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You're listening to the medium long as an. Relied how? They were life out and I am very excited to Casey before star introductions. Do you know what that references from? Some fake wrestling, Steph, some big wrestling stuff, bud. I'm excited to have to introduce our guest. Because I've been saying we're live. Since the day I started took over as I live chat. I remember I was saying we're live. During the hour days. Alex I assume you don't know what that references from so I am excited to have someone. That knows that reference. When I took over the I live chat with would have multiple. Journalists I made a list of journal journalists in general that I would like to have on at some point I've gone through most of still a few left by him. Senator. Knock off another one today. Sean, Ross. Of the fight, full editor is joining us for a special Friday edition of the aside. I am very excited to have him on so sean. I am excited to have another one. A fellow wrestling fan that knows that reference. Should we smart him up? Should we tell them or should they have to figure it out on their own I? Think the honor is yours Sir because I'm sure a lot of people that are tuning into this. Follow your work on the professional wrestling scenes. You can you can enlighten the audiences sure obviously be a little deeper into pro wrestling coverage, but it's it's one of those things really have to see to understand, and you gotTa have the context of knowing who psycho. Sid is a guy who literally blamed missing a booking in Cleveland on the Donald, trump travel ban. He acted like he couldn't fly two states away because of that. He is known for quitting wrestling like every summer, so he'd go play softball, but he he tried to. He was doing an interview with Jim Ross on TV. The Promo wasn't even interview. It was a promo. Any messed it up and he's like I'll. Let's do that over and Jim Ross goes up. We're live PAL This. Guy That said I'm twice the man that you are with half the brains that you have and he he. Obviously mix that up a little bit, or did he or did a I like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but those of you wondering like. Why would he not know we're live? This was that was the early days of one raw. WWe went from taped to quote raw footage. Live footage. So what he thought was a taped promo was live on the air he was reciting lines, messed up and asked to restart out of character. So for all of you who are wondering why I keep saying. We're live now at the beginning. There you go, but of course joining us this week is my normal Co host Alex Savage and the producer Casey lied. And how are you guys on the special, Friday? Can complain the trim in palm trees outside my window is something. I never thought I would say. So. All's good jealous about that. I used to live in Chicago so I'm a mid Westerner at heart. To. Do they. Since one day. What's what's life like in your part of the world stupid? Yeah okay. I'm here anyway. Pants good. Go I'm sure you guys are wondering why we're doing a Friday edition. Normally I'm usually in Las Vegas for the fight. Cars by didn't go this week. Old Second go next week, so we decided to make it up, guys. It was special. Friday edition Sean was what life less than twenty four hours notice I was like I was scrambling to find a guest. I was like Shawna's. Shawna's professional. He's done a million interviews. Maybe WANNA do it. and Lo, and behold not only. Did he want to do it? I gave him a very broad window whenever the way were over. He goes all be ready. Whenever so a true professional and professional wrestling world is still batting a thousand on showing up on time we've had gentlemen. Jag Gal, and Biggie, Langston, and brody. Of Awa fame also up on time, so professional wrestling still batting a thousand. I'm way better I'm more charismatic than big e better wrestler in the ring. I know more about him in May. So you're definitely getting staff up here. Well Jack Gallagher has also had a lot of. Actual experience well. Why am I placed third in a regional submission wrestling tournament? So sorry? Jack, don't I don't. MMA fights. Is this catch? Was it catch wrestling? Yeah was okay so I'm sure case is GONNA WANNA. Talk about that so point he is, that is his bread and butter at their trainers are My trainers are Billy Robinson proteges. I, train a Erik Paulsen. Nice warm sure. On WBZ. When Timothy Thatcher. Data. Right when he's called it a double wrist lock. House? Lock to. The one time I got to go train with Billy Robinson. He's like you only call it a Kamara. If Comoro is doing, it now is like all right cool. Anyway and I I've seen Timothy Russell. Probably I don't know at least I thought like a dozen times for pwg about never actually heard his voice it was. It was kind of threw me off again. because. The first time I've ever heard his voice and I've been covering his work for for years I. realize other him just yelling. I've never actually heard him talk so just. All right more or other stories, Alex. you're going to have to come to Bala now that you live in Los Angeles. I'm going to have to at least one day. You're going to have to come all the anime. Fighting crew goes on the west coast. Even some of the old Emmett crew goes in. It's one night and you can roll your eyes the entire time we should experience at least. Is it Rama's. Even if you think pro wrestling is ridiculous, you're probably going to enjoy at least one night of thing that whenever whenever you go to anything live. Right, this is a good time. This is on another level like even if you hate live, professional wrestling ball is basically if you're going to punk show that's wrestling because the fans are so involved in everything. It is a it is a true blast, but anyway you never got RESEDA. Never my brother lived there. My brother lived there and I was always gonna use that as an excuse to go visit him like Oh. You know. I just happened to be in town like the last week of August. I'm going to go, see my brother and go to bowl, but it never happened. I'm still Haagen that place was such a shit hole, but got I let. The. Only plays in the world I've ever passed off. Dehydration was the venue because it was so hot, and there was so little like access to water or you lose your seat. Like I'm just going to pass out rather than going water right now. So I did, and I woke up time for weird wrestling, but anyway we're gonNA talk about wrestling. Album at this point is probably let's. What this is of course, the live chat cspan eleven Wayne's just wrapped ob I'm sure we have a lot to talk, but I'm sure Sean is. Cited to get a little break from talking to wrestling talks in its fist, fighting inside of an octagon. So the you know the drill, you can ask the question you do comments Casey's monitoring on twitter or the site. You can ask whatever you want about our wrestling MMA. Wrestling amazed up and we'll talk about it so ks without further ADO, first question. Do we just become best friends? Probably. Very much so. I'm. I'm not as deep in the catch wrestling as I should be. That is foundation of training and. That's how I learned pro wrestling. Before I did pro wrestling matches, I was trained in catch as catch can wrestling because my trainers were like you need to learn how to work without ropes without turnbuckle without anything. In case you don't have them one day and catch wrestling was the foundation of that. I think it's I think it's great. Josh Burnett would be proud. Questions questions. We got Scott shut out, too. Jessica Longtime comment there. I will tell you a tale about. Brian Kelly crystals later on Sean it, it'll warm. Warm Your Day our listeners know that story too well so I'll save it for the end actually before we start can we? Is there any Anything that our fans viewers need to know about the Wayne's. That happened today. Anything special. The Hell I believe Frank Macchia was the only one that missed way. He weighed in right at the end he had missed weight before in our own Lee was monitoring that situation. Courtney Casey came in under but I. Think she was like one twenty three and a half I'm going to start with Alex on this one She came in under, but needed the. The Hoop and had her hands in the air on like Jessica I last week, but then there was some people were like on on twitter, like did she like balance on one foot, or did you kind of take