Jessica Alba Reveals How She Overcame 'Imposter Syndrome'


That is you broke me. I just wanna throw something out there. Because we're gonna do ryan's roses in a minute. They took seven hundred couples and they brought him into this. This study and these couples had a had it with each other. Maybe that's a situation. You're in but they were ready to split up. They found out that two thirds of those couples who stayed married. Were happy five years later so some gave up but those who stayed together happiness five years later so now what do you do now. You're about to split up. Do you stay in for five more. Is it five more misery. right. He's if i'm more of unhappiness before you have the breakthrough like marriage is tough. You can't just give up after fight. Well yeah but two-thirds making it work. It's a big number of those who are done with each other You're talking about just got but the business mogul who built it. All famous actress turned entrepreneur. Yeah i mean. She's advocate actor. Mother mobile. I mean you name it. She's everything goals. I feel like everybody. Every woman i know. Looks up to jessica alba. But she opened up about her struggle with something that i talk about all the time. The i really struggle with and that's imposter syndrome. And so she said. I've always had this impostor syndrome thing and i always felt like i didn't deserve to be here And she was talking about building her business she said i always felt like it was god and magic that got me here but i think being with my husband over these years he let me know. Hey it's all the hard work that you've always put in. You deserve to be here as much as anybody else and over time. I guess i've sort of let that sink in and marinade and so. I just love this because you know. She founded the honest company in two thousand twelve. Which kind of. She became the leader in the natural baby. Category and honestly a trailblazer clean products. Because in two thousand fifteen she came out with the beauty line and that's when forbes named her company a billion dollar company. And i just feel like for me when i was reading this to see that somebody like jessica alba. Who just has it all together and is doing amazing Has she's also suffered from something like imposter syndrome and she had a lot of self doubt just made me feel really seen and then i also felt like hearing her talk about cash. Her husband and how he helped her. You know. build this confidence and it really just kind of sunk in. I was just like that is such a testimony to picking the right life partner because i feel like what a beautiful thing that he helped her overcome. This feeling and the impostor syndrome is what pretending to like. Have to feel like you are your it's massive self-doubt like i don't deserve to be here. I'm not qualified to be here not qualified to be doing this. There's much more qualified people out there. I have that feeling often as well. And it's with anyone who has graduated college right. Because i dropped out so when people sit around and chastain and talk about you know where. They went to school where they graduated. I become embarrassed in a way. Because i left at nineteen to come try and do this. So i feel an inadequacy in in those conversations and see that in inadequacy in their relationship. They have with their schools and their the things that they learn by the way the things that they learned that i never learned. There's a lot of stuff that i never learned. I still no. I think that's what was happening with. Jessica alba it's like. She was an actress and she was in this one lane and then she tried to start building a business and she had probably have that same feeling. She's surrounded by people that went to these amazing schools and she was just kind of like. What am i doing here. I'll tell you what i do when i get into a conversation with someone and i am out of intelligence. I simply shifted to anything about food. You watch me do it. you'll watch me do it. I because i can talk about that for days. This me the history of a foreign nation about that country. I love their. What is that indigenous food. Yes i love that food. Whatever you make them say it was sometimes but i change it to a category that i can actually speak on smart. Actually ryan's roses next on kiss.

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