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Is I don't want to be stuck wearing my old outdated glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the eye center. We've heard it all all the reasons why it's time for lasix over the past thirty years. The center is helped tens of thousands of people realize the Freedom Lacy Bites that is the time for twenty percents off for a limited time with one of northern Virginia's leading surgeons plus get an additional eight hundred dollars off when you schedule within thirty days, register for your savings and. Schedule your free consultation. Now at the Ice Center Dot Com some restrictions apply radio station several GOP lawmakers have drafted articles of impeachment representative John. Becker tells US Cincinnati Inquirer quote we fired speaker Larry Householder in the public wants to wind fired as well and quote he adds that'll highlands or frustrated with the wine constantly moving goalposts on how to tackle the novel coronavirus in Ohio. The House would have to vote to impeach the governor. Then a trial would be held the Ohio Senate with a two thirds vote of senators needed to remove the governor from office. Win It began. The whole state was behind you. Dry the. Bohio Straw. After a week. We all started to notice. That Amy's models were Paul Ralph. and. Washington hand. Brands recipes. Sue. Why Were No. And by About. Ron In this day. You should. New Shoe. The might've Asano show on Newsradio W. T. am eleven hundred. Big Stars now, I just wondered stance about politicians. All the time. Open the states. This is Be Brewed now during up never worried about the stupid flu. and. Walsh hands. Breaking out. France. Recipes. and Ma toes shoes. Want A news bottles word no. My You know you should. You should. As I was saying. I just wonder why. People waste their time. There's no way you're going to impeach the Wayne. Over this. we got a lot to get into our full numbers there to one six, five, seven, hundred eleven hundred to one, six, five, seven, eight, one, one, one, one. If you haven't heard your kid is staying home and being home schooled. There's a a huge shortage on top computers so get prepared for that. Let's do the news and then we'll get into many many other things. Here's Julie. Thank your trip be kickoff to the RNC is happening today in North Carolina and earlier president trump addressed a scaled-down group of delegates after being renominated during a roll call vote Fox's Rachel Sutherland reports the president touted the nation's employment numbers. Before the corona virus truck, we were up to one hundred and sixty million jobs we anywhere near that. And then we had a shut it down. We saved millions and millions of lives president trump said, the US will go on a horrible direction if Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins in November. He also accused Democrats are trying to steal the election and planning to harvest ballots a practice of political operatives electing absentee ballots on behalf of others, Rachel Sutherland, Fox News, Ohio lawmaker's in the Senate say they are returning to the Capitol next month to debate overturning House Bill Six Senate? President Larry Ob. Off confirmed Sunday that the Senate would meet in September. To discuss the bill that bailed out two of Ohio's nuclear energy plants, former Ohio speaker of the house Larry Householder and several others were recently indicted for accepting sixty million dollars in bribes help pass the legislation. The owners of the plan say if the bill is repealed and not replaced, they'll have to shutdown down which would affect hundreds of employees and take out nearly fifteen percent of the state's energy. Supply. Rob Bailey wt a m news, the new orders issued by the governor and assisted living facilities take effect today and require all employees to be tested and residents to undergo quote strategic testing off when when covert positive patient identified there are others in the facility you're also infected, but who do not yet have symptoms often these individuals unknowingly contribute to the spread of the virus. These facilities will be using a new saliva Kobe, nineteen tests that is said to be reliable and can produce results within forty eight hours and a one time volunteer. Employees of a Catholic school is now facing federal charges for making threats against the school according to. The FBI, the US Attorney's Office and Gates Mills Police fifty-three-year-old Thomas Bears of Concord Times in Lake. County, a number of posts on social media last week threatening Gilmour Academy in Gates Mills. They say, he said things like all hell will break loose it is finished and there was a video of bears with a handgun saying I ain't GonNa lay down and also saying Gilmour Academy now y'all got a deal with some dangerous no indication of what led to the comments. I'm Tom More W. T. A. M. News and on Wall Street the Dow is up two hundred and eighteen points Nasdaq up seven points in the SMP up seventeen points. Now doesn't Tiem Sports. The tribe welcomes the first place Minnesota twins to progressive field for an important series. Tonight Aaron Somali takes the hill at seven ten right here. The game can also be heard on our free IHEART radio APP. Also Acting Manager Sandy Alamar will continue in that role at least through the twin series as skipper Terry Francona continues to deal with this gastro intestinal issues. I'm home of the Indians and cavaliers. Carmen Angelo newsradio. Wt Am eleven hundred and Julie Holiday for more on today's top stories sign up for our daily newsletter. A. Am because I don't want to be stuck wearing my old outdated glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the Ice Center, we've heard it all all the reasons why it's time for lacy over the past thirty years. The center is helped tens of thousands of people realize the freedom lacy provides now is the time relationship with twenty percents off for a limited time with one of northern Virginia's leading surgeons plus. Get an additional eight, hundred dollars off with it within thirty days register for your savings and schedule your free consultation. Now, at the center Dot Com, some restrictions apply Santo Talents, not the same thing I say, not at the Fisher House Fisher? House I know is a huge part of land covering for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just having that. No matter. What is long as we were there for Anson that someone would be there to take care of us. Took so much weight off our shoulders out. Can you help go to fisherhouse Dot Org? So we want to get rid of the. And take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens Oh is GonNa work out really well, the Mitrova Sano show on Newsradio W.. T.. A. M. Eleven hundred. got a lot to talk about today I. Don't know if you've heard but the mayor, the city of Cleveland said, no tape eating for Browns games this year immune lot. the city of Cleveland the population is shrinking. Somebody robbed a bank in Cleveland wearing your calves hat. And a mask. You know for the corona virus that facemask. There's a shortage for laptops. They want to impeach the Governor Governor. Dewine. Got A lot to get into as the day goes on. At least for a lot of people as thing one of the most important things of all those subjects is you won't be able to tailgate an immunity lot. You. Don't I kind of think that's a good thing for browns football because they'll actually be fans in the stands now game star Yeah they won't be arriving at the two minute warning. Yeah. So I mean actually it's good for the browns. because you won't be able to Tailgate, but you'll be able to buy twenty seven dollars beer. Can make that stadium see tencent so good thing for the browns. You ever notice there's such browns fans. They're not even there for the start of the game. They could really care less. It's a party. That's. Time. And get loaded is like they tell me football is the most popular sport. No football is for drinking and gambling. People don't even pay attention to the Games well I mean you have said it over and over if you take the gambling aspect out of it goodbye ratings. About partying aspect not, doubt. Lot impact every. That's what it's all about gambling and drinking football games. Our full numbers are two, one, six. Yes. The most popular sport. phone numbers era two, one, six, five, seven, hundred, eleven hundred. To one, six, five, seven, eight, one, one Oh, I got turn on the Weather Channel Two. The hurricanes dual hurricanes GONNA hit New Orleans is that still going to happen to anybody got the weather channel on? I. Thought Today we gave away Yeah. Go ahead. No. I thought they were headed there but I thought they said the one was weakening a little bit. Earlier today his yes. It was weakening and it was a little bit to the right. I'm sure it's trump fall to hurricanes about to head. I'm surprised one Bill Jabalya and the other one's going to hit you with a right hook. And draw basically which it's SORTA like boxing. The first one just going to boom boom boom boom a little bit in your nose and in the second one is going. Knock your ass out Marcos. Let's take a folk hoosiers today Kurt. Kurt you're in the Air Kurt. Trance? I'm pretty much done with W. t. a. m. and Ray Davis they fired Kyle Cornell for saying Harris was a colored person instead of a person of color. What are we living in George Orwell's nineteen eighty-four? We're, living in and. What did I have to do it? I, have nothing to do with it. I just work. Thank you for the phone call. Acura here's what they told me. They told me I can't talk about it. Okay Bid. At. It's it's absolutely bizarre. It's absolutely bizarre but they told me I can't talk about you. WanNa talk about it. I don't think we're going to be able to do it on the air because this is talk radio we can't do talk radio anymore. So it's only gonNA. Get worse to trust me. It's Talkradio's not gonNA get better. You Better Start Liking podcasts because podcasts there's the thing of the future. talkradio's going away very quickly. believe me. Balk is going away very quickly. And God Forbid You could say whatever you want to say. But there's more people listen to him than anybody rush limbaugh. God forbid if something happens to rush all my you could say you could really say goodbye to talk radio you could really say goodbye to it. So. I don't know what's going to happen there my prayers to Russia and his family. I mean, you know he's got stage four cancer. So we'll. We'll see WHO's next. Jason you're in the air. Jason. Jason's not there. Are Rights No name on this phone call. We'll go to a called you're on what your have good afternoon. Good afternoon Lawrence calling for you and how. Listen. Listen. Neighbors. Who are Members of the National Association for the Bachelor? Colors. People. Towards Lawrence Wards Lawrence. Lawrence I'm not taking off the speakerphone can you take me off the speakerphone? Echoing. Just a minute or give me a second here. Thank you ask. Okay I have neighbors who are members of the national. Association for the Advancement of Colored People. And we discussed on the issue today that we heard about on the news. And they are concerned that. They can use the word. Colored people as part of their national organization. But when other people use the word colored people they get in trouble now to me as a black person. We have gone through numerous innovations of our what we're described as we were once called Negroes. We would then called Afro Americans. Then, we became black. then. We became African Americans. At some point we were called colored as well. Dowse that's probably back in the eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds, and now the turn is eighty Os. Americans descended American descendants of Africans slaves, I don't know if you know about that yet. So my view is this if there's any organisation that can legitimately still use the word colored. And there's no outcry about it. I don't see issue with another with anybody referring to. Black people as. Colored People because Colored People is only a stumble from the word people of Color as far as I'm concerned I think the fact that the cancel culture has reached your radio station is atrocious because you have been one of the few people in the city and state. Who has been able to express things Unvarnished and without political correctness. But all of a sudden, some young man's life has been turned upside down notice are not mentioning anybody in particular. Some young man's life has been turned upside down because he dared use a term that somebody deemed offensive, which is a legitimate term. Now had. He called that called a person. What we euphemistically called the inward I could see it being a problem. But using a term for many years was acceptable. Among blacks and whites. As a term to describe black. People. Because it is now considered offensive or out of date. and. Then to be fired for it I think it's atrocious. We had a church denomination one time it was called the colored Methodist Episcopal Church believe it or not. It's the church. The see now stats. Christian. For decades, the word colored was a prominent part of the name of the church. So sad situation. Point you've. Yes, I got. I. Got I. Got a Black Guy from your point. Yes. I do you hit me right in the face with your point? I understand your point absolutely. Positively completely I understand your point. Again. I will say this. Okay. I cannot do a show. And this they told me not to. you've express. Express your views, I understand that. I'm going to take a break here and when we come back hopefully. Hopefully. You'll change the topic. please. Contests and my fellow America. Not. What your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. Trivisonno show on Newsradio W. T.. A. M. Eleven hundred. Am Saana forbath are. Now's your bathroom outdated mold mildew. 