Ronaldo Lifts Juventus


Brought to you by Scots urologic beating this summer, but with one more feeding this fall with Scott's turf Bill, winter guard, your grass will be greener stronger and more resilient both now and next spring, it's the perfect time pick up a bag today. Welcome in solicitation of ESPN f c, I'm Dan Thomas from my alley Moreno in Stevie Nicol. Gavlak party will be with us shortly a little later on in the program. When we looking back now bossa dropped their first points the season, but we kick things off in Italy, frosted donate taking on the avengers posting to maintain their one hundred percent start the season, get ready for a lot of Cristiano Renaldo chances in the seventh minute. Those will gets onto quickly just not quite enough pace on it to get over the lane and it's cleared t minutes later, the Sean right now though. Fix it inside good set of the near posed a good safe is the second half we got for now. Nevada. Oh, no. A wild swing thing. You can say, five minutes later out with the backheel I is swinging and missing the first backheel and then a second backheel and then the goalkeeper comes up with the save. He can't believe what's going on. However, nine minutes ago you've Eight-eight leave Fru. Yeah. Something to go given. Renaldo at green in the right place at the rates I am and the penalty bought. I mean, just no other, there's no other weight good up the three points. If he sailed late on out over the pool, our winds damage by inter Dechy. Jayme over everybody's being including Cristiano, finish his frozen on a nail. You Venter's to get mom coffee with us gab. You said this was going to be renowned. He's saying he was going to score lots of goals in the end. They were nine minutes away from it being a goalless draw. Yeah. Well, he certainly had his chances earlier. Throws me known. They added fourteen new players over the summer. They were absolutely beaten up last weekend. You can expect it, but. They have plenty of heart and they know how to hang in there and and they did for a long time. But I tell you what is that early because John chance goes in, I think we're seeing a very different game. We didn't know did we know. No, no. Some of the sometimes these games can be a banana skin because everybody expects you to just walk all over the the opposition and it just an professional football. It doesn't want that way and the longer it goes that the opposition can be the moldy stopped to believe. And so the more try and the given everything. But you know what? Why you have your big money players to Bill yo- and that's exactly what Rinaldo deadwood opening goal. It didn't look like he was going to be Cristiana though. It felt like every chance that one by there was more and more frustration building up to the point to there. There's a freekick in the second half and for the life of me, this is perhaps the first time ever that I've seen Cristiano Renaldo walkaway from the from the ball and actually go into the wall somewhere. There there about where Middleham pianist and the around the ball, and I thought to myself, well, this is it clearly, there's a sense of, well, it's not going to happen for me today and yet to his credit. He continues to work and find himself in good spots. Eventually the the ball pops out to him. He's scores, the goal. It's important that Cristiano scores goals for Juventus not because of the city I city add. They're going to win once again. But if indeed this is going to make a run in the Champions League is going to have to be doing parts of the fact that Cristiano Renaldo score and this sort of goals in that sort of state. We saw today that GRA Crisanto lacks a little bit of confidence. Even Cristiano Renaldo can lacked a little bit of confidence, but yet again, came up with the game winner. Talking point from the day, but on you taking on Rome, rumor on the best starts to the season and that would send. You can send your head nine minutes in Fazio with a challenge people with a great site. Good head of sushi beaks will give it to me. Ten minutes ago in full that brags bologna inside the late Federico Mattiello. The beautiful finished, but he should not be allowed to take it on his favourite left-foot inside should before the outside is not opportunity comes about, and he takes advantage of very minutes to go in the first off, say once again with a chance. Yeah, keep folks ones. A good shift for me from going to take second one's a little again. You'd expect them to make. Bologna would give themselves the win in the fifty nine minutes Santan making no mistake as it finishes belonging to Roma. Now there is no sign of Rome and the top ten and you have to go down to fourteenth place to find them just five points to them after five matches. Jim plaza friend of the show. I am disgusted and has nothing to do with me anyway. He would sweets out nothing to do with sore saying that very good gap is going on with ROY Moore. We've had. We've had another shumur of evil. Obviously, the lost some big pieces. They've added other pieces. Some of these guys. I like I like the stunt. Zayn y'all os is is an interesting option. Some of these, you're not quite sure where they fit. I'm thinking of of a guy