The Great Gildersleeve 50-09-27 (375) Gildy Shares Leroy's Piano Lessons


Have you seen more? He's upstairs getting ready to go to the county fan. He even got him a new student for not and a cane. Oh, brother, what a character tonight! In the fourth of a new fall and winter series of Wednesday evening broadcast the Kraft Foods Company presents Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve. Great, Gildersleeve is brought to you by the Kraft Foods company makers of Parque Margarine and all those other wonderful craft quality foods. Next time you buy margarine, learn for yourself. Why so many people prefer parque margarine to any other? Actually, there's just one big reason. Millions prefer park a margarine to any other spread, because it tastes so good, and it tastes so good because it's always fresh. 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Water Commissioner Neckties and Bill Picture Niagara Falls. Wait is that a spot on their? No, I ask the clerk about that. Man going over the falls in a barrel. Fine vacuum, idea. So everybody well broncos working later tonight, so we can go the fair tomorrow. Good boy and birdies down in the kitchen and Leroy's in the living room, practicing on the piano. Talk It on give the boy a little encouragement. You'll just leave. You've got this household running like clockwork. Channel. One four, the more I practice, a rotten or I guess. I. Keep this up. It's going to be murdered. Okay. Off. All I just keep it up I've been upstairs listening. You're doing fine. Keep Leroy practice makes perfect, you know. To practice now, probably other kids are out of the fairground. Putting up the midway. I'll twice as long tomorrow couldn't I know my boy I know it's a big station run out to the fairgrounds, but duty comes i. do you work then play afterwards? He was all the other people out having fun. I gotTa sit here in practice. It's lonely. Leroy when a person plays, the piano week can never be lonely away. I, play any can. Have to keep. I. Oh. RONCA ninety minutes away. Yes, sir, you know mystery killers lead when a man's going to be a father. He really has to pick. That's right margin. I are going to have a little word. Nar Nest. Bronco Baby Own March. March Mr Gildersleeve. Look what I bought downtown. It's a wonderful book. Well good pull. This is no ordinary book, MR, Gildersleeve. This is about babies. It tells what to do with them. Let's see Bronco Shaky picture on the cover. Start carrying a baby in a tablecloth. Leroy stay with your practicing cal. I don't get in on anything. Bird somebody. Look Pretty Bronco found a baby book. It'll tell us exactly what to do that night. Practicing K.. You're to finish that lesson of I. Have a nail, your trouser, the pianist do. Something interesting. Here in the back of the book behavior of older children, it says do not force the child to obey seek his cooperation by being a partner join in his activity. Good advice in cases in which the child finds an activity difficult or on interesting, the parents should become a partner so that the parent and child work and learn side by side. Indeed you WanNa remember that much leroy. You're having a bad time with empty analysts you see. The recently right as Mike. The practices piano is that he's alone. The book is absolutely right. Who is are you leading up to I think what she means. Mr Gildersleeve is Leroy should be partners in the piano. Piano. Never too late to learn ongky. That's right Mr Gildersleeve. My grandfather earned to play the bass. Clarinet only was seventy four. I know I wouldn't mind practicing his hour a day if he knew you were doing it to any Birdie I think we. The death, but I can't see the two of them on that piano to. Be sitting all thin. They wouldn't practice at the same time. Marjorie you're being carried away with an idea. Wouldn't make a bit of difference. Leroy practice with it not a bit all right asking. Leroy. No I'm here. Leaving how would you? I mean you wouldn't like your panel lessons. Any better I mean wouldn't be an easier if I breaks along with you. What it? Practice ridiculous, isn't it? Ideas! Tonight I'll now and then you practice now. Okay well. I hear US play. It'll be your against the world. Views evening Give me a box of those chocolate stampede. Right. If I just give them TV. I'm in a big hurry. GimMe a cancer. That's the dog. Box doesn't look very fresh to me. You don't have to eat the box. What's in China? All right now to be one dollar and Intrigue Governor. beebe! Taking candy with you. Tomorrow June. No candies for the girl I'm taking to the fair tomorrow. Adding time to talk now I've been wavering hostile over an hour I. still have to go to Katie Milton's. Li will be looking for ninety way was in here go, he asked if you've been in Oh. Had you were practising his music with him now? Just a silly idea of minorities I had nothing to do with. Don't tell anybody I'll be the laughing stock of the town. I wouldn't change that. Why can't get you very commendable thing you do? Really Lee Rise Jim Rather complimentary things about you you do. Well. I hadn't thought of it that way, of course. If you'd rather I didn't mention it to anybody. P., L. O. Judge. He goes well. I suppose