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So you're exaggerating a little bit, but you're about to get nailed to a two hurricanes is it still Is that still happening? You are in New Orleans yes I am but the first one dissipated this morning it's not even a tropical storm. All the rain went up to the panhandle of Florida. Actually it was sunny here though about fifteen twenty minutes ago, and now it's a little bit cloudy. now Laura's common and they're calling for that one. So fired a head towards Texas more than normal. So you there vacation. Up with there's really nothing to do because ever teach close. First Time I got a car so driving around police. Maybe you could drive the Florida or something and spend the rest. Well, we were supposed to go to Mississippi, but that's where it's getting pounded right now. So the hurricanes are GonNa? Miss. New. Orleans then. The first one dead like I say it's gone the is out in the Gulf but there's no clouds rounded or anything, and it's supposed to go off the coast possibly rain tonight a little bit. Now. LAW IS GONNA be coming. Off of Cuba tonight. And heading into the open water. So then they're. Expecting have to pick up the maybe to possibly a category three hurricane but right now they're calling for the head. Towards the Houston area maybe hitting in like the Texas leaving border. Yeah. Okay you just made me turn on the weather channel. It's amazing how the tracking of these hurricanes is so. It's Sorta like our news reporting. Now, the tracking of these hurricanes are just. I mean it's amazing. How far off they could be you know and I understand. It's I guess it must be difficult to track these things because they can change it anytime you know. I it's rather and it's really funny because the weather people get criticized down here for blowing it. Yeah well, it looks now that. It's going to go through the panhandle of Florida and then make a right Georgia's GonNa get worse than New Orleans with this. I would marco. Like I. Say we don't even have any rain here yet. It tried to sprinkle like for two minutes by car. Got A little bit wet. And nothing. I. I think the news and the weather people were hoping it would hit New Orleans. Not. Hoping. But it would be a bigger story if it didn't Orleans than just the panhandle of Florida's what I'm saying. And then you got. You know two inches of snow effect. It's GonNa tear is the city the winter storm warning. Joy. Your vacation. Thanks for the weather report. Okay if Laura conflict. Wednesday. I don't forget. Thank you and. w. t. a. m. weather reporter live from New Orleans on the scene. hurricane MARCO HAS MISSED NEW ORLEANS, you don't need the weather channel. It Smith's New Orleans it made a right turn. Yet. and. It's GonNa. Hit More Georgia. To new. Orleans. A little bit off only four states but you know they you know. But but Laura Hurricane Laura's behind. Hurricane Marco coming up Goff. And only. God knows where Hurricane Marco will that. Are Laura Laura, and they're saying she's GonNa hit about two o'clock Wednesday morning. That's what she should make landfall. Yeah. All right, real quick. Let's squeeze before we we got another one or not judy. Judy you're in the Air Judy Yes. Mike. I just please let me make a comment and I don't WanNa get you in trouble you can't discuss it. But I just want everybody out there in agreement with what other people have shed about this. The fact that w the supposed to be a conservative radio station and has. Acted like it has some brains this whole. Thing with this person being fired over but they were fired over is just absolutely atrocious and I just ask everybody out there to bombard ray. Davis. With phone calls. Own. I gotta go to news. Thank you for the Full Cup let me make this point because I cannot talk about the situation, but I will make a point here. Okay and I'm not lying to you. Don't bombard Ray Davis. It was not his fault. Okay. Ray Davis had nothing to do with this I'll stick up for ray, Davis for the first time in my radio career. Mark that tape down I'm willing to place in. Okay. Leave Ray alone. It's Or rate. you wonder if you're going to get a raise because it's only gonNA. Get worse than full numbers era two, one, six, five, seven, hundred, eleven hundred talk radio enjoy talk. Radio. Because I would say within a year and a half two years talk radio will be gone. They'll be all podcast podcast. Talk So well, talk radio well, talk as Talkradio is still here. Enjoy it. Because it ain't GonNa be here much longer trusts me. Here's Julie with the news. Thank. You. Trip is three, thirty, five, the Republican National. Convention is underway this week in Charlotte North. Carolina and much like the DNC will be done virtually amid the ongoing pandemic. The RNC has several speakers lined up for tonight's event including South Carolina Senator Tom Scott Louisiana Representative Steve, scalise former ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley and Donald Trump junior the RNC will air through Thursday this week some lawmakers and Columbus are trying to mount an effort to impeach Governor Mike. Dewine because of. How he has handled the coronavirus situation to impeach the governor, it would take a majority vote of the State House. Then two thirds vote of the state Senate after trial a tradition before Cleveland Brown get browns. Games won't be happening this season. The city's emergencies order dealing with the coronavirus pandemic have banned the traditional tailgating before browns games at the Muny. Lot. And any other city owned parking lot your three news forecast from the MR hero hot butter cheese steak weather center here's Holly Strand. For the rest of your Monday afternoon plenty of sunshine just an isolated shower rumble of thunder. We're in the mid to upper eighties around seventy tonight warm and tomorrow back in the eighties sunshine with just small shower and storm chances and this report is brought to you by compassion Internet Microwave Asano show. On AM eleven hundred. Watching. the weather to. Boy. As my life at a new low. I'm watching the weather channel. And but the second one Laura. Looks. Like it's GonNa. Go. In between. NEW ORLEANS HOUSTON. There's a place called late, Charles no relation Charles Guile. I don't think now IT A. Different. So it, they got attract right now. That late Wednesday Thursday somewhere in that vicinity. It's GonNa go right in between. HOUSTON. In New Orleans and smash late Charles. I. That's what they're saying. Now, our full numbers are two, one, six, five, seven, hundred, eleven hundred. two, one, six, five, seven, eight, one, one, one, one. The weather channel has some guy standing in water. By the Goff would no shoes and socks those are the best. Reporting there's nothing going on yet you just standing in the water. Kind of any. Water telling everybody that because I don't want to be stuck wearing my old outdated glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the center. We've heard it all all the reasons why it's time for lacy over the past thirty years. The Ice Center has helped tens of thousands of people realize the freedom lacy provides now is the time for Lasix, which percents off for a limited time with one of northern Virginia's leading surgeons plus get an additional eight hundred dollars off. Within. Thirty Days Register for your savings and schedule your free consultation. Now at the center dot com, some restrictions apply San Tala thought the same thing I've seen that at the Fisher. The Fisher House I know is a huge part of recovery for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just having that assurance that no matter what is long as we were there for Anson that someone would be there to take care of us. Took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help go to fisherhouse Dot Org? It's. A little, rough and speaking of water. I don't know if you're driving around the east side we have. Even if I'm allowed to say this, but we have brown water. Have you heard about that I heard about her website I didn't hear about an east side. Yeah. So they're they're they're letting the fire plugs run I saw that today. Open. Love everywhere out all the rust. So no, there's nothing to do with rust. It's You pay attention it was in the news there's stumped type of lack lack of oxygen. Then it's causing the water to turn to a brownish color isn't it to dream? Brown. Jess. So. Euclid. Mayfield Heights Mayfield village Len. Gates Mills. Highland. Heights. South Euclid Richmond Heights. So. If you're I would pay attention to your water even though they're telling you, it's safe to drink. Driving back from Chesterton, I noticed that the fire hydrants are all over time just chester township. Just Orland just-released Chester townships. Yeah. You were driving now. It's not. It's clearly you're driving back from Chester Lynn. JESSOP. Fed the Chester Township police. Yes. And they got all the got fire hydrants running everywhere. Yeah. In the suburbs here, eastern suburbs. And they're telling you, I had to get a laugh because I need to laugh. It's just. Crazy tiring but. They're telling you that if your water is Brownish. It's safe to drink. Don't worry about it. Right. Don't even. Ask, a question is there anybody out there to this going to drink brown water No. Not Going to happen. Today, we're at the Chester Township Police Department in Chester Lind. And we fed the the drift t-shirts, fed. Our first police department and I'm telling you over one hundred people showed up. That's great. That's wonderful time here. Yeah I. Mean Brazilian people showed up and the justice and Policing Chester Township police officers are just fantastic along with the fire department also, they were there. And the trip t shirts fed. Our first a police station and that was the Chester Township police station and Chester l'an. I think next week have you talked to the chief of police in primary yet I talked to his assistant and she said she will get back to me by the end business today regarding what they will be going to Parma next week. I think next week The T will be feeding the paramount police department. If we can get hold of the chief and we'll get that confirmed before the week is over. So, we will go from the fiery side to the near West West side. With parnell will be our second. And a lot of people bought t shirts they. The more t shirts you buy. The more money I make an retire early. Before the podcast night me off the air and the more police departments we feed. Absolutely. And we're doing it to honor the police and that's would exactly happen today. They wanted me to make a little speech out there they had a megaphone. And a lot of trump fans out