1-800-Flowers Adds Venmo, Augmented Reality in Time for Valentines Day


This episode of Business Wars Daily is sponsored by wealth front with well front. You can save plan invest and get financial advice all in one place and they make your money work harder for you learn more at well. Front DOT com slash. Vw daily from one. I'm David Brown. And this is business wars daily on this Thursday February thirteenth. Okay everyone here's my public service announcement. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Now you've got no excuse. I'm positive some of you forgot and some of you knew but aren't the best planners right we'll thankfully the multibillion dollar Valentine's Day industry that is flowers chocolate restaurants cards and so forth understand your inability to manage your time and gears up for a flurry of activity and money. It's one reason why one eight hundred flowers chose last week to announce it. It's added peer to peer Payments Service. Ben Mo is a checkout choice when you choose those tulips at the last minute for those of us with bad memories. It's not really about half fresh. The roses are it's all about how fast and how easily we can get them sent to where we need them right whale. It's also about attracting millennials who at least a few years ago. Were showing a distinct disinterest in sending flowers at more than a billion dollars in annual revenues. One eight hundred flowers is one of the biggest floral companies in the country. A member of a group that Katy Kelleher writing in the observer called quote the corporate behemoths that group includes giants like pro flowers and F- td and while one eight hundred flowers is doing. Just fine. Thank you. The industry does need younger buyers to pony up and send mom more flowers and send them to their lovers too by the way even though the National Retail Federation says. We're spending more overall valentines gifts this year fewer of US actually celebrate the holiday than we used to especially younger. People with folks getting married later. Twenty and thirty. Somethings may not be paired up. There are more inclined to splurge on themselves or hang out with groups of friends and buried in school loan debt and high rents. Well many can't afford seventy bucks to send a small bouquet across the country. So what is a floral behemoth to do? That's right tuneup. Not The flowers. But how the flowers look on a smartphone so along with enabling then mope payments the one eight hundred flowers folks also have added an augmented reality feature to its site. Not only can you view flower arrangements in three d you can view them as if they are in your apartment or on your desk at work pretty cool. The multibillion dollar floral industry is competitive. There are some sixty thousand independent floral businesses out there fighting with the behemoths for your business. By the way experts. Say local florists can be a great deal. You may get fresher flowers by choosing them over. Say One eight hundred flowers are at td. One eight hundred flowers is also fighting to other dangerous rivals. You can get flowers delivered through Amazon without any delivery fees if you're a member of Amazon prime and finally there's this e-commerce flower companies designed from the ground up to appeal to millennials one of the most notable. A company called the bucs which specializes in eco-friendly so-called farm. Fresh flowers the bucs pays a ton of attention to the social site. That you'd think every flourish would love instagram. The bucs has one hundred fifty six thousand instagram followers. And it's rich photos are mesmerizing. That wapping following dwarfs one eight hundred flowers. Twenty four thousand fans prompting the observers. Kelleher to ask can instagram save the flower industry. Well maybe but perhaps rather than trying in vain to catch up to the bucs on Instagram. Adding augmented reality to its mobile apposite shooter. Bet For one eight hundred flowers after all that a are of a bouquet of red roses appearing to sit on your very own dining room table leads directly to a digital shopping cart shopping cart. That couldn't be easier or faster to us now with. I'm wondering this is business. Daily however you celebrate please show us a little love with a five star rating and review on Apple podcast. This week. I'm David Brown. Thanks for listening. And we'll see you tomorrow this episode of Business Worse daily you sponsored by wealth. Front your credit card probably gives you one percent cashback but what is your bank account? Give you with the well front cash account you earn more interest on your money. They have one of the highest interest rates in the market at one point seven eight percent. Annual percentage yield that's nineteen times more interest than the national average of zero point zero nine percent according to FDIC Dot Gov. It's easy and fast to get started. 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