Rumi Neely On Being A Pioneer As One Of The First Influencers & Launching One Of The First Owned & Operated Influencer Brands


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Tse She's a lifestyle blogger extraordinaire fantastic and he's a serial entrepreneur a very smart cookie and now Lauren efforts in Michael Box Dick bringing bringing you along for the ride major illness. Welcome to the skinny confidential and her going in my head. Constantly outfit needs to be like foot on priority Max what could potentially be like a good backdrop like constantly in my mind so I feel like I just try to take every moment and like how is this moment use best mark hi hello happy Tuesday. Hey guys that clip was from our guest of the show today Rumi neely one of the top influencers on this episode were discussing business fashion photography design. We get into it. If you're new to the show what's up. I'm Lauren Everett's Bostick. Damn Bostick Babe and I'm the creator of the skinny confidential. Hello Michael Boss a serial entrepreneur the newer and brand builder most recently a new newly announced Father Lorne. You are hanging it out. You've been hiding for so long now. You're just you're pregnant. fucking contents are on the fucking table. My stomach's hanging out. I'm letting it loose listen Michael. I was like Kate winslet titanic for five months so it's time to take off the core set and let things just show. I don't get the references tight. Kate winslet titanic was like abused by her mother with a core set because she had to like get it tightens so much okay I get it. Now I get and so does that make me. Leroy GonNa sink in in die in the freezing cold water. If it's between you and I like who's he's living well. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be me yeah. I'm pretty sure now that you've got the baby. They're definitely it's not gonNa be me. I'll just sink to the bottom. You know what who it's going to be our producer Taylor Taylor there is also joining us on this show say is that I don't know if you noticed but there's a lot of debate. If could Leonardo bring on kate onto the floating door. was there enough room for both with them. Even if there was enough room born would take the whole thing and Michael Withdrawn. I'm so glad that you know that you know. My Grandma told me she said I said what's love to my grandma and she said love is when there's one slice of chocolate cake left on the table and your husband wants you to have it in you want your husband to have of it and I thought fuck. I would take the chocolate cake and eat it. Do you know what is though I don't. WanNa fucking cakes so it's so you can have it every time. I think that's why their relationship works. I would take the cake not a big guy was his smart sweets but or would like eat the whole thing and leave you with like a small mo like measly marsal Susan. Luckily I'm not attached to sweets food food. Any kind of any kind of that stuff ain't got the you have been. You have been eating. I've been craving oatmeal raisin cookies and he's been trying to eat my oatmeal raisin cookies. I ain't got pregnant. One fuck with raising guys and exciting. last week was exciting. Finally got to announce a baby which we've been holding holding back obviously for five months. Don't keep that secret anymore. The baby is hanging out but the secret was really hard for Michael you guys it was really hard for him to suck it in for five months now. You're really flaunting around around now. She's going up and down everyone she is she came into the office almost every single person that you walk by she had to do the whole like. Oh my God congratulations she's showing it off and she's she's looking great. You know what's fucked up is for guys and I didn't read. I didn't realize this but like you have to be careful when your wife's pregnant but when your girls pregnant because you think your your body tries to league match the estrogen level and so you have to like do do some things to keep that testosterone flow and I'm telling you said that I was reading about and I was not I'm like why are you so motionless. I thought at first it was just like because I'm happy which I am. I'm trying to think wait. A minute is my estrogen out of control right. It's not it's not an anchor baby yeah. That's what it is. You've got her pregnant. She's GonNa leave now now. She's GonNa Start Crying. All the time and Lawrence is GonNa be like Jesus Christ more crime than me. She's obsessively or now. She's smelling me all the time Fairmont. She's blaming it on the big issues like the baby the baby yeah I literally do you like a line of crack cocaine. I just sniffs him every morning. Michael is one of the toughest people that I know hands down like uncompetitive a AH across the board but now on your knees and suck is decker. Hey I'm tough too so I'm right up there with them so what I was going with this is now. I have this thing where in my mind he's like smelling roses. He's sitting there. He's like Oh. I got to take a take a quick break and look at these. Nice Dandy Lion type things he has been like a little bit Taylor saw Taylor. I saw one video of me being vulnerable on Youtube and now he's. He's thinking that I'm just crumbling yes so I actually want to talk about this. The reason being is because you learn. I didn't know this until just the other day. She actually filmed the reveal where Michael where she showed Michael that the I don't know that you showed him the baby the baby test no he had no idea I was your in. Your verbiage is off. He showed Michael revealed. I was pregnant like he didn't know. Does that. Make sense she on your brain. Isn't there yet right. I don't even know what it's called the thing trae down. You have to get the word that dome when he when he pulled the dome off you have to see the video because his face. I'm telling you have known for years. I have never in my entire life seen him make this face. It's one of the most just like pure a happy or kind of it's I don't I don't even know what to describe it genuine to snow but not genuine because it makes it seem as if he's not genuinely like expressive with his emotion it's almost as if Michael was injected with love with where for instance I was where I was gonna say this but also it's not even that Lawrence reaction where she he goes. I'm freaking out and you can legitimately here like tears. Get caught like almost caught up in her inner voice. It's so emotional that I almost teared up. Are you going to cry right now. I'm not gonNA cry now Albert. Thank you did get your number. I did track I did get goosebumps and I watched it multiple times and it's something that I think now think of when the kids full grown. He's always going to have that little moment to where you have the first reaction when you found out that she was pregnant with him. How do you know why I just realized that things that you don't know the agenda. You've been calling it a heat which is really suckers. Are you hoping that it's I have no appropriate so he can try to date her friend. ooh Gross No. I wouldn't put anything founded Taylor. That'd be weird. I might have to actually now that would never happen so but I think that everybody should watch it. The reason being is because it's a moment in time that I think is rarely captured. It's well. It's all that's set. Shooting Star that I think is that I because I didn't know she was filming me and I didn't know what was going on. If you look closely that do I'm like wearing these like weird ipads and she kept it was weird she said kept telling me take take those ipads off but I was had some under is I was drinking the night before so why why Blake let me let me leave him on because she was trying to get me to fill so then I started crying and the IPADS are going down my face new. She dropped the camera at that point but but that's why I think it's a moment where I didn't know I was being filmed and I didn't know it was coming. It's all I had was the pure reaction. You guys are getting a little more feminine. 