like pasta. I think they're going to be okay. But right now, I think the balance just simply isn't there and and different Jessica needs to needs to regain it. Well, this jail, well, this work eventually saving. It might walk eventually, but it may be too late. You know anything's, they'll be all right, but it could be too late. I'm presuming he's talking. It's all four because the way that we're going to be gauntlet sale and and I think the majority of it in my opinion is the fact that before the season even kicks off, you pull your taking the window, the sales, you've pleased by getting rid of getting rid of the stomach area, team nights inaugural on Struckmann. And Allison, you cannot keep getting ready your best players and replace in them and just think things are just going to keep ticking over eventually catches up with you. And I think he's got you not. We Roman Romano. Look at it team that had issues last season. They had their problems defensively, and we pointed those out and they went crazy. Now they're run in the Champions League, cover some of those flaws, and because you get excited of a team that made it all the way to the semifinals attempt to sleep, then you think we'll be okay. Well, we're doing this adding the species and we're going to be finding we're going to build from here is not that simple and you see it again, the sort of chances that other teams are getting against Roma is they come from Laco organization. They come from a team that can quite close this space as they leave themselves expose their depending on one one v one defending in the back, and it's not happened because they don't have the pieces inorder to defend that way. I think this is a team guy says is going to get, okay. I don't know what okay means and I don't. I, I don't see how this group turns it around because the more that they go into this sort of negative momentum, the more difficult it becomes to stop it. I would love. To know going through Jack, who's mind. I can't remember the last time somebody Roma the season made a chance for him. He must be disrobed gap, what's okay for Roma top four? Will they be able to do it. Cliver up pretty nice chance for and was a week one of the season. But I mean. Hey. That was one of the good ones. Oh, God. Look, this is this is what Monchy is. This is what Monchy does. He's he's a Wheeler dealer and obviously, you know, you lose Alison in nine Golan. But again, let's not overstate this right? Alison, you're talking goalkeeper that doesn't have that much to do with the fact that they're struggling in the middle of the park. Nine goal-line. Yes, but that was coming to an end. Stroman wouldn't have been. A starter wasn't really started last year. You've added players Pellegrini custodians on Zee star. You've had a whole bunch of talented bodies in midfield. I just think the Transition's not there. Does. Okay. Mean top four? You'd imagine it's just that it's difficult because I think there are five legitimate candidates at the top position. So all these points drop. Now at the beginning of the season, they could come back and hurt rolling the later. I think I'll he's right in that regard. A full program of mid acid nachos and Sarah. Salts on cheese. I enter taking on a UV, their home against Napoli against Roma, play host, frozen Onate. Then on Thursday, it's empty against AC, Mila. Now, Yep, you guessed it. I'm a speed bump, so I've got one job. I slow you down. So imagine how I feel about Geico who does way more like not only could they save you money on car insurance, but they've been around for over seventy five years, giving people fast and friendly claim service. Out. Plus they got a nifty mobile app that gives you twenty four, seven access ow. Ow. Just doing my job buddy Geico expect great savings and a whole lot more. In the league ball, Celona take Girona of the camp. Now, if you believe reports the reverse of this picture could be Miami next year, but let's focus on laughing in this game. Ninety minutes in here if it out fines, then Al Messi, who would make one. Some. Places. This little guy does not look game changing moment though. Here. What did you think? How is this a straight read? Because after all involve the referee gave it. All right. So it has to be clear and obvious. Now you have to assume that now then then lead is swinging his elbow. He's falling down. I think is clear and Novi. He was. The referee. I don't see it that way. Maybe elva. Right. Go from Siani though to make it won't long time. Yeah, took it will desire there. Don't look to do just gets it before they keep it as well as your home and then six minutes into the second half it will get even better for visitors. PK brings him down and gets back up and Johnny, won't put it into an NC news, some style to make it to one. It's an empty net. What is great finish by one. Glare comes from behind. Yeah, I understand what you're saying. Stevie that maybe they confusion somebody would be not enough site position, not addressing the ball so on and so forth. Fix defendant also, that would get equalised ten minutes. I know you love this headed stole my goodness. She, it comes from. He's actually running away from the goal. These fish in the shade