Babes On Broad #13: The Vibe Game


Hey there podcast pals. I'm John Stolnis. The host of the PHILLIES pod hidden season. One of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation. Look the baseball. Season is one hundred in sixty two games long. And there's no way you can watch all those games so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week for all the fills goodness. You could ever want and make sure to check out our other podcast including the award winning the dirty inning with Justin clue and Trevor strunk and continued success with Justin and Laze Rozier. Subscribe on Apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP and welcome to your favorite. Sports Bra hosted Jesse town and Sam. Well there's smart sexy and they're all hello hello welcomed invades on raw. I am Sam and Wilson with my co host Jesse town. Many of you probably know jess on twitter. Now Stop Right now. She is at Jessica or no at run this town with an e thirteen on twitter at Jessica underscore town with his grandma. I am at Sam Wills. Eighteen gene on both twitter and instagram. Our show page is at based on broad on all social media so check that out we are brought to you by SP nation and bleeding greed. Nation shout shoutout to them if you WANNA rep the bams on broad. It's getting Kinda Christmasy so you can get ugly. Christmas sweater is now on design tree dot com slash based on broad and that's designed Zayn without the balance of D. S. E. N. Tree Dot Com. And now get into it. He was pats. It was a loss. That's the end of the conversation of five hundred back to five hundred definition of mediocrity. It was a rough game honestly. We looked uglier than a meteoroid team. Mediocre not leave her heart. They looked like a mediocre team and the Patriots looked like a mediocre team. Like the only reason. I'm as frustrated as I am. I'm not even that frustrated traded at this point now it's Thursday. I've kind of moved on to the SEAHAWKS. I get super grumpy after Eagles Games especially when obviously only when they lose but like to the point where Joe's like the worst thing about dating you is how grumpy you are after losses and he gets really annoyed with me and I'm just like let me just be angry for a little bit to get over it myself and then it'll be fine by the next morning and fine except when they lose on Sunday night football I think about it all night when they lost analysis didn't sleep that night and Monday. I was exhausted by five Monday. I'm just like okay. Let's look at this objectively. Let's talk about it. Let's figure figure it out and the the most disappointing thing to me is the fact that Tom Brady played awfully awfully as he did. The Eagles defense played as well as they did and the eagles offense couldn't pull it together enough in the second half. I mean seventeen ten. That's not the the game you were thinking you were going to say no not at all my thing about that. What you said? Is Tom Brady Dade look not good. But I think it's because is the eagles are our defense did perform very very well but then also the weather. I think played a lot until it's very windy. Hold thrilling the first time. I feel like it's been that Kohl. Yeah I definitely think there was a lot more wind on the field. We thought it will Heidi up in the seats. But I think based on the way that the goalposts were moving I think it was swirling a lot worse on the field than we thought granted and I only say that because Carson Wentz and Dan. Tom Brady both through that. Many ugly ugly Erin passes that in. The same game doesn't completely happen. I definitely think think Tom's lost a step here and there I also but he'll and went out of terrible game but I think the wind had a lot more to do with it. I agree that also our defense. They did great but the one thing they had four dropped passes four chances intercept. Tom And I think that lesson at G. if they could catch they'd wide receivers not on this team tron. They are wide receivers on this team. I'll get it's all happening. It's all the same. I think that could have. I mean it would have been definitely some momentum. I I don't know if it would have given US points. Offensive played terrible. Yep but I mean that's a difference too I mean I'm not saying catch Hor but catch one of them. Yeah and also a couple of right eight to them Jim. Schwarzer's should just be walking around all week with both of his middle fingers up never found out just to everyone. Tom Brady was playing bad or Dane representing resembling good. No I'd be. They played the D. Shutdown. Tom Brady laid phenomenal. And everyone wanted to call Jim Schwartz head after Atlanta Eliana after Detroit. Everyone wanted to talk about how he can't make adjustments. He doesn't know what he's doing. Why are you playing ten yards off the ball? Well we'll if we remember you and I talked about it. His corners couldn't cover and the best thing they could do was play ten yards on the ball and now when he has the correct correct personnel for it. His corners. Playing up there. Pressing on the receivers at scrimmage. They're running with them. Stride for stride breaking up passes and it's giving the defense time the defensive line time to get to the quarterback. Tom Brady spent a lot of time on the ground on Sunday. He did already does not spend that much time on the ground. He was only sacked once but he was hit. Allow hit a long vinny. Curry had a couple in there. I know he was in the backfield. A lot brand Graham dot one nice and early and I I. I seriously said I was like all you just need Brandon Graham to get in Tom. Brady's face hope of his pants and it'll be fine. Yeah I mean it was fine except for the offense. It's not to think not not only. Was it a low scoring game. But Tom Brady. Didn't have a touchdown. Touchdown came from Ataman. Hey Julie Middleman me to do what I know. So many people were didn't agree with dirty on. Maddox all know bullock dishes. Defense and I was like this just came back from a neck brace. And you're hanging on his neck pulling backwards. Words is laser suck on radio. You didn't need that you didn't have the ball at that point in your support him down on the ground. Rows