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Won't come to the bombing Sherry show with Bob Smartest Hale and John Toland honey not always purpose but he's funny and sharing your wise from you smell like books. You really are the whole package and now broadcasting from the palatial Bob and Sheri Studios. It's often eleven sharing when I was a kid there was no HBO. And so. If I wanted to see something that was A little on the Raunchy side a little on the daring side. I have to sneak into a movie right because it just wasn't there like it is now on TV so this is kind of interesting. A website conducted a survey of of a thousand people varying ages. Young too old and said what is the most offensive television show of all time. Okay so now we are. We staying away from K.. Premium cable are we talking about the big three networks. We're talking about Four networks six so ABC NBC CBS Fox and Fox married with children. That is on there that is number. Let's see one two. Two three four five married with children is number five. I'll start with number one. Okay and then we'll we'll go down the list here The number one most offensive. TV show of all time is South Park. Yeah I I I think that was going to be a protest what it is not be on the big four networks. It was on Fox right now. What was it on comedy? Essential Comedy Central. Well I guess they They went beyond those four. Yeah but there's nothing here that's that was on. Hbo Or anything like that number for to family guy. Yeah I'd like family. I liked it actually better than South Park number three. We're going in another direction. Here of the most offensive shows of all time Jerry Springer. Yeah I can say guess. It's offensive for a different reason. First of all it's tasteless if Jerry's offensive. What is Maree? Yeah Yeah you know more. He's not even on Alexa. Right after Jerry Springer this. I didn't expect to see this one on here all in the family I think for its time like Hina remember. It's tie but but I mean it wasn't it wasn't offensive ah for gratuitous reasons I mean. They were very often archie. Bunker was racist than he was. You know with a poem of phobic. They were making making a point that using him as an example you can see how people in the day were offended. Yeah Yeah right after that married with children like you guessed I. I couldn't believe married with children. I came out I thought it was just absolutely the most tasteless thing I've ever seen looking back at comparing it to stuff that's out there now. It seems not I wanNA say Tame but not not that big of a deal if you would've told me when that show was a hit. Hey in the not so distant future. Al Bundy is GonNa play a beloved reasonable patriarch of a wealthy family in California. I've served value would have been like. Nah I know no way Eric. Cartman Batman was found to be the most defensive character followed by Archie Bunker Peter Griffin Peter Griffin. Does I mean he's such a lovable character in one way but then he is just he is so horrible in others like Remember we played the surfing bird. episode of Family Guy and he wants to have the surfing Birdsong in the Guy Who owns the surfing bird record. Says I WANNA give it up and Peter says which allegedly put my daughter and then he points to another woman. Who's not his daughter? I mean it stuff that you just would not see coming right after that offensive character. Roseanne Barr and then Al Bundy. Donald Trump as the on the apprentice or the apprentice. Ya Stu Griffin Charlie Harper from two and a half men and there and there you. Are you know what I'm surprised. That's not that's not on here. Will and grace my wife loves will and grace but there ourselves and you think a Theon saucy when I would not describe or risk as not the same thing as offensive necessary to it depends on how you look at you know. Maybe you're right but I mean the shock value of some of the things that they did on will and grace really jumped out at me funny as all get out out I mean no two ways about it a really funny. Both both the reincarnation that's on now and the original wants to. I mean if Mary has nothing to do in the afternoon and she's just hanging orange done with work whatever she'll fund will and grace shook she will hunt for it. I mean I guess The word offensive now means something that you just don't care for it. Used to mean something else right. It used to mean no I. I think I think this is something that actually offends you you but that's why I'm not surprised that will and grace is not as not on that list because I think because the shock value is not the same thing thing is being offended. Yeah although I know there are people that are very clearly and completely and fully offended. And they're probably listening to us so that we won't hear from them but no I'm not talking about because there's a gay too gay characters on the show. I'm not just talking about like when she was edgy. convair Eric Jerry Edgy. Yeah yeah funny but I was surprised the first season that they were out that they would get they could get away with regular network. Not with that. We've all gotten just so thin skin like in the seinfeld episode where Georgia's girlfriend died from licking the envelope and they'll make fun of her and she was dead. Technically that's offensive on your list. That's true technically that so it really depends on what you're you're thin-skinned bed self because that's how we are the interest we're the most thin-skinned people on Earth Right. Well I mean the Seinfeld show could offend you in a lot of different ways that that episode where his parents are mad at him because he took a date to see Schindler's List and they were talking during the movie or laughing movie. That that's gotta be offensive to some people commits Bodman shares stuff. You Wo- here on this show Bob and Sheri hot cast on the Bob and Sheri ahead. How are you? I'm doing fine. What's up goodwill you're in the spotlight? What is it that people don't know about it? Well when Ed was sixteen years old. He uh-huh run away from home and joined the Carnival and I was a snake eater. SNAKE EATER ADS Ads In snakes. Live snakes you would eat live snakes part of like a side show yes I was was The Wild Man Maverick war wig vessel pair of pants and I'd at setting a cage full of all kinds of exotic reptiles. Of course the ones they got me to eat were Ordinary snakes thank you know like from round here but I sat in a cage bowl guavas and daigle lizards and pythons. And I gotta I tell you and I got to know how bad things were at home. Because that's what you wanted to go to did you. Did you really eat the snakes or was it. An illusion Well I told you I had a special pair and every once in a while I would Smell the hair and reach behind a AH blowouts rice brown substance and eat that too that pay. Well they did that. It was a union job with the name of that union is paid real well one weekend long. He'd Texas. I may two thousand dollars a week. So you got paid according to Cut of the House right right. I got a cut of the house and that that was the best week I had. I would've had a better one in Houston but I love the show right. That did your parents wonder where you were or did they didn't care must have been a terrible situation. They were looking for me but I made myself scares what the the heck was going on at home that you ran away and became the wild man of the carnival. Well there's a lot I was raised by my okay grandma because my mom left me there. Okay out looking for my mother okay. Did you ever go back Did you ever finish school ruler. I'm a I haven't MBA. That I keep thinking Scott better at you know I right. After I actually met my mother I was glad she with my friends all the years ago and you have an NBA we know it. Yeah I have an MBA and accounting and nobody knows that you what was the name of the of the Carnival someplace in taxes. I forget where you would be inside the snake cage and you would each some snakes. Did you eat them for real. No no you just pretended to swallow them. That's why he had this special pants. Well no because he also aid zone MHM pocket in the back of that make like I was. Yeah we got. Did you ever tell you. Any of the girls or women in the Carnival dated a lot of girls surprising. You women are sick creatures. Amen Amen Amen I listen. Hey Ed if I see a man that's sitting in a cage. Eaten his own crap. I'M GOING THERE IS MR next right. Yeah come on worse. We love show business where I get my shower. The end of the night there'd be girls hanging around. I'd be going out of there and they did. They say what do you do. I'd say I'm the guy that says an occasion. Oh let's go out you something to eat. I'm like okay. How long did ah by the way we just pulled up a poster for that for that carnival How long were you with them? Through the summer just through so why. Why doesn't anybody know this about you? This seems like a pretty outrageous colorful sort of story. Yeah well nobody where I live down knows about it. Nobody in the grass twenty years is heard about it. So are you married now or a single. I'm widowed. You're widowed okay. Now you've had quite Ed. Thank thank you so much. It's Bob and Sheri Bob and Sheri at instantly get podcast and odd cast years ago. We had a listener of the Bob and Sheri Show who owned a furniture company. And he said Bob and Sheri I want I like you so much. I want you to be so comfortable every morning in your Bob and Sheri Studio that I want you to have these chairs and they gave this is like fifteen years ago. They gave us these great chairs and I have the same chair that I sit in except the back started to go back too far and I couldn't figure it out and I want to thank todd for this morning. He came in and he adjusted the back of my chair and now is just perfect. Thank thank you todd. Now here is something. I don't WanNa thank you for last night. I was sitting outside at an outside restaurant with my wife. catty-cornered looking looking at you and you ignoring me completely completely ignored me. No this is. This is what happened Mary. We went to get a nice time. I I'm looking at the guy I just want the floor. Don't say anything. I want the audience on my side. Completely it so. I'm sitting there waiting for the pizza. You can sit outside and they bring you pizza. Mary's inside getting some some wine. I'm having a beer. I look over for in the table. catty-cornered there's like twelve th the picnic