Larry Magid: Conserving Energy For Earth Day


Did you come up with Larry? Well, the first thing is to realize that tech is not completely free of any impact on the environment. I obviously if you're reading online, you're not using paper there are some advantages, but tech does not only require electricity or battery which obviously has to be charged by trinity on your devices. But if you're on the internet servers out there that are using power now, there's very little you can do about that. But what you can do is to make sure for example, that you don't have all these phantom or vampire power plug plugged in all the time. What I try to do. And I'm not always perfect add up. I try to do with put the bun power strip. So if I'm not using them, I can unplug the power strip or turn off the power strip. And there isn't that current going to them it's not a huge amount of energy. But when you multiply it among all those bricks, you have in all the people in the world it adds up big time, obviously, you can make sure you have energy star complained to quit -ment you can turn the screen down the brightness. Down but make and also if you have a PC or MAC, make sure they go into sleep mode when you walk away. And sometimes you may think they do, but they may malfunction so really check that sleep mode. That's probably the most important thing. You can do when it comes to PC's, thirty seconds. We have left talk about some of the ironies around electric vehicles. Well, the irony electric vehicles, you know, the most efficient new vehicle vehicle, actually, the one you already own begin manufacturing a vehicle. No matter how efficient it is used as a lot of resources. So you do have to, you know, not get to thanked Omonia having fed that I now driving an electric car. My other car the hybrid. I love saving gasoline. But I also recognize that electricity here in the bay area. It's mostly renewable. That's a good thing. But if in some countries, actually electric car, they're using coal for the charging. And there are actually having a big impact on the environment. So depends on where you were very fortunate to have a lot of renewal nj here. But remember anytime you buy a new device, you are making an environmental impact just by having that device built for you.

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