Episode 33: The Dodger Stadium Trip


Episode Number Thirty Three of the Pinstripe Lanes podcast brought to you by the Yankees Dugout postseason Hud that I just washed for the first time to purchasing it three weeks ago welcome to the pinstripe lanes podcast here's radio host and lifelock thirty three of the pinstripe lanes podcast Clayton Kershaw awesome game awesome trip it by the way they're still doing construction somewhere around this apartment where we're taping so we'll let me talking about are very fun very successful trip to La to see the Yankees take series against the dodgers you're an episode number next time the Yankees play at dodger stadium or maybe you're GONNA go out to La Granted Anaheim's a bit of a hike from anywhere you're GonNa stay in Los Angeles Western New York to New York He did so on a Thursday evening and then first thing Friday morning we flew nonstop New York to L. A. X. Both of those games both Yankee wins the first time I was there I remember Sunday night baseball canot got the game winning hit I remember in the came here for a little bit we hung out and take a couple of podcasts including a majority of the one that you're about to hear however the I guess a favorite in L. A. it was the first hotel ever stayed in La La Park which is in West Hollywood it's an a neighborhood West Hollywood but it's within walking distance to pretty much everything Ralphie aversa cousin Tony let's start this trip to La that we made back in August to see the Yankee all right so we fly out to La we land now again we stayed in West Hollywood. There's a couple reasons why we stayed in West Hollywood as the actual hotel we stayed at he's play the dodgers first things first the flight I actually have a companion pass through my Delta American Express I use that for cousin Tony so cousin Tony just had a get himself Komo normally you would just fly to La and then kind of figure it out from there you might be able to pick something from that if you're already planning out your twenty twenty road trips regardless cousin Tony and I in the Uber Rides are relatively quick for the most part to get almost anywhere with the exception of downtown or dodger stadium especially during rush hour continue to bang we'll probably get to beg next to the probably GonNa bring them back with that Hicks News but regardless We'll give you some some tips if you're planning to make the trip out the about ten minutes with with minimal traffic but also be downtown. La is really kind of like the whole arts district and everything The whole premise of this podcast it did back a long long time because Anthony had talked for awhile about getting out to La to see the dodgers play the the Nice thing about that early morning flight is that when you land for the most part you're beating morning rush hour so whether you're staying downtown or you're staying in West Hollywood thirteen fourteen so I've been there a couple of different times during most last season I got to see him actually close out game at Dodger Stadium which was pretty awesome had great seats for that's why I would say if you're going to La for a dodger game my advice to you unless you have a lot of other things you wanna see your do if your main thing eh dodger game I would say stay downtown for a couple reasons a there's plenty of hotels down there you'll be close to dodger stadium it's a quick override was fantastic depending on the length of your stay who you're traveling with that would also Kinda dictate where you stay obviously if you're going in at dodger stadium anthem ever been I had been a couple times I believe twenty ten I was there and then I was also there again in say twenty originally cool change happening there it's really transforming so house if you're a member of that which you off you're listening to that but I know they just opened up a and do other things while you're there I really thought the West Hollywood area was was perfect perfect location to really go wherever you wanted in West Hollywood and what would you say about the hotel that we stayed at our whole experience I thought the hotel was we did you can pretty much get anywhere you need to get to with minimal traffic which something to be said for that obviously at La because things can get pretty rough one's own got to see a bunch of those guys which was very cool and then of course Sunday it's a game time and so for the game place down there as well in a warehouse lot of cool spots in downtown L. A. to eat to drink to see the whole thing so but again we stayed in the La area as far as the weekend in you mentioned if you're doing other things besides the game you might WanNa stay in the West Hollywood area and we did I'm doing so I return this past season for Sunday night baseball again an awesome match up between Domingo's Herrmann and who knows if ever see him in a Yankee uniform again and of course shop downtown hit up a few different places and then we basically cut the drive by over halfway at that point because it goes from being a twenty five thirty minute Uber Not counting traffic mind you to about a ten minute uber where the only traffic you're gonna hit and like you said Real quick for a game okay probably does make sense since they downtown it's closer so on so forth right however if you're traveling with family a significant other downtown's so I've grown very familiar over the past five to seven years with downtown Los Angeles and if you know anything about it you know that it's grown quite a you got to do do a number of other things Friday night we kinda bounced around chucked out a number of different bars and establishments got to do happy hour and then Saturday I don't remember what we did Saturday we Sunday breakfast the hotel the plan I devised and so here's the thing with my other job that I had in radio whenever I would go to L. aid to cover and and you went to Lids yes and they had not only do they have inky hats they had your particular yet that you always by which of course is the load is that and also the fact again and we plan this on purpose trying to get to a Friday seven o'clock game dealing with Friday rush hour wouldn't have been fun Saturday we we hung out with some of my friends my buddy Nash overstreet another acquaintance of Mine Mr Ryan Cabrera got the hang out with him our buddy pete nappy of ocean park standoff aim in West Hollywood during the day I can't remember do we get breakfast on we did get practice on Sunday right yes right because we had the Saturday Sunday Monday we had the coupons there's a lot of really cool things happening downtown there's cool bars is cool restaurants and a number of the other