pressure off to kind of strict the scale because who really needs a hoop. If you know you're gonNA, come in like one twenty three and a half or one twenty four. Now so I started you What Have Corn Casey coming in? Under but also needing the. It's IFFY. I mean why even Grad the hoop in the first place. If I mean, she could have waited without it, and if she was close, then we grabbed the hoop so obviously there was some sort of discrepancy there, but I feel like I. WanNa take an afternoon. Get who get a scale and all these tricks like. If you stand on one foot, that's not helping the gravitational pull silvis neighbors still GONNA win the same one foot so. I gotTA figure this out. I want to try to lean in every which way I feel like people know. The rest of us. Don't know something something. If you hear, but and I hope somebody had a better angle, maybe the way in show than I was watching. It sounds like a good video projects for the L. A. Crew to figure out way in trickery. Edition I'm down for that there you go, there's is ballots is belot or coming back to from Phil Acoustic Chaos I heard in the summer. I have not heard an official date I know they still want their featherweight. Grand Prix Show Sean I'll start with you. obviously none of us know they went. Balladur's coming back, but are you looking forward to the return of ballot or to have some non UFC? Fights to talk about I am although it will be weird to see them. On immediately after cops because I felt like I was just as likely to see an intimate prospect on cops as I was the prelims of Bella or show. I mean it's it's Bella toward they're going to. They're going to run a bunch of shows. They're gonNA. Find a pit bull brother to main every single one of them, and I'll watch them I. Don't know if I'm excited so to speak. I thought that when they really stepped up their roster and signed a lot of people. We would have more significant cards and we wouldn't have some of these really thin shows that they had that ran. I found myself I couldn't skip. Them would have skipped like forty percent of their shows ahead of all this and they have the talent roster to make it happen. But, if it's business as usual, I probably won't be as excited, but I'm excited to see any live combat sports or any live sport at this point so. I'll be there watching. I am I am very excited to for them to continue their featherweight grand. Prix. I was super excited I like the the the the. What did you call it? The the the presentation of the drawn seed in game shows that I thought that was amazing. That is one of the best things Baladora has ever done I really our own Ghirmay and then before. moved onto things. Put together this piece where Pedro Carvalho interviewed Patrizio Pit Bull, because of course Pedroia value is Portuguese but trains, SPG and the and Pacheco pit bull is Brazilian, so they interviewed each other and the trash. Talk on display was truly incredible. It was basically like like Pedroia like first question, Prosciutto A. Why do you think you're going to beat me and even like wide? Why did those thoughts go through your head? Chew so pit bulls. It goes counterpoint. Who are you like? That's the kind of trash talking that was on display. Beyond exciting I, think the the break benefited. What's his name? AJ McKee who had the knee injury and almost had to pull out. I think that the pause in. Action will give him benefit. Because I'm very excited by Darren called who has a little bad blood between them? Alex. what are your thoughts? Belts are coming back I know. Chris Cyborg wants to fight again. I think we talked a lot about the featherweight division last week. A women's featherweight division. We all agree that the the ballot has the biggest one. So how are you pick? Even speaking just like on the Grand Prix. I mean we all have fans that are trying to get her friends that are trying to become know fans, and sometimes it can be really hard to follow and I almost think that like pointing people in the direction of a Baltimore Grand Prix to watch is easier because it's way easier to follow. WHO's fighting? Who? What are the matchups? Logically, why are these people fighting each other? You ever tried to expand your friends like. How UFC matchups occurred it. Can't be done so I think. I. Think should capitalize on that corner of the market, maybe sort of more casual. Fans. I know people are really I personally want to see cyborg by Gano so badly. Whether that happens right out of the gays. One thing I know the US's. Probably missing hasn't gone all right now, but yeah I'm excited for. A lot of I. Know Scott Volkers, big proponent for women's May say. Yes. Planning to have their events in California. That's that is an excellent question. I don't honestly know. Has, been talking about you know admission. They will have to start going again. And I'm actually I'm most interested in better back because I want to see what their version of the no audience show will look like now like have apex. Yeah, so I'm assuming since they're. Associated, paramount, there's all these sound stages all over la that boom. They're just having a sound stage. You had the light setup and this is a chance for better tour to. Actually Kinda Kinda reinvent their lives show because I don't think we're going to have live audiences. For a while I think I'm GONNA. I'M GONNA. Say I'm going to be. I'm going to be optimistic and another year. Roughly, the same paid attendant attendance usual, ooh! I don't WanNa go there. I don't WanNa. Go there, but. I'm effects their plans with the European series Was Holding a lot of cards in Dublin, and London and Manchester like they. They were supposed to have that Dublin that London Card with like they. They really on the the James, Gallagher train the Michael Van Page train. There's a the Patriot missile during transit SPG Ireland so. If there's a travel ban still for a while. There's going to be a Lotta European. Fighters and are that aren't going to be able to fight soon. So will they had, and of course cage warriors has that partnership or like handshake partnership with the UFC? What's going to happen if the belts are sitting all these European players I can't get to America. Thank the question Phil by the way I have not thought about for a while I've been on the UFC friend so. Okay next question lost the question where to go. Simple one. Ali M inverse bertos predictions out so I started again outside of the main event I think this is the fight I am most looking forward to a specially on the main card this fight. Absolutely someone's going to sleep in this one, I think but I've said that. A million times and I've been wrong almost every single time, so Alex. what are your thoughts on Emmett versus Burgos? Claims that he's he's kind of. He's always going for the finish that he was the one who said. Whether. It's the first the last punch. You can knock you out yet. Nope, he specifically said yesterday during media. Day and sometimes. We're doing so much that I forget who says what? Yeah I think I'm going to go burgos then because I know I don't appreciate that kind of candor. Parts on Burgos. I'm rocking with Burgers I mean guitars had some trouble against top top level town like Khan owns a beat in the past I. Don't know if Burgos is there but that those are the two that presented Qatar with the most problems, but then again? You look at you. Look at where they were are sorry. Emmett rather got mixed up there I i. look at Burgos sentiment, I think he's emerging and he's. He's going to break through in this division, and this is a really good litmus test for him especially with Emmett, coming off the the Mir side back when that looked so good and the Michael Johnson win. That looked so good and this is a guy that I didn't necessarily see this. This type of performance out of in his early UFC fights I remember when he came in a few years ago, he wasn't having the most exciting fights and he he's really stepped up in that regard over the past year or so, but I think Burgos is going to overwhelm him. Casey your thoughts. I think it'll be a very I think it'd be a very competitive, but I just think Burgos is an overall a better mixed martial arts fighter. The got that you know. Knock out the first punch of the fight and argue have the punch of the fight. You know he's got that threat, but I. Just they fight ten times. Burgos when seven so obviously guy chance, but the