line, and there's nothing to fight the gets to foster Poland in the PC put shown to get it to keep up. So I finished his boss alone at Girona at save boss at Trump that first points of the season. Now level on points around Madrid who beat Espanol. Yesterday state, we didn't get your your food you on the red cone. Unless you trying to throw you rail boy physically, it doesn't happen. He's bodies Tom than this way and the absolutely he knows exactly. He's proven, he's left our mall and it comes across seas opponent and a face. A hundred percent, a red card. It's just not possible to get your arm and not position now. Van tackles in voting with available up in the way, throws it Luke. I see your point Stevie and I thought exactly the same thing. What I what I'm saying is that Ling lead is now guarding himself for tackled that. It's coming and you don't know how that tackle is going to be the guys come in over the top of the bowl, the guy from heat owner, right? And now you're now you're bracing yourself or whatever is whatever that challenge is going to be. But you know, you're not allowed to try and protect yourself by thrown your elbow and gain the fish. There's still red called. I see it as a blade that was not call a red card initially. And so to me has to be as part of our has to be a clear and obvious error. I don't think that that's the case because I can make the argument that Ling lead is going down. He's being it's just fine. Is smash them with these able straight in the face. I'll Ondo and going. Going one hundred. Now you're serious. I mean, I understand what you've seen about. Well, he's not shoe and he's trying to protect themselves, but you can't protect yourself by sticking your elbow in the face of your opponent is the red cow. Surely. I understand what you're saying Stevie and. As a non natural movement. All I'm suggesting is that if he had been seen initially then, okay, I'd say, all right, so be it. But VAR has to be clear, I know of. That's all that's. That's all. That's all red cow. If the referee is seen it, probably the full steam is that you're saying if the referee had appreciated that play the same way that you said he was think you should read them, basically, big picture. What does this tell us about boss alone and they could have had a couple of penalties owning the game? Well, I just think for varsity loan and whether it has to be careful with this is that whenever he's gone to rotate players, it hasn't quite worked out of the way that he wants. It was the same case last year because there were moments where he rotated players the team went down. Then he had to bring on the starters, if you will, then they turn the game around. He goes, we'd Ling lit, gets himself thrown out of the game. He goes with combination or two and three that and so forth. That wasn't quite working even as they were winning the game one. Nothing. At some point because of the amount of games you're going to have to rotate players and you're going to have to trust the disguise are going to do a job that you're not just going to rely only on messy every single time to bail you out or you're not gonna rely on the fact that you have to have continue alongside messy so that there's somebody else to balancing creativity. Oh, the team, it's gotta come from somewhere else in this sort of match the sort of nights at Barcelona at home should be able to win. I'm gonna give Belleville the apostle in this game. I mean, he, he can't legislate for one of these. Please getting sent all through in their elbow and he can't legislate for to edit it. You should. You should possible penalties absolutely stolen wall cakes Bush gets unmet. She should have had a penalty kick and we'd be talking about a completely different. You realize that I was not blaming by the better the right. I will saying the players that were included as far as their rotation. How'd you show I would. You said it was given velvety poss, but I did not blame by veteran. Meanwhile, of course, as I mentioned before, Girona against Paul in January. Could be in Miami. We heard though from the ram Madrid presidents that I, you know, parents of the first time since the tools have taken these games abroad on, he is pretty much against them. We will go to the United States. I don't know in whose interest as, but it is not in the interest of the clubs on the fans. We will cancer go, Ripley refuse gab. This is a massive blow is an answer those trying to get those games here in the states. What are you truly appears that way down because you would've assumed that the people working behind this, what it said? Well, hang on a minute or the two biggest draws in that in Spain right now. Okay. Barcelona check and the other guys? Yup, they're on board. I don't know quite what's happened in the interim. If I were a cynic, I might suggest that perhaps between the players union, the Spanish FA. Enough forces have been mobilized to say, look, have your table us as a big mouse. He's gone out. He's agreed all this without without really consulting anybody. Let's take a step back and think around Madrid and saying this, they're, they're not saying nobody can go. They're saying they're not gonna go. And maybe if