'cause you guys keep discussing this at length which reduce your arm wrestling streetfight office temp or something exactly slam a glass of whisking streetfight. That's good tattooed right yeah. I do want you to try to I. I'm going to definitely you are yeah. What do you think you're going to get. I think she got a cucumber kids. Don't get don't get don't don't don't run your body like I have yes so unless you're Taylor go ahead. When you get with me wash the Youtube Video. It's live on Youtube and it's the last five months and again some people. We're asking me why we didn't tell anyone for five months and the answer is super simple. We just wanted to have a moment between ourselves. Didn't we do the whole go doing podcasts about that yeah but I've gotten asked that question still and I just WANNA drive. People people do that to me and I just revert him episode number two thirteen fourteen. Whatever was it says the episode called Ward Pregnant you can go to let's uh-huh yesterday's gone down the river. Let's head back. It's not because I'm GONNA ask you questions not because I have any interest in it at all but I'm curious. When is it acceptable for someone to touch the Belly Michael. When is it acceptable for Taylor touch my stomach. I don't know I don't want I have a phobia of like the those that particular thing babies and general but like heartbeats and stuff freaked me out right so I don't want to tailor you're not going to this isn't a cartoon or the heartbeats like popping out of the stomach. which is that you guys don't touch each other? That'd be good okay. I would like some no actually I was. GonNa say some will but that's weird now. Let's never mind ignore that. I don't want you going anywhere near my wife so really creepy to me since I've been pregnant yeah. I feel like it's the boot. It's one of those things in this instance. You can't really avoid it. It's it's like what is it. It's a very delicate dance okay. There's no delicate dance involved at all with my wife. There is no defense that gets cancelled no dance out so we don't even need to explore my friend not at all all right before we get acquainted with this guest. I want to tell you guys that there is a huge. 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My friend anger got me one and I was like we need a smeg pink lemon juicer so you're going to die when you see it all right. Check out my instagram at the skinny any confidential enter take sixty seconds tag your friends before we get into this episode. I WANNA shout out Rumi neely. She is one of the most genuine coolest influencers out there sometimes in this space it can get weird. Sometimes it can be a little high school and I'm I'm not a big fan of partaking in that but Rumi neely is the real deal she it is an O. G. influence or K. think she launched a blog back in like two thousand eight or something crazy she's someone I've always looked up to in the space and she's he's taken her platform and transformed it into a business and a company massive respect when I moved up to. La She reached out and had a whole list of where to go what to do. What kind of Macho to get specifics. She's very very detail oriented which I love. I also have her L. A. 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I promise you will be jazzed housed up just like me energy off the walls and for our listeners in the UK and EU they can ship to you as well so athletic. Greens dot com slash skinny. Let's get back to the episode. This is the skinny confidential him and her. I am so excited because we have the most iconic blogger her ever learn. No really I was not the first I'm GonNa tell you that before I started I was inspired by like basically the whole Scandinavia which already away on it but no one in America was on it like that. I mean you have to say like you were the first bog I ever fallen. Okay well think of someone but for now all two two thousand eight so I started in two thousand ten years before that is a huge gap at that moment because when she started people were like what the hell is a blog. You're never gonNA do the your blogs and you were two years before. That's six hundred something that's been through so much. What is this. What are you doing like. Why didn't you photos like I didn't care okay okay back to two thousand eight so you're inspired by the Scandinavian bloggers but but I'm sure there's more not What else are you consuming the content of just blogs the way way back? I should just like all I ever really never got sick basically and that was from when I was like ten or something like I always won. The latest Harper was are in vogue like not like you know the like teen magazines or anything I like just one of the best and like memorized every issue and like that just was what I wanted to do and like it was just not really something. That was an option. I feel like at that point. You said you want to work on fashioned. It was like you literally need to be in some like really high elite like social network in order to even have a chance chance of being like in those magazines offices so I kind of just like went to college for normal stuff police. I kind of always kept that in the back of my like minded are really wanted to do and then just when I saw that yeah like there's so much like opening up the block space and like Scandinavia Navio like they would do these daily outfit posts and they are so cute and I was like okay like I can do that like an Sergio. Ask Your boyfriend. Take your photos. At this point right yeah my my acts. He was amazing taking photos and it was like very much a fun thing I do is like literally living in Pacific by the way like full. San Diego like really yeah. She's false. Fulsome hold on because I know you and Lauren how personal that you guys have been together before and you know the backwards for me. Can we go back. Michelsen comes next is a fellow somewhat Javanese person yes Japanese. How do you feel an act. I feel like your penis Japanese. What what does that mean e fermented soybeans soybeans. I don't know it depends in certain things feel Japanese but I don't know how to explain. Explain it in in other ways. I don't feel Japanese. Grandma was fall grimace