Rodney McLeod made a comment and he said something Along the lines of now. Don't quote me on this specifically but he said you know those are the things you see from Eshelman on tape and he said we'll use the word chippy. He didn't WanNA say straight up. Say like a dirty player but he said you know will use the word They're not wrong. You you see it every now and then a lot of gates now it might be like a little man syndrome. Kind of thing won't got for it. He's not he's not the most talented guy that everything out the guy that let a guy and he works really hard right obviously. He's the role. MVP reason deserved that pay hard. Yeah you know. I think he works to to be a decent receiver. Lincoln you know. He's a person that they've talked. What about is he a hall of Famer or not? There's a line there's a there's A. There's a chippy line. There's a vigil got out in a neck brace and you're hanging on his neck come on but you know over the course of the Season Eagles defence is Kinda. been the what's improved. They were the bright spot on Sunday or for shore fourth in a rush yards per game allowed ninth in total yards per game allowed Yeah Yeah Tom Brady End Carson. They were super-duper close on total yards. They had to sixteen to fourteen not. Isn't that weird. Yeah one of the ball Forty seven twenty six forty seven so so about the same was twenty completions there too. He had not too bad. Carson was twenty for forty two hundred fourteen yards and a touchdown carson was also sacked five times. That was the most asked all his twelve times. Hit Twelve Times twelve times satisfy. I mean so and a a lot of people want to jump on the holding the ball too long and you know my bet Co host Rob Lange and I talked about this yesterday and rob. I think said it really well. He said he has. Is that hero Jean. He wants to be the hero and I don't think he necessarily wants to be the hero for like a personal ego. Kinda thing like he never wants to quit on a play like I think he just. He knows that he had him himself. Has the talent to make something happen but at this point hue after. No you can't rely on other people to make it happen. If that makes sense yes and I think when you look at it you look at the breakdowns and you look at you. Know the the coaches film and you kind of see. He's he's only looking at one half of the field he's not he's looking at one half non the other half that's coaching. He's being coached to do that is doug. Is it. Press Taylor the quarterbacks coach is Mike grow who knows and then sometimes the rats aren't there. I don't know if you saw the clip of it was supposed to be a three step. Get rid of the ball right away and it was a little rug route between got it and I think think Abdur was the other one got on the outside and I think Adler was was inside. They were just supposed to quick and be right there with the they they were running like it was like a non contact not as instead of like in a real. NFL game against one of the best defense in the league. So explosive you mean does not have it all and it was so obvious. Obvious what they were doing like Dallas Goddard like feeder in quicksand. And he's been terrible a protecting the football catching in protecting the football. The touch the touchdown that was ruled an interception that should should have been ruled in it. And I mean he's the one who had that I fumble against the cowboys in Dallas and you know has had a couple significant drops this year. You're an Dallas got a lot of promise last year so to me. That goes back to coach it. Dude I feel something like that goes on Doug for the most part. Because he's the ultimate goes back to 'cause he's the overall coach he's seeing how they run their practices the effort they give and he obviously is just saying. It's Okay I. It's it's his job if migros letting him get away with it. It's his job to be like Yo may come pick it up. Make them get into it. The things that might grow has said upset me in ways that I can't even he'll offended Nelson Ag Laura when Nelson Defend himself Nelson. Excuse about hitting the ground too hard had the ball in his hands when he hit the ground yard but he did say that he should have caught it. Yes yes. Miguel can't even admit that no I'm trying to. I have to find the tweet from the other day that made you feel beaten up not that one be. LG tweeted a quote from micro and my favorite thing that Bill G. Does is tweets quotes from microbes. The press conferences because some of them are so ridiculous and funny. Oh yeah micro said. The Eagles are GonNa work harder this week than they did last week. Might why didn't you. You're playing the day on Patriots you're playing an NFL team. I don't care if you like you're playing an NFL team. That clearly wants some revenge on you. Maybe he said that before just and he meant it up. This is his press conference literally. Two days ago this day presser on ended up. Maybe it was a repeat any saying they're gonNA we don't work harder now against the Patriots By Week you'd hope was no micro says. The Eagles are GonNa work harder this this week than they did last week. Great Awesome. I would like you to work hard every week but that allows me especially going against Tom Brady right. I know there are a lot of the problems with the with the offense and micro side. I think he is a problem with the offense. They got away from the run game as well but that also a a lane Johnson went down that hurt him a lot. Yes I had a style shoot. Where is it lucky talk? Let's talk about this run game now. Here here is my problem. They needed another receiver. They knew Sean. Jeffrey was banged up. Already got a little bit more banged up against the Chicago bears so they brought in a receiver. The first day of the bye week take signed him. The first day they were able to Going into practice great Jordan Howard gotTa Stinger Against the Chicago bears and was not not cleared for contact. Now Doug said Oh we were optimistic about it. But it's at times like that where they also put Darren sproles on I R so that was another one of a it was sore. It was partially torn. But they thought Rehab would be fine well then it. The hip