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Never missed a meal but we almost won. We only got to go out to eat. We back another quite hit. Welcome to highly questionable. We have just done a total class. Critique of do a rap music ed weekday raby the gutierrez dominic foxworth wrote. Does it make sense to you. That the forty niners supposedly deciding between mack jones and trae lance all right. This is a report from ian rapoport of the nfl network. That this is what it's come down to now for. The forty niners was kind of in line with some whispers that we heard earlier. The forty niners were all the way into lance before. Chris simms told us that he figured the forty niners would be taking mag jones and then we all got on board with that one. Here's the part that doesn't make sense. Who trades up to number three and they're not sure right like that's the part that gets me about it is somehow you are not sure when you traded up to number three in. It looks like you're still leaning toward the guy that you definitely could have gotten after pick number three no. I don't find a lot of makes sense. I am a little surprised that justin feels would not be in the group of players who are ultimately being considered but trae lance at least in the ways that people talk about him all the talent just a little bit raw. That sounds a lot like mojo in. You gotta wonder at. That's what somebody thinks they can get is a guy that they can stash for. Maybe a year work out the kinks and then he turns out to be a superstar player because he has superstar type of talent but if they take mack jones. I'm sorry none of it makes sense to me at all. If let's go back to the beginning doesn't make sense. No just as we talk about is big for so long nut needed makes sense that you think about taking them with the damn pit. I think that This morning on get up diner. Rossini said they moved up thinking they were going to get mad. Jones and some recent events have starting to have them fit a little more comfortable with trae lance. I don't understand what could have happened recently. If you're letting appropriates your mod. You're doing this wrong if you're interview. Change your mind in a positive direction. You're doing this wrong. Like i'm shocked that mack jones was the guy but i'm even more shocked that a couple of roses shorts and no helmet suddenly made them thing. Maybe we're wrong about this. Maybe we didn't get shared trae land a second guess like to me this feels like subterfuge season and they are trying to confuse us all. I don't know who they're trying to trick but ain't getting me. They are taken justin field. Mookie well bo you it with michael rapaport it with diana rossini. I'm going with our got. Todd mcshay and todd says that it's basically kyle shanahan has wanted mack. Jones and the front office has wanted trae lance this entire time. And maybe that's where the change happened. Maybe the front office decided. Hey we can talk our head coach into picking the guy that we want instead of the guy that he wants which i heard our other milk hyper or other. Excellent analysts say that mack jones intelligence which you know. It's one of those words. It bugs me a little bit. And when i is what's really getting there and the accuracy but trae lance they basically say the knock on him while he does have an amazing football. Like you like. I've heard stiffness in the upper body so all you gotta do stretch them out a little bit and he's a good. I think if you look at the pros and cons of both of these quarterback it doesn't make much sense. If you're choosing jones over trae lance or frankly either of them over justin fields with just the guy that people wanna knock. He's the one guy that people are not taking this quarterback class and to me that doesn't make a ton of sense but sometimes when you've got these teams that seem to be doing it all wrong and everybody's saying hey you're doing this all wrong. Maybe they are. It's all very confusing. Him what i do know is that they're probably over thinking this. I'd like to apologize to ian rapoport apologize. You don't need to apologize you said in. You would like israel apologized to me for thinking that i would call it rambagh. Thank you for letting me get through all that on before you hit me up on this thing. Because i realized that about three quarters of the way through and i said oh they'll just make me say it over again michael rapaport. I messed up right out. Let's go this next thing. Where you say sounds like front office might be trying to talk. How shanahan into this. The front office works for calculating kyle. Shanahan was mag jones to be the guy. He's going to be the gatt. This is what i wanna know. Though if they don't take mag jones who's gonna do it because since we told you about him being in that number three spot we stopped considering anything else zach. Well wait ask the damn question about wilson because we know where he's going to be drafted who would take back jones because would be really disappointing. Vows mag joe. Y'all told me. I was going up three and then next thing you know. I'm sitting there in the green room. Just bethnal no green room situation of omega because he is live slot slipping slide. I'm guessing the patch the backstop but that'd be pretty. Why do we jesus over the bill belichick just to get another slow quarterback like i think people like bill would jimmy garoppolo again. They rolled the dice. Oh what's left at cam. Newton is trevor. Bauer being a little baby for accusing fernando. Tatis junior stealing signs you. What an amazing turn here trevor. Bauer not the most endearing sword right now dr. spring training. The dude was out here with one eye open which is one hell of a flex. Well here he is in dodgers padres. Which is our new baseball robbery to care about in life mash wall and fernando is left up building again covers off here. We go on now. This is the big surprise here. Trevor bauer not. The most likable soared on earth. Listen to these quotes after the game about getting stunned tactics. I like it. I think the pitchers who have done to them. React by throwing people or getting upset and hitting people or whatever. I think it's pretty soft to give up a homer. A guy should celebrate it. You hard to