full yeah so it's a rare thing to be a quarter feel like I WANNA meet. More of these people. They're like McGrath was full. Oh Mom's half but then I'm a bunch of stuff like I've I've got so many different. Things stuff is like whatever to me okay so so your boyfriend starts taking your photos literally alleys of Pacific beach. I I mean I can picture this very specifically. Grow up in San Diego. Okay grew up kind of the place was little in Tokyo and Hong Kong and then norcal San Francisco Bay area an so San Diego was basically like where I went to further from and my family and stuff I would say to when I first started reading your blog that it was inspired by all these different areas like even though you lived in San Diego you could tell that you had outside inspiration from in the United States. It was almost like being San Diego was like reverse inspirational for me. I felt so like not on the same wavelength everyone there because of like the like. Let me tell you are seen she was. I was San Diego. As much as I love. It grew up there. I don't know how they could be so close to. La and so far behind in Fashion Day are by this is very confusing social behavior like let's hear about Kristalina. I love his podcast. He's talking about San Diego is one of the worst place to reform because of the Brawley nece and like the very kind of like Bro. He kind of flipped law. I don't get it but at the same time a special place March. You don't know how the Hell I came from there what if actually became more. La like we'd be kind of horrified right. I'm going to get a lot of all the San Diego. They're gonNA come out and said that about the place to grow. You're going to be a whole Oh. Thanks Sorry San Diego. Sorry you guys have everyone's down there. Your restaurant my dad's restaurants down there and just opened one and one okay so your boyfriend starts me. Michael and I always go off on tangents. Your boyfriend starts taking photos of you. My girlfriend fashion lush who I think I told you about at dinner. Calls me and goes. There's this girl and you have to go look at her and she has the most amazing content and at that time your content was better. I mean I still think it is but it was like really like better. Exponentially than anyone else crazy you started getting invited to fashion week meek on that because I know that ruffled some feathers okay so the very first show I went to wasn't isn't even in New York it was in Paris and it was for the Ungaro show and it was just like such a full-on Chris Experience and was complete dream. Come true sure I couldn't even believe what's happening and but we're editors not at this point because this is like what to two thousand ten. I feel like that never really affected me. Directly never really cared. I mean I I feel like I'm very even like in my everyday life for like an I with what I do now like I'm very much like stay in my own land. Don't look at paper like don't care like focus in the zone and there's no other way from doing. What was the goal back then. It didn't feel like there was anything that was like a structure from you to base things on because it was very much like you know the wild west and was definitely exhilarating every time I got like some kind of crazy email about an opportunity. I was like okay I guess this is the levels at now in his kept on going bigger earned bigger and yes I signed with next in. La I had like a whole separate tangent of my life where I was working in Tokyo for. Maybe like take two years. I was going there really often doing like modeling jobs and just like building my profile over there and doing some probably the most like high high-profile work is like stuff. I've done in Tokyo like my face wrapped around trains and stuff like just crazy. We need to get ready to get my face on a trade. It was so cool to like would've get like to tap into like Japan again because I felt like I was kind of losing that side of me and like look the language came back to me full Japanese. I'm half hop my dad's Blake from Kentucky. What are your friends and family and boyfriend thinking when all this is happening since it was the wild wild west. I think that it was a bit like unnerving for asked because he was just like this. All feels like really exciting. The same time like this is going way outside of you know the world that we're currently and like that was absolutely correct but I just had the slight insatiable desire to just keep on like prodding and see what could happen next and my family was. I think like confused until my mom Mama's doing in Tokyo and her friends were like look. She's like in a magazine that I picked up the newsstand and then she's like okay. Maybe I won't be okay with now. I mean mothers are tough until until they see shot. I literally played two instruments until like they don't. They don't give in until you until you until you get on a train. You're not you're you're not going to. It's like worried. She was like okay well. You're going to do other stuff right. This is just like for now and this is going nowhere. We know that right and I was like now. She's like posing with the Coffee Cup by her cropped off off. She literally wears. Are you minus the cutest thing in the whole world. She's like this micro like pocket person and she's like where's everything I think so beautifully and it's very thing so. When did you start to have the idea for Your Business. Was this something that was like for me. I launched the skinny confidential knowing I I wanted to be a brand. Did you feel like that or was this something that you just sort of. It was kind of just like an in the moment like hey like that lower. Shrub looks cool like what a picture the picture by it like in the thing that I'm already wearing and it was very like organic random off the cuff organic yeah and back then there was no blueprint either. There was no. Hey there's a business that existed assistant. There was no blogging businesses that really existed outside of like some takes banner ad pages yeah so having nothing to base it on me and I was really worried about like making money. I was just like if offerings are coming and I was making money but like I wasn't like okay. Where's those going and like what do I build this to just taking things as they came and like definitely could have had more more like a structured plan about it and I think if you ask any girl like what's one of your dreams that you like. Would you know love to achieve someday. It's like having clothing brand of course like who who who's GonNa say no to that almost and so yeah it was in the back of my mind but it's not an uncommon thing but yeah there came a time where I was just like. I knew I was ready for it. You know clothing clothing line though is different than a lot of people just saying I WANNA launch clothing line where I have massive respect for you as you didn't just slap your label on something like every single piece piece you can tell is created from out of your head. It is a pain staking but like such a glorious process like I just gives me energy like literally like I am the fit model fittings every Monday