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Our favorite Disneyland Resort and why


Hey Lisa was going well. Life is very different these days especially podcasting on a Monday afternoon Monday morning. We're doing podcast on a different schedule. Because we were all at home normally. It's just Lisa Myself. That are around during the day now. We've got everyone so we're going to take advantage of the time that we all have at home and Maybe we'll throw in a couple of extra podcast here and there no. Maybe we'll bank him. We'll see we'll see how it goes. Save for a rainy day. Well it's rainy over here. I don't know about you guys here too rainy. Here's well moms in Chicago and she got four inches of snow. Yesterday I saw your brother's post. I was like Oh Jeez. That's crazy I know I know but it was a good snow because it was warm so it didn't even stick on the driveway which is good so shoveling and she said now it's all clumps on the branches and such and it's all just all in because it's it's warmer and it's falling and like snowball she said it's like chunks are falling left and right with young kids that that sounds terrifying when chunk start falling left and right especially in the middle of the night well well different kinds of chunks. Oh gotcha a little panic there. Well Yeah but my mom called me yesterday and she said that the dogs came in white. I'm like I'm thinking pollen or something and I had no idea was snowing up there. So Nev- about mom anyway. So we're GONNA podcast. What are we going to talk about? We're GONNA talk about Disneyland in Anaheim and we're GONNA go over some of our best and most on memories and then we're going to talk about our favorite resort. That's out there so who is ready. Who's just itching me? I'm ready all right. How many are we going to get from you less in think? Well the good news is there's only three resorts puts out. I can't go too crazy there. Well I figured you know you had an especially wonderful experience at an offsite or a a partner hotel true true true all right so go ahead. Okay so my favorite hotel in Disneyland is the Disneyland Hotel and I know that's probably not the most I know most people love Grand Californian but I love the vibe of the Disneyland Hotel. I know it's the furthest one out but I just think it's got a great vibe. I love the the quick service there. The POOL IS Q. I think the rooms are great. I just absolutely love that hotel. GonNa say anything till turn but yes. Okay all right. Abra Hotel Steve. You're rich and so all right so I have to say Between two of them. Of course really. There's three I know I know there's only three. There's some off property ones but if you're talking Disney property who does so I have to say they're all really. I like Disneyland Hotel Too. And here's here are the the pluses and minuses. So it's been remodeled referred It has the the The Bar which now traders Sam's which is pretty cool and has a little eating place next. Ah Trader Sam's that's my favorite quick serve. Yeah that Quick Services Awesome. The little patio there. The terror can't swim too long. Tanger Tanger or something ten grow terrace. Whatever whatever that ends or something like that and then. Tangaroa terrace scenario. I need to know now. Ango rule anger rules. That there you go anger Roett terrorists. Good job And the pools beautiful and it's got that tropical vibe like you're kind of in Hawaii Just the plants and everything The beds when you turn on the little night light or the little white I was laying in bed and I flip the little switch and I was like oh it plays like a little musical turn tune and I didn't realize behind my head that the headboard was lit up with fireworks and a castle and all this stuff because I was lying in bed and so it's like behind you but yeah so the whole the headboard lights up these little fireworks of fiber optics half and so it's it's got that The thing that it does not have Is A is a lobby to hang out in and people watch and have a drink. So if you're looking for that Grand Californian is the lobby. That's amazing where you can sit there to the bar hang out by the fireplace Listen to the piano player the lobby here is more of a check in lobby. So that's the only thing I would say if you're looking for while you're waiting for people to get ready or something and you can hang out in the lobby while the rest of your family is getting ready That's the only thing it does not have izzy Land Hotel. So who's a Lisa Sharpie? Sharpie go ahead. My favorite hotel is absolutely the Grand Californian. I love it. I love the design. I love the architecture. The overall layout is amazing. One of the one of the Best Disney as we've ever had was a day by the pool at Disney's Grand Californian resort. It is it's spectacular. It is it is grand in every sense of the term and it's so different than the Grand Floridian Because it has that kind of has that full California vibe of the craftsman architecture and design elements in the furniture in the carpet in the art in the design. It's it's spectacular love. It love it love at plus it opens up right into