flexor was fully torn. You now his they put him on. I R on Wednesday. They still waited until Friday to bring in. Jj Friday you had the bye week. And now why was Darren sproles not put on I r sooner and why did you wait until Friday to bring Jae in the problem. The problem I have. They're all well. He knows the the man hasn't hasn't played in a year. He has done anything and because it was so late. They didn't have a damn helmet. That fits right so he couldn't play. That aggravates me in ways. I can't even tell Ellia going along. With the fact that out of nowhere. alshon calf injury never healed at now is an ankle injury. Somehow after a bye week having a week off I o understanding understanding what did you do or the. I don't understand how they're handling anything. No you're either like I. I give the Eagles so much credit for the way they handle things sometimes. They have completely butchered every single situation. This year burchard completely arden with Sean and granted. You can't force a grown man to have surgery. If he has options like I get it we can highly recommend and explain. This is his first major injury like that and I don't know I just think I think we talked about it last week. I believe some of it is overvaluation. Some of it is grossly under performances by Serbia but also so like handling the situation as they come to you now with the defensive side of the ball. I think everything's been handled five offense really. This has just been you know what show like. It's been a freaking mess mess a dumpster. Fire Mess it's they on the verge of dumpster fire and and I think this may cross them into full dumpster fire it is. That was bad dude. This data was looking appreciate so lane Johnson. Obviously that's a big effect in fact like I said on their wrong game yet so he played three drives before going out with a concussion so the three drives he was in the team recorded one hundred and forty seven yards and that's when they scored their ten endpoints. That's good the final seven drives without Johnson. The team recorded no points and get it get this thirty six yards. Watch a hundred and forty seven yards to thirty six in double the amount of drugs and that actually I think I missed the final final drive. So there's a couple couple more but still so getting away from the run game after Lane Johnson goes down I get it I do just because he's so good at what he says. Him and Brandon together are so good on that side which is why they just extended brandon. Yeah the fact that they just what do they do from here in the passing game like what more is there to do. I get Carson was terrible on Sunday I get him. He was bad he was really really bad. He and I actually heard trae. I say earlier in the week you know these guys are NFL. Open Carson. Doesn't trust them. He will never say it. Doug will never say I would not trust them either. You can see it. Yeah and what right like person remind would trust them right. I 'cause that's even thing like that. Basically what we already mentioned. He's trying to be the hero. You can be the hero on your part but you don't look like a hero if you don't have a hero on the other side of the wreck and he doesn't have that now ever he trusts. I think he trusted Jordan. Mathews with like one jump ball in matthew dry heat it. Yeah I know exactly what when you're talking about and I will give. Jj awaits credit. He caught whatever came his way he. He thought he played well on Sunday. A few relatively catches one was called back for a penalty which is unfortunate but I thought he played really well. Do we move into discussing Nelson Igor. So now he's Knee injury right now. He did come down on that meek really hard he does not our fault. He can't read a ball in his uncoordinated when he looks up trying to readable. Okay okay which one are you more about the last play okay. You're the first. One livers caught the ball and like because there is no it it was right like yes it would have been want legs to catch. You have to think about you have to stretch out. You have to be conscious in your head where you are on the field. Yes keep your chosen. Yes he he was just running trying to catch the ball like it was just valiant wariness is impeccable and he was out of the end zone already one foot that he called his back foot he could have already about. He couldn't buy outs but he just ran through it like it was just like oh practice ball. He can't track a ball to save and I and what have you watch film him playing at USC. Like I don't understand what happened in my mind. That's a mental mistake because everybody's been talking about his hands and all that stuff so in his mind I think he was just guy catchable. GotTa catch the ball guide catchable instead of every single receiver knows you run to that line. It doesn't matter if you pass that line or not you catch it. You run to line you keep your feet in you stretch. You know that I know that and I am a twenty four cornhole volleyball player. What it's just a shame because and I don't think he didn't give effort on that play as much as he like the one in Dallas where he didn't stretch his earning? It's a lack of awareness a lack of awareness that you have to like any. NFL receiver you have to at least make an effort to keep your feet bounce there. I know it's a tough catch. I'm not not sitting here. Saying he was standing there with no one around him in place you know it was the easiest catching the world. It's not but at this point. He's a fifth year. NFL receiver getting paid nine and a half million dollars to quite literally catch the ball. That's why I'm saying. It literally was a mental mistake in his mind. He had to be like Launches catchable end when it comes to the last play their last offensive. Play the game first. Second and third down I have no lights with Carson wise was doing no idea carson unbelievably some of the worst throws I've ever eaten a Made period but that last ball to Nelson or or he threw it off his back foot he got hit he put enough air under. It was a perfect father and first of all. He contorted his body into a pretzel which he didn't need to do. He looked so uncoordinated. He