and Thursday for my line and like sometimes I'll get to work and just be like terrain for whatever reason and then link. I'll see like the pile of clothes turn like I'm literally just like brought to life again like it's just every little detail every little like pathway that can be forged from like us working with this fabric or that vendor whatever and and like it's just amazing so Michael Argue Michael's Berry into fashion and you would the way her stuff fits. It's like you thought of the boot fat what you thought you thought of how to slim the arm. You've thought of how to show the clavicle like your piece. The everything is so well made and so you can tell it's very thought out more confused about it's not that I'm just so into. I like fashion closed but I appreciate good design right like when something is aesthetically when it's worked worked in designed well it could be anything it's it's almost like an art piece right if you if you design it when people take the time and that's why I think it's important and I also like I think it's a really creative expression the way people dress in the way that they you know formed. They're closing the way they match things. You wouldn't get us into fashioned with the shirt that he's wearing today. I saw blazer. It's I had color the blazers because it didn't fit my feet. I thought it was a darker ninety seven. Where'd you get that blaze away. That's not you're not getting over. That's called a photoshop always do when launched your line. Was it something that that got popular overnight. 'cause I see all these celebrities and influencers wearing your stuff. I mean obviously I was lucky to have like my existing platform from fashioned host just to be able to show the line to immediately and so it felt like a very exciting like here it is what I've been working on like. This is the seven core pieces. Is that like I think everyone needs and that's how it started. It wasn't really like I knew what was GONNA come. After those pieces it was more just like this is your essentials IOS and from that point. It's like grown so much and I think there was definitely a point early on where I was worried that like once I did the perfect slip dress like what comes after that but now almost the more you do the more styles like I bring into it the more ideas I have so it's almost you know what I want to talk to you about eating because you are somebody somebody that's started. Let's say like they called blogging than influencers term. They just fit the marketing term to basically describe what they do when they're allocating dollars to this this type of space right because I like what do we call this remarkable influence whereas everybody's an influence or dollars this way but for somebody that calls himself an influence or now in is making the transition from okay brands are paying me to showcase their products. Now I have an idea my head and I want to create my own line. Can you talk about what that transition looked like. I'm sure that if you start to focus on doing your own on you have to limit the other stuff because you have to. It's almost like gift to pick one or the other. I know there's links. You can do collaboration still but it's ideal like basically zero sponsorships night. I I love you to talk about that. Switchover was very natural and very quick and I'm not saying that I'm opposed to doing anything with any outside brand but there's nobody listening and literally like where ninety five percent of what I wear in. My closet is things that I've created. It was really firm me and I think that I always had such a specific vision of how I wanted things to fall on my body and like how short they should be like why can't that strap you like even even more barely there and like all these little tiny details on was it skirted leave the income though like the collaboration income. It's still scary because I feel like you know having your own business like you're you. I'm like much more like on a day-to-day basis poor than I was. You know maybe in two thousand fourteen or something but I feel like it's totally worth yeah that's exactly it feels exactly right and it feels woods the transition from having a job to being an entrepreneur right like a lot of people say okay well now that I've created this blog in this plot from an entrepreneur because these brands are paying like no you're working for somebody and they're paying you as a job. It's like a freelance thing you're doing now. Is your entrepreneurial. You have your own Business Rachel Rachel like when you're an influence. Are you have clients you know and like it's not really my vibe. I'm so specific and so like I want everything to be the thing that I decided. If it's like an aesthetic thing touching my body you know like was a natural transition and people are GonNa get fired up about that statement saying that basically being influencers not being an entrepreneur no. I I agree with our free last topic. That's happening right now. I just think I think being an entrepreneur. You're creating a business from scratcher. You're building something that does not exist in. You're doing get for your own organization and it's employing people employing things in creating something. There's nothing wrong with doing influence of business. We did all the time people sponsor this podcast all the time but for me. That's doing freelance work for just a graphic designer or developer. Whatever it's there's a there's a big distinction. I think people get in trouble because I'm an entrepreneur are you. Are you doing freelance work for other brands. I mean that's definitely really valid way to look at. What is your day to day now that you're in the business because I know sometimes it can be hard when you have to work on the business snus and in the business and you have a team till I have a team. I love my team so much. I feel so I mean it definitely took awhile to assemble the right group of people and like we have been you know over twenty people on our at twelve and that feels totally perfect. I feel like it's weird. Once you're past like fifteen people. I feel like there's a vibe change in like the likeliness for something to be negative is like amplified so much. I feel like it's because people start reporting into people and it's not something that happens anymore right. There's there's levels herbals and there's different this person's reporting to this person and that dynamic changes especially when it's a small team and everyone's kind of like on the same level but when you introduce more and that offense like wait wait a minute. Kathy was working next to me now. I have to report her and it like it starts to create dynamics it. It's not fun. I feel like especially for how Chila Vibe I want in my office like it's perfect whereas right now and so wait what was no. I was just saying like how is it running team day to day. Are you in the office nine to five live. Is there like a smile. I'm obsessed with people's like Danielle Steele Lake. If I was in the office nine to five that would like undo the whole point of everything that I've really tried to which I'm the anyway so it's very much like I can decide like the morning of like what my mood is what my brain feels the most tailored to do based on my mood or whatever it is like if I'm like really inspired to take photos do that if I'm really inspired to you know think of new development for the designs on all work on that but I feel like it's very much like such Gotcha privileged position to be m super aware of that but yeah that's kind of how my day by Monday and Thursdays basically like I'm definitely at the office and everything else is like make kind of filled in random. I'm really hoping one of my favorite partners has some courses on what to do as a new father because I have no clue. 