benches I go that looks just like todd except he's got an unrecognizable trucker hat that I've never I seen before. He's got big time sunglasses on and by the way it was it was getting kind of dark outside. He's got a t shirt that I did not recognize and and the woman that he's with has her back to me and I'm looking at the guy and I'm Bob Right. I don't have a hat on. I don't have any disguise on and I'm going he he can see me so that that can't be taught and then Mary comes walking along she goes. Hi Todd Go. Hi Hi hi Bob. What was what's up with that? What was that okay? You tied in the code of safety so that he can speak him staring at you trying to do I contact addict put. It didn't look like you all right step in time on Conan evens coat of safety is not what help. Here's is the deal Bob. You're out to dinner with your wife having a cocktail. Did you really want to be bothered by anybody. The the Likud. Thank you very much. I work with you every day. I don't see you very much. I haven't seen JEN girlfriend. A longtime umbreit like to say hello. Bob Yes and we did. We came over said hello but story uncomfortable hearing at you like you're like an undercover CIA. Guy I and I'm starting to feel creepy if that's not you and I'm staring at you. It's like who is this. I didn't want to interfere with your night out because I know how important it is that you just want to be left alone to eat your pizza drink your cocktail and spend time with your wife and so I didn't want to buy why is the res- you're looking for a bottle of wine. I was alone own at the table. Now here's the thing I was wearing a t shirt that had the high school that my children have been attending for the last eight years which I have repeatedly said over and over and over the name of the school yes do you believe him. No I and I was wearing a hat. It abused begins with an S.. Right no it was a p the word school begins with an SDS. You could have credit so anyway but no. I didn't think you wanted to be disturbed hurt so and we were gonNA come by as we wrap up because we were getting ready to wrap up well. It was so awkward. 'cause I'm staring at you and it looks chosen since you're in Kony safety Is it not true that you would prefer when you're out with your wife to not be bothered and to just be impeached with you. That would close friends that with people that I work with every day but sign out. I haven't seen JEN and a why I know but we didn't want to interfere. We knew you guys were out for a night you know because then you guys have that awkward then we have that awkward weird moment where you feel like you have to invite us to sit down to talk to you guys which we really knew you didn't want to. We were headed somewhere else where they had cheaper y Now Todd I'm feeling since we're in the code of safety now you have to be very honest was part of your decision to behave this way because you don't want him to do to that restaurant what what he did to about Schmidt Exactly okay or or the or the fact that there was a tap room in wine bar there too. I don't want any I don't want any bad. You can't talk bad about. Oh Great God of safety. So don't be defensive. Also this place. 'CAUSE I go there too. It's right near the dance studio so I'll be there. You'll see me there a a lot to. You'll say hello to her. Oh my God yeah I'll pull up a chair There's a concern that the pizza will not be to your liking. And Todd doesn't want to hear that and I can tell by your face that the pizza was not to your like it was good. Okay what kind of cases did you get suspicious Queenie anything. I got the Just the traditional cheese Pizza Margherita not the Margarita the one with tomato sauce as soon as I said your pulse. This is not to your liking. I could no. I liked it. I liked it was it was it was better than all right having a very nice sign above tombstone but nowhere or near popping dough Well I mean pepys. Let's let's not get crazy Very good I was having a very nice whatever Redo. Don't go to the place across the street because you'll order glass of wine and they will bring you out a thimble from barbies playhouse. It is the worst forever. Wherever and you know this show we stand for nothing else? We stand for quality poor at a bar. You know what both both of you don't WanNa see me out. That's what it came down to because I don't WanNa see that's another show together. Make your wife happy because I pointed out where all the half price bottle of wine nights were within the driving distance of where we were last night and that will make her happy. Yeah I mean if you have your strategy right you can go half price wine Sunday to Thursday. Oh you're good years zip code. Well we relieving the healthy lifestyle though uh-huh we've got him morons with Bob and Sheri a moron. It's morons in the news news. I just don't understand the world we live in sometimes. You've got a kid. There's a decent chance they're obsessed with playing fortnight. We were talking about fortnight. What about two weeks ago last week? let's just hope that you can curb that obsession before it turns into a situation like this there is a woman. Her name is Rita Hodge Hodge and. She lives way over in Sydney Australia and she says her fourteen year old boy is beyond addiction to fortnight. She says he only leaves the house once a week. He refuses to go to school anymore and when she tried to take away his. PS Four. He he head butted her. She's been bringing in doctors and experts to try to break his addiction. Nothing is working and while she keeps trying to figure out how to help them now. She says she's sharing her story to raise awareness about the video game addiction. That's from the Scottish Sun newspaper by the way. Here's what you need to call the police. I swear to God call the police. This kid has got to be in school right. It's against the law to school. I mean that is that is just Taufa a forty two year old guy in chase British Columbia. Canada called the cops earlier this month and asked them to talk to his girlfriend about not showing up at his house anymore but when the cops went to her house they realized the guy was actually using them to break up with her as far as she knew they were still in a relationship so when the cops told her to stop going to his house she realized that was his way of dumping her this guy by the way do you think he was one thousand nine hundred twenty three twenty seven forty two years old using the police to break up with this woman. They decided not to charge him but he'd better not do it again. If you're forty two and you don't know how to get out of a relationship you don't deserve deserve another one. Today's more out of the day is thirty-three-year-old Lindsey Lowery of Swansea Illinois which is about ten miles east of Saint Louis. She got arrested for dealing meth and she told the cops that she was stealing the math because she was using it to pay rent to the woman woman whose house she was living in so the homeowner her husband and kids lived in the house and they ran it. Lindsey a room and Lindsey was paying her rent with math. That's not why she's in Morrison in the news. She's in Hudson the news because she told the police listen feeling. Math is so hard. That's right. That was her excuse. She wanted them to go easy on her. Because dealing is so much harder than books we ever Mugshot and you can get it when you text the word Moron to eight eight eight two six to seven four three seven speaking of dealing. Have you seen the series series. Ozark I watch. I've been watching on Netflix Dork. I love it. Yeah Georgia. Police are investigating the theft left of a trailer that had been loaded with ninety eight thousand dollars worth of Rama noodles. The trailer was parked at a Chevron station and when the driver returned both the trailer and the ninety eight thousand dollars worth of Rama noodles were missing. And I know you're wondering 'cause Roman noodles are cheap. How many packages of Rama noodles does it take to add up to ninety eight thousand dollars? That would be three hundred thousand. What are you gonNA do without a hall? You know. If it's if it's cigarettes I could see. You could sell it somewhere or your cell that I saw this story and I went and looked in my daughter's bedroom the kid could live on Rahman all right. That is morons in the news. Text the word more on two eight eight eight two six to seven four seven and we will tax. Today's more run directly to your phone at once again tomorrow. 'cause it's Friday tomorrow. The People's movie critic joins us with his review of operation finale after he suffered through time murders last week and it was offering. Can I ask him well. I am so sorry I wasted Mike. I'm going it was the worst movies heels like he lost ninety minutes of his life. But we're super hopeful that he's GonNa Love Operation Family. That'll happen tomorrow. wrote and every Friday right here. It's engagement season. It's so romantic demanded to be engaged at so much fun to think about your dream wedding to start planning it and then you realize that planning a wedding is really stressful. 