hit in the big leagues a so. I'm all for it. And i think it's it's important that you know game moves in that direction. We stop throwing people because they celebrated having some success on the field. Do that is what's up own. If i appreciate that right. He is selling that mad. They need is okay for him to get his shine. All vinnie got on twitter account. Assorted messed it up here. Here's a trevor. Bauer saying that all ya there. We go we know of. It is coming that badly just as daddy nicely. Next time l. Causal a baby. In this case. And i'm actually on our side about stealing signs game. Gotta have rule game need to be respected. But you're just gonna have to take that one man you just have to take. That would enroll is stand. We go from being. Oh trevor bauer man of the future. Two trevor bauer just will be. I mean i understand. How unlikable trevor. Bauer is even me. Who doesn't really love baseball. That much like i know that about. Trevor bauer but i felt like i liked him at the end of this whole long youtube. Video breaking down kind of facetiously but also playfully breaking down the highlights and then also kinda gave some evidence suggesting that would tattoos was doing was picking back to find out the position of the catcher so he could lean in a hit a home. Run like i feel like trevor. Bauer is right about all of this. And i don't care who's right or wrong in these situations this just like we saw on that fight over the weekend with is boy mosley doll. It's about the lead up to the fight. It's about what makes you want to watch that particular fight and in this case all the beef between these guys makes me someone who doesn't love baseball. Want to watch the next time they play. And i'm all for the pirate celebrates i do that in fief all the time when i scored goals that year for what you just said automatic. Grenade baseball talk. That is not my boy. we continue. Look i'll say this first of all if you want a translation on that that teased tweet. It was relax son and so that's a little bit of a fire back right there but look. I actually think this is owed so happy. Go lucky oh it's a great story. He's not mad. Look at the evidence. I want you to actually look at fernando tatis peaking down the at the catcher when he's giving the scientists looking at that's all you need to know. Hey he's probably trying to get a little extra look the pitch it's like a foot outside or satan and he's still knocks it out. So if i'm trevor bauer. i'm like hey that's all you can cover your. I do whatever you want me straight up. When i was pitching it was spring training with my eyes closed. You know what i'm saying so it wasn't that big of a deal. Wasn't that much of an insult. That the little peaked out. That i think brings fernando tatis a little bit more to the. Hey you're a little bit responsible for what's going on here. And if it was another pitcher he might have tried to hit you in the head for that one. So no more peaking. That's the irony of it. Is that the athletic. Did a story where they talked to three former catches and most of them blamed the catcher by the way for not do something about it and all of them made the point that you can get teased to stop peaking by giving some of that chin music. Bauer started off by saying that. A guy. flexes all you. You shouldn't give that chin music so when bauer does give him that chin music he's going to need to be very clear that his or the thing that i think it's appropriate to give you the tim music for not for the thing that i said i would do because he is salty. Let's not act like he laid it all out for what it comes up next time. He's definitely throwing at t's and now we know why it's not because he was dancing because it was cheating up next on each queue up you got like set a fire and it's got to do something to distract from the fact that you just pulled aside in that particular instead of fire eighty anything you got to do something. We're gaza ride home. They're like can you believe what happened tonight. Fire the lock. Highly questionable is brought to you by the flavorful treats of the new summer blizzard menu. Enjoy it today. Only at your d q do own or rent your home share you and i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's geiko dot com bowls. Announcers were too harsh on denzel valentine. I don't think there's any appropriate set up that. I can give you because of your box on the screen with more time and all it just remember. This is denzel. Valentine missed it badly there less than a minute to go. The whole my goodness fell off is not shot general shots that's king all has that's whereas if both the woods get it. Yeah the homer analyst homer broadcast girl because we love the confidence of denzel. Just didn't make no. That's exactly you're supposed to responded stooped less than thirty three percent from three. There's a thread on twitter. That says denzel. Valentine is the worst player in nba history and then just shows you clip after clip of just terrible decisions and this is on that list now. I think that we hear a lot. About how steph. Curry is ruining youth basketball. Because all little kids walking and jim and they could shoot anywhere i feel like denzel is one of those kids at this point. Just because you've got the beard a similar haircut to what steph had before he cut it your other similar complex. You ain't got range bra. But i do appreciate it for lap and saying let's run his bag so what you do notice here as you watch the show. It's not about what goes on about what happens after you know what happens after. He's made in the world and has one teammate. On his knees on the other he's going to say it'll be alright. Look knowing that's a bunch of dues that it just like wireless range right there. Come on not at seventeen pages a heart rate band diso into the locker room. He was shoot shoot. I feel like what you're supposed to say in that moment. Busy badge dot shooting. The problem is i don't think he qualifies as shooter. Try to kobe. Like all those. Hey baby clothes kit nair. We're right there. Lights set a fire at a lock. You got to do something to distract from the you just pulled that shot in particular instead of fire. Eighty anything you've got to do something. We're gaza ryan home realize