ANTIFA Plane Caravans - 9/1/2020


Hello and welcome to the Quick News daily podcast where I give you the facts, I no. Click bait stories just real news that matters to real people. Today is Tuesday September first and thanks for trusting me with your news. For the first time I think maybe ever I actually had more stuff recorded yesterday, the night could fit into twenty minutes. So we're going to be revisiting some of that. Also, we'll be talking more about trump strokes since the plot just thickened with that rumor and I'll get into more corruption with the postal service. It's going to be another bright sunshiney episode of Quick News daily. So strap yourself in, let's get caught up. We'll start with postal service update because there's really not much to it on the surface level. It just makes everything that's happened so far make more sense in a new filing with the Commonwealth, of Virginia State Corporation Commission it was revealed that for the Senate Leadership Fund Super Pac, which is essentially controlled by Mitch McConnell and has assets of one hundred, thirty, million dollars. One of the directors listed for it is none other than Robert M Duncan Chairman of the United States Postal Service Board of. Governors isn't that great quick refresher. The USPS Board of governors is responsible for hiring the postmaster general who is now Lewis Joy and would also be responsible for removing joy. So the guy who has been tampering with the postal service to benefit trump republicans was hired by one of the leaders of Mitch McConnell superpac what an amazing coincidence I mean I'm just thoroughly shocked in other corruption news we learned today that the IRS chief who has so far refused to release trump tax returns and putting. Their by trump himself has made hundreds of thousands of dollars renting out trump properties throughout his time in office. This IRS Commissioner is named Charles Reading in rigs personal financial disclosures for the last two years show making one hundred thousand to two hundred, thousand dollars a year from two units at Trump International Waikiki, which he bought fifty percents taken back in two, thousand six. So again, maybe this will make the regular news maybe it won't but just another instance of showing how deep the corruption actually goes. Let's take a look at some closer analysis of some investigations by the FBI compiled by an attorney asks for WHO's responsible for the looting, the riding the violence, this lawyer, Seth Abramson on twitter. He's authored some books about the trump era. He's an attorney and through these sixteen sources that he posted in this twitter thread, he pieced together all the people who have been deemed responsible for the looting thriving the violence in the FBI has said that those who are responsible include The biglou boys who are trumpets proud boys, trumpets, militias, trumpets, anarchists, political organized crime a political no party affiliation. So they're not an either side those who are not responsible black lives matter who are with the progressives and Antifa anti-fascists who aren't even a real group. It's actually just like the catch all term the right uses for people they think on the left are causing violence or causing destruction. It's just a catchall term. So yeah, a political and trumpets who are responsible. there. Are these sixteen sources in it is from the FBI. So the next time you hear about like both sides and violence, not quite even the FBI doesn't think so. A. Twitter Account that specializes in monitoring campaign TV advertising buys. So they tweet whenever campaign buys commercials are takes planned advertising down announced that the Biden campaign is buying TV advertising in Minnesota starting tomorrow originally, they are planning on starting next week the eighth, but apparently the polling getting a little tight there. So they decided to start early Justin. My Gut because I'm a pessimist that freaks me. Out when they decided to start moving things up to polling, isn't that recent at least the stuff that's publicly available it's from the nineteenth is the most recent one. So this might be coming from some internal polling. The Biden campaign has done, but this combined with a reader email that the bulwark shared from a listener in Wisconsin seems like it might not be great news this listener mail was. Talking about the huge abundance of trump signs in rural. Wisconsin, like I'm talking not even a Biden sign in insight and I, can pretty much confirmed that around here where I live as well. The readers concerned that Biden not visiting here means that trump has all the momentum and just plain old visibility, which is the same mistake that Hillary made I really hope that Biden comes here at. Some point he was supposed to you today but canceled in favor of going somewhere else later in the week I think I hope they're watching this and taking it into account. But at the same time in the April elections, the Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice won by ten points over the conservative one and the conservative guy was less openly controversial than trump. So really who knows at this point? Let's revisit that stroke story for a second in a book by The New York Times is Michael Schmidt, which was released today new information was learned that Vice President Mike Pence was put on standby temporarily assume the powers of the presidency when trump made that unannounced unscheduled trip to Walter Reed in I guess the says November Twenty nineteen I remember did as December yesterday however, I think we may have to be a bit careful with his new reporting because the only source that Schmidt gives is that quote I learned he doesn't name a specific source or you know. Where that came from that he learned about the vice president being put on standby, but it does add another layer of this this whole mastery I guess the reason the vice president was put on standby to take over four trump is in case of a situation where trump had to undergo a procedure that would require him to be put under anesthesia or sedated in some way much like when George W Bush underwent his colonoscopy. Now, there were reports floating around out there that there was details about a cerebral event like stroke in the book but Schmidt himself. has come out and said, that's not in there at all. It was just online users that are trying to connect the dots again like I said that's kind of what I'm leaning towards nowadays. But of course, I have no evidence because they won't release the real reason that he went to Walter Reed that day I will say one more thing. There's a Lotta people jumping all over Schmidt for not releasing the book sooner or these revelations like literally ten months when this happened in his a pretty big deal to have the president of the United States have to. Be. Replaced because of a health event by the vice president, you think that would be something that we should know about but the scheduled release date was today. So it would have come