going burgers. Do you guys remember that fight against Michael Johnson. The. Yeah! There's about one highlight in that until we got 'em it was. The first two rounds right and he was lost like the first two and a half. Wasn't wasn't wasn't dominated. Just clearly look like Ten nine Michael. Johnson's step ahead and Emmett like put like turned his lights out, hit the off. Blind like Michael. Johnson did the Michael Arm stiff it aside. Toes curled up in the air Emmett to the same thing to Ricardo Lamas was that on can't remember what. Did Michael Johnson fight. You know looked like a world beater level fighter. Until he wasn't and he, he knew he lost. Mary Michael Johnson fight, and then the Jeremy Stevens fight with Josh and that's I think there was a head or something there so Emmett. Like broke his face, and then he took a year off to recover next week. Mara Romero Ella Welcomes Miranda Mavericks. You'll see for those that don't know who Moran is. What kind of fighter is she? Casey anything you WANNA. Tell us by these fighters. Don't Marar. Merab Ella is a lot of syllables. We've seen. Random Maverick is a very high level prospect and I'm super excited. The UFC signed her and I think this is a great match up. It's it's a now just a good magic. The short notice thing is kind of scary, so 'cause does have issues making twenty five with four camp, so I'm hoping this is. This was just announced late. Rather than truly oh. You know sometimes you'll be here bike a couple of weeks after they actually they're actually signed for but now. I'm very excited for Mandarin Mavericks Super Good. But. I'm more interested in why. The U. OF C. has would never sign Vanessa Porto but naturally. Jam. Another. We're talking about Miranda right now. just very excited. I think he's like sub twenty I think he's like twenty, two or three super young. Yeah Super Young. Those of you who don't remember like Alex when we were in Houston was when we were in Houston case, we were watching INVICTA card. when we were working like just put on the TV Miranda is the fighter that Pearl in the in the main event, so she's obviously as being world class fighters. Her opponent though I just lost on one of the Jacksonville cars, and wasn't close at all was that that was the coordinator Casey tap to write. A guerilla. Yeah, she has a lot of people know her from her actions. Outside of the Octagon I think she almost she like twenty seven year. Ban Or something crazy like that and overseas for like. Something to do with cocaine and a whole lot of drugs. They don't know the exact details are laws from overseas so if you Google her name I bet all of the top stories are like enemy fighter busted with an absurd amount of drugs banned for life from competing in her home country so. I think this was going to be a lot better than she ended up being too when she came in, and she beat. Kalinda Faria like really quick. Yeah, all right that was that was pretty impressive and. Eventually, you're going to run into Kate. Lynch Acadian in that division. She fights like everybody. Unfortunately I ran into her way too early and I don't know that she ever really recovered kids if she loses next week. That might be it for. That'd be like four in a row. It'll be four in a row, and she'll drop to twelve and nine with to no contest and her lap her all of her four losses are count UK again Lauren Murphy, Montana, Dela Rosa and Corny Casey, losing a good fighters, but you can't lose foreign roque on stick around in the AFC. Yeah and. And you look at Miranda Mavericks last year. If you include I, think it was Phoenix series. She's won five fights in the last year and relative lost I think three it's it's definitely a different trajectory and momentum there dating back about a year ago. Burrell is one in three She's lost to the to Casey Dela Rosa Murphy and then being Talia Santos Corny Casey was by submission by the way, Lauren. Murphy was Tko elbows and knees, so she's getting finished to. Just to me great matchmaking angry signing. By the UFC one. Very excited. Do. Next question I'm trying to find a whole Miranda Maverick is twenty two. Quarry to my goodness. My goodness. It's only asking if. Esther gets heartburn. Why. Don't know. There's. Like some weird subplots going on in the youtube chat right now. Don't don't hang. Up On. What's going on with? Air Is that officially from Daniel o'farrell, so the reports are for I. can't even Count How many times these two have been linked together. Yeah Rodriguez and beat Maga share. Pov are supposed to fight. I think there was originally going to fight on that Dallas car that was I can't remember. The exact was a to twenty eight. That was Woodley till, and then the air fell out, and then beat ended up getting that so wlob stretch on his replacement, they were linked together a few more times than ever worked out I think this is the Fi- I've been most asking for outside of Ortega Korean Zombie, but we don't have to get into that again. Last, I heard it's not official, but it was offered so Sean. I'll start with you. thoughts on a possible matchup between beat migrants. Share Bob any Rigas by love. It I think that it's a beat would win, but I do love it. I personally I would rather beat. Be Competing for the featherweight title because I'm not keen on. I'm not keen on tidal shots off losses as good as Max. Holloway was champion I. Don't want to say that. I didn't think the fight was close, but I thought he decisively got beaten in his in his first fight, and I felt that Volkov ski against the beat would have been. A fight with a little bit more merit and that I. Don't know why I assume that you have seaweed care about that type of thing. I mean when I have to reference UFC. Debbie does that all the time where somebody will lose two or three straight matches and get a title shot I can no longer say will in real fighting. You have to win to get title shots. That's not a thing that I can say anymore because it's not true, so I'm excited for the fight. I would rather have to be in that spot. Now wouldn't mind Max Holloway fighting. Rodriguez like that. I wouldn't have minded swapping those. You would have given the beat. The also overlook a Korean Zombie. I I'm not gonNA complain about any fight that Korean zombies end ever at this point and I can't doubt him anymore because I did. Coming off is extended layoff, and even after that Comeback Oh. It was like okay well. Maybe there was an element of good fortune in that I can't I can no longer project or predict what Torri in Zombie is going to do. Your thoughts on yarns a beat, and do you agree with Sean that you would like Shabib deserves the title shot rather than Max Holloway. Not yet, but I don't think he's far away, but I do agree with Sean that's be gets this very easily. Yeah, Savage like honestly I o easily transmission. Put it in the books. Highlight Hawk. That's crazy. Crazy! Finishing year and the first first round easing submission. We'll see, we'll see Casey looking at the rankings right looking at the Rangers right now. Volkogonov! Champ, and and then the top five in order as Max Holloway Brian Ortega, be Korean Zombie in the IR. selfishly don't want to Korean. Zombie or Brian Arteta anyone else button. Which means Holloway's funding Vulcan ASCII SO's a beating I make sense They're both super tall, lanky, long fighters with very exciting styles. They've called each other out a million times so. Yeah, if you're looking at the rankings of beat would be next because Max's already lost Vulcanology Bronco. Taylor was booked up so sean wrongs. A beat would be next man up. Do not give. US These rankings drinking's aren't real. I thought to say Casey, but the rule. Is You can't use your. You can't use logic, don't. Rose as not really gonNA. Uses that. Phrase hundreds off the fact that he doesn't want. We're Tak- to anyone else, so that's what. I know I. Don't want people out of the running. Of, you, Sean I'm not I'm sure you're not aware but I've been asking for for Bryner. Take it and Korean Zombie since about two thousand fifteen I've I've found out that Korean Zombie and Brian Arteta. The first fight fell out when people started tweeting me. Are you okay and I was like why what happened? And I like Look Square, and I was like Oh! Oh you guys all looking out for my wellbeing, so selfishly or take a Korean Zombie needs inject that into my body, but let's not forget Danny. Gang Calvin cater