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Don't have to worry about tuition fees just boom broom skill share and you're ready to go so as Michael said there's no luck bus to join the millions of students already learning on skelter today with a special offer just for our listeners get two months of skill share chair for free. That's right guys skill shares offering all skinny confidential him in her listeners two months of unlimited access to thousands of classes for free all you have to the sign up as good as skullshaver dot com slash. TSE again go to skullshaver dot com slash TSE to start your two months now that skill share dot com slash tse. Let's get back to the episode. Batch your content issue because your instagram content is. I can tell us a creator. It's a lot of work. I like a bit botchy. Yeah you'll just be one day. I WANNA shoot everything yeah if I'm like really in the mood to take photos. I'll do that but definitely there's always like. There's always something that needs to be addressed. When it comes to you now having everything be like working the way it should be so oughta work. Slack is like yours you slag affect my life flood like it's the first thing I check in the morning and it's just like yeah. It's a godsend like I was always just like criminally bad at email so I feel like that's like allowed me to like still be functional. Slack is like email untaxed mixed together. Yeah I took me a while to get used to it though and it can be cute to yeah it can be like what are you doing. I'm like like there's no email is for. I know that it's the most annoying thing for the sake of making a statement though so I fully support that large so have you kind of Badger instagram. Do you have any tips on instagram aesthetic like if someone starting out in their listening. Is there any tools that you use that really help with your instagram because that's one thing I feel like you take take time and put a lot of thought into feel. I don't put too much laundry me driving on the street and I'll see like like just even earlier today some flowers by a wall and I'm like hey. That's cute like what if I've seen. People don't think like this. They'll know elaborate. I'm literally like there's a constant like saw going in my head constantly about like what outfit needs to be like put on priority next like what could essentially be like a good backdrop like what you know growing. WanNa shoot next for whatever we're doing for that month for releases like constantly constantly in my mind so I feel like I just try to take every moment like how is this moment use best north from there. It seems like you're you're essentially like also the creative creative director all the time definitely and Yeah I love it. It is not exhausting so I love the off the so. Do you work with your husband like I do sometimes or is it never worked together either. We have worked together and the first couple years of having are you my he was the full like logistical and financial side like batteries audrey figure it out. I don't really recommend it to anyone and even like you. WanNa come yeah. It's just not ideal. I feel like you should be able to like look at your husband and be like okay. I see fun and like you know exciting future things being together not like the day to day like Machen Mirus. I I feel like that was amazing indefinitely necessary for the beginning because that's obviously not where my brains out. I don't want it to even have to to be there. I WANNA use my brain food. That's good for so yeah. That's the kind of a hand off and leg. We put a team together to wear like he could kind of a good exit Taylor. Yeah how quiet is Taylor. I know talk. Some more usually wait I want. I want to say the moment to really can't even see I put him back. Nobody's doing I'll tell you what he's doing. He's back there googling photos of you like I'm trying to do something creepy. He's smiling right now. I know back to see me but you can feel me air. It just got so tired presents no but like I just wanted to know such a lake faithful listener of your podcast favorite so I know that's that's why you know it's a Taylor Taylor's. Should I wonder what she's heard me now. I'm like Oh should. I wonder what she's heard me. Say the Caroline Stanbury. I'm very where he was being like. Extra Taylor and I was axed. We'll actually she's married but she she was putting out a vibe to him and he was loving it okay so she was speeding haeusler. Slave ship lost at sea. He's ready with these google script for every moment that he's definitely a character of this show show. He stressed this like. Let's not Google image. I know okay so there's a lot of girls in this industry that are trying to get into it right now. I am not a big fan of the it's two saturated thing. I I think if you have a unique perspective and you have a way to communicate with an audience than you then there's potential. Is there any advice if you were starting right now. Is there something that you would say to you you at eighteen hours. Just even try to see past everything you've drop everything you've ever seen unseen at like. Make it into what what do you care about the most what something that only you can bring. I feel like I read something like in your. They're so good at this. Make your mess your message and that's something that I'm not good at. That's it's white struck me a bit but I feel like thought. It's definitely like what needs to happen and probably the way to get people's attention now. I do feel like it's so difficult to start right but I don't want to be like no but it's true. Make your master message. That's a real like a really good quote. I would agree with that you have to you have to sort of open it up. Everyone's different like I think it just depends on like what your brand is. I want to speak a little bit more about the business side just because I feel like out of every single influence or I told Michael this in the car that I've ever seen. You're like one of the best. How do you choose where you're going to distribute your product. It's only sold nurse. I thought it was revolved to for something. Oh it's only on your side. We have like full control of everything and that's what he wanted. This okay can you. That's really interesting to me. Can you speak up because when I eventually launched product. I think I WANNA launch it direct to consumer for only two yeah. Why did you make that decision. Well