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A and and Zola will address your envelopes for free. Zola's helped one million couples get married now. I know you thought I was going to say Zola's helped me get married one one million times. But I'm only up to the third go to Sola dot com slash sharing. Today we have an offer for use the Promo Code Save fifty and you can take fifty eighty percent off your save the dates and you also get a free personalized paper sample before you purchase. That's fifty percent off your save. The dates at Zola Dot com slash. Ashbury Promo Code tell every about to be bride and groom you know if they're not using Zola. They're having way more stress than they need. Zola Dot com slash Ashbury for fifty percents off your save the dates back to the show. It stuck. You will here on this. Show the Bob and Sheri podcast on the Bob and Sheri Aso is online. And I. It came across this I couldn't resist clicking on it. It was click here to learn the ten weird habits of highly successful couples. I would like to be a highly successful couple. Would you not sure part of a highly successful sure. I'm very focused on that. So I clicked on it. And and here's some of the ten weird habits. Tell me how many of these days are weird habits. Well what I mean some of them. I was expecting some. You know like slice each other's Orissa mingle blood kind of stuff. It's not that kind of weird. Tell me what you think about this. One okay You have to stay in touch while you sleep so you have to touch during sleep because people who don't are less happy in their relationship I can't sleep all night holding holding hands or or doing something like that for the first few minutes. She doesn't want me She doesn't WANNA be bothered. What does that mean? Touching my ninety four four percent of couples who spend the night in some form of contact with each other are happy in their relationship near sixty eight percent of beds ally. That is a total lie. So maybe you don't have to. You know be all spooned up and huggy or something but maybe just kind of like you know sweetheart. I'm going to throw a foot around your waist raced. Relax and go to sleep speaking. So Floyd A second weird habit of highly successful couples playing footsie like under table at the restaurant when you opposite sides of the couch is is this in a Sam spade detective. I know our you are film playing footsie. This was the last time anyone use that expression playing play footsie. I'm just telling you what what I'm seeing here this next one. I don't think is weird at all. I think this mandatory and that is do chores together meaning like have some chores that you do together are together you rake the yard or together you cook dinner and clean up the kitchen together where we divide chores like she he cooks I clean and take out the garbage. Does that count is doing it together are you doing. I'm together if you think the blonde one is coming outside and with an handed her a rake. What are you kidding? Oh here's what I'm hearing. You're not GonNa Octopus honor at night. You're not prepared to play footsie. what are you willing to do to be a member of a highly successful couple. What am I willing to do all right? Well I just said I clean up the biggest biggest like while she she's already cooked she'd like to now. I done my job now. Maybe I could go hang out with her while she cooks. Will I do okay. Well then there you go as long as there's a bottle there the next time the next Sabbath is pick on your husband. You have Muslim I UH-HUH OH yeah we'll get plenty of that and you have to kind of touch them. A lot and poke around and Kevin has dimples every once in a while like to just poke his dimples and stuff. If you have to poke you have to pick him. I don't WanNa poke And then the next habit is Play Games together. I don't care whether it's video games or games on your phone are game together. Now you're not willing to do that so far. You're willing to have a cocktail while she cooks. You know your give her. I'll have the TV on. I'll tell her you know but not too loud because the only a selfish guy who so now. She's in the kitchen you've got a cocktail in your hand and you have the TV on and you won't stay in close enough to touch her because you don't want to be now no not paying attention to her you know. I am paying attention to her and eye. Poking I don't think it's necessary should come up and you know. Give me a little squeeze here and there this poking business make me jumpy. You gotta get hurry. Come around the corner and we're going to get folks so bob secret to a successful coupledom. It's a thin book. Page one be willing to have a cocktail while she cooks with the TV. Not Too allowed right and on something that I like and I can tell her exactly. What's going on Joyce she enjoys? The next this next weird habit of highly successful festival couples is get your fifty shades of Grey on apparently couples that have a little bit of that going on. have stronger and happier relationships Maybe you can bring that up while you're refilling your glass Mary. I'd like you to say hello to Mr Handcuffs. I have a dance party dance together. You don't have to leave the house stand by the robot what that's just what that's just. What Madison wants to see me doing? Here's a weird couple habit if you're highly successful Every once in a while have dessert for breakfast. Just the two of you. Not The kids. Don't be giving the kids cheesecake for breakfast. But the two of you just I say you know what we're having for breakfast chocolate cake from last night's dinner this has been written by people who should be in the Assane Silo. Nobody has ever said that. In the history of man woman relations about this next one where his underwear where she does a dance party while eating dessert for breakfast and then just for you. And here's the next one talking to Kevin make him watching. TV show or a movie. He thinks he's GonNa hate. Oh that's that's done every day. Believe you me down. It's Bob and Sheri and stuff you won't hear on the show the Bob and Sheri cast on the Bob and Sheri APP. Get it now in itunes store or Google play on my favorite twitter accounts is one called. You had one job right and what what you had one job is. It's basically People posting in pictures and examples of how a company that had one job and screwed it up Razi basically had this one thing to do. And when you see the triple eight truck broken down on the side uh-huh so I was online yesterday. I posted a picture. This on my facebook has a crack me up so hard I was online yesterday. And you know when you click onto onto anything. I you have to wade through all of the click throughs and Click throughs and the ads and everything else before you get to what you're looking for and I know that this is a real. My dog skip moment it but there was a a tweet that said amazing photographs of dogs as they age Now you would say to yourself won't it. That's just the reason to cry but it was actually really cool. This photographer had these photos of dogs at like one year old And then the dog refer went back ten years later and took a picture of the dog log in the same setting and same pose. And you got to see how these dogs aged over time and in some cases just like with people in some cases it was pretty dramatic. This dog looked you. You know like at age. Ten years cases the dog looked like it had just had a slightly different haircuts. So I'm clicking through and I'm looking at all the dogs and I'm like Oh look at that one. Oh Ooh you look like my aunt pat. Look at that one and suddenly the The website that a mom which is m dot veracity today DOT com. Um You know the how they have that thing is you're clicking through the gallery if you like this you may like and then it's usually something related like kittens l. o.. L. ING or cupcakes cupcake shaped like squirrels. Or whatever musicians that have similar genres it said and I have the picture of it to prove it to you Bob. I put it on my facebook yesterday. It said you may like herpes next to the rubber gloves holding up a vial that says herpes on it with a check. Mark how does that relate to the doggie thing it it doesn't you had one job. It's not being done by a person. It's just an automatic automatic right but it was just the placement of it on the Internet if you like aging dollars. Here's the thing Internet. I'll think I want so much. I don't think it's irritating to me. You'll you'll be looking at a story story on line. And there's some click bait over in the right and one of them look kind of legit you know like you will believe these amazing photos photos from World War Two and there's a picture of a Nazi doing something pretty wacky right and I say to myself what is going on. They're like he's in some kind of a crazy look in airplane that I don't even know what it is so I I got to see that so there you go. You're enough but you don't get that picture right away. You get the picture of Hitler's bunker all right and there's an ad then you gotta go to number two and that's not it all of a sudden you're up to number eighteen fifty five ads and it's still not there the thing that drives me as crazy as that because again. I'm on twitter a lot. And so oh it's on your phone. You can sloppy thumbs more easily. But a lot of the Things on twitter are really larded up with that kind of stuff. This has happened to me like four times in the past. Two days I click on the article to go forward to the next and screen And what ends up happening. Is it diverts to the APP store. Install a game called like monkey balls right I. I don't WanNa play monkey balls right right. I don't I'm a grown woman. I don't have time for dinner. I definitely don't have time and you and you can go back to a badge you're going to start all over again. Nine Times out of ten. Whatever it was I was going to see this amazing trick with a grapefruit fruit will take twenty years off your but I just don't even bother me? Don't even bother noon. I wonder I wonder with these The way that they do those ads. If the value is just getting your boss for the first few click throughs and then they don't even care that you don't make it all the way it's graduated probably you know the more you clicked through the more they're going to be getting but still they'll get something if I'm trying if I'm trying to see that that that plane and I'm going six in and then I give up you're still you probably have run at least twelve advertisements by me. There's one will tell you to just avoid it because I I don't think I've ever succeeded in actually seeing what the click bait was Gemstar's Max. TC GEM STARS ON TWITTER GEM stars. It's a twitter account. That has these unbelievable viable attractive. Click Bait come on lines. This old woman is three hundred years old. What she does with Bacon will astonish you right and you're going man? I WANNA do whatever that is with Bacon. Say The word you click on it. And it's such a you know. Cluster hypoc however once I've never succeeded in getting adding all the way through to a gem stars link about the ones. This is the bond girl from nineteen eighty. You won't believe what she looks like today. Good luck good luck. We're going to throw throw you about one hundred actresses before you get to her. This is Bob and Sheri. You will here on this. Show the BOB and Sheri Hot cast on the Bob and Cherry Lamar's Mars with us here the People's movie critic what you what could you possibly have missed out on childhood really. I say I had a full line. I had a wonderful wonderful is a great childhood plenty of food. It was awesome but The one thing I play sport as you know had motorcycles does the whole deal. It was great. I wanted to learn to play a musical instrument and I used