the conditions change when they then they might change your mind. But for the time being, I think this is this is a pretty hefty blow. Mostly I think to to buy some the Spanish league, a lot more on this story over at the website while you'll be me check an extra time. Eight nickel telling the story of isn't dress. Maybe a little bit of fancy told nights wrong alley, but I the west. Time. L. say way as in this game, Libya is your room. Took John star, the bulbs behind them. I mean, even tell you it. Well, the other end I'm telling you Jones gets a little fortunate that the bulk pops up to him and this is about four yards out at the near post. He tries to go with our Kip, comes up with the save missed opportunity for America com by go at the moment, Sean say, was saved by fancies heads the I mean you should school there. But at the same time, he's lucky knows nothing about us from really Opie fish. Going on. How about a MRs this from Yarmolenka it's bad. It's free. It's wide open ball floated through the back. Posed by nog grads. All you have to do is put it on target. Nice noise was it? No, it is not. No, it is not Vinnie late Shaun's head to grab the win. I mean Billy onto me. Luke stay at is always Malkin sound the about the challenge that he's gonna get. Maybe then at the back of the net and it's a horrible attempt to the end. So Chelsea Trump that I point of the season going straw away against whence time breaking that one hundred percent record. What do we learned today about Chelsea Stevie? They use. They use. I mean, then did the day you you need players are going to win the game. The can always be Ha's out. It can't always be villian. And when you've got sent a fall would, then you just need to have somebody who if the sniff of Johnson or even create something for themselves, they can win again tells you do not have that. They do not have that, whether this is you or whether it's Murata is not there. So you kind of one dome before you start. The other thing that I would say about Chelsea's that as much as people are going crazy about how Saturday and tells airplane this sort of possession game and passing them passing teams to death. Today, it was a good example of how they pass themselves to death, right. There were moments in which there are opportunities to go forward through penetrate, and they were going sideways and backward sideways and backward eventually loosen the ball in bad areas making on Tony gets an opportunity that he should put away. Yarmolenka gets an opportunity that he should put it away. This result could have been different and you. You go to the other side of the field. Eden hazard. Runs behind, gets an opportunity to shoot on goal. He's passing again there moments in which Chelsea has to forget a little bit about the possession. I'm more so about how the we create chances going that way. How do we get vertical? There's a balance between the possession of the ball that that now is part of their game. And then how do you get four and create chances for yourself, particularly against a team that is sad. Well, behind the as West Ham. Lewis gaveled you'll take away from this. Yeah, obviously, if Murata is himself and I think more not there's a better fit for what Saudi wants to do in terms of his qualities himself. This is a much better team. I totally take. Alleys point on board about the possession versus the directness. What I would say is that Saudis teams averaged right around one hundred goals, a season at Napoli, and a lot of that comes from getting that very balanced right between the between the possession and the directness. And the weird thing for Chelsea is that in the parents with Saudi, we've seen his team suffered defensively primarily. Now it seems to be perhaps a little bit more about the actual finishing. Meanwhile, the Emma's also taking on Evanston fail. We'll talk sort sending to is old stomping ground that would be the Englishman with a challenge ahead. So make it one in the feds when it was the nine five pets chick. Yes. You know, it's not the best of cheese, and that's why checked and KOMO and smothered up also a second vast so much of this game. But this was from nothing second best about it is like I said, not exactly having the best game up until this point, but that was. Perfectly taken glass and then the linesman went bit crazy beyond would make it. Look, these shave something must see that Fatah crush the page. I'm gonna Bum Yang Joel, say drums you lose his foot and south. I would tell you, I would say it's also note taking some target. Why seeing no score? I made you my fantasy people. This is all slow to Evanson nail. Also a mess on. I know they won the game, but they just look. So disorganized. We even know that this show again, is it just under vigil? Diplo is not that great. In the not that reliable. You know, you want your team. What of course push a team. Oh, you want to. You want to know what you're going to get from all your pores. I am. I'm sure doesn't know what is getting from everybody and it just so harms that he has a couple of players. So like his zeal in the bomb young who from nowhere can actually do something from looking half asleep, they can run and do something that