Disney's California adventure favorite. I'm right there with Sharpie I'm GonNa go with Grand Californian and I was debating between Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian but the feeling you get when you walk into that hotel. It's amazing it's it's the best of so many different feelings from world in my opinion with the grand Grandma Orion the Wilderness Lodge Love Wilderness Lodge. But it's it's just amped up somehow and the grand fireplace. Yeah it's just it's hotel. Perfection it doesn't have the RUSTIC EDGE THE WILDERNESS. Lodge has it has the the the beauty and simplicity of craftsman design where a lot of the design elements of wilderness. Lodge are krasne. A lot of the furniture is craftsman style but but it has that rustic American Lodge to it where the Grand California has the more formalized architecture and a lot more focus on Harmony of the design rather than theme of the design interesting But I also love the access to California adventure with I just loved that it's right there. I feel like I'm cheating somehow. 'cause you're either. GonNa spit out into the middle of downtown Disney. And you know people it's just more convenient or you're going to spit out over Directly into the park yet. California's turnstile right there. And you're in you're just right there. It's amazing I love it in. You're by the Grizzly river run because amber got wet and then went back to the room and changed and came right back out and we were minutes away. Yeah that part I like now. So it's definitely convenience. If you do have young ones I mean the whole park it is the whole entity is a walking park and so nothing is terribly far away but I do love the fact that you know if you need to do afternoon naps or if you want to take a break and do that afternoon swim to avoid the heat or the crowds. It's it's like the next attraction it's like walking from Little Mermaid to the coaster The in credit coaster. So it's it's right there. I love it all right so now we go onto part two best memory. Tell me some of your honest memories Illovo fondest well okay then what sticks out in your head Steve. You get to go first. Bert Sharpie knows this. It's just I just remember it. I just can't I don't know why I remember it but I remember when Sharpie and I wrote that. Mickey's fun wheel. Which was nothing. There was no fun and Mickey's fun wheel at all. I had almost as much fun. Watching Steven. Green was so off track. There was some little Hispanic family with the little kid in there on the other side sitting across from us and and it was like the little kid and I were like eyeing the BARF bag. It was like Oh who's GonNa grab it first so all reach for it and then like he kept going between like like fully fleshed and why. He's a ghost turn green. I was like oh my Gosh Steve Relates to get off this attraction. Because you're right. Oh you're over the water and then the Gondola starts rocking adding I love it. I think it's such a fun attraction though understand because it doesn't seatbelts. Oh you're locked in there. I mean it's a cage you can't get out get tossed around a horn. I thought the whole time I was thinking like if it on swings. How is this different than a swing? And it's not a swing. Oh my guess on that right even just be you. Just call me up next time. You WanNa go on that so horrible. Isn't it Lisa? I like it? You've been on the rise one. Oh Yeah I get upset. If I don't get one of those big swings you know those two lines no but yes or you know someone who doesn't WanNa swing now because there are some cars that get better go some give them bigger slide. I Guess Yeah Nope. I've been on the standard one as well and I can do that. One the one that does not swing the one that just goes around in the circle on the fun wheel that I can do. If you have not motion sickness the ones that rock and slide around will awful. Anyways there was. My aunt does not fond. Remember that thing I remember is going to Disneyland since now is closed until it opens and just waiting in the main street at for a corn dog. Smell corn dogs. I'm so surprised you went to food. Corn dogs are so good. You can't deal in Corinth. Yeah you can't get a corn dog like that at Costco or anywhere. Okay really. They really need those corn dogs at Walt Disneyworld Post true. They don't have them there. They don't would they be a special things that are just for land? I think like Lauren. Saying you need to have some division. I mean having to identical perks. No who wants that? Besides if that happened the Disneyland sales would go down because everyone would be like okay. Yeah I don't have to go all the way out there for my corn dog. True that Lauren me so I have a couple. I know this is shocking. I've three so some of my favorites are the first and only time I got to ride `Heimlich's chew chew with that was awesome. That is oh and he's gone. So Lisa played up. I look and I hadn't been to Disneyland in years and she was like. Oh we have to do high looks to to its best Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. She's like building this up and we get over there. Get on