to buy bobby remember the The plastic guitars that had you know they were full-sized guitars but they were made out of plastic extreme. We're not real guitar strain. You could get them at K.. Mart Yup yes yes you could get him at Kmart. I would buy one of those two or three times a year and you know there was no internet. There was my mom would not be getting megastar less than I mean. She wouldn't do that piano lessons. Her point was. There's nowhere to put the piano and the trailer because we live in a single wide trailer so we couldn't get a piano and she's got A. Oh so you can't argue with the girl no no so. I tried everything I wanted. I wanted to van in school I wanted to. She said we're not fighting trump. But we're not doing all that. The only consolation she made for me was the green stamps that we got from the grocery store In the catalogue there that set of Bongo drums allows me to set upon goes wrong for three and a half booked our remember. There was three and a half books answer next green stamps and let me say something. I eat like a food ingredients Out Kid did you. Did you get I. I got the Bongo drums. There was no bongos lessons. But pretty simple you gotta right hand left hand and you just sort of go back and forth with it. Let me let me let me ask you in In southern Georgia is there a lot of call for a Bongo Drum player. Okay do you think not. He would say I'm in school and we're GonNa do Christmas Song. We're GONNA do a course song. The name name of the song and the song would go thing that way out saying ell no one he had to have a Bongo drum to be and so the Taylor says we don't have a Bongo Drum. I mean the back row and goes. Here's me got along. Did I said yes. I can't drums in the Mongol drums. She calls my friend wonder love to play the drums. I raise my and I'd say I mean adopting those are my leg of them. I don't know why windows plan the Mongo. What was your reasoning for that? That is so wrong Go why would she says well. He's like he you know he he can play the piano. Whatever I said? Let me stop you. This is calling for von Gozo. He'll play Bongo drums and finally she. She acquiesced to let me play the Bongo drums knowing that make school thing. I'm sitting there doing this thing. No well doing. The boat bumped getting word out. Great worked out so well. They invited us to go to the local radio station W. K. L. Y.. Radio Georgia. We at Christmas time and we played and I was on the radio. Hit My Bongo Drum. Hey beginning of your broadcasting careers. Desi Arnez of Georgia everytime I go far. Something Guy. Playing Guitar aren't all that I'm just could be that guy off well. I wonder whatever happened to those Bongo. Drums they get gone one day. You know what they were still at. My Mom's house is somehow or another brother. Hey kids before I did and somehow another his kid with my gi. Joe's and I'm pretty sure the kid Bongo drums playing the nice there for years. You know what's so impressive about you. Lamar you're someone who doesn't wait for life to come to him when that teacher tried to hijack your one bug oh opportunity. You've not free sound listening. If I had to I home again I got my mom went up there all hell broke loose tonight so if I had to not let me play the would've done I would've I would've and then I would have thought about killing myself exactly. Then let this be a lesson to all young people who want to be in show business. This is the song by the way this is this on the song long and you can hear the Bongo background. If you want to really make it in show business you've got to have courage and stamina and you've got to be aggressive wrestle or you won't end up on a one thousand Watt Georgia daytime Guillaume radio things. Actually right yeah. That's exactly right business. Lamar axle it's Bob and Sheri and stuff. You won't hear you're on the show the Bobbins Jerry cast on the Bob and Sheri App get it now. It store or Google play my wife. Mary found this website. It's is called. Chinos DOT COM and she was looking at it and she said Hey. I think this would be interesting for your show and I think Sherry will like talking about this and what it is you may or may not agree with it. Four rules for breaking up that are outdated. They don't work anymore. Okay so tell me if you think these rules are still valid or something that we ought to jettison because times have changed the first one is do it face to face I think I think that we should break up with people face to face. You know. That's what I thought I I do. I'm sorry the idea that a phone call is second second best probably is correct the idea that texting or an email is to me just reprehensible especially if you are a guy what con of common guy are you do that. I know there are always exceptions and situations where Maybe maybe the reason you're breaking up is because you don't feel safe safe and so you don't WanNa put yourself a different story for an story. I so I'm GONNA own that. I think there are times when you don't need to break up with somebody face to know what we're talking about though is it's run. Its course it's not working for whatever reason and you need to. You need to end it and I think you should do it face to face for two reasons one out of respect for the other person and two out of respect for yourself. Yeah Yeah you know number to be honest about. Why is that an outdated break-up technique in less you are hurting the other person's feelings I think you you're breaking up with him which is hurtful enough but I think you have to be very careful about why telling them why that would be a time to be honest? As honest as you can be as gently as you can be keeping it almost nebulous Ellis and they suggest. I don't see a future with us which is kind you can. You can read into a lot of difference there but and let's be honest you're breaking up with somebody if you're a guy and you say to her I don't see a future for us. It is going to take a millisecond before she says what are you you talking about why exactly. Why don't you see that? which is why the guys breaking up via text? Because he doesn't have the energy for that conversation. But you know too bad for you you. You've got to take the hit. If your guy number three outdated break-up techniques delete them from your life. The rule of thumb was the delete their number from your phone and unfriendly. I'm on facebook. But there are so many different ways according to this website to connect now. It's just not realistic anymore. We're never going to be best friends but you don't need to burn bridges. I have to be honest. I think it depends on the woman and it depends on the guy and what what your relationship was tell you. What if I break up with you and you choose to unfriendly me or stop? Follow me on instagram. Or whatever okay fair enough but I'm not going to be the person who pulled that trigger and you know it's because I think we should actually grown ask people and not like thirteen. I have a thirteen year old girl who doesn't act like thirteen year. Old Girl right so I think that this whole thing. I'm infringing you I'll please. It depends on on the relationship. And the person that you if you're trying to get over that situation the less you see about that person's right matter. Yeah I think that it should be it. It's up to it's up to both parties. I have been show had somebody in your life though that was very volatile and it should be the end of it right there whereas maybe you were with somebody you were young and viewer just passing through life together for awhile. I could see how you know you keep in touch every once in a while. I don't think I've ever unfunded anyone on facebook for any reason really. Yeah I don't think I have so I just. It just feels so like Knin. Naan like feels Dill ever. I know people that have for very good reason Someone close to me ended a relationship and she said you know what I hate it to act like a kid but I just don't want him in my newsfeed fair enough right if you if you were hurt. By the break-up I think you would be better off getting him at him or her out and you never get over the purse exactly. They're always there. I haven't done it but I agree with it and finally make a big change. Is that an outdated technique. When you break up? We took calls on that and people change their they move from one. Part of the country. Clear across the country. tweeted all of these things. Yeah I don't think that's outdated. I think sometimes what you need after a break up is to shake yourself like a big old wet dog and do are- set however what they're saying in this article is there's a different degree of change now. One degree might be. You got a whole new wardrobe the other. Is You move to cost the Rica at that. Could go bad in Costa Rica for you. You don't WanNa be a wing night however yesterday when we took calls calls the day before it was sometimes recently when we took calls on how people dealt with the break-up and heartbreak we had one woman who's like I really drunk on Tequila. Drove fifteen hours cross was country with some guy ended up Mary too and they ended up having a child and many years together so however somebody else could get really bad drive drive across the country and never be seen again. It could ever really badly. But I'm I don't think it's outdated to WANNA make change no time to fill anyhow. Yeah I'm good with that last one I think is really the most interesting for me to make a really big change. Sell your condo move someplace else. It's Bob Sherry. Conventional deodorants contain aluminum which forms. So plug in your sweat glands to keep you from sweating whoa native. Deodorant is made without aluminum. So you can feel better about what you're putting on your body ingredients you know native. Do is made with ingredients. You've heard of like coconut oil and Shea butter you wear deodorant everyday. Shouldn't you be able to understand the ingredients ingredients list. I've been using it for months now. It is fantastic. Native Deodorant is made without talk or parabens or aluminum. It's never tested on animals animals and it really works and there's no risk to try free shipping on every order and native offers thirty day free returns exchanges in the USA. If you have been looking for I am an aluminum free deodorant. That actually gets the job done. You're going to absolutely love native and we've got an offer for you to twenty percent off your first purchase visit