there and everything, and that I stayed away from politics and I told the people thank you for coming. It's all about the police and. That's what this effort is. One of the efforts with the trip t shirts is to honor a police departments and we honored our first one today the Chester Township police department and Fire Department. And everybody that showed up Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. for showing up Billy Morris with his smoking rack and roll food truck did a great job today. He opened up at noon with the National Anthem and his guitar that was awesome also and I couldn't believe the amount of people that showed up at twelve o'clock on it on a week day. Now that was great. That was absolutely great today. I was totally impressed any of the videos if you WANNA, check it out you make sure to center show facebook page there's videos up there including a billy Morris. I. Thought was really really cool when billy was doing the national. Anthem. Everyone in that. Turn around and face the flag. which is awesome. Yeah there wasn't one person neely now there was no dealers. Yeah. which somebody who still ask the explain to me? Why you would kneel during the national anthem for a clause A. Says absolutely nothing to do with the flag the anthem. I don't, but I'm living in a world. I don't understand and that's why thanks they've more tache as we got the t shirts out there finally and it was a home run today it was an absolute home run in. The police chief mark purchase from justice, and he was there he was a great. Very. Nice man very nice man. I met a lot of the police officers, some of the detectives. Rick from Geogra- county was their the suicide. Day and I'm telling you I I would ask the over one hundred people showed up. Some left early some stuck around the whole time some eight Some just came to say a low but it was great. It was really impressive and thank everybody and keep buying the t shirts the the more you buy. Like I said, the faster I can retire and the more police. We can honor Yeah Police, departments, we can honor and There's absolutely like I said today. I mean it's a no brainer honoring police because they do hell of a job they do hell of a job. WHO's next John? John you're on the Air John. Hi. This is John for Beechwood. Only. Tell You I. I was a teacher for over thirty years. So stays teacher high school level and occasionally down then kid in class, we'd say the word colored. for win but I would say, would you know for a black person? I didn't make a big federal case about it. I simply said someone I think is the right way you say, well, you know that's the term that was more commonly used in the past their their terms that people prefer nowadays i. Thank you for the phone call I mean I again Please le Let's move on to another topic. Okay Let's just move on to another topic. I was asked by management not to talk about this, not to give my opinion about this. I can't stop you to call her. Yes I can I could just hang up on you. But. I'm asking you to stop please. I mean come on you can't. Gate. We got a call regarding some wants to talk about the tailgating the browns fans. I mean what could be more important. Than Tailgating GotTa have that Party, before the game you gotta get I mean my God the importance of that for football fans tailgating. I mean, they don't show up till half-time to the game. True football fans those tailgaters. WHO's next? Let's see. They are Debra Debra. Hello Debra. Yes. Hi. Hi Mike. Thanks for taking my call first time caller. Thank you. First. Time referred. You better stick the first time caller and leave the job to absolute. Absolute. ROOFING DOT COM. Yes So I'm trying to respect your wishes on this but I have a question that I think is okay and but but you can. Tell me if it's So you said. In two years or whatever we're GONNA have podcasts and not talk radio. And I WANNA go. Yeah I, WANNA say like you're late to the party that's already happened I mean for saying like tailgating more important than liberty. Like I'm just I'm dumfounded. We. Thank you for the phone call. Yes. Thank you. It's radios basically over I'm not gonNA lie to you. I mean you know? We you. You'll still have the rover shows where he talk about masturbation and stuff like that. You don't. You'll have those. Ridiculous shows but you're not gonNA have any shows of substance anymore. They're eliminating those. They don't want the work that comes along with managing those type of shows. It's too much work. Work is a bad thing today. Work as hired for people. We need more stimulus checks. Stimulus checks for talk radio hosts, stimulus checks for talk radio host I bought eleven hundred a week for talk show host to stay home buying this shot up. Absolutely. We'll wait a minute. You guys talk show hosts have we get like eight hundred and we can't get an envelope. Thin one guys come on get like seventy dollars seventy. Actually. Sure. Yes, we'll pick it up as we need stimulus checks, talk radio hosts. So we can survive. Yass. Get behind me on this. Hey I'm like you're Asana for. What a world? Where it's headed it's just unbelievable. As a wise man used to say hold onto your bitty baby. Could mean a lot things. So I hope your mind don't go in that direction wiseman used to say hold on your baby. It's GonNa be a rough ride. Hey, I'm mike sure Asana for more tash financial retirement wealth planning at its finest fixed index the noodles with David Moore Tash. Stock Market Goes Up, you make money stock mark goes down you don't lose many money. That's how these annuities work. They've been around for a long time. David's been doing this for over two decades. You even avoid probate court with these. It's like a south pension. This is a great way to invest your retirement money column eight, seven seven gains for you. The number four, the letter, U. Eight, seven, seven gains for you will go to more tash financial dot COM would it? Really bad day every damn. Never know what's going to happen over the next. Like no no. We'll never know what's going to happen. This is strange isn't it? Freddie. Might trip Asano. Show on. Am Eleven hundred A phone number zero, two, six, five, seven, hundred eleven hundred to one six, five, seven, eight, one, one, one one who's next our buddy Rick Warner from Geog, county. Sheriff. Oh Rick Geogra-. County police suits. Welcome Rick to the show Rick doing today. I'm good trip however you. Was a little hot for about an hour and a half today but other than that I'm doing. Okay. Well, we truly appreciate you coming out and and supporting local law enforcement It was nice to see you and seth. although someone was missing in, you know I'm sure he had more important things to do than. Than to hang out and in Celebrate with a with a great audience that you have out there that came to. Chester today. you talking about Carmen Right. Oh No. Yeah, Carmen. I was producing running rush limbaugh. Oh. No you were. You were running. Okay. I was running rush limbaugh. Rick Real Quick I was shocked at the amount of people that showed up in support of the police today I was really impressed with that. There would be that many people there. I did not but then again, I wasn't expecting it you know and that's the thing about law enforcement is is truly appreciated by the community. You know it's just a of fuel splinter groups and smaller sections that really don't appreciate the the services that their local law enforcement provide but most of them do they show that every day and their appreciation by by saying thank you and you know if if there's a tax levy or something that that needs to be put on for operating expenses, they support him with that and that's one of the things that that. We as police officers, especially in a county that we've seen from the community that they are truly supporting us. Well. Thank you for stopping out today I apologize probably forgot to say goodbye but Thank you very much. You're stopping out there today. I, think he didn't Irish. Shot an Irish exit isn't that? Skewed by and then yeah the Irish. Goodbye. Out. By. We appreciate what you've done flushing in the continued support and you've always supported law enforcement name and we truly appreciate that. Rick, thank you very much. Take care and it was nice seeing in when everything gets back to normal like I told you today let's do another show. Okay. We'll have you on the air again. You know it sounds good. Look forward to it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Take care of Carmen. Rick Warner Geogra- county police officer does a lot of. Internet patrolling him on many different times don't forget. The t shirts you can buy me go to W. T.. A.. M. Dot com keyword trip wt a dot com keyword trip. Or you can go to trip. SHIRT DOT COM it's. T. SHIRT DOT COM. Or. You can go to a big fraud custom T. shirts in Avon on Detroit Road There in Commons it's called Big Frog Custom T. shirts. You can get a made right there. so you don't have to. On? 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Printed on both sides I'm living in a world I don't understand on the front twenty twenty what a year on the back They'll be a collector's item because you're never going to forget twenty twenty. It A. Where does the money go? Why are so expensive? If you want a t-shirt by a t shirt, if you don't want a t-shirt shut up. You are the only person that could put out a shirt and people in where's the money going to exactly. Insert some screwball woman guy is speaking at a concert. You pay eighty dollars for a t shirt without A. Slur money's going. You GET A browns Jersey pay three hundred. Fair broke. Pay Free, Hundred Round Jersey. Up We have a segment. Just, now. Just shot up. He's Jolie what the news. Is Four zero four. Thanks big trip for sheet that the RNC begins this week with implemented safety measures. After Kovic tests and temperature checks delegates came together to renominate president trump the president discussed the election at the convention. Hopefully, we have judges that are going to give it a fair call because if they get a fair call, we're GONNA, win this election the only way they can take this election away from US Is If. This is a rigged election. The RNC has several speakers lined up for tonight and will air through Thursday this week. Meanwhile, counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway says, she's stepping down at the end of this month saying in a statement, she needs to focus on her family. Everyone knows there has been quite a bit of drama Their daughter has been tweeting a lot lately requesting emancipation from her parents. She's had so many differences with her husband that have been something that caught a lot of attention over the last several years Fox's. Martha maccallum reporting conwy made the announcement. Sunday on Twitter Ohio. Lawmaker's in the Senate say they are returning to the Capitol next month to debate overturning house bill six, Senate President Larry, Osthoff confirmed yesterday that the Senate would meet in September to discuss the bill that has bailed out two of Ohio's nuclear energy plants, former Ohio House Speaker Larry, householder, and several others were recently federally indicted for allegedly accepting sixty million dollars in bribes to help pass that legislation the owners of the plants though say if the bill is repealed and not replaced, they'll have to. Shut down and that would affect hundreds of employees and take out nearly fifteen percent of the state's energy supply, rich Chino reporting classes, starting tomorrow, but Ohio State University is already suspending more than two hundred students whom they say broke coronavirus safety protocols. Just this past Friday, the university sent a letter saying students organizations that host or attend large gatherings could be suspended. The University says two, hundred, twenty, eight interim suspension because I don't want to be stuck wearing my old outdated glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough. Is Enough at the center. We've heard it all all the reasons why it's time for lacy over the past thirty years. The center has helped tens of thousands of people realize the freedom lacy provides now is the time for lacy with twenty percents off limited time with one of northern Virginia's leading