in the beginning. We actually did test how stocking with some retailers brick and mortar with eighteen beckon crusher though to do people don't realize that like they order like. Oh cool. I get an order from a retailer especially. If you're working with one of the big like nordstroms there was I was involved in a company. I won't say which one people comply like Google Wild Rex or got rid of my shares but sign shaking leave the back around with Nordstrom and Nordstrom fucked up and and they didn't put the product out and then what happened was since they since they had all that product this Christmas season past and like Oh shit we have this. Friday thinks that they discounted all of it what they did at the time to that site is everything got price matched and so it completely almost sunk the business salts because of one big retailers. The people don't realize it's not always okay. I got into storm in Barney's nordstroms orchard. That's not the kind of care about and literally like not to be rude but like I can't remember the last time I stepped foot and Barney's and like found anything occurred about it like I just literally can't can't find what I want to make it so I feel like going bankrupt for a lot of influencers to read this. This is going to get me in trouble probably but they want to do these things where they go and they have this this this brand in their head and they go okay. I'm going to get most of this business away to a big retailer and the retailer then becomes your partner. They control a lot of that business. The problem is you don't have any that user data. You don't control your fun. No no you don't have you know if that retailer say. I'm not going to focus on this anymore. I'm not gonNA move onto something else. You're fucked so yeah. You have to control your business and your pipeline. I believe launch everything to direct to consumer I because it starts to take off and you do it well. Then you have leverage and then you can go your sie lay and here's why guys. Oh really done it incredibly well. Here's his trip Liechtenstein over there but yeah like not answering. I mean the way that I plan things out or even. Don't plan things out or Just want for things to beat are you. Am I like it would so not be pleasing to. Let's say like a board or anyone answering to. It's just exactly like what I want. It's a bit like on a whim. I think it works for me. at the size that we're at. I feel like the fact that I don't have to answer to anyone. They have like no say in anything. I you can do like that means. The clothes can be exactly what I want but that's how you made your master message like. That's what you're doing things how you WanNa do it on your own term. Yeah and you're not giving energy to what anyone else is doing. I think that's why you're so successful. It's really just fun for me. I feel so like beyond lucky to be able to do like all the different categories of the things I love about fashion for a living. It just feels crazy like you. Were saying like we're basically never on sale unless it's black Friday but yeah if few army can make sense down the line but it's after you've already built your brand made a powerful business and have control right like you know then say okay. I'M GONNA move a couple of thousand in units or whatever to these stores but you have your hub and you have all that customer data. That's another thing if you go retail. You've no customer data. You don't get any of it. We have everything we literally. If someone's one's wearing are you might we can track exactly how it came to be like yeah. That's how your top customers when how often it's the best yeah yeah so. Who's your top celebrity customer. Would you say out of every one I mean. There are so many amazing girls awake where that we work with. I think the day that just probably will never be topped like when Malaya Obama ordered a bunch of pieces before their trip to the south of France. Now is just like what's not is a good one under under yeah it was insane and I was like okay. That just makes me so happy for the rest of eternity. I don't like we're never going to see those pieces on her. Of course she's like her. Privacy is so valuable label and just the knowledge of that is beyond but yeah then she ended up being photographed in a what is my life doing to me like it's just nice to crazy so yeah and when Kylie Jenner Kendall where something it's gotta sell out it yeah. They're obviously I think Barack and Michelle votes are from me about some now they didn't but they still bomb was using some movies when someone like Kylie or Kendall wear something of yours is it's something that you see right away on the back end. It's definitely like a lot of excitement and there are so many like you know dedicated closet accountable Battaglia so we'll know literally insanely early yeah. It's a palpable effects that they have and it's yeah. This is my own selfish question that I have for you. How do you think how can you successfully go from being an influencer to running a business like you run like. What do you think are things that you look back on that. Maybe you shouldn't have done or you wish you did more of I mean I feel like there was no way that I have known any of it like even like having that perfect team size only working people that you would wanna work with that. You could see yourself working with forever. and I think yeah. It's just the learning curve stuff. There's no way to even know that I mean like I literally was just working for myself for so many years with my blog and I didn't really know nothing about like even now management. I'm just like what like I honey. Similarities deal with that like well. I don't do deal with Eh. Loren Loren has to deal with it no no she. She is like me and you're like her husband though the dynamic no but I'm not like I'm creating content and working with any but you and I are the the same way where it's like. This is what my perspective is a new one. Tommy I'm wrong. Money isn't what drives its. There's so much low hanging fruit like left he gets in this can be like a like we can get in fights about this. It's being able to create something out of your brain that no one else has created and be so specific and detailed and bring it to a customer that not only is going to wear it or use it or whatever they're gonna go tell fifteen of their friends and you know that when they tell fifteen of their friends those friends are GonNa tell friends like that's what I feel like a rush on the purity of that is just like literally the only reason to do it and I feel like it's definitely difficult Chris's the same way. He'll be like WHOA. This would be so easy to do this and I'm like but you know. I don't think there's like a problem in the stock market and I don't need to contribute to right now so it's fine like warrener's understands. Sometimes there's a good time to clarify it so give it. She wants to run around into our projects and blog and take pictures in the street fine. I don't care about the money I love art. Project no problem if you wanted to do this and just do no problem but the the