is it native Deodorant Dot Com. Just use the Promo Code Sherry at checkout. That's native deodorant. Dot Com Promo Code Sherry for twenty percent off your first purchase. This of this amazing aluminum. Free Vegan never tested on animals yoder. And it's a game changer. My entire family uses native and we all love it. Ten and fantastic sense. Native is where you WanNa go and staff you here on this show Bob and Sheri hot cast on the Bob and Cherry. Are you keeping in an eye on the neighbors right now. Are you spy is something going on in your neighborhood. Maybe not as dramatic as that. But you're a little suspicious this right now. One eight hundred eight the O.. B. S. H. E. R.. I use gale gale morning. Are you good you had. Hi Hi Gail speak up loud and clear. Okay I'm sorry Let me tell you what happened to me. A couple of weeks ago I live in in the foothills of North Carolina. I'm used to a lot of Airplanes and Sometimes military it does like fly bys through different gorgeous exercises and that's not a big deal this time of year and we also have A lot of marijuana growers in the area so where I live I'm surrounded by Nurseries and woodlands very out of the way away from town I mean all over the country in California national parks growing. We'd I mean if it's a rural area it's it's preferable exactly so I'm home from work one day Well I work shift and I'm out on my deck and I'm noticing using all these helicopters and airplanes We don't have neighbors here per se. I'm noticing all these and I'm like these helicopters are really flying very low. You know I wonder what's going on you know. And they're so close to my a house that I can actually see these people in the helicopters and wave at them. You know minding my own business. But that's if what we do here that's why we live here All of a sudden helicopter lands lists less than two hundred feet from my house in a field. I'm like what in the world is going on. If I'm endanger. I WanNa know you know what were there for. Make a long story short. They had found Bunch crop of marijuana not far from my house. Now you did say that the reason you were living there because you wanted to mind on your own business which I guess is just one more reason why I'm not living there myself. 'cause I don't WANNA mind my own business. It was scary. It was so scary that they he knew the or did they. Did they. Bus The people who were GROWING IT I don't know don't know who they come over to come over and question did not come in talk to me anything. They must know that they had the good courtesy of burning it. Right in front of you where you could smell it you sir. What did they do with thank you? We'll actually they chopped it down and hauled it off. So I'm skimming over the local paper online and I noticed I noticed that This is kind of weird because I all of this going out of here. But they're not really reporting all of this Gail Gail. I think they actually did. Burn some of it because you are taking a long time to explain this and I think that it it still the residue is still in the early possible. I AH WE'RE THE WE'RE The people in this helicopter in police uniforms or DA jackets or anything. No they were. Yeah well I wonder. If maybe the growers didn't didn't come in and take some of the harvest. The growers aren't going to call attention to it like that. Then you know. I don't know we know what is going on here. If I'm in some kind of danger I'm GONNA go find out down my driveway. Here's all the police. I mean just everything the everywhere you go up to the police well they just gave me these look like get out of here. Don't come over here here. Well how do you feel now. I mean you're out out there in the country and you've got these hungry. Who knows who knows who knows who is growing We'd around him. Does that make you feel you know unease. Yeah do you have. Do you have a man that you live with. Yeah he's he's got to at least two or three guns right. He has no guns no. I'm no I'm surprised began a BB gun. Well that's all that's all you need. That's all you need. You know we we. We live here because we want our privacy. What you want your privacy firm focused on your privacy for? I'm just curious. Because they get naked. They walk out in the back and they have a hot tub and the naked out there in the B- I knew something was going on. I can tell someone's going on because very often people that are real real focused on having their privacy have a need for their privacy. Because we've always lived in you know do these populated areas in the city pretty middle aged and tired of it all tired of the people and then what do you get you get marijuana growers and the US West Governor products in the backyard. What are you GonNa do open and take a relaxing soak in the tub that you can't Undo Gail really thank you? God bless you in a situation where doesn't need to mind our business because it could it be to make a long story short I look. I wonder I'm with you if perhaps that smoke interest. It's Bob and Sheri and stuff you won't hear on the show the Bob and Sheri cast on the Bob and Sheri APP. Get it now in itunes store or Google play. You WanNa hear some things I've found in your cat the owner's manual that can deepen and enrich your relationship with Kiki not at all. Are you sure because I have. I have some really good stuff like on page thirty two. This is about allergies. Because you know how you're allergic to the Katie and you suffer and and yet it's important to have this warm loving relationship with Katie and yet the allergies are between the two of us. It is not important. Horton Somme Dr Dr Marty Becker. WHO's the author of your cat? The owner's manual says investing. Kitty couture no. I'm not kidding. Dressing your cat not shirts sweater or bodysuit helps keep your home for free zone. I'm supposed to dress the cat up so it doesn't shed like in a little bodysuit. Yeah that's that's insane. That's a really really good idea. Yeah in the in the warmer weather coming up. That's a good idea. Now you know how you enjoy the sunshine you're always demanding to know where the sun is and fresh air is good right. Dr Marty Becker says how about taking your cat outdoors and walking anger with a harness that doesn't seo one person in my life do that and it was so ridiculous looking. Okay Dr Becker says all all right Bob that's not for you. One of my don't WanNa be walked. One of my colleagues a brilliant cat behaviorist tells me her. Cats live for the opportunity to go for a ride in a stroller. Any stroller with ZIP close seating area makes the perfect place for a cat to safely. See the world while you get in a walk. Have you ever seen a cat who is placed than something by human being. The cat felt comfortable. Whatever you you know? You don't know if Kiki would enjoy being pushed do you've not tried it. You don't know Bob Dr Marty Becker says one way to do is open a dedicated savings account and have of your bank deposit money into it to plan for Kiki's future healthcare. Needs Right here Dr. Andy would you like to teach savings account like like a health savings account. Yes the savings account which which like to teach. Kiki a treat a trick. I would keep Katie trading diving short and sweet. If the cat isn't having a good the time you're not doing it right sir. Tasty tiny treats that are easy to swallow and Bob Only Drink Kiki. When you're in a good mood the other thing that Dr Marty Becker suggests S.'s? Take your cat places. Take your cat with you. When you're making a deposit drive? Take Kiki with you to pick up fast food meal L.. Kiki experience rides in the car. You know there's an expression hurting. His heart is hurting cats. There's a reason for that expression. They can go wherever they WANNA go. They don't WanNa do what you wanted to. We used to have cats and we'd take them in the car and they would sit there and get really quiet and then they would just hang their mouth open with that tongue out and you knew what was coming next. Yep that's right you know how sometimes and this is the last tip Dr Marty Becker the author of your cat the owner's manual has you remember how I'm not sure she's doing it anymore. But you remember how Kiki used to wake you up on a weekend morning. Yeah because she wanted to eat right. Dr Becker has to tips visit you. Yeah the first I tip is to satisfy your cats hunger pangs without having to leave your bed. Purchase a timed feeder or leave a loaded puzzle hustle toy. These are toys. You can buy at the pet smart where you can put food in. The McKee can play with them to get the bits of food out. And you'll sleep restlessly while Kiki smacks around ARATU leaf plastic foodball. I know what you're you know what I did. I went out and I bought a A PAD scratching head. This is the fourth one that I've purchased. I've I've spent about Eighty Bucks on scratching pets so should stop tearing up she. She liked the thin one. But it wasn't enough. I found a big one and make me stop. Why am I talking about Dr? I read about that in the book. Dr Becker said that you should get down on your hands and knees and scratched it yourself. I'm going to tell you have done. Yeah and you know. There's nothing like scratching on something a cat spin on when you're allergic that it gets underneath your nails and then maybe later you touch your I. It's a great idea. Here's Dr Bekker's Final tip that. I'm going to share with you. I thought the last one was the final. This is this is about feeding. Kiki gets hungry. Wakes you up and once you feed her and she search she needs to eat. Becker says why not try a bedtime snack of fat free or low fat sliced is Turkey it contains strip to fan and essential amino acid. That is so she can sleep quality because cats don't get enough sleep. How many cats have you seen that? Were walking around and they just say I'm just not getting enough sleep all day. You should get down on your hands and knees Kiki's slice Turkey events if I could sit out of my hands in these in Kiki's in my mind she here on this show Bob and Sheri hot cast on the Bob and sorry. I was online at this British website and they had an article about a woman who is Carol. Anne Rice life coach it. Just we're talking now and I don't know how I feel about life coaches but Here's what she says. Commit or coast. Don't sit on the fence in in life. So here's how you grab your destiny like a boss and you can start today. Give one hundred percent to what you must