surgeons plus get an additional eight hundred dollars off when you schedule within thirty days, register for your savings and schedule your free consultation. Now at the center dot com, some restrictions apply San Antonio tall is not the same thing I've seen that at the Fisher. Fisher House I know is a huge part of Coventry for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just having that assurance that no matter what is long as we were there for Anthony, that someone would be there to take care of us. Took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help go to fisherhouse dot org engine have an issue though some have already been cleared and on wall. Street, we are still in the green the Dow is up three hundred and seventy eight points Nasdaq up seventy six points the SMP up thirty four points. WGM sports the tribe welcomes the first place. Minnesota twins to progressive field for an important series tonight. Erin. Savelli takes the hill at seven ten right here. The game can also be heard on our free iheart radio APP also Acting Manager Sandy Alamar will continue in that role at least through the twin series as skipper Terry Francona continues to deal with his gastro intestinal issues. I'm home of the Indians and Cavaliers Carmen Angelo newsradio WT am eleven hundred. You get traffic and weather together mornings and afternoons. Here's John. Dot Com. So we want to get rid of the police. And take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. That's GonNa work out really well, the might trivisonno show on Newsradio. AM eleven hundred. Naturally get Glenn Beck on for like three weeks and because of that statement, their greatest statements I've ever heard tomorrow we'll have a minute three, forty here three, forty, Glenn Beck Yeah. So we're Glenn's been sick for a while and busy for a while. So we finally hooked up with him tomorrow we'll have mine. At three forty. Tomorrow to talk about comment because. It's an absolute great comment. Before I go back to the phone lines. So we have phone calls. Yes, we do. Full. Number zero two, one, six, five, seven, hundred eleven to one, six, five, seven, eight, one, one, one. I I'm not bragging I'm trying to make a point here. It's it's Please okay. I've done a lot of charity work in my radio career I've raised millions of dollars for charities. Charities Millions of dollars okay. It's Ninety, five percent of the people are just phenomenal and I've always credited you the listener. Because I can promote it they if you don't donate or buy the tickets or whatever it is. Okay, it doesn't work. So it's all about you and I've made that point over and over and over all I am as a coordinator. But between you the listener and me, we've raised millions of dollars over my radio career for charities millions. Manno one, hundred, thousand, three, hundred, thousand millions. I mean, the last coats, our kids benefit we did raised on for a half a million alone. Okay. There's a small little percentage you that I would just like to kick right in the balls. What's the difference? How much it for a t shirt if you want to buy a t-shirt by the T-SHIRT, if you don't want to buy the t shirt, shut your mouth. Shut up. Without. Without mentioning any names do you go to buy? A car these expensive type cars, and do you walk in and you go How could you charge seventy eight thousand for a vehicle? Where's all that money going? To be like got options the brakes. Where's that money going nutty your business. Okay it's like when I do the coats, our kids benefit a hundred and fifty dollars. Why so much money some people most they sell out immediately. It's not like other. You know places that sell tickets for twenty thirty dollars. We get one hundred and fifty dollars you get dinner and you get entertainment and that's your donation coach kids plus there's a fifty fifty raffle and other stuff going on. But you have a small little hundred and fifty dollars why? Why so much 'cause we're raising for charity. What do you want to raise twenty seven dollars? To charity. That's why. We what is wrong with people. It today p pulled just bitch to bitch. I think the word bitch turned out to be the most important word in the English language. People are just bitching the bitch. You ever notice that today special four years. It's no but now it's even worse under the circumstances. Yes. Can everybody's bitchy. They bitch the. Bitch. About anything between all the time you're pitching about how you were today it was outside. Well, you got a Hoodie Hutagalung. Garments way over work produce rush produce. Produce this show. Much rush. How difficult this they hit off my on the cashbox produce. You get to Russia. He can't even spell produced. Produce he thinks about the grocery store that's where you get the plants. If I would love to see us be Russia's producer. Russia twelve over. Carbon swear I would bet a lot of money on this. You. If you were Russ producer, you wouldn't make it one day. If I knew running his board, he'd be passed. He'd fire you one day. Time all the PROMOS are played. A grizzly. Producer. Just, for you so okay. We do getting back to my point you. Only, take a phone call it. An amazing today that people bitch about everything not negative delis everywhere. Lie, on my on my who's next mark Mark you're in the air mark. Hi Mr Sano. Yes. I. Don't know if you re I I'm sure you already know this but you have done more for North East Ohio than any single politician. You know you're you know the donations and the. Codes for kids and and everything you're doing and it's crazy. It's phenomenal I really love it. But that's not what I call about to talk about The The tailgating thing. Why don't we get like ten thousand people or five or ten thousand people and Go. Storm the stadium like are they going to arrest that? We could just call it a protest? You know what I mean. Protesters are allowed to do what they want. So we can be football fans and go there we want and just call it a protest. I. Ten. Thousand People yes. We get ten thousand people and say we're protesting and we actually We just get a protesting permit. Yes. What else? We could go rip down we could rip down the stadium they won't do nothing they'll just watch us. But we can rip it down where we get a new stadium retractable dome and everything is all protesters we cry. On or anything yeah nothing nothing has. Has Jimmy. Thank you for the vocal is Jimmy Damore would say. Not, saying here's a liberal DOT COM to learn more. And so my fellow Americans. Ask Not. What your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. Mitra Sano, show on newsradio UTA am eleven hundred. I'd like to ask like a really stupid question. Sometimes I I'll admit I have stupid questions but I'm just curious. So when you watch the weather channel on these hurricanes come. Now, get to the phone lines for just a second here but maybe somebody could tax to one, zero, nine, five Brad by absolute of. Some type of meteorologist or something can text us to one, zero, nine, five. You see these reporters on the beaches where the hurricanes are coming. Can you stand in a hurricane? Depends on how Strong it is obviously you mean to Category One, I'm. Standing in hurricane category five outstanding anywhere. I can tell you about. Hurricane it'd be over what seventy five miles an hour believe. That's low great hurricane least can you stand in that type? Of course I can tell you there were i. don't know if you remember this trip but years ago we had a horrific figure was nineteen, ninety eight. We had a horrific windstorm in Cleveland and winds were they hit about seventy miles an hour and I was outside on the bridge near the old place on. West. Knife and it nearly knocked me down but I was able to walk although I had the lean into the wind so I didn't get knocked over. The those winds were seventy plus and I was able to stay at them. But it took a lot. Of Video Right. Now guy standing hundred mile per hour winds. So He Yes, you can. Okay. All right. Okay. just just just curious. I didn't know WHO's next Tim. Tim. Keller. First Time referred. You better stick the first time caller and leave the job to absolute roping now absolute roofing dot com. Using about getting browns fans into the stadium because of the no tailgate rule. Well, here's the thing. Patriotic Fans and I know you're one. They don't WanNa, see Naylor's paving the social media disrespecting our flag. Make them kneel to an empty stadium. Here's my proposal and trip only you can pull this off. All Patriotic Fans should stand outside the stadium after having respected our anthem. And then go it. Call the program standing room only. I, WanNa see the team ownership. Media Management and players. See The impact of this decision to support this idiocy. That's a that's a wonderful idea and being serious. That's that's that's a great idea. Only problem is you're never going to get sixty thousand people to go along with that. Never now get eighty percent. The reason is, is that all sixty thousand of those people don't listen to the trip show Now A. Percentage of them do, but I'm not going to be able to reach all sixty thousand doubt see that would be the problem because they're listening other stations podcastone they're tweeting or Whatever they're doing they're working. You know so or they're not radio listeners. But. So but the showing outside the stadium is going to get media attention maybe national. No. No. The the it it it. Listen if my trivisonno does something, the local media is not going to get on board. They never have a and they never will. Okay that that's that's that's not going to happen. The only only time the local media's GONNA report about T. a. m. when it's a firing. Thank you for the phone call. I'm being serious or you spreading misinformation trip. By not being serious one hundred percent, right WHO's next? David. But that's wait a minute. Wait a minute before you pull up David. That's a hell of an idea. You stick it right in the nealer sneeze. Everybody stays outside during the national anthem. Let Him Neil to nobody and then you go incite standing-room-only. Perfect idea caller perfect idea. WHO's next David. David David Ok before I start winning wear on Parmar you're going to be. we're going to be at the I don't know do they have more than one police station? There police headquarters. Is On regency drive. So that's where we'd probably be still waiting for. Kim. Achieved Joe. Dope becks Kovacs Assistant to get back and confirm time either model Tuesday of next week. Okay One St Mawes one question Statement is if they had elected position to clean up Doggie parks case, which could never get elected. Question is what it exactly or what is your take on this? Impeachment of the governor the governor's other than the one. Lady from South Dakota was the only one that just ignored everybody did what she wanted. But. this whole covert things started from my guy inning on doctor who ran some type of program and said it was going to be worse than nineteen. Or VI nineteen eighteen. But what is the deal with going on and? impeaching the governor of Ohio since nobody had any facts and this is all over the country every and. You make a great point. Thank you for the phone call. That's why this is a waste of time. You're not going to impeach the governor because there's nothing to impeach him over. First of all Dr Amy Act and shook the state down. No matter why we wa- gay down again, he could read the Powell get Rob Wall Gate on after the news got Dr Amy and shut the state down the governor. Okay. That's the chain of command with power with the health. Director. In the state of Ohio he or she can shut the state down. And that's what she did and you know you talk about threats and you could talk about here getting in solid and this and that, and that's why she left Baloney Baloney not saying that that didn't happen. Okay. She left because she probably wanted to continue to shut down and the governor are you nuts? We'll go bankrupt. The states almost bankrupt as it is watching. C.. When they raise your taxes mark my words they're going to do I'm a Buddhist can't wait I'm a Buddhist just looking for an excuse to raise property taxes in Cuyahoga County. Where a lot of you listening right now live including myself. He can't wait to raise