didn't need to do that. One second of all it still hit him in the hands and he couldn't Control it to the ground. That's my biggest issue. If it hits you in the hands I'm AG- I agree. I'm not saying it was an easy catch. I'm I'm still going to sit here and tell you it was a tough catch to me but a fifth year. NFL Receiver who was a first round draft. Pick DOC Games online game on the line. Perfect ball you gotta track that better. You have to track better and you have to come down with that. It hits you in the hands hands and then you say I hit the ground too hard and I get it like especially if he's hurt now and like it hurt you that bad and your body just kind of freaked Out Like I WANNA I wanna get it but like at this point. It's so hard because it's happened so many times with him that it's so hard to stand stand up for him and defend him exactly. My point is okay so like yeah that might her. You could walk off the field dude. It wasn't a serious injury and now I just I just feel like he's mantle. I don't think I don't want to ever say that like an injury is not an injury or whatever but I do. I have a hard time believing. It's a serious as him needing this practice dress for his knee daily when he going into. It's obviously very mental. He deleted his social media. Is was just instagram's just throw so. He deleted pleaded his instagram. And stuff like that so a lot of mental the post game he was very emotionally sound like he was about cry. He's got that texted you. Will you had that on your update. I was like this is so crunchy taken off please. I can't listen to it again now. People needed to hear it. Course now I don't I don't disagree and I do feel for him I I do I do too but it's just happened so many times. I'm just like that's where the one thing we are female. So we're low emotional. Select idea I feel so so bad warm in this like. That's your job Dude. You got it. I'll feel badly Alshon last year. That Miss Catch. I felt terrible for that because he didn't do that last year at one time. And it's a big time. That sucks Nelson. You do it all the frequent time. Big Game lead us down and you keep doing it. Yeah I feel bad for you but no dude. It is junior up that many times at my job. We don't there are repercussions you know. I'M NOT GONNA sit here and screen for him to get cut. I'm not GONNA do that. That's not you you know who I am but like I just. I don't know what to do like I don't know what the eagles do you know they. They wouldn't settle for anything less than a second second round pick forum which I think was silly. Yeah this one I think was an overvaluation. Oh Yeah I think Alshon is under performed because anybody's GonNa sit here now. He has. Everyone was excited about that extension. When they gave it to? Everyone was excited. I hoped he would step up and continue because I. I've said many times on here on any other show I've been on. He had a phenomenal season. In two thousand seventeen it was a hell of a bounce back year and that Super Bowl win does not happen without Nelson. OBE AGUA that final touchdown drive Zakar. It's he had three receptions two for eighteen eighteen yard at one for ten yards and they were all great catches. It doesn't happen without Nelson Adler angry. I hold firm with that but he has been a disappointment since you. We'll have to go to break so I can't wait now. You're listening to Babes on broad on Blaine Green Nation Radio Baseball. Truly it is awful. I'm phillies writer. Justin clue join me every week. Along with John Stolnis. Liz Rozier and Dr Trevor Shrunk as we discussed all the ways the phillies have hurt us on our podcast hidden season As well as historical anecdotes and rar emotional ramblings on our other shows continued success and the dirty inning subscribe to the good fight and you'll get conversations with insiders analysis of breaking news and stats stats stats together. We'll survive whatever baseball can throw at us. Welcome back into our our second segment of this episode Babes on broad so now we need to after breaking down the loss to patriots. We need to go into this week's matchup Gotcha with the seahawks so the seahawks are coming in playing extremely well. That's actually one of the better divisions in football. All right now you know. That's they're pretty much the reason why there's not gonNA be any option to get into the playoffs without winning without winning the division They're playing really well right now. Coming off a couple of coming off a phenomenal win over the San Francisco Forty niners. Who are one of the best teams in football right now? Russell Wilson is the front runner for MVP at the moment We'll him and Lamar Jackson. Personally I like Lamar Jackson but I also I also love watching Russell. Wilson play I think he's extremely dynamic it. He was a guy who was drafted to be a project. Ended up beating out the starting quarterback In training camp and going on and has a has had a really great career so far this this year. He's playing at that. MVP level twenty three touchdowns two two interceptions nuts and Yeah there you know he the the offensive line. It's still the offensive line. He still getting hit a lot. He's still getting beat up back twenty seven times. Oh my God. Isn't that terrible. That's actually really awful. How many times is Carson Winston? Says I don't know twenty five not also not but he also got five in the last game. That's true the and that was the that was the worst I won't be at four against Chicago. Gregan Buffalo three against Dallas to against Minnesota once against the jets. He was not sacked at in Green Bay remember. We talked about that. How great they were and yeah three against Detroit three against Atlanta one against the Redskins so and you know we got into all had had whatever this is going to be an interesting matchup? I'm pretty sure. Russell Wilson is undefeated against the Eagles in his career. Some of the Games in some of a game against Seattle have probably comment like the worst possible times in the seasons as well. One of them was two thousand in fourteen when the eagles were not playing well obviously that you know Carson Wentz wasn't here he added. It was