moment when you start the art building a team and you have other people that are reliant on you for their income and for their their life yeah that's when you have to be responsible to the business so for me interested in. Oh because she had such a good balance of will the reason that I have that is because my team is insane and they completely understand the quirks that comprise me and I mean I'm so spoiled by that like literally like yeah. I have such great people that I work with and I'm so lucky that I have been yeah. I don't know they've just like stuck around with me for a shout out to your team. They sound amazing. Is there any tips that you have for hiring someone. Did you find him on linked in. Did you find him through instagram. Graham I think like the they cut off like find me if that makes sense like I don't know my system. I found on craigslist like I mean it's just crazy like how long I've been working with the same people on how like in and out we know each other and like like Sergio my par- my brother like we're just like bicker and just like get each other and like the craziest most Pacific ways It's like a mono grain and then yeah that girl that she was my c o she he she was for a while and then she wanted to leave and focus on our own stuff but we're still working together like she'll come in like multiple is a month and just like help with what she's best. I and I just feel like people. I'm so lucky that I feel that. They want to be a part of it. It's such a positive energy and it's it just feels like that's not normal from what I hear about in the world so I still guitar really really Lucky Joe. Yeah I mean it's all these personalities. You're managing a lot of emotional intelligence feel like yeah and then you're beautiful studio. I've never seen it in person but I'm going to visit. I WANNA visit. I feel like if I go. I want to bring like my photographer because it's so make it a whole thing yeah seriously and same thing for flutter flutter so flutter clutter is I'm GonNa say it's fully fully. It's all Chris's masterminding. It is just I can't believe he pulled it off and it's just what I've I've seen it go from nothing but it is now obviously in like a quite quick turnaround time and it's it's really exciting so it's like it's immersive art experience where every room is basically an installation that you can interact with and like there's so many like tactile and different features every every room and it's just yeah it's really exciting so can accept his babies. That's like a really allowed him to be. That's good though even further apart he on the day to day of yeah so a so so flutter is an art exhibit but I feel like your studio or your office is an art exhibit to it looks on my middle reclassify. Yeah I mean it's. It's so beautiful yeah. Can you sort of like how did you did you design yourself. We had space a few blocks away consolidate everything thing last summer and of last summer into this amazing full floor of a building downtown and that's like the current law which is like above and beyond what are old loft was and yeah. It's all just like things I love like some random marble table from a flea market or we had someone come in and paint the wall behind the bed in February and just like clough was inspired myself. He's like Cherry blossom paintings at this random error. Viewers viewers thing like just random things. I gotTa Bring Western into her like I'm telling you it's the GNARLIEST thing to. It's the most beautiful situation Michael the way yeah. That's very very good. Can I tell you something I want. Everyone to lauren is always the bog to the social situations because I'm like L. Let's go and then she is the the one that's kicking the can down the road and not getting her schedule in order because you will relate to that energy towards creating every David. You just like overall exhausted constantly. He doesn't understand a lot to just. Do Anything. Michael's not going to do that but it's now I'm GonNa. I'm an actually go and shoot up flutter mislead so we'll come in downtown one. What is your morning routine. I know it's specific. okay so my morning. It's a a I feel like I've basically not like not a morning person not tonight. I I feel like I love all times but I feel like the mornings. I really try to reserve for Lake. Just you know planning out my day getting the energy energy correct like literally taking my time. I make my husband breakfast every morning. it's disgusting literally like. I don't know alive my like housewife tendencies. Are there and I never knew that about me until I met listeners are. GonNa be fucked up but it's it's the Japanese side. I think we I think Oh oh my grandma every day a spoil she's she had to cook for me. Even if I didn't want to listen I'm I can't eat them. Completely full pancakes eggs bacon my sister's. This is wake up. She was like no not for you for him. I mean yeah the way that my mom feeds him when we're visiting my goal but I'm telling you it might be in my blood yeah Asian cooking uh-huh. You've cut your husband rock fest gone. I I WANNA keep hearing ideally go he's like I don't know I feel like having a house or little things like heap in order like things I just am constantly learning about like right now. It's like there's something living in my chimney. I don't know what it is. I don't know how to figure out how to get it out so that's like when my projects right now. Jimmy Sweep does that exists still Taylor you Taylor chimney sweep Taylor's living uh-huh you living in the treaty weird. It's like literally like Google it and like apparently it's the sound is like not constant. It's like got an animal is like denning like raccoon is there and it's babies the other nesting it does sound that beggarly gauge the size of anyway so there's. Tony Little things like morning. Wait hold on. I'm never fire a fireplace so bad a human skeleton uh-huh falling down on this guy with like high reviews on Yelp and he's I feel like it's GonNa come except on the job but did you go to find this guy like Mary Cook. I need a guy to come over and clear critters out of my chimney issue anyway so I feel like I dunno just maintenance. You know I take care of that stuff in the morning. That's a really specific and weird one but yeah there are a lot of little things like that like the room news blake brakes. I Dunno these. Little things are happening so you all the time my brakes climbing task of it. I'll make us credit card. Thank thank God for my system article. Six things that you need to be aware of in case you need to hire chimney sweep K. I'll skip number one. It's Boring Cambridge to smelled a strong odor from MMA fireplace or chimney happen. That's like a dead body. I'm thinking number three noticing greasy black suit sut sooner feel like you're describing yourself right now. Now the Senate bill up listed diverse having a damper that is in bad condition and number six worker hearing animals or birds words inside the wall. Yeah I think it's I think it's you guys. I'm dropping it with the value today. Wow people are more bright and early and get in our chimney and