same thing with women, women women are more complicated in that. It's not just about one flew over him. There's a lot of other things that go into this road of sexual performance in health, their responsiveness. But we can certainly do these procedures on women as well. And they can have good results SUV someone's listening in. They want to either. Learn more or visit a physician like yourself. Can you let us know where they can find you in, then if they aren't close to Utah, I believe it is where you're at. Then how they can find other practitioners so yeah. So easily to get to me is just on my web. Which is Dr Amy killin dot com in it's Amy. L E N. And then and I do all these procedures and things as well. Anyone who does optional medicine or integrative medicine will be able to talk to you about some of these general categories that I've spoken to you about gains. Wave is a is the sound waves near me. That's, that's a national physician database that you can go to the to look for doctors that are doing gains wave that they have a website games, got dot com. Does that and then the other procedures I talked about the ocean the P shot which male female injections of PRP and stem cells. There are doctors around the country who don't do do those things as well. So it takes a little bit of research. But if you have questions reach out to me, and I'll try to help you by Cam Benke will will link to some, those resources that you gave us today in our show notes and on our website at ID, podcast dot com and Amy, thank you so much for coming on the show in talking about this. Interesting. Topic we've learned a lot. Thank you. Thank you guys. It's been fun. Guys, we hope you enjoyed today's episode as always all the links are in the show notes page as well as on the podcast description. And while you're on our website, we encourage you guys to check out our fourteen day. Happy couple challenge. We send you an Email for fourteen days with simple doable, challenges to help, strengthen and improve your relationship and on our website. We also have a bunch of free resources for your relationship, so we encourage you to check those out. We also have our love tribe on Facebook. We encourage you guys to join the tribe, and be there for support free to other. 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