you heard the news. Leroy's been having such a hard time breaking his panelists. decided to join right in with. We're taking up the panel together. Don't tell, anybody. I feel that you mean you're practicing his little pieces right along with him. Indeed our day. Well that's the nice thing I ever heard. Yeah. I said which opposed to come home. The Yano is waiting. All right and I suppose tomorrow, and you only have finished your stint at the keyboard. You'll be off. To the fair. Not exactly judge. I'm private take. Katie Milford Oh that'll. Like I'm annoyed. House, right now. I see you have lodged box of candy. Need any help tearing. Thanks. My hands need exercise got the limit for the panel at Michigan. Let me say I am extremely proud of you for what you're doing. Thank you MR guilty me over. What is it the if you don't move? You're going to be the hottest piano player in Town I. You're leaning up against the Garter. Yeah, there's a light on Katie's house. Along, dies as I. Wonder if he's missed. Shula. She has g help it. Nine thirty go to sleep. You better. Shake a leg. I'll spend into the porch. Lights catches my profile from the top like they do in the movies. Wonder if she's changed. T Beautiful Cave. Three guesses. Throckmorton! It's you. It's me. I don't know if I should ask you in or not. You've been away a long long time regathering. I've been busy is. Is You know what they say about? Absence makes the hydro. Let me. Come in just for a little while. Martin you naughty boy I kept saying no to you D-. Has Changed. Saying, not me before. Come on in the just for a minute. Pretty. Gis When what she did last summer. But neither catches rock Morton. I'd almost forgotten how big and handsome you are! Let Me Unbutton your coast. Brothers. Perfume and their hair. Makes me dizzy. Come and sit here beside me on the couch. Love to. Do. Such a long time. That's a lovely to wearing. Brand new? HERRINGBONE! Talk to me Morton's. Well, he. STOPPED BY ASK YOU CATHERINE I. I wondered if you'd like to go to the Fan with me tomorrow opening day. No I. Don't think I should. In Catherine I was counting on it. I brought you some candy. Thank you, they good chocolate covered Filbert's that. I don't think I'll go to fairview mile. Lease. Think so. Pretty, please no. I haven't heard from you in months. You came back from your vacation. You didn't even call me. Have had lots of work at the office. And I'm helping Leroy this panel lessons. You're doing what what little fellow pricing at that panel alone. Somebody decided he needed somebody to do with. Martin humane. You're doing that for. Leroy Practicing our everyday for you angel. How long have you been doing this? Starting Tonight That such sweet thing to do. You. Still Want Katie though the fair with you tomorrow. Back Martin when a man is kind enough to help a little boy. It's the least I can do great. Loosely stuff shaking. How'd you gotTa go home? Mouth Ross more. But I just got here. Don't you have to practice? No I'll do it tomorrow I little practicing to do right here. The. The Great Gildersleeve returns in just a moment. It's fresh. Really, fresh, always fresh. That's why it tastes so good. It's parque margarine made by kraft. 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Gildersleeve House is busy getting ready for the big day, but the great man himself is way ahead of them. He's at the pair already, and he isn't even out of. going. On top. On the. Track. Matic shaking the. I keep threading. Everybody's up at you. ooh! Have Been Dreaming. In Nice! Leroy practice our today. You didn't practice yours last night. I got tied up. With this morning. Why. Don't you practice an hour before breakfast in an hour actor breakfast that'll catch up for last night and you'll be all through for today. No I'll put in two hours after breakfast I don't think I had an e flat on an empty stomach. Good, breakfast. Well I'm fan guilty. Land is so much around here getting ready for the fad on which way of well, everybody's busy today, but he asked to and then. Leroy. He's in practice Lewis like a little angel evidence. You told him you don't do it with well. It's my duty. Bird helped. The boy was little problems yet. Leroy has learned the when you have a job to do you do it before you do anything else. Learning the value responsibility? That's important. That's how I got to. BE ONE COMMISSIONER a? Practice the piano modernist against you certainly but to arts as soon as I take a look at the morning paper. Ten o'clock, you're going to fare. Indeed. I'm taking this. You'd better hurry if you're going to practice two hours. All right bye did not putting it off. Just WanNa glance at the paper. Will good. What are you going to start? Runaway my boy! Just want to look at the comics and I'm. And play afterwards. That's what you're telling me. All right be right there. All right all right I'm coming SARS Christmas. That's what you tell me. I'm coming right now. Not Holding Leroy. Lee. Well all right all right. Let's go. Where's the panel? been. I hear the teacher's instructions, and here's the piece were practising. Call the happy farmer. Brother. Let Bench over here. This is key newly beaten the Pi together Hans. He has talk on