due today. Stop Moaning resisting and coasting. If you are in paid worker you work for yourself go the extra mile give it a one hundred percent put your heart and soul. Olen Day everything you do address your home your friendships your relationships and all your actions own it Mann Simons sounds really tiring Do you do you put your heart and soul into how you dress. I've read everything. I live with such enthusiasm and it never gets in the way of my incompetence. I'm out I never let Pity uh or clumsiness. Get in the way mine. Are you telling me that you I mean I know people and and generally they're women though sometimes there are men and that you could tell held that they are thinking about what they're wearing no matter where they go they could be going to the supermarket and they are thinking about what they're where I am not that person I will throw on a cranberry island sweatshirt and a pair of Shorts and just go out even when I look like crap. It's enthusiastically. Yeah I'm one hundred percent I'm all in all the time I'm so even if even if it looks like a little strange you know that it the colors or even if they don't I'm in it. It's not by an accident I I live absolutely like. Let's go gator dime. Yeah other with the other tae coldly pausing the CHICK-FIL-A and there is a girl. I guess she was around seventeen or eighteen. An Inter Pajamas. Light Blue Pajamas and I couldn't believe it flannel pajamas waiting for her chicken sandwich. Tie wish wish I was the how can you do that. How can you do that? Some people are worried about you. Know being foolish or embarrassed or awkward or looking stupid you bid and that is just not something I live with. I know that I'm gonNA often look foolish. Awkward stupid or be embarrassed and I don't care it's not they don't care I don't WanNa let looking stupid stopped me from living my life your life. I've been tap dancing now for five years. I'm terrible like I'm I'm just straight up. Awkward almost almost get into tears because I struggle with so much. If you think that stops me from putting on like sequins and getting out there and tap dancing you can I just think again. I like ways but if I can't tap dance I'm not putting on my sequence onto slept just not getting out there. Now Stop worrying worrying about what people think about you. That's none of your business. Be The author of your own destiny. Commit to something and do it wholeheartedly. If you WanNa right then do it show show up and do it. Don't delay don't put off until tomorrow. There's never a right time. That's so true there is never a right time. If you just say well you know. I'll start this at this time it. That's that's just not true. Excuses are not a life plan. Allow your dreams as much credence and importance as your fears. Oh that's a good one there. Yup that's one. I'd have to worry about their dare to have a go at it and stop waiting. Searching Admit Right now take risks successful successful. People take risks develop their resilience and have a go at it without. I guess this this is definitely English because we don't say have a go at it. Do we I don't know I do. Sometimes I hear people say that. Yeah yeah I I agree completely with all of this you know. They start using that phrase with Mary. How about but we have a go at it? Maybe not it sounds like you're not gonNa do it. You just gotTa give it your best effort really. Yeah and let's have a go at it rather than saying let's do this. You See. Yeah you're right like I might fail. Yeah Yeah remind me not to use. Yeah that was a terrible idea on my part Mary. Let's have a go at it. That's that's what every gal wants to hear right. How how how are you in Bob? How how's your house your marriage? Well he he has a go at it. I say the way I say I say to my kids all time. It's just give it a go. See what happens yeah right. Yeah that sounds more American there. 'cause here's the deal. The only time is going to pass no matter what right. This hour is gonNA pass. If you're lucky enough to stay alive in this hour's GonNa pass no matter what so go have a go at it. That's right okay. Well do you think that was helpful for folks. I think it was. Yeah why I think the thing that holds people back so much as they're afraid of not being able to. They're afraid of failing they're afraid of looking foolish especially the fear of failing which you and I do not suffer. Well you can't do what we do and be hampered by fear of failure of course not that three FS foolish failure at. That's right and if you have any of those fears I rice not the job for you. That's right so we've embraced of this slide on it's worked out great. Why don't you take your embrace of the three fs out out of this studio every day and bring it home? You know. I believe I will and let me know that you're gonNA give not being afraid of the three fs ago. It's picks up that I could say something right now but I shouldn't. It's Bobby Auburn shares. Stuff you won't hear on the show the BOB in Syria cast on the Bob and Sheri APP. Get it now I tune store or Google play. I'll work you know what's great about the subject. We're talking about things that people do to deliberately annoying you. The instigators are calling in. They're going yet. I'm the one who does. Is that because they enjoy doing that right now. I team eighteen All right how are you this morning. I'm well and is actually actually My son in law does it to my son in my. There's there's seventeen years difference my daughter and son a sixteen years apart so now now my son in law he knows I love games and he has every single game system dating back to whatever the smallest ones where back in the game boys or whatever and he puts them in or according to how they were purchased and my son in law when he comes in town to visit the first. Ip makes is he comes to my son's room and he changes maybe five or six games. You'll put the wheat with the xbox three or the playstation three switches. Everything around and I guess my son may be has OCD. Maybe like crystals also husband and so he can automatically. He will walk in the room if my son allies in town and he just knows he goes in scopes it out so for years my son in law was called by my son that guy. uh-huh graduated from that guy to that Jack Ass that Jack and find an accident but my daughter just got married in two thousand and thirteen so now is his son in law and he really just started calling him by his real name within this year but he does it so. It's so bad that I know he's GonNa do it and my son is not in town. 'cause he's competent competitive. That's what we've done. We just went and a lock on my son's door. You know how no you have not like a key. But it's almost like a little allen. Whatever rich thing that you have to use we actually have that kind of lock on my son's house door because it aggravates Hampton no air with my sled law doesn't I was fighting for a while but my son? My son just looks at him like you know you know that Gas Afghan problem. You know what Tina Life is so filled with tension and so fraught with with danger and just just annoyances. Our home is a place that we go to where we can relax where we don't we don't have to worry not having a as your son said a jackass come uh-huh with our stuff and he but I actually think he's gotten better because it used to be before he goes to school every day he would pay a white cloth. Oh and dust every single system and you know just the whole gamut of games with it every day before with the school. I say you know what we need to leave you like four minutes. We're late. He was just looking as if to say it. Looks like we're GonNa be late today so I have actually noticed that it it has slowed down some because I've noticed he does not do that every day. Maybe three days a week he does you be every single day. So slowly maybe tainted but that kid is the more. I know that can stressful Tina almost being late for school while your son does everything. But I'm raising equivalent of Templeton the rat from Charlotte's web emerges from her horder layer and I look in her room and I don't even want to go in because I don't know what I'm saying I don't mind but to be honest I you know I. It's been so long that I'm really good with it because I told him one day I said. Do you need to hurry up and I said you need to get a sense of urgency about you so I said you know what if there was somebody breaking in the house and you had to move fast is it to you know life and death you know what do you think would happen honestly looked at me and he. He was not being sarcastic. He's just being himself. He said well. Oh you know looks like we're going back. I am very very it does not so I know his speed and I know his spouse so guess what. I just let him do what he has to do. And I just let it go and each. He's on time to what is important to him in other times like you know but it it'll be okay. Mom I just WanNa thank you. You just gave gave me a gift. I can't wait to go home and unroll quote. You need to get a sense of urgency about you to something else. You sound like you're or a teacher at one time. Tina I visit for myself with a four forty years. Lord this crazy let let me ask you one thing before we let you go here. The JACKASS SON-IN-LAW'S E. Good to your daughter. He's absolutely best. I feel like he was son. Very good. I love in my son actually does love him to like I said he he's he's left the jackass and got real real growth. That's Real L. Growth. I'm saying they're truly listening. Bob Sherri you will hear on the show the BOB and Sheri Hot cast on the Bob and Sheri. We're talking about how sometimes in life you are left all alone in the world with no one to help you no one and no one's there you're on your own versus the world. My friend had just texted me. That was my childhood. Thomas joins US right now. They're Thomas Thomas has gone took on a rattlesnake snake in the shower. Yeah so I've got. I'm in college. I've got his mobile home that I'm renovating and living in it at the same time. So hop in the shower to get cleaned up get ready to head to school awesome. I'm in the shower or washing my hair and I feel something on my feet. Lean forward a sprinkle off the Shampoos I don't have it in my eyes look down. And there's a aroused. Make them off the one motion my body jumps up in the air. My left hand hits the wall and pushes me out. The ryen hits. The shower occurred and throws it open and I hit the ground and no