have a big feather. Way Event Comm up on fight island. That is a real random fight that I didn't know I wanted until the announced it so and then frank caters out of the rankings. Jeremy Stevens coming off a couple of losses so. Burgos and have a big fight data that would be eight versus ten, and then where's Arnold, Alan and of course Casey. We can't talk. Without about Ryan Hall. Still Selfishly, while Ryan, hall versus Jeremy Steven so badly just for the clash of personalities. I Want Bryan Hall against anybody, but he appears like as often as bigfoot. That's hilarious. That's so funny, but Bryce Mitchell's apparently coby in the rank. He has to be in the rankings soon so loud. Fights coming outside of Benway my God for the way this. Why hate this I hate this. Title Fight Right now because it just once cater Ebay heavens then there's going to be another person. They should get a title shot. And so I think after the winner of cater gay. Zubi Year Angkorian Zombie all. All, have, legitimate. your choices for the next shot and. I just I'm just so mad that we're having Holloway. Bogan because we already saw it am. And we're going to see it again. We just don't see it now. This is this is a chance to. House bill bill bigger starting like Bokan won't become a bigger star. You beat Holloway again. To me in Holloway is effectively removed from the title picture if he loses like I just I hate I don't. I don't get I. Don't get it. It's like it's like you WANNA. She loses tuna roads arose rose, and then she's not gonNA. Fight it for another title for a while, but now that is no longer the champion. We got that epic fight which to me is the second rest house I've ever seen in my entire life widely in you, WanNa. So interesting things from Phil Acoustic. Chaos again has just guide commented on claimed that she missed weight by so much I. Don't think she's made. I. Don't use man official comment not that I've seen I. Don't think it was based off of. Comments I think it was just. Boop C., or no, she was proud of it right. Out. Of. The. Why didn't you go PM sorry? Hey I'm I'm just saying. I'm just passing along knowledge at me. I. Don't think she's she's like she's taking like subtle shades like she's tweeted. A photo of like a bit of is shitty attitude with the big x through it. Black. She's not post. She's not posted like any official comment outside of like. I'm beyond thankful for fighting on a main event this and that so no official word yet. Receipts because Khalil says she's got texts and I need to see him, so you all think that Jessica should move back up to one thirty five link that did not work out well for her the last time, and she was understandably frustrated about the lack of a one twenty five division, but. It's like she can't. She hasn't been making the weight and she has not succeeded at one thirty five, so it's a pretty rough situation for her. Admittedly outlets allows you that we've talked about this between the links. Should we should the Force Jessica and move up to one thirty five? At this point. Yeah, probably I. Don't think Chris I don't think he's going to do it willingly. I remember. Somebody asked her if she ever planned on returning to wait. And she said no, because it just felt like she was wearing a ten pound best honor, she just felt slow and heavy. But if if you're not going to prove yourself at one twenty five when you're GonNa have to live with it showing. That bulletproof vest. Ahead, do you think? Do you think she still has like hanging off? Because also let's not forget. When she fought Valentine as she, she waited so like ten fifty eight two way, and she waited to the last possible, second and bear needed the towel to make championship, but she made champs to waste, but she can't do it as you did it before and what leading up to that fight so? Maybe. Give it one more shot if she doesn't approve that, she can make the weight and if she doesn't then make move up. I like to go to thirty five and I think. I mean not talking to. Her the quality has a fighter, but she she's she draws attention. You know, so we're talking about. Are you know the fans love talking to the fans? They love to hate her. You know so, I think I think. I think she's fun to have around. I think she's fun at Thirty Five Different Matt. I think who who would you match up at thirty five right now? I would say at one thirty five. Let me look. Let me pull up the roster. Think own right now for some reason, but I feel like there's some. UFC rankings WHO. Talk Amongst yourselves people. You know an interesting Jessica Ever Nico They both got flamed from missing waiting. I! Mean Nico just like went off the grid after that Joe has a is fine Julia. Villa. Finally issues back. Maybe the and that face just at thirty five I sounds I. Think you I think you. It'd probably put her in. One of those somebody has throw in fight. They like to do not answer. The answer is Ajar eubanks because they have heat and we. Knew. There was some good match. Think of it yeah eubanks. Sitting at fourteen, and they have some heat and bad blood back and forth so that your right there right because Jessica I has what we like to call. XBOX! Yeah. Like it's not like colds, Covington people hate because he's a character and that's they hate his Gimmick Day. Just do not like I. It is I think it's completely different style dislike. From Daniel Farallon Youtube comments guys giving Dan. Hooker motivate chance against US support US yes, like I. Don't know if I'm picking them to win, but I'm not overlooking then hooker at on your. Thoughts on Dan Hooker or doesn't poor. Have you done? Hooker gets top billing. He is higher rank and file and former interim champ. Yeah I, mean you look at the track? Record of the people that that Dan Hooker is beaten and he's. He's beaten a lot of people with significantly different skill sets. He's beaten, really well rounded people. He's beaten excellent striker's. He's also fall into some excellent strikers as well, and he's run into some trouble with that and people that pressure him really heavily at some Bozo Jason Night. I think your ear. I think he lost the as well if dust emporia pressures him. I think that does import a probably wins this fight but I. Don't put it past Dan Hooker to. Throw one shot and knock him out. I mean that's it we we've seen that. Possibility were some really tough guys like Jim, Miller and Ross Pearson even like he can finish really really tough guys. Alex thoughts on port a Ab Hooker violence. I like to to point out just engaged. She's tweet when we. It. The with Dan Hooker 'cause he was confident. He could finish a because. He didn't think that he had the chin. That Paul. Did engage you? Says this dude getting murked so? I don't know I got gotTA refer to the experts here? You know. Maybe Hooker doesn't stand is as big a chance. He thinks he does at least. Maybe not in a Finnish for maybe by decision, but I don't know if he's going to finish. I completely forgot Dan Hooker. Erode Rigas that's. Why does not even I don't I? Had I've know that fight happened now, but I had no recollection of until you just said that. The lightweight division like so many of these people catch each other on their way up, and that was feather. Way went down. Hooker was still cutting. Yeah Yeah. Cause any law because he lost to. Jason neither feather way and to lightweight and went on this tear, and then got put through the ringer against some Barboza. That's been. It's only loss lately has a win has a Ko went overkill burns. WHO's fighting for championship? My goodness. Weight. Do you really put in Hooker at featherweight? I I don't really I can't think of that has almost. Another lifetime I just think he's in. Smith Jugo Santoso middle. They're just completely different people. These warlike Jessica I abandoned. Was it probably different fighter than at flyweight? My goodness I forgot that happened. I. Don't know I forgot that, but I don't know who's going to win I. Favor Portia. He's just. I think he has more paths to victory, but hooker is a super tall long rangy lightweight. WHO's camp like? Let's not forget. His camp is on fire with volcano in style bender, and that whole crude on there, but I think someone Casey said when we were previewing blades. Volkov is I when I'm thinking of this fight I. Never really taken account that he's traveling literally from the opposite side of the world during a pandemic beat over