the table. You can see when you've practiced two hours Alright Leroy. Along I wanNA, Watch you. You! Don't have to watch me I'll do. Starts Right here at the top of the page. That we will. Do the happy farmer. Nasty Shock Leroy. Well somebody at the door. y'All. Get it ready. Get it! I'm right here. I will let me answer the door. Don't be so crappy. Good Morning. Horace glad to see it. Come in and sit down. A slippery character. Jazz going by the way to the again I wondered if you and miss with like to ride with me and my new car, a wonderful idea judge, get my hat and we'll drive by catherine sounds. Like. A happy. Him. Sorry judge, you better go along. I have to practice. What a shame! And I have my tap down. Convertible you know Louis might drive around the block. Leroy, only take a minute your workforce. Don't don't put it off. They rise right. But at least you can come out to the car and see prize Pumpkin that I'm taking to the fair. You mean you have pumpkin? Oh I've got to see that. Go on judge. Bagley. Roy was I ever like this. Beautiful Raise it yourself. Ask, Galata. Right in my own backyard. All Right Leroy I'll be right there. Maybe, you had better go. Relax judge, you'll forget it. Why do you PA. You. Roy Halladay. Don't you think you'd better go and it's getting late? No, let's talk some more. I can't think of anything else to talk about. High be running along gala. There'll be opening the fairgrounds Ken. I wanted to avoid the crowd. Don't want anybody to jostle my pumpkin. Did I'll be leaving in a few minutes to got to pick up Catholic. Es a fair deal there. No, hip. Is I shouldn't have stayed out there so love. Just get past I? Don't see him. She'll he's probably forgotten all about me. Roy. Gone. It's pretty late Allie. Boy Catherine's waiting I practice an hour last night in an hour this morning. Well I'M GONNA do it to. Later. I'll do tonight I'll practice three hours tonight. CARE. Campus the Fair Bible now. You understand, don't you? I understand we're going on. The firm. Goodbye. Lira. I. Don't want you think I'm going back on a promise. No, it's all right I'm. Guilty all right Birdie. Poor on. You go ahead. You don't have to practice. Really. Know by George I can't do it. I made a promise. Wouldn't have any fun at the by did goal. You run along my boy. Have a good time on your going. No, I'll stay here. Well. On Your Way Stop by Your House. filler. I couldn't make it. Feller. On. The happy farmer. ususally good police Harvey Yourself. Your own fault. Everybody. Else's at the fair. Having Fun. No Leroy feels a little bit the. Katie. Never speak to me again. Katie's doing. Our have my boot. How'd you get in? Through the window and slipped. Oh I couldn't thrive more than that after I. Found out what had happened Roy. Do you mean they will? I told me why you didn't come. I admire you. Move over little. Do. Down here beside you. You know Throckmorton. It's so much easier to practice when somebody to do it with. You what a? Better than going to the fair. The Great Gildersleeve. We'll be right back. Whenever you shop, remember the margarine that tastes so good because it's fresh, really fresh always fresh is parque margarine made by kraft in states where colored margarine is sold, get yellow parque in its new flavors saver, aluminum foil, wrap elsewhere, get parking and the color, quick bag or regular package in any package park as the margarine. That's always good because it's always fresh. That's P. A. R. K., A. Y. Parque Margarine made by craft. I'm having such a glorious time. Morton. Just good at night. I'M GETTING TIRED I. Know. Shall it goes with the agricultural exhibit. I've seen the judges Pumpkin. Martin, are you having a good time? Well! What would you like to do? Really want to know. Let's go home and do some more practicing. Great Gildersleeve is laid by Willard Waterman. The show is written by. John Elliott and Andy White with music by Robert Armbruster included in the cast Walter Tat Lee Mary. Lee Robb Lillian Randolph. Lewis Dick Earl Ross and Richard Legrand. This is John Huston saying good night for the food governing makers of the famous line of craft quality food brought up. The shorter next Wednesday of every Wednesday while the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. And also a half hour of spine, tingling excitement. Listen next Sunday afternoon with. Over this. Next Sunday the Balkan will keep you on the edge of your chair every minute as he solves the case of the talented win. Short hair the Falcons next Sunday afternoon. Check Your newspaper four-time broadcast. There's magic in mustard. Yes, when you want to put new taste excitement at almost anything, just add a little mustard and you loud. A lot of Tang hidden flavors pop right out. Every bite tastes better particularly. If the mustard you use craft prepared mustard, there are two kinds of craft mustard you know craft talent must do delicately spiced for those who prefer mustard, mild and craft mustard with snappy, horseradish, avid, yet both kinds, or when you add a little mustard, you add a lot of. Craft prepared mustard. Aw. Row? Show mark follows Gildersleeve next week on NBC.

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