joke. My heart literally felt like it was gonNA burst through my skin. It was pounding so hard the snake to snake stay in the shower right still in the TUB shower unit. You know sometimes if it's nice and warm you just can't get out though. I'm nervous like crazy. My body shaking like crazy this. I don't know what to do so I get on the phone and I call Poison control animal control and I said listen. I've got a rattlesnake in my house and they said Sir or you're not allowed to have a venomous snake without a permit. Don't understand I fight. This thing in this is not a pet I it it crawled in the house. So you're not allowed to have venomous snake without permits. Come on Thomas. You're making that up eight said that aren't making it up. They said it twice. I hung up from them holiday. `nother or place and they said basically the same thing and this was in Lakeland Florida going to college and he has. My body was shaking like crazy. I didn't know what to do. I was just like so nervous. Could not believe that. That statement was what I heard and I guess in Lakeland Florida. You don't have an ice chopper like the woman we talked to in Cheboygan. You wouldn't have that their way of not having to deal with it. Sure that's what the stock answer is Thomas. Because you can't share your shower it is so how did you down when I finally calmed down a little bit. I had a trash. Can I little small small trash cans up. I laid it down. One of those little talk kitchen trash can Later down in the shower and then took a big stick and poke him over into the thing and flip it up to now the snakes at least in the container that he can't get out that's good. That was good thinking nervous to do anything you know with with all. Make no excuses for yourself man. You went back in there and flip the rattlesnake into a little can. Are you kidding me. That's big time. And then what did you do then. Then I took it out. Put it in in In the back of a pickup truck and hauled it down to the swamp and dumped it out. Because I was just I. I've heard these stories about people trying to kill the saying I didn't have anything to kill it with a snake in the snake. Turn on them get them. You weren't invited and I'm taking you out. You know what though you have good Karma because you did not hurt a living. Yeah that's right very nice very nice Thomas. What what was this college that you were going to? We'll give it a plug this morning as southeastern Bible college southeastern the Bible all right. And what do you do these days. I actually worked for our boundary having kids out of juvenile detention hall laws for this man. What a man? That's fantastic. Good luck to you. Thank you Thomas. Hey y'all all right you buy. I can't believe how many of our listeners have had to go head to head with rattlesnakes Nyanza. Hey morning everyone chester. Oh Nice to have you here and you took on a rattlesnake while your son held it. Is that right where. I'm sitting now the pool and my two toddlers are just you know kind of playing around on that. Look Mommy I gotta worm and I looked down a little pygmy rattlesnake and he's holding it right at at the base of the mouth and his mouth is opening and health flapping and I think I'm probably the only mother whoever tells their four year old to go run and go get a nice because nobody was there. I didn't WANNA believe him. I'm trying to hold his hand and the snake down so I could cut his head off and I'm sorry I I must have bad Karma but you did the also having your foyer run in the House with an I get it outside to you but you get a knife and run with it to get some scissors to so so so has your little boy. But he was holding the snake by the math so it couldn't bite it was holding around at the base of the mouth or the jaw whatever they couldn't get couldn't get leverage now now did he drop the The other child went to get the knife. I see okay so you just you said to the child with the snake. Just don't do anything. Just hold it. I put his hand down on the table. And I'm holding the snake down and his hand and hand Outta my head out. We took the knife and cut off the top of the head. Wow what is your so holding the snake thinking that well well you know they knew it was well actually hold and said it was a worm so and with the other ones say snake any arsenic. Heather your sons. You set your sons on a pathway of destiny their whole lives they will only be interested in very strong competent women. Well also because when your Mama when you're in your formative years they'll remember that when your mom says Google hidden knife and cuts the head off a rattlesnake. That's true that's hard core. What are they are your son successful? Now I'm actually. He's sixteen now so very successful. Very successful. Very good so he does well in schools and everything a pygmy rattlesnake about how long was that are about six inches but it had that little rattle rattling on its tail and everything rattle about intern half long distance shaken. Did you let your kids save the rattle as a souvenir. No no thank you very much. It's Bob and Sheri Audio Clips. podcast anymore at Bob and Sheri Dot Com. You hear a lot about What sleep deprivation does to people and you hear a lot of it on this show because we are for people people who are obsessed with getting enough sleep not getting enough sleep? How much sleep we're GONNA get or not GonNa get but there's a there's a new fun fact that's out that sleep deprivation causes you to make terrible risky decisions? I believe it. Yup Sleep deprivation causes you to think. I think that you're more physically capable than you are. It causes you to make reckless financial decisions right. Because you're you're you're you're not analyzing and you're the there's chemicals in your brain when you're sleep deprived and I know you felt this way. I have days where I am so tired that the the bottom line for me is who cares. Oh yeah what are those days. Who Cares so tired and the the whole reason that I'm telling you about this as I I was reading this really fascinating story on my news feed about how we have to be careful with our world leaders and their sleep deprivation because these people with their fingers on the nuclear buttons trump does sleep much? He's kind of famous for getting by on four or five hours. He's always yeah From what I've Read Martha Stewart. I never forgot reading and Martha Stewart magazine. Martha Stewart Living. I think is what's called side even still published anyway she. He said that she only sleeps three to four hours a night. I think that may have changed now. That she's with Snoop Dogg. She can relax a little mortgage mark. You know what that says. If she's only making a three or four hours of sleep available to herself you know at that says she was in a limousine with a guy and she got a call on the insider trading thing and she decided to do the insider trading ship those stocks and then she got caught and she went to jail. Would she have done that if she had a solid seven or eight hours. Maybe maybe not and it's risky. It's risk you take You make risky decisions with your physical safety. You make risky decisions with your money. You make risky decisions with your romantic life. I I think that's probably true. Also by the way the the magazine is still available it is still available. You know what you should do if you feel horrible because you did not get enough sleep I've been doing this in my highlife and If something really bad happens not horrible but just something really annoying happens. And you're you're just just overcome with too many things insurance things house. Things were things who cares. You know what I do I think back to the Bob and Sheri Show and and like some poor guy that shot himself in the head with a nail gun and I just say to myself. Hey this is a lot to do but you don't have a nail in your head is not a good good way to. I think it's a great way to look at things right. I think back to my years as a waitress at a pizza restaurant and say to myself. It's better than that. Oh speaking of that so you know. I've got Olivia and CARA MIA and my mom. And were in the van when the starship dancer size and we're heading to my nephew's wedding and I took a slight detour and I drove by the Little Vida and I pointed to it and I said do you see that place girls. I worked as a waitress there. Twenty five hours a week when when I was in high school. And here's what I want them to see. I want them to see how different and privilege their lives are right instead care migos. Oh my God. It's still around. It must be ancient. Pick it up on the on the trail. You're leaving. My mom laughed so oh hard not to fly. I find at least with all of my children that I can say. I worked in a plastics factory. And I couldn't get out of my seat for like eight hours straight. I just sat there in front of machine made these plastic pins it never really resonated I could talk about the crummy stations that I worked for and was paid next to nothing for fifty hours a week. It I don't know kids don't relate to that very much why is that Ark. Kids are horrible so I saw you know I follow. I fought a blanket statement followed. Your daughter landed on facebook facebook and so she had her mom had posted a picture. We're ready for whatever weather happens. And it was her dining room table and there were like batteries and all these different groceries on the dining room table landing comments on the picture. Linda goes you'll be dead from salt and carbs before the weather gets there are other horrible. Yeah Yeah it's fine. You won't hear on the show the Bob and Sheri I'd cast on the Bob and Sheri APP. Get it now in store or Google play reading about this and Time magazine and it says there are three ways ways that money will buy you happiness. You always hear money. Can't buy you happiness with their actually. According to this according to science science three ways where money can buy you happiness researchers at Cornell found that buying stuff only makes you happy for the short term but paying for experiences can make you happy in the long term so in other words you could save a thousand dollars or you could spend it on unclothed or on. I don't know a new TV or a new phone under whatever it is. It's not gonNA bring any happiness but if you took that one thousand dollars and you spent it going to a really cool place and doing really cool all things that you sort of maybe grow a little