just two three days so if you take into account. All that travel is still favor poor, even more, but Casey. Are you in agreement? Yeah boy is obviously the smart pick But you know these guys who hit hard and dance tall, and I could see Dustin know catching a knee or something. You know something like that, but. I think you know I say by ten times Dustin wins a majority of the fights, but you know. But no! But I. Think, there's a chance Oh hell. Yeah, he's got a chance, so yeah, this is just a high level of violent martial arts by. Our like I, always say I. don't care. If there's no crowd, there's no crowd. I just WANNA watch this fight. From Joseph both Cynthia. Is Now number two a women's flyweight? What do you do with Cynthia? We've talked about this a little bit before, but Alex. who do you want? WanNa see Cynthia Khalil fight next. I think Kagan makes the most sense right now. and I'm probably the winner while you gotta get Joe. Joe In there too okay, so Joe Dover Shevchenko obviously has to happen kagan video, and then maybe we could vio. Whoever Loses Shevchenko Joe Joe Fight? And that would be the number one contender. I. Yeah, there's there's a so if Gioja wins beads. Valentina, which I don't think she will, but if she does, you'd have to assume they're gonNA rematch. Valentine is their big star. That division I think she would deserve a rematch. Cindy has a win over Joe Joe at straight so I think Joe Joe being champion definitely would benefit Cynthia. Roxanne Lauren or matched up Jennifer. My has a fight coming up so. Cinta Callan one to I. Mean I know. We literally just had this big conversation about ranking matter, but if you're one two and the number one is calling out the number two. Why not make that fight But Sean? What are your thoughts on? What what? She's to do as Cynthia Calvillo? I think it'd be a good idea. HAD THEY NOT RELEASE LISTS KARMA? That would have been a perfect idea. I don't know I still don't know why she's gone if they signed. Vanessa Porto, that would be a good idea like there. There are options for her all over the place, but as said if one wants to. Do it do it, and and also like I said you're running. Indicate Lynch Kagan at some point in that division, no matter who you are. So. That's a good point like if they're gonNA fight eventually why not find now and they're both free? Jennifer Mayes fighting Viviana Rougeau, which would be number five or number eight, so there's another one right there. If he doesn't want Cynthia possibly fall cat leg. It's similar thing where we talked about like all sorts. She's out of the Coun- got dominated by the Champion essentially beats number two again. What do you go from there? So if they don't want to give her number one yet maybe the winner of Maya in Rougeau or the loser of Roxanne modify, and Lauren Murphy, or maybe even the winner. People want to stay active. Fund matchups women's flyway cases your thoughts. I always thought it was just really weird. That guy was drink number two. But she was. So so she was right one or One, yeah champion! Yeah, go. Though. She was the number one ranked flyweight last week when she made event, it yeah, she was. Berry I mean if. I if if if Cynthia is drawing numbers and. We're not no one's putting butts and seizing more, but you know is on the tube or whatever, but yeah I mean Cynthia one more fight I. Don't I? Don't care if I honest thing Kagan wins, you know I just. Don't you know then you're in that situation again so probably avian fights are a lot better in theory than execution yeah. She's a great fighter. She's a great fighter that I do not enjoy watching fight. Yeah I, yeah. We also I I've been a big proponent of Mima. Canas ranked fifteen, but she hasn't been fight coming up I. think she has a six five win like six to long win streak. She is if you ever get a chance to interview. Molly Sean for anything. Just even if you want to talk about life, I cannot. She's one of the best interviews in the game. Do you WanNa talk to biology beat up sex trafficking and trying to abduct a woman from a subway out on the your person. So I've talked about this. We interviewed on the on this show and I saw more non anime new sites right off of that interview just based just on the crazy stories, molly has that people in our comments, actions or even on Reddit or twitter? Where like I don't even like in, but I love Mama can now so I think molly could could be a real big star in that division you know. What's up Cynthia fight because I don't really believe that guy was the number one ranked me even though I didn't rancor. That's not my ranking. Synthetic versus Andrea early. And really who who I thought I think everyone thought Laura Murphy whenever they fought a couple of months ago. I think. I think I think Cynthia Prevail Andrew early. We don't want you to buy. One of the fighters has to fight someone behind them. You know and I gotta that's. callen calendar. Anthony Shevchenko. Who was like fourteenth and Cowan was like to. She's got Fi-. Someone might as they wanted me to fight here. Let's do it. I. Like it though. For me. Abject didn't know how many people were giving too much of a chance there. Is Anthony. Anthony the. U. OF C. Level I. Don't I honestly don't know. I. I I don't I don't really know her previous fights, and I've actually only really seen her. She's lost in the UFC from grapplers. It's, is she? Is She a good fight? I don't know. In that division, probably UFC equality, but that's not a high bar until you get liked ten five and. That is UFC zone doing because they they let people like Liz Mexico like they let her walk out the door and. As. You mentioned Vanessa Porto's right there they can. They can have her if they wanted her. They don't for whatever reason so Vanessa seems to be that kind of the same area of the like Sarah Kaufman is. She's clearly. Top fighter. Just refuses to sign him. Don't know why, but Antonina is a multiple time. Gold medalist in Moi tied tournaments and various other promotions, her only losses in her career to Roxanne modify and challenge Kagan so. It's not like she's losing to people outside of the top five. Yeah, it's like people. Spend is not a good fight him. Who did you lose to? Anthony does not provide I. Just I just don't I actually don't know very much about it other than that. She's Donna Tina sister. Yeah she seems remains on. She's learning on the job yeah. She's. Heading Down Tina Shogun. Good but not the same. They can all be the burns, brothers, but We didn't get this question, but I wanNA. Ask you guys. Let's talk about the disrespect from the placing on the card of rocks, modifier versus Laura Murphy. Second. Now. In in our between the link show we did Monday. We were talking. We talked about this. Ambrosetti said. It doesn't matter where you're placed in the car. You know it means. You've put roxy down there because they want people to tune in early by Tacarto on that because for the Virtual Media Day. If? They were really trying to promote that. They brought him in. The. Top five flyweight or at least two. Five flyways in the find the second, the second by on a fight night, and even bringing from media, day so. I just think that's I. Just don't like that. If you're just looking at it to like okay so Courtney, Casey and Robertson are fighting after them and the ranked way. It doesn't logically make any sense. To me, so tell me why why? They're so low in the car guys. There's no. We've talked about this before unless you like. The placement of the car we've watched. We've all watched a million fights in our career. We've all been like that's a performance of the night bonus. That's a knockout of the night submission the night I am on the train where you're placing on your car directly effects whether you get a bonus or not, unless you are have a polo raise Dong Kim fight like one nine nine, and you just put on five for the age the first sight of the card. That there there are anomalies, but the tends to give bonuses to people higher up in the car. Because more people watch them, so that is. I don't there's no reason there's no reason I should be the same fight on the card again we saw was a Peres informed Megan where like to top five men's violence, and they were on the buried on the prelims too so. I have absolutely no idea but sean. Why do you think this is the second fight Gosh? I don't have an answer I just know that every time fights. I'm a