taxes. Well because of the Corona Virus I'm sorry to say in Cuyahoga. County. We're going to have to charge you forty seven dollars a second. To live in your home. We'll wait a minute arm arm and most of us will go broke It's too bad US politics need money. To predict the wait. Wait to see what happens wait. It's coming. The governor didn't what did he do? Wrong like the last caller said nobody knew what to do nobody? Nobody, had a clue what to do your medical experts like Dr Fauci has changed his mind in the last four or five months ten times on the same topic the corona virus mask you don't need to wear masks mask very important. That's the same guy. And you WANNA blame the governor look at me. I'm sticking up for the governor as having I'm having a nervous breakdown here. I'm sticking up for the frigging governor. Julie Halliday Julie Give me the hell out of it. Okay. Do News for twenty minutes. Her trip it's all good. It's four, thirty four. The state of Ohio reported fewer than seven hundred new cases of covid nineteen and only three deaths in the state on Sunday the Ohio. Department of Health announced that this continues a downward trend with the virus seen over the last two weeks lawmakers in Columbus Ohio. Governor Mike. Dewine. Removed from office State Representative John Becker of Union township. Union township is involved in the wish to impeach the governor over how he has handled the covid nineteen pandemic. The Ohio House has the power to impeach the governor with a majority vote. Ohio state senators will be returning to Columbus next month to discuss overturning house bill six, which bailed out two of Ohio's nuclear energy. Plants the owners of the plant say if the bill is repealed, it could affect fifteen percent of the state's energy supply and three news forecast from the universal windows direct weather center. Here's holly strain on for the rest of the afternoon, lots of sunshine and just a stray shower storm. Warm mid to upper eighties low seventies tonight, more sunshine with showers and storms chances for your Tuesday eighties for highs. This report is brought to you by bt J. Martell Foundation the T. J. Martell Foundation is there for cancer patients help make a difference in the fight against cancer join the music industry to help fund the doctors who help your family and friends fight cancer donate today at T. J. Martell dot org. Traffic and weather together, mornings and afternoons. Here's a little bit. Might. Trigger Sano show. On. AM eleven hundred. That she will talk over the insurer. Would songs this. The Pablo together. John, strange days indeed. Yes. That is. It's My own my. Okay. So these stories today our full numbers or two, one, six, five, seven, hundred eleven hundred no. tailgating the mayor set of Cleveland. Cleveland is losing population. When the top five cities in the country? All cities are going to lose population after the corona virus. Somebody Round, the bank in Cleveland they were wearing a cavs hat an facemask. That was coming. There's a shortage of laptops because of kids. Home schooling. and. They want to impeach governor. Yes you have that story yes. Several GOP lawmakers have drafted articles of impeachment representative John. Becker tells the Cincinnati Inquirer quote we fired speaker Larry Householder and the public wants to white because I don't want to be stuck wearing my old. Glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the center. We've heard it all all the reasons why it's time for lacy over the past thirty years. The center has helped tens of thousands of people realize the freedom lacy provides now is the time for lacy with twenty percent for limited time with one of northern Virginia's leading surgeons plus get an additional eight hundred dollars off when you. schedule. Within Thirty Days Register for your savings schedule your free consultation now at the Ice Dot com some restrictions apply fired as well and quote he adds at Ohio frustrated with the wine constantly moving goalposts on how to tackle the novel coronavirus in Ohio the House went out to vote to impeach the governor that a trial would be held in the Ohio Senate with a two thirds vote of senators needed to remove the governor from office. So texture said trip today history on the trip show. The texture said and you can text us a two one, zero, nine, five brought to by absolute roughing. Okay. To One, zero, nine, five, you can text us. The texture said You stuck up for Ray Davis and governor dewine in one show. Shocking gotta take your temperature. Yes first time ever up for Ray Davis Governor to. Okay do I agree with how the governor handled this? Obviously if you've listened to be the last five months, you know I don't. I don't. Okay. But he did nothing to be impeached. Is My point. He lied me beef to be fair and honest he didn't lie. Well, he lied no, He did lie to seth. What the is. Set Yes. Okay. But you don't impeach somebody for forgetting what they said. We have rob all gate on he tell you why Asia impeach. Okay. We'll get to wrap Watergate and just one second. Okay. But the governor had no, he has no clue what to do. Nobody does. Rob Wall Gate does it make sure of Asano thousand? The Governor D- wind doesn't the medical experts have screwed up and you WANNA talk about being lied to. Listen to. Doctor FAUCI and all the medical experts over the last five months. They've contradicted themselves ten different times. Let's go to Rob Walgade from the American Policy Roundtable. Rob Will you please tell these people because when I tell the listening audience something half of doughty. It was Dr Amy acting who shut the state down and had the power not the governor am I correct in saying that rob you are one hundred percent correct mike the Governor does not have the authority to do that underlaw in Ohio. But the health director Dr, Amy, and bid. She does and the current Director of the Department of Health does this is why impeaching Mike Dewine to me personally makes no sense. The law needs change. We've been talking about it on your show since the end of March. Thirty Seven, Oh one, thirteen and Ohio revised code of all your listeners want to go on the Internet and Google oversee three, seven, zero one. Dot One three thirty seven, hundred, thirteen it says that the director of the Department of Health, we'll have ultimate authority in matters of quarantine in isolation, which it may declare and enforce all these things that might the wind sang on television that he's going to do go online and read the actual orders they're signed by the director of the department help. That's where the authorities impeaching the governor. What good does it do if the law doesn't change the next guy I know this may be hard for people to believe but the next director of the Department of Health and that would be appointed by a new governor could be worse. I mean according to I, don't believe these are constitutional laws. I don't believe thirty seven one thirteen has been followed constitutionally and everything that's been done when it comes to due process when it comes to shutting down businesses there. So many lawsuits that are pending and I I mean the governor and the director of the department helps their over. I believe in a court of law when it comes to litigation every trying they tried to defend their actions they don't win in court. and. We're tangled RAB Walgade from the American policy. Roundtable, and rob your make a great point. Okay, the law needs to be changed not the governor being impeached that it needs the law needs to be changed now, then if the governor has the power, then that's a different story moving heard would impeachment but right now, he he didn't have the power. Doesn't have the power. He's made some executive orders which I do disagree with as well. It's obvious. He's the one driving the bus instructing and being in consolidation with the director of the department health when it was amy act and now it's Lance hines. So yes, the director of the Department of Health serves at the pleasure of the governor but when it comes to law, these orders are all signed by the director that partner help. That's why it makes no sense that thirty, seven, one, thirteen on the books we've been saying for months changed the law what the people in the House do. They. Drop articles of impeachment just changed the law that the simplest way and it makes the most sense and it will protect Oh highlands for years and years to come rob. WHY DOESN'T STATE? Rep ninova tally one of the harshest critics of the governor draw up legislation to change the law. There's no need to draw up. It's drawn up Karm House bill six, forty, nine, the vote on it. That's a great question. Well, one reason is the disarray that's happening in Columbus when you have the former speaker of the house, it's under indictment. The new speaker of the House is trying to get everything organized and everyone put together and You know meeting session you have an election coming up it's a bit chaotic. The problem is all been done in April and May I won't even go back to March. I'll say April may remember in the Middle March everyone we're all Kinda like looking around like, wow, this is this is serious. We're not sure what's coming, but then once April may came around and said, wait a minute they're shutting down businesses for really no reason they don't have the authority to do that. This is why there needs to be oversight the director of the Department of Health does need to have. Some authority in their position. Much. That's where you could bring the legislature, all ninety nine state routes, thirty three states, senators, and have them vote on orders within five days of the order being issued. They could resend, modify or approve the order. Why does one person get to play the role of dictator in this state and tell eleven and a half million ohioans what to do the vast majority I may add which are healthy and those were the ones quarantine. Those are the ones that blocked business. We got a couple of texts. Let me. Tell you what rob? Walgade. American. Policy. A roundtable and A texter just brought up a great point didn't governor threaten veto. The law change if it if it came in front of him, Shh let the governor veto there should be enough of an override there that you could override the veto but let them veto. But at least take a stand politically and say, all right we this is the position we're GONNA. Make because impeach him. You would need a veto proof majority in the Senate to impeach him and that's not going to happen but you could do it on legislation because Mike even if I agree. Even, if I agreed with everything, the director of the Department of Health is done even if it's Time to ever it is I would still want this law changed because it gives too much power to one person and I don't think that's what people who are in agreement with what the directors have done realized. If they weren't in agreement with what has been done, they would be screaming for the lot of change. We all should law change we live in a representative republic. We don't live in a dictatorship especially one given to an appointed individual that can isolate and quarantine millions of millions of healthy Ohio, and that's what was done here and Look, look at the ramifications we have listeners now that are listening whose kids and grand kids aren't going to be going back to school in a week or two they're going to be learning from home. Now, what's crazy about it is some of them are still going to be the permitted the play sports with each other, but they can't go sit at a desk next to each other they can. They can spit on each other and lean on each other and sweat on each other, but they sure can't sit in the same classroom is each other. Rob Lying to seth is that an impeachable offense? Well. I think they're going to talk about that at Thanksgiving dinner I did get official word that seth will be a guest at the Dewine House to Thanksgiving dinner and he he knows how to record on the sly. So it'll make for great radio there the last week in November first week of December. Yeah, usually invitation to his ice cream social. Got One of those as of yet they're quite the hit. With. Rab All gate from the American. non-policy roundtable in Raba a do Thank you for the