makes a difference. And that's all you saw today, like his goal. Ask, no funds were sixty seconds away from from burn the house down and then just a little piece of magic changed, but the average all deal. Yeah, there's a whole lot of average out there. And in years past, we have made a point of talking about arsenal because to some regard, they matter even if it was talking about arson, Vanco, they matter it will they were. They were newsworthy. This team is approaching a very, very dangerous spot, which is you're no longer important. You no longer matter when you reach that point, they need tells you that whatever product you're putting out on the field, simply not good enough. Let's just take a look at how that result affects the primarily table. Of course, Steve Nichols livable. The only team. Thanks and England's. Who points. Mine's the city and its shell see also in saith of that victory against Everton. Now do any also plays feature in Steve team. Stay they? Well, I'll have to put like his own. Honestly, other said, sixty settings host. Keeping on the Ospel said, you didn't have the players on the team, whatever he asked me if I did this eight year, right? If you thought reads it cost. Degrees. Aren't, you know, did you forget that. That was. It was. It was tough. We kid if you don't wanna pick he. He was me because I'm sure when you resolvable job-related zij. And you know, eating house, I've coming up again, sheep, you'll sit in investment in Europe. You too little worried and I thought he did a fantastic job on him today used all these expedience and that's why he's he's, he's my favorite pick of the of the week gab every any problems with Stevie same in the wake. No, no, no major major problems other than the fact that you kind of have three center four forwards in there. But other than that, I might have found room for for my man, Bernardo Silva who when you move him inside rather than relegating him to the wing, he's an entirely different player since when is not many says, is this a new thing I miss something? No, it must have been very kindly. The kid who who, whenever the team's doing well, he's supposed to, but other silver scored two goals. She'll he's gobs man. Oh, I say, I say that's what bandwagon. Oh, yes. Get results eilly. Yeah, we sure wish you can tell you who's not on the team that we saw. Why would you have Lukaku that. Yeah, look, there were playing at home. They'd be playing well, maybe they're going to score a couple of goals. And if they're gonna score goals, they're gonna come from Newcastle. So I thought, wow, wrong decision. Solarz counting right decisions? Yeah. Melissa say, victory for shocker overuse Levy. You don't even know who we kept saying. Are you on. Lift champions one. Hi, greg. KOMO Donald boots. You're working late when you get into Lert on your smartphone, your blink motion, activated security camera, picked up something suspicious at home. You open your blink out and watch a video clip of someone peering through your kitchen window. You dial nine one one and police role. I mean, isn't the point of having home security to alert you before bad stuff happens not after that's what blink does or do your blink cameras now and get fifteen percent off at blinkprotect dot com. Slash score blinkprotect dot com. Slash score. By where they want to be in league on taking on about defeat against Anfield midweek, however, eleven minutes in they find themselves one, they'll down own, go from rob yo. I feel for rob, you'll hear competitive head this. I mean, look. There's no way rob you can react to. Anthony just goes in on the second half time now with a nice finish to make it one one. There's a good Bill down the right hand side. Good interchange. Thomas Mooney with overlapping run gets to the end line cuts back. Good dummy in anticipation by go on and clean contact, YDF perfectly done. It'd be involved in all of the goes for Shays scoring this one in the sixty first minute. Shouldn't they kill funding? She's a fun bowl from neymar as well. Just opens the defense of flexi spot across the keep up. Good, fun. Ish. This finished three one name. Oh, starting off the move. Playing down the right hand side into mini, find Maxine mounting to make it through. To saying. Are you guessing are you telling. Motion. This is going to be a new thing named else to do apparently is going to give is t shirts. And families traveling pants. She one hundred percent from name. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Well, why wouldn't you to be a kid who just wants you show? We show you a law. I mean, why would you not. Well, and that's the emotion that name Arken generate. So there's a lot of people that dislike neymar and he's polarizing, and people like to see neymar diving because identify aids, even more attention and more negative energy tours name. And yet there's also a whole group of people that just love this guy and appreciate what he does on the field. I seem to be on the one that people feel it's not quite well. Yes, maybe burn, oh time to say that Leon being with you until tooth. Nothing in Columbus Day. Show when he was willing to other. Did you have swapping sheds? Do anything about that and you will die. Dumb thing? No. No, because we had four sets of gear for the Las the season. Why couldn't they wouldn't let twelve, but if accused of other done exactly the same as what name I was doing, if I'd put unity because it's. For a kid. Now get you get you get your heroes strip. I mean, fantastic own. Now we must say that this was happening while name I was being so Duff. Right? So the kid runs onto the field and and so down one case round and onto the pay. Well, no, let's see. Okay, maybe nutty. And, but here's the other thing he had about four security people around him as if the kids was going to do something to name, are they getting come on now it's all about love and appreciate fair. I know where I'm not encouraging gets the jump on. Everybody's got a job to do. Joke. Welcome into extra-time. Thanks very much feel questions. What should Man United with Alexis Sanchez. Getting the ball Leila. So it's not his phone. Entirely, but it. So you. Kenneth Tampa when the fish that you need to play the moment, but it's telling me gets on shares. He's only six and seven defend those. Facing them before they even get said. Look at goal was tough. Utilizing Alexis scientists in the correct areas. If I issue that there are moments in which is us sort of meandering somewhere in the front three, but not really under left hand side where he usually does his best work and if he's going to do his best work from there, I think Steve is absolutely right in the sense that he needs phases, I guide that has to operate with space, not a guy that does very well when it gets crowded and he just doesn't have that space because there's a whole lot of teams that are allowed to sit behind the ball against mine just say now, because my just say night, it has a difficult time moving the ball forward and Gavin thing. I'd like to see Maria try something a little bit different. I think I, you know. We can say he needs to play on on the left but space in whatever. But you know what? It's been. It's been six eight months now and and even with his first summer off in a long time, he's, you know, he's not back backward, not contributing the way you'd imagine they want him to contribute. Maybe it's time to try something different. I don't know if it's it's a front to, maybe I don't think it's written stone. Lukaku is to play on his own. Or maybe it's an extended run on the bench. And let's see a bitter Ashford. Steve, how much we frustrated when you have to wait for months, then tie for making you Liverpool dead. Right. I wasn't. No. I would say it was for Bill. Oh. You go enough. I was nineteen when this and I was joined the current European champion. So I knew I was going to opt it by matai. And that had been a list of please. Phoebe is to me who had gone through the same row me that same when they were younger, they went into the reserves, spent some time in the ways of Libertyville. So no, I wasn't. I wasn't frustrated after the year of not. If I want to read about more of your time, booting. Booting, what's it? Cold cold, five league tables, Ryan's good show available as the Billy reasonable price. There's not a rollback price yet. Right. No, I know many people send it to you, hey, then you'll pay the postage to send it back. Can you imagine that that young nineteen year old Stephen Nickell breakfast, any different is now that will be made about mayo boats, what it led. Shack ahead. Off on TV is a good loan. It is a good laugh. I don't need see laugh. You don't really have to say wanted to be honest with this morning. Yeah, pretty much comedy clubs should rent when it and he would do it. Gurun, renovate, and get them and get everybody going. Finally, any gamers amongst the panel. You're a big, Mario Cuomo? Mario counting, chill. Usually go with the mushroom. The only told. The rainbow road. We've rang my. One fifty CC Raimondo no, no chance. Gamer home. Funny enough. No. There's no good time to bug Ma. Opposing phones, seventy. Jose show as well. I mean. Visit. It's very frustrating to play video games. They are well ahead what my ability and they shoot me and I don't even know. It's sometimes you know, they got the split screens and said, look at me and I look at their screen, they're, they're both pointing their guns at me, and I don't even know they're there in fort Lee thing. That's the one was the one I hit. Oh, mulling pro money crop. Or is it point of main cop? Can somebody tell me his welfare weeks that tiny. You know what the worst thing is, is that some of the kids watch videos, Ohio do play. That'd be. TVN. Felt in the host one day, and I was off through the hanging Don Tong king. Wow. I'm your your sale is she is on gaming tomorrow. I think I'm playing the new fee for tomorrow with members of Neo red blue. We go wrong. That's on the agenda. We play one of those. I believe prior to US Mexican Columbus, Columbus. She beat me one. Nothing going cop. Then we've played in the. Any. Fine cross. Also wasted. I'm the money, not SPNFZ returns tomorrow. You're not convinced. I'm just trying to what are we talking about some all right. Oh, Malkin's Manchester, United. No cap, you know. Oh, entre versus original region?

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