little bit more amazed because it would have been real easy for her to just quit and retire after the ultimate fighter like and I expect that to happen I thought that she would. I mean it was a rough street. You could argue that she might not have been a fit on the ultimate fighter anyway because of how she had performed before that, but she went, and she put in the work and reinvigorated herself and. became a really good fighter so. It's like almost like that isn't recognized and. I when I see the placement here, I'm like okay. I get it. is a familiar name. teasha Torres is a little bit more of a familiar name. Jim Miller is to Roosevelt Robertson's coming up, but I'm not convinced that below Mohammad versus lyman good will be a better fight in the cage, then modifier and Lauren Murphy will be, and I'm not taking anything away from either one of those guys. They're both really good fighters. Especially law, but I think that Roxanne Monetary and Enlarge higher up on the card. I just think that for some of those draws them out of a hat. I think they're not they're. They're wasting an opportunity because I don't know what how what FIFA numbers looks like, but I've said this before on. Roxanne fought macy BARBARA UC to forty six outside of Donald. cerrone owning Conor McGregor Roxanne modified to the best numbers in terms of post, fight videos for us, and we all kind of credit that to that. She just ran through AC Barbara and macy. Barbara seemed to be on the cusp of being a big deal in that division. You've got the She got the RUB. s you say the wrestling business? And they didn't. Get the Rub in the you. fucking on fight night on the second. Tease man. I don't under I'm not gonNA, try and make sense of this, but I agree it is. I'd like. You brought up towards and beyond ambulance. He's stores is on that losing streak, but she's only lost to champions. Former champions or menard a lot of people think will be a future title Challenger. And Briana Van Buren is so fun to watch. She won that Phoenix US series in Invicta in like she's being. She'd be Kylian current. I love watching her fight. Her fight against was Libya Sousa was was a short notice. Fight was placement I can't quite remember for. You that's what I'm saying so like on a Sousa. Did have this big interview with our. Crews? Where it's like a lot of like, she talked about. She's not like all other women's shoes, not promoting himself on social media. She just wants to go out there and just beat up people and Brian Van. Buren just tore through and I was like Oh, my God, I wanna see I wanna to see her. NPR before fight where. I think broker, toe, or broker, foot or something, and she couldn't show up, so yeah, you're in stepped up exactly so I was really excited for that, but yeah. No, there's no reason Roxanne's should be enlarged to be so low on the card. Annoyed. We can work the letter writing campaign. I'm all for Jackson rounds. Why hasn't. Sat and I've said this a million times. Champion gets top billing. If you use a last name, you both use last theme so cost to Izzy should be izzy versus Paulo or out of San versus cost or better yet style, bender versus the racer. I like that even better, but why has not been announced? I assume it's money. Did you see follow causes, tweets, and you guys yesterday million? On it. He's like fifty. It was talking about the ultimate fighter which I am off if they want the the fighter back and I wanNA lock style, bender, and Paulo Kosta in a in a house together coach, and then we get even more captain Eric regained Eugene and Captain Eric in the same house. Just two polar opposite personalities. I'm all for it. But Powell I want fifteen million dollars I want a man of Ed view this and that I think it was a lot of tongue in cheek, but I would imagine it's money, or they wanted to headline pay per view and the only. I assume be on fire island because he's in Australia. The only view you on the island right now is has three title fights already, so maybe they're waiting for that. Maybe September. So that's just an assumption, though but I don't. I don't have a good reason for that, but instead of talking about why it's not booked. Sean thoughts on style, bender versus the eraser. I think out of sign. You would win that fight, but. They're not getting half of deontay wilder money for it that much I tell. Data White won't let that happen. Pandemic way according to the tweet, it's not in US dollars so Okay, it equals out about three million US dollars. If the people on the twitter federal correct so he he ain't GonNa give him a one tenth of Deontay Wilder. pan-demic. Dana White has the act like rick from Pawn Stars. Every time somebody comes to the negotiating table. He's like. I can do twenty bucks. bubbalicious I got a business to run here S. About money to things were in a paid dynamic and who doesn't want more money. or He doesn't answer the question. He'll start talking about like I was I, asked Dan, I'm like what do you do next Sean o'malley goes. Men Don't so many fires WanNa fight on ESPN right now. This isn't it great awesome? Yeah, but what about o'malley and he goes? We're going to build a lot of stars of the SPN. I'm like. Favorite thing he does is when he's trying to. He goes guys. This isn't new. This has happened before is that? Is that the defense? Doesn't sound like it. You think one of my favorite things, but he did I think it was. It was like maybe last May he didn't interview with Megan. Aleve and you can tell he had been fed like a question like or she had been questioned like the media really comes at you heart and then boom. He just he had him loaded just. Ready to go these dummies in the media I've got some headlines Right here. Man? I tried I. don't even try to make sense of. Anything that Dana. What anything that man says? I'm not on his radar, so I'm. TRYING TO CANCEL FIGHTS Sorry. John Are you? You're aware that we the media canceled all of the fights beginning of the year, right? That's the rumor. That's what I heard. I called Mickey Mouse. Hey Mickey. TACHI PLACE! Kill it. But. The question. Is. Cau-. Jackson around. I answered. Do the. who overrated Joe Joe Las. India people just saying things. Losing better all the time. Guys Yeah. That's the game. Life my friend. Spelling this. What's next for shot? o'malley, but? Let me. Let me a contract dispute. They go, and then a long period of inactivity as a result. The Yeah Shawn's now wrong. Sean is an Iran Sean. We've seen this before where. I've talked about this. When Israel started asking about where the paper viewpoints went after he got thrust into a main event, he wasn't supposed to made any against Anderson Silva. Just a matter of time before these incoming Uber prospects start to figure out that this is a business, and there's a lot of money left on the table that they could be making even John Jones and sells said, don't let the UFC take advantage of your twenty s get paid now so as soon as Sean o'malley was like I, just WanNa renegotiated my contract. I'm like It's begun, so it begins. If in terms of who you would like to see him, fight outs thoughts. Off. Your is jumping right through a right to. Fight. Can anyone hear me? Sizes Sean. Who Do you think? The Gosh? Wouldn't hate like Arnold Alan. Hey if this is at featherweight right. I the. Way! Right Man What about the garment, Garp is it too soon, we. WanNa knock those guys out, is it? came out and said not yet so I'm not even counting that. I want to see in fight, Dodson or song, Dong like dot because. Mallya was supposed to chew once just beat Cheeto Veira so if he wants to take that o'malley ticket then they're fourteen fifteen and then o'malley's Dotson are thirteen fourteen, and seems to be one of those guys that like they gave the. They fed him to an Dana would. Dotson beat him but Dodson's one of those guys that if he's only lost two top five fighters to them like the Marlin raises Dimitrius Johnson's the John Lineker's of the world. Where if you beat him? It's a big deal, so I like I really like o'malley, Dotson honestly because I. Actually Dotson, and the small cage were here. We look kind of normal size a little bit and think about that. Yeah, so so so the actions. Increase, And just just a comical height difference. If if they wanted to give him, somebody not ranked rob funds there too I mean. I know he's not having I mean. He had a great fight against Ricky Simone in A. Sitting at