still chip Kelly. Russell Wilson came in here and just steamrolled them in December that wasn't fun in Two Thousand Sixteen Carson Wentz his rookie year. We all remember that game. That was the Nelson Aguilar game with the Greg Lewis. Look not face. That means the year they went to the Super Bowl. They won the Super Bowl. They went out to Seattle and that was their first Harry months remember. They just don't play Seattle but I think that this different defense and if everyone plays the way they're supposed to they come out with a win. What do you think yeah? I don't know now I said last week on both of this podcast in the morning show. We always talk about the vibes going into it and everybody had divide sad that if they were gonna be either the patter the seahawks they would go and take one from Tom. Brady and I felt opposite. I chose last week. THEM TO LOSE Tom And I always had a good feeling about this. Being the upset game for some reason even though the seahawks are pretty strong right now eight into I don't know why really really going with the whole Jamie Lynch the. NFL is weird. But I do think actually to. It's kind of a redemption game. They played a really really bad last week. Like the offense and so I think I expect them to come out and play well and redeem themselves. You know scientists. I don't know what to think right now. A little on the edge in the moment took I think our defense do well the only thing. Obviously you've got to be concerned. Brussels rushing it really gone up against so rushing. QB like a really strong rushing this year. Not Dad at a gun attack and Josh Allen in Buffalo. Yeah so that concerns me because Got Away with it. Maybe eight yards on a quarterback sneak and understand how that freaking awesome. And that's the thing is they don't really expect that from this. I feel like they should. At least you speak prepared. Because you know he's GonNa run. I I really don't know what to think at this point. I'm on the edge but my vibes. Do say they get it. It's it's close so birds birds I if I'm on the edge of Mali shoes in the birds baby back the biggest concern for me. You will be the offensive line and yet there's a lot of laying off lanes going back from his concussion on some people the guys my morning show they keep saying they think he will be back concussions. They take super seriously now. If certain amount you're out if it was bring that lane could just be like I'm GonNa tough through concussions Russians. Not Not something teams. Let you talk to her. And I wouldn't want him to. I Agree I. It's very serious and it's tough because now now doug came out and said they put dillard there. I don't know about the I mean that's the right thing I mean I don't know they know their best options so I truly believe he's probably the best option but trade talked about today. He didn't say that he shouldn't be there because obviously they have to fill the hole but he did say about how hard it is to go from the left side to right yes. He's Oh simple. Yeah it's not. It's not and so for trae. Thomas obviously having a career like his to say that. That's a hard thing to do a rookie coming in trying. We do it against a good team. You know it's GonNa be hard. It's a hard thing to do. And especially that's I mean. Think about exactly what they're gonNA do with that they're gonNA put Judean W.. Cloudy Right in front of Andre Diller. Now I have opinions about w cloudy and I'm going to put them out right now. I want here. I don't know if he's all my tweet. A couple of weeks ago when he had that spectacular spectacular game against the forty niners fumble return for a touchdown or interception for pick. Six he was all over. Are Jimmy Garoppolo. Here's my opinion and everyone just kept tweeted out is three pass deflections. Yes he was. Everyone just kept tweeting talking about all. Howie really dropped the ball on this one he openly? We've got some breaking news from schefter coming in. What did he say where it's about Myles Garrett? We'll all all up twitter's I have the full quote right here and we can read that in a second but my will issue is. I can't watch a phenomenal all performance from anybody in the NFL without seeing tweets about how he didn't get them and I know that that clowney was was someone who was available. He didn't go for much. But but here's here's the logic there. When looking at the eagles defensive line they had Fletcher Cox Inside Ride Maliki Jackson inside they had Tim Jernigan for the inside. They had Brandon Graham Vinny Curry Josh Sweat Derek Barnett. They didn't didn't need any more run stopping and cloudy throughout his career has been a phenomenal run stopper at a middle love. The pack pass rusher. We needed pass rushers. We didn't mean run stoppers. So I see why Howie Roseman didn't go out there and and give up. Put everything on the line right. Yeah it makes sense to me now. People might disagree with that and that's fine now the way that I see what you're saying like it that's Zazi That's where so the fact that he played as well as he did in the pass. Rush game against the forty niners and absolutely took advantage of Mike mcglinchey Glenn g who went to Penn Charter charter sucks. Gi Over Penn Charter. Just getting Penn Charter Penn Charter Charter. She charter as a fine attention. Germantown Academy alum and I will ride or die with till the end always but anyway Mike will go. Gee actually graduated the same year I did so oh are four years in high school playing against Penn Charter. It was it was against my nuts. We like are the same age as people just like making millions of millionaire craze like first round draft pick making dollars him and Darryl Worley actually who was almost an eagle both It was it was very cool to see somebody who I watched play school. Glenn play at Notre Dame and then get drafted. It's very cool. However having cloudy had his way with him during that game a couple of weeks ago I love just watching sensational NFL performances? I like sports. I like I like seeing things like that. That was a spectacular performance from him in the past game which we do not see from him very often and nats what the eagles