French Trump Weekly Press Conference December 18, 2020


And now we take. You live to french. Trump's weekly press conference. It is french president on and i'm here today for a weekly french. President trump press conference roles at shall take questions from zip breath. The short garrett's thank you. Thank you thank you sir. Jimmy tingle with the boston accent. Mr president mitch. Mcconnell has acknowledged joe loss in the twenty twenty presidential race. Might be doing that soon. Sir i did not seek sir. I can't mitch mcconnell's wi-fi elaine chelsea pave queen c. sweetest dealing g. He's story of political favors. however in manu administration. She is out as he secretary of transportation. Mr president sir. Respectfully you have to administration you lost the election. Well erase our dick run. Paul my new secretary of transportation is not six next west. John next question. Yes thank you. Mr president tony romo with abc news. Mr president you have continued with this delusional accusations of widespread fraud in the election and delusion now mfl princess we say cream puff on my head and you can talk to me like zet if you are not beyond say i would not even talk to you right now if you liked it then you should put the crown on it. Do you have a question bed bay. Yes your intelligence community has said that this was the most secure election we've ever had and you continue to claim that it was hacked yet homeland. Security treasury and commerce were among the victims of a huge suspected. Russian hack drew an update and solar wind software. And you said nothing about it. Why i had been so busy trying to figure out what not to wear it. You pedantic aggression. I sick i have decided on anything besides took and over again. Zits allow wind is good. Remember my funded joke. Where i would said Lang television is there any wind. would My followers love me so much. Do in nut -tuni- into sir. Do you want to bat of cream. Puff donate thank you sir. Knicks question nights west john. Just thank you mr president. Tom snell from cnn. Sir you've had a difficult relationship with your neighbors beside mar-a-lago in palm beach for example they objected to a docu. Were building and you claimed. The secret service required it which turned out to be false. Wait wait it could have been true. How do any of my fucking palm beach neighbors new z. Secret service is secret z. Whisper it to secret you third. We have a could. It is a secret kurd xerez. One piggy thin guarantee. eric becca. There's a bullet coming and our jump in front of it for you. Mr president and signals zim pass on gaz loud lit which means get ins e hermetically sealed clay with wa in a deadly reuss and drive me a surly unnecessary joente. Well did the secret service. Require you to build a doc net next gen. Next week's me sir. Thank you thank you sir. Jimmy tingle with the boston accent. Mr president after diaper don trended on twitter. You begin pushing for the repeal of section two thirty of the communications decency act which gives legal immunity for liability of internet services and uses for content posted on the internet. You insist that this is an issue of national defense. But isn't the cat already out of the bag about people calling you diaper don sir. How does that put our nation at risk. Besides sir there was a video of you leading. One rip while sitting next to senator feinstein this your phone bill back bob. We have more here. Oh shit forced him out. next question. Arrested for women rights Yet karen von carlson oei and and mr president a teenager in thailand has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for making fun of the king. Think there's time to get such. A law passed year before you moved the new jersey king headquarters to mar-a-lago afternoon knew for sure karen but set is an excellent suggest. John thank you. I hope you will join at trump's presidential power dam which will be biggest white house avant in these so many really great detail are getting part. Domains under millennials. Christmas trees is year. Malania is getting apart down and do not if she has even committed a crime. Everyone in my family plus bernie madoff rude easy tagger gang liberal love el chapo hitches ship charles mash on dad i would have loved to have pardon team. I'd love to mr president. And just in case i get a little tipsy and go on a crime spree before the event. If your hand isn't too tired maybe. I could find a little something under the trees. Well absolute and more make sure your and is rested before the evolve to keiron next question next question metropolitan president. Thank you has mr president antonio montoya again. There's some concern that you might sell. Our nation secrets to a foreign adversary. When you leave office not be concerned. I have done it already. Done wa next question. John next west. John mr expressed thank you sir amid manic near newsday sir some white house sources say that you had said you will not leave on inauguration day and that they have to gently. Talk you off that ledge. There is some question over whether you actually believe what you say do you. There is some question of whether there is room to social distance in your mother's thuat others. Sir believe that you are pretending to believe what you say because you've been able to continue to fundraise by telling her supporters that you need their money to fight election results in the courts and met in the end you simply pocket most of the money. You need to put money into map. Can't you fucking enemy. As i put money into the bank of your mother's my mother's taught aside sir. You have lost the election and you have lost fifty nine cases contesting that laws in courts. Do you think you might have a mental health problem or you. Just criminal a niche emphatic. To palooza next question. Is john. Mr president this tom. Snell again from cnn. Sir there were fake electors. That went through a pretend ceremony of casting electoral votes for you. Are you planning on a fake inaugural. I would be having a fabulous integral. At moraga coincidentally symptom visit funded. Jump a dan farms his initiation. Rites zebra have been rehearse hangs military march torture one gun salute to more it this coming along to lay as soon as it learned how to count to twitter one it is really to be sub sag twenty one gun salute. Zinzan were bands. You bum bitch could book and also perform some random step bang. Zero has been any single accurate. This press ross is over. This has been a live broadcast of french. Trump's weekly press conference slovenes a podcast network.

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