information I just wanted you to verify that it was Dr Amy Acton, shut the state down and not the governor and she could have done. Am I correct in saying this also the way the law's written out the health director Dr Amy Acton could've shut the state. Even if the governor told her not to. She goes yes. Now he could have threatened to fire her and remember when this all came about the Monday. So would have been Monday march sixteenth when it came to the election because we're we were voting on. March seventeenth from the primary they tried to get shut down in court. I know when they didn't win that. They realized they knew all along that they can illegally trying shutdown video an order from the director of part and health, and that's that's the avenue they went. She's the one that signed the order. It gave her lower in law. Rab All from the American policy. Roundtable. Thank you for the time. I gotTa move here but thank you very much. Buddy. Have you on again soon I promise you thanks guys talk. Soon. Thank, you here's a living and so my fellow in their. Ask Not. What your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. TRIVISONNO show on newsradio. AM eleven hundred. Now, now they're gonNA make voting project unbelievable. Just unbelievable. I our full numbers there to one six, five, seven, hundred eleven hundred to one six, five, seven, eight one, one, one one. WHO'S NEXT DENNIS? Then is. Yes. I WANNA? Say I wanna be comment on the governor of thing and? You saw as far as. What difference does it make it we? Teach the governor but what I found interesting was when I first heard about it, I looked it up in a few hours ago. The Washington? Post. Our favorite left-wing Wing Rag. decided to run an article on that, what are they downplayed it now the left is downplaying. Kinda something about our governor. In terms of his Perceive political leaning if you will. I don't know I I voted for him and I found out I probably shouldn't have but then we only other Democrats another twice. Kinda. Yeah no I understand and thank you for the phone call understand completely your concerns in which you're thinking about but. This. This corona virus basically? The sole thing started in the middle of March roughly I mean the the virus started before that I understand that but. To a point where it was getting bad started in the middle of March. Nobody. Knew what the Hell to do? Nobody. Including the medical experts now, you can challenge me on that. You can write articles on that that's a fact. Because, the medical experts have changed. Their opinion on the corona virus in the last five months a half a dozen times. I, mean look at. The pending on which way the wind blows that's depending on weather a mask is good or not. Okay. In. The beginning he he told your mask was no good. He said that we I think we even have the sound bite. But? Nobody knew what to do. So. A bunch of people with the governor including the health director Dr Amy Acting. They were sitting down behind closed doors. and. They were worried about the hospitals being overrun which never happened anywhere. The hospitals weren't overrun Amac going. So. They were sitting down behind closed. Thank you. And they were discussing the coronavirus and what to do. Well here's how the meeting went. It was medical officials to help director the governor, the lieutenant governor a ton of people were probably meeting. and. The conclusion they came up with is was we have no idea what to do. So just shuttered out. That isn't a solution that isn't an idea. That's would you don't know what to do? So they said. We don't know how to handle this. My bad is going to get. let's not take any chances at just shut it all down. And that's what they did. Well after was shut down the economy. For. I don't know how many weeks was it six weeks it was shut down March fifteen to essentially may fifteenth. So a Tomas weeks to. Okay. They now that same group of people were sitting around going. We're no, out, of financial trouble. The state's going to go broke. What do we do? And they came up with the same answer. I've no idea. Is Open everything up again And that's what they did. I do have some faucher to hear him talking about the masks. They did put. Limitations on how many people could go to certain places that you gotta wear masks and stuff like that. Okay. But the masks. In you're going to see down the road that I'm right on this the mask preventing anything. In fact that the mask could be spreading the disease as much as it's preventing the disease. Because of the way, people wear them and the way people touch him. And the stupid policies knit you walk into a restaurant you have to have a mask gun you walk ten feet down, take the mask off now the corona virus went away. Yes. You're at home base you cannot hurt by the virus sitting at the table. I mean the whole thing makes no sense and then people touching the mask a ten thousand times. Laying it in their purse or pocket on the table, I've seen people put masks everywhere. They put them back on their face if God anyway. Here's Dr Foul Chee. At the beginning of the corona virus tailless down in the United States. People should not be walking around with masks. You're sure of it because people are listening really closely to them right now, people should not be what there's no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you're in the middle of an outbreak. Wearing a mask byte make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is an often there are unintended consequences people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face. Then can you get some sh- Matz sorta staying inside there of course. But when you think mask, you should think of healthcare providers needing them and people were ill. That was the march trip. That's exactly what I told you. Exactly. Now he's saying just the opposite. And you want to impeach the governor. nope. This is this is a doctor Dr Algae he didn't know what to do. He didn't know what he was talking about. I mean wearing a mask not wearing a mask. No one's ever going to know what that prevented and what it didn't prevent would it caused and what it didn't cost no one's ever going to know that. That's all going to be speculation. But my God. First of all, then wearing a mask. Your eyes are you can get the disease is just as easy as you can't through your nose. Why bought a ski home the other day. At Eagle is. Protecting your. So if the viruses there, you're going to get infected whether you have a mascot or not because your eyes are there. So my original point for confusing you and really confusing myself more than you. My original point was. Impeached the governor for the governor didn't know what to do. This is way above him. This is even a by medical experts hell our medical experts and they say it's the reason that we didn't have the supplies is because of the Obama Administration. didn't replenish him. Because of the budget cuts and this and that I don't know how true that is true that isn't but whatever you figured out for yourself and you read and believe what you WanNa believe. But our hospitals they they were like embarrassing to me the greatest country in the world and our hospitals are gone. Don't have enough gloves. We. Can't. Get, swabs. We don't have masks. We don't have enough personal protection for our nurses and our doctors. Why not? Why Not Well we're finding out why not because hospitals rotten light businesses. Basically. Then we didn't have ventilators. It seemed like a two weeks. We had the president of the United States got so many ventilators, et companies make ventilators and everything. We were given ventilators and other countries, and we never use the ventilators that we produced. We sent ships. To New York and California they never used them. As? Hospitals. We were doing nobody knew this is my point nobody knew and the blame people you have to be outside your mind. This is something new. When you experience something new, you learn as you go. I mean, yes I mean, yeah. I get mad at the governor, but it sounds like I'm sticking up for the governor the governor had no clue. This was my point months ago when I said I wish they would just say we don't know. Instead. Of lying to US and changing their mind every week, it would make us all feel much better. Hey, listen the governor could have said or any doctor file cheer anybody. Got No coup right now. We'll get this figured out. Trust us. We'll get this figured out. That's what they should have said. We'll continue his Julie with the news. Thank you. It is five. Oh, seven as mentioned there is an effort underway in Columbus to impeach Governor Mike Dewine because of frustration over the way, the governor has handled the coronavirus situation state representative John Becker of the Cincinnati area drafted the articles of impeachment and said on Cincinnati's WWL W people want him to do something airing from constituents of an era from people all over the state of Ohio they've been screaming do something do something well, I'm finally doing something Becker admits that so far he only has the support of two other lawmakers. It takes a majority of fifty votes in the House to impeach twenty two of the thirty three state senators. Would have to vote after a trial to remove the governor from office Ohio lawmaker's in the Senate say they are returning to the Capitol next month to debate overturning house bill six Senate President Larry Aw confirmed Sunday that the Senate would mean September to discuss the bill that bailed out two of Ohio's nuclear energy plants former Ohio speaker of the house Larry Householder, and several others were recently indicted for accepting sixty million dollars in bribes to help pass the legislation. The owners of the plan say if the bill is repealed and not replaced, they'll have to shut down which would affect hundreds of employees and take out nearly fifteen percent of the state's Energy Supply I'm Rob Bailey WTA news. A one time volunteer employees of a Catholic school is now facing federal charges for making threats against the school according to the FBI the US Attorney's Office and Gates Mills. Police. fifty-three-year-old Thomas Bears of Concord Township and Lake. County put a number of post on social media last week threatening Gilmour Academy in Gates Mills they say he said things like all hell will break loose it is finished and there was a video of bears with a handgun saying I ain't going to lay down and also saying. Gilmour Academy. Now y'all got a deal with some dangerous no indication of what led to the comments. I'm Tom More W. T. a. m. news giant eagle locations all across Ohio are looking to hire thirteen hundred positions. A company spokesperson said benefits include flexible scheduling, competitive wages pay training and paid time off check out the local news page on WGM DOT COM for the link to apply and ending out on Wall Street the Dow was up three hundred, seventy, eight points Nasdaq up sixty seven points and the SNP up thirty points. Now W. T. A. AM sports which ride welcomes the first place, Minnesota twins to progressive field for an important series. Tonight Erin Savelli takes the hill at seven ten right here. The game can also be heard on our free iheart radio APP also Acting Manager Sandy Alamar will continue in that role at through the twin series as skipper Terry Francona continues to deal with his gastro intestinal issues. I'm home of the Indians and Cavaliers Carmen Angelo newsradio. AM eleven hundred. You get traffic and weather together mornings and afternoons Dot Com. Obviously, it needs to take you seriously and do the kinds of things that the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security are doing but this is not a major threat for the people in the United. States and this is not something that citizens of the United States right now should be worried about. The might trigger Sano show on Newsradio W. T. am eleven hundred. Our full number. One six, five, seven, eight, hundred, seven, hundred, two, one, six, five, seven, eight, one, one, one, one. Turn it over to Dr. insider at six o'clock as the twins are in town. Does it really matter if they're in town or not? Because there's no fans. Dob Not. Really there's no field advantage of it loses. Loses everything to me. The weather