this ride. I'm like Oh my God I'm like what is this and it was it was the Kiddie ride right. So I'm like I'm like okay. She's like smell the smell smell the smell. She's all excited so it was so much fun doing with her. Because I've probably enjoyed it more than I would have if I had just done it on my own not doing it with Lisa so Heimlich Chew with. Lisa is one of my top all look like little. Let's gone now. It's so sad that while we were on the ride I may have. Oh my Gosh I love that ride in the best whole bugs land was so well done. Yeah was this same easing lead. Well done and Lisa. You know how much that reminds me of you because what did I send you for Christmas this year. Oh the best gift ever. It's up on my shelf. I gotTa Heimlich or is right there. Oh my gosh. He is the best fixes. I will anytime I see Heimlich. The first thing I think of is Lisa that is one of my favorite memories and then I also have the first time I got to take my kids on Mr chose wild ride out there is I remembered it as a kid here and when my kids were born wasn't really it wasn't here so the first time I took them to Disneyland. Taking them on. That ride was such experience for May because I got to experience it with them but then also watching their faces like. Why are you so excited about this? Yeah Steve Concur on that news awesome. I remember went on that right. It was it was when we took the girls. Oh when we took the kids whatever you tell the story all the time or remember the kids on Heimlich Choo Choo Mister Toad. Oh I'm mister toad. Yes was my favorite ride as a kid Mr Toes. Oh Yeah and then I took my kids on it. And they were like was the dumbest ride ever was like what. I wrote that ride as a little kid so many times over and over and over and then I ducked when the train came every time and it was just a light above your head and I would duck down in the car every time the train came and then I took my kids on it. And they're like what were they. Were like. Whatever I'm like what. This is the best in the world than there. Were like really ache so sad? Yes because I was so excited to share it with them and meets. I felt the same way monroe. My favorite favorite favorite thing. I've ever done is I was by myself when I did this. Because you guys are actually at the magic show at the castle But I went and watched the paint night parade for the very first time by myself in the park. I popped a squat like an hour before the Marie Time Oprah by small world and waited for the parade to come through and I sang my little heart out. I love the music to paint the night. That is probably my all time favorite parade so the first time getting to watch that I actually just did it all by myself and experience it all by myself and enjoyed. Every moment was fantastic. So those are my memories okay. Sharpie won't go ahead so Disneyland Memories. I have several. Of course that are that are phenomenal That The die. Always think about every time Every time I think of Disneyland or see pictures of Disneyland things that made me think. Think of our Disneyland experiences one. Of course is like I mentioned earlier is our pulled a at Disney's Grand Californian we had been going for a solid. I I want to say about five days at that point in time because whenever we went we also met up with My wife's cousin who at the time worked at Walt Disneyworld But now she actually works at Disneyland. But we planned out. We did the full on a Disney Fan Geek tour everything from the studios at Burbank To Hollywood we saw Beauty and the Beast Three D. when it was released at El Capitain So we did the the the the star walked like we did everything but that Pool Day came amidst all of that where we were just so tired. So not only. Was it just a perfect relaxing day? by the pool. They're they're pull. Lounges are amazing If the pads are like mattress pads they're spectacular but also like the drink service. Have you don't find that too often. At at all of the Disney resort hotels Where the drink servers are like out and about from the bar some of them have that and especially when when when things are really busy they do that but you often don't see that but it was actually like chair side service so that was that was spectacular Another thing is when we went. Our trip was entirely based off of airfare. So we we left on we. We chose our departure date and chose return date entirely based off of airfare. We ended up flying across the country for eighty nine dollars each way which is even even now all these years later is. I'm like wow. That was amazing. Amazing deal on airfare but we stayed for the first part of our trip. We stayed at the The Disneyland Hotel And then after I think it was three nights at the Disneyland Hotel then we spent three nights at the Grand Californian and then we spent two nights at Paradise Pier so getting to see all of the Disney resort. Hotels Disneyland Resort Hotels In one trip and stay in them all during the same trip was was amazing But another one was Our our first ride on Pirates at Disneyland it's different than all Disneyworld And then of course. Our first ride