eleven is he at eleven? He's at eleven. Oh my God. At ten eleven wanted that cody statement font fight. They. They've been linked together. By but unfortunately stayman is probably dealing still with the fall of death of his brother right now, so he's not even thinking of a fight he himself said was. Who Do you want to find Seo's man? I gotta go to funerals I. I was like all man. That is the saddest that is just the saddest, so but Jimmy various sunset was coming off losses. He's probably not gonNA find anytime soon so I. Think the answers is Dodson or song for o'malley. Those are the two flights that would make sense for me. And a new contract you have it. After the actually look at the UFC ranking. Twenty. Fire apparently. from fight owl. Do you guys? Thing is well priced himself out? Perhaps UC will make an example out of him, so I liked the phrasing of Christ himself out. Because Ob Covington said this would happen. He did an interview with our own Damn Martin months ago and he goes Mazda core has prides himself out in that fights, not going to happen and then I went to interviews men at the dominance media day I go, Colby says Mazda asking price themself out, and this will happen like Oh. This fight is going to happen and then guess what that's not happening. So call conches, the Oracle new his former training partner would quote price himself out He's already asking for a lot of money or what? He's worth I should say not a lot Dan Away will the UFC make an example out of him did. They already, did they? They skipped over the title fight, so they already. There's your answer. There's a weird like seven person waiting game that goes around at all times. It's like either D. as brother. Conor McGregor Maysville Habib, and then as the guy. That's just kinda stuck there. Saying which one of these guys is GonNa, show up and fight at one seventy anytime soon because I got gotta fight one of them, and then it's Gilbert Burns. And then Leeann Edwards just happens to be the eighth fighter waiting seven man line, who very well should have been fighting for overdue over Burns. But he's said I. Don't think he he would have been ready. especially with the travel. Ban in London and all that stuff don't say Mazda. I just don't seem back documents if I if if he's the kind of guy that I know. That I think that he is. I think he might be done like I. Don't know. He doesn't seem to be somebody that wants. He wants to dictate his own terms. He doesn't anybody push them around. Like the like the Diaz brothers that take like two year layoffs if they're not getting what they want. More, power is not when they come back. People go. Hey, who's an ideas? They take two years. Off and they're still. You know. There's still big star so I. Think I'm good with maths but I. I don't think you price himself. Ally just yeah. Yeah Yeah, I'm like that term. Do all right An ozone a little I'm but yeah so no, it's only the asked quick. NOPE, virus, this do rapid-fire I'm just gonNA. Throw questions at their era, and this is a lot of yes, no questions. which finder tested positive for Cova this weekend? I don't think a fire did I think Matt for Vol is coach did or was in contact with someone who did? Billy Q. Really, Corn Taylor who fought who who did he beat that crazy man with the with the orange beard on the on the crazy man with a orange beard i. he tested positive. He had contact sitemap for Bola so they pulled out for all out just to just to be safe. I than that To! Miman did as positive way like like a month or so ago. Liming. Who Comes back, fight I nate, Diaz Mazal Jones or secluded. We've had this question. A few times. SO SEAN, since you're new to the show, who who fights I. In order for you think fights I never. I never I'M GONNA. Say Jones. Jones Mazda also Hudo and Nate Diaz. You put the retired fighter before they. Doubt Yeah. I. Got, his one taste of pro wrestling, and he was in there with a bunch of UFC legends, and then get mentioned like at all, so I don't think it's going to be as fruitful outside of the FCC things. What do you think that comes back? It comes back. To do the forty five thing, or is the comeback straight? Whoever has the belt thirty five? What do you think? What do you think? I don't think that he's interested in fighting anybody? That's a champion or deserves an actual title shot anymore so. I didn't WANNA fight benefit as he didn't WanNA fight sterling. He didn't WANNA fight. Yawn fight like anybody like that. He wanted to fight. Although Dominick Cruz, and I think he was going to try to find Sean shirt somewhere and fight him like anybody who was well removed from from that picture. He was interested in fighting so I would be surprised if he fought anybody off a win. He's probably GONNA. Try to fight, although even if although loses, he'll come back and try to fight him. To Be Japan. They. Showed me. This point. Want to rank those. owner. Alex Alex hasn't answered those I've answered this a million times. Okay I'm GONNA GO Jones. Pseudo as Moslem all because I can't go back and wanted just said so. I actually think Mazda was gonNA fight I because he was the only he doesn't have a belt like Jones. So who does retired and nate has already gone like years without fighting, so the the track records there so I put Mazda Dogfights I. Wouldn't just order a replica version of a youth see Tom. He also has a. he has a bell one of one. So, what? I have no idea. branch Monday through Friday Jose Dominguez in your opinion. This is an all cap, so please read it in your opinion to. More than eighteen percent from. Comments and he has four quest marks Dr Shawn Creamer. Yeah Yeah, of course they did. It's a pretty simple question for me. Yes, they do. Say No. Yeah, no eighty percents. That's a little high. No, of course they deserve. I don't I don't know how the breakdowns happened, but I know that. The fighters deserved to be paid way more than what they're paying at some point, it just kind of feels disgusting when you watch somebody's head slam against the canvas for five thousand dollars so. I feel real gross sometimes. Anyway. I say no and trying to justify this like. Oh, because when I watched it UFC. I don't care who's in the cage punching each other I just like the fact that the Cajun's eight sides. And One Times eight equals eight, so you'll like the math right there. Math! Math so eighty-one percent. That's what they deserve. Keep the math and check. On Jones first loss will be to blank. Casey I'll start with you. Where you're lost. The dominant grace was just GONNA say. John Jones first laws will be to. We are less than Matt Hamill. I lost. I lost will be to transit. As I was GONNA say Sean. I'm going to say in gone news well. Alex. If he fights. Dominic grade is again then I think it will be raise. On. Agree with Ma'am means razor in Ghana I think that's the answer. I think he has I think he I think he favored I'd still favored on the rematch with Ray is but I think fighting gone. WHO's bad for your health? So I'm going to say in Ghana. Spy Carlisle that is the crazy man with red hair, and all the APPS that Billy Gordon Taylor lost to. Turn his back in the middle of the fight. He's a fifty five all right. I don't off top of my head. You guys were over an hour. All right so that is a wrap for this absolutely at one one. WHO's next are widely and what are the thoughts? What are what are the chances against the champ? WHO's next Yeah I. Guess Right Unless Todd John Just magically heels, and they give her the title shot which. I Know Alice. Excuse off as. More as I know I. Miss Her so much. I wish are very speedy recovery. Talk. Momentum she has to know. Just. Come back against somebody. WHO's that? WHO's next? I don't know that's a good question. These are rosengard winner. It is but I feel like she just. Destroyed Andrade like, would you want a rematch that now? Yeah, why we? I mean it was overseas and you know like we've heard lots of times from fighters. Like or what do you think someone getting no knocked out in what I think. She lost thirty seconds. That is the worst loss than losing fifteen minute decision. I what's up with? Sorry what's up with Tatyana whereas these days? We were talking her next so after she being a answer off in Chicago of one year ago. She. I'm sure you remember that fight user on work terrifically dominant like she was not as dominant as before. I Know Alice doesn't like me calling her this, but