is, is the thing that we've got to. Wonder. In town. Make sure the weather's good and there's a thunderstorm warning out there right now for not our. Last. But see trip we talked about this yesterday, we've got you talked about social distancing at browns games or tribe games with the size of the stadiums. The Belmont was run about a month and a half ago and the aerial shots that they showed as they were leading the horses to the gate and there wasn't one soul in the grandstand it truly was eerie. It was so bizarre. Now I've gotten used to listening to the tribe games because of the background music but still watching them with the cardboard cutouts it's just a strange as it was on the first on opening day. WHO's next Mike? Mike, you're in the Air Mike. Good timing out to hey. Mike derived Oh doesn't need to be impeached t needs to be arrested for murder. You can get all the excuses you want fame act and what it was his decision to have the Attorney General State of Ohio threat criminally threatened to investigate any doctor who wrote a prescription pride Jaksic Laura quit. That was at Mike varietals direction that he anti attorney general do that how many doctors now we license medical professionals. Giving them the power to write prescriptions for legal drugs for any purpose that they deem necessary. And he interfered with that professionalism that's licensed by the state away. If people already authorized to make these decisions by the state and he prevented them from prescribing drugs according, which we now know if given early will reduce the mortality rate by seventy percent I write my rhino every day and asked him to go asking me. What seventy percent of thirty one, hundred people so that he knows how many people come murdered. Actually it's It's it's four thousand people that have diagnose state of Ohio. So. He's up to three thousand people he's murdered. So. I mean. Again. With the hydroxy clerk when you'll find doctors that will disagree with what you just said new, you'll find doctors that will agree what what you just said. There are studies. That they studied are at the countries that allow Jackson chloroquine to be prescribed, their mortality rates are seventy percent lower than United States. Why do you think India filthy India with their people all over the place theft on top of each other has a better mortality rate, and then the United States it's because they regularly take drugs the cork when many of them because they have to to prevent. Kafer I mean Alaria. We had I'm not gonNA argue with you I'm just making other points and thank you for the phone call. We had Dr Sherri ten penny on and. She said it it I I'm I don't WanNA put words in your mouth. Correct sadness that she said, it could be used as a preventative right? Indeed. That's exactly what she said. I I've never seen anything like this I wish people would you know that see what happens we talked about this yesterday people have well. Yeah it was yesterday on the Sunday. Show people have their minds made up. You can't change people's minds anymore you can't even change somebody's mind would facts. There people will not I mean I could be the same way in certain areas you could be the same way. Everybody could be the same way. You can you can have your mind made up and then somebody could prevent you present you facts. That completely destroy. What you believe. Facts. and. You will not pay attention to them. You're not. I've never seen anything like this. Would People's the way people now have their minds made up and in a million different ways? Yeah. Good. I I just want. We had texture texting. Going to go for the Trifecta today and tell us how much you like Lebron. A whole that's not happening. He hit the exactly he's not hitting the TRIFECTA. You're. Somebody was. That wasn't a texter sus- was the texture. You, lie, there was a texture to his private phone tried factor I started seeing Great Lebron is You don't think I know one sets lying. Never smoker. Didn't That let me just take another phone call I'M NOT GONNA get stuck with you in. This is here. I mean listen Ray Davis had was not involved. The firing of Kyle Cornell at wasn't Ray Davis. That's all. Tell you. So quick texting me and calling me and asking me and this, and that wasn't Ray Davis that's all town you. So if I'm sticking up for Ray Davis I'm sticking up for Ray Davis. Case Man. And the governor they want to impeach him. He had no idea what was going on and he didn't have the power amy and had the power shut the state not him. So that's what you're mad about. That was doctor the out him. That's the way. The system works like Rob Wa- Gate said that law needs to be changed. Does that law need to be well, the legislation sitting in the Ohio House right now and they've yet to vote on it and rob couldn't explain why he said obviously. It was up to a doctor Dr which still have the whole state shutdown still, and what is today the twenty fourth of August yes. Because doctors no doubt. They don't know the economy they don't know everything. They know the medical industry except for the coronavirus they because you can have the coronavirus have not had the coronavirus. How about that one? Yeah. Look. At the time left Zik why? Why are you getting tested? Look at the timeline, he shut everything down Sunday march fifteenth. He took a lot of heat for about a month ironically, the middle of April he created that economic advisory board if you recall and then two weeks after that, he announced the gradual reopening of businesses including restaurants with outdoor dining service. So, we have Ray Davis. Mike. Dewine all you gotTa do is say at least he wants a championship. Who Lebron? Win a championship. Just I'm going for the TRIFECTA it's not happening brother to the Golden State injuries wants to championship. Here's Olivia with the news or traffic let six point nine F. as we head into the overnight low seventies and clear skies and for your Tuesday partly cloudy skies with isolated thunderstorms highs again in the eighties. People keep texting in saying dewine said, the buck stops with him. He could have said that, but it doesn't. Rab Wa- gate on the verify that the from the American Policy Roundtable the doctor Amy Act, and the health director is the one that shut the state down the governor couldn't stop her from doing. Solar Buck in that area does not stop with him the other all the other stuff does the other decisions but not that one and to me that was the key decision. was shut down way too long way too in. My Opinion Hey. I'm on your Asano for trips restaurant in my still allowed to give my opinion or absolutely you know there's a first amendment. Yes. You still can give your opinion right in America. Yes. You're positive of that. I am positive. What if your opinion offend somebody? Well, then you're in trouble that's on them. No. Then, you can't. So you're not allowed to give your detected by that document. Constitution. No, you are not. Know sadly net you're not. necessarily. What biggest lies Kyron Angelo's total is that's one of the biggest ones ever. It made protect you from going to jail but don't protect you from going broke. First. Amendment what does it protect you from? Explain it. You have night you don't you. You. Don't have a penny to pay your rent, your electric, your car nothing. Now, what do you WANNA do? Dumb hiring attorney yeah. I got a First Amendment, right so you soda self you do not. You do not have a First Amendment right, but your boss also has a first. Amendment right to fire your ass. So. What right do you have? What good would good is freedom of speech if you don't have freedom of speech Hey, I'm Mike. Jefferson for trips think about that for a while even Karma Angelo understand that if he thought about it for a while. You have freedom of speech. But you don't have the right to freedom of speech. You only have the right to freedom of speech. Is If you don't offend anybody. Because of you offend anybody, then you really don't have the right to freedom of speech. Because everything will be taken from you. If they don't like what you say. So, how do you have the right to say it? Maybe have the right to say it, but you also got the right to go broke. For saying. Think. About that. Put that in email. I. Don't even get it anymore. I really don't I really don't know. What I, think what radio should do and television whatever media outlets there seven words you can't say. Everybody knows the seven words I'm sure you can figure them out. Okay. Those. Documented in writing seven words, you cannot say. You lose your job if you say any one of the seven words. Really is only six because one is being set all the time now especially on FM. Now. They need to put phrases. Sentences. There's four, hundred, seventy, two sentences you can't say or phrases you can't say. Maybe. They should add those to the seven words. What do you think? Think. They should if it says money. Yes. So. then. Carmen could say you have the constitutional right to freedom of speech. Just. Hey, document has. cornyist things. and. I'm not blaming you because it's been said way before you you're just repeating it. Okay. because many people have said you you have there is no such thing in this country as freedom of speech anymore. Well, please if you don't understand that. then. You are not you. I'm talking to the listeners. You are the problem if you don't understand that there's no such thing as freedom speech anymore. Forget about it. There's no such thing. It's a fairy tale. Something they want you to believe. Yes. You have the right to say what the freedom of speech in the United States. I'm mad my statement. Okay. Technically, you have the right to say what you want the United States to the cats. Trips restaurant and strong Ville Open for lunch open for dinner ready across the Southpark Mall and route eighty two. great night's sit on the patio great food at trips restaurant great specials, great wine list. I don't care what type of food you want. You want a burger. You WanNa stay and lobster. You, want pasta you want Salads, you wind you want beer. Trips restaurant in strong still. Fantastic menu. Fantastic atmosphere. Column Four, four, zero, two, three, eight, eight, eight, three, oh, and make your reservations. Now, reservations are requested because of social distancing trips restaurant in strong so. I had our full numbers era to one six, five, seven hundred eleven hundred I. Think we're we're supposed to take a commercial break there weren't we? Yes. Yes. Yes. Dot Org. The Mike. TRIVISONNO show. On Am Eleven hundred A. Sex. To One, zero, nine, five record by absolute roofing you can text us to one, zero, nine, five. And a text in the the seven words and they said, how'd I do trip? Will you only text in six of the seven? You missed the most obvious one. One two three. Or? Six they take text in six of. You. Miss the most obvious one. But now that I think about it. There's way more than. Seven words. That should be on that list that you can't say on the radio. I don't know why those seven words got so much. Attention and to be honest some of those words, you should probably be able to take off the list by now. Yeah the because they're used fairly regularly in conversation. And Yeah Yeah, I mean. One to. Three of the seven should be able to take without a doubt. Yeah. There's there's four of the seven that. This stack. License on the wall shaking. You can't. Julie, have you ever seen the The seven word lists that the FCC is put out. You know about that right is that the Carlin list the George Carlin It's it's the well yes but it's the actual seven words. that you cannot say absolutely positively for no reason, can you say on the radio? I'm going to not look at that list just to be safe. We're. Are you informed? Maybe you should your spare time when no one's around take a peek at them just to know you know. I can do that. Yeah But Sat says there's a few that should come off the list I think so. Yes. But there's a few that never should come off the list. Never come. No? Know. That's what we should do one day. Without doing. Without doing it yes, we could do it without which. I. Agree. Though, let me finish what we should do without doing it. Is Make a new list. All right I'm Dan I don't I don't know how we would do that