on splash mountain. It's also different them won't Disneyworld and then our first ride on the haunted mansion at Disneyland. So those are all really really really awesome memories But also of course is having our first mint. Julep in New Orleans Square. That was so refreshing. We were thoroughly thoroughly soaked from our ride on splash mountain and so we were trying out but also enjoying very refreshing mint Julep so great Disneyland Memories and also I quit my job. I was there but you know that's beside the point. My goodness I had been waiting for a job offer from from a job that I had interviewed for and it just happened. Mri was there. So I literally a photo of me in front of sleeping beauty castle sending the email to resign by current position and move on to a new one so it was a definitely definitely a memorable day. It sounds like a memorable day. Yes I don't think I like going after sharpie. Oh I am stuff like. This is very easy for me because I have a very photographic memory so like anytime Disney. I am like taking these mental snapshots that I just like store way forever. So but that's cool you reflect. That's all right so now that I'm caught up in your story. I have to figure out what I was going to talk about. Oh I know I know okay. So special memories. I suppose I had the opportunity to take amber. And it was just the two of us. And some pixies we did it with pixies But getting to do that with her. It was her first time there and it was that it's so cliche getting to see her face and her enjoy it and her discovery and enjoyment was. I mean so many rides that were different or unique it was she had done Walt Disney world over and over and over and to be able to take her she figured this would be the same as well and I kept trying to tell her. It is different. It's it's different feeling it's a different. You have different rides. You have different foods you have. It's different and she just didn't believe me but then to see her actually experience. It was incredible I love that. She got to do bitty Bobby Boutique Which at the time was It wasn't bitty Bob de it was The studio three six five. That's over there. By the entrance for the Grand Californian ofo are in downtown Disney. That was cool Got Her hair. I mean she got to be a kid and I mean she has a kid but even more so She did get to spend time with her cousin and her aunt as well and we just had. We had a great time. And I don't know a special I don't really and then I had another one but I don't remember what it was. I do like the cats. I like the cats that are you can catch walking around the park. Is that ridiculous? I I remember that cats. Yeah I remember them very distinctly wanting to save them all except they don't need saving they're perfectly happy in their well-fed don't worry But Yeah I think that might be one of my favorite memories I'll go with that. That's now I'm all at who wants to go to Disneyland now. I want to go to Disneyland. You know and last time we talked about doing international perks. And we're like we need to do this. We gotTA stop talking about all these things we WANNA do. Because we're not gonNA have enough time or money to all this travel or permission to do so but I think that's going to wrap up the show. Any other comments and Disneyland beyond corn. Dogs is amazing. Create Food Yeah. Oh you know what else? I was pretty okay. I do have another story being a blue by you. That makes me think of club thirty. Three and I have had the fortunate Circumstances to get into club thirty three a few times and my first time was probably the best and it's it was just it was so magical because this is it it just screamed. Walt and you just felt like you or somehow closer to him a couple steps closer and I did enjoy that I felt like I was somehow. I Dunno special. It's weird but then speaking of being closer to wall. Of course waltz apartment is over the firehouse in Disneyland Park. And that's a great memory to got to go up there. I was so excited. And just seen where he would. He would live and hearing how he what he would do up there and and where he would do this and that and he'd look out the window and A lot of people. It's interesting 'cause we were on a tour of course and people were purposely touch gene the doorbell because they wanted to touch something that won't touched so they're like okay. I'M GONNA make sure I do that and it occurred to me. Why would watering his own doorbell? The man probably never touched it in his life and one of the cast members. They're said think. What would walt touch specifically and she closed the door the front door and she pointed to the doorknob and said that's what he touched. You know to get out of his his apartment so I made sure that I opened the door and just cheesy. Fun is good all right now with that I will wrap up the show. I'd like to thank Pixie. Vacations for sponsoring the PODCAST. If have comments or questions for us you can send those to us. Comments at mousetrap dot net. Thanks so much for listening and please join us again. Next Mousetrap doc.

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