needed if they were going to focus on the defensive line at all I agree However against a rookie playing out of position no less? I mean I think cloudy. He's always a monster. I mean he sometimes he won't show it I just I would always feel him my thing though when you speak in val great performances that brings me back to Russell's so him obviously him Lamar Jackson in the MVP race. Yes Mike that also leads to my vibes rides feeling Makes me nervous. Because Lamar Jackson had a great week last week and really not himself up to possibly. What a lot of people are saying the number number one spot of the MVP race which is always going to be an awesome game and it was but so it makes me worried because Russell Dink at the chance to continue the MVP race because he was on his last week so now unlike what if he comes out and he's like Again so that's it's another another thing to make some word. I don't know there's a lot of components that go into this. I feel like besides just. There's a lot of components that go into its defensive playing really well thank you jalen mills. 'cause they've got some really dynamic playmakers Chris Carson. They're running back as having a really good season. Decay metcalf is an animal. Oh my gosh. She's an animal just just an animal. He's so big but he I'm sorry you were saying you can't see anything without you. Got Him evil should got it. Yeah I don't but that's everybody in the NFL. Like I don't Wii oh he can't run rows who cares if he can't run route he's bigger than you and your kin body any corner in this league. Yeah anybody yeah and obviously Tyler Lockett is quick elusive phenomenal catches like keeping toes and bounds in the corner of the endzone catches who who would have thought that possible. What is your our prediction for the Eagles on Sunday? And what is your What what's your key to win my keys? Carson Wentz in the align okay fair enough who ensure four score in poor shore on but and I think it's GonNa be close and I think because the offense is Expecting the eagles offense to redeem themselves and obviously Veasley Russell Wilson's hard to stop. I think it is going to be semi high-scoring so I'm GonNa say Twenty Six twenty. Four Eagle sorry. I forgot how by Twenty Twenty six point. Four evils Gotcha. I love similar thinking I think this needs to be a bounceback game for Carson. I think he knows that I think he wants that. I think they're pretty much itching to get back out there. This offensive line really needs to put in as much work as they can get this right because they did not play their best game on Sunday. The Eagles need to stick to the run game. They need to continue to force the issue there. Because IT'S GOING TO BE A. It's what the offensive line likes to be. It's going to be the way to kind of keep keep Russell Wilson off of the field and the least the less time you can get rush on the field the better as much as they can stay off the field that offense. They can do a lot of different things that would be ideal. The defense has to keep rolling the way they're rolling and playing the way they are. The linebackers actually had a really good game last week. Aside from the won Miss Tackle in the Backfield by Nate Gary. But for the most part they've played well. Nigel radames back practice. Hopefully he plays Sunday. That would be great to say Orsi skews me and hopefully sean can go. Hopefully Jordan Howard can go but if not at least we'll see Jay Ajayi mixed in there more I think it's going to be a close game and I and I think the eagles are going to win. Twenty one seventeen scoop them by the way Howard was a limited participation practice of leaders play. Here's sober so the breaking news that we mentioned earlier. Yeah in an appeal with the NFL. BROWNS defensive end myles Garrett alleged that Mason Rudolph called him a racial slur our prior to last week's brawl on Thursday night or ESPN's Josina Anderson and me Adam Schefter and accusation the steelers QB strongly denies. That's very interesting. Because did you see the story that came out right afterward. Yasina Anderson tweeted Yup that she wouldn't be surprised. If there is over actual insinuating that there was something racial official said and once he found out about it all in south in it like developed a sore develop she deleted the tweet quickly somebody audit. He upsets very interesting that now she tweeted it they decide to go to her to break the story. Her and Adam Schefter Ya and my my opinion on the matter is if if that is the case and that's interesting. I was really thinking this in just pulled up twitter and Tire Johnson just tweeted if he I think this has mentioned for the rest of the year should be upheld. He should get suspended into next year. If that's what started this because that that's unacceptable. Yeah another thing is though the quarterback would have said when he was going after miles with on the ground because he so it was a it was a quick screen so it was. The ball was out of his hands and Myles Dell's Garrett pull him down to the ground which was a fifteen yard penalty anyway. Yeah my thing is I would have thought. Had that been the case I would. I thought that myles Garrett would have said something after the game because at that point the damage was already done and there was no there was no getting out of it. You know what I mean. Like there was no. He was getting suspended vended regardless at that point. Tell tell your story man like is you know. Of course he had to say I lost my cool. I couldn't you know that whole speech. Whatever but you know? If that's the case there's there's no place for swinging a helmet in physical assault. Yeah there's there's no place for for racism no I agree hundred percent and you don't know the full story but I don't know what it's like. Why would he not say that right away? Then I don't know apologize ads for losing your cool but you're also like you don't know the whole story. There was more to the situation. You're out to say exactly what he said but at least insinuate that there was more instead of just admitting that you lost your cool that that makes no sense. Yeah and that's where the browns messed up even letting him speak to the media Reddaway. Pr Team should've swooped in swooped. In Lyon we wait until this is all because might hurt him the fact that he didn't say anything he didn't insinuate that there was anything besides him losing his cool. Yeah and and you know P M people there were a lot of tweets and stuff kind of pointing fingers left and right and you know I I I just hopefully gets this right they. They screwed up a lot of different things in the past. Suspensions you know I I just I just hope they get one right. That's all. I don't know it's tough because I mean really. There's no proof. Obviously unless he might up which I don't think you so so there's really no proof I think it goes back to him. Non Insinuating that anything with sat immediately. 