Introducing Impeachment Today


Impeachment I mean police right I'm haze brown a reporter and editor at Buzzfeed News. We've been telling the story of the trump presidency and all the lows and other lows for years now but this is different follow politics for a living so I feel you. It's hard at apple podcasts on the iheartradio APP rever you listen to your favorite shows right now we're starting this Thursday October twenty fourth and we're going until this ends however it all ends listen and subscribe to impeachment today I heart radio are teaming up to launch impeachment today the daily podcast with the authority perspective and Dare I say whit required to get through this crazy news moment in just Hindi fifteen minutes every weekday morning we're going to catch you up on what just happened figure out what it all means and give you the context you need to understand w. t. f. is really going on up with all the news

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