staples to whether it's alive or so on and so forth so is just right outside the stadium and that's probably by the way one of if not the only downfall off dodger stadium getting in and out so being very so you grab your Yankee sat and you also Grab Your Lebron James Jersey Lebron James Your boy is handled Lakers Jersey that's it I need one of those since I was out there so mother Susan Lord show all the award shows are downtown they're either at Staples Center Microsoft theater used to be Nokia Theater and so we would always because all of our work was downtown we would always I saw the stars on the on the sidewalk had to pick up new Yankees hat because my old one was very decrepit and it was about time to get a new one that was a good point during the day we just kind of took it well you actually got up early and did a Lotta sightseeing yes that's right I Jansen shopping as well went to Hollywood walked in front of the theater they actually purchased that hotel wall cousin Tony Tony donal was in town he actually bought a formula very nice certainly hit traffic as well as we figure Sunday's going to be the least amount of traffic so that's one of the reasons why we chose the Sunday game so we'd go downtown hit a couple of different spots we decided that we'll shower get dressed and it's Sunday night game but obviously we're on the west coast so four zero five first pitch so we figure we're going to actually do a pitched ears as well he came back I was just beginning stir in the in the hotel room in the Nice suite that we had and then we went obviously kind of meander and then Saturday night some kind of theme going on there and then finally we picked up the Uber from there uber driver had a heck of a time picking us up stones real good yeah that was a little surprising I mean again it was nice to kind of run into some dodger fans but look at the end of the day is not there are town built on stars not on sports and it's evident when you go to a sports bar to watch the game it's evident when you're at but not like olden decrepit just like fenway can look older as I do but can can be mentioned where I'm walking trying to take pictures but it's just I mean the way the stadium situated with the scenery behind is just absolutely gorgeous and then you different like I usually when I go to La Jog downtown and if I jaywalk while I'm jogging I get the dirty looks and you gotTa Watch out you'll get a ticket for two that's it the fifty nine fifty low profile also also micro serious goal you guys talked about that Friday or Saturday night rather this past Saturday night walkable and if you're gonNA do any like tailgating or pre gaming or just grabbing a bite to eat whatever beforehand you're actually going to have to do it in a different part of town plus much more episode number thirty three of the pinstriped lanes pockets l. nearby but a different part of town and then you're going to have to uber or drive to dodger stadium so that would be the one knock on as far as that the location but we get in dodger stadium to be honest with you as much as I loved stadium yeah I was a little I was pleasantly surprised it was good nature good nature talking about trip to L. A. Here episode number thirty three of the pinstripe lanes podcast It how did we get in what we got tickets how do we get the tickets and what was the one thing of the weekend that both the Yankee dodger fans agreed on we'll get to both of those things it even the font on the on the different signs for the concessions right merchandise it just it just had like a really old feel to it and I was actually pleasantly surprised at least one of the spots we went to the brewery the wrecks or some other dodger fans they're kind of like pre game for the game which was pretty cool want there get to the gate new walk inside and it's almost like a almost like you go back in time a little bit you know as a very throwback feel that stadium just the colors in the pull over and yell that so anyway so finally getting Uber Pretty easy drive the one thing I do remember is our our overdrive or once he found out we were Yankees fans if you remember he was I know you don't you're not a big fan of but you know dodgers stadium is got that old time feel it's got the amenities I would say the one knock on it though is it's and I think if you're not familiar with this whether it's a sporting event concert anything that involves the ticket if we would have gone first of all the secondary market was going crazy that weekend because give you all the details on it but we got tickets through a connection to the front office I'll just leave it at that and the reason I mean obviously I can't give you all the yes we gave us the business then he dropped off the Uber Lot and then we begin the walk up the hill to the gate that we went to a dodger stadium right and it was it was a little bit of a hike but picturesque setting of the sun setting in the palm trees and dodger stadium and it was it was pretty cool we get inside and we walked into this now of course if you know me personally no my diet I don't really eat meat that I'm usually definitely not eating a hot dog and so I figured well it's it's La the hotdog lengthwise. I was good you know I had to do it your dodger stadium try the dodger dog nothing crazy special about it but it was good I will while the teams were playing and you know because they don't play often in La against each other I think they might have been only selling standing room tickets though online yet we got also took me to check out live in the staple center and all the statues out there GW Marriott at Elliot live which hotel I stayed at a number of times we went in there check that out was the mustard it was awful I would and you're probably thinking would you expect I expected something better than awful that's what I expected I didn't get it it was awful so can you check again they always released seats they're always holding seats so you don't be relegated to just Well I gotTa Pay Stop How prices you don't always actually when we went up to the top terrace took a few photos up there right I know at some point then you know I wanted to try the famous dodger dog right Ralphie aversa guest co host again Tony Dino so we get to dodger stadium we get in now as far as our tickets we got tickets through I never really sold out they're always holding tickets and so if you got a connection or you think you might have a way to get a connection or whatever the case may be you wait till the last and we didn't actually buy in confirm our tickets until after we landed on Friday and the point

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