I. Don't know either but we gotta figure this related. To the audience, but there's way more than seven words. Yeah. I can think of offhand that are not on the list that definitely would be frowned upon go ahead by management. Them. Saying. It would be to how would you do it and do it and relate to the audience you couldn't so. Even. Though it you where we do it on a no, he can't even do it on a podcast forget about it. Here's. That's just strike that whole ideas. Yes. Julie with the news. Thank you trip. It is five, thirty, seven, the Republican National. Convention. Is underway this week in Charlotte and the president just toward a farmer's to family's food box bauxite in the battleground state of North Carolina RNC speakers for tonight include Senator Tim Scott Representative Steve scalise former ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley and Donald Trump Junior. For Cleveland, area bars have been cited for violating health orders Mickey's in the Valley Highland Tavern in Akron in Cleveland Blossom Lounge and the clubhouse in Mansfield, all cases will go before the. Ohio Liquor Liquor Control Commission for POSSIBLE PENALTIES A TRADITION IN CLEVELAND BEFORE CLEVELAND Browns Games won't be happening this season. The city's emergency orders dealing with the coronavirus pandemic have banned the traditional tailgating before browns games at the Muny Lot and any other city owned parking lots your three news forecast from Mr Hero hot buttered cheese steak weather center. Here's Hollister no around seventy tonight warm and tomorrow back in the eighties sunshine with just small shower storm chances. This report is brought to you by the National Traffic Safety Admin. My fellow American. Ask. Not. What your country can do for you? Ask what you can do for your country. COMEDIANS. But a few of them nailed it. They've text in seven words that cannot be used. But they're the reason I bring that up. Then another texter said Commod. Good Gosh Texter said that list goes back to the seventy S. I mean. Yeah, it probably goes back even farther than that. But you think they'll ever be a day. where? Words won't matter. Nas Somebody. Read. People be fed over just about anything I, mean that's never. Know The WE'LL COME BACK GETTING WORSE Case, you might add more awards that list. Yeah. That list will grow. Rather than be eliminated. I'm wondering why they never added more words to. The list of seven. Give it time. We'll see where we are two three years down the room are definitely some words that are not on that list that would definitely get you hear. Somebody. A text in to one zero, nine, five by absolute roofing Trivia were not kidding that. Yeah. Yeah. Salad dressing is amazing. I told you. And the white French. Salle dressing the white French abby I'm. Unbelievable I got something I put on a chicken sub that I had and it was absolutely amazing. Dip Black Olives in all my goodness. Oh, give even a better one but set one like it. Had A big lettuce and tomato sandwich the other day. Of course I don't use lettuce anymore. So I had a bacon tomato. And actually cheese sandwich. Cheese. Okay. Replacing the lettuce I won't eat lettuce because it's recalled every five minutes. So I haven't eaten lettuce in about three years. I put some. White French dressing at it. How about chicken tenders trip I would like to bake it like a bacon and she sandwich that sounds good. I mean, you could put it on just about anything. Yeah. Well, that's what I had with the tomatoes big lesson tomato. Is. The wettest added some as white French Salad. Dressing. Bacon and cheese and bread. shocker. It is really really really good salad dressing. Am like Santa for me financial retirement wealth planning think David he's. Got The trip t shirts out there for me. I'm living in a world I don't understand. I let you tomorrow how to get him if you haven't heard yet. and some of the money that we receive from those t shirts we are going to feed police officers. Police stations not that they need it we're doing it to. Actually Celebrate the of police officers and praised the police officers. And we did our first today as we did Chester Township police station out there in Chester. And it was a home run I mean I can't believe how many people showed up just to say a low today and stuff like that. It was absolutely crazy Billy Morris smoking rock and roll food trucks that a great job. In cash is the one that helped me get this all together and you can go to WTA DOT COM keyword t shirt. And by those t shirts trip t shirts. I'm living in a world I don't understand on the front and on the back it says twenty twenty Oh what a year. And If you haven't heard and you must not be a listener of the trip show. If you haven't heard because I've been doing more TASHA's commercials for a long time. If you have retirement money, you need to call David Eight, seven seven gains for you. The number four, the letter U. Eight, seven, seven gains for you. What's a free appointment you listen we asked to say make an appointment if not, you've wasted five minutes and you move on. This is a great way to invest your retirement money or you're making money and you got peace of mind at the stock market goes down you don't blow all your retirement money. Call eight seven seven gains for you or go to more tash financial dot com. WHO's next as we turn it over to the Indians Network at six o'clock tonight Dr Insider Minnesota twins are in town. I didn't know what difference that makes because. There's no fan so. But the Minnesota twins are out. We'll go to doug. Doug. Hey Hey, there was a commentary on Daniel Satele S. I t. t. e. l. on Google I'm not the tips of prompted me the Russia he says every six months he's GonNa make a new excuse to me in jail. So nobody can hear those tapes here them on the air. Daniels blog her responses says there's When I struggled depends how strong your to resist the candy was eating was toxic children shouldn't be singing about these things. Trump response well, there doesn't seem to be any domestic violence there, but he's going to decide who lizard is this week I've got up and Davis from a Rob Collins here where Trenton Trenton Hospital says, every time Doug tries to clear Hillary reporting how trump rigged the election he could prove it. They took his affidavit out of the mailbox. The next day rob was dead. Trump is bragging that he won't be indicted for all this stuff. You know what it sounds like to me. Yeah. It sounds like the Clintons. Hillary. Can. Incur chair she's President I. Approve that trump no way. Hillary shouldn't be jail, right? She's sitting in the seat of Donald Trump. He never made it to be president. He had been covering this up for these guys. Right exactly Can you tell me how trump bribed Russia? Could you explain that to be very quickly? Yeah sure I have. A meeting out Dunkin donuts West for New Jersey two, thousand sixteen. He says that every six months, he's GonNa keep me in jail. So nobody can hear these tapes. He says everything on the air in his own words. Russia wanted trump to be president. You've got these guys are Human Trafficking Ring Daniels Wok, Daniels Patel Sa L. Google read every word. The method. Since secondary schools, he's being held in a trafficking ring he's physically talking. This conversation you got sat outside of Dunkin donuts in new, Jersey No. Inside I have trump man site and he says I was sent out by. Pile of Cu Hugh we're GonNa, put you in jail cover everything up in trump's going to be president trump and missing his own words but homeland land. So I know you've got the tape and Dunkin donuts. That's right I. I have the tape and they threw me in jail. So nobody can hear that tape and trump admits that he's holding me in jail so nobody can hear. How did you get near a president zero candidate at the time? was He president or was he running? Ten I have his buddy satele has looked. Trump's going to be president. We're GONNA put you in jail when you go to New Jersey. How did you get near him? How did security let you approached me? He approached me approach his copter pilot. Says do you know a guy named rob see says, yeah. I ride bills in his backyard and says trump sent me out to him helicopter. And we're talking about. First. Name. The. Doug. You busting my balls you're not. In the chair for the last one, hundred days approve they here has never president and he's trying to cover the whole thing up. Do you have a driver's license. That's spooky. Could we get your address so we could have somebody in white coats. visit you a little bit absolutely. Well, you can hear the caption corruption to your drive that two. Minutes timeline. Judge that says every six months he's GonNa make a new excuse to keep me in jail. He can only hold me six months but he has to hold me three hundred years. So trump was in Dunkin donuts. Trump's out his helicopter pilot and the guy from Ball Lane in West Milford New Jersey. He says I was out to see you by trump to sue his helicopter pilots was friends with another pilot named. I have those. was. Trump in Dunkin, donuts you. Know I already told you sent out helicopter pilot you have to listen to the tape recording I'm how they're gonNA arrest me so nobody can hear those tips. So his helicopter pilot is the one. That's the freemen guy. It's not the Marine One guy trump's gonna try and trip you up well marine. One. Doesn't know this guy who was before he was present it was July sixteen and then trump in Chris. Christie get on the TV says, Hey, how you doin' Evans senior while and he's GonNa put me away whether I like it or not you see on the news Saying that and then you. Put you away where. You you away. Where do you live in Northeast Ohio? You're not say where new Jersey Trenton new to you're. You're you're calling from New Jersey. Yeah. Absolutely. Okay and then you'll slog blog. You read every every word she's writing says I'M GONNA human trafficking reinforce marriage, my captors, pumps, children, one of them healthy. There's no escaping it on advertising. Forced into marriage is predetermined life. So desperately wants to escape in the blog responses says, there's instances when I struggled that's an eighth grade. If you Google Prosecutor val-d'isere New Jersey within park officer Steven Figueredo Two? Thousand Twelve. I it. It's great. I prepare show 'cause I presented that to a judge I recorded him in chambers. And, he says every six months he's GonNa make a new excuse to keep me in jail through trump. They hired trump's cover the whole thing. Okay. That's that's amazing. You have this type of information you. You're the only one that has this right. Here, trump in his own words saying every six months he's GonNa make new excuse 'cause forty three, he's looking for those files. Doug. I'm a little confused. You said, it was the helicopter pilot. Right he sent out a guy from hawksbill lane and West for new. Jersey says I'm friends with trump's helicopter pilot. Who knows you through a pilot name he gate you know rob I said yes. Says you know bills. So tell us that yes, he says he's a tall guy that lives down here pinecone flake. So trump wants to know where those files are you come and see me we take one hour ride trump can be indicted in two seconds. Bragging that he won't be indicted because nobody will ever hear those tapes. But if it was the hello, I'm confused I. Admit It was the helicopter. Pilot his personal. At the time. Voice. How did you get trump's voice? Sent the guy out to see me? At Dunkin donuts. How did you get trump's voice? I had his buddy bill satele telling me we're GONNA arrest you. So nobody can hear the tapes when you get to New Jersey. Wait a minute. So I had a digital. Pocket all day. Or seven yeah. But you said you didn't talk to trump. No, he came out to see me at Dunkin donuts. He's denying that he said he knows the sky bills tell them those types, but he does. Trump, a helicopter pilot came Dunkin donuts come on I gotta go. Trump sent his helicopter pilot out to a friend of his on spell in the helicopter pilot talk like trump. How did you get trump's voice? If you talk to the Helo pilot, it wasn't trump himself I. don't go what you're say I I I gotta go. Baseball coming up next, Sega Night Doug. Loy them off. Oh, my God.

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