'cause now he's claiming which anybody can claim after. Yeah there's approved but it's also you know this is. This is something that obviously has to be taken seriously if obviously whoa this is what happened like it. It has to be handled. I also think it was wrong. That Mason Rudolph didn't get anything as the game. I agree I agree agree. He should have gotten the fine. was crap the that was. BS justifying was crap because he like both of them responsible for this issue. Okay moving on to our next topic. That was some breaking news. That obviously when you listen to this one exactly breaking but it's still relevant So what's going on in Philly. We add some the big news in Philly last night. Ben Simmons wish I I got I it wasn't it was perfect Okay sweet Ben Simmons hit his first career regular season three pointer that was drawn up for Ben that was in stride. That was in rhythm it was perfect. It was for your. I was sitting on my couch. Just watching the play develop Looked was watching. And I don't have very good eyesight so it's hard for me to see the numbers on their jerseys when I'm watching TV. And I was like okay. Ah who shooting that shot. Don't see Ben Anywhere and then I realized it was an absolutely lost my mind. I ran around my apartment encircles. I screamed I was excited. I'm so happy I'm so happy and apparently I saw somewhere. That like Ben was too cocky in his post-game Presser. Someone asked about how I think you could see my rap. I don't care. He has dealt with so much you-know-what since he's been then here he deserves to be happy and feel any type away dude. I think he handled that perfectly. I'm so happy. Why would my the thing is? What's he supposed to jump up and down like I did? I did it. No because you act like you've been there before that's what anyhow sleep no can you imagine yourself like He'd be roasted. Oh my God. Yeah so that's interesting. Look so pretty. You have to act like you've been there before I don't care if you haven't yet. He had a great night last night. He he did. He looked really good last night. My kind of frustrating. What just going off like last night? 'cause we kind of talked about in the morning show so you won't be his stats. Always the leading in Goose Appleford. Yeah but he has had such a lackluster season. Like he looks like he's not even trying or doing anything doesn't care but he's still put not like pretty good numbers in just so frustrating because imagine if he tried. Yeah but I mean I agree. He did not have a good night but let the snap word but late in the game he it was over five from three fifty seconds left. He hits a dagger to beat the Knicks. Not An impressive night from him and I agreed grades but lackluster. It's been it's been lazy. He did say though. He's playing both nights this back to back. Who did he did say that? And I think that was A. Hey I you WanNa play both night. Yeah and Jimmy Butler said a nice thing about him. How that Jimmy Butler can say Nice? Yeah he did. It came out. I forget exactly what he said but basically it was Joel. embiid saying how great he is and he'll be something special assessments. I'd just I think I don't mind the load management thing if I I mean Kawhi and the raptors prove last year that it works and Co.. I was healthy S. further playoffs and he obviously toward up in the playoffs so so he proved that it works. I don't mind them doing it. I just think that they have not done a good job of picking and choosing so far like he was suspended for for two games he plays a game and then he is on a load management. Like I thought that was dumb. I agree you need to make sure that. He's getting his rhythm for the year and he said he wanted to. So yeah. Yeah so I think. Obviously he played last night. I think there's a chance that he plays less minutes on Friday and he plays more on Saturday. He wants to be on angioplasty and he wants it. Locked Jimmy Butler so that's a fun thing. They are fast as to and I just hate the rest of that heat team. Gordon Dragages like my. I hate order more than anything like I was so mad. He's like Non My Ozzy Marshall No I knew that was not do. I was so angry. The year that Benson Benson could have been in all star in his rookie year. Just because of how well he was playing the triple doubles and whatnot. Regardless of the shooting and the fact that they put Gore and derogatory derogatory. There is an all-star instead do you know how Livid I was. I was so angry and I'm still angry. Like Fan. Votes Will Levi on twitter. Too for that. Yeah you can. It's fan votes but then everybody else gets a vote and then someone got hurt. It's like when someone gets hurt. And then they put someone I forget who it was might have been all the depot the got hurry was and they put Gore androgen there instead and I was like. Are you kidding me. I was so angry like the year that they Paul millsap and instead of Joel Embiid I was upset with do they. Put Al Horford in the All Star game too and that was that year was Vendredi. Put Horford and I was like forget this guy and then I was like wait no he definitely pointers Goren drag to though absolutely not. He is trash okay. So that was love the sixers. We will come back with two more topics of things going on in Philly one quick ones and then we have a couple questions to answer you are listening to the broad on BGN radio hey. I'm Spencer Hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown forecast avengers of college football podcast. It says during the script onto riff on what that means and basically what I mean is this all already spoiled. Every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling. Too unfashionable Pants Warren Middle School. We also do talk about college. Football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early. And unfashionable pants. That coaches where now if if you want to take college football exactly seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. or in your favorite podcast APP. Welcome back to Babes on Broadway. We have to speed through this last segment. Silver Quick Phillies. They hired a new hitting coach. It was the assistant coach from the nationals. What was his name? Dealing Joe Dylan Dylan is put down my phone so couldn't remember. Yes Joe Dylan. The new hitting coach from the national. All I get face off right now. I haven't done my research because just came out right now but yeah I like it. I mean that might be a Bryce Harper. I was go shopping. Move Harbourside I mean but what are you going to say bryce now. We're not gonNA take him when he just helped. Your former team won a national championship in the Reagan. Can yeah entire time exactly. So I'm saying he can't be that bad I didn't even if you're only claim is that he was young he had he learned under somebody. That was really good. Yeah so good and also phillies. Get rid of your new hats. They're they're Dallas while they're not phillies. Hats no one looks at the star. Dotting the I and thinks Oh yeah that represents the phillies get them off the website. They saw the outrage last year. Just having the SRB their transition on the scoreboard it was heinous. Would you do that knowing your fanbase Dylan. Okay now moving into some questions question one ready. Yeah do you think. The Eagles coaches should realize that the wide receivers aren't going to get any better and just accept it now because we talked about it earlier part of its coaching. It's the laziness it's also the medical safflower Catholic season's not over. It's not at all rich not over by any stretch. Yeah question number two. What do you want our who who do you? You want are wide receivers and running backs to be next year. That's a loaded question. Man I want. Okay here's what I'll say I want. Jordan Howard resigned ideal. Yes I agree go Jordan Howard Miles Sanders If they keep Jay so they did put in. JJ's contract for this year so far. He's here but for twenty twenty any team that offers him a contract attract. The Eagles have the opportunity to match that. And Keep It. Okay cool so I wouldn't mind Jordan Howard Mile Sanders and Jay Ajayi. No I wouldn't mind that at all. It's basically basically this year but miles will have a year under his belt. Howard is obviously Howard engage is proven is proven and he's Healthier Darren sproles at this point against and younger yeah. Wide receivers draft somebody. I don't know draft. Get Somebody Dan. I don't know but that is definitely your area of much needed help right now rangel. I'm not the GM to have to have to do that. Because you got a lot thought that you need to do to repair that situation now. The problem is cars problem confidence. Do you think the pressure is getting him no. It's I think we talked about it. He doesn't trust anybody eighty. I don't all units in his in his arsenal. Yeah confidence in his people the US. Yeah I I. I don't think the pressure's getting to him. I think frustration tation and lack of trust and the honestly at that point. There's nothing you can do about that. What that's what concerns me? There's nothing you can do about it. Frustrated straighted I agree. But what are you GONNA do. All right was that it only I had a funny one. Oh my gosh I got. I should have pulled this off. I should have better time. Management Mint load manage better. Oh my gosh. I'm not going to get it. We'll get an XM. Sorry it was something I remember. I told you about it tonight. A screen shot at like Gavin. I don't think I did and now my phones one percent so it's really slow happens when Sam doesn't listen to me I don't have it okay. Well we'll get it out there. Don't you worry but that is that is the end of our episode today episode number thirteen flying by kill it absolutely GonNa thank you do as be nation seven and bleeding great nation. You can find our podcast anywhere. You get podcasts. All of them are there. Go check him out. Make sure you follow both of us on social media. I'm at run this town with an east thirteen thirteen on twitter and at Jessica underscore town on instagram. Santa's at San Wills eighteen on both all of our social media at Babes on Broadway. You can find us anywhere. We're there go birds go. Let's hope the birds get a win this week and go on to run the good vibes baby. Starting give the good vibes. They need it. Sixers have a couple of good games this weekend. Go sixers golf flyers go philly go Philly philly pride and good luck talked to everybody running in the Philadelphia Mary weekend. There's a girl I went to high school with WHO has Cancer and she had her leg amputated. She's walking the marathon shot ought to her. Yeah Lauren almonds. She's killing it actually. Count it and our good friend Rob. He's running it as well. Just because Ramadi no Rob Gorman Rob goarmy on like running very excit- we're GONNA say very excited until next week or based on bribes birds go philly dossier next week. Hey there podcast pals. I'm John Stolnis. The host of the PHILLIES pod hidden season. One of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family family from espy nation. Look the baseball season is one hundred sixty two games long and there's no way you can watch all those games so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week for all all the fills goodness. You could ever want and make sure to check out our other great podcasts including the award winning the dirty inning with Justin clue and Trevor strunk and continued success with Justin. and Liz rozier subscribe Apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP.

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