bit from or learn from or just taken the beauty of nature. I you know it will help you long term. I agree with that so so so much. I never regret money that I spend on doing stuff I I do regret some of the dumb crap I buy but I never regret money spent on experience. Yeah I'm the same way I am. I'm the same way and my I am a little freer with my money when I'm away I don't know why I guess. Maybe maybe we all are. I don't know what the reason for that is but I'd like you suffer when I come back and I look some of this stupid stuff I buy but the experience itself you don't you don't beat yourself so for and you just like last summer we had all almost all of the kids on our RV trip with us. And you know. We're in like Tombstone Arizona doing all all this dumb stuff going to the gunfight at the OK corral and Kevin's older son was with us and he got engaged just over the weekend so the chance of him doing that trip with us again. Yeah understand what I'm saying. Probably his life is beginning. So how cool was it to throw away a ton of money on a silly thing like that and have everybody altogether always have that memory. That's right all right number two way. That money buys happiness spending money to give yourself more free time for for example a study at Stanford found that paying for a housekeeper did make people happier but only if they could afford it if it would stress you out about money he then it would not work so if you had enough money to once a month or once every two weeks or whatever pay for housekeeper to come in and really help you you clean up your house. It makes you feel better. Money works better that way and I can understand that of all the things Back one of my girlfriends friends and she had. She had a child before I did. And she and her husband were both working full time and they had the baby and she hired somebody to come clean their house like every two weeks and she said to me afterward. This is like the greatest thing I've ever ever done. Yeah because you're you're instead of spending every free minute. She had cleaning she. She actually had some time to have a personal life. I get it and let's face it housekeepers do a better job cleaning than you do. I'll anyone they just know how to do it. You know. Listen the dog ugh licking the floor. After someone's kills a pork chop is doing a better job and this girl this next one the third and final one is the one that really got my attention. I thought this is so interesting. Spent this is the three ways. Money buys happiness. The third way spending money to pick up a check and it doesn't even matter how much the check is. Researchers researchers at the University of British Columbia. Found that even buying your friend a drink can put you in a better mood can. Can we talk for just a second. Ah we all have friends. Who are really strict about? We're GONNA split this check right right and and I always always feel like hey tell you what I'll get it this time you get it next time. Like one of my oldest friends Our deal was always I buy lunch. This time. You by launch. Next time we never. We never split the check. We never were like well. You had the chicken salad and I only had the soup and it just kind of you because as you say like in the big picture scheme of things it's all going to work out Now unless one person drinks and the other dozen you have won the people that I know that are like you owe. Oh three dollars here. These are people that have more money in the bank than I. Because they're they're like yeah but I I just think it feels better in life to not be so exceed it when you have enough money to once in a while. Pick up the TAB. I think it does make you feel good. I I mean there is a long period in my life where in that was impossible but when I you know things got a little bit better and I could do that now and then. It's a great feeling well like if I take one of my daughters friends if they come over for the weekend and we'd go out to dinner stuff and their parents are like well. How much do we owe you? You don't owe me anything. She's our guests. Listen please like that is like I would invite someone to my home and then hey how about another sweet tea Darlene. That's eighty six going on the tab it's like I don't understand that and yet again. Let me repeat the people that are like have more money. How about you take one of the? Your daughters friends is to the beach for three days. And you're gonNA be doing all sorts of things should they send money with the child I I think that you should always send money spending money with your child. And if you know that we're going to do something that's really pricey like a waterpark. Maybe say tell. Are you what I'm GonNa Send Little Madison with enough money to cover for water particular which is just graciousness. But here's the deal. Invite your kid. I'm expecting to pick the TAB. Yeah I agree with that to other. Tonight is great. But I'm expecting to pick up the rights Bob and Sheri stuff you will hear on the show the Bob and Sheri hot cast on the Bob and Sheri. Let's go to Lisa and see what strange or unlikely thinks. She has in the trunk of her car. Hi Lisa Hello. How're you doing this morning? Good what's the trump. I have my husband's dad ashes or in the trunk of My. Gosh Oh my goodness Lisa. How long have you been driving around with your loved one about three years? We'll talk to me about that notes. Yeah seriously like was did he say do you police. If anything ever happens to me please cremate me and drive me drive me around in the car meaner you just is. This is part of the grieving process. You're unable to take that next step. Well well my girlfriend took and she picked up the ashes for me and I picked him up from her house and they word the back seat of my car. which kind of freaked me out? So I just thought. Well I'll throw them in my trunk. And you know I was going to take him to the cemetery and Barium and you know talk about procrastination and not finish following through their procrastination. Yeah I'll tell you what that's it I'm I'm is it is it that you're procrastinator. Is that you're not quite ready to. I mean it's just like I'll put groceries in my trunk and I look and I'll say no I really needs taken berry that it's it's been a while and then I just kind of get busy and forget about it. What's going to happen to me? Is that some woman's trucks are he just just absolutely torn. Now you can be honest. Nobody knows you are. Are you all torn up with grief for no. She's not she's procrastinating. Getting rid of the ashes. That's it's all it is. I got to know what kind of a relationship that you and he has a good. We were married for fourteen years and he. He died unexpectedly though We had a really good relationship Lisa. I'm just going to say it. Is it a little disrespectful. Not to a lot of us do have the D. but not to Put Him to his Final Resting Place rather than driving them around in a Chevrolet all day long Yeah Yeah I guess it is. You know I mean and my husband had a good sense of humor so I'm sure he's probably up there going. Yeah that's one other thing that she forgot to do that trunk of our car. See that what is that. That is what Bob would fear that he would become that in the trunk of the car just kind of rolling around just really an afterthought that's more or of a burden than anything else now that I've talked about it this morning. This is something that I definitely will do this weekend. I will. I think you will because now you're going to be aware that you've told you know about like a million people that your the trunk of your car. Yes yes so Baresi when you're when you're loading groceries and stuff. Do you ever talk to him. Do you ever go yeah. It was two for one briars. I know how used to like that cookies and cream shove over now. Here comes the cat litter later or do you just kind of look at it and go Got To get to that. Usually I look at it and I'll say Williams you know I I swear honey. I'll get to this. I swear I well and then I just kind of move so this is blowing my mind. I know this it can happen to me in some way shape or form. No it is Mike. It's not because I'm GonNa let my girls take turns having Chitchat in their room. And you know my girls. They'll decorate it. You'll always always have some glitter at the minimum stickers and glitter minimum. That's GonNa have stick stickers and glitter about this. You can't you shouldn't go through your life. Procrastinating taking on things and he has died and she's procrastinating on that. There's something ironic about that. But you know he's with her every every day like that's another where you have to look at it when he's off in a cemetery like yeah whatever but now he's with you every single day. You're like a rolling memorial. This is the only driver any woman could stand all right. Lisa are you going to actually bury his ashes put them in Interr- them in some mausoleum thing or are scattering them. You know outside the Home Depot. No actually what I'm GonNa do is I'm going to bury them Next to his grandma and GRANDPA and the cemetery areas what my plan is and like you said actually now that I've really talked about this. Everybody knows it's kind of like okay. I have to do this. My Mom will call me and say well he was the trunk of your car. You Lisa God forbid somebody steals your car or rear ends you know. We can't have that happen to Williams. Do you feel like you still around. Sometimes uh-huh and are you afraid that you would lose that little bitty connection if you did this the Nice thank you for being a decent person shot a lot of times somebody. Does you sort of feel like they're still around that. Maybe she just wasn't ready but that's not the that's that's not the case. I tried another wave. It go lisa with million before it gets stolen and drive carefully today. Don't park in any undesirable the neighborhoods by by weren't expecting that. I wasn't expecting that to be honest with you. Bob and Sherri Serb-run. You've been listening to the best of Bob and Cherry Bob and Sheri go to our website radio and the Internet. WWW DOT BOB and Sheri Dot Com talk. Thank you so much for listening to the Bob and Sheri podcast and the Bob and Sheri odd cast we would love if you would subscribe rate and review you and share it with a friend on facebook twitter instagram wherever you go and thank you again for listening.

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