out in time for this election and frankly the closer to the election that it comes out the better because we just don't have an attention span nowadays like it is very rare for this Walter Reed trip to be mentioned on the news anymore just because like there's just so much to be outraged about that. It's really hard to pick which one we should be focused on. So, trump still bouncing around trying to find out if Joe Biden was on drugs and that's why as performances have been so good if he's just a puppet for the left in AOC and Bernie. Sanders or if he's effectively in anti Christ coming for everything you own and letting moms run the streets. Well, his latest claim is that Biden is being run from the shadows in. Let's take a listen and like dimension because he's not controlling anything. Controlling Rolling Biden strings is it former Obama? Of People that are in the dark shadows, people that what does that mean that sounds like conspiracy theory dark show example that you haven't heard of the people that are on the streets there people that are controlling the streets we had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend and in the plane, it was almost completely loaded with with thugs wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms with gear and this, and there there are a plane whereas. I'll tell you time but I I it's under investigation right now but they came from a listen I'm not saying the long pause he takes before saying thugs and then describing their uniforms is black means anything at all while I'm just not saying that yet but listen to this completely loaded with with thugs. Okay. Okay. So this morning before leaving to hey, Wisconsin great he had this to San the tarmac. About, this plot that you were referring what cost Blige. That's a lot of people gathering on a plane. Here. I could tell you that I could probably refer you to the person and they could do it. I'd like to ask that person who was okay but a person was on a plane. said that there were about six people like that person more or less. And what happened is the entire plane filled up with? The looters, the kids, the rioters people that obviously were looking for trouble. And I felt very uncomfortable on the plane. This would be a person you know. So I will see whether or not. I can get that person I. Let them know I'll see whether or not I get that person to speak to you but. This was a firsthand account. Of a plane going from Washington to wherever. and. I'll see if I can get that information for you. Maybe they'll speak you maybe they walk. Okay. I'm GonNa, say it now and Erin Rupar, who is a journalist for vox? said it I said it best. He said quote. So basically, black people boarded a plane headed for DC and one of trump's friends felt uncomfortable and quote. Yeah that's what it sounds like. This part here, there were about six people like that person more or less. They were like them more or less the entire plane filled up with them Donald when you said dark uniforms black uniforms. Does uniforms means skin because it's starting to some an awful lot like you might be meaning skin color. Honestly. This just reminds me of this entire sequence here from anchorman to let me ask you this house, the new head, Honcho. Well, Linda Jackson has a shelf full of Ami's is as tough as nails and Linda loves to win. Oh Hey, listen I want to introduce you to Ron Burgundy Linda, Jackson how are you? My Friend Ron? This is Linda Jackson. Hello Mr Burgundy. Oh. Black. Black Jesus to stop for. Terribly. Sorry. I don't know why can't stop saying. Black. The word black hello. Mr Pindi. Black Stop. Black. Black. Black. If I don't sit pass out. So I know that all of you are aware that the news community is laughing at what we're trying to do here twenty four hour news but that brought me in she's the best you see gentleman I don't lose this I feel like I need to clear the air please don't want to say on behalf of the entire news team we are huge supporters of all African Americans Iraq, Tan I remember the first African American I. Ever Saw African American. There you sure. Yeah. Absolutely hundred percent positive it isn't like. Fish and chips. Hey we're all the same on the inside stinky and pink when I was in high school me and my buddies sneak in the girls locker room. We picked up the girls in the shower and I'd look at all of them. No matter what color they were. So. She says, this is the worst meeting I've ever been. A black man follows me everywhere when it's sunny actually I. think that's your shadow brick. I Call Him Leon and if it's a cloudy day, what happens to lay off because home to shadow he's talked about his shadow. Okay. So, you have a black boss and is freaking you out a frigging. You're out a little bit. To be honest. Or just got a knife as I said on instagram to someone who commented on. I posted something exactly like this. I said it's not like there are smart racists actually I don't think there are because you just can't have those two things go together. But out of all of the dumb racists trump has to be one of the dumbest. All right folks that's all I got for you here today, I? Do want to talk a little bit about new feature I added to the show description. The show notes essentially I just made a survey that I'm pretty much never gonNA end again through Google, forms end, it allows you to give instant feedback to me. So in this Google form, it's an on Michigan you can rate the show one to five one being whoa don't do that again five being great keep doing that. Or like three in saying you know room for improvement I put in a little space for you to comment you know good or bad what she thought underneath the rating of course, and then there's also just a space for what episode you're listening to. Because you know you might not listen to episode on the day at airs and sets it never ends. So if you could. Just put the episode title in that question or least get it close if you don't copy and paste it out really appreciate that just so I know obviously what I did on that day and what exactly did on that day that wasn't necessarily popular or on the flip side was so great you had to comment about it either way I thought so little cool feature to. Get some more participation are fueling. Your Voice would be heard just always, WANNA leave the door open open door policy and of course, obviously, if you'd just rather leave her view on Pod chaser or apple podcasts, I put those Lincoln there as well. See can absolutely do that you don't have to review it twice unless you have something that you would specifically like me to here I. Guess in private because you know those other reviews are more public but I read them either way. So if you have feedback to give doesn't really matter where you give it to me, I'll just be looking in all the usual sites for it and trying to make the show better otherwise stay safe make your plan to vote fill out your senses and I'll see you back here tomorrow.

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