figure out chamber Shimla Jamie fucking Chimney Bathtub. I WANNA chimney in a battle for BAFTA sobered. I talk about it every day. Awesome devastating. I tell them this everyday so he's looking onto my chimney available though in their own filth anyways like a cesspool of Hersher take all the time the united outdated. I take a shower before I get in the bath. Oh of course because I don't wait Lawrence. Stop now. You're the Chris. I don't take a shower before you get to a very valid point. I like the Japanese ever wonder what the waters in Japan offers on my God even like mess around with Japanese baths. They're insane. It's basically a whole like wet room and like you have half to shower in the bath without cleaning yourself irs. It's like the Mo- responded Japan because we haven't I I lived there yeah there yeah yeah we got to go on a go to Tokyo and my whole my mom she has like zero family in America like her. Entire family is over. There are three sisters and that's where you on the bus. Yes okay train train train. Maybe but helicopter liked trade gives a show about the bus train. You guys need to go to Tokyo. It's just I would love to go morning routine. Is there anything else green smoothie. What are you. What are you eating and drinking. I'm sure everyone wants to know that your body's banging. I'm sometimes I'm sneaking like Chris's Vanilla Protein which is like disgusting when I'm trying to like see of protein does anything good protein protein grosses. People are so good protein. What yeah it's gotta be a specific protein yeah so the talking as pressing cookies and cream protein that I got wants. Oh Oh my God. The kid's toothpaste tries to be like a flavor. That's not men yeah no. I'm not doing cookies and cream. That doesn't sound like you're drinking. Not In the chimney had that same discussing looks like it's a rite of passage for them. It looks like Seaman Seaman who okay powder no no once you add liquid to it just becomes as Gillette cookies and cream protein batter looks like you can literally take anything to that play yeah. He loves it. Yeah it's jarring. He loves he. Jarring is the word for him it. Oh my God yes yeah. You should go. We decided Michael and I were aboard the other day and we scrolled all the way back to his instagram to see like old photos. There is some Chretien favorites but he was he was trying to do who this girl one time. When you had this like Nice that he had Taylor you can feel it for trump and but he did a Selfie in the suit but I knew what he was up to and I called him out and I said Joe. Are you only wearing the top half of the suit and not the pants are the real sense to you since he was Hitless and you're correct view it. He was only wearing no pants yeah he was pretending like he went out on a Saturday night to make her jealous. Okay did it work but I know sitting in his underpants ads playing video games. I called him up. Literally the upper half of the suit on had nothing honors bare-legged fair so he had no. I'm sure he had no boxers on on no pants and he took a picture of himself in his caption was going out for a fun raging Saturday night. I know that to me anyway aiming for yeah. We must effort yeah. We must admire the. I don't think you can wear them i Taylor. I don't think that's going to work out. I am Buck podcast resource that you can recommend the audience website netflix special. Oh anything like I don't know I don't I don't you kill obamacare. No I don't watch that rush that I literally just watch the office on loop over the office like like just the other one every time leaving frank siding. It's so good but I dunno esters podcast soon to die but still listen to it her in general what I'll you set a podcast earlier but I didn't catch the name it was the Guy Crystal is a comedy okay. I gotta listen to his podcast. I was literally like die like how just his level of maniacal Michael like gleam in his eyes just makes himself. Laugh is the funniest videos he creates on social where puts his face over old news fucking hilarious to. I've never heard it. Why I I heard this person or Lord well. He's a San Diego Bashar Sandiego Bashar. Yeah I mean you know I love San Diego but I like you know no. I Love San Diego. They're just they just need to up their their presentation about like you. You have to love that. It's like anything. The Beach Beach setup is so good the beach that was going to the beaches there yeah you get some space over there feeling a little bit of room wholesome place. The Mexican computers definitely better better. Taylor lives in a chimney without pants blazer in San Diego and pronounces it suit chimney sweeper number was going to say sweeper but there's a special outfit for that. I think the yeah there probably has it instead big top hat. It's a cropped pant. Maybe Yeah Hi Taylor. Thank you for coming on. Where can everyone find you and your brand. I'm at my friends at are you a my and I might not come. Spell your brand though because it's spelled specifically it is okay so it's a play my name if you didn't figure that out yet and it is a R. E. Am I you guys. It's so cute and so many you have my instagram's. I'm wearing it. I love her stuff and it's really looking at sane and it your new pieces all your stuff. There's so much new so many nice things things I mean honestly. I like out of all the brands. It's alright to tell you it's I dare you so much wines very very detailed and you're wearing a top. I think right now most sites leave off the shoulder. I feel like people are gonNA. Ask Me so you have to tell me which one this is before you go. ooh. That's gone. It's so good. Thank you for coming on your amazing in your inspiration. Thank you so much guys thanks for doing. This is fun. That is a wrap on roomies episode. She can come back anytime and talk Biz. Also I want to remind you the gifting campaign. That's on my latest instagram. It's a million pink things Elias l bag the one that I warned France. It's completely curated by me. You even have a pink lemon orange lime juice or you could make Margaritas with it SMEG. There is so much cute. Stop you even win. A MAC book takes five seconds to enter Go check out my latest instagram at the skinny confidential and with that we'll see guys on Friday. This episode is brought to you by skill share skill shares and online learning space offering more than twenty thousand courses. I'm currently using the platform to learn a bunch of different skills that we've talked about. Many Times on this show is the tool for brands and individuals acquire new skills or take signal skills to an expert level of it is the net looks for learning skills online so join the millions of students already learning skill share today with a special offer for our listeners. Get two months of skill share for free. That's right. Scotia is offering the skinny confidential him in her listeners. Two Months Unlimited access to over twenty five thousand classes for free to sign up go to skill share share dot com slash. TSE again go to skill share dot com slash. He SC to start your two months now. 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