a lot of people compared to female Habib. With just her dominant wrestling. She didn't do any of that and we asked about that. She hurt her neck so bad that she couldn't shoot for. Blast will take downs like it was so and you can't mess around your neck. Yeah so I think she's trying to recover their. Because if not I I would imagine she would have already fought. retile right off of that win. So she she's not ready to go, and Alex wants Alex. Kelly wants to let us know. It's UELI NOT Wiley apology. Nina's on the shelf because she's giving birth to her in at. Cloudy, it's coming off that quote. Unquote win over Angela. Hill all of the spars has a fight coming up, doesn't she? And then Don John Non and sitting at ten Marina Rodriguez Nine, so yeah, you're probably right. Casey on winner of rose vs on garage. I think that's. Bullshit ranking because everyone had Anthony Hill beating Klaudia yet when he did the rankings, they still put enter the hill behind Claudia. which is the stupidest thing if you thought the person? One in the rankings are completely subjective. What you think so while the everything sucks. How many people they have on that panel now like four? Amanda reboots has a has a fighting phase coming up, too. That's another. Vision I know page. It's the last night of pages. Contract so she's off to greener pastures that that's another loss. Alexa crosses no longer fighting a straw. Wait I want to see her five. Marine Rodriguez. That fight is going to be super violent, but marinas not ready for that, so yeah, you're right. Casey drives rose winner. Simple. WHO's the most flexible on the Eisai chat now Sean if you weren't aware my pizza, Carol is the most flexible media member in all of sports. You can put his feet behind his head. Yes, he can all. All listen to her. The store is a million times, but in the middle of UC to forty six media day. We were waiting in line interview Anthony. Pettis and PC goes decides. That was the appropriate time to let me know that he could put his feet behind his head and did it in. The middle of maybe about one hundred reporters. And we all just he was on the ground. Go look at this and he just put. In terms of WHO's the most flexible, I am the most inflexible so as soon as Casey. For those of you that used to be pretty flexible I could like still occasionally when I go to the gym and there's somebody that's in there the first time I'll pull off like something stupid from Rubber Guard or go plotters something, and that's about the extent of these days so I don't think I'm up there with this panel. We're pretty close. I needed. Good stretch, though I'm not one of those I just instantly Outta bed flexible. It's like I'm an old man type. Alex. Used to be flexible. Mike Sean I started. Lifting weights and I wasn't focused on. Full Mobility I lost a lot of a range emotions. While you're all three of us are more flexible than me inflexible. Bad from years of tennis so. You actually have the tendency. That person. All right, but is that a rap rap on the east side? So Sean? I'll tell you the story. Brian Kelly real quick We have a fan who is a big Fan Jessica as you saw who is very much into crystals, and we've kind of adopted the crystal method specifically from Jared Cannon Years Years of talking about Crystals Bryant Keller also. Also in crystals and Jessica gave us a crystal to give to Brian Kelleher before his fight UC to forty six, after he weighed in we gave him a tigers crystal, which supposedly magnifies and increases a monetary wealth and good fortune. One hour later he gets bumped up to the main event of con- McGregor Card and wins the post. Fight Bonus so. I'm not saying it wasn't. The Crystal was one hundred percent the Tigers I crystals. So if you want if you're in the business for Crystals Jessica I know you're watching this sense. Awesome crystals, I I mean I'm just saying I was like okay. What are they talking about Christie? And I googled. It and I don't know if the same second thing comes up for you guys as me. But it ain't a wonderful. and. Google Crystal crew. I just googled crystals. Just crystals like okay. Is that slang for something? I get the feeling you all are pushing crystal meth on this show but I. Look in the second thing that came up on my google. Undersea crystals as an amethyst Polished Crystal Palace. Definitely, not what we were talking about, I would hope nice talking. Whatsoever do not send those to me. You know as well as I. DO WANTED ARC. Crystal Bundle where sixteen thousand dollars I. DO welcome this gift. Well. You know as well as me. When you start telling audiences not to send you something. They're going to send it to you. Well Jessica Chris coup, right there is is boom, so if you get a bag of crystals in the mail that's Jessica right there or she has you up for Christmas anyway. That is the end of this episode of this special Friday edition as side I was so happy to finally have sean on the show, and of course Sean as the guest of honor. The floor is yours to plug whatever you want to say. Thank you guys so much for having me fight full dot com. We cover pro wrestling and boxing. We specialize in Provo wrestling We've been breaking probably more news than any other wrestling website out there right now. We have a great podcast network, and if you want to support what we do, fight full select dot. com is our premium service right now. Patriots fan base. It will be moving on site very soon, but go over there to get some. Reputable News in the wrestling business that isn't always so reputable. There's some wild stuff that's going on right now, but we're doing our best to bring you all accurate news, so give it a go. You guys. Have a big group of writers on your site like freelance writers and stuff fairly. We stepped away from freelance for a while, but we've actually been doing pretty well lately and we have a few more joining. We actually had three new faces. Join our site this week, but yeah, we're. We're We got a pretty expanded. Roster so to speak a fulltime people and I'm trying to integrate more freelancers into that as well, but so on the podcast side. We have tons of freelancers so for all of the people that always message me asking. Where can I go to learn writing and stuff like that just Sean Not Just asked me. To. Go I'm sure you get those emails. All you probably get more than me. About, what people want to write about professional wrestling? I, get it a lot, but my advice is just create content. Even if you don't have an outlet, create an outlet that way you have something, do reviews do columns do live results do podcasts whether it be audio and video to video editing. Step out and try to do some photography. The more versatile you are, the more likely you are to get hired for this. If you can excel or even be decent at a lot of things, you'll be trusted with those roles and have a lot more opportunities. Well said that is a much better way of phrasing what I was trying to say. Alex anything you want to say before we sign off. I know you hate doing these, but I gave you a chance to listen to Sean. This time. If any of our listeners out there work at a car dealership I'm looking for a great deal. Southern California hitting YEP. That's what use your usual platform for real life. Things case want or you want to answer questions. About cars. I, I turn the car on if it doesn't START I had to buy a new one. That's all I know. Well Anyway. That's it for this. Absolutely a side. I'm sure we're going to have a preview show I know Mike has a special guest. Do you know who that is yet? Case will be Lionheart Anthony Smith. Stick around. Supposedly, he has a fight coming up. Maybe we'll talk about it, but Anthony Smith and Mike doing awesome preview show for you sanity spn Eleven the entire crew will be back tomorrow for the fights I'm sure we'll do a post. Vice show via same format that we've been doing I just won't be there on site then of course, stick around for all of our. Fight stuff and provide stuff tomorrow and next week, but for Jose that's. That's crazy. Thank you so much, Sean, I'm sure you'll be back on, and maybe even you'll get on between the links Mike hex Around the horn type show, and you can lose to me the undefeated champion, so undefeated and undisputed. Let's not forget that, but we'll see you next Wednesday. You're listening to the media log as network.

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