back. You believe what happened tonight. Fire the luckily is he. We were actually inspired by that twitter. Check out this montage. Gotta take what are you doing. Jeff levine slam there s druid. Yes you say with the bird man he was all k- miss yes. Yes was a regular person. Oh school how is he still recruited and drafted college player. You guys cherry picks. I'm sure there twice as many greatclips gotta take those shots every now and know this. Valentine's like these are all the people i don't in high school question which from staff was more impressive. They're was living cutter schedule. Somebody ass home clown with dignity was any did. The terrible to the young man said dignity is the opposite of that this is the opposite of denzel datum with old jibril off the foot sleigh. You know who's covering him right. There buddy healed the other guy who shoots a ton of threes in the nba. He knows he's got a hand up and he's still made it. Do we have more bombs. Steph curry helps on the two guys on him right now. How do you allow this. I mean not up to down. It is not up to them. He's telling you. I'm going for the two for one here because i'm not in the basketball. And they stood guard. Kings mistake chick every moment. Now these are all heat check shots except they're not just shots from beyond have corporate him at this point and i am proud inside the thing. I remember exactly what you're talking about from homey the clown i think he cracked some eggs on a little white boy's head and he was like dignity is the opposite of that. I'm old or got a good memory. I don't know what it is. But that's what happened in your right. That is not denzel. Valentine but if i was denzel valentine i would call a lawyer and try to soothe his program because we have just done to him. Back to back segments his atrocious. Like it's just mean to sit. A season assisted at twitter three. Espn guy lawyer. That's a regular purse shaped him up with a sternly worded letter tonight at seven pm eastern lakers and magic all right so jeannie bus went on the all the smoke podcast which is not the podcast that i think she would show up on and just wondering what. They was doing voter podcast. Because i know about podcasts. Anyway here she is talking about the five. Most important figures around the lakers. Five most important lakers all yes. We don't important Most important lakers of all time. Okay well then you know you have to start with kareem this and coby And lebron and oh this is hard magic yes. Of course matt my magic might be number one. No kareem abdul like they. That's that's it's so hard. Got florida And she important and feel does he fell after. Y'all break up. You don't have to tell those kinds of lies anymore. Jeannie everybody's like oh jerry west end this. How did you have phil jackson. It you know math pat riley is right now now that he is heard. This right here is there. You intrigue matt intrigued by the game to offer this piece of advices if you go on a podcast and they put you on the spot for a top five list. Don't answer kevin durant answered. Got some trouble with this answer. It's terrible the brunch shouldn't be on that list of course right but you're putting on the spot and you're taking answers from the hosts you're just setting yourself up for disaster there. Gd what are you doing. I i think the move is probably just a gift three and then by man. I can't fill these last couple spots out. Just move on and let everyone suggests all the other people that they think belong there. But you gotta get those or is three right. I mean you can't go off the rails which first choice can't forget number. One just reminded number that is the most egregious thing is upset. His jack maybe saxon be or elgin. Jerry west pat riley like magic furious. His name was the first or second kareem fair to be magic. Karim i tonight on. Espn cubs and braves all right. So madison bumgarner through seven innings of no kid baseball against the braves the diamondbacks now in case you're curious and that's a no hitter by the way because it's a seven a game that they did that he did this in therefore it is. A no hitter is seven innings. Here's bumgarner talking about. I just want to own say that. I'm gonna go celebrate with guys on a think these shadows and atlanta. That's pretty awesome. And i want to think rob manfred for making seven games. I gotta say him play for the team in arizona makes a lot more sense than him. Play for the team in san francisco. What i learned from an interview which. I knew all rick retreat. A little bit. i mean you know. He's getting old because he's not in a giants uniform anymore be. He's giving credit to the shadows which he really probably wouldn't if he was just the old mad bump and he's thinking manfred for not having to pitch the other two innings. That's just tells you the guys getting older. And he's being a little nicer about it too because if he's with the giants you probably would have heard thrown out the microphone. Are we sure that he's actually thanking manford. And he's not trying to be sarcastic in that moment like that. That is probably what he's doing. Because i feel like i. If i'm a picture i always want the game to be seven innings unless i'm holding onto a no hitter and that i want have complete all night so i can have a no hitter. That is not being second. Guess or question. So i think in that moment. He's taking a shot at rob manfred. I mean obviously you know that he but being old sucks because this shows to me. I'm get tired making mistakes guys technically because it was a seven inning game. That does not counting no hitter. You get counted for a no hitter if the game gets rained out after five but you pitch all the way to the actual end of the game all right. I understand madison's anger here. At this age he could have had no instead. It's just a seven. what do you call this a baby. No no all right. That is our show is a good year as is here all week. He broke into somebody's house. I did a show from their living room. Dominique foxworth foxworth fridays. On the right time with bomani jones. It's podcast it's nice here. Do you own or rent your home. Do fortunately gyco makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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